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Jupiter in Aries

This is your Horoscope Highlight for the week of May 9 – May 15, 2022, with world-class astrologer, historian, and author of The Cosmic Calendar, Christopher Renstrom. This week, Jupiter enters Aries, beginning its first tenure through the zodiac sign. Christopher compares the acquisition of powers of beloved Marvel superhero, Spiderman, to the blessings one receives from Jupiter. He poses a question for fire (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) and air signs (Aquarius, Gemini, Libra): How will you use your gifts in order to benefit others? Expect a raise in conscience until Jupiter retrogrades back into Pisces on October 27th.

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Amanda Pua Walsh 0:07
Hi there and welcome. This is Amanda, the founder of astrology hub. And you're listening to our week ahead snapshot with world class astrologer, historian and author of the cosmic calendar. Christopher Renstrom. This show is designed to give you a quick overview of the week ahead, enabling you the gift of choice and how you navigate and weave these energies into your daily life. Enjoy.

Christopher Renstrom 0:35
Hello, my name is Christopher Renstrom. And I'm your weekly horoscope columnist here on astrology hub. And this week, I wanted to talk to you about Jupiter entering the zodiac sign of Aries on May 10. Jupiter changing signs that's always such an exciting thing. Everyone gets so happy when Jupiter changes signs because that basically means that your luck is going to change. And with Jupiter entering the zodiac sign of Aries. What that means is that people born under the zodiac sign of Aries can look forward to a year of lucky days. As Jupiter, the planet of good fortune and higher purpose rains, its benefits and its blessings down on your side for the next 365 days. Isn't that a good thing? Well, as you might imagine, that's not exactly how Jupiter works in astrology. Now, I'm not going to be a Saturnian downer. Jupiter is definitely the planet of benefits, rewards and awards. And when it's traveling through your own zodiac sign, you can expect an influx of those things into your life. So Jupiter in Aries will benefit Aries for the time that it is there. It will also benefit the other two fire signs, Leo and Sagittarius as well as the air signs Gemini and Aquarius, a good time will be had by one and all if you happen to be born under the zodiac signs, or have these zodiac signs on your ascendant or even a moon. Now, let's really unpack Jupiter and what it's about. As I said before, Jupiter is the sign of benevolence. It's benefic, just like Venus. And if you were up early in the morning, like I usually am, a couple of weeks ago, then you could see the conjunction between Venus and Jupiter in the sky just before sunrise. And it was a really splendored thing. I mean, those lights were both so bright in the sky. I mean, at first I thought it was headlights or while obviously not headlights, but maybe an aeroplane or something like that they were that bright and that recognizable. And then I realized, well, you know, I was getting up at about 540 in the morning, I realized oh, that's Venus and Jupiter. They're conjunct. Wow, they're really next to each other. And wow, they're really bright. So Jupiter and Venus are the two benefics in astrology and phonetics are said to bring good things. And that is pretty much what they do. The other thing though, that Jupiter is responsible for is morality. If you're going to talk about the idea of bringing good then you also have to talk about the idea of evil or things that are bad. And if you're dealing with the notions of good and bad or good and evil, you're dealing with basically moral notions, these ideas that there are forces for good that are in conflict with forces that are evil and are bad and this is very much something that is caught up in the planet Jupiter and the zodiac signs that are rules which are Sagittarius and pisces. Now when we have Jupiter entering the zodiac sign of Aries, which is a fire sign, a lot of things come into mind. You know there might be uptick in recklessness or rashness, heated tempers, people often warn about hubris, you know, being too big for your britches, or thinking that you're invincible these sorts of things. Jupiter is often equated with ideas of inflation or, or of inflation of ego or getting too sure of yourself or, you know, being so proud that you that you bring some sort of cosmic balance down upon you because you've you've become too proud as a person and you've committed hubris, which was basically that weird, strange moment that heroes in Greek mythology or certain mortals in Greek mythology would become all sorts of fool of themselves and make these you know, really stupid boasts that the gods could hear and then the gods would write upon them punishment and that was done to really show them their place because the gods or gods and more hurdles were just those little things that got under foot. Okay, so so so this is where the notion of hubris comes from. And, and these are often associated with warnings of Jupiter going through your sign and things like that. And I guess that's interesting for as far as it goes, but honestly, I don't find it that interesting. Okay, so I'm gonna skip to the things I really want to talk about with Jupiter in your sign. Jupiter brings benefit Jupiter brings reward, Jupiter brings forth your life force. But more importantly than that, it brings forth your idea of good fortune, and how good fortune acts in your life. A lot of our ideas of fortune, particularly good fortune are connected to God. Okay, so So Jupiter is a planet that really speaks to your understanding of divinity, of what is right and wrong, and how that operates in your life and how that operates in the world. The basic idea with Jupiter is that if you're rewarded with good things, then that must mean that what you're doing is good, quite frankly. Okay, because people who do good are rewarded with good things. And if you are rewarded with bad things, if you're beset with setbacks or difficulties or challenges in your life, then that means you must have done something bad someplace or some time in your life and you're only getting what you deserve for being, you know, a selfish person or hubristic person, or you know, someone who just thought of themselves and other and not of other people and things like this.

