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Mars Retrograde in Gemini

This is your Horoscope Highlight for the week of October 31st – November 6th 2022 , 2022 with world-class astrologer, historian, and author of The Cosmic Calendar, Christopher Renstrom.

This is your Horoscope Highlight for the week of October 31 – November 6, 2022 with world-class astrologer, historian, and author of The Cosmic Calendar, Christopher Renstrom. This week, Christopher details the plot of the popular novel, Lord of the Flies. Throughout the episode, he draws parallels between characters and events in the story to what we will be reflecting on while Mars is retrograde in Gemini from October 30 to January 12. The novel reminds us that law and order holds a rather significant place in the structure of society. And in its complete absence, we walk ourselves down a path of destruction, unleashing the instinctual beast that lies deep within us all.

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Hi there, and welcome. This is Amanda, the founder of Astrology Hub, and you’re listening to our week ahead snapshot with world class astrologer, historian and author of the Cosmic Calendar. Christopher, This show is designed to give you a quick overview of the week ahead, enabling you the gift of choice and how you navigate and weave these energies into your daily life.

Enjoy. Hello, my name is Christopher Renstrom and I’m your weekly horoscope columnist here, an Astrology Hub. And this week I wanted to talk to you about Mars turning retrograde in the Zodiac sign of Gemini on October 30th, Mars retrograde in Gemini. That got me thinking, what could I talk about that would be very much representative of the energy of Mars turning retrograde in the Zodiac sign of the Twins.

And then it suddenly hit me. I remembered a book that I was haunted by since I read and studied it for the first time when I was a freshman at an all Boy College Catholic Prep School. The name of the book was Lord of the Flies. And some of you may be familiar with that book from having also studied it in grade school or in high school.

When I first read Lord of the Flies, I was taken in by it. I mean, it was such an absorbing book full of these extraordinary descriptions and this kind of adventure, this boy’s adventure of suddenly being marooned on an island and being freed of their prep school background, actually in their case boarding school background, English boarding school background, and suddenly being set free away from adults to run around on the,

on an island. However, the way that they chose to run around on this island, I mean, it sounds like it’s going to be all sorts of fun, but for anyone who’s ever attended an all boys Catholic prep school, you know that that what sounds like it’s supposed to be fun is often a recipe for disaster. Secretly, I thought the reason we had been assigned this book by the Jesuits is because they really wanted to hit home the idea that we were evil little children,

and that if we didn’t get proper discipline, we would end up like the boys who turned savage in William Goldings Lorded the Flies. So I always kind of assume that it was a bit of a cautionary tale. Since then, I’ve gone back and read it and it’s really a mesmerizing book. It’s often sort of touted as juvenile fiction. You know, something that you read when you’re just a kid and you know,

you sort of go on with your life and remember it basically because of piggy and spears and pigs and things like that. But going back and having read it recently, recently, it really does resonate quite deeply a lot with what’s going on in the world right now. And I personally think it has a lot to say about this upcoming transit of Mars turning retrograde in the Zodiac sign of Gemini.

Lord of the Flies is itself, I don’t know if it was kind of a parody, but William Golden actually saw it at as a reworking of a famous boys book, which was called Coral Island. Coral Island was published at the height of the golden age of juvenile fiction, which is the late 1870s into the 1880s. And Coral Island was written by RM Valentine,

who had a deep religious conviction and felt that it was his duty to educate Victorian middle class boys in codes of honor, decency, and religiosity. And so he conceived this book, this adventure book, this boy’s Adventure book. And the three leads were Ralph, Jack and Peterkin. Now, the name Peterkin already should be a giveaway. But anyway, the three names were Ralph,

Jack and Peterkin. And these are three boys who find themselves stranded on a South Pacific island following a shipwreck. Now, they managed to recover some items from the ship that will help them to survive on this island. And I think Peter Ken’s 13, Ralph is 16, and Jack is 18 in this, in this book. And you know, it’s rather interesting,

the boys find themselves marooned on this island. And, and as Golden observed years later, rather mysteriously unconcerned about survival or their fate, you know, everything on this island was, was basically given to them. They subsist on fruit and fish and wild pigs provide plentiful food. They learn how to carve spears and kill wild pigs and have plenty of full food.

And as I was saying before, this is rather idyllic this, this 1879 Boys adventure book called Coral Island. And of course, being young boys, they go on adventures, they explore the island, they deal with a cannibalistic race, they deal with the newly converted race of cannibals who are now Christians and God veering, and there’s even adventures with pirates.

Basically all you have to do is take all the motifs of Peter Pan Pirates and Indians and crocodiles and apply them to Coral Island. This is essentially what is going on in this adventure book. And it was the sort of thing that all, all young boys in Britain in the 1880s and nineties and turn of the century read and, and had fond memories of later on,

it was criticized for having a rather imperialistic view. You know, the the idea that if only savages could be Christianized and brought towards God and religion, that all would be well. And in, and Jack is ever the bold leader of these boys. And at one point, Ralph and, and Peter Ken are gushing with praise. And they say to Jack,

Jack, you’re a Britain the best fellow I have ever met in my life. Okay, so, so this is, this is the idea of British castaway boys on an island in the late 19th century. Well, William Golding had an idea of turning this tail on its head, sort of, he basically wanted to see if we made it more realistic and we steeped it in current day,

what would happen? Would this be a tale that really was about three adventurous boys who happily got along with one another and solved problems between cannibalistic TRIBErs and rescued the chief Dan’s daughter from the pirate. And all things were made well again, So he decided, I’m going to go ahead and write a version in which there are children on an island, and I’m going to ask myself,

how would children behave if they suddenly found themselves cast away on an island? And that is the genesis of Lord of the Flies. So basically the story starts out with, instead of a shipwreck, like in Coral Island, there is a plane wreck. A plane is, is, is wrecked on an island. And we begin with Ralph, in fact,

golden names the two leads of Lord of the Flies after the two leads of Coral Island, Ralph and Jack, although the, the, the roles are reversed, What else do you want from a Mars retrograde? So Ralph is the first character that we meet following this, this mysterious plane wreck on an island which is surrounded by a coral reef somewhere in the South Pacific.

It’s unnamed. We don’t really know what, where it is, and we don’t even really know why this plane crashed. Other than that there are hints or intimations as the other survivors appear, there’s about 30 boys who have survived this plane crash of warnings about an atomic bomb and some sort of air war that’s being fought at the time. So Jack is the first character we meet,

and Jack is described as fair and fair haired. Okay? So, so Jack is, is fair haired. He’s, he’s very youthful. I believe Jack is about 12. None of the boys is older than the age of 12 in Lord of the Flies. And the youngest boys are six. And these are boys from a boarding school that were on an airplane that was perhaps shot down.

