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This is your Horoscope Highlight for the week of January January 31st – February 6th, 2022,  with world-class astrologer, historian, and author of The Cosmic Calendar, Christopher Renstrom.

This week, the Moon travels into Aquarius, shifting our focus toward personal and collective enlightenment. Aquarian ideals from the sign’s contrasting co-rulers, Saturn and Uranus, are surfacing to remind us that we must learn from the past in order to move forward into a better future.

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1:58 Aquarius rulership, Uranus or Saturn

4:50 Tradition vs Innovation

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15:15 Generational Dilemmas

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00:00:01 [Christopher Renstrom] Hi again, it’s your weekly horoscope columnist. Christopher Renstrom back to share with you some pretty exciting news. You will soon have a chance to study with me in my upcoming course, the cosmic calendar produced here at Astrology Hub. The cosmic calendar is designed to teach you how to turn your birth chart into a personal calendar. One that’s uniquely aligned to your natural flow and personal seasons.

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00:00:58 that’s AstrologyHub.com/CosmicWaitlist. I am so looking forward to seeing you there. Hello, my name is Christopher Renstrom and I’m your weekly horoscope communist here on Astrology Hub. And this week I wanted to talk to you about the new moon in Aquarius. On February. First, Aquarius is a very complex astrological sign complex because it’s really the last of the three air signs.

00:01:37 So it has a tendency to be more abstract in terms of trying to understand what makes this particular sign work complex, because it’s one of the few signs and Astrology that happens to have two ruling planets, Saturn, and Uranus. For those of you who might not be familiar with this, Saturn is known as the classical or traditional ruler of Aquarius and Uranus after its discovery in 1781 was given the modern rulership of Aquarius.

00:02:08 Now for some astrologers like classical astrologers, they will only follow the idea that Saturn is the ruler of Aquarius and they throw Uranus out. And for some of the newest Astrologers who are feeling more modern, there’s this idea of like what Saturn the fuddy-duddy doing here in Aquarius. Everyone knows that Aquarius is assigned about new and innovative ideas and revolution and change. So forget about Saturn and let’s make Uranus the modern ruler of Aquarius.

00:02:37 Well, in the way that I work, I like to work with both the traditional and the modern ruler of a particular Zodiac sign. I see them as having both very important things to contribute to the understanding of the Zodiac sign is self. In some cases like Pisces, for instance, whose rulers are Jupiter and Neptune, there’s a natural affinity or understanding between the two ruling planet.

00:03:05 Jupiter was named after the God of the sky and a Neptune was named after the God of the sea. And so there’s this sort of reciprocal relationship. If you think about it, where water and the ocean of operates and rises up into the sky to become clouds. And once those clouds become heavy, they begin to rain and the water returns to the sea.

00:03:26 So there’s this really kind of lovely reciprocal relationship between the two ruling planets of the Zodiac sign Pisces, needless to say, that is not the case with Aquarius with Aquarius says two ruling, planets, Saturn, and Uranus. What you really have is a one planet Saturn overthrowing the other planet Uranus. So what you can sometimes see imbued in Aquarius is a need to sort of rebel or go against authority are kind of unresolved daddy complexes.

00:04:03 But basically it’s the idea that Uranus is the God of heaven, meaning space the starry night at night, when you go out at night and you see all the stars in the sky that was known as Uranus. So it was associated with, with a deity of space in eternity. It lives forever Saturn, the God who overthrows him is named after the Greek God Kronos,

00:04:26 who is time. So in essence, what you have is time overthrowing, eternity, an easier and probably simpler way of understanding. It is young over throwing the old, which is kind of at the center of the Zodiac sign of Aquarius. Now what’s fascinating about this and what’s fascinating. What’s fascinating about this period is that January and February, which is basically covering the Zodiac signs of Capricorn and Aquarius are pretty much associated with the new year.

00:05:03 For instance, in the west, we celebrate the new year on January 1st and in the east new year is celebrated with the first new moon of, of, of, of, of Aquarius. And so this year it will be celebrated on February 1st. So this idea of new and old or the juxtaposition of new and old are infused in both Zodiac signs, but more specifically it is infused in Aquarius.

00:05:34 Indeed January the month of January is named after the two faced God, Janice from Roman mythology, Janice was a two faced figure, a God that ruled over thresholds. It’s a God that looked out of a room and a God that looked into a room, which is what a threshold is. And so Janice was the ruler of the new year because you’re looking back at the year that has just passed and looking forward to the year.

00:06:02 That’s just to begin. We have this in popular imagery. When we see around new years, what’s called the new year baby. It’s usually a picture of old man time carrying a scythe then, and, and a, and an hourglass holding hands with a young baby. You ever since like the twenties and thirties outfitted in a top hat and a tuxedo jacket and diapers.

