Meeting Your Inner Committee w/ Linda Byrd

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Awareness versus Consciousness

In this Astrology Hub Podcast, Astrologer Linda Byrd and Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh discuss “Meeting Your Inner Committee”

You’ll learn…

You’ll learn…

  • A fresh take on the meaning of awareness and consciousness
  • How thinking of the planets in your chart as a committee can simply chart interpretation
  • Ways to harness optimism and acceptance

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0:00 Intro

1:50 The Importance Your Inner Committee

17:00 What is NLP?

25:00 Awareness vs Consciousness

29:00 How to Live Consciously

36:00 The Power of Joy

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00:00:04 Welcome to the Astrology Hub podcast. I’m Amanda Poole Walsh, founder of Astrology Hub, and your host for our flagship show. We explore the many ways astrology can support you and your relationships, career health and personal growth. Thanks for tuning in. All right. Hello everybody. It is so wonderful to be here with all of you. Thank you for tuning into this episode of the Astrology Hub podcast.
00:00:32 Today. I am so happy to be here with Linda Byrd, who is at this point has been a part of this Astrology Hub community of teachers for many years, and we are always so grateful to have you back Linda. And today it’s very fun to be talking about the topic that you’re going to be sharing. And this is going to be Linda’s mastery class topic for her inner circle month,
00:01:00 which is coming up just right around the corner. She’s going to be our astrologer teacher next month, and we’re going to be exploring today meeting and befriending your inner committee and living a more conscious life. So Linda, welcome to the show. Thank you so wonderful to be here. All right. So what does this mean? Let’s just dive right in.
00:01:23 What does it mean to meet and be friends, your inner committee? Well, I came out of the corporate world and so there’s, there’s a hierarchy, you know, within, in that world. And I was looking at a chart and it’s, it’s like we have these different members of our committee, you know, cause we all say, well,
00:01:42 part of me wants to, but part of me doesn’t and then part of me thinking, you know, we have these different parts and they’re always negotiating, you know, and our, and our minds that if we have squares and oppositions and you know, challenging aspects, which we all have, it can be a little bit crazy cause they say, you know,
00:01:59 they argue. And so my idea was to introduce people to every member of their committee and to show them, you know, how they’re predisposed or, you know, as, as with an actor costume analogy, it’s kind of like that only it’s the attitude and the personality of that committee member. And so that people can know them in an intimate way and then so that they can negotiate with each other.
00:02:30 And so like an opposition, it’s like, you know, moving to the center of a Seesaw and then, then you stand in the middle and you kind of orchestrate the whole thing by saying, okay, Jupiter, what do you think? And okay. And so that you, can you get a sense of, well, one thing I love about it is it takes us outside of the story where we can look at our chart from a more observer place,
00:02:54 the higher Octa, and then the different members, you know, you could just kind of got, no, no, no, can’t do that today and just make it more playful, you know, so people can feel, instead of just having a bunch of keywords memorized, it’s just, you know, that they get a sense of what that committee members about what that planet’s job is and how it’s,
00:03:20 you know, how it’s been conditioned to behave and so forth. And then also to relate it to their lives by asking some personal questions. Linda, I love this. When, as you’re speaking, it’s reminding me of one of the benefits of knowing about other people in your life, knowing about their chart. You know, so if you have a lover or a friend or a child or a boss,
00:03:46 or, you know, what it’s can be so helpful to know aspects of their chart. So what you’re basically doing is taking that internal and saying, and looking at a chart, you’re looking at your chart, your own chart as if you are someone on the outside, looking in as if you’re someone understanding these aspects of another person. But instead you’re understanding these aspects of you and even mitigating the conversation between aspects of you yourself,
00:04:17 which feels very empowering and very insightful. I’m sure it yields a lot of fruits doing it that way. It seems to, it’s just, it makes people more aware. I, my thing is I always, you know, to help others understand their default settings so that they know their automatic reactive behavior patterns. Oh my gosh. Yes. And so this is to get a little bit further as to how they,
00:04:45 how the different parts interact with each other. And so the, the idea is when all of them are in concert with each other, then in harmony, then we can consciously create what we want. Cause I, I, my dream coach. And so it’s, it’s all about, first of all, getting clear what your dream is, which I’ll go into in the,
00:05:10 in the masterclass when we use NLP and different things. But anyway, and then everything’s working together so that you don’t have that, that Sabbath tour, you’re not party. That’s kind of that an aspect of part of the chart or the, you know, the, the basket turn the guy on the handle or whatever. It’s like, you get everybody involved in what you want.