And now they are wrecked here on this South Pacific island. So Jack is the first one that we meet. And when we meet Jack, he, you know, is, is bewildered. He doesn’t know where he is, he’s on an island. And he begins to explore this island. Or actually he begins to explore this beach. He’s looking at the part of the jungle where the plane had,

had, had smashed through and the surf where it had disappeared into. And, and he’s kind of taking in his surroundings. And the first person that he meets, the first person that he meets is Piggy. Okay? Now Jack and Piggy are both dressed in their boarding school uniforms with their white t-shirts and their like little caps and their jackets and their pants.

They’re shorts actually. And so Jack meets Piggy Piggy is a short fat boy with glasses. He’s everything that anyone at an all boys school avoided, Okay? You never wanted to be seen with the fat boys, the ones who were whiny, the ones who were needy, the ones who were nerdy and book smart and just kind of like obnoxious cuz they were always complaining.

So, so Golding has sort of like invoked an archetype that’s very familiar to anyone who’s gone to an all boys school. And, and this is invoked in the figure of piggy. And so Piggy is asking Ralph, like what happened? They’re trying to reconstruct the story of, of, of what happened with the airplane. They’re wondering if there are other students,

other peers that are on this island as well. And during this conversation, Jack sort of strips off his jacket and Jack sort of strips off his shirt and his pants and he goes basically native on this island. He reclines on a tree in the shade and he celebrates his freedom, you know, that he doesn’t have to be constrained by these things. And maybe living on an island like this isn’t so bad because he can see that there’s fruit and things like that,

easy to pick off the trees. And, and, and he’s, his first experience is a liberation, Elizabeth, liberation from the confines of his boarding school. But piggy ever the nag is asking him practical questions like, What do you think we’re going to do? How do you think we’re going to survive? Do you think that there are other people on this island as well?

And so Ralph, I sort of see as being the Gemini, okay, Ralph is, is kind of non-committal to what should happen next. And he’s kind of reveling in the freedom of it all. And piggy, if we sort of go and take the mutable ground cross or, or basically conjugate through the mutable signs, Piggy is definitely, and clearly the Virgo,

I mean, he, you know, where Jack has stripped off his clothes and gone Native piggy is primly keeping his, his, his jacket and his shirt on. And when they find a tid pole piggy sort of rolls up the cuffs of his pants and kind of wades in a little bit. He doesn’t want to show off his body. He’s very self-conscious and,

and, and, and also very protective and always, you know, fiddling with his glasses and wiping and cleaning them. Eventually what happens is that in one of these tidal poles, Ralph discovers a con shell. It’s an enormous beautiful white con shell, and he takes it out of the water and piggy says, blow it. And Ralph is like, What do you mean?

And he is like, Blow it. It’s like a horn, it’s a trumpet. I’ve seen one of these in, in, in one of my aunt’s friends’ houses, you know, it’s a, as a collectible, it’s a sea show and you can blow it and it makes a, makes a sound. And so, you know, Ralph takes the con show and at first,

you know, he tries to blow and nothing comes out. And then piggy’s like pierce your lips or something like that. And Ralph begins to like, make farting noises through the show, and he laughs and piggy becomes irritated. And he is like, you know, listen, you have to like, use this con show to make a long, a long loud sound that we’ll call the others.

And so Ralph, finally on, you know, try number 12 or 13 blows this very loud and deep sound, which goes across the island. And so the birds scurry, you know, and, and, and, and, and there’s, there’s restless activity in the forest that surrounds the beach. And so piggy says, Blow it again. Blow it again.

And so Ralph blows it again, he blows it two, three, maybe four more times. And what begins to happen is from the forest emerge, first of all, the little ones who are the six and seven and eight year olds, they come out of the forest where they’ve been actually eating fruit, and they see Piggy and Ralph, and they immediately come and they form a circle.

As Ralph continues to blow on the horn, more students of different ages begin to arrive until finally Jack, who is the other lead character in the novile, Jack appears, and Jack is wearing a cap and a cloak over his school uniform. And he is the leader of the choir. And so he’s leaving his choir boys information down the beach towards Ralph who’s holding the con shell and piggy who are surrounded by the other boys.

And so Ralph remembers thinking as Jack comes down the beach with the choir behind him, that there was a shadow that they make on the sand, a shadow that sort of like expanded underneath them. And it’s at that moment that Ralph feels a sort of like nefarious or dark quality about this meeting. So all the boys come together, there’s about 30 boys all together.

They all come together and they sit down in a circle around Ralph who has the con shell. And so it’s not like Ralph has done anything to prove himself leader. He hasn’t, you know, organized them or come up with any brilliant ideas or anything like that. He’s simply the boy, the first boy who discovered the con shell and what the advice of piggy blows into it and is called a congregation.

So all of these boys come and they sit down at Ralph’s feet, ready to listen, ready to give leadership to Ralph. And right away, Jack, who’s the leader of the choir, boys disputes this, he challenges it. He says, you know, I’m in charge of the choir and, and, and I should, you know, have the,

have leadership. And it’s piggy who very quickly intervenes and says Ralph’s the one who has the con shell and whoever has the con shell, whoever has the con shell has the power to speak. And so Ralph has the con shell and he has the power to speak. So you have to hear Ralph out first, okay? And so Jack sort of obeys.

And so everyone you know, with good boarding, school etiquette is obeying. They need to set up a sort of rank, rank and file, and they take a vote and they all decide that Ralph, because he has the con shell is going to be the leader of the boys. And so he takes on this mantle having no idea of how to lead them or,

or, or what’s important or anything along these lines. He’s sort of rather fallen into it accidentally. So we have Ralph, who is fair-haired, we have Piggy who is Fat, and who’s immediately made fun of by Jack and the other boys. They’re like, who’s fatty? You know? And Ralph says, Well, actually his name’s Piggy and Piggy Shrieks out.

And he said, Ralph, Ralph, I told you in confidence that my name was Piggy. And I told you in confidence not to share it with, with everyone because if Ev everyone hears the name Piggy, they’re going to call me Piggy and they’re going to boss me around and they’re going to make fun of me and Ralph, I, I honestly can’t understand how you could have betrayed me like that,

you know? And it’s this extraordinary moment because all of a sudden Ralph, who’s still a boy, you know, begins to understand because he just sort of like, oh, said, his name’s Piggy. And of course the other boys begin to laugh and say, Piggy, piggy, that’s better than fatty, you know? But Ralph understands suddenly in that moment that he’s done an unconscious act of cruelty,

that he has betrayed this, this, this name that this nickname that Piggy had to everyone. We never find out Piggy’s real name. He’s always called Biggie in the Novile. And everyone laughs and everyone finds it hugely funny. And it’s in that moment when Ralph also wants to laugh and find it hugely funny that he suddenly feels shame. He suddenly feels bad about having told everyone Piggy’s name.

