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Mercury in Virgo Cazimi

This is your Horoscope Highlight for the week of September 19h – September 25th, 2022 with world-class astrologer, historian, and author of The Cosmic Calendar, Christopher Renstrom..

On September 23, an exalted Mercury will move into the heart of the Virgo Sun, formally known as a Mercury Cazimi (and also known as an exact conjunction to the Sun). During this time, Christopher reminds us that Mercury will also be in retrograde, requiring patience while working through details in both our personal and professional lives. The possibility of mixed or unusual messages in communication with others are high, but you can expect to find clarity you’re looking for between October 10 and November 8. Rest assured that whatever you hear back is going to be more than manageable in the end.

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Hey there Astrology lover. I recently asked Astrology author and professor Richard tar, why he’s so inspired to teach his upcoming workshop, your astrological initiation with his daughter, Becca. And this is what he said. I just saw this as did Becca a great opportunity to try to provide a way of understanding what the astrological mystery is about. We’re hoping to give those who are in the workshop,

a sense of, of grounding of foundations, of a larger framework of understanding within which their adventure and Astrology can unfold with greater fruitfulness. It’s a powerful tool. We want to give a sense for the, the great privilege and therefore also responsibility that comes with Astrology to see its nobility and to, and to recognize how to present the information that we get from our astrological study to do that in a way that is true to its highest potential.

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Can’t wait to see you in class. Hi there and welcome. This is Amanda, the founder of Astrology Hub, and you’re listening to our week ahead snapshot with world class astrologer historian and author of the cosmic calendar. Christopher Renstrom. This show is designed to give you a quick overview of the week ahead, enabling you the gift of choice in how you navigate and weave these energies into your daily life.

Enjoy. Hello, my name is Christopher Renstrom and I’m your weekly horoscope columnist here on Astrology Hub and this week, well, before I begin this week, I wanna share with you a really exciting bit of news. One of my great heroes, Richard tar is teaching an astrological workshop here on Astrology Hub with his daughter, Becca. Now Richard and Becca are like the dynasty of Astrology,

a father Sun team, who really plummed down into the depths of Astrology to really bring out the meanings and the residences underneath what they work with essentially is basically archetypal Astrology. It’s it’s Astrology that connects to the archetype. It connects to your soul and it connects to your psyche. This was a trend that was begun in 1930 by Dane Roja, the Astrology Jane Roja,

who borrowed concepts from Carl Young and applied them to Astrology for the first time. This then became popular in the late seventies and the 1980s. And certainly in the 1980s, when I began practicing as an astrologer, I became very enamored of the work of Liz green, Dane Raja, and in the early nineties, Richard tar, in fact, a book that he wrote in the early nineties.

I mean, nowadays we all pretty much know him for cosmos and psyche, but a book that he wrote in the 1990s that I found so exciting, I had to go and find it on my bookshelf is this it’s called Prometheus, the awaken her. It was the first time that someone had really delved into the archetype of Uranus and the Uranian cycles and their effect on culture.

And also the psyche of, of all of us. It’s a slip of a book from the 1990s, but if you can find it, the Prometheus, the awaken, one of his ideas was to change the name of Uranus to Prometheus. It didn’t really catch on, but archetypally, it really, really does resonate. So anyway, you will have an opportunity on September 21st to study with him and his daughter,

Becca, in a workshop that’s called your astrological initiation. And this workshop is designed for those who want to integrate the meaning of the astrological worldview with their lived experience. You know, sometimes as Astrologers, we can get too caught up in the stars. So this workshop is going to help us sort of like integrate what we see in the stars, in our living experience.

And also it’s, it’s, it’s the approach to the living experience. The fact that you’re living Astrology, that makes you such a good astrologer. This is something that they’re really about in this, in this workshop. And it will also appeal to those who already have a sense of the great value of Astrology in their life and want a firmer grasp of its underlining principles and archetypes.

In any case, it’s called your astrological initiation. It’s available on September 21st. It’s a four hour workshop. And if you want to learn more and sign up for it, then what I would advise that you do is go to Astrology Hub slash initiation. Again, that link to sign up for this workshop is Astrology Hub slash initiation. And I highly recommend it.

