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This is your Horoscope Highlight for the week of January 17th- 23rd 2022,  with world-class astrologer, historian, and author of The Cosmic Calendar, Christopher Renstrom.

This week, Uranus makes its way out of retrograde on January 18th. The modern planet will stampede forward in Taurus, reinstating some of the Earth sign’s greatest values: stability and security, even in the midst of a revolution.

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0:00 The Meaning of Uranus

4:54 The Difference Between Inner and Outer Planets

6:20 The Power of Uranus Ingresses

7:43 The Meaning of Uranus in Taurus

11:02 The North Node & Uranus – August 2022

14:01 Ferdinand the Bull

20:28 Summary


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[Christopher] Hello, my name is Christopher Renstrom and I’m your weekly horoscope columnist here on Astrology Hub. And this week I wanted to talk to you about Uranus coming out of retrograde on January 18th. Uranus is what we call an astrology, a modern planet, and there are three modern planets,

00:02:01 Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, modern planets refers to any planet that was discovered after 1781, before 1781, Astrology had seven planets, the sun, the moon, mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. These were referred to as the seven traditional or classical planets. Now, when your earnest was discovered in 1781, it upset the classical or traditional order.

00:02:32 That is why Uranus was referred to in astrology as the planet of revolution and change. But there’s more to Uranus’s character of revolution and change than just that in astrology, everything is about timing. We, we time our lives and our cycles, according to where the planets are in the sky. And when we have the privilege of discovering a new planet that gets introduced into the astrological Pantheon,

00:03:00 what happens is that astrologers often take a couple of steps back and study what was going on at that time in the world to help them give them ideas of how to describe and interpret the new planet upon its discovery. Now, Uranus was discovered in 17 81, 17 81 is the exact midpoint between the war for independence thought here in the United States and the French revolution that occurred in France.

00:03:30 So basically this idea of up ending or turning over the old order is also been connected to Uranus in this way, through history and through culture. Now at this period of time, that Uranus is discovered Benjamin Franklin happened to be the American ambassador to France and Benjamin Franklin was a very famous figure in France in the French courts. He was famous because of his very simple American attire.

00:04:03 He didn’t get dressed up in all that French finery that the other French nobleman and noble women did. He came in as simple coat and wore a beaver hat, the beaver being an animal that was emblematic of America. So simple in his dress and manner, politically savvy and outfitted with a very keen, scientific mind. Benjamin Franklin was to the French elite, the embodiment of the American revolution.

00:04:33 He was also seen as the embodiment of the American revolution because of his kite experiments with electricity. Electricity was just then becoming understood as something that could actually be harnessed and Benjamin Franklin was seen as this kind of modern day Promethean. And indeed it was the French finance minister, Trudeau, who said of Benjamin Franklin. He seized lightning from the heavens and the Sceptre from tyrants.

00:05:04 Want you to think of that phrase? He seized lightning from the heavens and the sectors from tyrants. And this is a very, in my opinion, insightful way of looking at Uranus. Uranus has always been connected to these random unpredictable events, these bolts out of the blue that come out of nowhere and sort of knock you upside your head and turn your world upside down.

00:05:30 I think perhaps one of the most famous examples of this is St. Paul on the road to Damascus, where he suddenly is struck by this bolt out of the blue, and God talks to him and asks him why he’s persecuting his people. And St. Paul goes from being a perks persecutor to one of the great Christian champions and writers in, in the history of Christianity.

00:05:54 Okay. So these sudden sort of about faces these overthrows, these, these unpredictable turns of event, these are all things that are connected to the planet. Uranus. Now, the modern planets, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto take their time moving through the Zodiac side. Okay. Just to sort of give you a quick comparison. The moon will go through all 12 Zodiac signs.

00:06:23 In one month, the sun will take one month to go through Zodiac sign. And when it’s gone through all 12, that means, it’s the end of a year in the case of these outer classical planets like Jupiter and Saturn, they can take, they can spend one year in a sign and Saturn can be two to two and a half years in a sign.

00:06:45 Now in the case of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, Uranus can take about seven to seven and a half years in one sign. Okay. Remember, the sun is a month and a sign. The moon will go through all 12 signs in one month. Uranus spends seven to seven and a half years in just one Zodiac sign. Neptune is 13 and Pluto because its orbit is elliptical can spend anywhere from 12 years in a sign to 32 years in a sign.