00:05:34 And then it manifests much quicker because moving forward, you don’t have the, you know, the parts that are saying you didn’t ask me And the Sabbath tour that, that we all have within us. That’s usually something that we’re very unaware of. So I can see how shining the light on like, Hey, here’s your default setting. Here’s where you may be inclined to self-sabotage or hold yourself back or tell yourself that you’re not capable of doing something.
00:06:01 And here’s how to bring that part of yourself on board. Right. It’s just, it’s been inclusive. It’s like, I just have to have people see their chart, you know, that their chart as like a round conference table, and these are where their committee members are sitting. And then sometimes, you know, there’s a click, you know,
00:06:19 these, this group, they’re all, you know, there’s a Stellarium and they all think alike. And they’re, you know, they kind of gang up on the poor guy over here, you know? And so it’s like, no, let’s get, everybody gets an equal voice. And we understand that, oh, this guy is in the water and this guy isn’t air,
00:06:34 you know, it’s like very different, the fate of valuable, they have something to offer. And so that you, we can use the higher Octa of the planets and not be unconsciously at the effect of the saboteurs. Cause the Salvatore, yes, it’s unconscious. And then they all want the best for us, you know, but it’s, if you,
00:06:55 if you’re not including it and it’s just kind of left out, there’s just like a, you know, a kid that you leave off leave out is gonna throw the era’s things, roll the apple in, you know, it’s like, Hey, what about me? You know, and it’s all unconscious, but when you bring it to consciousness, then,
00:07:13 then you’re empowered. Okay. Linda, can you, can you anchor this a little bit for us? So definitely get the concept and the, and the theory behind it and the idea of why you would be, why you would want to do this. Can you give us a few examples, like using a chart that just comes to mind of, of how this would operate in a person?
00:07:34 Okay. Well, since I know mine the best, I’ll say like my airy son is very different than my Stellarium and Pisces, my mercury moon and Mars and Pisces, which is very different than my Aquarius ascendent with Venus. So these are all different kinds of energies, but they’re in my chart, they’re all packed together. And so it’s like giving them each a voice to say,
00:08:02 you know, and to understand like my Pisces Stellarium, you know, it could be kind of, you know, in a way pitiful, cause it’s kind of like, it’s very reticent and oh, poor me and you know, that kind of stuff. And then if the areas is zero areas, sun is not, doesn’t get to do it at once and that he’s not happy either,
00:08:23 you know? And so it’s, and then the ascendant, this, you know, you gotta like, you know, calm, cool, and collected and different. And so it’s Like, right. I can see that. Yeah. Yeah. So Example of like how you would appease all of them at once. Let’s, let’s pretend there’s a new project or something you want to do.
00:08:42 How would you make all those aspects of yourself feel included and seen and heard and still get to move the thing forward that you want to do? Yeah. So you said you set the thing with the ascendant, you know, that’s a chorus of me. It gets sets it up and then the Pisces part kind of senses into it, feels into it to see,
00:09:03 you know, how’s this going to feel for other people too, you know, it’s not just about me. And then the son is a part that gets to, you know, play it out. It gets to say, I get to do this. I get to be the one who’s going to add fire to it and make it happen. So it’s like,
00:09:21 you, you integrate all the different parts from their highest contribution, you know? And so that they all, everything dances together. This is so great too, because so often there’s aspects of our chart that we are like, I don’t really like that part of me or could I change that part of me or that’s the part of me that holds me back.
00:09:47 And so often you’ll hear like spiritual teachers or, or, you know, just people that are helping people heal through things. It’s like, it’s so important for us to love all aspects of ourselves, you know, and, and loving all aspects of ourselves. We’re able to actually contribute more and stay less in our, you know, victim mentality and all those things.
00:10:10 And so this, again, it’s like a fast track to that because at some, sometimes we’re all just trying to figure those things out. But with the chart as the map, it’s like, well, here’s probably where you’re having the challenges. Right. Absolutely. It shows you exactly. I mean, and the empowering part is this is my idea.
