What Makes a New Beginning Sustainable w/ Claire Moon

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Libra Full Moon

In this Weekly Horoscope from the Astrology Hub Podcast, Astrologer Claire Moon and Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh explore the Libra Full Moon

On Today’s Episode You’ll learn…

🌑 How to balance the rational thought and planning of Mercury in Taurus with the emotional intensity of the Moon in Scorpio.
🌒 All about Mercury’s upcoming retrograde cycle.
🌓 Which days this week Claire advises you “mind your own business.”

Chapters 📹

0:00 Intro

5:58 The Big Picture

9:10 Week Breakdown

41:08 Recap

45:17 Closing

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[00:00:00] Claire: we’ve got like two notes, two separate notes in the sky. We’ve got all this really fun, bright, optimistic effervescent stuff happening in Aries. We’ve got comfortable chill. Yum, yum. Time and Taurus.

[00:00:12] But then the rest of the sky is like kind of heavy and complicated. So we might experience that in our lives where some parts of your life are fine, some parts of your life are like, yeah, it’s a party. Everything’s great. Other parts of your life might be kind of heavy and that is ha. They’re happening kind of in parallel, separate from each other.

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[00:01:31] We love having you a part of our community. It’s great to be here with you again, and it’s also great to be here with the astrologer that we are focusing on today. Consulting astrologer, Claire Moon. Claire is gonna walk us through the week of April 3rd to April 9th. Claire Claire’s also a consulting astrologer on our new reading platform.

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[00:04:22] Every single month. And Claire, I’m gonna ask you a question because I asked this question to a lot of astrologers. How many teachers have you had to get to where you’re at, and what do you say to the people that are like, oh, I’m just looking for my teacher, like one teacher when studying astrology. Yeah, that’s such

[00:04:40] Claire: a good question.

[00:04:41] I mean, so many, like, I I, I think we start with one, you know, you gotta start somewhere, but it’s just such a huge topic that it doesn’t even make any sense to just have one teacher. So, um, I personally have had a, a good four or so that have been my, my main go-to teachers over the years. But I mean, I can expand that to eight or 10.

[00:05:06] I mean, if I listed off everybody, I’ve taken a workshop from a course, from a class, from. I don’t know, 30 . Like there’s, so just, I forgot. Like I, I’ve lost track. So, um, it takes a village, like for sure with, with learning this. Mm-hmm. .

[00:05:19] Amanda: Yes. And the Inner Circle is a great village. We’ve curated some of the best astrologers there.

[00:05:24] You don’t have to wonder if they’re good astrologers, if you’re learning the right things, they are amazing, and we are ready for you. So go to

[00:05:32] Amanda: astrology hub.com/ic. And join us today. Claire. You like that? You like the way that sound? . All right. So a little bit about Claire. She’s the host of the YouTube channel, aligning Light Astrology.

[00:05:47] I love that name. She specializes in natal interpretation and forecasting. She uses a blend of Hellistic era astrology and modern techniques when reading charts with her clients.

Big Picture for the Week

[00:05:58] Amanda: So let’s start, Claire, give us the big picture for the

[00:06:02] Claire: week. Yeah. Thank you so much for having me again. It’s good to be here.

[00:06:05] Um, yeah, April 3rd through the ninth. It is, it’s, it’s not a simple week. So I’ll just start off with that. We’ve got a couple big events in Mercury going into Taurus, having a Libra Full Moon. So we’ll talk about those two things. My two favorite days of the week, probably Monday night into Tuesday, and then Sunday it at least rounds out good.

[00:06:29] But I do think this week it’s one where we’re gonna wanna move forward with stuff because Full Moon, we’re gonna wanna be active because Full Moon, but then there’s a bunch of other little subtle complicating factors, , which is what we’ll be mostly talking about. So it’s kind of a, it’s an interesting week.

[00:06:46] I, I was trying to find one through. For the whole week of like, what is the theme, what is the overall deal this week? And the, the main thing that I came to was, and it’s maybe it’s more like a, a piece of advice slash the theme is knowing, like before we’re acting, saying, doing really important things.

[00:07:07] Know whether it’s coming from a place of emotions or whether you’re coming from a thinking place, , because it’s going to be, I. In general, we have those things inside of us all the time, but it’s, it’s gonna be really good to know and discern, am I coming at this because I’m having a lot of feelings or am I coming at this from a place of rational thought?

[00:07:27] And that’s really gonna serve us especially Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. So with that, um, shall I dive into each day a

[00:07:35] Amanda: question? Of course. Yeah. Is there one that’s preferable over the other? I mean, sometimes speaking from a feeling place or like an emotional place is, is beneficial because it might like open something up.

[00:07:47] It might, it might communicate something really essential. And sometimes coming from rational thought is more of the ideal. Mm-hmm. . So, and sometimes it’s impossible to do the rational thing when. Having that irrational moment. So what are you, what are you suggesting or what is the astrology suggesting is the right.

[00:08:10] Claire: Yeah, and I’m actually really happy you brought that up cuz that was a point I did wanna make when I was thinking about this week, was that when I’m thinking about, oh, am I coming from like an emotional water place or like an earth air thinking place, neither one is right or wrong. There’s no better morally better kind of option.

