How to Deal with Uranus Fatigue w/ Christopher Renstrom

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Moving Forward from Uranus square Saturn

This is your Horoscope Highlight for the week of May 8-14, 2023 with world-class astrologer, historian, and author of The Cosmic Calendar, Christopher Renstrom.

On this week’s episode, Christopher describes the potential influence of the conjunction between the Sun and Uranus in the zodiac sign of Taurus on May 9th. First, he recalls the dynamics between Uranus and Saturn over the last 3-5 years and how those transits have impacted the world, focusing particularly on the COVID pandemic and political upheaval in the United States in 2020 and 2021. Then, he describes how Saturn’s current transit through Pisces changes the relationship between Saturn and Uranus and thus how Uranus expresses itself in Taurus. In light of this, he offers a valuable strategy for addressing what he calls “Uranus Fatigue.”

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[00:00:00] The rules of the game change yet again. But what if this time you just don't care. Welcome to Uranus Fatigue. Next on horoscope highlights.


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[00:02:33] now let's talk about this week's horoscope highlight, which we'll be focusing on the Sun Uranus conjunction taking place on may 9th.

[00:02:44] We all know that Uranus is the planet of revolution and change. It's the first of the modern planets discovered in 1781 and at the midpoint between the American warfare independence and the French Revolution.

[00:02:59] Indeed Uranus's reputation comes from the fact that when it was discovered, it overthrew the traditional order of the seven ancient planets. The Sun, the moon, mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. Now there was a new planet on the block and that planet was Uranus. Now, Uranus in your chart will always talk about the areas of life that can become.

[00:03:26] Unexpectedly volatile. If it's triggered by, a planet that's next to it in your horoscope, or a planet that happens to be transiting over the point, it's kind of like, living near the San Andreas fault. All of a sudden the earth starts to tremble. Um, everything begins to shake, and all of those fixtures in your life are upended and turned over upside down.

[00:03:52] Now Uranus by transit can also be as powerful, if not in some regards, more powerful. All right. Uranus right now is in the Zodiac sign of Taurus. The sign of the bowl, Uranus first entered the Zodiac sign of Taurus on May 15th. 2018. All right. This is probably a time that many people born in the early days of Taurus will remember, as well as people born in the early days of Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius.

[00:04:22] There was a lot of upheaval at that period of time. And as I have mentioned earlier, I believe it was last week, a modern planet is most powerful when it enters a sign and then again when it exits. So, Uranus's entrance, . On 2018 was very, very powerful. Then it retrograded back out and reentered, I believe it was around January of 2019.

[00:04:46] Now, this is something that's important to keep in mind as as we talk about Uranus's placement. Uranus is co ruler of the Zodiac Sign Aquarius. All right. When it was discovered, astrologers assigned it co rulership of Aquarius, along with Aquarius's ancient ruler Saturn. All right. So Saturn and Uranus are two planets you always wanna keep your eye on whenever you're looking at transits that Uranus is engaged in.

[00:05:15] So when Uranus entered the Zodiac sign of Taurus in 2018, causing great upheaval for people born in the early days of the fix signs, That wasn't really the effect it had on everyone. Saturn at that time happened to be in the Zodiac sign of Capricorn, so Uranus was actually entering into a trining type of energy with the earth signs.

[00:05:38] And indeed, the earth signs Virgo and Capricorn as well as the, water science, cancer, and Pisces. Actually rather benefited, from Uranus entering into Taurus, especially in the years of 2019 and 2020. That was a period of time when Saturn was in Capricorn and it was forming a trying two Uranus in Taurus.

[00:06:02] And you even had Jupiter going through Capricorn at that time too. And there we actually saw, great gains made in the areas of Earth. Earth deals with health and wealth and there were great gains being made in the stock market. There was a lot of money that was exchanging hands. And people were in good health at that period of time.

[00:06:22] They were in good health, until Saturn changed Zodiac signs. So Saturn was in Capricorn. It's an earth sign, the sign of health and wealth. But then on March 23rd, 2020, Saturn changed Zodiac signs and it entered the Zodiac sign of Aquarius. The sign that it rules now. I don't know if you remember that far back, but, March 23rd, 2020 when Saturn entered the zodiac sign of Aquarius was about eight days after Lockdowns against Covid began in the United States of America.

[00:07:01] Okay? Those lockdowns, came eight days earlier, and what you had basically was a total. Lockdown of all activity, business activity, social activity. In essence, Saturn had entered Aquarius assigned, known for fraternizing, and, and enjoying company and groups of people, and Saturn being the cosmic spoiler that it can be at times, sent everyone to their rooms, uh, in lockdown until this illness was over.