00:06:29 Okay. So it was this old idea of like the old year is giving way to the new year. And so this was seen as a period of transition, and this is pretty much what’s going on as we’re getting into the month of January, and now we’re going to begin the month of February. So it’s this idea of looking back in order to look forward alright past and the future,

00:06:56 which is a very important idea that I wanted to discuss with you this week. I think we’re all familiar with the quote. It’s actually a paraphrased quote that I believe was given by Winston Churchill to the house of commons in 1948. It’s the quote, those who fail to learn from history are condemned to repeat it. I think we’re all pretty much familiar with that.

00:07:21 Those who fail to learn from history are condemned to repeat it. That’s actually para paraphrasing or reworking of the original quote by the philosopher George Santayana, which was those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. And I want you to think about that. This is the original quote, those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. So we have the quotes.

00:07:51 Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. And those who fail to learn from history are condemned to repeat it. The two important ideas here are, remember and learn, remember, and learn. This to me is really kind of the, one of the ways that we can think of the pole between the past and the future that takes place in the Zodiac sign of Aquarius on you.

00:08:23 You kind of have to impulses that are going on in Aquarius, that that are pulling with each other one represented by Uranus and the other represented by Saturn, who by the nature of the overthrow have an antagonistic relationship to each other. There’s a kind of split that takes place. And the split that we can see in Aquarius is a split between the future,

00:08:48 which is a vision of a better world, a better society. And we need to rush to that future. And the sooner that we commit to creating that future, because we don’t have much time, the sooner we will save society and the sooner we will save the planet. So it’s really this rush towards the future and, and embracing everything that moves us to a better society,

00:09:13 which is seen in the future. So that’s one part of the Aquarian equation. Let’s give that over to Uranus. The other part of the Aquarian equation is Saturn. Okay. And with Saturn, who is Greek name is Kronos he’s named after the God of time with Saturn, the best part has the best part lies in history. The best part lies in the past.

00:09:39 So with Saturn, there’s always this feeling of a longing for a golden age when things were enlightened, when things were understood when things were more civilized. And we can see that for instance, in our own astrological circles, there can be this belief that the older teachings of Astrology are the pure, that, that if you go back and you learn the way Astrology was really supposed to be taught the way that it was originally taught,

00:10:12 then you have connected to a purity and, and, and you’re performing this more enlightened or educated Astrology. So, so, so in order to find the practices of this ancient art, you need to turn your eyes back towards the past and, and, and find it there. This can echo in many different things. It can echo in religion. It can echo in culture.

00:10:36 It can echo in society, the stream of a golden age, when, when older civilizations really understood what life was about here on the planet, before it all got messed up. Right. Okay. And then that’s, that’s a resistance against the future, which is no, no, no, no, no. The past didn’t get it right. The,

00:10:58 the past started it emotion, all these dreadful things that we’re trying to reconcile on ourselves or whatever. And so what we need to do is abandon the past and embrace the future because it’s only in new things, it’s only in modern things. It’s only in undreamt of things that our salvation lies, okay. That we’re constantly evolving and growing. And we need to go to the future with its promise of,

00:11:21 of a wonderful utopia. So these are the two impulses that again, are pulling back and forth with each other. So this idea of being pulled in two directions, a beautiful future, which is going to redeem us and our past and a golden age in the past, where everything was truly understood and pure before it got messed up, like with the tower of Babel and everyone spoke different languages messed up in civilization or,

00:11:55 or colonization or an all those dreadful things that humanity has done to its self to sort of mess up whatever the original pure idea was. Right. We can see this also mirrored in, in Aquarius with the push pull between the individual and society. Now Aquarius is an air sign and it is the last of the three air signs. It’s a fixed air sign.

00:12:19 Each of the air signs describes a type of relationship. Gemini is siblings. That’s, that’s the first relationship you form when you’re a child Libra, disco describes partners or couples or marriage, and then a Aquarius describes the collective society, you and society. And it’s this idea that society is only as good as the people who participate in it. Okay. And this is a very Aquarian idea.

00:12:46 Society is only as good as the people in it. And so in a sense that burden of creating a good society relies on each one of us as individuals, but each one of us as individuals are going to be asked to make certain sacrifices or compromises or adjustments in who we are to bring about a good, a good and fair society. So in other words,

00:13:14 you can’t have a good and fair society if everyone gets their way, okay. If everyone gets their way, then you have, you know, people fighting for themselves and not thinking of anyone else. So this idea of, of people having to concede or to yield or to compromise or to sacrifice in order to make a good society. This is seen as part of the utopian dream of Aquarius.

