How She Found Authenticity w/ Astrology

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On Today’s Episode You’ll learn…

🌑 How astrology helped Sybille bring her creative side out of the shadows.
🌒 The true nature of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine.
🌓 What resources supported Sybille on her journey to authenticity.

Chapters 📹

0:00 Intro

2:25 Sybille’s Story

9:31 Healing Through Astrology & Song

20:44 The Value of the Inner Circle Membership

27:25 Studying Astrology vs Living Astrology

34:42 The Story Behind Sybille’s Song

38:39 Sybille’s Song

43:48 Closing

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Game Changing Transits

[00:00:00] Sybille: For me, it was before I did this,

[00:00:02] it was like I was walking through life. I had, on one hand I had a ball of lead. I had to held up and one ball of air and I had to drag it down underwater, and I was walking This was like my feeling of. Dealing with this because I didn’t deal with it. I detached from it. I’ve, I’ve got an aquarium moon and it’s not difficult to detach, So, but I had to come back to it because I had to embody this if I wanted to be authentic,


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[00:01:09] Amanda: well, hello everybody and welcome. I am so, so very happy that you’re here. For those of you who are new to our channel, thank you for joining us. You have just joined a worldwide astrological conversation that’s happening here every single week. If you’re so inclined, go ahead and hit that subscribe button and the notification bell so that you are notified every time that we drop a new video here on the channel.

[00:01:34] For those of you who have been tuning in for some time, welcome back. Thank you for all of your comments, your likes, all the things that you do to support these videos getting sent out to more and more people. I really, really appreciate you and I’m so happy that you’re here. I’m also extremely happy today to be here with someone that is very special to me.

[00:01:55] Someone that I’ve never met in person. That’s the amazing thing about technology these days, but who literally feels like home? She is one of our inner circle members. She’s also a lawyer and a coach, and so much more, and she’s here today to share. Very profound story of transformation with all of you in hopes to inspire you on your path, to give you permission to really step into the most authentic expression of who you are.

[00:02:27] So it is with great pleasure that introduce you to Sybil. Welcome to the Astrology Hub Podcast. I’m so happy you’re here.

[00:02:37] Sybille: Thank you for having me. I’m so happy to be.

Sybille’s Story

[00:02:40] Amanda: I am also privy to the information that you are an author, a songwriter, and a singer, a gorgeous singer. Can you tell us about your path? Like how did you. Start in this real corporate world and then integrate astrology and human design into what you’re doing in a very professional way, and then expand yourself to become this like creative muse, like you’re just this amazing person.

[00:03:12] Tell, tell us a little bit about that journey.

[00:03:15] Sybille: I realized at one point that I, I did abandon my own, creative expression. I helped develop other people and at one point I had a call, to write song. I, I had no idea how to create a song and how to do something like this, and there were a couple of things that helped me on the way, Astrology Hub was one of them. Because when I had this call, I listened to you and, and your, collaboration with Gemini Bread and Eric Deutch, and they, they created soul songs out of astrology charts.

[00:03:53] I stepped in and, and, Bought one because I wanted to listen to my song out of my astrology chart. And then I, I entered the inner and my whole journey in creating song and singing, started dive deep in Wow. In a circle. Wow.

[00:04:16] Amanda: Okay. So how did, tell us about that. So you’re, you’re, you hear your, the song of your soul. As interpreted by Astrologer, Gemini, Brett, and an amazing pianist and composer, Eric Deutch, and you’re inspired, you’re hearing this voice saying you need to write songs. You join the inner circle, and then what happens from there?

[00:04:39] Sybille: and then I, I realized I had just, could dive deep into astrology and all the cycles. Astrology is a part of my life a long time now, the IC is, for me, it’s like an endless well of knowledge and it’s, it’s, the beauty in it is that I can drink from this well, whenever I want.

[00:04:59] And, and can dive deep into, into different themes in, in my pace. And this was, was the lovely thing that happened when I came into the, the inner circle. And in my heart I realized that I’m something like Julia Cameron would call a shadow So I, I did something in my life where I could do this artistry, but.

