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What to expect in 2023

This week, Christopher carefully walks us through the upcoming new year. As we approach the beginning of a two-year transitional period, we gain valuable insight into outer planets (Pluto & Saturn) and transpersonal planets (Jupiter & Saturn) as they prepare to change signs, in addition to many other noteworthy aspects, ingresses and energy shifts that lie ahead.

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0:00 Intro

0:33 2023 & Outer Planet Transitions

2:05 A Look Back at 2008-2011

4:08 What to Expect in 2023-2025

5:42 Mars Comes Out of Retrograde

11:16 Jupiter from Aries to Taurus

15:12 Saturn from Aquarius to Pisces

29:40 Sextiles in 2023

32:15 Venus Moves into Leo

34:31 Venus Retrograde/Venus-Uranus Squares

43:36 More on Pluto & Saturn’s Movements

44:58 Eclipses & Nodal Axis in 2023

47:58 2023 Conclusion

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This podcast episode is brought to you by the Inner Circle, your place to learn Astrology and community with the masters and transform your life in the process. Hi there and welcome. This is Amanda, the founder of Astrology Hub, and you’re listening to our week ahead snapshot with world-class astrologer, historian and author of the Cosmic Calendar, Christopher Renstrom. This show is designed to give you a quick overview of the week ahead,

enabling you the gift of choice in how you navigate and weave these energies into your daily life. Enjoy. Hello, my name is Christopher Renstrom, and I’m your weekly horoscope columnist here on Astrology Hub. And this week I wanted to talk to you about what to expect in the coming year 2023. 2023 is a very important year because it marks the beginning of two transitional years,

which go from 20 23, 20 24, and then culminate in 2025. During these two years, the modern planets, and again, the modern planets are any planet that was discovered after 1781. So the modern planets for us are Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. During this period of time, from 2023 to 2025, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto will be changing signs.

This is a pretty big deal. It’s a pretty big deal. Why? Well, it’s a pretty big deal because they don’t just change signs every other month or every six months or every two years. These three take a very long time to change signs because they spend so much time in a Zodiac sign, Uranus is seven years in a zodiac sign. Neptune is about 13,

14 ish years in a zodiac sign. And Pluto Pluto, because its or is elliptical, can be anywhere from 12 to 32 years in a zodiac sign. So to have the three of them transiting pretty much in the same set timeframe is, is significant. Whenever these planets change signs on their own is significant, but to see the three of them doing this together is also,

whoa, makes this even more significant. Now, the last time we had this transition of Pluto changing signs and Uranus changing signs and Neptune changing signs, the last time we had this transition was between the years of 2008, really 2009 and 2011. And if you sort of like go back in your memory banks to, oh, what was going on in 2008 and 2009?

Well, you might remember that there was a recession. Okay? And then, hmm, what was going on in 2010, 2011? Oh, there was a little thing called Occupy Wall Street, where a bunch of peoples from a bunch of different backgrounds and economic statuses, economic classes got together to shut down Wall Street and to protest the way that money was being spent in the United States of America.

This was following on the heels of the recession. And then, let’s see what also went on in 20 10, 20 11. Hmm. A little thing called the Arab Spring, where spontaneously it seemed all of a sudden people decided to have popular revolts in the Middle East, and this also spread around the world itself. So, Hmm, any of this sounding, I don’t know,

familiar? Yes, A lot of times we can expect a revisit of the themes that were going on when the modern planets first entered a Zodiac sign at the end of their stay in a zodiac sign. I used to think over the years that it was just Uranus who did this. But I’ve also found over the years that it’s also Neptune and it’s also Pluto.

The modern planets are most powerful just before they enter a new, a new sign just before they make that first step into a different sign. And then they’re just as powerful, if not perhaps maybe a little more So when they’re winding up their stay in a zodiac sign. And in 2023, for instance, Pluto, which has been winding up at stay in Capricorn through 2022 enters for the first time the Zodiac sign of Aquarius.

But I’ll get to that in a moment. So, you know, thinking of the idea of like, Hmm. Recession and all the talk that’s going on about recession, hmm, occupy Wall Street, all the talk of the bad distribution of money in society and people not only growing more resentful about it, but maybe perhaps taking action over it. And then let’s see,

that little thing of popular revolts, people pushing back against those in charge. These things are all things that we can expect to see increase during this period, 20 23, 20 24, and 2025. By the time we get to 2025, the modern planets have made their transitions into the following signs and will will not exactly snuggle together in bed and get comfortable, but they’ll settle down a bit as they sort of like roll up their sleeves and get to work in the new Zodiac signs that they appear in.

Okay? So this is kind of what I want you to keep in mind. 20 23, 20 24 culminates in 2025. This is a transitional period. The first planet to change signs will be Pluto leaving the Zodiac sign of Capricorn and entering the Zodiac sign of Aquarius in 2023. But let’s talk about what starts off the year. What’s the big sort of planetary energy that begins 2023?