[00:08:28] Like you’re saying, like sometimes it’s like coming at it from an emotional place is the move. Sometimes it’s impossible to do anything else. Um, . But I think this week just being. Just knowing, just being aware where you are before you do stuff and say stuff that is important. I don’t care if it’s just some little thing and you’re playing cards with your friends, like, I’m like that, that’s fine this week,

[00:08:50] Um, but yeah, that, that’s the deal. And um, I think we’ll see on Thursday the Moon Mercury opposition. Why I am, I am saying this, but yeah, there’s no, there’s no right or wrong answer here. It’s just the awareness of it, I think cuz they might be a little conflicting. Okay.

[00:09:06] Amanda: Yeah. All right.

Week Breakdown

[00:09:07] Amanda: Well, let’s dive into the week.

[00:09:10] You said Monday and Tuesday are great. You said Monday, Tuesday, and Sunday are your favorite days this week. So let’s

[00:09:18] Claire: start. Those are my favorite days. Yeah. And just to preface like. We start the week with Moon in Virgo and the day before on Sunday, the moon has to go through the gauntlet of opposing Saturn, um, having a contact with Mars.

[00:09:33] So that is something that is a little crunchy on Sunday. By the time we get into Monday, we are past that and the moon is instead gonna be applying to Uranus with Arine all day. And you know, Uranus. A little exciting. They can have little disruptions, interruptions. The moon is gonna be in Arine to that though, and Arine is a very usually helpful, supportive aspect.

[00:09:56] So, um, It might be a Monday, might be a day where if there is an interruption, it’s not, I’m not worried about it, it’s not gonna be a big deal. Might even be like a happy accident kind of situation where we have to pivot, be flexible, and then things end up turning out better than they would’ve if we would’ve done it the original way.

[00:10:14] Um, so that’s more Monday as far as the moon goes. Um, and then the reason why I really like it is that after that, like very late on Monday, um, in the Western global. More into Tuesday in the eastern part of the globe. Then we get the moon in Virgo, applying to Venus by that. Very nice rine. So that’s like very much the vibe is like making cookies, cleaning your desk, like, uh, you know, maybe cleaning your altar if you have an altar.

[00:10:44] Um, we are workbench craft. Uh, I don’t know, Netflix and chilling like it. Just do something practical. Do something relaxing. Do something Virgo. Do something Taurus. You know, that feels really nice on Monday night and a Tuesday. But the, the big thing on Monday, which isn’t, it’s. It’s Mercury going into TAs and so I wanted to pick that apart a little bit cuz that was one of the big events for the week was Mercury’s transition from Aries, which is this fire sign.

[00:11:14] Very externalizing, very active, very fast to then Mercury going into TAs, which is much more careful, slower. Planning. So it’s a big vibe shift because Mercury is how we speak, it’s how we listen, it’s how we communicate, how we think, how we plan. And for, you know, the month, well, few weeks before that, really like kind of fun, impulsive, fiery speech.

[00:11:40] Basically just saying what comes to mind being impulsive, , uh, kind of like recording right now. I’m like, ah, . Uh, but once Mercury goes into tourists, and again, that’s on the 3rd of April. Um, that is, yeah. Much more careful. And Taurus is such a practical place. It’s like where we’re trying to plant seeds in the spring and create these really stable, safe conditions for.

[00:12:05] So Mercury and Taurus is really good at planning, having plan A, plan B, plan, G, h, F, all of the plans and I, I mean, Nothing wrong with that. That’s very helpful. Um, and two, if you, you know, have things that you wanted to say like more deliberately and carefully, that is better with mercury and tourists.

[00:12:27] So once .Mercury does enter Taurus, it’s kind of interesting too because, um, it’s gonna be getting a sextile from both of the Maleic planets. So Saturn’s coming in with a sex tile. Mars is coming in with a sex. Into Mercury and Taurus, sex tiles, they’re helpful.

[00:12:47] So what does it mean then when we’ve got these really helpful kinds of connections between planets that we normally think of as like, ooh, Maroo Saturn. But I like to think of them as like motivation and discipline. So we’ve got like very like, rational, careful planning, mercury and Taurus being flanked by here’s some realistic stuff, be disciplined and the motivation to get stuff done.

[00:13:12] So it, it overall feels like very constructive, very productive, not the usual vibe of tourist lounging. On a fainting couch with a charcuterie board or something like that, . But no, it feels like a really constructive, nice shift. Much more slow and deliberate though than Aries. Clear

[00:13:32] Amanda: question. Yeah.

[00:13:33] How is Mercury in Taurus?

[00:13:35] Claire: . They’re gonna actually be in there until June 11th. Oh. Um, brings up, that brings up a really good point. Mercury’s gonna do a retro. And granted, that’s beyond the scope of this week, but like, they’re gonna, they’re usually going through a sign in about three weeks.

[00:13:50] This time it’s, it’s about double that because they are gonna do a retrograde loop. So, um, and you’re saying they,

[00:13:56] Amanda: for mercury,

[00:13:58] Claire: Oh, yeah. Yeah. They, them. I’m always anthropomorphizing all the planets, like pretending like they’re little people. ,

[00:14:03] Amanda: Especially Mercury.

[00:14:05] Claire: Yeah. Yeah. Especially Mercury. They’re all over the place. Yeah. Yeah. They’re in the lower world, the upper world. They straddle the first house. That’s their joy. Yeah.

[00:14:12] Amanda: Right? Yes. Okay. All right, so Tuesday, mercury moving into TAUs. Mercury’s gonna be in TAUs for until June 11th. Yes. And, and doing a retrograde, will the retrograde be completely in Taurus,

[00:14:25] Claire: the whole Yep.

[00:14:25] Totally. In Taurus. Okay.