[00:05:27] In a backstage, because in my family it wasn’t, there were no artists. I went into this coaching area because there I could en engaged with, with other themes like astrology and like Enneagram and like human and so when this journey in the, in the inner circle started, it was like when, I had my first new moon ceremony. It was a Leo new Newman and I’m a ascendant Leo. So I shared the first time in 2021. I shared a poem I can, can I read it?

[00:06:02] Amanda: Oh my gosh. Of course. And just for, for everybody listening, when we do our new moon ceremonies, we do it as a meeting in Zoom instead of a webinar. So everybody’s on the screen if you wanna be, if you wanna keep your video off, you do, but it, it really feels like this, uh, it, you can really feel a community.

[00:06:21] And at the end of the ceremonies, I usually. People to share any reflections that they had, any intentions that they’re holding that they want us to hold for them as well. Anything inspiring they wanna share with the group. And it’s always this like completely moving experience. I particularly remember how powerful this Leo New Moon is that Sybil is referring to.

[00:06:46] And I completely remember you and this poem. So go ahead and.

[00:06:51] Sybille: I have a dream to create a safe place for miracles to happen where feelings can be felt, where animals and nature evoke wholeness and healing. Where love and compassion are sacred, where standing up for your values is granted.

[00:07:06] Where people learn to empower themselves and others, where people love to improve and. Where no is a full sentence and yes is two, vulnerability can be the birthplace of creativity and trust where you can be, you and I can be me. us, there can be a new we. What if, what if I was born for this? We are born What if I could be a part of the I can feel the light in my. A light that keeps me safe and radiates outwards warming and healing others too. Remember, remember yourself, your love, your light. I remember the old wisdom and the new song lines, which are building. Humanity is on a threshold and I am proud to be a Leo Rising Aquarius Moon, my heart shines its light and my role will be heard for all. Who can. I will find the essence of my voice deep down, and my song will encourage myself and others to the next step. For humanity. We know that we don’t need phones to talk to each We can use our natural way to connect The portals and gates are wide open.

[00:08:24] Let’s be bold and go through the new song. Lines for Humanity are already there. We just have to to sing.

[00:08:34] Amanda: Simple. It’s just as powerful now as it was then. I remember marveling during that ceremony at how you, you brought so many things together that other people were saying that, that there is this common vision for what’s possible in this world and that so many people are holding different pieces of that puzzle.

[00:08:55] And, and then you came in with this poetry that was like, oh my God. I mean, spoke right to the very core of all of us. Was that the first time that you had shared publicly your poetry?

[00:09:09] Sybille: The first time and I started crying because when I, when I said that I would find my voice deep down inside and I started crying while I was reading this, and I will never forget it because it was the first time I raised my.

[00:09:25] And what

[00:09:25] Amanda: was your experience of doing that?

[00:09:28] Sybille: It was magical because it was so powerful to, to just give this intention and to, to is this is a statement. Yeah. And, and I love it. So it was like, and, and it, it was like, foreshadowing what, what would happen in the next.

Finding Healing Through Astrology & Song

[00:09:46] Sybille: Okay, so tell us more about what happened in the next year and, and, and, and anybody who follows Moon Cycles.

[00:09:51] You know, that’s the idea, right? Yes. It’s the moon. Moon. We’re planting a seed that then has this time to blossom and bloom into what it is that we’re seeing that vision. So go like, tell us what happens over the next nine months or so.

[00:10:08] Yeah. Then I, I just went down this, this path of finding. Finding my own voice again.

[00:10:17] And, following this call, and I, I met the brothers Corin. They, they helped me. I, I saw them, talking about creating song, and I joined them and, and created my first. and I recorded. It was fascinating because I recorded my, my first two songs on a, on a Pisces new. So it was, was like this always these cycles and cycles and then I, I was allowed to share it with the inner circle it was in, in this, in this journey, it was like, finding my divine feminine held by divine masculine.

[00:11:00] It was not, not talking gender, right? It’s, it’s about this inner part of That has to, to find its way to receive life, to allow life to flow through us, this was my journey in finding my own song, in finding my, my own embodiment.