Well, for the beginning of 2023, we have a couple of things to look forward to that are actually pretty positive. The first is that Mars finally comes out of its retrograde in the Zodiac sign of Gemini on January Twelfth. Now, Mars has been in retrograde in Gemini since, I believe it was towards the end of October of last year. And so this would have,

this would have sort of messed up the lives of all the Geminis. You know, the general feeling is that if Mars is retrograde, you know that, that it moves away from a more aggressive or forward moving stance. And that might have been the case with Geminis. They might have fou found themselves, their progress suddenly blunted or reversed, or if they were,

if we were to compare them to a hot air balloon, they might have had the experience of air being released from the balloon and that the balloon was beginning to descend down to Earth. That can happen and probably was pretty much what was going on with the Zodiac sign of Gemini. And if you are under the, the sign of Gemini. So that would have been an energy that’s going on.

It gets a little sort of like iffy because just prior to that, retrograde Geminis actually had this very strong feeling when there was an exchange of energies between Mars and Jupiter towards the end of the summer. That might’ve been very exciting. They might’ve been involved in a project or an endeavor that had sort of like catapulted them forward, and then there been that sort of anti progressive or that backward moving or,

or maybe just a dormant period. If that makes any sort of sense to you as a Gemini, then know that when Mercury comes out of retrograde on January Twelfth and really begins to benefit from the sextile to Jupiter and Aries, you’re going to have this resurgence of energy that you might have experienced towards the end of summer of 2022. You know, summer of 2022 might have been a very good time for you.

There might have been a sort of like lack period, and then it picks up again in January on January Twelfth. Now this sextile to Jupiter in Aries is going to be very robust. And of course for talking Jupiter in Aries and Mars and Gemini, this is going to be beneficial for people born under the Zodiac signs of Aries and Gemini, but it’s also going to benefit people born under Libra Aqua and,

and Aquarius as well. And, and, and it will also benefit Leo and Sagittarius. Okay, I sort of just went ahead and named all the air and fire signs right there. The reason that Libra is going to benefit and, and Gemini gets a double benefit, sorry, Le Leo, you still benefit, but Gemini gets a double benefit, okay?

The reason for this is that the Jupiter Mars Sextile breaks up the oppositions. In other words, Libra has been having a bit of a hard time of it with Jupiter and Aries because it’s opposite Libra, but because of the sextile, the Mars being in, in Gemini and moving forward, again, this is actually gonna be very helpful for Libras. They’re gonna go from sort of like,

I felt like I was wandering in the uni in, in the wilderness here, you know, to all of a sudden, like there’s the Emerald City, we’re out of the forest and let’s skip along this Yellow Brook road and hurry on over. Okay? So, so this is going to happen for Libras and it’s also going to benefit, I think I got a,

in a bit of a tangle here. It’s also going to benefit Sagittarius Sagittarius. That was the Zodiac sign that Christopher was Searchie for like a rabbit and a hat. I kind of felt a little bit like Bullwinkle. Let me pull this rabbit out of a hat, and then there’s a lion. But anyway, Sagittarius is the other one who benefits not only because Jupiter,

the ruling planet of Sagittarius will be in Aries, but where Mars in Gemini has been opposite Sagittarius in that sort of like August to January-ish period, the Jupiter is positioned in such a way as to break up that sextile and to so, and, and begin to energize and to motivate and move forward. The Sagittarians in any regard, this is going to be a period of time when the Sun is out and you want to do as much as you possibly can.

And as I said, this is going to benefit Gemini’s, Libras, and Aquarius, especially from mid-January to mid-March. And then it will also be good for Aries, Leo’s and Sagittarius. So this is going to be a, a wonderful period. You’re, you guys are gonna have a lot of gusto and because we’re dealing with earlier signs, meaning earlier in the calendar year,

signs like Gemini and Aries, this is definitely the time from January to mid-March to launch those projects, to get those endeavors up and going. You wanna launch during this period of time, but actually what you wanna do is do a little bit more. You wanna launch and then do as much to get that kite up and flying into the sky as possible during this period of time.

It’s an excellent, excellent period for these signs. Now, Jupiter will be in Aries, it started, it reentered Aries in December 20th, 2022, and it will be there until May 16th. And we know that this is going to be tremendously beneficial for Aries. Aries already got a little bit of a sort of like, Hey, Aries, what’s going on up? And Adam,

you know, when Jupiter and the Sun squared around December 22nd or 23rd. And so this has actually sort of like been a little bit of a hoop, you know, gotta get up and going, you know, for Aries. And instead of like Aries, you know, going up against all these obstacles, there’s all of a sudden a sense of like,

people are returning phone calls. You know, you’re not getting a whole string of red lights, they’re actually turning to green lights, and that you are really moving speedily towards your objective and towards your goal. The only thing you have to do as an Aries is make sure that you have an objective and make sure that you have a goal. Because if you don’t have that,

then it’s just going to be this kind of like exuberant, robust energy coming through your life. And, you know, it would just be like, you know, making you feel restless. And I mean, you can do power walks, but it would be a really good idea if you were moving towards a goal or something along those lines. The motivation is very strong,

the men momentum is, is forward moving, and there aren’t going to be that many obstacles in your path. I mean, you’re going to feel very bold and emboldened, and this is very good for Aries. They do lots of wonderful things when they’re feeling bold and emboldened. And as I remarked before this period, from December 20th to May 16th is also going to be very good for Leo and Sagittarius because of course,

