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What does a Grand Water Trine Mean?

This is your Horoscope Highlight for the week of November 14th – November 20th 2022, with world-class astrologer, historian, and author of The Cosmic Calendar, Christopher Renstrom.

This is your Horoscope Highlight for the week of November 14 – November 2022 with world-class astrologer, historian, and author of The Cosmic Calendar, Christopher Renstrom. Just a few weeks after Jupiter's return to Pisces, the planet of fortune will begin its journey to forming a trine to three planets in Scorpio: the Sun, Venus and Mercury. Through these aspects, we can expect to carry the hardships of heartbreak with us this week, a process the water signs experience in the most profound way. As we work through fury and disappointment, we are being asked to let go of our grudges and turn to love. If we choose to welcome compassion and benevolence into hearts and minds over the next few weeks, we have the opportunity to fall into a beautiful alignment with the same three planets as they make their way into Sagittarius beginning November 22.

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[00:00:00] Hello, my name is Christopher Renstrom, and I'm your weekly horoscope columnist here on Astrology Hub. And this week I wanted to talk to you about the extraordinary Venus Mercury and Rines to Jupiter in Pisces that will be taking place. Now, the reason why I use the word extraordinary is because these tryings in and of themselves are very remark.

As you might recall earlier this year, in the month of April, we had a very, very rare Jupiter Neptune conjunction take place in the Zodiac sign of Pisces. Now, the reason why this made so many astrologers excitable is because Jupiter is the ancient ruler of Pisces. Neptune is regarded as the modern ruler of Pisces, and the two of them were coming together.

Their own Zodiac sign. So this is one of those, like once in a lifetime or several lifetimes events that again makes [00:01:00] all astrologers rather excited. Um, and so this took place in the month of April. Now what's interesting is that Jupiter usually spends one full year in a zodiac sign. It takes Jupiter one year to pass through every one of the Zodiac signs, which is why we will celebrate a Jupiter return, uh, to its place in your own natal chart once every 12 years.

And this is seen as being a very good and benevolent sort of thing. So here we had this, uh, conjunction take place. Jupiter's supposed to be in Pisces for the whole year, but because of it, of, uh, peculiarity in orbits, it didn't spend an entire year in Pisces. Uh, it actually left the Zodiac sign of Pisces in April, and it returned to the Zodiac sign of Pisces at the end of October.

And that's what makes this so intriguing to me as an astro. [00:02:00] Basically it skipped one of the water signs. Okay. In other words, it didn't skip one of the water signs. Jupiter is, and Pisces, uh, I didn't say that the best way that I could have, but it never made a trying to the sun, when the sun was in the zodiac sign of cancer.

Okay, because Jupiter wasn't in Pisces at that time. Usually because Jupiter is in a sign for an entire year, it will conjoin the sun and it will make two trains to it. But that didn't happen this time. That didn't happen this time. And whenever things don't happen this time, an astrology that always peaks and astrologer's interest, we begin to ask, Well, what's that all about?

And how do we interpret this? And does it mean anything? And of course I happen to believe that it. When you take the three water signs and the three water signs in astrology are, uh, cancer, Scorpio and Pisces, you basically [00:03:00] see the entire cycle of love one could say. Um, so, so as the sun passes from cancer, And it goes into Scorpio, and then it goes into Pisces if you put that on the agricultural year here in the Northern Hemisphere.

And the reason I'm always, uh, referring back to the agricultural year and the Northern Hemisphere is because this is the origin of astrology. Um, here in the west. The astrological signs, the characters of the astrological signs, the way that, um, they are understood. Can be understood very much according to the season of the year in which they take place.

So, as I said before, when you look at the three water science together, you're really looking at a journey of love. Okay? Um, what, what you have with the, uh, first, uh, uh, Zodiac sign of the agricultural year in the sign of water. That's cancer. Cancer is the [00:04:00] first water sign in the agricultural year that begins with, All right.

What you have in cancer are the familiar idea of Hearth and Home, the good Mother, um, a, a a time of year in the summer where all of your needs are taken, uh, care of. Okay.