00:10:29 My, my thought is, and I think I’m not alone. We chose this chart right now. There’s no bad part of it. There’s no like, oh shoot, I got this chart stick on this one, you know, we chose it. And so it’s like looking at it and say, why did I choose that? It’s again, going from the observer place and saying,
00:10:46 how does this contribute to the whole, you know, why do I have something, something in the Twelfth House? Well, maybe it’s not just so you know, the negative part of that, but it’s like, I think it gives you a direct connection to source, you know, it’s just, it comes in and you have, you have a leg up in a sense because you have more guidance in a way,
00:11:08 you know? Yes. So if we read any, so I have my son and my Venus in the Twelfth House at the very end of the Twelfth House. And if you read any Astrology book about the Twelfth House, it’s like, oh my God, that’s the worst thing ever. Right. So I’m in jail. I’m, you know, it’s like,
00:11:27 it’s all about the prison and the place where no one really wants to go In the hidden enemies. Yeah, no, no, no. I see. I don’t, I, I mean, I listened to it, but I don’t look at it that way at all, because the 12th houses, you know, you have a foot in both worlds.
00:11:46 And so, you know, if I just looked at that, it’s like, yes, cause you’re inspired. You get from someplace else. And if it’s not, you know, just an intuition, it’s a set up that way. Just like how you came up with the Astrology Hub. Right. If you look at it, it’s like, oh,
00:12:03 I just happened to have this thing. But I, you know, the whole, the whole story is Twelfth House in my world because it’s like the universe or spirit sets it up. And if you’re listening, then you just, you just do the Capricorn part of it. You bring it to reality, you know? So yeah. And we all have those aspects of our chart.
00:12:27 That’s like on the surface, we may, it may not seem like the best thing, but then when you understand the nuances of the meetings and you choose, so I want to go to the second part of your masterclass teaching, which is you have a meeting and befriending your inner committee and living a more conscious life. This word conscious kind of gets thrown around.
00:12:48 And there’s like lots of different meanings for people. I feel, what do you mean by that? Well, it, it’s, it’s actually creating a more conscious life. And conscious to me is just what we were talking about when you know the different parts of yourself, you’re conscious of them. You, you see them and you can see, oh my God,
00:13:09 that’s my, that’s my water alone. They’re going to that victim place. You know, you can, you consciously know yourself, you know, on a very deep level. And so then it gives you choice. And so when you consciously create then, and this is kind of multi Malta available, but it’s, you have like on the surface, you know,
00:13:30 you think, well, I want a new car or something like that, or I want a Ferrari, you know, and in NLP they teach you, you know, so what does that give you? Or what would that get you? And you think, well, I’d get me more attention. So what would that get you? You know, and you F you follow it down to what is really at the source of that,
00:13:49 you know? And so when you get to that, oh, I just, I just need somebody to recognize me or whatever it is cause otherwise we’re chasing after the thing on the surface, we get it, but it doesn’t fulfill us, you know? And so the conscious part is distilling down to what really is it that you’re, you’re longing for?
00:14:10 And then you can oftentimes find ways that you can get that. Now you don’t have to wait until you have the Ferrari, The slave away your entire life to earn the money for the Ferrari. That would just give you the recognition. You probably could’ve gotten from your dog or cat or your Exactly. So I say, it takes you out of, and when I do workshops,
00:14:30 it’s takes you out of Sunday. I’ll, you know, someday I’ll do this or someday I’ll do that. And it’s like, so what is, was this a motivation for that? You know? And sometimes it’s, they don’t feel deserving or they don’t feel, you know, that they’re ready, oftentimes not ready. You know, you look at,
00:14:46 you look at the Saturny, you look at the Virto part of the chart and you say, okay, here, and you just address you say that you were, you were so ready because you’ve always felt like you weren’t. So like you prepare, prepare, prepare. And, and so it’s just getting, it’s empowering people to see where they are now and what the,
00:15:03 how the chart is, serve them to help them to, to understand, you know, that they’re not, they don’t have to wait to enjoy life, you know, that they can consciously create what they want. Now. Now you give them tools and different things to help, you know, cause it’s we have habits. And so just how do we become more enlightened in,
00:15:28 in ways that we can, you know, just be happier, more accomplished. And I think in the energy of where we are right now is that I think where the humanity is evolving, then we’ve been given many tools to help to make these changes very quick, you know, energy psychology, you can move things very quickly. You know, lifetime habits can be changed very quickly and we’ve had the tools it’s now,
00:15:56 you know, it’s, we’re right there ready to be used now. So Yeah. I always appreciate your quietly optimistic perspective from that. I feel like sometimes that the astrological conversations happening and people are nervous or scared, or it can be concerning when you look out at the world and you’re always there, Linda, like just, yeah. And, and this is our opportunity and we chose to come here at this time and we can work with it consciously it’s it’s like,
00:16:31 you’re always there just reinforcing those things in your very gentle and kind way, which is so appreciated every time you’re in our community. It’s like, yes. Oh yeah, that’s true. That’s true. How do, how are we forgetting about that? So you’ve mentioned a few times that you’re going to incorporate NLP into your mastery class in terms of helping people get to that root of what the desire is and where it’s coming from.