Jupiter in the zodiac sign of areas is going to try new guys. So what happens when Jupiter changes signs? Yes, Jupiter is only going to be in Aries until about May 16th, which means you guys have until then to get things up and going and, and and all set up. And then on May 17th, Jupiter enters the Zodiac sign of Taurus. And so all of that good fortune and higher purpose and exuberance and momentum that Jupiter has brought to Aries moves on to the Zodiac sign of Taurus.

Now, if you happen to be in Aries or Leo or a Sagittarius, what that means is that if you’ve gotten everything set up and ready to go Jupiter moving into the Earth sign is then the constructing the building period. So you’re moving from setting up to actually getting things going in terms of like deadlines and a plan and getting results. Because Jupyter and an Earth sign means that it wants results.

So it’s not just about, you know, one day I could do whatever, or I’m gonna work at something, or I’m gonna workshop with other co-collaborators. Now, once you get Jupiter into an earth sign, it’s like co-collaborators, where’s the result? You know, like, like I want to produce results. This isn’t talking about things or aiming for things or,

or driving, you know, to get more sales, we now have to produce results. And this is what Earth Sign energy is always about. So we have Jupiter move into Taurus on May 17th, 2023, and it will be there until May 26th, 2024. So Jupiter is in Taurus from May 17th, 2023 until May 26th, 2024. And of course, this is going to benefit Victorians everywhere as well as the other Earth signs like Virgo and Capricorn.

And that’s gonna be very beneficial, particularly to Virgo because of where we’re going to go very shortly from now, which is that Saturn will have moved into Pisces. And so Virgo is going to need that support of Jupiter and Taurus to get through the Saturn moving into Pisces. But I’ve moved a little ahead of myself. So Jupiter and Taurus, as I said,

is going to benefit Taurus, and it’s also going to benefit Virgo and Capricorn because it trines. The other sign that’s going to benefit enormously from Jupiter being in Taurus is the Zodiac sign of cancer. Cancer will actually, when Jupiter moves into TAs on May 17th, experience a really extraordinary growth period for cancer. So, so this isn’t, you know, like get things up and going and,

and, and, and make a good pitch for cancer. This is gonna be things in, in development, start moving quicker and quicker and faster and faster and producing results. So we’re a couple of years after planting a shrub. This is the period of time when maybe three to four years, it’s like the sh the shrub is established and it’s like growing all these beautiful leaves and you’re like,

oh my goodness, that’s why I planted a shrub here in this corner of the garden. So this is what cancer is going to be experiencing also during this May 17th, 2023 to May 26th, 2024. Now, I wanna sort of like backtrack a little bit and talk a bit about Saturn leaving Aquarius on March 5th. Yes, Saturn leaves Aquarius on March 5th. It’s going to be wonderful news for Taurus with Saturn leaving Aquarius on March 5th.

It’s a nice heads up to Jupiter entering Taurus in May. It’s gonna be abs, it’s gonna be like heaven scent for Leo’s. And it’s also gonna be, my goodness, an enormous sigh of relief for Scorpios, everyone who’s been in adverse aspect to Saturn in the Zodiac sign of Aquarius. But Saturn leaving Aquarius on March 5th is a little bit more significant than that.

In December, 2017, Saturn entered the Zodiac sign of Capricorn, okay? And usually Saturn’s in a sign for two years, maybe two and a half. And, and it’s the planet of trials and tribulations. And so at Saturn does its stuff, you know, Saturn reigns upon you all sorts of test trials and tribulations for the two years that it’s in the sign.

But what happens is that Capricorn is followed by Aquarius. And so both of these Zodiac signs are Saturn ruled, okay? So where Saturn was supposed to maybe be two, two and a half years in a sign, you get the same Saturn energy going on and it’s just been doubled. So Saturn’s tenure goes from being two to two and a half years,

to four to almost five years. So since 2017, we have had five years of Saturn and Saturn can be pretty rough and tough a lot of times. What we will do to understand Saturn in the history of Saturn is that we will go back to the last time that Saturn was in the Saturn ruled signs, just like I did with the moderns. But,

but here we’re gonna go back to the last time that Saturny was in the Saturny ruled signs. And that was pretty much in the 1987 to 1992 timeframe. What was going on in 1987 to 1992. Oh, a little thing called the collapse of the Berlin Wall that resulted in the dissolution of the Soviet Union. And for those of you who follow those things,