00:13:41 Now that can take a lot of different appearances in life. A good society might be for instance, here in America, we have a democratic society, and we think it’s a really good idea to have free speech and exercise our rights and screaming, yell at each other. And, and democracy is a messy business where everyone’s sort of like fighting for their rights,

00:14:04 but in this creative process, they’re going to create a society. That’s going to celebrate equal rights among all of its citizens, but you could just as easily see a society that would want to squelch or to stamp out any sort of individuality, a society, an autocratic society. For instance, that might say, well, democracy is messy. It’s dangerous.

00:14:29 People get hurt. There’s this illusion that free speech or equality is good. So the best way to do a society because people don’t know what they want is to tell them what they want and, and, and to exercise your rule accordingly. Okay. So you can have these two sides to even Aquarius. One of, you know, maybe a democratic society or a socialist society.

00:14:51 And then one of maybe a more autocratic society where, you know, people will be happy if you just give them what they want and tell them what to do. And by giving them what they want, you tell them what they want, because they don’t really want to know what they want anyway. So, so these are two very extreme, almost polar opposite versions of society both will fall within the rubric of Aquarius.

00:15:15 But again, we keep coming back to this idea, those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. Those who do not, who those who fail to learn, the lessons of history are condemned to repeat it. This is almost something you can hear echoing through the Zodiac sign of Aquarius. So, so this is a quandary. This is a dilemma that I’m describing to you.

00:15:45 And it’s a dilemma that I don’t think we’re ever going to solve in our lifetimes, because I think it’s a dilemma that is passed down through the generations. It’s passed down through the generations of people who follow, who struggled with that Alliance to the past, and that Alliance to, to the future. One of the things that I wanted to share with you is this is,

00:16:09 this is this Netflix show that I’m obsessed with. Okay. One of the things I wanted to share with you is this Netflix show that I’m completely 100% obsessed with. I absolutely love it. I’m not going to tell you the whole thing of it, but I’m going to tell you one part of the episode, it, it plays into my like fixation with Korean romcoms.

00:16:29 Okay. I’m completely, I, I will admit it and, and I’m completely obsessed with Korean romcoms. Okay. They just, they they’re just like fabulous, but this one is actually a period piece. This one takes place in the dynasty in Korea, in the early 19th century. And it’s called rookie historian. Okay. It’s called rookie historian.

00:16:55 And it’s the story of Goo Hey Gong, who is this noble woman who is really quite educated and who is trying to, who has a love of letters. She has a love of, of, of books. And she has a great love of history. She’s an intellectual. And of course, she’s a prized beauty. This is really 19th century Korea.

00:17:19 And the expectation is that she’s going to marry, but she really does not want to marry. Well, the setup is that she basically runs into a prince who is a secret prince that nobody really knows about. And they sort of get off on the wrong foot with each other, but they’re actually secretly in love with each other. And that will become the blooming romance through the entire series.

00:17:40 But the most important part is when she auditions for the role of court historian. Now in this particular kingdom, which is the dynasty, Confucius principles are, are, are highly prized. They’re they’re they’re, they are the way that, that the kingdom lips, but there is difficulty because the head of this kingdom is not a very expansive or generous thinker.

00:18:12 He’s actually very much wants to control people and tell people what to think and what to do. And one of an early thing that he does is actually he sponsors a book burning that takes place throughout, throughout the kingdom. But what sort of built into the bureaucracy of this kingdom, our court, historians and court historians are expected to attend the affairs of the king and the prince and anyone in ranking power.

00:18:43 And what they do is that they simply record what is being said. Okay. Even if the prince is opening up a book and reading it that day, they will record the princess reading the book. He turned a page, he continued to read the book. Okay? So their job is to record the actions that take place, particularly the actions that take place within the palace.

00:19:06 The reason for this, the reason for this is to create a record that is impartial, a record that is impartial as to the decisions, the business of the palace, that will, will not be altered. In fact, the court historians keep all of these records out of you, of the king and the ruling family and the king and the ruling family are not allowed to examine these records.

00:19:35 Okay? They are not allowed to rewrite history, according to what they want. Anyway, there are different things that take place. But the episode that I need to share with you is that our heroine, finds herself actually, as a candidate for court historian word goes out through the kingdom, that that, that four women will be recruited to become court historians in a tradition that has been traditionally in a practice that has been traditionally male.

00:20:11 And so the secret prince, I call him a secret prince because he’s in line to the throne, but he’s not related to the king by blood. He’s not his son. I think it kind of trumps the king. And he, he, he is also a man of letters and there’s never a picture of him. No one knows what he looks like,

00:20:33 but the secret prince knows Goo Hey Gong. And he devises a question, a question to be asked to all the women who are competing for the spot of court historian. And this question has to do with the solar eclipse. Okay. It has to do with the solar eclipses as it takes place. Now, in this, in this culture, a solar eclipse is deemed to be the way that heaven,

00:21:03 chastises Kings for misdeeds. Okay? So when a solar eclipse takes place, it’s seen as an evil or a dark thing, and that it is heaven’s way of chastising the misdeeds of the king. So, so rituals are then performed to ward away the evil spirits of, of the solar eclipse toward away the evil spirits that are unleashed during the darkness that takes place when the moon eclipses the sun.