00:16:56 First of all, what is NLP and why do you see it being powerful in combination with looking at the chart from this perspective? Yeah, it’s not, I just use one piece of NLP. NLP is neuro-linguistic programming and it’s, it’s just multidimensional it. It’s got all these different pieces to it. I learned about it through sequencing, how we sequence information,
00:17:22 which is a whole nother conversation, but where this is where we do this piece is like drilling down, you know, what will that get you? What will that get you? Which is kind of, I used to do work with this group called the aspire foundation is now called the awareness Institute. And I remember one extended weekend workshop. We spent four days paired up with somebody and the whole time is who are you the whole time?
00:17:54 And you could not repeat. Yeah, it was so powerful. I mean, because eventually you get to who we are now. It’s like, we’re everything. And I remember getting to, I’m a bubbling, I’m a bubbling stream or something like that. And we ended up in a hot spring and there is a place where you could put your head under the,
00:18:18 like the little mini waterfall thing. And literally I dissolved and I became that stream. It was, Oh, I have chills all over my body. Beautiful. Wow. And so this is where we are when we’re talking about waking up, you know, it’s like waking up from the story and it’s, it’s so compelling right now. Oh my gosh.
00:18:44 There’s so many things we can get caught in, in this, in this reality. But the, my, my desire is that we can help people to get out of the story is like moving into a different dimension of sorts, my choice, you know? So when you go into someplace like that, and it goes back to the whole responsibility thing,
00:19:07 you know, that if a part of me created this, not me, Linda part, but a part of me created this whole scenario, then why is the gift? Why would I have done this? And again, it puts you in the observer role. So you’re not caught in the torment of the story is going on around us. Linda. I remember when I was in the darkest part of,
00:19:32 one of my transformations in this lifetime, when I was going through the divorce and I was on the verge of bankruptcy and I was totally lost with my career. I was just like, I am a failure. Like I just, everything was, was falling apart in the biggest way for me that, you know, in the, in the sort of like my worst nightmare,
00:19:53 kind of All those things, it was like, oh my God. So I’m not going to be married for 50 years. And oh my God. So I I’ve lost all my money and everything. I’ve worked so hard to build and, oh God, it was, it was invalid apocalyptic for me. But that part when I started working with Astrology and I started working with astrologers and they were looking at my chart and that idea that perhaps I had chosen this life and I had chosen this path and I had chosen these parts of what was happening.
00:20:27 I remember going, first of all, that’s BS who would never choose this, you know, like, there’s no way I signed up for this. How could I have possibly signed up for this? Right. And yet even just the faintest sound of that question, but what if you did, and where’s the gift and what is the opportunity and who are you?
00:20:47 And that’s, those are all the kinds of questions that Astrology was able to answer for me. And so I can see what you’re saying, the power of, of going into these aspects of ourselves, of understanding them, understanding their, you know, the, the challenges or like the, you know, some people say the shadow aspect of those parts of ourselves,
00:21:04 and then understanding what it is they’re even trying to contribute. Cause it might not always be comfortable, but it’s still might be useful and meaningful And Then embracing all of that. Exactly. It’s why by just having that little voice thing, maybe what if it takes you out of the vibration of a victim, you know, and you can start to think maybe if I created this,
00:21:32 then not me as an example. I was, I was just thinking today I was married at 20 divorced at 23. And it was the worst thing. I mean, it was the end of my world, you know, I mean, cause I grew up with fairytales, you know, you get married, live happily ever after. And it wasn’t that.