[00:11:19] I have got a Venus and, and Taurus on the. With my north node on the mc. So it’s, it’s like finding this, this way of embodying this beautiful part of me that is, that is divine feminine and receiving life and allowing life to be expressed through me.

[00:11:44] Amanda: How has that changed your, like daily reality, being in touch with your creativity?

[00:11:48] Like how are you.

[00:11:51] Sybille: I am at the moment, I’m totally different because I’m always creating it is like in the first, in, in the beginning it was really difficult because I’m, I’m in, in a man’s world and I’m like doing not being. Not receiving all the time. So I, in the first part, I was always crying.

[00:12:12] I was driving home and then I started crying because I wasn’t used to, to feel life like this and to get used to it. To allow, to stay open to, to receive And, then it changed everything because it’s, it’s like always creating, I’ve always ideas and always, and I didn’t, I, I, I, I didn’t think that it was me being this it changed my perception So

[00:12:42] Amanda: you didn’t realize that you had this much creativity, you didn’t realize you had access to this much creativity before.

[00:12:51] Sybille: I had no idea that I could sing my own songs. not only

[00:12:57] Amanda: you, not only can she sing songs, but she’s glorious, so, so she shared that poem at the Leo New Moon, and then I don’t even know how many months later, she posted one of her music videos in the Inner Circle Private community.

[00:13:13] and I, it was called, it’s called Venus Rising, right? Venus Rising, yes. Venus and I watched this video and was like, I was, Lord Sybil has the voice of an angel, and, and literally there’s so much confidence in her delivery and I’m, I’m just watching her going. How did she learn how to do that? Sybil, how are you doing that?

[00:13:37] That’s amazing. You wrote that song, you recorded that song. You, you made this video and it was so beautiful and touching and powerful and so she’s talked about the brothers corn. Who are these Beau? They’re literally brothers. I, I call them the, the Vikings, cuz to me they’re just like, they look like these Viking men, who, who help people sign the song of their soul and write a song and record a song and, and so, I reached out to Sybil.

[00:14:05] I was like, how are you doing this? Like, this is amazing. And so she, she introduced me to them and, and they are beautiful, amazing people. If you’re ever feeling like you wanna sing and you want to give voice to your soul, And you’re terrified to do it. , these are the perfect people to help you along that journey and path.

[00:14:26] So civil, I mean, I, I almost only know you because you raised your hand in the inner circle and you, you set this poem and I was like, wow, that’s incredible. I almost only know you as a creative person. And it’s hard for me to, to imagine you not as a creative per person on almost every inner circle ceremony at this point.

[00:14:44] You, you share something prolific. You know, like you just, it’s like poetry is flowing out of you in every moment.

[00:14:52] And you also recently shared a song that was giving voice to your grief. Do you mind ex explaining to us the process that you went through in that and how astrology helped you with, with that particular experience as well?

[00:15:08] Sybille: The, the most, important, transit of last year I had a notal return and I have my, my notes and tours and, and Scorpio. So, I realized when I, when I listened, we have this, these month monthly beautiful astrologists who, who help us through the, these moon cycles

[00:15:29] and I, remember Adam summer, talking about the dragon hole. And the eclipses, and you, you remember this too because we, we went into the, new Moon ceremony again, and we, did a meditation where we entered our dragon hole and I entered my dragon hole and I saw a beautiful red dragon, and she gave me, uh, a.

[00:15:54] With a, um, skull on it, like a skeleton key that opens every door. And then she stepped away and, and, and showed me ring. And then I looked around and I saw all these pictures of, uh, of people who already died in my And I realized, oh, I have to do something to stop carrying them And there, there were a couple of traumatic experiences in my life that I had to. Um, not, not let go because let go isn’t isn’t a thing. When you, when when you lose someone via crime or something, you get tra traumatized and then you can’t let it go because it, it’s, it’s not solved. It, it will never be solved because it’s not okay.

[00:16:49] And then you carry them with you. And, and I realized at this point I had to do something about it. I had to let them. And with going in there, I, I had the intention in this ceremony. To create a song to let them be, to let this person be in this song, to create a safe space for this person to stay, just to allow this to be, to sing the song and to.