[00:14:27] Amanda: Mm-hmm. . All right. And so this is this sort of more careful communication. More deliberate communication is the, the sextile with Mars. And Saturn is temporary though, right? Like that’s not gonna last super long. Well, is that just Tuesday?

[00:14:44] Claire: That will be the whole time Mercury is in.

[00:14:48] Wow.

[00:14:49] Amanda: Yeah. Okay. This, this motivation and discipline like Flavoring to Mercury and Taurus will be available to us through June 11th.

[00:14:58] Claire: Um, may till May 20th, we’ve. Mars in a sextile. So, um, that’s sextile like motivation, discipline, with careful planning. We have that in until at least May 19th, May 20th. You know, it’s

[00:15:16] Amanda: interesting. So we have had, we had the new moon forecast and the inner circle that Sam Reynolds facilitated and the theme that he pulled out for this lunar cycle is bold, new beginning.

[00:15:30] Then we have the Game Changing Transits event and we, we talked about some of the big game changing transits, and one of the themes that came out of that as well was this idea of like bold new starts. Like, like not a new chapter, but a new novel and like, but it bold. But the one thing that I noticed, this isn’t always.

[00:15:53] Sometimes it just ends there. The astrologers are like bold new beginnings and like take risks. And this one was like bold new, new beginnings, but calculated. But with, with some consideration, with some strategy. Like n don’t just like jump off the cliff and have zero plan. So I, I find it interesting that what you’re bringing in here with Mercury moving into tourists is also.

[00:16:20] Highlighting or exclamation point around that point because whenever the, the universe is speaking to us the same thing, but from like a lot of different aspects, it’s really worth paying attention to. Right?

[00:16:32] Claire: Yes. Good sign. Yeah. , it’s a good sign when the omens align. Um, right. Well, yeah, and that’s that I really.

[00:16:39] I like that notion of all these bold new beginnings because like the Libra Full Moon and the Aries Full moon or New Moon that we just had, it’s all this cardinal energy of beginning and then Mars and cancer this week. It, it’s just all of this big, it is that big, bold energy to begin something. Um, but yeah, there are other influences in the sky that are a little bit more slower and receptive and more careful.

[00:17:08] That are helping to kind of, I think, anchor in, into like water and earth signs. Something that Well, yeah. It’s a little bit more cohesive in staying. Exactly.

[00:17:18] Amanda: That’s what I was, I was just gonna say, it seems like the, the bold new beginnings that are happening now mm-hmm. , if we are carefully considering them and, and all these, you know, taking some time with them that they will be more last.

[00:17:31] You know, they will have more sustainability. They’ll, they’ll be, it won’t be just like a flash in the pan kind of change. Yeah. Mm-hmm. .

[00:17:39] Claire: Oh, I completely agree. And thank you for wordsmithing this into like that. That’s the way to think about this week, I think is having enough. Um, Holding back or slowing down such that we can make it something sustainable that isn’t just a flash in the pan.

[00:17:56] Um, because there are things where like one part of the sky at this week is just like, yes, let us go do the things. We will be super direct. We’re gonna involve these people. I’m gonna be a leader. Let’s go. But then there’s a lot of other details that are like, yeah, but we need to check out this part first and make sure that everybody’s okay here.

[00:18:16] Which is why I was saying before, it’s not like a simple, straightforward week, but if we do those things, if we take our time, then yeah, we’re probably gonna have a better outcome in the end. Um, had we only taken notes from Aries or something like that, you know. Okay.

[00:18:33] Amanda: So good. I, I think I, I don’t know about all of you, but I’ve had periods of time where the decisions I’ve made bold new decisions have, have been somewhat more impulsive.

[00:18:43] Mm. And, and one of the things I’ve learned through doing that is like, wow, that affects a lot of people. . Like it’s not just about me. You know, like that decision and that like domino that I put into, you know, motion, it affected a lot of other people too. So what I’m hearing you say is just. Think these things through.

[00:19:05] It doesn’t mean don’t do them, but that real impulsive, impatient, like, I’ve gotta do it now. Maybe keep that in, check a little bit and just breathe and take your time. Mm-hmm. and you know, just take a moment. Yeah. With it.

[00:19:20] Claire: Take it through. Absolutely. Yeah, and maybe those impediments will come through externally.

[00:19:25] Maybe like we will experience it this week as something inside is just telling me to pump the brakes or something inside is just having me not feel very assertive, and that’s okay. That’s totally okay. I think, um, with Sun exalted in Aries right now, Jupiter is also in Aries and Jupiter is like that.

[00:19:45] Very encouraging, optimistic, like, heck yeah, let’s just go do it. It’s gonna turn out fine. Like, again, that can’t be the only note that we listen to. So if there is some trepidation coming from elsewhere this week, I think that’s totally fine. I don’t think we need to look at it as like a, a red flag necessarily, or a warning signal.

[00:20:04] It just kind of, it’s a slowdown.

[00:20:06] So Tuesday, now this is a day where, you know, earlier in the day on Tuesday, we’ve still got the moon trying to Venus from Virgo.

[00:20:16] Very nice. Um, we’re gonna get moon opposite Neptune, and this is pretty much in the morning as well on Tuesday. And that can be a little short term note of. Lack of clarity. Anytime the moon is opposite in Neptune, there’s a chance that the facts on the ground are being muddied a little. It’ll clear up by the end of the day, um, if there is any confusion at all.

[00:20:39] And then the main thing on Tuesday, just the moon entering into Libra, and once the moon enters into Libra, it is also going to enter into a square with Mars and cancer. And that is one of the major reasons this week why I feel like there’s a little bit of a slowing down, um, a lack of maybe moving forward in the way that we.