00:07:20 Oh gosh. Anyway. So basically Uranus spends about seven, roughly seven to seven and a half years. And assign when slow moving planet like Uranus enters at sign , you’re going to feel its impact most powerfully right before. And right when it enters, for instance, Uranus entered the Zodiac sign of Taurus in 2018. I believe it’s like May 20th, 2018.

00:07:46 And that’s when you would have really felt, you know, that sort of feeling of volatility overthrow in change. And if you’re a Taurus, I don’t think you need me to tell you what your 2018 and your 2019 were like, I’m sure that they were completely Cray Cray. Okay. So this is Uranus entering a Zodiac sign and making itself known. And the way that Uranus makes itself known when it enters his Zodiac sign is basically to kick the game board over and descend all the chess pieces flying.

00:08:19 Right? So this is when those fixtures are uprooted. Those things that you thought would last forever are turned upside down and that those, those things that you stood by or turn the inside out. Okay. And I think that we can all sort of agree that since 2018, that’s kind of, what’s been going on in our lives. The things that are the most stable Taurus,

00:08:42 remember Taurus is the zodiac sign of stability and security. Those things that are stable have suddenly been turned upside down on their head inside out, and really don’t make sense in the way that they used to make sense before when we think of Uranus in Taurus, I want you to think of Uranus, okay, it’s the planet of revolution and change. And I want you to think of Taurus a bull, cattle.

00:09:10 Okay. So basically we have this idea of revolution and change and we have cattle. Now what happens when you combine the energy of Uranus revolution and change with cattle, you get a stampede are right. And as many people have learned much to their chagrin in years past, you can go ahead and you can shoot a few shots in the air to start off a stampede,

00:09:36 but that doesn’t mean that you know how to herd the cattle. Okay. So in other words, once that cattle starts stampeding the people in charge, like maybe the Cowboys or the Wranglers or whatever are going to have a hell of a time trying to bring that cattle to, to a full stop, trying to calm them down. And that’s basically, what’s kind of going on in our lives.

00:10:00 There is this full on stampede that’s taking place and people who are supposed to be in charge of companies or corporations or societies, or even government heads find themselves at a complete loss as to how to herd the cattle. Okay. So in other words, there’s the stampeding on rushing energy and these questions of like, gee, how do we calm this down?

00:10:27 This is something that you can see almost nightly on the television news. But the thing is, we are at this point in 2022, moving to the midpoint, the halfway point of Uranus in Taurus. So in other words, what we’re going to see this year is all of a sudden what all of this is all about. Okay. As I said,

00:10:54 Uranus, when it enters the Zodiac sign, that was 20 18, 20 19. It, it, it, it, it tips over the sacred cows. Okay. Let’s use the Taurus imagery. It tipped over the sacred cows and it, and it, and it, and it ended all of the fixtures in our lives. Now this past year, 2021, we had Uranus squaring,

00:11:15 Saturn three times. And as you’ve experienced before, if you’ve watched any of these previous broadcasts, I like to describe their square as really a world rustlers body slamming each other from opposite ends of the, of the arena or the ring. Okay. Now this year, they’re not going to be squaring, not in the perfect square that they just completed. They have a near square in October,

00:11:40 but this year they won’t be squaring. So that energy has been removed this year. 2022 is also the midpoint. When we’re going to see what all of this is about, like what is the writing on the wall that we’re supposed to be reading with Uranus and Taurus? What I also find really fascinating about this year is that this year is the year when the north node has moved from being in the Zodiac sign of Gemini.

00:12:08 And it moves into the Zodiac sign of Taurus. So it moves into the Zodiac sign of Taurus on January 19th. And it starts moving backwards and degrees through the Zodiac sign of Taurus, which means that in August of this year, August of this year, the north node and the north node always indicates where I’m going in Astrology, north node, south node,

00:12:33 north node is where I’m going south node, where I’ve been very easy to remember. So the north node, which is where I’m going, is moving through the Zodiac sign of Taurus. Uranus is now out of retrograde. It means it’s directed moving forward and Tauruss. And the two of them are going to form a conjunction in August of this year, right?

00:12:54 So simply put in August of this year, we’re really going to understand what Uranus and Taurus is all about. Okay, this is, this is when the energy will have settled into its midpoint. And we will understand what this is all about. And there are a lot of things for us to try to figure out. A lot of things have been radicalized or revolutionized since Uranus has been in Taurus,

00:13:19 Horace as an earth sign, earth signs are, are, are most concerned with the issues of health and wealth. That’s how you can always describe an earth sign. It is, these are the signs most concerned with health and wealth. And so basically what we’ve experienced since Uranus and Taurus is remember those, those, those genteel suburban figures of the 1950s,

00:13:44 Ozzie and Harriet, and the Cleaver family. Well basically Ozzie and Harriet and the Cleveland family are packing heat. They’re there, they’re very radical these days that old, that not old phrase, but that important phrase, my body, my choice would use to be the banner motto for reproductive rights. My body, my choice now is being waived as a banner by anti-vaxxers.