[00:17:19] To help myself, to get myself out of it. So it was like I lost a part of me in this because it was this traumatic experience where you start shaking and then you can’t bear it and you leave yourself there shaking and, and I realized I need this part of I need it back. So I followed the instruction of Adam Summer and I went into my own.

[00:17:48] hole and I sang a song. I sang myself into my traumatic experience again and did a soul retrieval while I while I was recording a And I started shaking, like, like in this moment. So it was really a body experience in this because when I started singing, I started and I, I shook two, two times.

[00:18:13] I sang two times and I, I always was shaking and then it, it, it got better. So I, I sang myself out of it and I sang this experience into the. So

[00:18:28] Amanda: . You’re really marrying your understanding of the astrological transits with your creative expression and your healing. Yes. It’s through, you know, the things that have, have come up in your life. You’re ready to, and like you said, you’re never gonna let that go, but No, but you’re, you’ve transformed it and it’s, it’s different now.

[00:18:59] So how is, how is it for you now that you have a place for this person to live in this song? Like how, how has that freed you or lightened you or what has it done

[00:19:11] Sybille: for. For me, it was before I did this,

[00:19:16] it was like I was walking through life. I had, on one hand I had a ball of lead. I had to held up and one ball of air and I had to drag it down underwater, and I was walking This was like my feeling of. Dealing with this because I didn’t deal with it. I detached from it. I’ve, I’ve got an aquarium moon and it’s not difficult to detach, So, but I had to come back to it because I had to embody this if I wanted to be authentic, because then there is no detachment. attachment detachment or non attach. And, and this is what I, what I did with this is heal myself because I, I had to come back into this body and allow myself to be with this. This is a part of my life, but I don’t have to carry This was what it, what it did after I, I sang this song and after I, I, the recording was done, I, I, the, the whole night I couldn’t sleep.

[00:20:22] It wasn’t like, oh, I can’t sleep. It’s, it’s bad. It, it wasn’t, I listened to the silence the whole night and I listened to myself restructuring without this. Of this, I had to be loyal. I had in this place. So I, it was in, from the first moment this was done and I did express this and I a allowed this to be in a it was gone. Amazing.

[00:20:57] Amanda: Amazing. Wow.

The Value of an Inner Circle Membership

[00:20:59] Amanda: So Sybil, you have been in our community for a couple years now. What, what are the most valuable resources for you? Like what do you use the most? What do you value the most about being an Inner Circle member? ,

[00:21:13] Sybille: I love the, the, the knowledge that’s in there that I can use it whenever I want.

[00:21:19] I can dive deep so I, I can’t just experience all this right now when I want, and I don’t have to be overwhelmed, or I can do it in my And I value this c. , I, I value a lot how you created this community and how you hold space You are such a beacon of, of beautiful leadership.

[00:21:45] What, what you do, this is, this is, uh, amazing because we, we don’t often see humans like you, like you who shine their light on someone and allowing them to shine because if you have this kind of leadership, you have this kind of community, and this is what, what I really value because I wouldn’t never have shared in, in a, in a group of hundreds of people, Because it is a great group, but the, the energy is so beautiful that you can show yourself, and I really, really

[00:22:28] Amanda: Hmm. Simple. Thank you. What an incredible compliment and reflection. I appreciate that so much. You, you mentioned knowledge being, um, valuable to you. I mean, there’s a lot of information out there. You know, there’s a lot, if you like Google Astrology or you go to YouTube or TikTok or Instagram or any of the places, there’s, there’s no shortage of astrological information.

[00:22:59] How do you feel like what you get here is different? You know, doing your own little search online.

[00:23:05] Sybille: When I’m in the inner circle, I have this, the, these month monthly guides that have their own arc. They are creating around the new moon or the moon cycle they have got, and it’s beautiful to just see all these different approach.

[00:23:23] To to see E even the, the house series was beautiful because it’s not like, oh, you, you have this, this, this, and this was so beautiful because it was different standpoints, different views on the house systems and, this is really inspiring listen to different astrologists, having different approaches themes.