00:21:49 And it was like you were saying, it was like, my whole life was crumbling around me and it wasn’t too long after when I thought, thank God. If I hadn’t been married, stay married to that, man. It would have been horrible. He, he always put me down. You’re the dumbest, you’re the ugliest you’re that? And it was like,
00:22:10 I believe that I started to believe it. And I thought, what if I’d stayed married to this person for 30 years or something, you know? And later he told me, cause he didn’t feel good enough for me. Oh my God, What a full circle moment that must have been for you. It was, it was, but it’s just,
00:22:31 it’s what I’m saying is in the, in the depth so that my higher self set this scenario up so that I didn’t stay in this because I was one of these, you know, you get married to stay that you, you know, you never divorced, you know, as a first to get divorced in my family, you know, it’s like a horrible thing.
00:22:47 I’m the oldest, you know, bad example, the whole thing just like yours, you know, when you think, thank goodness, you know, that something greater than me saved me from that life that I’m probably my Linda self would’ve will this, you know, horrible situation and just thought it was normal. Can you see aspects of your chart in that scenario too?
00:23:13 Like there was the, which part of you where you indulging in getting married to the man that was not very kind at all Before we got married. It was right before Vietnam came back a different person. Oh, That’s really sad. Yeah. But as a Pisces Pisces, cause you know, he needs me, he’s going to war, you know,
00:23:37 kind of the victim, the rescuer kind of thing. Yeah. So Linda, what you described when you were talking about consciousness is awareness to me, I would say the other word you could use as awareness and having this level of awareness enables a new level of choice and having a new level of choice is a new level of empowerment. And that’s that whole,
00:24:02 you know, that’s how it all goes together. And you were just about to say something. I was going to say that is consciousness in the awareness sense, but it’s, it’s almost like to me, just, this is Linda definition is consciousness that we are so much more than just a 3d body. It’s the consciousness that we’re multidimensional and that we have a super-consciousness,
00:24:25 there’s a higher part of us. And that we’re, our consciousness is connected to something much greater than, than what we think. It’s, it’s almost like it starts to partner with spirit. It’s like, you, you, you grow your relationship with spirit, I guess you can call it. Yeah. Oh, beautiful. I love this so much.
00:24:47 And Linda, this is one of the things that I heard you all on the panel, the solstice panel that we just had last week, I heard you all emphasize over and over that we, because we’re going to be in tumultuous times, energetically for like several more years, maybe even more than several, depending on how you define several, it is more important now than ever to continue to bring our awareness back in to what it is that we do have control over.
00:25:17 Instead of being swept up in the storyline, that the world that is, it’s very difficult to not be swept up in, you know, it’s, it’s happening around us. It feels huge. It feels to mulch us. It feels like a never ending story of bad news right now to, to like tear yourself away from that, you know, very consciously and go,
00:25:38 you know what, maybe that’s all happening and what is it that is within my control to actually begin to contribute to something different, you know, how, how can I contribute? Cause I can’t really contribute anything different if I am matching it with my frequency, with my thoughts with my actions. But if I’m kind of operating outside of that, as much as possible and,
00:26:03 and doing what it is I came here to do as defined by the blueprint of my, my astrological chart. Then at least I’m doing what I can do. You know, like that’s what else can we do at this? Yeah. But you’re vibrating at a different frequency, you know, when you, when you’re not, when you’re not caught in the,
00:26:22 in the turmoil, cause it’s the end of the patriarchy, you know, we’re seeing extremes. And so it’s, it’s like to, to know that, just to know that, wow, look at how that’s playing out, you know, and wow, that’s really awful. But to not buy into it again, as the observer thing, you know,
00:26:40 it’s like, it’s hard, it’s hard not to get caught in it. That’s why I don’t watch the news. I mean, I, I get a little snippets, but I don’t, I don’t watch the news. In fact, we don’t even have a TV. W w w we have a TV for movies, but we don’t have cable or anything.
