Jupiter in Taurus sextile Saturn in Pisces  w/ Christopher Renstrom

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Jupiter + Saturn = Growth

This is your Horoscope Highlight for the week of June 19-25, 2023 with world-class astrologer, historian, and author of The Cosmic Calendar, Christopher Renstrom.

In this week’s episode, Christopher delves into the relationship between Jupiter and Saturn. On June 19th, they will form a rare sextile with each other, which Christopher describes as being similar to an “arranged marriage.” To further illustrate the relationship between these two planets in their current placements, he describes the premise of the famous show “The Odd Couple,” in which two friends with mismatched personalities are pushed together by difficult circumstances, ultimately having a positive impact on each other. Finally, he lists a few ways that this energy could impact your own life, and how long it will last.

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[00:00:00] Jupiter and Saturn are like flip sides of the same coin. So what happens when they form a rare sex? Well, you get one of Astrology’s greatest odd couples. Next on horoscope highlights. 

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Hello, my name is Christopher Renstrom, and I’m your weekly horoscope columnist here on Astrology Hub. And this week I would like to talk to you about a rare Jupiter Saturn sextile taking place on June 19th. Now, you may recall that Jupiter and Saturn are quite adverse entities in the astrological pantheon.

These are two planets who very much do not get along. Jupiter is a benefic. It’s associated with good fortune and higher purpose. [00:02:00] It’s a bright light in the heavens. And it shines and sends its rays of benevolence to all of us below. 

Jupiter is not only the planet of good fortune and higher purpose, it’s also a patron and protector. A protector because it’s the largest of all the planets orbiting the sun. A protector, because its gravitational pull pulls into its orbit. All the asteroids and meteorites that would’ve slammed into us long ago.

One could say that the reason the planet Earth is still orbiting the sun today is because of the orbit of Jupiter and its gravitational pull, that it pulls all of the objects that could have smashed into us, and instead they smash into what is basically an impregnable planet, the planet Jupiter. Saturn is on the other side of the coin from Jupiter.

If Jupiter is, uh, benthic, Saturn is a maleic. 

Monolithic [00:03:00] basically is a planet whose light is not as shining and bright as the benthics are. Venus and Jupiter, you can see right away in the nighttime sky, but Monolithics have a compromised glow. Mars is a. Maleic because if it, because of its red and ready complexion and Saturn is a monolithic because its light is faded and it takes a very long time to limp across the sky.

So Jupiter you can think of as the hand that giveth and Saturn you can think of as the hand that taketh away. And in many, astrological books, Jupiter will be associated with good fortune and Saturn will be associated with bad fortune. Now, if you’ve been watching some of these episodes, you know that that’s not really the case, but that’s pretty much the reputation that the two planets have.

So the two planets are going to be forming a very rare sextile [00:04:00] on June 19th. It doesn’t happen every year. It doesn’t even happen every few years. And the particular Zodiac signs that they’re forming their sextile in are Pisces and Taurus, and that’s even rarer than a regular sextile would be. So this.

Sextile. What is a sextile on astrology? A sextile on astrology is seen as being a very positive aspect. It’s a very positive relationship between the planets. Planets don’t necessarily have one set relationship with one another in the sky. In fact, as they orbit around the sun on, go around the circle of the horoscope itself, they create.

And uncreate relationships all the time. They come together maybe in an antagonistic way or maybe they come together in a sort of, in different way. Or maybe they come together in a ha good fellow. It’s wonderful to see you sort of way. So a sextile, a [00:05:00] sextile, although it’s not quite ha good fellow.

It’s wonderful to see you. A sextile is basically two planets de deciding to put away their differences and to work together. All right. So they’re not really the best of friends when they’re in sextile with one another. But they have a very constructive relationship that they’re going to form.

They, they might have a mutual purpose or, uh, a need that needs to be fulfilled in one planet is going to help the other planet out in their pursuit of a particular objective or even the simple pursuit of happiness. So what happens when you see, um, Uh, Jupiter and Saturn forming a sextile, like the one they’re, they’re going to be forming on June 19th.