00:14:09 And you even have workers refusing to go back to work. So all of these issues around health and wealth have been turned on, on turned upside down, turned inside out and no longer mean the things that they used to mean. Okay, the goalposts have been shifted. And again, this is something that happens when, when, when Uranus is traveling through a sign.

00:14:33 So I want you to think of Uranus, the planet of revolution and change and Tauruss, the Zodiac sign of the bull of cattle. And, and as we’ve talked about this, this sort of stampeding energy, which is going on right now and what I want to share with you very here, it was a very favorite childhood story of mine. I never,

00:14:55 I never could get enough of it. It wasn’t very long. And I always made my mother read it over and over again, not every night. Okay. It wasn’t that fanatical about it, but enough, I think she also liked to read it a lot because she enjoyed the story as well. And the story is the story of Ferdinand the Bull.

00:15:12 Okay. And I love the story of, the bull Ferdinand, the bull is a bull that lives in Spain. And what he wants to do is just sort of like he gets up every day and he just sort of like, you know, strolls out to his favorite spot in the field. And his favorite spot in the field is in the shade underneath this cork tree.

00:15:36 And he sort of goes and sits underneath the shade and he just sort of takes in what’s going on around him. He’s very simple. He’s very easy going. And while he’s out there, he sees other bulls and other bulls, or, you know, showing off because they know that there’s these, these Matador Scouts that you could almost think of them as football Scouts,

00:16:00 you know, who come on out and spot the young bull and see which ones are the most ferocious and which ones are the most intimidating. And they’re going to take them off to where they’ve fight these bull fights, you know, just sort of show off to the audience and fight the Matador and all these sorts of things. And these young bulls, oh,

00:16:21 want to be chosen to be taken into the ring and to be ferocious and to be celebrated okay. And Ferdinand couldn’t care less and just like, wants to go and hang out under the tree and chew the cud and taken what’s going on. I mean, life is sweet preferred Nan. Well, except one day for a Nan sit in his old, you know,

00:16:44 behind on, down under, onto his patch of grass underneath the cork tree. And he happens to sit on top of this bee. Who’s looking up at him and seeing this like huge shadow of a bull’s dairy air descending on it. And so as the dairy or descends, the bee stings for Nan in the buttocks. Okay. And for now, it immediately reacts with like,

00:17:07 you know, eyes, open hubs, go know legs, go flying out. And he goes, bucking and jumping in all kinds of directions wildly because he’s been stung in, in, in the butt. Okay. Well, he is in such, you know, shock and, and, and, and in such pain and in such panic that he immediately captures the interest of the Scouts who are scouting for the next Matador badge.

00:17:34 And they watch him in the, and he’s wild and he’s ferocious and all these sorts of things. They, they go and they grab him and they throw them in a cart and they March him off to the stadium or whatever these bull rings are, are, are called because they found they’re there, they’re there they’re behemoths. You know, Fernando is a huge muscular,

00:17:53 very liberal, you know, they found their behemoths. They’re giant, you know, the sort of bull that’s Matadors want to conquer. So Ferdinand is carted off to, to the bull’s ring and, and he’s kind of like really perplexed. He doesn’t really know what’s going on. He’s fed well every day. So that’s right. But that’s all right.

00:18:12 He’s good with that. But he doesn’t really know what’s going on until the day of the big Matador fight, you know, coms and Fernandez released any kind of like strolls on, out into the middle of the bull ring. And there is no cork tree. There is no field, it is just sand or dirt, and he just is perplexed and just sort of stares there.

00:18:36 And so the Matador comes forward with his marvelous Cape and his saber. And he’s going to do battle with this, with this extraordinary bull for not, you know, and so Ferdinand, it’s just kind of like what’s going on. And he plants it like Taurians do when they’re in situations that don’t, they don’t really understand. He plants, it, it sits on down.