As you could imagine, that kind of moral code is sort of, bordering on the ridiculous. But it does come from the idea that good rewards good and bad is levied upon people who are bad or evil or are selfish. And the reason I sort of like laugh at that maybe a little too caustically is because we all know stories of people, you know, who have been less than stellar personalities who haven't been particularly good, and have been rewarded in their lives and made great names and veins and money for themselves. And, you know, can be absolutely dreadful people and, you know, everyone sort of waits for them to get their come up. And, and, and they don't, okay, so the universe isn't always even handed in the way it doles out rewards and punishments. Nevertheless, that doesn't stop us from constructing an idea of how the universe should do it, and what justice is, and that, you know, it still ultimately is good to be good, and not so good to be bad or to be evil. So Jupiter has this kind of moral point of view. And this is exactly what it brings to astrology, but what we have to remember with this moral point of view is that we have 12 signs of the zodiac. So we have 12 Very different points of view, on how morality and fortune should work in life and your own horoscope. Now, as I was saying earlier, Aries is the zodiac sign of the hero. And and someone who is who is heroic, we expect things more than we would expect, when then we would expect from ordinary other people, you know, ordinary other people we might expect to lie or to fib or to you know, shoplift or slip something into the, you know, something like that, because that's just ordinary people, ordinary people do that. But if you're an extraordinary person, okay, if you're someone who's been given great privilege, or who has a tremendous talent or is is is a role model in some way in the community, then things are expected of you that are higher than than for other people. This is something that the fire signs very much understand. And by the fire signs, I mean, Aries, Leo and Sagittarius they understand that it is their responsibility to be a better person, okay, or to show up as a role model for other people in their lives. There's a always a feeling of performance or being on or in the public eye, when you're born under an element like fire and the expectation is that you rise to your best self this is something that all three fire signs really, really espouse. Also, what you have happen or occur with the fire signs is this idea that, that of individuality, that that individuality is a very important thing. In fact, for the fire signs showing up as your best self or your authentic self or your truth If this is what you do, this is what's expected of you. And the more that you live according to who you are as a person, the more that you will be held up as a role model for other people. Now, there are three different ideas of who you are, if you're born under a fire sign. For Leo, everything comes from the heart. Okay, I am a sincere, I am an honest I am a noble person and I have a very strong paternal bent. Okay, it's sort of fatherly bent. And that's because Leo is a zodiac sign of The Godfather. So you're expected to be like a benevolent parent, okay? When when you're a Leo, and this is what Leo's see for themselves, when they think of themselves as a role model. They take this very, very seriously.