[00:07:29] So, The, the Covid outbreak, there's a whole long astrological background as to why it takes place, but it's pretty much, mixed up with Pluto, and Mars. But anyway, the Covid outbreak was, a negative downturn in terms of health, and with Saturn's entrance into Aquarius, it was followed by a negative downturn in wealth as well.

[00:07:51] When Saturn entered Aquarius, it was forming a square. Which made it combative. Okay. Squares are combative, energy trines are good and fostering. Okay. We saw a fostering of health and wealth when Saturn was trending. Uranus. Okay. In, in, that first part, uh, from 2018 to about 2020. And then it switched, it switched on on March 23rd, 2020 to a square.

[00:08:17] And this. Introduced conflict and this introduced, difficulty and trouble stress. And this is something that we all suffered not only through economic loss, but through personal and private loss of, of family, friend, uh, of family members of friends, of colleagues, of people who were near and dear to us.

[00:08:37] Many, many people, too many people died of covid and many, many people suffered from. Other effects of covid, which was exhaustion, which was depression. Which was isolation. And again, this was symbolized in the square that Saturn was making once it had entered Aquarius. Now, The thing that I want you to keep in mind is that when Saturn entered Aquarius, there was a change of rules, okay?

[00:09:06] That took place. You, uh, freedoms were being curtailed and people had very, very strong reactions for that. Some people were like, well, this is what we need to do in order to get through this ordeal together. And other people were like, no, this is not what we need to go do. It's not taking into account. Our lives and our mental health and our emotional health and other people were like, it's not taking into account our political rights.

[00:09:30] This isn't the way the country should be run. So we had this radical change in rules, which of course is to be expected with Uranus forming a square two Saturn. Uranus is often associated to revolution and change. It is revolution and change, and Saturn is about maintaining the status quo. And here the two were an open conflict.

[00:09:52] Now, although Saturn, retrograded, that means moved backwards, so you can think of retrograde or backed down, moved back down into Capricorn in July of 2020. The seeds of rebellion and protest had already been planted. George Floyd's murder took place. In May, 2020, during that period of time when Saturn was in the early degrees of Aquarius and now squaring the energy of Uranus in Taurus, and and it's during that time that George Floyd's tragic death takes place.

[00:10:26] And this inspires an extraordinary, social movement. Which also, manifested as rebellion and protest, and discussions, a huge referendum, over the way that, the police force was being run in this country and the way that the country was being run. All right, so this.

[00:10:45] Was fueled during this period of time. Saturn, retrograded back down into Capricorn in July of 2020. But as I said, Saturn's entrance into Aquarius had already planted the seeds so that when Saturn reentered Aquarius in late December of 2020, you have in January 6th, 2021, the January 6th riot. Also aligned with the time that Saturn is in the early degrees of Aquarius and forming that square to Uranus in TAs.

[00:11:18] So again, we had another rule change. We had an extraordinary questioning of rules. Was Biden president, was the democracy going to survive? Uh, people were furious and angry at lockdowns and economic loss and, and loss of loved ones and, and it was fueling. All kinds of protest and movement and anger and ricochet reactions going on around the country.

[00:11:43] So during this period of time of 2021 and 2020, you had off again on again, squares between Saturn and Uranus. In which it was difficult to determine what were the right rules to follow, what was the right direction to go in. You know, one day the pendulum was swinging in one direction. I'm gonna follow this person and what's being said here.

[00:12:08] And the other day the pendulum was singing, swinging in the opposite direction, which is, I'm tired of following that person. I don't think they know what they're talking about. I'm going to go over here. And, and Saturn and Uranus are the co rulers of Aquarius. So when that Aquarian energy is triggered, particularly in a square between the two ruling planets, you swing like a pendulum between the two points.

[00:12:31] So that rules that were made one day were unmade the next only to be made again, only to be unmade the next. And there was just, No one really, really knew what to do. And, and there began this feeling of just like exasperation, you know, it's almost like, you know, go left, go right, go left, go right, and people just getting so very, very tired of it.

[00:12:54] Um, but because the stakes were high and the, uh, intensity was so great because of the energy of these two planets, it was kept at a peak, at a peak, energy of outrage and, and protest. In March, 2023. In March, 2023, Saturn entered the Zodiac sign of Pisces. And what that did is that that moved us out of the square.

[00:13:21] We were under the auspices of the square, technically in 21 and 20, two, but it really did begin in that March to July period of 2020. And so when Saturn entered, Pisces, In March, 2023. It began to bring down the temperature of everything. Why, Saturn and Pisces is a depressant. So Saturn and Pisces is naturally going to bring down anything that's, that's heated or, feeling incinerated.