Russia is celebrating its first Saturn return. Hmm. Test trials and tribulations maybe. So anyway, so, so this is what Saturn does. What was going on in that 87 to 92 period, we had a plague back then it was called aids. What was going on in that period? I think that was the end of, if I remember correctly,

it’s the end of a apartheid as well. In that period of time, you have the beating of Rodney King by the Los Angeles cops. And to my mind, that’s the first time that there was a private recording of, of, of, of brutality that was being exercised by the police. So a lot of those themes from back then, you know,

have, have, have been revisited in the, the December, 2017 to what I will call the March 5th, 2022 period planet’s orbit. Okay? Planet’s orbit, the Sun, right? And so we’re used to thinking of the word revolution as an overthrow or an uprising, but revolution actually begins in the English language to describe the orbit of a planet around the Sun. So in other words,

a planet completes a full orbit and comes back to the place where it began before. This is why we can often have the experience of themes that were going on, you know, before Saturn’s last Saturn return, returning to where we are right now. These are the things that are going on. And so Saturn has a very strong reputation, especially in medieval Astrology of being the collapse of governments,

the collapse of civilizations, the collapse of the way that things used to work, and things being reduced to rubble. Now that might be a little bit over the top or are used to that, that was over the top. But if you go and look at the Fi last five years of Saturn, particularly the last two, that Saturn has been an Aquarius and what it has left us thinking,

feeling, understanding, processing, coming to grips with, you can see that Saturn has still maintained its hold on the collapse of civilizations and of countries, end of governments and things like that. I mean, I think the pandemic was the first time when the world, literally in the day the earth stood still, fashion was shut down and, and made to stand still.

So this is all associated with Saturn, Saturn leaves Aquarius, it’s two years stay in Aquarius, but really it’s five year stay or almost five year stay in Saturn ruled signs. So this is, this is big, okay? So Saturn leaves this Aquarius on March 5th, and, and so, and on March 5th, it changes, it steps over the threshold from Aquarius to the Zodiac sign of Pisces.

So naturally everyone’s going to ask What’s up with that? Okay? What’s up with that is Saturn, as we know is the planet of test trials and tribulations. But Saturn is also a teacher, and Saturn is also a builder. We’re familiar in Greek mythology with Saturn’s overthrow of Uranus, which leads to Saturn’s overthrow himself by his son Jupiter. And, and,

and so he’s an exiled God. What we’re not too familiar with from Greek mythology, but is picked, the stories picked up in Avid, in Roman mythology is that Saturn, the exiled God is the one who actually roams the world, the earth and, and keeps the company of, of human beings. And here Saturn, the exiled God teaches human beings how to work the earth.

This is why Saturn was always associated or, or was the patron planet of farmers. Saturn, the exiled God teaches human beings how to feed themselves, how to work the earth, how to make the earth produce crops. And this is why Saturn in Roman mythology was the God of agriculture. And so what this tells us is that yes, there can be test trials and tribulations,

but they’re in service of something higher. Saturn may feel like a, a, a, a, a tyrant, but he’s really a teacher. Saturn may feel like a destroyer, but he’s really a builder. How does this work? As I said before, Saturn spends two years in a zodiac sign and Saturn enters the zodiac sign of Pisces on March 5th.

And so what Pisces are going to experience, and to an extent, any mutable sign which has an adverse aspect to Pisces, that means you, you, you’re born under immutable sign. What are immutable signs? Gemini Virgo Sagittarius Pisces adverse aspect to Pisces means that you’re one of the three other immutable signs, okay? You’re, if you are a Gemini or Sagittarius,

you are squaring Saturn. Saturn will be squaring your sign for the next few years. And if you are Virgo, Saturn will be opposite your zodiac sign for the next two years. That’s why I said for Virgos, you’re going to be very grateful for Jupiter being in Taurus from May of 2023 to May of 2024, because Jupiter in Taurus is going to be twining you sex tiling the Saturn and providing some relief from what could be a very brutal opposition.

So that’s actually good news for you. Now, what goes on during this first year that Saturn is in a zodiac sign, particularly that Saturn is in the Zodiac sign of Pisces. What you learn in the first year of Saturn being in your sign, speaking from experience, it’s kind of like in those old movies where the fellow like walks around the car and kicks it in the tires and the car suddenly collapses.

Okay? That’s what happens when the first year that Saturn is in your sign. So this will be from March 5th, 2023 to March 5th, 2024. All of those things you thought were, were, were working in your life. All of those things you thought you could rely on, that, that, that, that were structures made to last and, and, and systems that will never fail,

and ways of living that, you know, oh, you know, sure, maybe you had your complaint, you know, and, and frustration and things like that, but it was a way of living and it was just working fine. Well kick, kick, kick, kick on the tires and down goes the car and the automobile, okay? So all of a sudden there will be this feeling of like,

oh my goodness, all these things I thought I could rely on. All these things I thought I was secure have just collapsed and they’ve just fallen apart. Oh my goodness, what do I do? Okay? We’ve all experienced that, that that panic, that that, that comes from watching something collapse. And we’re like, oh, bad things are going to happen.