00:21:37 And yet what has been noticed as you can tell this very long question here, what has been noticed is that no matter how many times these rituals are performed, there are still bad things that happen in the kingdom. And what can the king do to avert that or to prevent that? Okay, so, so, so the question deals with eclipses are meant to chastise the behavior of Kings Kings have rituals performed in the land to,

00:22:10 to avert or to chase away these spirits, but bad things happen anyway. So what can a king do to, to, to prevent that? Okay, so a whole bunch of women take this test. Many of them are cheating or they’ve gotten answers given to them by higher ups in the palace or whatever. You know, they write it down and they go to it very quickly.

00:22:33 And our heroine, finds herself completely bewildered. She she’s, she’s sitting in, in, in there’s like rows. There’s like 12 rows of eight women who are all competing for this role. And so she’s sitting there hunched over her little desk, which is on the ground and, and holding a pen. And she, she doesn’t know how to answer this question.

00:22:56 She’s a very educated, enlightened woman. And she doesn’t know how to answer this question. And she looks up and time’s running out and, and, and women are the other women who are competing are handing in their answers. She looks up and she realizes the question is wrong. Okay. That, that the question isn’t, isn’t, isn’t phrased correctly.

00:23:18 And so what she does in the first part of her question is that she actually draws a diagram of a solar eclipse and explains how solar eclipse happens, which is the moon passing in front of the sun and blocking out, blocking out the light of the sun. She demonstrates that she knows what a solar eclipse is, but then she also then addresses the falseness of the question.

00:23:41 And the falseness of the question as she sees it is that is the expectation that Kings are supposed to be able to prevent eclipses. So now that she has demonstrated the science of the eclipse, she then goes on to say, it is impossible for a king to prevent an eclipse from happening. The eclipses are going to happen no matter what the king does,

00:24:05 and that, you know, the real thing to address with, with the solar eclipse and this question of bad things happening in the kingdom is the education of the people that in other words, people connect bad things happening in the kingdom with eclipses, and that is coming from a place of ignorance. And what people should be educated in is understanding why eclipses take place.

00:24:34 And, and as she’s going through this, there’s a flashback of her, you know, as a child watching an eclipse and she she’s timed it. And she’s waiting for that moment when, when the moon passes in front of the sun and there’s this look of joy because she’s, she’s correctly timed it while other people are running around being scared and banging things and trying to ward away spirits.

00:24:55 So what you really stands for is enlightenment, which is something which is w which is what Aquarius stands for. It’s this idea of enlightenment and Goo Hey Gong stands for enlightenment of the people that the most important thing that can really result from this, isn’t the king performing this impossible task of preventing an eclipse, but a king performing the task of educating or enlightening his people.

00:25:24 So this is a very, this, this is a very important thing. It’s a wonderful moment in the series. And it just, I just really love it. But what I’ve taken away from this is this idea of enlightenment. Again, the job of the court historians during this dynastic period is to write down what happens no matter what the king cannot go and rewrite history,

00:25:51 the king cannot go and influence the record of what is going to be remembered. What is going to be remembered is kept in these books, which are kept in this library. And so it’s this idea that in our present moment, we aren’t really capable of understanding these things. We’d struggle for enlightenment, but we have a memory of the past. And then there,

00:26:20 there are things that we need to learn these, these lessons from the past, and this is the challenge, not the solution. This is the challenge to each of us living in the present time. So I think that, you know, when we return to this idea that remembering the past keeps you from repeating it and learning the lessons of the past.

00:26:43 And in other words, the past, isn’t going to be rewritten by a king to make himself look good. Okay. We have to learn the lessons of the past and learning the lessons of the past also means learning from the faults and the missteps and the bad things that happen along with learning from all the good things that happen as well. And so being committed in this learning,

00:27:05 being committed in this enlightenment, I think is a very powerful message that we can take away from this new moon in Aquarius, which happens to conjoin it’s planetary ruler Saturn. So I think what’s important for us to take away is that it’s human nature to see the future as a better place than the past. That when we look to the future, we see it as being a better place from the past.

00:27:32 And when we look to the future, we even see it as an opportunity to correct or rectify the past. And I think the lesson that we can take from this new moon in Aquarius is it’s not our job to correct, or to rectify the past. It’s our job to remember it. And it’s our job to learn from it because, because the whole point is that the future is rooted in the past.

00:27:58 So whatever we imagine or dream of in the future is rooted in the past. And it’s by the honoring of that past and that rising to the challenge of remembering and learning the lessons from it, that we are then free to move forward and to embrace a future.