And he begins to realize this is not what a leader does. That leader doesn’t join in the mockery. A leader doesn’t join in the cruelty that because he’s got this con shell, he is now suddenly apart from the other boys. And he is basically the designated adult on this desert island. So they’re all rather curious as to what the first thing you know is going to be to do.

And so everyone, they elect Ralph, that’s the first thing that they do. And they sleep the night. And in the morning Ralph blows the horn and they reconvene. And so there’s this idea of like, well, what are we going to do? What’s the next thing? And Ralph says, Well, basically we need to be rescued and that’s our major priority.

That is our first priority. So we need to build a fire. And they’re like, Oh, where are we going to build this fire? And he’s like, We’re going to build this fire up there on that Mount Mountain. It’s actually very large hill, but it’s at the, it’s around the bend of the beach on, on the island. He’s like,

We’ll build the fire up there on that hill. It’s high enough so that what a ship is passing by, they ought to be able to see the smoke. So we’ll build that fire. And they’re all like, Oh, wow, that’s a great idea. Let’s build that fire. That sounds really, really marvelous. Okay? And, and so they,

they agree, but they need to find their way to that end of the hill. And the, and at this point, they sort of decide on a, an exploration party. And the exploration party is Ralph, of course, and Jack and Simon. Simon is our fourth character. Simon to me is the Pisces. He’s, he’s dark-haired. He’s one of the choir boys when he first shows up.

And the choir boys stand in formation. It’s Simon who like collapses in a faint on the beach and they all have to break formation and revive him and bring him around. And that’s where we hear that Simon has a very beautiful voice, but is rather delicate. He’s very sensitive. And there’s something about Simon that’s a little odd, maybe otherworldly a little strange,

a bit off. Okay? So, so Ralph is, is fair haired piggy is with the glasses and fat. Simon has dark hair and it’s implied a very pale complexion. And of course, Jack, Jack is red. Jack is described as red haired and with blue eyes that all of a sudden can get very angry and his face can sort of scrunch up with when there’s a flare of anger that comes across it.

So Jack, I see very much as the Sagittarius. Now, Sagittarians aren’t necessarily known for their anger or anything along those lines, but Jack is the adventurer of the group. Jack’s the one who, you know, let, yes, let’s go off on this adventure. And he’s the one who wants to sort of explore the island and, and take it all in.

And so when we think of Ralph as the Gemini, let’s think of Ralph as the Mars in Gemini, okay? He’s got the Mars. He’s the one who takes the con shell and takes over the leadership. But he’s also Gemini about, he’s very ambivalent. He’s not sure you know why he’s the one who’s doing this. He actually fetched the con shell out of the tide pool because it was a glittery,

shiny object. It’s very Gemini, you know, and fe is it, and finds himself in this position of, of responsibility. Jack is the one who challenges him and is much more temperamental and much more loud and much more expressive and fiery. You know, he’s got alaric temperament, a very fiery temperament in the way that he’s described in the book.

Piggy will always counsel pragmatism and Simon Simon is always a little bit off. So Simon and Jack and Ralph go off to this end of the island to explore it, and they find that this would be a good place to have a fire. Okay? And it’s on their way home that there’s a very powerful incident that takes place. They come across a piglet,

they come across a piglet that has been entangled in the jungle vines and, and is free and is trapped. And Golding is very descriptive in this point. The piglet and stayed with me when I first read it in my freshman year. The piglet looks at the boys wild-eyed squealing, you know, at the top of its lungs, you know? And,

and they’re there and, and what they see is food, you know? And so it’s jack, the red-haired Sagittarius who produces the knife. And, and seeing that the piglet is there entangled in the vines, he’s like, I’m going to slit the pig’s throat. And Ralph’s like, Why? And he’s like, because if you slit the pig’s throat,

it dies quickly and it doesn’t spoil the meat is what he repeats. And they’re like, Oh, you know, so he knows his way around a pig, you know, he knows his way around hunting. So Jack goes and tries to get the piglet, which is squiring, and it’s squealing high pitched, you know, and he tries to, to,

to cut the throat. But the piglet, the piglet frees itself and scurries off into what they call the pig run, which is these pig runs. There, there are herds of wild pigs that run through the jungles. And so they’ve created these pads in the underbrush, which are about the size of a pick. And, and this is their paths that they’ve created on the island.

And so the pig escapes and gets away. And Ralph, in his frustration, you know, yells at Jack. And he’s like, How could you have done that? How? You, you, you, you had that pig, we had a meal, we could’ve eaten it. And, and, and you’ve flubbed it up, you messed it up,

you know? And Jack turns red in his face and he’s deeply embarrassed, and he’s deeply ashamed. And he looks up at Ralph and he says, That will never happen again. That will never happen again. Next time I get a pig, I will kill it and it will never, ever happen again. So they return back to the camp, you know,

Jack and a bad solen mood Ralph frustrated and annoyed, and Simon just sort of like staring at the jungle as they walked through the path. And so they’d come back and they toe the adventure and, and immediately the choir boys and some of the older, older boys, you know, the pre-adolescent boys are like excited by the idea of like pigs and things like this,

you know, that they could hunt them and they could have meat, you know? And then of course everyone’s like, Well, we’re going to have to make a fire, you know, if we’re going to cook. But also Ralph still wants to make a fire as a signifier for any ship that would be passing by. And so that’s actually the first thing that he,

he sees the fire as. And so they’re like, Does anyone know how to make a fire? You know, these are boys from boarding school on an island in the South Pacific. No one knows how to make a fire, and they’re wondering if there’s matches in someone’s coat pocket or something like this. Nothing is to be found. And it’s piggy who offers up his glasses to Ralph.

And he says, You can use these glasses to catch the ray of the Sun to create a fire. And Ralph does exactly that, and he angles it with the Sun that comes through the glasses and it begins a fire. And in that moment, on very, very small, you know, bundle of wood starts this fire. And of course, that starts all the problems.

Ralph sees the fire as being really important in terms of signaling for any sort of passing ship. And the fire, as the novile progresses, becomes a symbol of civilization. It becomes a civil, it’s a symbol of civilization because they go to the peak of that hill and they build a fire and they keep that fire going to make smoke to signal for any passing ship.