00:18:58 It looks up at the crowd. And so the crowd is all like, you know, Ferdinand, the great bull. You have to fight, you know, whatever this Matador, his name is Sebastian or something like that, you must find, or Fernando, you, you must fight him. And, and, and, and so the ladies are throwing their flowers and roses and things down to,

00:19:15 you know, Sebastian who bows with great gallantry and things like this. And so for Nan, you know, picks up one of the roses and starts sniffing it and just sort of like takes in the scenery. What happens is obviously the Matador, you know, tries to taunt and tries to, to provoke and, you know, whips around his Cape and flushes the red Cape in order to get Ferdinand heated or,

00:19:39 or, or, or whatever, maybe even poke some, a little bit. And Ferdinand just as like sniffing the rose he’s taking in the flower, he refuses to budge an inch. Maybe you could recognize some of Andrew and the lion. And in this thing, it’s a similar motif with the Roman Coliseum. And this is the way that Taurus exerts and expresses its strength and its power.

00:20:05 It doesn’t move. Okay. And it has a thick skin and it doesn’t have to barge. If it doesn’t want to budge, it can go and take up room in the street. If it wants to cross the street, it can go and sit down and park it if it wants to park it and you can’t budget. Okay. So, so Taurian,

00:20:22 his great strength is, is in its endurance and in its immovability. And so what happens is that, well, there’s not much of a show. What, I mean, we didn’t, you know, the audience is like, we didn’t come to a butchers, you know, it’s not like you’re going to slit the throat of the ball and,

00:20:40 you know, carve it up or anything like that. It’s just an in fact, the audience is laughing. You know, the lady is like, you know, because he’s picked up the flower, their floor throwing more flowers, and they’re actually laughing at the Matador. Who’s completely like, you know, scandalized or whatever. And he’s like yelling at his agents or the Scouts or whoever,

00:20:56 like, you know, stage this travesty. And so what happens is gradually, you know, the audience has had their fun. They’re kind of like, you know, breaking up as a crowd or whatever the card is brought out out. And Ferdinand is taken out of the stadium and ultimately Fernandez taken back to the field, back to his beloved cork cork tree,

00:21:18 where he returns to his pastoral or to his peaceful life. And that’s what I want to share with you about Uranus in Taurus. Uranus can come into Taurus and it can rile things up and it can provoke and it can make things volatile, but Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus. And so Taurus is in his essence, a peaceful sign. Okay.

00:21:44 It is a sign that doesn’t really want drama, and it’s a sign that really doesn’t want to be bothered. Okay. So that if it has to, it’s going to go and exert what it wants to do by simply being itself, which can be like undisturbed. You know, it wants to be undisturbed. It wants to be unprovoked, and it just wants everything to be pastoral.

00:22:09 It wants to Lowell about and luxuriate in the fields. And it wants to enjoy itself. In addition to this, there’s a wonderful sort of pragmatism to Tauruss. And that pragmatism is why get all bothered about this? I mean, if things are good, if things are working, if you know, you’ve got the things that you need in your life,

00:22:34 why, why make it difficult? In fact, you know, everyone can be welcome here and, and whatever, it’s, it’s, it’s, it’s ruled by Venus of benevolent sign. So I think that actually what we’re going to start seeing with this year and moving forward is the different pieces falling into place of what our pasture looks like of what our world looks like.

00:22:58 And we’re already kind of seeing it with the exhaustion that people have, not only with COVID, but the continual talking heads and everyone like having an issue and things like that. You’re kind of seeing people sort of going off and doing their own thing. Anyway. I mean, you can only keep things whipped up for, for so long. And that Taurus energy is ultimately a calming type of energy.

00:23:25 Now, I don’t want to paint a rosy picture or anything like that. We still have Uranus and Taurus until 2026. It kind of leaves in 2025, but it retros back in and, and formerly leaves in, in, in 2026, we have that, all of that going on. But I think instead of being continually surprised and con continually provoked and things being made volatile,

00:23:51 things are actually going to become more recognizable. And there’s going to be more of a pursuit for stability and consistency. And if the travel, if the talent Scouts and the government leaders and the correspondence insist on making everything hyperbolic and volatile and charged, I think that you’ll end up with that conversation that was going on between Ferdinand on the audience. In other words,

00:24:22 the stampede will come to, to w we’ll run out of its stem. Peatiness, we’ll run out of gas and people will naturally seek to reinstate the security and the stability that they’re used to, but under new rules, because Uranus is all about new rules. And as I said to you, the north node and Uranus conjunct in August, and this is something to keep in mind,

00:24:49 you know, as we see what’s going to be revealed in the month of August, because then on August 24th, Uranus turns retrograde. And that’s when things will begin to dial down again,