Where all of your needs are taken care of. Uh, you don't really have to, uh, look around for food that much because there's usually fruit hanging from the trees. Uh, fish are easy to catch in rivers and streams and vegetables sort of like volunteer themselves for, uh, your cuisine from the earth itself. So the summer was always seen as being a time of plenty and a time of abundance.

And so the Zo. Sign of cancer being the sign of the mother, and particularly the good mother. Now, that doesn't mean that your mother's always good if you're born under the zodiac sign of cancer, but the idea is that your mother should be good. And this time of the year was the good [00:05:00] mother associated to the summer solstice and to the zodiac sign of cancer.

So this is, this is one. One is feeling loved when one is feeling held and embraced and bonded. When you can suckle at your mother's breast and you are rocked lovingly in her, uh, arms, and you can maybe even take a poop in your diapers and she'll go and change them for you. Okay? So these are all the things that are associated with cancer, okay?

The first of the three water signs, when we get to the zodiac sign of Scorpio. Scorpio is the heart of. Okay, so all of those flowers that were blooming in summer, all of those fish that were jumping up and down in this, in the streams, all of that fruit that was hanging from the branches, all of those vegetables that were producing themselves from the earth, They're all gone.

Okay, So, so basically all the flowers and the lovely abundance of, of summer has gone to seed and this is associated with the heart of, of [00:06:00] autumn. Um, this is associated with the zodiac sign of Scorpio, which is ruled by Mars and Pluto. And this is when the trees, instead of sending all of their energy up into the leaves and branches and be getting fruit, Turn that energy back down into the roots and all of that energy goes down into the underworld.

And so this is Scorpio's Association with the Underworld and Scorpio also has an association, a very powerful and strong association with heartbreak. So, So all of those promises that were made in youth, that your parents would be there forever, that you would always be provided for that love was a simple valentine that you exchanged in the first grade.

Okay? All of those things. Um, well, Talk to a Scorpio, they really come dashing to pieces in the Zodiac side of Scorpio. Now, that doesn't mean that this is the time of year when everyone's hearts are broken or things like this, but Scorpio, because it's the season that follows the summer, it's in the heart of autumn.

It's experiencing everything going to seed [00:07:00] Scorpio experiences. The disappointments, um, the loss and, and the feeling of journeying down into the underworld. You know, looking at the things that lie underneath the surface niceties and seeing the fact that abundance has a cost or abundance at least, isn't there.

Uh, twenty four seven, three hundred and sixty five days a year, and 66 on. Okay, so Scorpio is this feeling of heartbreak and what happens when you have heartbreak in your life. This is something that Scorpios are very proficient at. They, they, they know this quite well and this is why people, as we've spoken a couple of weeks before, will turn to Scorpios because Scorpios know what it's like to feel that Scorpios know what it's like to give into heart.

You know, to become embittered and to become very angry. And Scorpios also know what it's like to resist that under to okay to, to not go and stay there. But at the same time, Scorpios will [00:08:00] insist on being there, you know, if you are upset. You have a right to be upset if your heart has been broken, your heart has been horribly broken, and you have the right and you can make the emotional, psychic, and psychological space in your life to experience all of that and to feel that, you know, and to resist.

And, and, and even shout back at people who are saying, Get over it, or You wanna wallow in this, or, you know, we're, we're coming here with these like appendages, these appendages, these, these simple remedies. Why don't you recite this mantra? Or Scorpio says none of that. None of that. You know, this is heartbreak.

And if I'm going to feel heartbreak, I'm going to feel heartbreak and they feel it. With all the passion of an operat, operatic, meso soprano. Okay, So this is what, but this is what we experience in, in, in Scorpio. It's, it's, it's the lowest point of, of, of love when love is broken and, and, and finds it hard to not go down the path [00:09:00] of anger and vengeance.

Um, and, and so that becomes its own struggle in the zodiac sign of Scorpio when we move to the Zodiac sign of PIs. Pisces is

when we move to the zodiac sign of Pisces, okay? Which comes at the end of the agricultural year. And when Pisces is done, we begin the new year, okay? In the Zodiac sign of of Aries. When we come to the Zodiac sign of Pisces, what we experience is that heart. Mending itself. Okay. That, that, that, that is not the nature of the water signs, and it's not the nature of water to stay broken.