And at the same time, once Jack goes and successfully with his TRIBE of boys kills the first pig, you know, they, they slice up the pig and they roast it. And everyone who’s been eating nothing but fruit for now, it’s a couple of leaks. And maybe they’ve got the runs and things like that, you know, finally feast on this,

this, this pig. So the fire is both the signal on the mountain, but it’s also a place where they can roast meat, pig meat. And so there’s this division that begins between the two parts of this group of 30 boys. There are the hunters, the choir boys, and the other older boys who are going to follow Jack and whatever it is he does,

you know, which is pig hunting. And then there are the boys who are going to follow Ralph. Okay? So Ralph’s big thing is to keep the signifier going and it doesn’t last. What often happens is that boys who’ve been sent up there to keep the fire going, grow bored and find something else to do, or wanna go pig hunting with Jack,

okay? You know, kind of sporty guys going off to the weekend. That’s much more fun than tending a fire. And it’s during one of these incidents when Jack, when Ralph has noticed that the fire has gone out on top of this hill, that he also looks out to the ocean. One of the boys cries out, maybe it’s piggy, maybe it’s one of the twins or twins there,

Salmon Eris, who are always getting confused with one another. They cry out about smoke on the horizon. And what Jack sees is a ship on the horizon that’s passing the island. And he goes, and he looks at the fire on the top of the hill and the fire’s gone out because the boys who are in charge of the fire have gone hunting with Jack.

And so the, the boat passes them by this boat, passing them by is one of two instance in which civilization brushes accidentally against the island before the conclusion of the story itself. Ralph is furious at Jack for having let his boys let the fire go out. And he yells at him, you know, he’s like, How could you have let this fire go out?

This is the easiest thing to do in the world. You know, it’s not like we’re busy with other things on this island. All you know, you don’t need all 30 boys to go hunting. You can keep this fire going on. And because the fire wasn’t going, the ship passed us by and we’ll never be rescued. We’ll never be rescued.

We have to keep the fire going. And Jack’s like, well, we were hungry, we were hungry, and we were hunting pigs, and we found a pig. See? And now everyone wants to roast the pig up at the fire and they want to eat, and they’re happy that way. And so there’s this kind of split that continues to take place.

Ralph’s mission is to get them rescued and piggy will back Ralph in all things. He also tides Jack and all of the other boys, you know, for their hunting. And why don’t they do the proper, you know, British, you know, thing and stand by their duties and follow through their responsibilities and why we’re at it. Why don’t you help us build huts,

you know, and shelter, you know, that’s been left to me and Ralph and Simon and, and seminary, and we can’t build all these shelters for everyone because you guys go out and do the hunting and, and you’re, you’re like little boys. You’re, you’re like savages. And you have to remember the priorities. You have to keep things straight.

Ralph’s, right? Ralph has the con shell. You do what Ralph says, you know, you have to keep that fire. And because of you, Jack, because of you, Jack, that chip has passed and we won’t be rescued. As you can imagine, Jack and Jack’s reaction is not kind. He’s like, Shut up, fatty. Now it’s not fatty,

it’s piggy. Shut up piggy. You return big monster. What do, what do you ever do that’s useful? You don’t hunt. All you do is eat. You know, somehow everyone else gets thinner on this island, but you just seem to get fatter, piggy, piggy, piggy, you know? And so it descends into like, whoa,

what you would imagine from 12 year olds having an argument. But the takeaway from this is that there is this split that’s going on, and you know, Ralph is losing not his leadership, but the cohesion of the group. You know, they’re losing, they’re, they’re drifting, they’re getting distracted from the message, which is to keep this fire, which is a signal flare,

and a ship will find us, and they’re kind of going native, okay? More and more, and Golding describes in the island, in, in the novile, you know, that the jackets have been abandoned a long time ago. Shorts are tattered and torn. You know, more and more, there’s less and less to wear that there’s this beating heat that these bodies are sunburned,

you know? And that, you know, hair is growing longer, people are beginning to smell and stink even though that they bathe. But you know, there are boys of that age, and you know, any mother who’s had a 12 or 13 year old boy knows that, ooh, better get that stick of deodorant. Okay? So, you know,

this is what’s, what’s going on here. But what’s also happening is that the little ones, the little ones are beginning to react. They’re having nightmares at night, and they’re beginning to talk amongst themselves about a beast, a great beast that, that, that lives in the water. You know? And so this kind of seizes the imagination of all the boys.

Is there a beast that lives in the water? Is there a beast that’s somewhere on the island? And Jack says, quite proudly, there’s no beast on this island. I hunt pigs and I’ve been all over this island, and I can tell you that there’s no beast. There is no beast at all. And, and so that night, almost as if on cue,

we had the second intrusion from the outside world, what golden describes is the corpse of a man in a parachute. He’s obviously been shot down and and ha and has died. And so this body of this fellow is on a parachute, and this parachute glides down to the island, and it lands very close to where that fire has been kept or not kept,

sometimes kept on the top of that null on the top of that hill. And so there, you know, the corpse lands and is seated between the rocks and the head sort of like bends forward and bends back because the parachute is still attached to it. But the parachute has also fallen between the rocks on top of this null. And so sometimes if the wind blows a certain way,

the parachute balloons, and then it falls flat again, and it balloons and it falls flat again. And the response, the corpse, you know, falls back and bends forward and falls back and bends forward, okay? And it’s a fascinating moment because again, it’s this intrusion, it’s a reminder that the world outside this island is at war. You know,

you can see how this is going to very quickly become the beast or the idea of the beast in the, the children’s imagination. But it’s also this comment, you know, that that that that life, you know, outside this island is also not a lovely place to be, you know? And so it, it, so on one of the expeditions,

the boys come back and they say that they found the beast. They found the beast. It’s on top of the null. It’s by the fire. And so there’s a few a refusal to ever go near that fire again. Everyone decides, you know, the beast is there. That’s its layer. We don’t wanna mess with it, and we’re not going to go near.

And Ralph is annoyed. He’s like, you know, a beast. Like, there must be a reasonable explanation. And, and, and he’s like, Let’s go and explore. Nobody wants to go and explore. And he’s like, you know, I mean, has someone seen this? You know? And two of the boys said, it’s huge.

It’s large. It’s, you know, they’re describing a parachute, but they haven’t connected that it’s a parachute, you know? And Ralph is like, really? And, and he turns to pig and he is like, What do you think a piggy’s? Like, that’s ridiculous. It’s like a ghost or something like that. And, and Ralph’s like,

Well, you don’t believe in ghosts and pick’s. Like, No, no, I don’t think so. I don’t think I believe in ghosts. You know? And, and all the boys are getting very frightened and very excitable about this. And at Simon, at Simon who says, All I, I think I know what the beast is, you know?