Richard tar is one of my great heroes. Now onto this week’s horoscope, this week’s horoscope is kind of fascinating to me because what we have taking place is something that’s called in Astrology. A Cazimi. And what I wanna talk to you about is Mercury Mercury. Cazimi on September 23rd. Now some of you out there might be like, what the heck is a Cazimi okay.

Cazimi actually comes from the medieval Astrology. It comes to us down from WITI along the avenue of William Lilly, William Lilly, whom some of you may be familiar with wrote Christian Astrology in the mid, mid 16 hundreds. And he was pretty much regarded as the English Merlin. And he is sort of this bridge between medieval Astrology and then modern Astrology. It really comes together that that sort of bridge there with William Lilly.

Anyway, he was borrowing his notes from Guido Bonatti, which, who was a very famous medieval Astrology. And in William Lilly, in his Christian Astrology, we find the description of Cazimi to be this a planet within 12 degrees of the Sun. Okay. We would think of that as a conjunction, a planet within 12 degrees of the Sun is said to be under his beams and then half no fortitude.

In other words, a planet that is conjunct the Sun, or within 12 degrees of the Sun is said to be under his beams. You can’t see the planet. It’s very close to the Sun. It’s in the raise of the Sun. And it is said to have no fortitude. It is said to basically have no strength. Okay? So for any of you who are familiar with the terms of a planet being combust or under the beams,

this is what William Lilly is referencing. And then he goes on to say, and then when a planet is within 16 minutes of the Sun, that’s not a degree. That’s a minute, okay. Which is like slicing down a degree. So it’s within 16 minutes of the Sun. When a planet is within 16 minutes of the Sun, basically we would know that as an exact conjunction,

then it is an addition of fortune Lilly says, and that planet becomes wondrous strong. So basically there’s this idea in Astrology that any planet that is conjoined the Sun within 12 degrees of the Sun loses its vitality. It loses its strength. The Sun becomes much more overbearing unless of course the planet happens to rule the Sun and then it’s the reverse. But anyway,

any planet within a range of the Sun becomes weakened. However, when it is at an exact conjunction with the Sun, that’s within, I think he says, what is it? 16 minutes. It’s like 16 minutes of the Sun. It becomes extraordinarily powerful. And so William Lilly was quoting this from Bonatti. And so this is where we get our word Cazimi.

It comes from the Arabic word Zenium and also Kami. And what these phrases mean is they, they basically trans translate from the Latin a as, as if in the heart of, okay, so Zin and Kami are the actual terms before they go into the Latin, which is Cazimi. And basically the meaning of it is as if in the heart of,

and then it’s added later on as if in the heart of the Sun. And so this idea of being within the heart of the Sun actually has quite a bit of a background in Kala Cabala. It has a background in Kabbala and it’s the idea of being within the throne world of the Sun, Sun, or the throne world of God that you’ve elevated to this place.

And then all of a sudden you’re in this place of splendor, essentially what it meant according to Boni and then down to Lilly is that the planet becomes extraordinarily powerful. Okay. And so we’re talking about a Mercury, Cazimi all planets conform an exact conjunction to the Sun, whether it’s Venus, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, et cetera. Okay. But this week we’re talking about Mercury Mercury Cazimi,

which is an exact conjunction to the Sun. What may, what caught my eye about this? Even more Mercury, Mercury Cazimi okay. That’s rather, that’s rather significant. That’s interesting. That’s something that doesn’t happen every day, but then a couple of other things caught my eye. The other thing is that they can join in the last degree of Virgo.

So it’s, they, they can join right before the Sun changes, Zodiac signs. As you know, the 20 Ninth degree is considered to be a critical degree in Astrology. So they, they can join right as the Sun, just right before the Sun crosses over the threshold into Libra from Virgo into Libra. And then the third factor, of course,

the third factor is that Mercury is not only in domicile at home in the Zodiac sign of Virgo. Mercury is exalted in the Zodiac sign of Virgo. So, wow. That’s a lot to think about Mercury. Mercury is Cazimi meaning most splendid, most powerful, you know, exact conjunction to the Sun on this day. This day is September 23rd. And not only that,

it is exalted, it is most celebrated. So obviously this is the day that you wanna pay a lot of attention to. And I can tell that there are a few of you out there who are like, oh wow, let’s do lotto on that day or something like that. Hey, try it. You know, Mercury was the God of dice throwing and gaming.