With Sagittarius, it is I am living a higher purpose directed life, I am living according to my higher purpose. And for Sagittarians. They believe that once you connect to the higher purpose, the higher purpose of the purpose the meaning of your life, then it's like a wind that has filled your sails, and it will speed your craft to whatever destination that you choose to go. So for Sagittarius the idea of living according to a higher purpose, and that this higher, higher purpose inspires you and you in turn, inspire others to lift their sights, this is very much a Sagittarian idea. With Aries, it's the hero, okay, and the hero is the person who comes to the rescue the heroes, the person who saves the day. And as I was saying earlier, the hero is the one who's expected to be better than than most people. Because a hero has been bestowed with strength, a hero has been given a mission in life. A hero has outstanding wits, you know, there's some sort of like, talent or skill or an ability that a hero has, that makes them better than the typical person. And so they stand out from everyone else. But the idea isn't to stand out from everyone else and bask in your own glory. The idea is to live to live according to a higher standard, maybe a code of ethics. I mean, this is what we see show up in Mars ruled activities like the military or sports, you know, that that and we talked about achieving a standard of excellence a couple of podcasts ago, and this is something that Aries takes really quite seriously. But it's not just trophies on the shelf, you know, it's that if you have shown yourself to be outstanding in some way, then your challenge in life is to be an outstanding person. Okay. But an outstanding person from an area's point of view, isn't just, you know, fame and glory. And outstanding person from an Aries point of view is someone for other people to look up to, you know, it's the person who rescue someone from the plight, it's the person who took someone down off the ledge, it's the person who races into a burning building, to save the baby. It's the person you know, the friend, a loved one who's there for you in your darkest hour. Okay, so this idea of being a hero of saving people from disaster, or of saving people from themselves, this is something which is very much wrapped up in the zodiac sign of Mars, in the zodiac sign of Aries, which is ruled by Mars, and Mars is very, is a planet that shows up in things like emergency service workers, you know, people who are driving those ambulances resuscitating those bodies, coming to the rescue, okay, and it's supposed to be something that's also associated to the armed forces, and to the police, anyone who kind of like stands against the chaos of disorder, and the darkness of villainy, and, and protects those who have been put under their, their their sponsorship or have been put, who are their responsibility, you know, in areas I am here to protect those whom I am responsible for. And this is something that an Aries takes, very, very seriously. But what I wanted to sort of illustrate, you know, how this idea of good and bad the notion of the moral universe, Jupiter entering the zodiac sign of Aries, Aries is the zodiac sign of the hero, you know the person who, who is given a special something that makes them better than the rest and so, greater things are expected or demanded of them. You know, what might be a sort of example of this or what might we we work with to sort of illustrate this idea So I thought long and hard. And I came up with the story of Spider Man, particularly the origin of Spider Man. Now Spider Man, as I'm sure many, if not all of you know, is a superhero who is endowed with the powers of a spider. So it gives him great strength that gives him great agility. And he shoots webbing out of his wrists and swings from building to building a Manhattan kind of like Tarzan grasping for another vine as he makes his way through through the jungle. But when I was a kid, okay, when I was, you know, about 12, or something like that, I discovered comic books for the first time. Okay, and and it was really a wonderful time to discover comic books.

There were no big movies, no big franchises, no big you know, whatever. It was just a simple comic book that you found on a spit around rack in the local drugstore. In my case, it was Macquarie's pharmacy. And I remember going down every Tuesday, and sort of like going through all the different comic books and picking them out at 20 cents apiece, you know, and I remember when there was a price bump to 25 cents, and I was really afraid that I was going to have to like cut down my list anyway. One of the comic books that I found most appealing, of course, was Spider Man. And Spider Man actually has his first appearance in the year 1962. And it's actually a great time for Spider Man to debuted. Spider Man's first appearance wasn't in his own comic book, you know, The Amazing Spider Man. That's what he had. By the time I was collecting comics. No, Spider Man's first appearance was in this loser Marvel title. I mean, it was like an awful book. It's, in fact, the previous issues that come before Spider Man's appearance. Sell for nothing, because like, it was so bad. It was such a bad comic book. Okay. And, and, and, and, and the comic book was originally called Amazing Adventures. Okay, and