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Mercury sextiles Jupiter in Aries

This is your Horoscope Highlight for the week of June with world-class astrologer, historian, and author of The Cosmic Calendar, Christopher Renstrom. On June 10th, Mercury in Taurus will form its final trine to Pluto in Capricorn, an aspect that won’t take place in these specific signs for another 200+ years. This week, Christopher encourages us to try one last time for something that we may have been trying to secure that has yet to stick up to this point. You may just find luck is on your side this time around!

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0:26 Sextiles as an Aspect

2:55 Approaching vs Departing Sextiles

5:40 Mercury-Jupiter Sextile

6:50 Story from The Iliad

16:13 Effect of Jupiter in Aries

17:51 Two Sides of a Victory

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00:00:13 Hello. My name is Christopher Renstrom and I’m your weekly horoscope columnist here on Astrology Hub. And this week I wanted to talk to you about the mercury Jupiter sextile taking place on June 20th. Sextiles if you’ve watched my previous podcast are my absolute favorite aspects in astrology. They’re, they’re not quite the facilitating energy of a trine. A trying is when two planets are in agreement with one another and they’re just going to sort of help each other out.
00:00:45 And, and sometimes they’ve even been described as the path of least resistance. It’s the sort of easiest way to go. These two planets, helping each other out when they’re in a trine, but a six tile is not a trine, nor is this X tile, a square, a square can be combative. And at times even compelled the competitive aspect between two planets where each of the two planets involved in the square are trying to gain the upper hand and sort of beat the other planet as an opponent.
00:01:15 So somewhere between the trine, which is the sort of, Hey, what do you feel like doing? I don’t know. What do you feel like doing? I don’t know. What do you feel like doing? Maybe we should just hang out. Yeah, hang out. That sounds like a good, well, that can be a sort of trying energy.
00:01:30 Okay. It’s, it’s facilitating sometimes to the point of inertia, nor is it a square, which can be very competitive and comm and competitive. As I just said, with the sex tile, the planets have their differences, but what they’re going to do is that they’re going to put their differences aside in order to help each other out. Now, technically speaking,
00:01:53 a sextile is when two planets are within 60 degrees of each other. So if you’re thinking of the horoscope as being divided up in two 30 degrees per sign, it’s not the sign that’s next to you, but it’s the sign. That’s next to the sign. That’s next to you? That sex tiles, you sounded a little complicated. Well, the easiest way to think of it,
00:02:14 aside from the 60 degree separation between the planets is that they are in signs that are of the same gender, meaning that they are either, both planets are either in masculine signs or both planets are in feminine signs. Nowadays, gender isn’t really word that’s altogether kosher or, or seen as being sensitive. So what we can say instead of that is that these are signs that are either yin or signs that are either yang.
00:02:45 That might be a more, a more appropriate way of putting things. Now in a sextile, the two planets they’re there, as I said, 60 degrees apart, there are two different types of sex tiles. There is the approaching sex tile, and there is the departing sex tile. So to sort of break this down a little bit for you in a sextile,
00:03:05 it’s the slowest moving planet or the slower moving of the two planets, the slower moving planet, that’s the most powerful. Okay. So when you have, for instance, a mercury and Jupiter sextile in regards to this week, Jupiter is going to be the more powerful planet because Jupiter is the slower moving planet, unless there’s something going on with dignities and relationship or something like that.
00:03:30 And there isn’t, Jupiter’s the solar moving planet. So when you have mercury approaching a sextile to Jupiter, like for instance, right now, Jupiter is in areas and approaching sex tile that mercury could be making to Jupiter and areas would be if mercury were in Aquarius, right. That’s Aquarius is, is two signs before Aries or right. That’s kind of the easier way to remember it there.
00:03:57 So in an approaching sex tile, there’s a sort of anticipation that’s going on. You can almost think of it as the faster moving planet is moving towards the slower moving planet. And it’s kind of the, it in some way, it’s kind of like asking for some sort of help or some sort of guidance in, in a way. And, and,
00:04:17 and it might even be fired up in, in a sort of anticipation of, of this, you know, like when you think of asking, you know, a boss, a question or asking someone out on a date, there’s a kind of like a little bit of an adrenaline rush, you know, kind of like, oh, I wonder if they’re going to say yes or no,
00:04:33 you know, so, so there there’s great anticipation and that is the nature of the approaching sex tile, departing sex tile means that the faster moving planet is, is leading the conjunction to that planet. It’s, it’s leaving where they were at the same point, approaching Second House, moving towards a conjunction and a departing sex tone means it’s moving away from a conjunction.