And, and they’re like, Is it up on the hill? Have you seen it? He’s like, No, no. I think I know what the beast though is Ralph. I, I, I think I understand what it is. And Ralph says, What is the beast? Simon? And Simon, in his sort of Pi voice says, It’s us,

Ralph, the beast is within us. That’s why you can’t find it. And that’s the first time that Ralph is really struck with a chill about what’s going on, that he’s losing control of this, of this, of this, these prep school boys, you know, that they’re becoming possessed by their fears, that they’re, that they’re slipping down the mountain.

That they’re, that they’re, that they’re devolving. You know, piggy may be the practical one, but no one listens to piggy. They only go to piggy for his glasses, you know, when they need to make a fire. And, and Simon, there’s a mystical quality about Simon. Simon is sort of prescient. He understands things on a deep level,

but these are 12 year olds, and it just sort of sounds odd and, and, and strange. And Jack, Jack is in no use Jack, Well, Jack is of great use, actually. Jack is the rebel. Jack is the one who provides the food, okay? And he’s the one who knows the island. And he’s the one who is increasingly not falling into step behind Ralph.

And Ralph is finding himself confused in a situation of leadership that he never asked for, and he doesn’t really know how to handle. Now, one of the scenes that follows after this is that they can no longer make the signifier, because that’s where the beast is on top. So they’re gonna make it down here on, on the beach. And so they,

they start a, a fire, and, and they, and they nurse it. And so the fire goes on into the evening, the Sun is set, and the fire is going on in the evening. And during this time, Simon has taken it upon himself to go up to the hill, okay? And to see what this thing is. And Simon going up to the hill,

discovers that it’s a dead man. It’s a dead man that’s connected to a parachute, okay? And so he immediately, you know, two things go through Simon’s mind. The first is, you know, I’ve solved the road of the beast. You know, the reason everyone won’t go up to this hill anymore, to light a signal fire and why they wanna keep it down on the beach.

And then also, you know, to, to share with them that, that, you know, that they had sort of made contact with the outside world. You know, maybe people are looking for them, you know, maybe this is what this person was doing and, and what happened to him. And his plane was the same thing that had happened to theirs during this time.

There’s a building thunderstorm that starts to happen, and there’s cr, there’s rolling thunder and flashes of lightning, you know, and it gets to be really quite frightening. And they’re all very concerned about this fire keeping the fire together. But, but it hasn’t started to rain yet. It’s just the thunder and the approaching lightning. And everyone is frightened. And what happens is Jack calls out to them and he says,

Let’s do our dance, because there’s a dance, I guess, that the hunters have done. You know, let’s do our dance and let’s sing, and we’ll dance and sing around the fire. And so they do this around the fire, and this is the first time that Jack begins to notice that they’ve begun to paint their faces. You know, that the hair is long and straggly,

that they have the spears and they dance around this fire. But it’s not a celebratory dance as the thunder booms and the lightning increases. It’s a dance of fear. It’s a dance of fear. It’s a dance that as long as you’re involved in this dance, okay, you can, you, you can dance away your fear. You can holler and yell and scream at each other,

and they’re hollering and yelling and screaming at each other, and they’re hollering and yelling at each other. Kill the pig, kill the pig, kill the fat thing, eat it up, kill the pig, kill the pig, kill the fat thing, and eat it up. You know, this is what they’re shouting and screaming at one another. And they’re beginning to laugh,

you know, because they’re out shouting the thunder, They’re out shouting, shouting the lightning. But at the same time, there’s a frenzy, you know? And Ralph and Piggy are sort of joining in. I mean, they’re not like joining in chanting it, but they’re part of this whole sort of wild, this mad scene, this, this shouting down back at nature,

you know, at the top of their lungs. All right? And so, and so what happens, you know, it’s dark and there’s a fire going. What happens is some sort of figure comes running into the circle. One of the boys has been acting out the pig and they’ve been pretending to kill it, and he’s left it. And now they’re shrieking and yelling.

And now another figure has run into the center of this circle. And to them, it’s like the pig. It’s the monster. It’s the beast. It’s the thing that has to be killed. And those, so they’re screaming and yelling and laughing at one another as they take out their spears, and they fall upon this thing, okay? Which is in the middle,

which shrieks and cries out just like that piglet did in pain. And they, and they, they, they, they don’t render at a Sun like a minute or something like that from the, from the euros play the pecans. But they, the, but they tear and they fall upon it, and they kill it. They smash it, they spirit,

you know? And in this, this frenzy, you know, lit only by this fire, with the rains starting to pour down. Now they leave, you know, they leave. But Ralph and Peggy know what has happened, and the boys who have killed this thing know what has happened. And so they depart not in glee or celebration, but with disgusted and repugnance.

They, they, they, they go in all sorts of different directions because of course, the figure that is lying on the sand is Simon Simon who had come down to tell them the secret of the beast, Simon, who was convinced that the beast was inside of them. And so it’s Simon’s body that the waves pick up and cradle and they float out to sea.

And so Simon’s body disappears down into the deep, the split now is complete. You know, the boys who follow Ralph carry spears, they wear paint, they wear masks on their faces. They are brutal. They are angry. They are predatory. They shout, they laugh, they out shout anyone who tries to talk reason for them. And so they’ve split away from Ralph.

So Ralph is left with only the six and seven and eight year olds who are basically useless, who did nothing but cry and eat fruit and don’t know what to do. And then there’s piggy who at this point, his glasses have been broken. And so there’s only one good glass, you know? So he’s like sort of the cyclops, you know,

he’s got one good eye that he can see through that’s still used to make the fire. And then there’s salmon Eris, the twins who are basically described as being English setters. They’re lookalike and sort of long and lanky, you know, and the way that they run around and, and, and sort of, people can never tell the two of them apart,

but they’re definitely on the side of Ralph and Piggy Ralph and Piggy and Sam Eris come to an understanding and a realization that Simon was the person who was killed the night before. And Ralph and Sam and Eris and piggy feel complicit because they didn’t stop it. They didn’t try to turn it around. They were drawn into the awe of this frenzy, you know?

But they knew that that was Simon. And everyone who fell upon Simon knew that it was Simon and that they had killed someone. And so this is like a horrible stain things, it, it’s not, things haven’t gotten from bad to worse. They are like at rock bottom basically at this point. And so, and so there’s the, there’s this tremendous horror.