then by maybe about book three or five or something like that. Maybe 10 They changed it to amazing adult fantasy, like giving into kind of questionable sound amazing adult fantasy. What exactly is that supposed to be? And where it promised, you know, we will not insult readers intelligence, you know, with the fantasy stories that you read within. Basically, this was a glorified monster comic book from month to month. And you know, it featured things like Monster Rosso and Tor and the terror. What is it? The terror of Tim Liu ba okay. timbu Ba like, what was supposed to be sorry, excuse me, French. And finally, Serpo the creature that crushed the world. I mean, like, they were like these really cheesy monster stories, you know, every month, in in what began is amazing adventures. And then it was called Amazing adult fantasy, you know. And finally, the last and final issue number 15, which was renamed Amazing Fantasy. They were still trying to come up with a winning name for this loser comic book. So in number 15, of Amazing Fantasy, which also happened to be the last copy of the Rana cod Council right after issue number 15. Of Amazing Fantasy. Well, in issue number 15 of amazing fantasy. It told the story of this kid named Peter Parker, Peter Parker and the artist, Spider Man was created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. Stan Lee had great lines, maybe he wrote true, terrific scripts, all of them really cheesy and like a diamond doesn't whatever he could, you know, type out that particular week. Okay. But the real genius here was the artistry of Steve Ditko. Steve Ditko did all of these monsters like Tor and Tim boo ba have to even look at my notes to read Tim movement terror of Tim Booba. Okay, he would do all these monster stories dutifully. And so but Steve Ditko created Peter Parker and he created the costume for Spider Man, which pretty much is the same one that he wore in his first issue. So the story of Peter Parker was a story of a scrawny high school kid in Queens, who was the class geek, you know, he had glasses and he, you know, went to science class and things like that. And all the kids at the high school made fun of him. You know, there's even a panel where he asks a girl out on a date and she's like, Oh, leave me alone. You know you bookworm. I mean, that was like, the 1962 version of geek leave me alone you bookworm you're not you know, you're not snazzy enough like Flash Tom's then, you know so Flash Thompson was the school jock, you know and things like this. And and he walks by and all the girls are gonna you know over Flash Thompson. So if Peter the idea of Peter Parker asking you out on a date was like cooties, it was like a gross Get that away from it. Yeah. Peter Parker. And so we had these glasses, and he was like this, this this this read thin kid. I mean, this is the beauty of Steve Ditko is art from 1960 to he's like this read thin kid who's wearing you know, a vast, I mean, it kind of looks like Charlie Brown in a way. But you know, he's, he's, he's thin and geeky looking. And so he's like, you know, really in love with his telescope or science class. And of course, he goes to science class where, where the teachers really think he's great. And Peter also is being raised, interestingly, not by his parents, and that's never explained. Peter is being raised by his uncle Ben, and his aunt Mae, who own a modest little house in Queens, New York. And this was the other wonderful thing about Marvel Comics, they situated it in a real place, Queens, New York, okay. Everything I learned about New York, okay, at first I learned at the age of 12, or 13, reading Marvel Comics, because because these heroes didn't live in a Gotham City or metropolis, or Paradise Island or something like that. Peter Parker was in Queens, New York with his uncle Ben, who obviously, you know, was some sort of like, middle class guy, and he was older, you know, and his aunt Mae, who was also older and no parents to speak of, but to, but Uncle Ben and Aunt Mae loved and adored Peter, okay, as if he were their own kid. And so, and, and they spoiled him with like, you know, an extra pancake or something like that on Sundays or, or a textbook to help with his scientific studies. You know, so Peter is living a wretched life at school, where he's being bullied and made fun of constantly. I mean, everyone's like, Oh, that wallflower Peter Parker, you know, and, and, but he comes home to his, his his beloved Uncle Ben, and at May and they just make him feel like the biggest Prince on the planet. So one day, one day Peters attending some science experiment, you know, and this is 1962. So you have to remember that, you know, all the rage in comics and films and things like that, you know, from the late 50s into the early 60s, is science fiction. So everything is atomic energy and monsters and, and, you know, what man has done wrong to incur the wrath of nature, you know, sort of things. And, and, and, and there were, you know, rocket ships and spaceships. And, and Sputnik had just gone up. And, you know, we were involved in a Cold War with Russia. And there was a space race that was going on who was going to make it to the moon first the United States or Russia, and, and all these sorts of things. So, so it's the early 60s, and there's spies and there's conspiracies, and there's