Uh, this is a pairing actually of the two and what. Comes to mind when I think of this sexting energy between, uh, what can be a very sort of constrictive and control freaky Saturn and a very [00:06:00] sort of laid back and live and let live, uh, sort of Jupiter. What you can have here. Is what used to be called back in the day, an arranged marriage.

Arranged marriages have lasted much longer than marriages for love and romance have, in fact, uh, arranged marriages were pretty much, the way that marriages were done for a number of centuries. But in an arranged marriage, one person could be pledged to another, usually. As children or one was a child and one might have been much older.

And so these matches were arranged by families, based on, uh, some kind of financial gain or social improvement. And, in an arranged marriage, basically the two people would meet on their wedding day, whether they’re were from, royalty, from foreign countries, or whether, they were from the neighboring village.

Uh, they would meet together on the wedding day. And you basically had to make the best of what you saw. Hopefully the person was attractive, maybe if not physically, then maybe, uh, [00:07:00] personality-wise or something like that. But it was a bit of a gamble and it was a bit of a long shot. Many arranged marriages basically did their, basic duties of having children and raising families and things like that.

But why I called the Jupiter Saturn sextile like an arranged marriage is, you know, at first the reception may be chili between the two planets. But over time, over time, they sort of take a liking to one another. , Jupiter, when it forms a sextile to Saturn, they have a way of just kind of like, they may never be passionate or, or in love with one another, but there is a love, there is a bond that forms over a period of time, which is why I, Refer to, these sextiles as being an arranged marriage.

They might not start out in love, but they definitely wind up being very loving and very bonding to one another, particularly in the Zodiac signs of Taurus, Jupiter’s, and [00:08:00] Taurus and Pisces. Saturn is in the Zodiac sign of Pisces, so. What this puts me in mind of what this puts me in mind of is a wonderful television show that I used to watch, in the 1970s.

Okay. I know I’m dating myself here, but a wonderful television show that I used to watch in the 1970s, and this show was called The Odd Couple. The television series, the Odd Couple, was based on a Broadway play written by Neil Simon. It was then made into a movie with, I think it’s Walter Matto and uh, Jack Lemon. But what made it really popular was the television series. The television series that Star Jack Klugman and Tony Randall, Jack Klugman, played Oscar Madison, who was this kind of slovenly sports writer, and Tony Randall. Played Felix Unger, who always appeared in the latest fashion.

Usually it was his, uh, his appearance was very fastidious. It was a [00:09:00] three-piece suit with a properly knotted Windsor knot tie. And so where, Oscar was like a sports writer who wore, you know, basically any, um, Pullover a sweatshirt. That was handy. And, and, and Chinos or, or, or, you know, comfortable slacks.

Uh, this is 1970s. Uh, Felix was a photographer. I think he was actually a fashion fa Mm. An advertising photographer. He was a photographer. 

The odd couple had one of the most famous sequences on television. It was immediately recognizable from its theme song. The theme song had this sort of plotting lumbering quality to it. And then you would hear this, uh, uh, voiceover begin and, and it w and it was a fellow, and he would say on November 13th, Felix Unger was asked to remove himself from his place of residence.

That request came from his wife, and you would see Felix, you know, all dapper in his three-piece suit in an overcoat, you know, [00:10:00] walking dismally outside the front door of his apartment, uh, holding suitcases. And I think he even had like an overcoat, like a raincoat or something like that. And the door slams behind him and he looks.

Sort of for lonely back over one shoulder. The door opens up, he kind of like, looks hopeful for a moment, and then a woman’s hand, comes through the doorway and it’s holding a sauce pan and she’s, you know, like this. And he takes the sauce pan and the door slams again. So that’s the opening. It sort of, you know, sets up this kind of like miserable man who really doesn’t want to be thrown out of his apartment or his marriage being sent.