So, so it might do something for you, but also remember that Mercury is retrograde at this point. And that’s what I really sort of wanted to dig in and talk to you about today. Mercury, Mercury retrogrades. I know that we’re all pretty much trying to say, oh, Mercury, Mercury retrograde. And we all get kind of like whiny and complaining about Mercury going retrograde and actually kind of with good reason.

I’m I think I’m being a little dismissive with that. I mean, Mercury retrograde can really be a pain in the dairy air, but what Mercury Mercury retrograde will do is that it makes you backtrack over a process. Okay? When Mercury Mercury returns retrograde, it reverses its energy. And so things that are very easy to do or places that are very easy to get to all of a sudden become very difficult postponed,

delayed, or you can even encounter a series of reversals things where things aren’t working out, Mercury retrograde is famous for the car, breaking down the coffee maker just stops working or losing those keys. And I have no idea where they could possibly be. Okay. And what this refers to is that Mercury was pretty much the God that you prayed to, to go.

If, if you had lost something, I mean, Mercury was not only the God, the God of disappearing objects, but he was also named after the Roman God of found objects. So anything lost and found takes place in a Mercury retrograde. So this period of time when Mercury is passing back and it passes over the Sun, it’s like Mercury was Mercury was in front of the Sun.

Okay. Mercury was in front of the Sun when it turned retrograde on September Ninth, Mercury was in front of the Sun, in the Zodiac sign of Libra. So what happened is that it turns retrograde and it’s now moving back to the Sun, which is approaching it. And here on September 23rd, they meet at a Cazimi point at an exact point at the 20 Ninth degree.

Okay. So Mercury is like leaving where it was and the Sun is approaching and here they meet. So it’s kind of like, you know, bumping into someone who’s leaving the party that you’re just about to enter. And you’re kind of like bad party or like, where are you going? Or I just got here. Okay. You’re and the person’s like,

I’ll be back in a minute. I, I forgot something. I have to go get it. Oh, okay. Okay. So you’re like going to a party and like, there’s your friend and they’re rocking out the door and you’re kind of like, hi, just got here. And they’re like, I forgot something. I’ll be back in a minute.

And you’re like, oh, okay. So you continue like the Sun, you continue into the party. And you’re like, Gale, hi. Okay. And you’re like visiting or whatever, but you know that your friend is going to be back in a bit whenever they took care of the business that they needed to take care of. That’s what I want you to think about,

about this Mercury Cazimi taking place on September 23rd, the Mercury has reversed. It’s gone past the Sun and it’s taking care of business that you don’t yet know about. Okay. So this is different from the description or the breakdown that I was giving of the Mercury retrograde a couple of weeks ago, where we talked a lot about a transaction or a deal or negotiation,

go and check out that broadcast it’s from two weeks ago, it all culminates and comes together on October Tenth. And this is about a negotiation, a sale or a purchase. Okay. That’s what we were talking about with the original Mercury retrograde feature that I was doing. This one is different. This one is different. This one is, you know,

you’re entering party gay. Hi. And it’s like, Hey, where are you going? I’ll be back in a minute. I have to take care of something. This one is about something that’s getting taken care of, which you get kind of an inkling of, you know, have to take care of something. That’s all you’re really gonna know about it on,

on, on September 23rd. But you know, that something is being taken care of before this person can come back and be with you again. So this might be someone who ha, who is suddenly called away to take care of a personal situation. This might be something that you learn about at work, in which a colleague or a supervisor says, you know what?

You’re not really involved right now, but once we get it to a point, we are going to involve you. So just wait for that. Okay. Or this might be something in which you hear, you know, from a neighbor like, oh, I have to like take care of this. And you might like, well, what is it?