All these sorts of things, and we go to that place, we go to that bad things are gonna happen, and how can I deal with this? I can’t deal with this. Oh my goodness, place, okay? But one of the things that Saturn teaches is that when you’re thrown into a situation that’s difficult, a situation you wouldn’t wish on anyone,

when you’re thrown into something like that, thrown into a situation which causes anxiety and fear, it’s rather extraordinary how one can meet that anxiety and fear, not with a mastery. And triumphant, I will get over this, you know, not through willpower, but through almost a kind of triggering of a resourcefulness that can take place in you during this period of time.

You may be calling upon strengths you never thought you had. You might have been forced to exercise abilities that you never imagined exercising, but here you are, are exercising it. So what Saturn has done is that it has in its first year, it will level those things that you’ve relied upon almost to the ground. Okay? It may even be raised or a z e D to the ground,

it may be leveled to the ground. And, and this is where Saturn is like, oh, bad Saturn mean Saturn awful, Saturn, sorrowful, Saturn. And Saturn can beat like that. But in order to build, Saturn has to remove all the dead wood. That doesn’t work anymore. Saturn has to remove all those structures in place that have outlived their time,

that have outlived their usefulness. Saturn is a, this is good for you type of planet. Actually, both Prolifics, Mars and Saturn have a kind of like, this is good for you, but not in a good way type of planet. And, and so sort of trust that there’s a greater design at work that Saturn is leveling everything in order to rebuild,

okay? In order to rebuild from a stronger and really more appropriate and relevant foundation for you and your life. Now, for Pisces, this is gonna be happening at you and on you Saturns in your sign. So, so it’s probably gonna be the most difficult for you to really understand while it, while it’s going on, because it’s happening to you,

okay? Or Gemini and Sagittarius, you can see that there’s been a switch, a switch up sometimes in some cases a switch, it could be a switch down, or sometimes in some cases a switch up to something in which the challenges, you know, might become a little bit more anxiety provoking. But you can see how they’re going to push you to go further than you did before.

And that might be something that Gemini and Sagittarius experience, and for Virgo, it’s going to be a bit of a difficulty because Saturn is opposite you. It’s kind of like imagine being on a seesaw, right? You go up and down on a seesaw and your partner goes up and down with you on a seesaw. And this is a wonderful thing when you’re on a seesaw with Saturn,

it’s kind of like you’re sitting opposite Suma wrestler, okay? So if the Suma wrestler sits down, the seesaw goes like this, and your legs are left up and dangling, okay? So that might be the experience, but again, as I said, Jupiter is there mediating that energy in the Zodiac sign of Taurus, at least for the first year.

The second year is what happens after everything’s been leveled, okay? After everything’s been cleared away. And the second year is when the, the true reconstruction or construction begins, and when the true learning takes place, that’s in the second year. So the first year is all the, I didn’t know I needed to get rid of this stuff that’s going on.

And those are the signs that it will impact now Saturn and Pisces, because if it’s trine will benefit cancer and Scorpio, okay? So Saturn and Pisces might be a little bit of, you know, a wet blanket on, on Pisces head, but Saturn and Pisces is going to be absolutely constructive and directive in a very good way for the Zodiac signs of cancer and Scorpio.

And we’ve already talked about cancer benefiting from Jupiter’s stay in Virgo, and it will benefit even more from Saturn’s stay in Pisces. And for Scorpio, there will be a sense of some stability after all this time that you’ve been dealing with Saturn, aquas and Uranus and Taurus. So Jupiter in Taurus will be loosely Sextiling Saturn in Pisces for all of June and July,

okay? Of 2023. And this is going to become, this is gonna be good. You want that sort of sextiling energy because sextiles have this wonderful ability to break up oppositions and to soften squares. This is the, the benefit of the sextile. Sextiles have this ability to break up oppositions and to soften squares. This is the benefit of the sextile.

This is one of the reasons why we love them so much. Now, this sextile between Jupiter and Saturn becomes even more benevolent, even more sextile because it’s going to be augmented and supported by sextiles that are going on between Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Uranus, Neptune and Pluto set up their sextiles in late August. So there’s a little bit of a gap period late July to late August,

but they set up their sextiles in late August with Uranus at 23 degrees Taurus, which is Sextiling Neptune at 26 Pisces, which is Sextiling Pluto at 29 degrees Capricorn. And so for the moderns, which takes such a long time to move through a sign to be moving into this sextile, remember that Uranus is 23 Taurus at Sextiling. Neptune is 26 Pisces,

which is Sextiling Pluto at 29 degrees Capricorn. They may not be exact, but there’s a thing in Astrology we call exact enough or rather good enough, okay? And that, and, and that is where the orbs come into play. They, the sextile falls within the five degree orb, which is generally assigned to the modern planets. And so if we’ve got all of June and July with Jupiter and Saturn sex tiling followed in late August through November,

okay? Followed in late August through November with the Uranus Neptune and Pluto sex tiling. These are really good things, okay? Because these are sextiles that are taking place in water and earth signs. And what they’re doing is that they’re dialing down the temperature, they’re dialing down the heat, they’re ameliorating certain planetary aspects. And that’s going to be very important because of the next planetary aspect that,

that I’m going to be bringing up to you. Venus Venus enters the Zodiac sign of Leo on June 5th, where she resides until October 8th. So Venus will be retrograde from July 22nd. She retrogrades at 28 Leo to September 3rd when she retrogrades down to 12 degrees Leo. So that July 22nd to September 3rd, that’s kind of leaving open. We can really sort of take the last week of July to the end of August as being something to watch out for.