Water doesn't break. I mean, waves may break on the shore, but water doesn't break. Okay? Water.

Water [00:10:00] doesn't break, but water does Is. Okay. Uh, you can have water on the ocean and, and it may evaporate or water on the pond or a stream or even a simple puddle. It evaporates and it goes and gathers up. It, it transcends, it goes up into the air and it gathers, its as storm clouds. Okay, so water.

Disappears. So this idea of like water disappearing, you know, the mystery of that disappearance, um, that it goes up into the clouds where it becomes heavy. And when it becomes heavy to enough of a degree, in an extent, it returns to the earth as life giving water. It, it returns as rain, it rains on the deserts, and life comes back to life.

It, it rains where there used to be, uh, puddles and, and rts and streams and, and now, Our, our, our dry beds and holes and, and, and, and, and, and holes and, and, and, and fissures in the land. But then the water returns and it fills back up and it becomes puddle puddles. It [00:11:00] becomes ponds and creeks. Okay? So, so water has this way of leaving and then returning again.

It's just like a fountain. You know, if you, you could almost think of cancer as the base of the fountain. The water comes up and spurts out through the Scorpio, and then it returns back to the base, and that is the Pisces. And so, Return this coming back again. This, this, refreshing, this restoration. Okay.

These are the ideas that are associated with Pisces. And Pisces as we know, is a sign that we often associate with unconditional love. With compassion, with mercy, with feeling for people outside of its family. Okay? With cancer, you have the strong familial bond. So it's, you know, it's, it's blood relatives first.

You, you stand by, uh, the people that are part of your family. All right. You stand by the people that are part of your family. But with Pisces it's compassion and care and love for [00:12:00] people who may, who have nothing to do with your family. And in fact, many PIs go and find families outside of their own families.

They know they go and find strangers from different neighborhoods or foreign lands or, or exotic cultures, and they feel that they found themselves there. So there's a sort of, um, looking beyond where I start out. In the zodiac sign of Pisces. But what happens with water, as I said, water evaporates, it returns to the clouds and fills up, and then it comes back down as rain again.

What happens with water? And if you have very strong water in your chart, uh, you're going to have, you're gonna be very strong in those water, uh, faculties like memory and dreams and imagination. Okay? These are all strong and relevant to the element of water, but at the same time, The capacity to be restored after having been heartbroken and hurt is there.

It's inherent in the sign the the sign [00:13:00] cannot stop. Loving and even for people born under aspects, difficult aspects in the water signs, uh, difficult planetary aspects or, or, or, or difficulty, uh, aspected, Scorpio, even though they want to go to a place of anger and, and, and, and, and hardness, you know, cuz Scorpio can be a fixed sign.

They can't stay there. It's the nature of water to move on, to move past, to transcend, to return to the clouds so it can continue that water cycle. And so that's why, again, as I said, we experience in Pisces things like unconditional love and uh, forgiveness and compassion. But lest we start, um, associating ideas of, you know, evolution, like one sign is better or higher or whatever than the other, we always have to remember that all signs have.

Different aspects and different features to them. Uh, compassion can be taken to an extent where there's no feeling for the people in your lives and you're always feeling [00:14:00] sympathetic for people you'll never met, meet you'll, you've never met or will never meet who are suffering on tv. You know, it can be like, Oh, my heart goes out to these people who are suffering countries away are these people who are suffering in society, you know, but meanwhile, loved ones and best friends can stand almost virtually ignored.

Uh, Pisces have a tendency to sort of stream their. Uh, they can go from laughter to ecstasy to depression, to hate to anger, and return to ecstasy and compassion and laugh, uh, in, in, in, in a 10 minute cycle. Okay? So, so Pisces can sort of like what I call channel change, uh, through all these different emotions and it's kind of at times hard for them to stay with One, One might say, Well, this is good, that this is very fluid.