Away. And so, um, the music continues. And as does the narration. It says, deep down he knew she was right, but he also knew that someday he would return to her. But with nowhere else to go. He appeared at the home of his friend Oscar Madison several years earlier. Madison’s wife had thrown him [00:11:00] out, requesting that he never return.

So Felix with his, his sauce pan and his suitcases shows up at Oscar’s, um, apartment in New York. And the door opens and Oscar’s like, you know, happy to see him. He’s, he’s kind of like, he’s actually not waving, cuz what he’s doing is that he’s holding these, um, grocery bags full of garbage. Okay. And he is got a sports hat that’s, that’s, uh, uh, skewed on one side of his head.

And he is wearing a jersey top and things like this. He’s like, Hey, you know, and, and he is like, you know, hi, nice to see you Felix. And, and he reaches out to Shake Felix’s hand. And Felix, you know, sort of stands back and Oscar realizes that his hand is gro. From the garbage. So he sort of, wipes it off on maybe the side of a milk carton that’s protruding out of these sacks, and he reaches into his pocket and produces an apartment key and hands it to Felix.

And so then the narrative voice picks up again and asks the great question, can two divorced men share an apartment [00:12:00] without driving each other? Crazy, you know? And then the music picks up,

you know, and it shows. Felix and Oscar coming out of their, uh, New York apartment. They’re in front of the door under the awning, you know, probably hailing a cab or something like that. Uh, going to work. And Oscar’s got a cigar already that’s half smoked, and he throws it on the ground and Felix looks at it, you know, like, how could you litter?

And he takes his umbrella, you know, he’s carrying a coat over one, one arm, and he takes his umbrella and he stabs the cigar butt and he whips it back up, you know, and presents it back into Oscar’s face. Like, you know, here, throw it away properly, you know? And then they go to this marvelous, uh, split screen where, um, Oscar’s in midtown Manhattan in the seventies.

And so, you know, there’s like a, a, a call girl with big, you know, blonde hair or whatever walking down the street and Sache, and he’s kind of like looking at her like, yo, wow. You know? And then, uh, you know, you cut to Felix, who’s also in [00:13:00] midtown. Manhattan and there’s traffic and people looking around, and there’s this old lady with a purse who’s, you know, looking across the street and, and Felix offers to help her across the street.

Well, you know, and, and, and they’re going on objection pose in a split screen. And so, um, Oscar, you know, augs, the lady who sort of like waves and keeps on walking and he steps into cement, uh, that’s been newly put down. And, and the cement mason gets up and starts yelling at him, you know? And Felix, you know, offering to help the old lady across the street.

She looks at him, you know, this is 1970s New York. New York was uh, uh, bankrupt during this time. She looks at him like he’s grabbing her purse and she takes her purse. She starts, you know, beating him over the head. It’s such a fantastic, uh, beginning and, and it shows to the juxtaposition of these two personalities, and it reminded me so much of.

How Saturn in Pisces and Jupiter in Taurus, uh, work with Jupiter. You know, the, uh, Oscar Madison character. You’ve got someone who’s like, [00:14:00] you know, he’s really laid back. He’s really relaxed in his appearance. He’s a sports writer, uh, which is very jut. He loves poker nights and to gamble, and he eats excessively and he never cleans up after himself.

And he probably lives on takeout, you know, so there’s kind of ju quality here. Um, but what’s also nice about it is that he’s Felix’s friend. And so Felix has been thrown out, he’s been exiled. Um, And he opens up his apartment to Felix and he welcomes him in. He, he is like, Hey buddy, come here. Hang out as long as you need to.

And what you see there are the wonderful ju qualities of acceptance of what someone’s situation is. Um, hospitality. He’s opening up his home to, uh, Felix, obviously Felix is gonna have to pay his part of the rent and things like that, but he’s opening up his home to Felix and he’s, and, and, and he’s a port in the storm.

For Felix. Okay, these are all Jupiter qualities. The idea of friendliness, [00:15:00] the bonomi, the opening up the home and sharing it, and being a port of the storm, being a kind of sanctuary, uh, for someone who’s been cast out. These are all qualities that we see in the planet. Jupiter, and then what we also see in Jupiter and Taurus.