Okay? This is a period of time that we really, really want to be on guard because it’s kind of like that, think of it this way, okay? It’s kind of like trapeze artists, you know, they’re, they’re, they’re swinging back and forth at the circus and they do, you know, triple somersaults and the other one gets it and they’re like,

haah. And the crowd’s like haah as they do this above the net, you know, it’s, it’s thrilling, it’s fabulous. It’s, it’s, it’s, it’s, it’s all kinds of exciting. Well, what happens when planets move out of particular alignments, like for instance, Jupiter and Saturn will no longer be sextiling once we’re into July, that new sextile among the moderns hasn’t been set up yet.

It’s late August, so we’re really gonna kind of take like late July to late August as the one of the tepee artists was busy eating a sandwich and didn’t make it up to the top of the post to catch Laura Lei, who’s soaring through the air, okay? Benny didn’t make it on up to catch Laura lie. And so he is like, oh,

lordly, you know, and she’s like, I’m in a triples somersault. Where’s Benny? Okay? And so she goes falling down, but then there’s a net, okay? Because we’ve got sextile energy going on anyway, okay? So, so Laura lie is gonna be fine, and she’s gonna walk away from this and she’s gonna give Benny a talking to as well the ringmaster and bozo the clown who will be particularly incensed.

He’s had it with Benny and his, his, his sandwich breaks. But anyway, so, so that’s really the period of time this year that you have to look out for, which is this late July to to late August period. So Venus retrogrades we know is Venus reversing direction. And so where Venus is about betrayals and pledges and falling in love and being together and pairing and,

and trusting when she’s retrograde, it’s the breaking up or the reversal of everything I just listed. Betrayals, promises, pledges, marriages, pairing up, things like that. You can have a lot of breakups during the period of time, or people not keeping their word or not honoring their pledge or honoring their promise. And that’s pretty much the reputation that Venus has.

And she’s gonna be in Leo and she’s retrograde from July 22nd to September 3rd. What happens though, during this period of time when she’s kind of like in and out of retrograde, what happens during this period of time is that she squares Uranus and Taurus three times. So that’s heads up. This next part is heads up for Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius,

okay? During this period of time, so Venus is going to square Uranus three times. Now here I was sort of constructing this, okay? The, the first square that Venus makes to Taurus is on July 2nd, 2023. And that’s when she’ll be at 21 Leo and Uranus is at 21 degrees Taurus and they square, okay? This is the first time that Venus and Taurus Square,

and as you can tell, it takes place right before she turns retrograde. You wanna take this on in, because Uranus is, you don’t wanna mess around with Uranus, it’s an unpredictable planet. It’s the one that’s gonna throw in the wild card or the thing that you weren’t expecting. So this July 2nd, 2023 square is something very much to pay attention to. It also happens to proceed a full Moon on July 3rd at 11 degrees Capricorn.

Okay? So we’ve got the square in July 2nd, which is followed by a full Moon. Let me tell you what’s kind of even more important, and it’s a little bit of a side thing. So, so, so follow me on this one, this first Venus Uranus Square follows the Mars Square to Uranus on June 26th, which means that that Mars Square to Uranus on June 26th has already made this period of time very volatile.

And then it, it’s kind of like there, there’s a fire, and then now Venus is gonna come along and pour gasoline on it. Okay? So, so there’s a fire, the things are volatile on June 26th when Mars squares Uranus, and it gets even more so on July 2nd. But this is what’s interesting, this this Mars Uranus Square, it doesn’t repeat because Mars isn’t going to be retrograde.

It repeats with Venus because Venus is going to be retrograde. She’s gonna go back and forth over this point where she’s squaring Uranus. Mars is just like in and out. He’s just like, yo, Uranus, you know, onto the next thing. So, so, so they do that first square, actually he’s not yo Uranus, he’s like, Uranus,

I’m calling you out. Okay? That’s, that’s their first square. But then he moves on, they don’t repeat it Venus because she retrogrades, they repeat the square three, three times. So remember this Mars Square to Uranus and this Mars square to Uranus on June 26th, which sets up already a volatility coincides with a first quarter Moon at four degrees Libra.