[00:23:47] And there are so beautiful people in it’s like, I, I love the, the storytelling of Christopher Renstrom and I love Rick Levine and I, there are so many Uh, you can just, just listen. I once, bought a, workshop with Gemini Bread and the Sacred Astronomy.

[00:24:11] You know, I can’t do this in six weeks. This is, this is not possible because Gemini Bread is so, is. Yes. You sit there and say, what , and then you, you have a six week course, but I don’t have to do this in six weeks. Right. I would be stressed out if, if I had to. Yes. But yeah, and I can come to come later and can, can do it bit by bit,

[00:24:41] and if not I can, can take years for it. And it’s, oh. And it’s, it’s, it’s so lovely to, to listen to them. You, you’ve got it all in your inner circle, so I, I just can join whenever I want.

[00:24:53] Amanda: I mean, my guess is you’re a pretty busy woman. Yeah. I have a lot going on, so, yes.

[00:24:59] What, what would you say is the, For someone out there that’s like, God, this sounds great, but I’m really busy and I don’t know if I’m gonna have enough time for it to be valuable to me. You know, for it to be valuable enough. What would you say to

[00:25:15] Sybille: someone like that? Well, this is an understatement that this is valuable.

[00:25:21] It is, and, and you can do it whenever you want. And, and whenever you are ready and you have time to listen in there, to just experience yourself in living astrology. And this, this is the next part that changed in my life is I allow myself to live And this is a different thing than just study.

[00:25:45] Just allowing these circles to, to come up and to see, oh, this is my And, and to see, okay, this is my chance. And not predicting or what would would happen. I have no idea what, what happens. We, we nev nobody knows. But when you say, oh, this is my. To go exactly there because there is my planet and there is my theme and there is my trauma, there is my healing, whatever.

[00:26:15] And to go there and to, to have all these beautiful humans there that help you to understand all these, all these This is I love how you

[00:26:26] Amanda: say that symbol. And it’s so true. It’s like we have this birth chart and in it are all these different transits that we’ll experience in our. And they are, each one of them a very unique opportunity and some of them only come around once in a lifetime.

[00:26:45] And so you, I love what you’re saying. Just, you know, taking the energetic signature of it. And going, this is my, this is my eclipse. This is my chance to go into the dragon hole and see what I’m holding onto, see what’s holding me back, see how I can transform it within myself so that I can grow through this time.

[00:27:07] And I love that because so many times people ex, they, they think the astrology’s happening to us. You know, this collapse is, this eclipse is hitting my chart, or it’s hitting this part of me, or, and it’s like, well, yes, it is happening and it is happening in your chart, and yet you are making a choice. And sometimes that choice is to avoid it.

[00:27:32] Sometimes that choice is to meet it. Sometimes that choice is to, really step up to whatever that invitation is.

Studying Astrology vs. Living Astrology

[00:27:40] Amanda: So I, I love what you just said. And that you said you’re living ex astrology now. You’re not just studying astrology. Can you tell us a little bit more about what you mean by that distinction?

[00:27:53] Because I can, I can imagine hearing that and going, Ooh, like that sounds great, but like what does that look like? What does that look like on a daily basis to live astrology?

[00:28:05] Sybille: When, when you just, when you follow the, the I, I’m a moon person, so it was following the moon and having all these beautiful, amazing humans to explain all the moon cycles and the, the different, places the moon is in.

[00:28:20] It’s, it’s one thing to just allow yourself to be in this place and to, to have a Virgo full. So to, to see where is this, this falling in my, in my chart? What, what does it to me and what, what does it mean when, when I say this is my eclipse and, and what can I do to just close a cycle?

[00:28:45] Maybe this is a really big cycle, and it was really my, my eclipse that someone could have told me, oh, this took a, a, a person away from my life. But it, it changed me so, so, so deeply that I wouldn’t stay stand here right now if this wouldn’t have happened, I, I wouldn’t be the person I am right now.

[00:29:09] Nothing would’ve done this to me that I was, was able and willing to transform. This was my, my chance of transforming because this traumatized me and I had to develop I had to go to this place. I wouldn’t have, if I, this wouldn’t have happened to me. I wouldn’t. I wouldn’t stay reading poems.