There’s this tremendous horror and this guilt that has silenced them. They’re like the conscience, the remaining conscience of these boarding school boys. And Jack and his, his, his band of hunters have given themselves over to being completely predatory. And so they discover on another peak, this kind of what they call the rocky fortress. It’s a bunch of boulders that are high up and that provide a kind of shelter protection.

And this is where Jack has created his headquarters. So his side of the island has this rocky fortress, and on Ralph’s side of the island, that’s the beach where they first congregated and discovered the cut shell, where they have some huts made from palm trees. And the two of them have nothing to do with each other. The two of them have nothing to do with each other until Jack realizes,

you know, if we’re going to eat pig, we need to be able to make fire. Okay? Like, like, like that fire had been a couple of nights before where it had gone, you know, wild and Simon had been killed. And he realizes if we’re going to be, if we want to eat the meat that we hunt, we need a fire.

And of course we need piggy’s glasses, not piggy, but piggy’s glasses. And so he goes with an expedition of boys, and they surprise Ralph and Salmon Eris and piggy in their Hudson, middle of the night. And there’s a terrific fight that they have. And, and so they leave and, and, and, and of course Ralph was like,

I wonder what they were after. Piggy says they were after my glasses, and they got them, Okay? So they’ve gone back to their side of the island armed with Piggy’s glasses. Now they can make a fire, you know, now they can roast the pig. Okay? So, so something which began as a beacon is now something which is just a sort of roast pig.

And, and, and something to, to satisfy the hunger, you know? And, and of course, because Jack provides pig and meat, you know, and they say meat is a word that you hear over and over and over, you know, this is the thing that, that, that, that, you know, satisfies the hunger. And this is what’s brought the boys under Jack’s leadership.

And now he has it ironclad because he has piggy’s glasses and he can make fire whenever he wants to. His his rocky, rocky castle, his castle rock, they call it. And so piggy is indignant and Piggy’s not a very brave child, you know, he’s got asthma, He’s weak, he’s fat. And blubbery, he’s, he’s made fun of all the time.

But it’s piggy who’s been the nurturing one, it’s piggy who’s looked after the six and seven and eight year olds. It’s piggy who’s kind of maintained some sort of decency among everyone. And when Ralph FALs or doesn’t have the next idea, it’s piggy who very quickly, you know, gives Ralph advice and counsel. And, and, and piggy, even in this moment,

after Simon’s death tries to say it was an accident, But it’s Ralph who says, No, it wasn’t. We were there and we saw it. It wasn’t an accident, it was murder piggy. It was murder. And Piggy is so upset. He’s like, No, no. And Ralph says it was murder. Just say it, you know?

And so Piggy is so upset, and now he finds his kind of spunk. He’s outraged. They’ve taken away his, his glasses, they’ve taken away his sight, you know, he can’t see. He’s near sighted, you know, he’s squinting, you know? And so he says to Ralph, We have to go to Castle Rock, and we have to confront them.

We have to confront them and get my glasses back. And so Ralph, you know, is uncertain. He’s ambivalent, he’s unsure. And piggy says, You have to, Ralph, you have to, you know, you, it’s, it’s the thing to do, you know, And so and so Ralph leads them piggy and Sam and Eris to Castle Rock.

And when they get to the bottom of the cliff, you know, with these boulders are there, and they have created this fortress for Jack and his followers. There are centuries now boys with spears painted faces. The painted faces allow them to do things that they would never have done if their faces had not been painted. You know, the school uniforms are forgotten.

Any sort of order has been abandoned. And so they look down at, at Ralph, you know, and Ralph is, has come to confront them and Piggy’s carrying the con shell, you know, and, and piggy gives the con shell to Ralph. And Piggy calls out. Ralph has the con shell. Ralph has the con shell, and you have to listen to Ralph.

And the boys are like, Who wants to listen to Ralph and Fatso Piggy? Who wants to listen to Piggy? You know? And, and they, and they laugh and they taunt and they call out these names. And so Ralph, Ralph pleads with them. He says, Don’t you want to be rescued in order to be rescued? We have to have a signal fire.

You can stay on your side of the island, That’s fine, but give us back Piggy’s glasses, you know, so we can make a signal fire. And what you’ve done isn’t fair. What, you know, we would’ve given you the glasses. If you wanted the glasses to make a fire. We shouldn’t be at war with each other. We would’ve given you the glasses.

You can make your fire and you can give the glasses back. So we can keep the signal fire going. This doesn’t have to be like this, you know, says Ralph. And so the boys, j and Jack shows up, you know, but doesn’t really say much of anything, you know, at first. And it’s piggy, it’s piggy who begins to call out,

Piggy takes the hunt. She from, from Ralph, because whoever has the con shell has to be listened to by everyone. So piggy holds up this con shell, this beautiful white con shell. And he cries out, I got this to say. He says, I got this to say, you’re acting like a crowd of kids, you know? And they’re all like,

piggy, piggy, fatso, piggy, you know? And, and piggy says, which, which is better to be a pack of painted savages like you, or to be sensible like Ralph is, you know? And they’re like, Who wants to listen to Ralph? You know, Piggy’s fat, you know? And, and they’re laughing and, and making jokes,

you know, at Ralph and Piggy. And so piggy cries out again to them holding up this concho, which is better, which is better to have rules and degree or to hunt and kill, you know? And at that point, one of the boys, Roger, he’s like the evil one. Anyway, one of the boys, Roger goes to one of the boulders where there’s been a branch that’s been stuck under it as a sort of lever and,

and, and supposed to be used for defense. This boulder, you know, the idea would be you would use this branch as a lever and let loose this boulder, and it would fall down on who was ever under this, this castle rock and, and, and, and crush them. You know, it’s boys making a fort that come up with stupid ass things like this.

And so Roger goes over to the branch with this huge boulder, you know, and, and, and he begins to like, like lower to pull on this lever, you know? And the boulder happens to be positioned over Ralph and Piggy and Sam and Eris, who are down below on the rocks crying out. And so piggy cries out again, which is better,

which is better law and rescue, or hunting and breaking things up. And I want you to think about that, that line, which is better, which is better law and rescue or hunting and breaking things up. Think about our world nowadays. Think about our culture nowadays. Think of the laughter, the loud laughter, the derision, the mocking, you know,

the fear of the beast. The fear of of of, of something that’s different. You know, something that is pred praying on the predators. Think of our world, which with its derisive laughter, with, with its yelling, with its shouting, with its hunting, with its shooting, with its yelling and crying and breaking things up, which is better.