00:26:58 Yeah. Yeah. Cause it’s just, I mean, we’re just being fed because what is there five, five entities that own all the whole media situations. I mean, it’s, we’re getting fed a lot of stuff to cause us to be fearful and settled, you know, to be in that anxious state. And it’s like, as we’re in that anxious state,
00:27:16 we’re feeding it to get, and we’ll get more of it. If we’re in this other place of being, you know, choosing to be conscious, choosing to be grateful and helpful and happy. And in loving, we, if we choose that frequency, then it’s like all ships rise. There’s, you know, it’s like we, we bring up everybody with it and that’s,
00:27:40 and I think that’s why we came at this time. Those of us who chose to be here and chosen because astrologers, you know, is to, is to assist in the evolution of consciousness and humanity. Linda, is there any part of your inner committee that ever says people are suffering? Who are you to be happy and joyful Or Would be like,
00:28:06 no, right. Oh yeah. If I can get selected in a really easily, cause you can feel it. It’s like there’s in the field now. There’s just, there’s no separation, you know? I mean, we’re all feeling the suffering Ukraine and it’s, it could bring me to tears really easily, but that doesn’t help, you know, it’s yes,
00:28:30 it’s beyond my comprehension, the suffering going on there. And yet the only thing I can do is to hold a higher frequency that adds that to the field and not add the, oh my God, oh, Wells coming to hell in a hand basket, you know, kind of thing. It’s just send love and you know, envision that it’s all purposeful and it’s going to be better than somethings that we can understand.
00:29:00 Right now we can understand. You just demonstrated the point of your inner committee work because what you showed is that is the part of the, your Pisces Stellarium, who’s like no, you know, feeling it and could get totally, you know, probably depressed and anxious and all these things about what’s happening. And you also demonstrated that higher octave of Pisces,
00:29:26 of the awareness of the spiritual nature of life, of the awareness of, of energy and vibration and frequency and oneness. And that if you’re embodying that higher frequency, that actually affects everybody. So that’s both octaves Pisces right there. Plus the Aries, like this is what I can do. Like this is what I have agency to do. Right. And this is where I need to place my focus.
00:29:51 And then the aquarium part, which is like, and it’s all for humanity. Like it’s all my contribution to humanity, astrology, and you know, being here right now with our community and sharing. So that’s powerful, like I’m seeing your, your work with the committee just coming alive in you. And it’s really exciting to think about that happening for all of the people that get to experience your masterclass when we get to do that next month.
00:30:15 Yeah. It’ll be fine. It’s just embrace it. It’s like getting to meet and befriend, you know, the parts of yourself that you didn’t really, that are just living in the shadows and too, yeah. I befriending them and encouraging them to, you know, like, no, no, no, it doesn’t have to be like that. You can choose something different,
00:30:35 you know, and, and to integrate, I was thinking, I like how, like what I do, integrative astrology, they integrate, you know, all these different things and yeah, it’s exciting. It is exciting. And we can’t wait to have you in the inner circle next month. And for all of our inner circle members, which I see a lot of them in the chat,
00:30:54 hello to you. Thank you for being here. And also we have this to look forward to for anybody that’s considering the inner circle. It would be a great time to jump in because you get to experience Linda next month. You’d also get to experience Gary Kaitlin’s mastery class that he just taught on planetary hours and magic another way to really consciously work with the astrological energies.
00:31:18 And then you’ll also get to experience at a Bob his mastery class that he taught two months ago, which was all about sex or looking at your chart and pulling out day versus night. So it’s kind of a simple concept. That’s very ancient that often gets overlooked in astrology. So really looking at Dave versus night planets and what that means and how to interpret them.
00:31:42 So all of that is available to you right now. Enrollment is open until June 30th. We would love to have you. There is no contract when you join. So if you want to join, try it out, have Linda’s mastery class as one of your first experiences. I think that it’s going to be really fruitful. Like it’s going to be really,
00:32:01 it sounds very deep. It sounds like important work. I can’t think of more important things that all of us can be doing individually right now, especially now. It just feels, it feels like very<inaudible> disciplined work to stay focused on this, this frequency Linda, because it’s so easy to get sucked. And I know I’ve said that like three times now,
00:32:25 but it really is easy and it’s, I’m seeing more and more that it just has to be a choice. It just has to be like a boundary type of choice that you have, you, maybe you’re in a job situation or you’re in a relationship. And at one point you just have to make a boundary and be like, okay, that’s enough.