[00:29:38] I, I wouldn’t .

[00:29:40] Amanda: It’s amazing. Yeah. I mean, I, I can tell you’ve really come full circle with that experience and the astrology has informed you, you know, you were able to see that, ooh, this eclipse is corresponding to that time in my life. And so there’s a thread there that I can follow and that thread inform.

[00:30:04] Where I always talk about the cosmic curriculum, and, and it’s exactly what I mean, like where is the cosmic curriculum for me right now? What, what is the, what is the spotlight? If I’m on the stage of life, you know, what area of my life is the spotlight shining on, where I have the most opportunity to become more of who I came here to become?

[00:30:26] Yeah. Right. And well, I, I, I love everything you’re sharing and, and I, I know too that for some people it’s like, God, I don’t know enough about my chart yet, or I’ve been studying for so long, like, is there anything really in here for me that I can’t just get somewhere else? What do you say to the people that are relatively new to astrology who are.

[00:30:51] I don’t know, like will I be able to figure out that it’s my eclipse or will I be able to figure out where the, the, the full moon’s falling in my chart? What

[00:30:59] Sybille: would you say to. I would say just, uh, experience it and allow yourself to live this and to not, not to try to understand all that is in your chart because you don’t, and, and I don’t, but sometimes you just, just look at it and say, oh, this is what happened.

[00:31:19] This is what these couple of years were about. And you can’t just can live forward. , but you can reflect backwards. So we can see the cycles when we look back and, and then we can sometimes find the chances in the But I, I am really, I found the awe in this. Mm-hmm. And it is not about, oh, this is trying this and this is square this, see this how this is lived.

[00:31:50] This is so much deeper than just, oh, this is square. My son . It’s, just when you see, oh, this, this were the last 20 years and this cracked this whole thing open to see when, when I’m on my cross, I have got a fixed cross in Aquarius Moon, ascendant Leo, and North node, south node, So this is a cross, and, and my Venus is there too.

[00:32:22] And, Uranus is square, my son. So it’s, there’s a lot of tension in there. And to see what, what all these beautiful transits do and that they are giving us the chance to crack this, open, like a cross and then comes, sat along and cracks one leg away, . So, and Pluto comes and said, heal yourself.

[00:32:52] And, and, and you get the chance to, to transform. And this is, this is astrology of life. And when you’re allowed to live this inner, inner community, To share with others that can understand, you can support, you can do something like a meditation to go into the dragon hole. Who did this? We did right? . We did.

[00:33:18] We did. We did, yes. And, and this, this was my, my moment where I thought, oh, I have to change the songs. I have to do this right now. And this was, wasn’t like an epi. Wow. Say I have to do this right now because this is my And I have to jump in there and I get myself back because this is the best Wow. And this, this made it possible. I, I wouldn’t have come to this conclusion if I just have listened to some astrologists out there. Wow. Cause this experience. Yes. Then I saw I have to change. You know,

[00:34:02] Amanda: that’s always been such a big part of the inner circle that has been core to the mission of it from the very beginning, is that it marries mind and heart, uh, left brain, right brain, yin, and young.

[00:34:20] Like it’s, it’s not just intellectual and it’s not just heart. It’s not just the left brain, but it’s not just the right, I mean, it’s truly seeking a balance for us in our experience of astrology. Because, because that’s, that’s when it really, that’s when it really has the power to transform. That’s when it really has the power to become something that is inextricable from the way that you live your life every day.

[00:34:51] Yes, and, and. You know, it’s, it’s powerful that way.

Story Behind Sybille’s Song

[00:34:57] Amanda: Civil. Are you gonna be sharing a song with us here today?

[00:35:00] Sybille: I would love to share with you today is a song I created, out of my own ex astrology, this entanglement in this grand cross. And, and this, the, these different forces that are tugging push and pull in our own structure, which we experience in, in all these energies and. This song I share with you today is, is this deep wish, we hold when, when we look at our chart is that we know there are things that are true and we know the, we try and arrow through our life and we hope that there is a deeper meaning, that there is a purpose.