I ask you law and rescue or hunting and breaking things up. It’s at this point, Roger, who’s one of Jack’s boys lowers down the branch and the boulder scoots forward, and it goes flying, it goes flying into space, and it hits the side of the hill. Once it hits the side of the hill twice, Ralph reacts instinctively, and he throws himself to one side,

Sam Eris duck. And it’s piggy piggy with his corn shell standing there blind with no one to hold onto heaving with asthma that the rock hits. His body goes spiraling off to the side, the rock falls and crashes against the other rocks below this cliff and piggies body goes, falls and falls upon the rocks in the surf where his head is split open and everything spurts out red and golden describes in the novile,

the twitching limbs like a stuck pig. And the waves crashing over, the waves crashing over Piggy’s body. And like Simon carrying it out to sea, Ralph is horrified. He’s horrified by what he sees. And the hunters immediately descend upon salmon Eris, and they, and they, and they hold them and they bind them up. You know, they buy them up and prod them with spears because they know that if they can kidnap Sam and Eris,

Ralph has nothing to back up Ralph. And so Ralph flees, flees the scene, and he runs into the jungle having lost his two closest friends in almost as many days. And so it’s in the jungle that he stays to sort of think, what is he going to do next? And, and Golding is amazing. He describes Ralph’s mental state, like he can’t focus,

it’s phasing out. He can’t remember. He, he can’t remember. What was the plan? The plan, the plan was the signifier to keep the signal fire going. The fire would signal to any sort of passing ship. There was the possibility of being rescued. Now he doesn’t know who these kids are anymore. And they killed piggy. And in the killing of piggy the con shell is smashed into pieces.

And there was no authority, there was no law, there’s no rule. You know, what began, as, you know, kids getting distracted, they couldn’t even give the signal. Fire going has come, has, has devolved in the, into this complete abandonment. And even the young ones, the six and seven and eight year olds have joined Jack and painted their faces and now have distended bellies,

you know, as they carry their little sticks and spears. And so Jack, Jack goes at night to Castle Rock, and he realizes that the two guards at night are Sam and Eris, you know, and he asks them to, to come with him. And Sam and Eris said, No, we can’t. We’ll, we’ll, we’ll be, we’ll be killed if,

if we go with you. We can’t do that, Ralph. We’re on your side. But, you know, look at what they did to us. And, and so they’ve got bruises where they’ve been tortured, where they’ve been hit, where they’ve been beaten, and so and so, and, and so, but they say to Ralph, You need to run Ralph.

You can’t come back to this castle rock anymore. And Ralph is like, Well, Jack and I used to be friends. I can talk to Jack. I can somehow, you know, because there’s a part of Ralph that’s just like, just give it up. Give in, become one like everyone else. Like paint your face. Maybe that’s the easier way to go.

Just get lost and hunting pigs. And you don’t think about the Simons and you don’t think about the piggies, you know? And Sam and Eris say They’re coming after you, Ralph, they’re coming after you. They’re going to be hunting you tomorrow. And Ralph is like, What? And they’re like, Roger, Roger has taken a spear, and he’s shaved off both ends to make it pointed on both ends.

And he is like, pointed on both ends. Why? And they’re like, because they’re going to hunt you. And basically, as we’ve seen what they’ve done with the pigs that they’ve hunted before the boys, after they hunt and kill the pig and eat it, they always save the head, okay? And they take a sphere, put the pointed end in the ground,

and the other pointed it end. And they put the head at the pig on. And this is given as sacrifice or food to the beast, the dark beast of the island, okay? And so when, when the twins say they’re gonna sharpen both ends of this stick, Ralph knows perfectly well, not only are they going to hunt and kill him,

they’re going to take his head and put it on the end of the stick. And so Ralph is, is full of confusion. How, how do I escape this? How do I run from this? He comes in a very Gemini way. He comes up with like three to four different things that he can do, and he becomes confused by all of them because he’s so tired.

He hasn’t eaten, he’s not himself. His hair is long. He smells, he’s in taters of clothes. There’s, there’s, there’s this flickering ember of, of civilization that’s quickly disappearing, by the way, civilization that’s quickly disappearing. And so he thinks, Okay, what I’m gonna do is hide very close to Castle Rock. So they go across the island,

they won’t find me, and I’ll escape them that way. And then I’ll sort of like dodge and, and, and hide through the island. And, and it’s a good plan, and it’s planned that he’s got, and he’s got the spear with them. So if anyone finds him hiding and the creepers, he’ll stab the person and poke them and go and run,

you know? And, and indeed, this is the first encounter with one of the boys. He, he, he pokes them and the boy cries out and, and they run and, and runs away. And, and, and he says, you know, he’s hiding, but he’s got, he’s, he’s armed with a spear. And Ralph,

you know, Ralph is actually respected for being very smart. Ralph doesn’t think he’s very smart, but he’s respected for being very smart, you know? And so he thinks he can lie in hiding, camouflage, and he can escape. But what happens is he begins to smell smoke, you know? And there are these running bodies through the forest. I mean,

right now Ralph is in the pig runs and he’s running through the pig runs to hide. And, and he smells smoke. And he’s like, What’s going? And he realizes they’re smoking him out. They’re burning down the island to smoke Ralph out. So the TRIBE of hunters are running in front of the flames, which have been let loose on this island.

And, and they’re doing it to smoke out, Ralph, to kill him. And so Ralph realizes with horror, what’s going on? The pigs are, the pigs are squealing and running around, the birds are running around any sort of creatures running around the island because the entire island, the entire island now is going up in flames. And so Ralph tries to avoid them.

He can hear them getting closer and he can hear them chanting, Kill the pig, kill the pig, kill the pig, Cut its throat, eat it, kill the pig. Kill the pig, you know? And so they’re chanting, kill the pig. And they’re hunting for Ralph. Ralph is the pig. Ralph is the target. Ralph is the prey.

And he goes running through the jungle. There’s smoke, there’s fire. He’s looking back, there’s fire growing up. There’s pigs, there are birds that are flying away. He’s like, they’re, I mean, Ralph is still thinking they’re idiots. They’re burning the fruit trees, they’re burning the pigs, they’re burning everything. What are they going to live on?

They’re destroying everything that’s here. While he’s also remembering that they’re running after him and that they’re hunting him and he doesn’t know where to go. And he’s so exhausted. And he’s watched his friends die and his other compatriots transformed into monsters, you know, And he goes running through the forest and he breaks through the forest and he’s down on the beach and he goes scurrying across the beach.

He’s in taters, his hair is flying. He, you know, kill the pig, kill the pig. They can hear the chanting, kill the pig as it gets closer and closer. And he’s stumbling and there’s smoke and he can’t see. And he’s stumbling on the beach. And, and, and, and, and he falls down and he just,

he, he, he can’t run anymore. And he looks up, he looks up, or rather, actually he’s on the ground. He’s looking down, He’s looking down. And he sees at first shoes, shoes, officer shoes, military shoes. And he looks up and there are the parents’ legs and there is the coat and the jacket. And he looks up and he sees this naval officer looking down at him.