Is that again, that relaxed quality, accepting him for who he is and just bringing him on into his life. All right. Now with Felix, you see the Saturn qualities. You know, uh, Felix right away is a much more melancholic depressive figure of the two of them. He’s a bit of a hypochondriac. Um, always. Um, uh, reacting to the slightest ailment or something like that, uh, that’s going on in his body.

Um, I remember that, uh, Tony Randall, who played him on the series, would do these honking noises really loudly of having sinus infections and things like this. And, but Felix nevertheless, is the one who cooks. He keeps a tiny household and he’s always reprimand [00:16:00] reprimanding Oscar. And so he’s being very Saturn on Oscar’s, Jupiter, you know, he’s, He’s, he’s reprimanding him, telling him to brush up, clean up and take care of things.

And, and he brings control and routine and discipline, uh, to the household, which was wildly out of control and very undisciplined, uh, before. But what you also see in Felix’s. Character, where Oscar is kind of like, you know, maybe divorce isn’t a bad idea. He’s living the life and he’s joining, enjoying the company of people and, and, and he’s having a pretty good time.

Felix, the divorce is painful. It’s very clear why his wife threw him out. He was too, uh, painstaking to controlling, too critical, and didn’t know how to be lenient or to yield, and she just had, Had her fill of him and threw him out. So that’s why he is been thrown out. And we, as I said, you have those attorney in qualities showing up.

You’ve got someone who’s very much a control freak. You have someone who is a [00:17:00] depressive and uh, you have someone who has been exiled. Okay. And this idea of the exiles we’ve discussed in previous episodes is very much associated to Saturn. Okay? So he’s been thrown out, they’re roommates and they’re now going to live together, and that’s basically how this sextile.

Works. Okay now, uh, not every day of, of, of your life under the sextile and basically the energy of the sextile would be predominant for the next year. Although Jupiter and Saturn approach a sextile with one another, they don’t really form a complete one, and that will be about a year from now. But during this period of time, what’s going to be interesting is to sort of think of these two planets as.

Roommates. Okay. And they might even represent different aspects of you or different aspects of the way that you approach life or a relationship that is currently going on in your life. Something in which, difficult circumstances [00:18:00] have put you together with someone else or put you. In a particular situation, an exile situation, maybe it’s a separation in your own marriage.

Maybe it parallels the plot or maybe it’s, an in between job or a venture or an enterprise or you’re in some sort of transitional state. Would would be very much in keeping with Saturn being in the mutable sign of Pisces. So maybe it’s a situation that it’s not out of your choice, that you’ve been cast out of a previous situation.

You have to make the most of the situation. There might be some bitterness or resentment or guilt or self-recrimination that goes along with this, but there’s going to also be a benevolent figure. Okay, a benevolent force. Uh, this might be a coworker who at first gets on your nerves because they’re so optimistic or benevolent or something like that, but over a period of time, they begin to rub off on you.

They begin to make you feel. [00:19:00] Accepted. They begin to make you feel welcome. They begin to make you feel supported in some way. Um, and so that might be something that, that appears or emerges over the next 12 months. What, um, is also happening is that, there may be this attorney figure in your life, maybe you are the one who’s been lackadaisical or too casual or eh, you know, live and let live.

And there’s this attorney figure that’s, that’s appeared in your life. Maybe it’s a boss, a supervisor, coworker, friend, loved one sibling, you know, who’s been tossed out of their family in some regard. That, that basically, you know, this person like gets on your nerves. They’re always critical or they’re correcting something or something along those lines.

But over a period of time you become. Shaped by them. You know, you, you begin to appreciate things that, you know, if you wanna get somewhere with yourself, you have to lift your sights. Uh, you [00:20:00] have to perhaps put in the work or the energy you have to, uh, not, be, distraught when you’re dealt a setback.