This shows Pisces capacity to love the entire. The entire spectrum of love, but what it can also introduce into the zodiac sign of Pisces can be a kind of generic quality that I feel the same for you, that I [00:15:00] feel for a favorite pair of sneakers to a Bach concerto. To, um, you know, a, a simply red tune to a sunset to fish in the sea.

You know, like the emotions just sort of stream through and they don't really inhabit or stay in one particular place. And at times what can happen is that, uh, Pisces can feel this kind of, um, lack of intimacy or this lack of even staying, you know, that, that, that they've sort of moved on emotionally. So here we are.

Here we are, as I said, with this Venus in Scorpio trying to Jupiter. Which will be taking place on November 15th with this mercury in Scorpio trying to Jupiter, which takes place on November 16th, and then this sun in Scorpio trying to Jupiter, which PLA takes place on November 20th. And I kind of like to see them almost like, well, to me it's remarkable because the week [00:16:00] before, the week before Venus train.

Neptune on November 10th, Mercury trained Neptune on November 12th. The moon trained, uh, Neptune on November 14th, and then Venus trains Jupiter on the 15th. Mercury trains Jupiter on the 16th. The sun trains Jupiter on the 20th. So really what's happening with these three planets, Venus, Mercury, and the Sun, is that they're hitting each of the two planets, which took place in this extra.

Conjunction. Okay. That took place earlier this year. Okay. But this conjunction in, um, uh, that went on between Jupiter and Neptune didn't stream. It didn't really. Move its energy forward. It came together in the conjunction, you know, so you have almost like the planting of the seed, but it's not until these rines that that conjunction energy becomes activated.

Okay? Because we have planets that are [00:17:00] now moving to another water sign that are signaling to this, this, this, this Jupiter, Saturn, uh, this Jupiter Neptune conjunction to open its energies to really sort of. Open, its its channels to open its floodgates. Okay. It's signaling to open o open the floodgates and to rain, to pour, to move that energy on forward.

So where the conjunction itself in Pisces took place in Aries. Okay. Which is a fire sign. It's not a water sign. It's not until we get into Scorpio season that we have the Venus and the Mercury and the sun in Scorpio. Training. Okay. That, that, that energy, that, that conjoined Okay. In April in, in Pisces.

But not only that, each one of the planets tris each of the planets, which took place in the conjunction the week before, or tries to Neptune the week after TRAs to Jupiter. So what that signals to me as an astrology is that that energy is. Okay. [00:18:00] It's not stationary. Okay. If you think of water, it's not a well, okay, a, a well, you, you build a well and there's water from underground that comes up into the well, and it doesn't, you know, you have to go and take a bucket and, and dip it and bring the, you know, carry the water to the village and things like that.

Okay? Or there's a spring that you put a pipe to or something like that, but, but the well, or the spring doesn't stream. It doesn't flow. It's only with this rine. That, that energy streams, it's only with this trine that that energy flows. And of course, the, we, we won't be able to experience even a return to Pisces because Jupiter will have gone into Aries, um, in, in December.

So what does this mean? What's going on here? I think what's going on here is that the planets are bringing our focus. The planets are keenly bringing, bringing our focus to the zodiac signs of Scorpio and Pisces. Okay. Uh, I don't know why [00:19:00] they left cancer out, but somehow cancer was left out in this equation.

So the focus is really going to Scorpio to Pisces. So what it's really focusing on is heartbreak and anger. And fury. You know, again, those underworld emotions that are associated with Scorpion. And of course, what is the beauty of Scorpio? Scorpio holds that for all of us. Scorpio holds that for the people in their life, you know, and it doesn't hold it as an incriminating finger wagging, you know, accusation.

It can, but it doesn't. It holds it as life can do. This life can be like this. and you can come back from it, or you can be fulfilled by it, or a broken heart, you know, And it's a very Scorpio statement. A broken heart means you can love more deeply. Okay. Hearts need to be broken in order to love more deeply.