[00:21:02] It might be more circuitous. Maybe the way we’re moving forward with things or wanting to, is just not as direct as we might like otherwise. That’s Mars and cancer. Um, and that, again, that’s happening about. 3:00 PM Pacific Standard Time Moon is gonna enter into Libra. So you know, all being told, if you have any really delicate discussions to have this week, anything that’s like needs extra care, Tuesday is not the day to do it.

[00:21:30] Um, so Tuesday is your, just mind, your own business day. That’s what I call those days. Sometimes just mind your own business. And then on Wednesday. Wednesday is when we have the Libra full. So the Libra Full Moon, that is happening pretty much right in the middle of the sign. I think it’s about 16 degrees.

[00:21:48] The sun is in Aries, and this moon is being ruled over by Venus, who is over yonder in Taurus. So the, the very interesting thing about this full moon, we’ve got the sun in the moon in these cardinal signs that have this big energy to begin, right? The big, bold, like we’re doing stuff and then Mars. Who is also part of the rulership scheme of this, where they’re ruling over the sun.

[00:22:13] So when the sun needs help, they’re looking to Mars. Mars is also in a cardinal sinus in cancer. More beginning energy, more birthing energy, and coming forth into the world type energy. So, um, that’s why I’m, I’m kind of thinking we’re gonna wanna move forward. We’re gonna wanna be continuing ahead. We just had that new moon and Aries, that was a huge burst of beginning energy.

[00:22:37] Usually with a full moon. We’re looking for what is fruiting? What is peaking? What is culminating at that time? And usually it would be as simple as that. Like, oh, it’s a full moon. Here’s the loaf of bread that I made. I always use like bread as an analogy for the lunar cycle. Like I made a loaf of bread here.

[00:22:53] I would like to share it with you. It’s a full moon. Um, but it’s almost like saying, Mars being in cancer. It’s like, yeah, but I gotta make sure that they don’t have any food allergies. , I gotta make sure they’re not allergic to nuts or something. Like, there’s something that slows us down, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

[00:23:10] Right? So, um, there’s some other steps to take. Uh, that’s why like, I’m personally just gonna be watching this full moon. I’m gonna be observing it. I’m not using it to. Do anything special. And I would like to see what the rest of the sky is gonna be saying around that, because I do think that there’s some more complexity there.

[00:23:28] There is like notes of ER’s leadership, especially that middle 10 degree chunk is very solar leading by example, or I am, you know, doing my thing. I’m embodying my identity out in the world. Um, the, the place where the moon is in li. That middle part really speaks to commitment to the, the structure and order of our interpersonal bonds.

[00:23:55] Like in these relationships I’m in, how do these work? What is the structure of these relationships? Where do my commitments lie? Where do I have to be a leader? Where do I have to understand how I fit in with the. So there’s those types of themes happening. It’s not as simple as, I’m just gonna charge ahead and be a leader and do my project and share it.

[00:24:17] We also really have to make sure that, you know, Mars in Cancer that we’re not. Foregoing our needs that we’re not forsaking other people’s needs. And Mars doesn’t like that. Mars doesn’t care about any of that. It doesn’t have any bedside manner. So, but cancer is all about bedside manner, . So again, it’s just, we’re moving along a little bit more plotting, um, Mercury is, this is the, the other thing that happens on Wednesday.

[00:24:45] So along with the Full Moon in Libra, we’re also getting Mercury connecting with Saturn in a sextile by degree. So kind of what I was saying before about the discipline piece with that careful planning, we’re getting that perfecting on Wednesday. And then the, uh, mercury our planet of connecting with others through idea.

[00:25:06] Words language. Um, it’s actually gonna end up for the rest of the week being in between Mars and Saturn. So it’s, if our speech wasn’t slowed down already by being in Taurus, it’s gonna be slowed down a little bit more, I think by being in between the two maleic for kind of sandwiched in between them. Maybe like, it’s not the worst version of this, but being between a rock and a hard.

[00:25:32] Kind of like a, a softer version of that. So again, one word and what are the days when this is happening? Yeah, so that really gets kicking off where Mercury is in between Saturn and Mars. That starts on Wednesday, the the fifth, and that is going to extend through until sa early Saturday on the eighth.

[00:25:50] Hmm. Okay. So this is like choosing our words carefully, choosing our words. Very careful. Um, another thing that I think

[00:26:00] Amanda: this will be Claire, I mean, is this, choose words carefully and could this also be like, don’t feel like you have to say anything.

[00:26:10] Claire: Yeah. You can definitely feel like you don’t have to say anything.

[00:26:13] Absolutely. Okay. .

[00:26:15] Amanda: Yeah, I mean, cuz sometimes it’s just like we feel compelled, like we have to say something. It’s like maybe you just don’t need to do that. Right.

[00:26:24] Claire: Bingo. Yeah. Love it. Love that strategy. Um, and one, is

[00:26:29] Amanda: that the easy way out, ? I

[00:26:32] Claire: mean, you know, I mean, I don’t know. I, I just personally think, yeah, we don’t have to feel compelled to speak in every situation at all.

[00:26:39] Just as a general rule, but another more maybe constructive or, um, I dunno, a positive way of thinking about Mercury between Saturn kind of getting this realistic information from SA. Saturns and Pisces saying, Hey, here’s what’s really going on in the Pisces part of your chart. And then Mercury and Taurus is carefully planning around it, and then it’s trying to send a message onward to Mars saying, Hey, let’s act on this plan.