people hiding, hiding behind every corner. And, you know, at any point you never knew, and this was a very real fear still is you never know, knew who was gonna set off a nuclear bomb, and, you know, maybe end the world or something like that. So, so this is the 1960s. But here we are in modest Queens, New York. And so Peter goes to a scientific experiment, you know, with these, like scientists, you know, and they're always kind of like, old bettering men and, and they, you know, like, they're doing an experiment with radioactivity. Okay. And so, I don't even know what they're doing with radioactivity. I don't even think Stan Lee who wrote the comic book knew what they were doing with radioactivity, but some sort of experiment with radioactivity. And, and why was radioactivity being experimented on in Queens, New York, like unsupervised, anyway, they're doing an experiment with radioactivity. And while they're, you know, zapping things or whatever, and Peters in the audience, like with, you know, like three other people, you know, and, and his glasses are reflecting the radioactive, you know, pulsations. Unbeknownst to everyone, this spider, you know, lowers down on a web, and it gets between, it gets between the radioactive particles that are being zapped or something like that. And so the spiders zapped, and it turns red, you know, of course, which red is the color of Mars, okay, it turns red, and it falls upon Peters hand, and it bites Peter, in the last in its last day, even saying it in its last gasp of breath, you know, this radioactive infused spider bites Peter in its last gasp of breath. And so Peter immediately was like, Whoa, he's like, Oh, that hurt. And he looks down and he sees that his hand is, is is not only swelling up very quickly with the spider bite, but it's glowing. And he's like, what's going on? You know? And then he quickly leaves. And even the scientists, they're just as bad as his high school, friends, friends with friends like that. Who needs enemies. They're just as bad as his high school peers. They're like, Oh, looks like that scientific nerd Peter Parker doesn't even have the stomach to sit through and watch our radioactive experiment. I mean, they're just awful, these people. And so And so Peter goes staggering home. And he's kind of like, Dizzy, and he's got this pulsating hand, and he goes upstairs in his bedroom, you know, and, and make calls after him asking and asking him if you want some milk and crackers, or something's like, I'm fine, I'm fine. And she's like, Are you sure? It's like, oh, yeah, no, I am. And he goes to his bedroom when he falls on his bed, and he's just, he's dizzy. He's just like, you know, the, he's dizzy. This this bite? Is it? Does it hurt? Does it itch? No, it's just this burning sensation. And he feels literally infected. And he, he doesn't know what to do when he starts to get sweaty, and he starts to get really, really uncomfortable. So he thinks, Okay, let's go outside and maybe clear my head. And so he goes outside, and, you know, comes racing down the street, this car, you know, right at him. And he's like, he's shocked looking at this car. And he automatically jumps out of the way of the car. And in the comic book, they're like, oh, you know, serves that kid right for like being in a daze or whatever we're speeding along. And that's what we get to do and, and that kid should get out of the way or something like that. I mean, it's such a mean spirited world that this poor boy loves him. But he jumps out of the way. And he leaps up like about 15 feet

onto the side of a building, where his hands stick to the bricks of this building. And there's this moment, where he's looking at his hands, which are sticking to this side of this building. And he's looking down at the street, and the car that speeding away. And he's beginning to realize what's I mean, this is his, we're not in Kansas anymore toto moment. Okay. It's like, what is going on here. So what he does is that he climbs down from where he is leaped up onto the side of the building, and he realizes he can climb. So he climbs up and he climbs down and climbs up and he climbs down. And he kicks off his shoes. I don't know what possesses him to do this, but he kicks off his shoes, and starts climbing up these buildings, and on long these wires and things like that. And he begins to deduce very quickly, that he's like a spider that he has the characteristics of a spider that,

you know, when he, when he thinks he's gonna slip off the side of the building, he reaches out for a pipe, and he and he grabs it, but what happens is that he squeezes the pipe, as if it were paper, okay, and he realizes that he's got this tremendous strength. So he's got this strength and resilience, and he can climb up and down buildings and things like this. And he realizes something special, something special has happened to him, indeed, and this is a Jupiter moment, okay. It's that we think of Jupiter often in terms of like, blessings or rewards like, you know, maybe winning the lottery or the jackpot or something like this. But Jupiter can also be this, these moments of discovery of our abilities, that can be moments of discovery of our, of our talents. No, we're not going to be bitten by a radioactive spider, and I wouldn't recommend it. But it can certainly be an understanding or