I want you to remember that first quarter Moon four degrees Libra, okay? Coincides with that. August Ninth 2023 Venus is at 22 Leo, Uranus is at 22 Taurus respectively. This follows the last quarter Moon at 15 degrees Taurus. I want you to make a note of that last quarter. Moon fif 15 degrees Taurus. That 15 degrees Taurus is important for two reasons.

One of them, we’ll get into the real run. One of the reasons it’s important is because that that square between that second square between Venus and Uranus, which follows the last quarter Moon at 15 degrees Taurus, it’s like the day after that 15 degrees Taurus was the same degree that was hit by the lunar eclipse in May 5th. So if there’s something wonky fors around May 5th,

they’re wonky for you. Scorpio around May 5th, you’re gonna wanna pay special attention to August Ninth 2023. And then the final square, the final square between Venus and Uranus takes place on September 20, Ninth 2023 at 22 degrees Leo. I guess she like really likes that address and 22 degrees Taurus for Uranus respectively. And this coincides with the full Moon at six degrees Aries.

Now, why is Christopher making me think so much with all of these linear phases whenever you are dealing with a lunar phase, we’re used to thinking of a lunar phases like the Moon, right? You know, that’s the Moon. Well, whenever you’re dealing with a lunar phase, you’re also dealing with the Sun, right? Because the Moon is going through its phases in aspect to the Sun.

And that’s something that sometimes we forget about cuz we’re more focused on the Moon, but a lunar phase automatically involves the Sun. And if we’re talking about the Sun, we’re automatically invoking Leo, okay? Because the Sun rules the Zodiac sign of Leo. And so if the Sun rules Leo, well, isn’t Leo the sign that Venus is retrograding back and forth in,

okay? So this is, this is why it’s never just a coincidence that we seem to have these lunar phases with, it’s not a coincidence that we have these lunar phases going on with these particular aspects that Venus is making. Okay? Because the Sun is part of a lunar phase. Venus is in Leo. And so this is bringing up, this is bringing up that,

that Leo sign that Venus is in, but it doesn’t stop there. Venus rules the Zodiac sign of Taurus, okay? Remember, Uranus is in Taurus, so Venus rules the square, okay? So, so this is going to impact Leo’s very powerfully and Taurus very powerfully during this period of time. So we have Venus and Leo, okay? And,

and, and, and son is always gonna be part of, of lunar phase. And then we have Venus ruling Taurus. So that means that Venus automatically rules Uranus, which is in Taurus. But this is the thing that I want to also reiterate or repeat if I may. The Mars Uranus square in June 26th coincides with the first quarter Moon at four Libra what Planet rules the Zodiac sign of Libra Venus,

the Venus UUs square on August Ninth follows the last quarter Moon at 15 degrees Taurus. Now we already cited 15 degrees Taurus as being the same degree that there was a lunar eclipse in May. But this becomes important because Venus Uranus Square on August Ninth follows the last quarter Moon at 15 degrees. Taurus Taurus is Venus ruled. And then the last Venus Uranus square on September 20 Ninth coincides with the full Moon at six Aries.

So at first you think, well, six Aries, that’s Mars. It doesn’t really have to deal with that. No. We have to remember, if the Moon is full at six degrees Aries, that means it’s opposite the Sun at six degrees Libra Venus ruled. Okay? So this is why I wanted to walk you through all of that. The volatile dates to remember are June 26th,

July 2nd, August Ninth and September 20 Ninth. And, and so this is going to have, this is going to take, you know, potential broken pledge, potential broken promise, you know, a sp splitting up of an allegiance or, or, or we were once peaceful, now we’re enemies. This is gonna take it and it’s going to exacerbate that energy,

okay? And, and it’s pretty much happening in that sort of July, August, September period. All right? So this is gonna be a very heated time of year, and of course it’s going to impact anyone who’s Venus ruled, but I think it’s particularly going to impact the Leos and the Victorians here. And if you happen to have Venus in any of the fixed signs,

but nothing just takes place on its own in an Astrology. What I wanna remind you is also remember that we have some pretty powerful sex tiles playing out in the background. There are certain periods of time I already outlined to you where they’re going to be more exact or closer to each other, but even during the periods of time that they’re not that close to each other,

Laura lies still has the net. Okay? So they should mollify the effect by turning down the temperature of these potentially very incendiary squares. Now, Pluto enters Aquarius, I just wanted to remark on this very quickly. Pluto enters Aquarius on March 23rd, and what I find kind of fascinating about that is that it’s three days after the spring equinox that it enters Aquarius,

it will reenter Capricorn on June Eleventh 2023, where it remains until January, 2024. Wh when it then reenters, you know, committed and, and begins at stay in Aquarius, in, in, in earnest. But I think it’s fascinating that Saturn leaves Aquarius on March 5th and that it’s just under three weeks later that Pluto enters Aquarius. So that March 5th to March 23rd period,

I feel for Capricorns and Aqua, particularly the maybe Scorpio, there’s going to be a transitional period there that that’s going on during that period. So it’s not abrupt, it’s not unexpected, but it might be the introduction, introduction of another element at play. Or it might be someone reaching out and saying, you know, we thought about you for this,

you know, and so it might begin a kind of transitional or thinking about it type of thing, but it’s, it’s, or or it might be like, you know, maybe we should move, you know, but, but it’s going to take until the following year to the 2024 to really, really emerge. The last note that I wanna make are the lunar or the eclipses,

of course, we have a solar eclipse at the last degree of Aries, 29 degrees on April 20th. We have a lunar eclipse, as I already mentioned, at 14 degrees Scorpio on May 5th, 2023, a solar eclipse at 21 degrees Libra on October 14th. And, and then there’s a lunar eclipse at five degrees Taurus on October 28th, 2023. Then you wanna keep in mind with eclipses is that these are pivotal dates.