Okay? If a heart is not broken, in other [00:20:00] words, if you get everything that you want in life, if that breast is always there and your poop is always being changed in the diaper, if you get everything you want in life, you grab a fish or a fruit or vegetable presents itself. If you get everything you want in your life, your capacity to love isn't very.

Okay. It's kind of like, based on fulfilling my appetite, , that's what it is. It's like I'm hungry, I want a, a breast to nurture me, or I want comfort. I want arms to, to embrace me, you know, and I want it now. And, and you might even like, Cry out or scream for it. Okay, so, so the thing is it's through not getting what you want all the time.

It's through heartbreak, it's going through emotional hardship that the heart opens. Okay. That the heart opens. Wow. I know what that's like. I went through something that was, that was really difficult. I went through a disaster. I went through a heartbreak. I went through a war zone. I, I [00:21:00] watched, you know, a, a society flattened, all right?

And I carry that horror and I carry that trauma with me. Okay. And, and, and I know what that's like, or I feel for people who are going through that, this, this, this, this transmission of sympathy, this, this, this streaming of compassion, this, this arousal of mercy and support and care. Okay? This is done through heartbreak.

This is done through difficulty, and this is one of the things that Scorpio absolutely stands for, although it will resist those things. Remember that Scorpio is Mars ruled. Mars is named after the Roman God of war. So Mars doesn't take kindly to weakness. Mars doesn't take kindly to showing any kind of weakness or tenderness of sensitivity.

And from the Scorpio point of view, it's because if you show that it's going to get used, if you show tenderness, someone's going to hurt you in a tremendous. If you show [00:22:00] sympathy, someone's gonna say, Oh, there's someone I can take advantage of, you know, and someone's going to exploit you in a horrible way.

So this is why Scorpio holds on to its willpower, and the willpower is anger. Anger is something that is associated to Mars, so it can be hard for Scorpio to let go of that anger all. Now some people might be ask, what is the point of letting go of the anger? You know, it's like I have a right to be angry.

I've been harmed. Okay. The point of of of letting yourself let go of the anger, it's letting go of anger is not something I'm going to resolve to do one day and I'm gonna meditate and I'm gonna let go of my anger. It doesn't happen like that. Letting go of anger is actually a letting go of the letting go, okay?

It's, it's, it's actually letting yourself. Go to that place and it usually happens when you're ready to move on emotionally. You know, the heart needs its time to be callous. [00:23:00] Okay? It's like a seed. Heart needs. Its time to be callous. It needs its time to be withheld and buried. Okay? But like a seed, there will come a time in the year.

When there is this impulse to come out of that seed to send out, to, to, to send out, um, roots and tendrils, to sprout and to, and to, and to reach once again towards the light. And this is something that happens as the sun moves into the zodiac sign of Pisces and it's done through, as I said, compassion and forgiveness.

What hap compassion and forgiveness can only take place if you know what it's like to have been. Okay. And if you have the courage of meeting that tall order of responding to the impulse of forgiveness, forgiveness isn't a virtue that you exercise. You know, to be a good person, A for forgiveness is embedded in human nature.

It is. It's there and, [00:24:00] and, and, but we don't always answer that and we don't. Follow that, but it's there and the water signs are very much attuned to that. And also the opening up and the welcoming of other people. But it's very hard to understand that pain begets love. Okay, We like to think love begets love and it does, but pain deepens love.

Heartbreak makes love un fathom. Okay. Um, love replaces the, the, the black hole of heartbreak. With the, well with the water buried underneath of love that can be drawn upon and come back up. So here we're sort of being asked, not exact. Well, it's always nice to beat our swords and to plow shares, but here we're almost being asked to give up our.

Are grudges, um, at the [00:25:00] door. You know what, what I see this week, it's almost as if Venus and Mercury and, uh, the sun are, are, are kissing on each cheek. Jupiter in their trying as they enter the zodiac sign of Sagittarius, which is Jupiter ruled on the day after. You know, so there's almost this kind of.

Welcome, kiss, you know, not an air kiss, but a welcome kiss and an embrace as they cross over the threshold into the zodiac sign of Sagittarius. Um, following the tris that take place this week. And of course, with Sagittarius, we're talking about. Benevolence. Okay. We're talking about, uh, what is spiritual?