00:32:42 I’m done. I’m choosing something different. And, and I think so many of us are really at that point in terms of where we’re placing our awareness, where we’re placing our energy, what we’re investing in in terms of our time and our resources and having people like you help us remember what those choices are and having Astrology to help us see the map of our own soul path is super powerful.
00:33:05 Yeah. And I also want to add, because our words create yes. That it doesn’t have to be hard work. And Saturny My Saturn speaking, just like, I know it feels like hard work sometimes, but yes. And it can feel like hard work in a way. I I’ve got sad on the mid-heaven so it can be fun. And I think that the line mastery class,
00:33:29 I think people will see it as fun. It’s it’s a little more lighthearted. It’s not heavy, but it’s, it’s in, in the lightheartedness. I hope that people will find the pearls of wisdom because there’s just, there’s things that are a Haas. And it’s not just, I mean, it, it, it may look like it’s just for beginners,
00:33:50 but it’s not, there’s always, I mean, I did these workshops for, for 13 years actually. And we did them. I was on the team for 10, so we don’t every single month. And so the self-exploration, you know, you think that you’d finally get to someplace where you think, ah, but there’s more and more and more so just,
00:34:08 you know, even for experienced astrologers, I think you’ll get something from it. Yeah. At least. And they will. And it’s, it’s your energy. That’s what I love about. One of the things I love about the inner circle is that you get to experience Astrology through the lens of multiple perspectives, because there isn’t just one way to interpret the cosmos there.
00:34:28 Isn’t just one way to approach life. There. Isn’t just one way to practice astrology. There’s lots of different ways. And one of the things that, one of the things our members value the most out of everything they get is the access to lots of different astrologers and perspectives. Lots of different trainings, lots of different teachings. So Astrology circle.
00:34:51 22 is the link for those of you listening and not seeing it on the screen. And we’d love to have you and Linda I’m really looking forward. We have your new moon forecast happening next week. Is that next week? No, I can’t bring Now Very excited. So anybody who jumps into the inner circle now you’d get to join us for that new moon forecast.
00:35:14 You’d get the mastery class teaching on the actual new moon. You’d get to get into our private community where we’re having these kinds of conversations and supporting each other and making these kinds of decisions and, you know, approaching life with more awareness. So I know what I was going to say. The joy thing that you said it may seem light. And one of the words that you used in the beginning is the word playful.
00:35:35 And really when we’re playful and in that, what if curious space we’re so much more receptive? We’re so much more inspired. We’re so much more creative. And when we’re in that, what I was saying before, the hard work it’s like bridging artwork, it’s just so much more closed, you know, it’s it, doesn’t, it doesn’t leave room for the joy of,
00:35:55 of inspiration, which Yeah. Cause joy puts your heart into coherence, your hearts and coherence. Then you’re in tune with, with, with the cosmos and your intuitive things flow more easily. It it’s just, life is just more joyful. Yeah. I love it. I love the ease with which your, you, your entire presence just ease full and graceful and joyful.
00:36:20 Thank you Linda so much for being here. Thanks to all of you that we’ve gotten to see some of your comments in the chat. Thank you for being here and catching it live. If you’re listening to this recording, thank you for tuning in. Thank you for being a part of our community and as always thank you for making Astrology a part of your life.
00:36:38 Linda, see you next week. Inner circle members see you next week and I’ll catch the rest of you on the next episode. Take care everybody. Okay. Thank you. Hi there. Astrology lover. It’s Amanda from Astrology Hub and I’m so excited to let you know that we’ve officially opened the doors to our flagship membership program. The inner circle for over five years,
00:36:58 we’ve been gathering every month to learn Astrology from the best astrologers in the world. The inner circle is guided by a new astrologer teacher each month who teaches a mastery class on their top chart, reading techniques and provides life forecasts. Not to mention so many amazing bonuses like cosmic updates sent directly to your phone live chart, reading demonstrations, and 20% off discounts on all Astrology Hub products.
00:37:23 You have some very special astrologers lined up for the rest of 2022, including Adam summer, Christopher Renstrom Jen’s art and more. Don’t miss out on joining a private community of thousands of like-minded astrology students. We only open two times per year go to Astrology Hub dot com slash inner circle 22 to learn from the masters and transform your life in the process. I can’t wait to welcome you on the inside.
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