And they have this extraordinary moment. They have this extraordinary moment. The officers looking down at Ralph, the officer, Well, I’ll read it to you. It’s, it’s beautifully written. The officer looked at Ralph Doubtfully for a moment, then took his hand away from the butt of his revolver. Okay? Cuz he was like, What’s going on here?

This island is the plays, you know? So he looks, and, and then, and then when he looks at Ralph Doubtfully, he gradually takes his hand away from his revolver and he says, hello and squirming a little conscious of his filthy appearance. Ralph answered. Charlie, Hello. The officer nodded as if a question had been answered. Are there any adults,

any grownups with you? Dumbly Ralph shook his head. He turned half a pace on the sand, a semi-circle of little boys. Their bodies streaked with colored clay. Sharp sticks in their hands were standing on the beach making no noise at all fun and games. Said the officer, the fire reached the coconut palms by the beach and swallowed them. Noisily a flame seemingly detached,

swung like an acrobat and looked up the palm heads. The sky was black. The officer grinned cheerfully at Ralph, We saw your smoke. What have you been doing, having a or something? Ralph Noded, the officer inspected the little scarecrow in front of him. The kid needed a bath, a haircut, a nose wipe, and, and a good deal of ointment.

Nobody killed, I hope, any dead bodies. Only two. Ralph answered, and they’re gone. Two killed. Ralph nodded again behind him. The whole island was shuttering with flame. The officer knew as a rule, when people were telling the truth, We’ll take you off. How many of there are there? We’ll take you off. How many of you are there?

Ralph shook his head. The officer looked past him to the group of painted boys whose boss? Here I am Ralph said loudly. We saw your smoke and you don’t know how many of you are there. No sir. I should have thought said the, as he visualized the search before him, I should have thought that a pack of British boys, You’re all British,

aren’t you? Would’ve been able to put up a better show than that. I mean, it was like that at first said Ralph before things, he stopped. We were together. Then the officer Noded helpfully, I know the good show, just like Coral Island. Ralph looked at him dumbly for a moment. For a moment. He had a fleeting picture of the strange glamour that had once invested the beaches.

But the island was scorched up now like Deadwood. Simon was dead. And Jack had the tears began to flow and sobs shook him. He gave himself up to them. Now, for the first time on the island, great shuttering spasms of grief that seemed to wrench his entire body. His voice rose under the black smoke before the burning wreckage of the island.

And infected by that emotion, the other little boys began to shake and sob too. And in the middle of them, with filthy body, matted hair and un wiped nose, Ralph wept for the end of innocence. Ralph wept for the darkness of man’s heart. And the fall through the air of the true wise friend called piggy. The officer surrounded by these noises was moved and a little embarrassed.

He turned away to give them time to pull themselves together and waited, allowing his eyes to rest on the trim cruiser in the distance. That’s how the novile ends. And it’s a powerful message. It’s more than just about castaway boys on an island. It says a lot about civilization. And it’s not civilization like objectifying it and putting it on savages or,

or indigenous peoples or anything like that. Anyone familiar with the history of the world knows that civilization often projects its own shadow beast onto other people’s and to other cultures, and hunts them down, calls them piggy, you know, and grinds them under its heel. Now what this was a story of was the thin veneer of civilization. Because something that’s kind of often forgotten,

I mean I didn’t really notice it until I read it recently, is that there’s a greater war that’s going on. You know, these, these boys are marooned on an island and they’re kind of like in a pocket, you know, they’re, they’re away from the war, but yet the shutters of the war are still being felt. The horror that they experienced in the plane crash is felt in the cries and the nightmares of the sixth and seven and eight year olds.

The horror that there’s a dark beast that needs to be hunted is felt in the psyches of the boys themselves. And of course, it’s the weak ones that are, that are killed. You know, the weak ones that, that stand for and symbolize civilization. You know, Simon, the, the slightly off one, the mis the the mystic really of the group.

The pcy and psychic is the one who solves the riddle and comes back to share it with them. He’s the one who first identifies the beast, not as a figment of anyone’s imagination or, or something convenient like a nightmare, but as something that is growing inside all of their psyches. Something that is growing in the psyche of civilization itself. Simon correctly identifies that.

And in turn is killed like a beast. He becomes the target of the fear of the zeal of the exhilaration of people dancing away their fear. Piggy, piggy is that nagging, you know, is that nagging, needy? You know, child who is constantly reminding them of the, of their duties and the things that they need to do and scolding them like a mother would.

But he has no power or clout to bring them around. But it’s piggy with his glasses. Who sees it’s piggy who understands where it’s going? It’s piggy who thought of the idea of a signifier and keeping that going and bringing laws and ru laws and regimen to what’s going on before everything descends, descends into a darkness. And how is piggy met with derisive?

Laughter, name calling, shouting at things, vilifying it. You know, this is what goes on with the beast, you know, that goes on is the vilifying. It, it’s them. It’s the other side of the island. It’s Ralph’s side, the weak side, the, you know, there’s the, there’s the, there’s the Touched kid and then there’s the fat kid,

and then there’s Ralph himself, Ralph himself, who was once one of them, Ralph, different parts of the Novile, just wants to go back to being one of them. But has found himself elected and put into this leadership position. And that after he even lead loses the leadership position, he still has the conscience. He still knows better Ralph, who collapses at the feet of this naval officer and begins weeping,

Weeping like a child to enable officer who represents civilization and has been out fighting a war and is actually embarrassed by this. You know, what, what have you kids been doing? You know, the adults have shown up. What have you kids been doing? What have you adults been doing? That’s the real question, you know? And that’s the next page,

the story that we never go to cuz this is where the story ends. But the question is, what have you adults been doing? And this brings us to Gemini. Gemini is a sign associated to early education. It’s associated to the games that we learned how to communicate, to how to socialize. It’s associated to early education. These are boarding school boys.

These are supposed to be children who are innocent, but these are children who still are products of their civilization and are reflecting the darkness of the civilization that lies underneath the veneer of boarding school caps and boarding school uniforms, which are quickly and easily discarded. These are the things that I want you to think of, You know, as Mars is in retrograde,

in Gemini, what are the times saying, How do we treat each other? What begins as fun and games? Fun and games? The officer says, Fun and games. You know, it’s not fun and games, not when people get hurt, not when things are destroyed, not when things in society are broken up and rules are not followed. It’s something to think about.

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