And we're talking about what is good, what is good in humanity, and these are the things that are being embraced. So as we, as we take, as we cross over this threshold, [00:26:00] you know, and we, we, we feel or respond to an appeal to be compassionate, to be forgiving, um, to be caring. To be sympathetic. Okay. And with people that we may not be feeling that way with at all.

Now, nobody's saying that you have to like take them off the hook and you know, embrace them as your new bestie. No, but the thing is, if you resist forgiveness, then you are a prisoner of contempt. You know, if you resist forgiveness, you remain a prisoner of contemp. And we see what contempt has done with people who are supposed to be holy.

We see what anger has done with people who are supposed to be sacred. You know, we see what getting back at. Retaliation, you know, and the glee and the triumph [00:27:00] of cruelty has done with people who profess to be deeply spiritual and deeply compassionate, and deeply committed to making the world a better place.

This is what happens. This is what happens if you can't go there, Not can't go there. This is what happens if you don't let yourself go. This is what you, what happens, This is what happens if you worship the va. Glory of self righteousness. If you fall into the temptation of knowing better. Of being a superior, uh, being to other people of looking down your nose.

This is what happens. That kind of vain glory. It leaves no sacred place untouched. It will come into every aspect of human life. It's why people have often questioned and lost faith in institutions in things that are supposed to [00:28:00] be. You know, things that are supposed to show the way, and in those times when the institutions fail, what we've learned in the history of astrology and what we've learned in the marvelous history of the eclectic expressions of spirituality on this planet.

Calling upon the spirit within one's self and following that conscience and following that guidance. Okay. And walking through the temples with the heckling, uh, crowds and the, and the people at the megaphones and the microphones, you know, espousing this, espousing this, uh, espousing that, you know, making our ears.

See through the sry, the double speak, the double meaning that's meant to, um, meant to divide and [00:29:00] to create anger and, and harshness, you know, And it's not even anger and a pure anger, like what I've talked about with the water signo Scorpio. It's, it's a, it's a malice. It's a malevolence. It's a delight.

It's a delight in the misfortune of another who would. Delight in the misfortune of another person. Even if someone has harmed you and done you wrong, you know, isn't the feeling more like I wanna be as far away from that energy, or as far away from that person as possible? You know? And that person will probably get their comeuppance and I don't wanna be around for that.

You know? I don't want that toxicity infiltrating my life. Okay, so this is where that bridge that's being built this week between Scorpio to Pisces, And Pisces isn't going to promise redemption for everyone or anything like, and all those things along the lines. I mean, Pisces has, as I said, its own dark current.

It is the last [00:30:00] sign of the zodiac. And apocalyptic fantasies can be very popular with Pisces. Uh, look at some religions on this planet. They can't wait for an apocalypse to to start because they have no imagination. They can't imagine a world that could be better and more beautiful. They have no compassion.

There's no room in the heart for people who don't do as well for them. You know, so, so, but, and, and Pisces. In its dark side can represent that. It can be a, a, an ultimate pessimism of like only an apocalypse can wipe or wash, clean all the sins that we express in the world. Or only by turning my back on my fellow, uh, human, uh, can I find the peace, um, that, that I want.

Well, that might work for some, but for most people that turning the. That's a resignation. You know, that's, that's a, that's, [00:31:00] that's a resignation or leaving a world which is in need of your compassion. A world which is in need of your understanding, and a world that's in need of your sympathy and of your empathy.

A world that's in need of your contribution. You know, for something that can be imagined in a much, Lovely and better and positive light. This is something that the Jupiter ruled signs will always hold out for. Sagittarius will always hold out for that, and Pisces will always hold out for that. And so that is what's being asked of you as we pass, uh, over the threshold from Scorpion into Sagittarius, as, as Venus Rines, Jupiter as Mercury trains, Jupiter as, as the sun trains Jupiter, what's being.

Of you is faith in yourself, faith in your humanity, and the [00:32:00] restoration. The restoration of this planet as a whole.