[00:27:06] Um, but then Mars is not able to act very quickly, very directly. Um, but what I was thinking more constructively is this could be a recipe, especially with the sextile nature of these, um, interactions. Taking responsibility for planning and pursuing our needs. Like, what do I need to feel safe and comfortable?

[00:27:30] What do I need to feel secure and stable and, and tending toward that? And that is much more of like a personal, private pursuit. Um, I mean, but you could also extend that to people you love or people in your family, people close to you. What do they need to feel secure, safe, stable, comfortable, um, all of these kind of Taurus cancer.

[00:27:52] What is stable, what feels safe, um, and being able to pursue that in a, a kind of effective, serious way. Cuz when I think of Saturn and Mars together, I think serious, serious time. Um, so yeah, that, that’s pretty much all I had in terms of Wednesday with that full moon. Then on Thursday on the sixth, this is where Mercury enters its pre retrograde shadow.

[00:28:16] So I had mentioned that, uh, Mercury’s gonna be having an extended stay in Taurus this time until June 11th. And on the sixth it reaches five degrees of Taurus. That is where Mercury, it’ll eventually keep moving forward. It’s gonna retrograde April 21st and come on back to that same five degree. So this is where if you know your rising sign in your chart, you can find the part of it.

[00:28:43] If you’re out there that has Taurus, start watching those house topics. Like for instance, my Taurus is in my fourth house of home and dwelling. Um, maybe I’ll rearrange my furniture. I don’t know. You know, it might be something that’s simple, but start watching the stories in your Taurus, the Taurus part of your chart, uh, for that Mercury retrograde stuff.

[00:29:04] But they are still moving forward. The only other thing that happens on Thursday that was super important for me is Mercury meeting the north node of the moon. Um, the lunar north node I call, I call them rahoo. Uh, I use like the vadk geo ti and a myth of the dragon, which I won’t get into here. But, uh, the main point is the north node of the moon speaks to.

[00:29:31] And it can even be too much of something. And with Mercury and Taurus, with the north node, what would be too much of that, that would look like maybe excessive planning, excessive worrying. Ex, you know, like, because Taurus wants to maintain, it’s worried about, okay, how do I make sure none of this goes away and.

[00:29:53] Overdo it when we’re worrying about that or planning or you know, trying to maintain. So watch that in yourself, make sure you’re not overthinking it too much. Um, and then Friday, so Friday we are going to have the moon moves out of Libra and it enters into Scorpio. And at this point, I’m thinking if, if you felt a little pressurized this week, if there have been things where, you know, the Aries part of the chart is like, yes, let’s go do it, and the rest of the chart is like, Hey, but what about these other things?

[00:30:28] I think by the time Friday comes around, we might be a little frustrated, . We might be, um, really rearing to just. Do what we wanted to do in the first place, and we’re gonna actually have Moon and Mars in a, in a very free flowing aspect called Arine, where that energy that Mars is feeling in cancer is being translated to the moon very easily.

[00:30:51] And they’re also in each other’s homes. Mars is in the moon’s home. Moon is in the in Mars’s home. It’s making that connection even stronger, and it’s all water, moon, and Mars. It’s. I’m feeling, I’m feeling this thing and I would like to act on it, please. And there’s not a lot of thinking happening at the same exact time that that whole shrine is going.

[00:31:14] The moon is also opposite. Very practical, reasonable Mercury and Taurus who’s doing all the thinking. And this is where we’re coming to that point where it’s like, is this your emotions or is this your thinking parts? Which part is informing your decisions right now? And is it both? And how do you wanna act?

[00:31:33] And so just having that awareness because we’re really gonna be feeling deeply wanting to pursue something. But that is going to be. Um, almost working at cross purposes to what Mercury is trying to carefully plan in TAs, if that makes sense. Does that make sense? Yes.

[00:31:51] Amanda: I mean, I’m, I’m like trying to imagine what you’re saying and, and could this mean that it might feel like the plan that you’re carefully concocting for this bold new beginning could feel like it?

[00:32:08] Blown up or it might want to get blown up or like, I’m trying to, Ima like, I’m, I’m trying to imagine what sort of situations we might be in and how this could play

[00:32:18] Claire: out. I don’t think it’s gonna blow up. I think everything’s gonna stay on the rails this week. I’m not like, like my threat level , it’s not like a threat level orange, it’s like a threat level yellow or green.

[00:32:30] Um, and I, I think that because the water signs are more internally experienced, Hmm. It’s an not, they’re nocturnal signs. Cancer and Scorpio and nocturnal, they’re not always trying to like, influence everything around it. Hmm. So I think it, that that feeling part’s gonna be very internal. I don’t think that means we’re just gonna like, you know, let loose and just do whatever.

[00:32:54] Um, but there might be a bit of a, a juxtaposition between how we’re feeling and how we kind of know intellectually that we wanna proceed. Those things might not be matching up.

[00:33:05] Amanda: So, so intellectually we might know we wanna proceed with this plan for this bold new beginning. For example, we may like get overcome with a feeling of fear or like not enoughness or like you were saying, worry like, mm-hmm well what if this happens?

[00:33:21] What if that, so we have this sort of clearer picture of where we think we’re going and where we think we need to go. Mm-hmm. . And what this might do is make us feel. More overwhelmed by the things that the, it brings up. Like any sort of Potentially, yeah. Potentially. Okay.