But actually to take the setback and stride and to find a way to turn that setback, into something that moves you forward again. So it’s going to be some kind of situation in your life that appears, that might be reinforced by circumstances in some way, an unlikely, friend or an unlikely. Ally or an unlikely associate, someone that you, you know, really wouldn’t have had much to do with before or given your druthers wouldn’t have, uh, chosen to be with, but hard times have brought you together and over just.

Being with one another, just living with one another. There’s this thing where you rub off on each other. If you’re the more, uh, jut one, uh, you may, lift the spirits of this dower personality. Or if [00:21:00] you happen to be the more dower or serious personality, you may, may actually give some sort of.

Sense of direction, to the more jut type of personality. What’s lovely about the slower moving planets, particularly, Jupiter and Saturn, when they have something like a sextile. It can act as what, I used to call, or, I mean, there was a commercial for, um, I think it was called contact, which was a medicine that you would take, I think it was an anti allergen or something like this.

And they would say, you take this once in the morning and then time release capsules are released into your blood system and it floods through your body and so you feel throughout the day. Uh, the effects of this you don’t feel, uh, great immediately, but over a period of time, through the course of the day, you’ll feel the effects of these time-release capsules.

And it’s almost like a time release capsule is taking place with this Jupiter, [00:22:00] uh, Saturn sextile. You may feel like there’s nothing to, you may feel at first. You know, because you’ve been thrown out of a situation or you’ve been thrown on hard times, this is awful and I wanna get back. And, how, how do I get back in someone’s good graces?

Or maybe you’re feeling more vengeful and how do I get back at someone, you know, who did me wrong? You know, you may be feeling that as well, but as this sextile energy releases, Uh, because we have Saturn already in retrograde, Jupiter will turn in retrograde, so they’re around each other really for the next 12 months as the effects of this sextile release, you will start, you know, maybe grudgingly, uh, Revisiting the situation and, and grudgingly admitting, well, this person who found me impossible to live with might have been right or there might have been, uh, something to what they were saying, or, or maybe I wasn’t the best.

  1. Person to work with or, or maybe that situation that I was trying [00:23:00] to make, make myself fit into wasn’t the best fit for me. And so I’m gradually moving beyond a sort of bitterness of having been let go to an openness of accepting that maybe it was a bad situation, this work or this career, and maybe.

What would be a better fit is if I went in a different direction. So this type of sextile being between a water and an earth sign, it’s not going to be ambitious or driven or fast. Uh, it’s not gonna be sensational. It’s not gonna have the answer, you know, that changes your life. You know, it’s not fiery and airy and those sorts of things.

It’s steady and it’s deliberate. And it allows you time because Saturn isn’t Pisces to reflect and to go over. What were either missteps on your part or missteps in terms of this situation wasn’t going to work, and you coming to an acceptance that it wasn’t the best thing for you, and starting to feel more like [00:24:00] getting back on your feet and like choosing something which is, which is a better fit for you.

Now, the odd couple ran from 1970 to 1975 and, and in real time in the series and, and so five years passed. With the sextile, we’re only talking about one, uh, five years past. And, and in the end, Gloria takes Felix back. Felix isn’t changed, you know, dramatically, you know, he’s not like wearing a baseball cap and, you know, a, a jersey top or anything like that.

But he’s changed in terms of. His, sense of humor has come out. There’s a gentility that has emerged instead of the rigidity, and the sternness. There’s an ability to laugh at himself. There’s a consciousness of how he can drive people crazy. There’s, there’s him catching himself when he is ready to correct and just stopping and letting the other person be.

And these are things that [00:25:00] he’s learned in his. Time out, you know, in this, uh, and Saturn can be these timeout periods. Um, this is what he’s learned in his time out, friendship and cohabitation with Oscar, so that the, at the end episode, of course, Uh, Gloria, who threw him out at the beginning and handed him the sauce pan, has taken him back and they’re going to marry and you can tell that it’s going to be very, very successful.