[00:35:49] There is something about me that is special. This is, we want to know this when we look at our charts and there is, this is a special moment when everyone is, is born. This is a, this spark that comes up when this, this is you and this is me. And, and this song is about, this beautiful wheel of life. This wheel of fortune.

[00:36:14] We are, we are in. And, and, and the question always comes, oh, I know this is true, but is there something more I wish for myself that there is something about me and, and we all wish this, and, and there’s a part in you, you will find it that is inspired by you because we have to find an answer. It’s, it’s like, this is true.

[00:36:37] And, and what about this And, and coming to ACLU conclusion and, and this is the, the, the beautiful part in it. You inspired a part of this song. Because there had to be a conclusion for this and, and what, what is the answer if, if I want to, to have something special about me? And yeah. And, and, oh, oh my God was inspired by you.

[00:37:00] You’ll know it when amazing.

[00:37:04] Amanda: Wow, Sy this is such a beautiful moment to get to listen to your song together and share it with our community. Thank you for doing. And I just, I love everything you just said. So many times when you like look up things like oppositions or tensions in a chart, it’s easy to get scared or like to think that there’s things that are bad or wrong.

[00:37:32] And so to have you expressing something like this in a song and to. I mean, that is the beauty of astrology. I think that’s why when you meet astrologers or people that love astrology, real astrology, not the kind that puts you in a boxes and stereotypes you and makes you feel small, but the real astrology that shows you your potential and shows you the truth of who you are and, and confirms that you matter and that there is a reason why you’re.

[00:38:00] That’s why you see these people so sparkly. Like, symbol, like it’s because it’s, it’s that like, oh my God, yes. There is a point. Like, wow, there is a point. And just that alone is so, it just, it gives, it gives meaning to our existence and that’s, that’s the biggest gift that astrology can provide. Although I keep discovering the biggest gift because it just keeps

[00:38:23] Sybille: giving gifts, always giving gifts, , and it’s so beautiful.

[00:38:26] This as a above, so, Yes. But I love what, what Henry Elza said, and he said as furthest out, so deepest within mm-hmm. . And this is a lovely thing to find this deepest in there. And I honored to, celebrate this song today because it’s, you are the first playing it. Oh God. Lucky

[00:38:50] Amanda: us. Amazing

[00:38:52] Yes. Okay, so civil, um, take it .

Sharing of Sybille’s Song

[00:38:54] Amanda: Away.


[00:42:39] Amanda:

[00:42:39] purple. Amazing. Again, you do it again, .

[00:42:44] Sybille: I did it again. .

[00:42:46] Amanda: You did it again. It’s so incredible to hear the astrology in your words and to just to have it expressed so creatively and beautifully and I’ve, I’ve said many times recently, I feel there is a ren. On the verge of happening in astrology, being at the core and center of it, just inspiring so much art.

[00:43:12] And already in this series we’ve been doing with Inner circle members. I, we didn’t do this on purpose, but the artistry that is coming out of all of you, it’s like, whoa. Wow. It is, it’s blowing me away. So. Wow. Thank you so much for sharing that with us, with me, with this community. Um, and for being such a beautiful beacon of what’s possible when we’re aligned with our path and facing, you know, what’s ahead with, with courage and with eyes wide open, and with that willingness to just like, roll up your sleeves and dig in and, and really live it.

[00:43:50] So, thank you Civil. It’s been such a pleasure to be here with you today.

[00:43:54] Sybille: Thank you for celebrating with me and, and yeah, being, letting me be a part of.

[00:44:02] Amanda: Our pleasure. Thank you.


[00:44:04] Amanda: All right. For those of you who are interested in joining Sybil and myself and the other people, the astrologers that you met during the House series, the um, other members of the Inner Circle that you’ve met on this podcast.

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[00:44:23] Amanda: astrology 23 sy.

[00:44:27] I love you so much. Thank you for being here on the podcast. Thank you for sharing your beautiful song, your beautiful voice with us, and your beautiful story with us. We are honored. All right. Thank you so much. Thank you everybody. Take care. Thanks for being a part of our community, and thank you as always for making astrology a part of your life.

[00:44:45] We’ll catch you on the next episode.

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