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This is your Horoscope Highlight for the week of January 3rd – 9th 2022,  with world-class astrologer, historian, and author of The Cosmic Calendar, Christopher Renstrom.

This week, the Sun and Uranus form a harmonious trine in Earth signs Taurus and Capricorn, calling you to shine forth despite the fears that may surface as your dreams come to fruition.

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0:23 Sun and Uranus in 2021 Overview

1:19 Sun and Uranus in Trine

4:12 How to be comfortable with gaining recognition

8:15 Capricorn and fear of rejection

10:30 Get your hopes up

12:51 Character and Destiny Year Ahead Report


Hello, my name is Christopher Renstrom and I’m your weekly horoscope columnist here on Astrology Hub. And this week I wanted to talk to you about the sun Uranus trine taking place in the Zodiac signs of Capricorn and Taurus. Now, Uranus has gotten into a lot of airplay over the last year, 2021, known as the planet of revolution and change. Uranus radically alters the landscape of your life whenever it impacts your horoscope in a particularly dramatic way.

And throughout the year of 2021, which is the year that we just ended, Uranus was impacting everyone’s horoscopes in a very powerful, impactful way. As I said, Uranus is the planet of revolution and change. And so Uranus is kind of like a cyclonic force that comes on into your life and turns everything upside down, all of your expectations, all of your aspirations, all of your conventional wisdom, your suppositions, that things would always consistently act in a particular way.

All of that was thrown out of whack and out of kilter because of the planet Uranus. Now this week, Uranus forms a trine too. The sun trines in Astrology are benevolent aspects. That means that they are good aspects. They are good for you.

Aspects. Trine is a description of when one planet has formed a Ptolemaic aspect to another, and they are working in harmony. The energies of the two planets are working in harmony with each other, but just because planets are harmonizing or working in agreement with each other, doesn’t mean that they suddenly step into line behind one another and behave each planet is going to act in its own particular way.

So a trine and merely says that that the energy will be harmonious, or it will be good. Now the sun in astrology is basically a lot of astrologers say, and I think it’s a really wonderful way of describing it, that the sun is where you shine. Okay. So where the sun appears in your astrological chart by sign and by house, or whether it’s a day chart or a night chart, the sun basically will indicate where you shine. Now, whenever the sun forms an aspect like it does this week, week two Uranus, this is where you’re going to shine, regardless of whether you’re a Capricorn or not. Okay. So, so the sun moving into a trine with Uranus shows that you’re going to shine in some sort of unexpected way. Okay?

Now this might mean that you get recognition for a job well done that some sort of responsibility, a very serious responsibility is assigned to you because people recognize that you’re up to the challenge of not only up to the challenge of this, but that you could master this responsibility or that they are in safe hands with you, or what can also happen with the trine to Uranus is that you might be pushed in an unexpected way to express yourself.

You may be getting a lot of encouragement to take up with a talent or a skill or an ability, something that you may discount in yourself, but other people recognize. And then all of a sudden you feel like you’re getting encouragement to go ahead and do that this week. That’s because Uranus, which as I’ve already said is the planet of revolution and change switches because of a trine from the planet of revolution to the planet of revelation.

Okay? And so in other words, things are revealed or things are recognized in a way, and this works very nicely with the sun because the sun, as we just talked about is where you shine. So you’re shining. This is being recognized this week. This sounds wonderful. This is wonderful. This is actually a really terrific thing, but we’re not always used to getting recognized for the things that we long to be recognized for.

We’re not used to being recognized for, for things that, that occur in an unexpected way, and we’re not used to being supported or encouraged to move in a direction that we’re not used to moving in. And this creates a little bit of a creative challenge as the sun will be trine Uranus this week. In other words, let’s say you receive an opportunity or an invite this week, you’re invited to interview for a job, or you have an opportunity to, to sign up for something or, or you’re being encouraged to go down a particular path.

You may feel this week that, you know, this is out of my comfort zone. I, I don’t know if I can do this. I don’t know if I’m really, really up to this, or actually I have no idea who they’re talking about. I mean, they’re praising someone with my name, but I’m not even sure that that’s me. Okay. So, and the reason why I’m bringing that up is that Capricorn is assigned that’s very much connected or concerned connected to our insecurities and anxieties. So in whatever way or, or situation or capacity that you’re being recognized because the sun is in Capricorn, it’s bound to also bring up your fears about this.

I always thought that I was a really good illustrator. Now I’m being given this project to illustrate. And I really don’t know if I’m up to doing this, or I always felt like if I were in charge of this situation, that this situation would go very well under my management. Oh my goodness.