00:04:58 Okay. So in a departing sex tile, it’s either kind of like, well, it’s pretty much like you’ve got your answer or, you know, what the situation is. And, and so, so the anticipation isn’t really quite there, but the slower moving planet is still there to sort of give you a boost. It’s still there to, you know,
00:05:16 kind of like, you know, if you got a no for an answer, it’s like, well maybe, maybe next time we know there’s encouragement to try again. Or, or if your answer was, yes, it’s like, well, let me put you in contact with this person or these resources that can help you. And so this is the nature of the departing sextile that the planet has gotten its answer.
00:05:36 And it is now moving away from, from the slower moving planet this week, the mercury Jupiter sextile, is it departing sextile that’s because Gemini is two signs after Aries. Okay. Remember you always go with the slower moving planet. That’s Jupiter, Jupiter’s in areas. And so mercury has moved to Gemini and it’s two signs after area. So it’s the parting Jupiter it’s gotten its answer.
00:06:03 And, and so that might be of some sort of interest or resonance to you, but, but I’m kind of looking at it more in terms of the now, you know, what you’re dealing with a sort of idea with this particular departing sex tile, that, that, that this is what you have to work with. So, so now you,
00:06:25 so now you need to sort of apply yourself. You need to work with, with, with what you’ve been given. And so this actually this, this particular sex tab, because it’s going on between two signs, which deal with the mind, I mean, areas is the Zodiac sign of the head. And Gemini is very much the Zodiac sign of the mind because it’s ruled by mercury and mercury is in its own sign in,
00:06:49 in Gemini. So this kind of put me in mind of this episode, this episode, that takes place in book 23 of the Elliot. And what’s going on here is, is it’s basically known as the games, you know, they’re in the 10th year of war or Troy or something like does. And, and what’s happened in the story is petricolas,
00:07:11 who is the lover of the great warrior Achilles has been killed. And so this has brought about great grief for Achilles and, and, and bright Ong stunt and sorrow he’s, he’s mourning his friend. And so the Greek army, which is occupying the they’re outside of Troy, they they’ve basically set up this, this blockade around, around Troy. And so the Greek army is there and,
00:07:37 and Achilles is aggrieved and, and he’s in great sorrow. So they decided to throw an Olympics. Okay. They decide to throw games. I don’t know, the Greeks are always like throwing games. Okay. So, so they decide to do an Olympics where there’s going to be, you know, feats of competition among the soldiers. And I think this is to make Achilles feel better,
00:07:57 or get his mind off of things or, or something along those lines. So one of the tournaments that’s taking place here is a chariot race. And so it’s a chariot race of the, of the favored princes of each of the, I think it’s like seven Kings or whatever who have gone to war against Troy and, and each of the princess is going to be,
00:08:16 you know, in a chariot and they’re, they’re going to, they are going to run this race w with horses in, in these chariots. And, and it’s done an honor for the funeral of petricolas. So until the caucus is I think like the youngest or one of the younger of the princes and his father’s Nestor, and until it gets is,
00:08:38 is really given like really crummy horses. Okay. So, so all the princes are getting up there, their chariots they’re, you know, you know, spitting on their hands and, you know, getting ready to go with the rains and, you know, oiling themselves down. So they’re like Grecian shiny and they’re, you know, naked torsos. Okay.
00:08:56 So, and, and they’re getting ready to, you know, go at it in this, in this chariot race, think Ben Hur. Okay. But with great grapes. Okay. So, so, and telecast is, is escorted to his chariot where he’s basically shown these really crummy horses and is kind of like, that’s what I get, you know,
00:09:14 and his father, his father says to him and telecos you’re you’re young, but yet you have Zeus and Poseidon as patron gods. These are the gods who, who love you. And they have taught you all manner of horsemanship. All right. Yet, as you can see, these are the slowest horses in the race. And therefore I deemed there will be sorry,
00:09:37 work for the, okay, this is coming from, from his dad. It’s like, eh, these horses aren’t so great. And I deemed that there will be sorry, work for the, the horses of the others are swifter, but, and this is the point, and this is what I really want you to focus on. When you think about the mercury Jupiter sextile this week,
00:09:55 he says, but the men know not how to devise more cutting counsel than dine himself, but the men, no, not how did design cunning cancel more than nice self? In other words, until the kiss, you’re a very cunning wise individual. These guys might have faster horses. They might have all the advantages over you, but you’re much more clever.
00:10:23 You’re much more cunning. And so he says, lay that up in die, cutting mind of every sort to the end that the prize escapes, they not okay. The English version of that is focused on the prize and focus on your resources, your mental resources. You have been blessed by, by Zeus and Poseidon Poseidon particular as the God of, of,