And so, uh, they have the marriage, uh, or they have the wedding ceremony and they’re back at the apartment. And Gloria’s, you know, headed down the hall and. And Felix calls after her and says, you know, wait, just one moment, I have something to say to Oscar, you know, and he turns to Oscar and Oscar’s already sort of like undone the tie from the wedding and, you know, pulled the shirt out of the pants trousers and, you know, getting comfortable again.

Um, and in that last exchange, Felix turns to Oscar with a huge smile, and he says, your dinner’s in the oven, turn it off in 20 minutes. And, [00:26:00] um, Oscar, you know, smiles and nods and he is like, okay, Felix, yeah, I’ll go ahead and do that. And then Felix suddenly says, and Oscar, I want to salute you. And Oscar is like, okay, what?

And Felix goes to Oscar’s waste paper basket, he turns it upside down and he empties its. Contents on the floor, and it gets an enormous laugh, round of applause from the audience and both, both actors, you know, laugh and giggle at the thought of that. And, and, you know, Felix Waves goodbye and he, he disappears out the door and leaves and Oscar says, you know, calling after him and Felix salute you by pick, uh, by cleaning up after the waste.

Paper basket, you know, and Felix laughs as the door closes and Oscar waves and Oscar takes a beat and looks down at the waste paper basket and the content’s on the ground and he is like, I’m not gonna clean that up. And he goes about his life. It’s a wonderful ending to the series, but it’s also a wonderful comment on this particular sextile.[00:27:00] 

In this particular sextile, the reason that Pisces and Taurus, a planet and Pisces would be sextiling, a planet and Taurus is that these are both the yin elements or the feminine elements. Taurus is feminine earth. Pisces is feminine, water. And so they compliment one another. And it’s a very easy way to remember of sextiles between earth and water, because think of a plant.

You plant a plant in the soil, you water it in a. Grows and flourishes. So that’s earth and water together. Or if you need something easier than that to remember mud. Okay? So earth and, and, and water signs will always sextile just as air and fire signs will always sextile. But, uh, Sex tile is what we call a separating or departing sex tile.

Why do we call it that? We call it that because Saturn is in the zodiac sign of Pisces, and Jupiter is in the zodiac sign of Taurus, which means that in terms of the Zodiac or the calendar, Jupiter is before or in front. Jupiter and [00:28:00] Taurus is before or in front of. Pisces. Pisces is the last sign of the previous year.

We have the beginning of the new agricultural year with Aries, and then we have Taurus, which is a spring sign, or at least it’s a spring sign up here in the Northern Hemisphere. So Taurus is in front of Pisces on the Zoia wheel. Saturn is also the slower moving planet, and it’s also just turned retrograde.

So Jupiter is ahead of Saturn, okay. Um, they’re not ra, it’s not racing ahead, but it’s ahead of Saturn. It will turn retrograde and head back, and then it will move forward. But Saturn is always behind Jupiter, so Jupiter is ahead. And it’s separating. It’s the faster moving planet because it’s the planet that’s closest to the sun in terms of the orbit of all the different planets.

So what you have in a separating sextile is pretty much the planet. And he ahead is, is waving goodbye as it goes on its way. What they have had in their relationship is that the slower moving [00:29:00] planet, this instant Saturn has actually been the supportive planet. Okay. And like the television series, even though Felix gets on Oscar’s nerves all the time, there is a supportive element that Felix, has on Oscar, or actually a building element Oscar.

Becomes a better man and a better worker. He’s been undisciplined and he starts to get raises and he starts going somewhere in his life because he’s had Felix in his corner who’s much more disciplined, um, and much more driven than Oscar has been. So Oscar’s really become a better, uh, a better person as a result.

They both had that effect on one another, but the Saturn supports the Jupiter in the Taurus. It, it, it. Lifts the sites of the Jupiter and Taurus, where Jupiter and Taurus might go for this is the typical thing. This is what I just do. The Saturn and Pisces asks Jupiter and Taurus, don’t you want more?

