[HOROSCOPE HIGHLIGHTS] Examining Your Pursuit of Excellence w/ Christopher Renstrom

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Mars Conjunct Saturn

This is your Horoscope Highlight for the week of April 4 – April 10, 2022 with world-class astrologer, historian, and author of The Cosmic Calendar, Christopher Renstrom. On April 4th, Mars and Saturn meet in principled Aquarius, creating a thin line between the desire for high achievement and the aim for perfection. This week, examine your relationship with excellence and the expectations you (and others) set for yourself in pursuit of it, ensuring that they serve your highest self.

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0:00 Intro

0:28 Malefic vs. Benefic Planets

3:00 Mars & Saturn in Conjunction/Aquarius

5:36 Aquarian Values & Experiences

13:43 The Mission of Saturn in Aquarius

19:52 Bringing Mars into the Equation

23:46 Absolutism, Cruelty and Severity

27:29 The Art of Ballet

36:23 Mars-Saturn Conjunction in Natal Chart

40:06 What is Your Relationship to Excellence?

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