[00:13:54] All right? So, so it's a natural depressant in that regard in terms of emotional flareups and things like that. But also what was starting to happen is that Pisces Sextiles, the Zodiac sign of Taurus. And so again, this, this, the, these extremes which can be taken up in a square. Remember that is the nature of a square.

[00:14:16] The, the planetary nature of a square is Mars. Okay? So any two planets that are squaring one another are having a Mars relationship to one another. And as we know, Mars is named after the God of combat and war. And so, anything that squaring is completely combative. It's, it's, it's irreconcilable and they're just going at it.

[00:14:38] It's like worldwide wrestling or whatever it is, just they're body slamming one another over and over and over again. But the sextile is like the referee calling. Time out. Everyone calm down and, you know, sort of regather, re regather yourself, recollect your senses. You know, take, take a breather, take some time away.

[00:14:58] And so this is, what we're beginning to experience with Saturn moving into, Pisces. Now, Saturn's entrance into Pisces is the second time that Saturn has changed signs since Uranus entered, Taurus in 2018. And, believe it or not, there will be a third time that Saturn changes signs in 2026. It's February, 2026 when Saturn will enter Aries.

[00:15:25] And, and thankfully that will only last a couple of months. That sort of inharmonious aspect that will exist between Saturn and, and, uh, Uranus at that period of time before Saturn enters Aries. And, and then we have a complete changeover in, in, in everything that's going on. So. What I wanted to talk to you about is really, or, or sort of really kind of touch base with you on is, um, what I'm calling Uranus fatigue.

[00:15:55] All right. So at this point of the juncture, and every time Uranus conjoins the sun, which is going to be in May right of, of, of, of a year, because right now Uranus is in the Zodiac sign of tourists. So every May since 2018, has been kind of like a check-in with the planet Uranus. The first may, which is when the planet first entered the Zodiac side of Taurus, the first conjunction between the sun and Taurus was an upset, and it had very wide and profound impact in effect.

[00:16:28] Then it was followed by the May of 2019. The May of 2020. That's that ex sort of, um, accelerated financial period, that I was talking about where things were, you know, people sort of felt no matter, you know, where people were in terms of, politics or society, there was this sense of really pushing or accelerating forward.

[00:16:48] But then all of that, Turned, basically the car went off the road, in 2020 and definitely 20 21, 20 22. And this is where, the rules of the game changed so many times that nobody knew what rules to follow or what rules were amenable, anymore. And we've even reached a point now with Saturn in Pisces in which the outrage has become completely fatigued and fatiguing. All right. Now that sounds like I'm saying people are feeling apathetic and No, no, there's, there's, there's no apathy to be seen. There is, however tremendous fatigue, and I think what we can do right now to sort of, Take our bearings of where we are with all of these, uh, shifts and changes.

[00:17:35] These, these, the set of rule changes. Again, every time, Uranus and Saturn conjoin and come together, there's going to be a change in rules. What we can sort of take strength from is Taurus Energy at first. Astrologers, were often talking about the upset of Taurus. You know that Taurus is such a, complacent sign.

[00:17:57] It's, it's a, it's a, a, a sign that does what it's told. It's a beast of burden. It's all about stability and security. And, and it doesn't want anything interrupting that. And it's also really good with money. So, you know, it just wants to make money and, and, and, and be comfortable in life. And that's pretty much all it cares about.

[00:18:16] And now let's move on to another Zodiac sign. You know, and I, I have to say, I'm a big fan of Taurus and Taurus Energy, and there is so much more to tourists than just what I listed. Taurus is first of all, veian by nature. Its ruling planet is Venus. And so Taurus really wants to get along with everyone.

[00:18:40] Uh, it draws its boundaries and it can be territorial, uh, but it basically wants to get along with everyone. Uh, Turians, I've seen them so many times at work. It's like, they're kind of like it, it's funny for a sign that could be so protective of its territory. It's actually. Not all that defensive. Uh, you couldn't criticize a Taurus in a work situation.

[00:19:04] And oftentimes a Taurus will listen to what you have to say. The first response is often curiosity. Like, do you know of a better way to do this? And let's hear what you have to say. So they'll, they'll listen. And Taurus is actually open. You know, it's still a fixed sign, so it's always no before. Yes. But Taurus is open to thinking about it, and if the criticism is constructive, they'll actually make the change.

[00:19:30] And they may even thank you for it. They probably will Thank you for it. And if the criticism isn't helpful, or if the suggestion just isn't feasible, they will often smile and nod in all the right places, wait for you to leave and go back to what they were doing anyway. So there's this wonderful way of, um, not fighting, but winning that works for Taurus.