These can be connected to changes in direction in the courses of your life. And so they’re going to affect all those signs that I just mentioned, Aries, Libra, Scorpio and Taurus that can take place there. But what I sort of wanted to lift out of that is that we have the solar eclipse at 29 degrees areas on April 20th, which is making an out of sign square to Pluto Pluto just entered Aquarius remember at that period of time.

So it’s making an out of sign square to, to Pluto there. And then this sort of repeats with Pluto squaring the nodal access again at that 29 degrees on July 25th. Okay? So this is going to impact people born at the end of cardinal signs and people born at the very beginning of fix signs. It’s gonna become even more powerful. But the power that I see here is not things suddenly falling out from underneath you,

but this kind of extraordinary push. So this is April 20th, and then again on July 25th, it’s gonna be this kind of extraordinary push forward. You know, so, so if you’re, if you’re late cardinal or early fixed, you may all of a sudden be like, whoa, where are we going? You know, it’s kinda like, it’s this kind of like push forward that you,

that you’re getting from the planets and it, it, it, it’s, it’s kind of a breaking away, it’s kind of a, or or breaking out of the orbit of, you know, rockets have to achieve this velocity so that they can break out of the orbit of earth. So, so it’s a breaking away like that. So, so it’s you achieving a velocity that allows you to break away or break out of maybe a rut or an old pattern in your life.

And again, this is affecting people at the end of cardinal signs. So you have to be like the last day of Aries, the last day of cancer, the last day of Libra, the last day of Capricorn, or people who are born in the first couple of days of fixed signs. That means very early Taurus, very early Leo, very early Scorpio,

and very early Aquarius. And I will answer this before you ask it, yes, that affects people whose rising signs are like that, or if that’s whose rising signs happen to be in those same areas. In conclusion, 2023 is the last time we will have sex tiles for the modern planets in water and earth signs. Okay? As I began this forecast with that transition,

2023 begins the two year transition of the moderns from, from water and earth signs to air and fire signs that will change the temperament of the moderns significantly, okay? It is the nature of fire and air science to be excitable, to be, be more anxious in, in their energy, more, more active and activated to, to make these changes now.

And this what needs to be done. And it is the nature of earth and water to hold back to contained, to stabilize, to secure. So 2023 is the last time that we will have the modern sex tiling and water and earth sign. So what does that mean? What it means is that it’s a potentially constructive year, but it’s, it’s,

it’s two things. It’s a potentially constructive year for, for you in different areas of your life, but it’s also a year when you’re probably wrapping things up because these planets are getting ready to move on to, to different signs which also happen to be different elements. So for you signs particularly who are water and earth, this may be a sort of like wrapping up or securing or laying down the final planks for you.

And then, you know, you might have been going through this period of like building or creating something or something like that since, since, you know, the end of, well, since the earlier period that I talked about 2009 to 2011. So you’re wrapping this up in your life and you’re, you’re looking forward to what the next step is. And what’s nice about the moderns is that they give you enough time because they’re so slow moving to get used to what that difference in velocity and speed is going to be because it’s going to be very different for you.

Air and fire signs. You may feel in some ways held back or this is taken forever or, you know, why don’t they just, you know, replace the executive already and give that position to me, you know, so, so you may be feeling, you know, this is taking forever to get these new things up and going and so and so for the,

for the air and fire signs, there might be a feeling of chomping at the bit, you know, but you know, this is when you need to remember your time will come and it shouldn’t be your time will come when you’re finally up at bat. It should be your time will come and you’ve practiced enough at being up at bat that when the ball comes flying past home base,

you’re not standing there like, huh, you know, that you’ve actually swung the bat and hit it. And hopefully that’s moving you towards a base. Okay? So, so don’t take this 20 23, 20 24 time if you’re a fire, an air sign, don’t take it lightly. Don’t take it like, oh, I’ll start, you know, I’ll, I’ll start going When we get to 2025,

take this time to go to batting practice. Take this time to rehearse, take this time to improve your skills and hone your talents because once we get to 2025, you are at the starting gate and you are up and running. And that’s important because 2025 will be totally game changing as the moderns move into the fire and air signs. So use this 2023 period to construct things that last to research answers that are more than quick fix solutions to wrap up your old business and to get ready to step over the threshold.

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