Let me get back to you on that. You know, I, I, I, I’m still sort of working out what exactly has to be done. So this could be a communication in which someone is not ready to talk to you about what needs to be done. Okay. And it’s not something that’s going to impact your life right now, or,

or, or urgently urgently, but it is going to have an impact on your life, further down the road. So there’s this idea that you’re giving a whiff or information of something that needs to be taken care of. But when someone says not ready to tell you, when someone says it doesn’t really involve you now, or when someone says, let me see what I can do with it.

And then if I need some help, I’ll get back to you. I want you to listen to them. Okay. And, and to heed their advice, they’re giving you a timing thing on this. Okay. Now what it pertains to is something which is Mercury and its splinter and what, what it pertains to is something that’s gonna deal with Mercury exalted in the Zodiac sign of Virgo.

So for instance, this could deal with something that’s going on in. Maybe it’s someone you’re starting to date their life. They have to take care of some sort of business. You’re just starting to date each other, get to know each other, you know, it might be the sort of thing it’s like, well, what exactly do you have to take care of?

You know, like, like, like how many children do you have in 15 different states? No, it’s not like that, but it might be like, you know, well, what exactly is it that you have to take care of? Trust me, I’ll take care of it. Okay. So this is almost like you have to trust them with that.

Or if it’s like, we’re gonna see if we can bring you in on this sort of situation, but it’s not ready, trust them, you know? But, but the benefit to you, the benefit to you is actually going to be strong. If this is a health matter, which would not be out of the question because we’re dealing with the Zodiac sign of Virgo and Virgo deals a lot with our body regimen,

you know, with the health of our body, it’s, it’s, it’s actually Virgo is the Zodiac sign of the body. So if this is a health matter or health question, it’s something in which more research is being done in which more conferring is being done. And you have to sort of accept that they don’t have, you know, your specialist or doctor or nutritionist or whomever doesn’t have that information right now,

but they are going to get back to you. And you need to trust that they are going to get back to you. And chances are that the information that they’re going to get back to you is going to be positive. It may not be completely like, oh, you know, clean slate or whatever. You know, it may be sort of like,

well, we have to start talking about a low sodium diet or something like that. But it’s positive in that the information that comes back to you is going to be something that you can manage and is aimed at helping you to manage something along those lines. So that’s something that I really do want you to pay attention to on that September 23rd, when Mercury Mercury retrograde is Cazimi the Sun now,

is that it? No, that is not it. The way that I work with Mercury, especially in a retrograde like this, when it involves a Cazimi in its retrograde. What I like to pay attention to is when the, you know, the Mercury was in front of the Sun, it’s now turned retrograde, it’s gone and met the Sun and it’s like,

I’ll be back later. Okay. And you go into the party. Hi Gail. Okay. Like, that’s going on? Well, as the Sun keeps going forward, Mercury is gonna come out of retrograde and it’s gonna start following the Sun. And it’s actually, because it moves faster than the Sun going to catch up to the Sun and it’s going to conjoin again.

Okay. So, so basically Mercury was in front of the Sun when it turned retrograde, the sun’s approaching and the Mercury is moving faster. Conjoins Cazimi, this is the September 23rd date. It moves back. It turns direct. And now it starts catching up to the Sun and then it conjoins the Sun again. And when it conjoins the Sun, again,

that is going to be on November 8th. Okay. When, when it conjoins the Sun again, now that’s going to be interesting because whatever this thing is that someone was going to get back to you on that could become revealed anywhere between the October Tenth date that I gave you and the November 8th date that I’m giving you, it could be revealed during that time.

But what November 8th would mean is that this is when you, you already know about it, you’re gonna find out about what that information was. You know, they got back to you between October Tenth and November 8th, but on November 8th, you’re going to know how to apply this. Okay. On November 8th, you’re going to know what it is that needs to be done.