00:10:46 of horses with horsemanship. Zeus, of course, is wisdom. It’s Metis. You’ve been blessed with wise. Horsemanship is basically what he’s saying. So, so, so tune out your opponents and how intimidating they are. And, and, and look at this course, take in the picture, taken all the aspects of what’s going on here. Don’t just focus on your opponents and,
00:11:11 and, and being intimidated. Focus on the course, focus on the horses for focused on the chariot, examine the wheels. What, what do you have here to work with is what he’s saying? And what you see here is Jupiter, which is always a broad scope of things in sextile. Okay. Working to a mutual benefit, Jupiter in sextile to mercury Jupiter in areas is going to work to a mutual benefit of mercury in Gemini.
00:11:38 Okay. So, so where Gemini can be sort of like, what’s the quick little thing that I can use to turn this to my advantage. Jupiter goes and takes in the entire picture. Jupiter studies, the big picture, and is like, what, what can I use here to advantage what I can apply immediately in this race? And so then Nestor says something which I think is really,
00:12:01 really wonderful. He says to his son, until it says by cunning thou knowest is a Woodman far better than thought. Okay. So by conning, you know, Woodman can be better than you originally thought of Woodman can be by cutting to helmsmen of the wine, dark deep seas guide, a right, a swift ship that is buffeted by wins and by cunning dot cherry utter approved better than cherry utter.
00:12:32 So in other words, he says by cutting a Woodman is better. You know, wood, Carver is better than one might have assumed at first by cunning a person at the helm of a ship can, can navigate a ship through dire straights better than, than someone who might be regarded as talented. And by cutting the cherry utter and telecos is in a chariot race,
00:12:55 prove better than another charioteer. So what he’s saying is like, take yourself out of the situation, take yourself out of, you know, as I said, feeling competitive, take in the entire situation and see what’s what’s there. And actually what he’s, Nestor’s going further. What he’s saying is take advantage of the fact that you were working at a disadvantage.
00:13:17 Okay. Take advantage of the fact that you are working at a disadvantage, all right. A disadvantage is actually a plus for you. It makes you more cutting. And so in telecos, looking at the course actually gets an idea of exactly what he’s going to do. And so, and he’s figured out a key to how to turn an unfair, favorable situation into a favorable advantage.
00:13:43 So he gets onto his chariot and he’s racing against the others. And there’s one guy who’s out in front of, he’s not going to get them, but men Elias, who is the aggrieved husband of Helen, who was abducted by Paris and taken to Troy and why this whole war is being fought the way met Elias is neck and neck within telecos. And they’re heading down this course.
00:14:02 And what Intelligus sees is that there’s a sudden narrowing of the track, which has been worn away by, by, by rains. Okay. So, so there’s been this open track, but then there’s a part of the track where it actually comes in narrow narrow work, because some of the building, some of the rocks or boulders have fallen and narrowed it.
00:14:21 And so what he does is that instead of being neck and neck, he goes away from NLAs and he comes at an angle and he comes right at me. Okay. So, so he, it looks almost as if he’s, he’s driving his horses away from men Elias and so mentalize to staying on course only so that he can pivot and come at Mandalay is at an angle.
00:14:43 Okay. He comes right at many places, chariot, and he’s anchored it at the point where the track has narrowed. Okay. So he doesn’t Mandalay us. Doesn’t have the wide margins of track that until it gets said before, he’s now moving to a point where there has been a Trojan and, and, and, and the track is narrower. And until it,
00:15:03 this is driving his chariot, right towards men Elias and men, this is like freaks out. He’s like, oh my God. You know? So he pulls on the reins of his horses and he draws them back. And it’s that at that moment, that and telecos goes right past is laces chariot, right through the narrow passage and take second place in the race.
00:15:25 And so this is something which is astonishing. I mean, it’s astonishing. It gets mentioned by Homer and the Iliad. I mean, this is something that’s so astonishing. How could this kid who had these loser horses pull off this extraordinary victory, you know, this, this advantage. And, and so, and so he has, and so he is successful.
00:15:47 Everyone is celebrating him, everyone celebrating him, but Madelaine<inaudible>, you know, says, you know, listen, I don’t think you should have second place. I think I should have second place. He cheated. And they’re like, well, how did he cheat? He was like, he drove his chariot right at my chariot. He was like playing chicken.
00:16:03 He was like, you know, intimidating me. That’s a chief. That’s not, that’s not a fair rights. And that’s something that’s really important here. Jupiter, in areas of, we talked about before Jupiter in areas has an audacity to it. Okay. It’s often described as being reckless or risk-taking and it can be that it can be that simply it can be that because Jupiter is the planet of good fortune and Jupiter is a protective planet.