[00:33:44] Claire: Got it. Yeah, I think, I think that’s actually a really great, um, yeah.

[00:33:48] That, that, that’s a, a great potential narrative to watch out for is just like, yeah, what is coming up. Because part of what cancer and Scorpio’s job is in the Zodiac, in my opinion, is to assess threat and to make safety. So, um, cancer’s trying to. Keep things safe and growing, you know, we’re vulnerable.

[00:34:11] Scorpio also aware of vulnerability. Mars ruled. We’re assessing threats and trying to decide strategically how to act. Yeah. And there can certainly be, you know, feelings, you know, especially in, you know, past feelings, cancer. What’s happened in my past, ah, is just something that’s coming up from before and maybe it doesn’t even have anything to do with right now, like you’re saying, like feelings of not enoughness or, um, fears or whatever those might be.

[00:34:35] And they honestly might be really rational . Like they might be really reasonable fears, like feelings might be totally reasonable. Um, but that, you know, um, the moon only goes through a sign every two and a half days. It stays in there. So if you feel like this on Friday, you’re not gonna feel like this on Sunday.

[00:34:53] Hmm. Yeah,

[00:34:54] Amanda: I love that. Okay. Yeah, that’s good. Write it. Write out the wave and see sometimes there’s messages for you in it. You know, I can see like if you’re considering doing something that feels risky on any level, which bold new beginnings and change always on some level there, it feels risky because you’re leaving what you know and you’re going towards something that you don’t know yet.

[00:35:15] So there’s always that feeling of like, Ooh, is this gonna work out? And what, what am I gonna lose in the process and all that? Especially if you’ve done something like it in the past. This sounds like there could be some. Tendrils of like P T S D or you know, like different things that you, you’ve experienced in the process of making big changes in your life before you know, oh, well last time.

[00:35:38] I had to go through all these things as a result of that big change, right? Mm-hmm. , so, but there’s gifts in there. There’s gifts in, in like actually just being with those things, not feeling like you have to act on them. Not feeling like it means anything necessarily, but just allowing those things to sort of move through you.

[00:35:57] And it sounds like that’ll be happening Friday and Saturday, but then by Sunday, hopefully there’s some sort of resolution for you, or the cloud has passed, which sometimes that just is what it is.

[00:36:08] Claire: Yeah, absolutely. I agree. I think it’s a cloud that’s gonna pass, but I also do agree that there probably will be really helpful information in there for us.

[00:36:16] Um, even asking ourselves on Friday, like, if I am feeling crunchy about things that are moving forward, what do I need, what needs of mine are not being met? And how can I meet those needs? Or if you’re working in collaboration with someone, even thinking about them, like, well, what do they probably need?

[00:36:33] And are their needs being met? Um, that can be that cancer, Scorpio, maybe even strategic, like yeah, how do we mo move forward and make things sustainable and comfortable for everybody? Um, and this also what’s coming up as you’re talking about that is Chiron, the asteroid, Chiron being by the sun and Jupiter over there in Aries.

[00:36:53] Hmm. And. I mean, I personally experienced like Venus and Jupiter, our planets of, of, you know, the stable conditions for growth and happy, fun time things. For the most part, going over Chiron, which usually speaks to something ouchie like a wound or a challenge or something like that. It’s been kind of healing, having those bons with Chiron, it’s like medicine for the wound.

[00:37:17] I, I kind of feel like that’s still happening. Like Jupiter is still with Chiron, like there he was right there for the full moon as well in Libra. Um, and it feels like whatever we’re moving through this week, it could have that healing quality to it of moving, past, moving through, or overcoming a past ouchie thing.

[00:37:38] If that makes sense. Yes,

[00:37:39] Amanda: it does. Yeah. Yeah. That’s cute how you say it? Ouchie, ouchie. .

[00:37:42] Claire: That’s I talk about Chiron. Yeah, . Yeah. When I was still in medicine, I totally used the word tummy all the time. Like I, I, I love it. Like, yeah, we’re, we’re casual. Um, so then , what else do we got going on here? I think that was pretty much it for Friday.

[00:37:59] Yeah, it’s just, and one last thing, uh, you know, noting just the sky this week in general, but also Friday is, it is we’ve got like two notes, two separate notes in the sky. We’ve got all this really fun, bright, optimistic effervescent stuff happening in Aries. We’ve got comfortable chill. Yum, yum. Time and Taurus.

[00:38:18] But then the rest of the sky is like kind of heavy and complicated. So we might experience that in our lives where some parts of your life are fine, some parts of your life are like, yeah, it’s a party. Everything’s great. Other parts of your life might be kind of heavy and that is ha. They’re happening kind of in parallel, separate from each other.

[00:38:37] So I just thought that was very interesting this week. Um, then on Saturday we’re still gonna have the moon in Scorpio, so we’re still gonna be working maybe. Deeply feeling. Trying to strategize, trying to work through any, any difficult feelings happening from this connection between Mars Moon across cancer and Scorpio.

[00:39:02] But when we get to, like, especially the end of Saturday, we’re really gonna be having the moon opposing Venus, which is kind of nice. Um, you know, oppositions to Bix like, like Venus ju. Still usually feeling pretty good. So I, this feels like a balm to me. If there has been anything difficult on Thursday, Friday.

[00:39:23] Um, moon opposing Venus later in the day on Saturday on the 8th of April is probably gonna be a little bit of a balm and then into Sunday, and this is where the week really rounds out. Then this is where the storm feels like it’s passed a bit and you know, it’s, the week is busy with the full. The brighter the moon is, the more active things are down here, the more busy I wanna be.