[00:19:55] Uh, perhaps another way of thinking about it is that Torian are very good at choosing their battles wisely. they really do take into effect what the ultimate outcome or the ultimate result is going to be. So during this time of Uranus fatigue, uh, not another change of the rules, not another upset in the system, not another item in the news to be outraged about.

[00:20:22] Um, TAUs energy gives you permission to say, God, I am so over that. You know, or I just, I just don't, I, I just don't feel like I can get outraged again. Or when is this stop? Or are we done yet? You know, so, so, so tourist energy gives you the permission to say those things, you know, of not, you know, getting caught up in the next, you know, cycle of outrage and, and, and intolerance and yelling and screaming.

[00:20:52] Taurus is actually over it, and Taurus has gone through its changes since Uranus entered its sign. But at this point, many tor uh, are kind of like finding their groove or, or have settled into the new groove, and that's, that's working for them right now and they don't really want anything upsetting it unless.

[00:21:14] It's going to result in something effective. So we're kind of making a change from being outraged at the latest scandal and yelling about this and screaming about that and canceling this and, and, you know, embracing, I, I'll never leave this, that, you know, we're kind of making a change to the Victorian way of doing things.

[00:21:35] Um, and Taurus has a wonderful way of bringing things to a halt. And my inspiration for this are bowls. Okay. Or are cattle rather. Um, and, and what, uh, cattle can do or what a bowl can do, or what a cow can do, um, if it's walking through a street is it can go and it can plant its big bowl butt in the middle of the road.

[00:22:02] And not move. Okay? So you can be a car and you can be like, move, move. It's not going to move. You know? You can be an unstoppable force and say, move, move, and it's not going to move. There is such a thing as planting your butt in the middle of the road and saying no and saying no, it's not going to happen.

[00:22:24] So this isn't a time whe when Saturn is forming a sextile, you know, approaching a sextile to Uranus. It's already. Saturn Pisces is already sex tiling Uranus en uh uh, Taurus Energy. So this isn't a time to act or to act out or to be outraged Again, it's a time to let developments unfold on their own, and there's great wisdom in this.

[00:22:53] You know, there's a point where you can stir things up to such a point that everything's so agitated that it's just continuing the agitation, and when you stop. Stirring. Okay. Or when you stop participating in these spin cycles, you can actually let developments unfold on their own. There are things that are taking place that don't need to be agitated.

[00:23:18] They don't need to be hurried along. They don't need to be yelled and ranted out. There are developments that are unfolding on their own. And you have a power here, and it's the power of no. If you don't like what you see or if you don't like what someone's pedaling, you have the power to say, Nope.

[00:23:42] And that's a very strong word. Nope. It lends itself to a very strong phrase. Nope, I'm not doing that. And that's something that I want you to think about in the days ahead. Anytime. If someone's coming at you with great urgency or great, you know, like, you know, or whatever, or, or they're making demands, you can say, Nope, I'm not doing that.

[00:24:10] And the reason you can say this is that you have the power to bring things to a stop. To take the wind out of a blow, hard's, sails, and even even bring higher ups to their knees. What gives you this power? What gives you this ability to say, Nope, I'm not doing that. And to be heard, it lies in the reliability of Taurus.

[00:24:40] If you are practicing Torian energy, got a Taurus Sun, Taurus Moon, Taurus, rising sign, you just have strong Taurus in your chart. If you're practicing Taurus energy, you are a reliable person, okay? You are a reliable person to loved ones. You are a reliable person to friends. You are a reliable person at work, and what comes from being reliable is that people take you for granted. That people start adding demands to what they want from you, and as you deliver, they become happy with what you've delivered.

[00:25:18] They come to rely on you, and they also feel like they get to make heavier demands on you over and over and over again because as far as they're concerned, you are going to be there for them 24 7. You are that reliable. And this is a wonderful thing about reliable people, and it's something they don't do enough of, which is why I am encouraging you to do it now.

[00:25:44] Reliable people always come through so that when reliable people decide to not come through or to hold back a bit or to pull the plug or to say, Nope, I'm not doing that. It's wonderful because what are the people who are relying on you going to do? Yes, they may like, oh, you've always done this. Yes, they may scream, yes, they may yell.

[00:26:13] Yes, they may, you know, try to get a rise out of you and things like that. But the more you just sit there in the middle of the road. And refuse to budge until you want to, or they've made a case for you to, well, the more you do that, the more that you've brought everything to a full stop and the people who've relied on you realize how much they need you, how much they perhaps need you, more than you need them.

[00:26:45] That's a prerogative. That's a privilege. That's something you get to do when you have been such a reliable person, and it's an incredibly powerful statement. Nope, I'm not going to do that. Sometimes.

[00:27:03] Sometimes it's inaction rather than action that gets you the results you seek..