00:16:32 And so someone is the very strong Jupiter in areas can be, can feel impervious or in vulnerable in a way like, like they’re protected by the gods or they’re protected by the planet Jupiter. And in many regards, they are okay. But what this can also bring is, is you have to remember the Mars energy of Aries. So there’s a recklessness to areas.
00:16:54 There’s a drive to areas. There is a competitiveness to areas there’s a willing to take chances. And so what has, what happens in the story? And what I want to bring about here for you for this week is that the Jupiter sextile to mercury not only accelerates Mercury’s ability to figure out a situation, but it emboldens mercury and makes mercury bolder than it usually would be a little bit more risky than it usually would be more willing to play things down to the wire,
00:17:25 you know, to get things down to the wire or to do a last minute maneuver in order to take an advantage or to press an advantage. And that’s something that I want you to think about this week, this idea of it’s not risk taking just to be risky, but it’s like smart risk taking. It’s like, it’s, it’s analyzing how, you know,
00:17:45 particularly if you’re coming from a disadvantaged position, how you can work this to your ultimate gain and triumph. But another thing that also comes to mind with this particular sort of sex child is, is the victory itself. And, and it’s something to think about to contemplate and telecos wins. Okay. But it’s also challenged. And what this brings into mind in,
00:18:10 in this little story from the Elliot is the idea of victory or winning, and that there are two types of success. Okay. There are two types of success. The first type of success is when we know all about it’s a superiority in terms of power, okay, I’m going to be successful because I’ve out matched you. I’m better than you. I’m smarter than you.
00:18:31 I have more advantages. I have higher status, whatever, okay, this, this is their success in superiority of power. Okay. But then there’s a different kind of success, which is very much embraced by this particular mercury Jupiter sextile. And that is a success that is a surprise success. It’s an unexpected success. It’s a success it’s based on methods that are employed,
00:18:58 have a different order than what is the expected outcome. Okay. So in other words, did someone break the rules or did they bend them? Did they bank at a long shot and make it, you know, D did they put something to the limit or are they out now cheating? Okay. So, so there’s this sort of iffy quality to it.
00:19:17 And whenever we’re dealing with a mercury and Gemini with the sextile to, to a Jew Jupiter in areas, there’s a sort of iffy quality to the competition. There’s a sort of iffy quality to the win. Is it strategic or did the person cheat? That’s almost kind of like the question there. And of course, if it’s seen as strategic and clever,
00:19:39 that makes the person who triumphs even better, because everyone’s like, wow, you’re so smart. Or, you know, the way that you pull that off last minute, it was so exciting. Okay. And this is, this is a Jupiter in areas, sextiling, mercury, and Gemini. It puts me in mind very quickly of a performer. I talked to years ago who was performing in a ballet next to this other dancer.
00:20:00 And this performer was talking to me because he was very embittered. He was doing all the choreographed steps exactly right. And correctly. And, and, and so he was performing them and, and, and, and it just got under his skin. It got under his skin, how this other dancer wasn’t doing it exactly correctly, but was getting applause,
00:20:21 was getting, getting recognition. The audience was just, oh my God, you know, he’s such a fantastic dancer. And so he would go, and he would say to everyone, kinda man Elias, you know what I’m saying? He would say, everyone, he’s not doing the steps. Right. He’s not doing the steps. Right. And of course in ballet,
00:20:36 you’re supposed to do the steps, right. But there’s an element of artistry. There’s an element of artistry in which you improvise, or you innovate, or you do a little, you know, like that to make it more exciting, particularly in the performing arts. And so this is exactly why, but this dancer was doing, and this is why exactly this dancer was like applauded and was getting all of the attention.
00:21:01 So, so that’s the sort of thing to keep in mind this week. Not only would you be facing a situation in which you may feel like you’re at a disadvantage, and so you’ll be forced to be resourceful or clever or cunning, you know, to take in the big picture of what’s going on. But, but that, that departing sex tide,
00:21:21 the Jupiter will be pushing, pushing the mercury to do more than it would do normally to be more audacious, to be more emboldened, to take a chance on, you know, but of course with mercury, it’s always a calculated risk, but to take a chance on, and, and in the end it will deliver. However, however, in your victory,
00:21:42 you may find yourself being challenged. People saying, was that really well earned? Was that really justified? Or did you pull a quick one or, or, or did you bend the rules in some way and interfere very smart. And if you’re very much tuning into your mercury and Gemini, what you’ll simply do is smile like the Cheshire cat and not say a thing.
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