I’m being assigned the situation to be in charge of. I don’t know if I’m up to this. I don’t know if it’s going to do that well under my management or under my guidance. Okay. So, so there’s always an ironic quality whenever we’re dealing with the Saturn roadside, my Capricorn or Aquarius. So the irony here is you actually being recognized for something that you’ve wanted to be recognized for being encouraged to do something that you always wish that you had gotten the encouragement or support to do, or having your hopes raised in a way that is making you feel seen and appreciated, and also is raising the level of your anxiety and your fear.

Okay. So, so this is basically kind of like the tone or the flavor that I want to give to this week, what to expect as we move towards this week. Now there are going to be some of you who are like, this is my time to shine, move to one side merit Meredith, you know, I’m out to change the world. Okay. And they’re going to be people among you who are going to be really quite comfortable with this, that this is finally the Trinity and, and you’re going to seize the day and our Carpe diem sort of way.

Okay. And so you’re really,really, quite comfortable with, with that, but there are going to be many of you who are not going to be as comfortable, and what’s going to be very important for you to examine in yourself and, and, and in your interactions is how you’re handling the fear and anxiety surrounding getting something that you really have always wanted or desired or hoped to achieve or to accomplish.

One day. A lot of us can get very insecure with this and we can get very frightened and, and we can maybe want to go back the way that we came or, or sort of play down the expectations, get all of a sudden, incredibly modest about our, our abilities or, you know, sort of laugh it off and, you know, indicate that maybe someone else might be better suited. So, so these are going to be patterns that are going to be emerging, that I want you to feel okay about. But I also want you to keep an eye on what can sometimes show up with Capricorn is, is, is I don’t know how to put it exactly. Whether it’s a sort of preemptive strike when it comes to a fear of rejection.

In other words, there can be such a strong, powerful fear of rejection that you may reject the other person first, or you may pass up the opportunity, or you may simply say, you know, I I’m out of my depth with this. And, and, and this is, this is more than, than I can take on. And you might even in a, in a Capricornia and flavor, come up with a good, old, practical reason for, for turning something down or, or saying, no, maybe even there’s a little bit of self-sacrifice involved or something along those lines.

I really want to encourage you to take a hard look at that and to really ask if that’s the decision that you want to make, what may be coming up, may ask you to change your life in a very significant way. It may ask you to make a choice of one thing over another. That may leave the other feeling like, like, like high and dry, or like it’s been left or abandoned. You may be asked to make a decision that’s a little bit selfish in a way you’re putting your concerns ahead of others.

Whenever we’re dealing with the son, we are dealing with a bit of selfishness because what we’re dealing with with the sun is really making myself a priority. The son’s mission in your astrological chart is to get you to fulfill yourself in every sort of conceivable capacity of the horoscope that you were born under. So the son’s job is to really get you to be the best that you can be.

So this week you’re going to be struggling with that. It’s not going to be the sort of easy walk in the park that you, that, that, that you’ve have fantasized about or thought or hope that one day it would be. Because one of the things that it’s really going to be triggering in you is getting your hopes up. All right, this, this invite, this opportunity that this thing that comes into your life is going to get your hopes up. You’re going to be very hopeful. You’re going to be like, wow. I, I, I wish that could happen. That would be really wonderful. Thing of that could happen. I could, I could see myself doing this.

I’m a perfect fit. This, this, this is something that really makes sense of in my life. So, so the hopes are up and because the sun is in Capricorn with the hopes being up, so are the fears. And so are they anxieties? So what is your relationship to your hopes being up or getting your hopes up? Okay. A lot of times people will, as I said before, they will don’t play at them.

And I’m going to really encourage you to try to go against that downplaying my best advice and counsel that I can give during a type during a time like this is to get your hopes up, get your hopes up, enjoy feeling hopeful, enjoy seeing the possibility, enjoy feeling that excitement and encouragement, because if your hopes are dashed, they’re going to be dashed and you’re going to feel miserable, right? So that’s fine. We’ve gone through things in our lives where we felt disappointment and things like that before. And we’re kind of used to feeling disappointed or, or miserable, but in this marvellous time between getting this opportunity or invite, or the possibility, you know, and having your hopes and really not knowing how it’s going to turn out, do yourself a favor and get your hopes up and enjoy it.

Enjoy every single moment, enjoy every single day that this passes, because they may, your hopes may be dashed, as I said, and, and you will survive and, or, or, or rather your hopes may be realized, and you may find yourself actually moving in a direction in your life that you’ve always seen yourself moving in and being surprised and delighted that you’re getting this kind of encouragement. That actually, this is something that can happen. And this is something that you could, that, that could actually materialize and come to be in your life. And this is something that we’re definitely going to want to look for when the Sun conjoins Pluto on January 16th