You know, the person gets back to you and says, oh, you know, like I’m actually getting out of a OUS relationship and I’m bringing things to a close or whatever, and that’s what I’m taking care of. And then you’re kind of like, well, you know, okay, but how long is this gonna go? And they’ll be like,

till November 8th or something like that, you know? So, so November 8th will be that date or, or on November 8th is like, okay, that’s when we begin your low sodium diet, you know, that will be like November 8th or November 8th is like, we want you to train Mindy. Mindy is now going to be your protege or something like that. And you know,

you have such wonderful skills and things like that. We want you to train Mindy. And based on this, we might be talking to you about a supervisory position in the future. Okay. This would November 8th is when you actually practice this and start, you know, November 8th is like, like, like you already like know that you’re mentoring Mindy. So like November 8th is like,

when you’re mentoring Mindy, that’s like the first day of training Mindy. Okay. That would be so it’s when you apply. It’s when you apply that into your everyday life. Now, now I have to, I have to get to one other possible interpretation. Mercury, Mercury winnow is named after the Roman God of messages and messaging. And, and Mercury’s job was to basically show you how to get from here to there,

or to give you messages that were urgent, or that you needed to know about with this retrograde and with this Cazimi and the passing, and then coming back forward again, you may also have one of those moments. Maybe you’ve seen them in films where, you know, someone is being held hostage. Okay. And, and, and, and a policeman comes in to the room where they’re being held hostage,

but the person who’s holding them hostage is passing themselves off as, as you know, a benevolent, a benevolent friend, like uncle Fred. Okay. So it’s uncle Fred and like, you know, and you and the person’s being held hostage by someone calling themselves, uncle Fred and uncle Fred goes and get to the door and the police come in and they’re like,

whoa, hello. How are you? Fridaria Thompson. You’re like, I’m doing very well officer and things like that. Oh, and this is, you know, so and so, and they’re like, yes, you know, and they sit down and have a conversation. And the person is just like trying to signal to the officer that they’re being held captive.

And that, you know, uncle Freddy is actually like, you know, this, this criminal or, or, or terrorist or something like this, but they can’t say anything because Freddy’s right there. Well, somehow the person like, maybe like writes a little note that says, save me, Freddy’s uncle, Freddy’s a terrorist or something like that. And they roll it up into a piece of paper and they sneak it into the officer’s purse or wallet or the pocket of their coat or something like that.

You know, it’s just this kind of like sneaking little message that gets like tucked into something. And so the officer gets up and leaves, you know, and, and, and, and uncle Freddy says goodbye, you know, and then says back to the basement prison with you or something like that. And the person hopes, like, I hope the officer like finds the message.

And usually in these films, they do, but it’s at at a critical moment and things like that anyway. Well, actually, that’s all pretty pertinent. That is, what’s going to go on. You may find that you may be on one end of this. You may be the, you may be the person who’s writing the message, you know,

that’s left, you know, for someone else, this, this, this Cazimi conjunction retrograde is often what I call the message in the bottle conjunction, okay. Where, where you yourself might be like, you know, I’m on a desert island and you’re like, you know, throwing it into the ocean and home hoping someone picks it up, or maybe something has been slipped into your pocket,

your purse, your email, your text, your something, you know, that begins to sort of like, well, that seems a little off or alerts you that something might be awry. This is something also to keep in mind for that, for that September 23rd date. And then all of a sudden, maybe the penny drops or whatever, when Mercury comes out of retrograde October Tenth,

and then, you know, it’s racing to the rescue, or this is the thing that changes the outcome of an enter enterprise, or this was the missing piece of the puzzle that was needed in order for the project to come together and be secure and go forward into, into, into success. So look for something to be snuck into your pocket, whispered in your ear,

overheard conversation, mercurial things, maybe it’s on text, maybe it’s in an email. Maybe it doesn’t make sense at first, but then around October Tenth, that penny will drop you’ll know exactly what it is. And then you’ll be able to put it into practice. Anyway, this is the, this is how I want you to think about this Mercury Mercury Cazimi that’s taking place on September 23rd.

It’s more than just a lucky day. Retrogrades always talk about revisiting or going back over the ground that we had traveled once. But when we travel back over it, all of a sudden things begin to make sense or something clicks in a way that it didn’t really before. This is something that I want you to keep in mind for that particular day and be ready to apply in your life in a very successful and benevolent way on November eight.

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