[00:39:49] And so it’s a very busy active week. Um, I don’t know if all of that full moon energy is gonna have an easy outlet, but if you can just make it till Sunday. Then it feels like the time to have a bit of an outlet for a lot of that energy, a lot of that full moon. I wanted it to culminate. I wanted to share my loaf of bread or whatever it was that I wanted to share.

[00:40:12] Um, the day is Sunday to me because then we get the, uh, we get the moon in Sagittarius, fire sign action oriented. Ruled by Jupiter. Super optimistic, and it’s sharing this very nice harmonious rine with Jupiter, who’s over in Aries. So we get all of this, like, all of that kind of bright effervescent, um, bold energy that is very online on Sunday.

[00:40:39] So, and you know, last note, this is also the first time the moon has been in Sagittarius. Not opposing Mars and getting that kind of conflicting spicy, too spicy, opposition with Mars. That’s the first time we’ve had this in eight months, so it just feels like a very nice day on Sunday the ninth to wrap up the week if anything was unfinished, you know, come back around to it on.


[00:41:08] Amanda: Okay, so it sounds like this week we have this sort of push pull kind of energy. We have this moving forward energy. We have this kind of check yourself, make sure you’re thinking it through energy, but then we also have this, what do you need to feel safe kind of question.

[00:41:24] And if things are coming up that are making you feel really emotional about things that you’re doing that question of, well, what do I actually need to feel? Secure, stable, comfortable. What do the people around me need to feel at that? I can see that being a very healing question to even ask someone else.

[00:41:44] Like has anybody ever asked you that? Like, Hey, What do you need here in order to feel safe and secure and comfortable and stable? Like what a brilliant thing to be asked by another person. Hmm. So we could facilitate that level of care. I mean, that’s a very caring thing to say to someone and it’s very acknowledging of like, we all have that inner child in us that.

[00:42:09] Freaked out from time to time. So just acknowledging that potentially with the, the people that you’re with, with the people that may or may not be involved in this grand plan that you’re, you’re, you’re concocting. Um, and really just having that mindfulness as we navigate the week. Um, And I love this, what you’re saying on, on Saturday there’s like this kind of healing balm, and by Sunday this storm has passed there.

[00:42:35] This is the time to really create that outlet for whatever energy you’re feeling, um, or that you have been feeling. I love this. It’s, I love the word effervescent said, it’s bold and effervescent and it’s a great way to wrap up the week. So yeah, I love this. And I, and I also love, I I appreciate that you mention.

[00:42:52] That you’re not on code red, you’re not even on code orange. You’re like at a yellow, maybe between a green or a yellow. That this isn’t one of those weeks that’s like, oh God, you know, we’re gonna get knocked out. Um, but, but there’s just things to be aware of and potentially with the Chiron energy, there’s, there’s opportunity for healing and really addressing some of these aspects of our.

[00:43:14] That do get anxious or worried when there’s unknown, which is totally natural. We all do it. There’s like, oh God, and sometimes it feels better, like I’ll just stay where I’m at, like, because I know what it is, even though I’m, I know I’m not totally happy in it. I know that I’m ready for change, but like, but I know what it is.

[00:43:31] My TED would always say, Sometimes the devil, you know, is better than the devil you don’t know. So like sometimes I’ll have, I’ll have his, his, his voice in my head. It, it’s really reinforcing that sort of gremlin voice in the head of like, well, maybe it’s better to just stay here even though I’m not happy.

[00:43:50] Mm-hmm. , but it’s, everything in the sky is pointing us towards that. No, actually do make the change. I think Georgia’s staff is at our, game changing transits. I literally remember her. You can either stay burger at and die , or take the calculated risks that you know you need to make in order to create the life that you are, are envisioning.

[00:44:16] And it was said with such like beautiful, like that elder wisdom of life. And she’s been practicing astrology for 50 years. So she has that. She can, she has that authority to be like, Hey, like pure your choices. What are you, what are, what are you choosing right now? And I know sometimes when I’m myself considering a change, I’ll be like, well, maybe I’ll just stay the same and you know, maybe I’ll just stay where I’m at.

[00:44:40] But the thing is, the transits happen anyways, so all of these astrological transits are happening anyways, and often it’s better to just give them an outlet to express versus trying to clutch and hold onto that thing that we’ve been holding onto. Because the, what happens in my experience when we do that is kind of implode, like from the inside out.

[00:45:00] It’s like either like, allow the channels of energy to have space or like it’s even more uncomfortable to, to resist it. Right.

[00:45:09] Claire: Absolutely. Yeah, I couldn’t agree more with all of that. . Yeah. So much. Yep. Yeah. So,

[00:45:16] Amanda: Claire, you okay?


[00:45:17] Amanda: First of all, I wanna say for those of you who have ever felt overwhelmed in your studies of astrology, we have done so many things in the inner circle to streamline your efforts.

[00:45:28] To tell you exactly like you’re at this level of astrological studies. So start here, then go here. Here’s where we recommend that you focus. Don’t worry about any, any of this other stuff. Just stay here until you have a level of comfort and mastery here. Then move to the next level. What’s the next level?

[00:45:47] Ooh. We have an a little quiz that you take when you join the membership. It’ll tell you exactly what phase of learning you’re at. It’ll give you the resources you need to meet you right there. You can take that quiz every three months or every six months or every year and re-see where you’re at so that you can.