Don’t you wanna shoot for more? Don’t you want to raise [00:30:00] your sights? You know, uh, where Jupiter and Taurus and, and Taurus is really, truly the most optimistic of all the earth signs, it’s the one that’s least worried or anxious about money. Saturn has, uh, Saturn brings up air of caution, you know, are you sure that’s the best it could be?

Are you sure that you examined that thoroughly? Are you sure that you dotted all the i’s and crossed the T’s? Are you sure that you entertained what could be a worst case scenario? And, and it would be like, you don’t have to be paralyzed by a worst case scenario, but you have to sort of take in into account, and, and so this is what the Saturn, Pisces can do, but you know, at the end of the show, Felix has been called back from exile.

You know, he remarries his wife and he goes, he goes on with his life and, and it’s going to, it’s understood that it’s gonna be a happy and a good one. And, and Jupiter, you know, the Jupiter character, Jack Clarkman, Oscar Madison goes back to his life. And what’s wonderful about that is that it’s so Jupiter and Taurus that.[00:31:00] 

He was happy with the way that he was living anyway. And so he’s, he’s goes back to his life and, and, and, and, and embraces it. And what we have here is that we’re Pisces, for instance, which is a tremendously creative, Zodiac sign. It’s the dreamer, it’s the visionary is not always the most productive.

Of the, water signs, it can get very much caught up in a dream or a vision of something, but it can lose its ability to produce. That can either be because the dream is so visceral that any sort of physical manifestation of it would be a disappointment. Or it can be that the creative urge is so powerful, but it doesn’t know how to shape it.

It doesn’t know how to format it. Um, and and what you have when you’ve got a sextile going on with Taurus, Taurus is an earth sign. Taurus is very earth. [00:32:00] It it, it’s earthy, but it’s, what do I wanna say? It’s very results oriented. So the Taurus can show the Pisces. How to get it done, you know, that, um, that, you know, don’t treat it like, uh, it’s the big mystical vision or the best book that’s ever been written or, or, or the greatest hit that’s ever been done.

That that Adele’s gonna contact you immediately and say, I wanna sing this. Song, you know, it, it’s not that when you try, when you treat a vision as something pristine or larger than life, chances are you don’t do anything with it in this life. And so that casual, that relaxed way of being that, uh, Taurus can represent, can be tremendously beneficial to, Pisces where Saed in Pisces can maybe be more withholding or, or more like, I’m not up to this, or, I don’t know if I can do this.

The Jupiter, which is the planet that rules Pisces. Remember that planets are in signs, and signs are in [00:33:00] turn ruled by planets. So Saturn is in the zodiac sign of Pisces. Uh, we think of Pisces as being ruled by Neptune, but remember that Pisces is classic ruler. Traditional ruler is Jupiter. So the Jupiter rules the Saturn and brings it forward.

So it’s Jupiter in tourists That’s really. Forming the Saturn in Pisces, that’s really emboldening the Saturn in Pisces through a Jupiter and Taurus way, which is, don’t make it a big deal. Um, be relaxed about your creativity and what you wanna do in your life. Don’t treat these life decisions that you know that they’re so huge and so larger than life, that you’re never gonna make them or you’re never going to act on them.

And at the same time, don’t do a Pisces meandering down the. Oh, I wish I could be a fish, you know, alleyway of fantasy. You know, if, take what that dream is and get your hands dirty in the earth, get your hands dirty in the clay and shape and do something with it. [00:34:00] It doesn’t have to be based on discipline or drive or, you know, whatever be, you know, it’s, it’s get your hands dirty and wet.

You know, engage in a creative process and be open to what, what comes to. To you Tactally through working on a project adventure, a remodel, a garden, a painting, a song. Commit yourself to. Creating and building that, and you will, and in many ways that kind of very, uh, casual and relaxed and the, well, why not?

You know, uh, attitude of Jupiter and Taurus can do a lot more than just ground, the Pisces Energy. It can show the Pisces energy not only how to create and to build. But also how to live in this world and to have a good time while doing it.