[00:46:02] you can have a map for your own journey and learning of course, in your own way. We don’t prescribe it like super boxy, but we do give you your options at each phase of the path. So I just wanted to say that because I know that learning astrology can be this overwhelming thing. Mm-hmm. , it’s like mm-hmm.

[00:46:18] It’s the study of the ever expanding universe. Of course it feels overwhelming at times, , but we’re doing our best to, to just simplify it, to hold you through the process and make it as easy as possible. So if you’re on the fence about the inner circle, not now’s the time to jump in.

[00:46:33] Amanda: Astrology hub.com/ic 23.

[00:46:36] We’ll also put that link in the show notes in the description. Also, Claire is one of our consulting astrologers on our new reading platform, and we were having a conversation before we went live. I asked Claire, because I’ve been running into this so much, I said, do you ever meet people who are nervous about having an astrology reading?

[00:46:58] Like they’re scared. They’re wondering if they’re going to hear something they don’t wanna hear. If you’re gonna see something about them that isn’t. You know, is quote unquote bad, you know, like we have these little scripts inside of us. And Claire, I would love to hear, first of all, do you run into that as well?

[00:47:15] Second of all, what do you say to people who are like, I, I’m curious. I wanna know, but I’m scared. I don’t know if I wanna have a reading. What do you say to people like

[00:47:22] Claire: that? Yeah, it’s so common. It happens every week. Every week I talk to people. Someone is nervous and I mean, I was nervous too before my first reading

[00:47:32] Like definitely, it’s just unknown. It’s, I’ve, I’ve never, especially if you’ve never. done a reading before. It’s like, what happens in there? What do they talk about? Yeah. And what I tell my clients is that first and foremost, they know themselves the best. And to be honest, a lot of what comes out in the reading, a lot of times they already know that.

[00:47:52] And it’s more just like validating or helping them to understand things that they already had a clue of or an idea. And it is very much a co-creative activity where I’m not. Telling them, oh, this is who you are and this is what’s happened and this is what’s going to happen. Um, it’s much more a collaborative, discussion where I can say, Hey, how’s this coming out in your life?

[00:48:15] I see this thing in your chart, how’s it coming out? And then we have a conversation about it. And it’s very just a very like identity affirming conversation or a, validating conversation. But it is a conversation and yeah, totally nothing to. Nothing to fear and you know, I, I personally check in a lot during the consultation making sure that they don’t have any questions or concerns.

[00:48:38] So yeah, it’s not just me sitting on a high throne being like, this is what this is and that’s what that is. Yeah. It’s not the case. I love,

[00:48:45] Amanda: I love that you were in the medical field for a long time before you were an astrologer because you understand bedside manner. And as you all know, there are some people who have awful bedside manner and they’ll just.

[00:49:00] You know, and it’s, it can be devastating, right? It’s no, it’s, it’s, to be the recipient of that is really, really hard. It can be very, you have someone like the only astrologers we work with on Astrologer Connect have brilliant, beautiful bedside manner. They are there as your advocate. They’re there as a support mm-hmm.

[00:49:20] uh, network for you. They’re, they’re, they’re, they’re, they’ve got your back and they, they know that astrology. When used correctly is the ultimate tool for empowerment, for like, oh my for self-love. Really, at the end of the day, it’s like, oh my God, you’re this beautiful constellation. Like your chart is this evidence of this gorgeous, unique, never been done before, never gonna happen again.

[00:49:48] Potential, and you are that you are. Constellation of energy and to hear it reflected from someone who’s like a stranger, quote unquote, and to have them be able to see these aspects of yourselves. I mean, I, how many times have you heard, wow, you see me in a way that like, I wish my mom saw me, or I wish my partner could see me, or I wish I could see me even.

[00:50:14] Claire: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Or even just like they see themselves like that they know themselves, but to hear it validated externally when other people in their life haven’t been able to see that for whatever reason. Yeah. It’s like deeply helpful, empowering. Discussions to be had for sure. Yeah. I mean, I, I’ll just never forget the first time I heard I had a Pisces moon.

[00:50:36] I was like, oh my gosh, I have cosmic permission to cry sometimes. This is the best. I was like, so happy

[00:50:44] Amanda: to cry. It’s like what I found about, about my Gemini moon. I’m like, cosmic permission to ask questions. , yes. Questions all the time. It doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with me. Amazing. Right? Yes. Love it.

[00:50:57] Okay, well great. So Claire is available for

[00:51:00] Amanda: readings@astrologyhub.com slash claire connect, c L A I R e Connect. Or you can go to

[00:51:09] Amanda: astrology hub.com/connect and choose any astrologer there that you would like to have a reading with. And um, also, so you have two pieces of homework. Check out Astrologer Connect if you’re curious about reading.

[00:51:21] and check out the inner circle. If you’re curious about learning more, going deeper with your studies, working with the most masterful astrologers, and also being supported by a heart-centered community as you do it. This is the place, this is the time. This is the best price that we’ll be offering. So check it out.

[00:51:38] Amanda: Astrology hub.com/ic 23. That closes tomorrow night at. Okay, Claire, you are amazing. Thank you so much for being here with us. I love your practical, pragmatic, descriptive. There’s like something about the way that you read the astrological energies. It just feels so like tangible. I can like, put my teeth in it.

[00:51:58] I got a good plan for the week ahead, so hopefully all of you are feeling that as well. Super grateful for you, Claire. Thank you. Thanks to all of you for being here, for part, being a part of our community, for making astrology a part of your life. Can’t wait to catch you on the next episode. Take care everybody.

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