realization, that you're better at something that you thought you were, or that there's this ability that you have, which is actually stronger and bigger and better than you thought it was. So sometimes Jupiter can be the introduction of an opportunity into your life. But oftentimes, it can be the introduction of a strange what they used to call twist of fate, or stroke of fortune, where you realize that you possess something that you've always possessed, but you've never thought of it in that way before. Or you realize that the world has changed in such a way that it is now full of opportunity, rather than being a place rather than being a battleground, or a place where you're made to feel discouraged or dismayed. Okay. In the instance of this comic, which is basically a modern day fairy tale, he realizes that he has this ability. So what's the first thing he thinks of? Well, he climbs down off the building, and he walks past a poster that says, you know, Russell, Marco, and if you can stay in the ring with Marco for you know, five minutes, you will get $100 So you know, and so you know, Russell Marco stay in the ring five minutes and get $100 So his first thinking is like, let's make some money. Okay, so, so he goes was waiting on home and MA is like, are you still interested in milk and crackers? And Peter's like, no, no, no, I'm fine. I'm fine. I was worried you sounded a little, you know, weaker before I'm fine. Me, I'm fine. And he goes running into his room and he's like, you know, holding the poster. He's like, I'm gonna rustle Marco and make $100. Okay, which is like, what most people think of when opportunity like Jupiter comes into their lives. It's like, what's the immediate immediate financial gain or like, I get out of this? Okay, so it's a typical, typical human reaction. And he's a high school kid. Okay, so he goes, and he gets, he grabs the laundry hamper, and he takes out an old, he takes out an old like T shirt and, and some baggy jeans and, and he wraps some, some, like an old shirt around his head or whatever, and cuts out two holes. So you can see, you know, because he figures he's gonna go wrestle Marco and make his $100. But he doesn't want to reveal who he is to the world. He's like this, you know, nerdy kid in high school. And they would laugh at him, and maybe he wouldn't be able to collect his 100 bucks. So he goes, he goes and Marcos, they're, you know, kind of like bikini bikini swimsuit or whatever looking all muscley or whatever. And everyone's like, Oh, Marco, you know, it's like, it's queens. It's 1962. So a bunch of guys with cigars and hats and things like that, like, oh, Marco, and they're like, Okay, now introducing, you know, mystery wrestler, dude, guy, you know, and so Peter Parker jumps on and, and everyone's laughing because, because he's slender, little, you know, coat hanger kid, he's, he's built like a coat hanger, you know, type of thing. And so, um, so he gets into the ring with Marco, and Marco, you know, her, you know, it's actually kind of like, you know, costume wrestling before costume wrestling became a big deal, you know, and so Peters got his like, little costume on is, is. And so Mark was like her and Peter was able to dodge out of his way or whatever. And, and finally, you know, the, just before the end of the five minutes, he grabs, Marco, who's this huge, like, Marcos got to be like 250 260 pounds. And, you know, he grabs Marco and he throws Marco over his shoulder. And he climbs up a poll with Marco and hold them over the audience. And everyone's like, and Mark is like, put me down, put me down, kid put me down, you know, what did I ever do to us? If Peter comes down, and he puts Marco down and, and wins his $100? You know, and then there's this guy in the audience. He's like, That kid's got talent. I'm gonna book them on The Ed Sullivan Show and make lots of money. You know, so he shows up, he comes up to Peter, and he's like, Hey, would you like to go on The Ed Sullivan Show and make lots of money, you know, and, and Peter's, like, how much and he's like, hundreds and hundreds of dollars more than you made today. And he was like, All right, you know, and he's like, and you know, what, keep that, you know, what is that old shirt or something like that wrapped around your head, like, keep that keep that mask on? Because because it's a great gimmick, you know, and people love that. He's like, Sure, I'll go ahead and do that, you know, so he gives Peter his card and Peter goes on home, you know, feeling like a million bucks, you know, he's hit the jackpot. He's going places. Okay, so So what Peter does is show off extraordinary fashion talent, he's able to sew together a spider suit, it's a costume, it's what we all identify with as Spider Man, he puts this together. And he even comes up with cartridges that can shoot webbing, which which he describes as a kind of super glue, you know, and he can shoot it up to you know, the ceiling of his of his room and hang and swing on it. And, and, and things like this, and he's going to do that too. And, and he's going to go on The Ed Sullivan Show. So Peter goes on

The Ed Sullivan Show, and he's big head and he does different TV appearances and, and things like this. And and but he's known as Spider Man, he calls himself Spider Man. And so he's on the cover of Life magazine. He's doing TV specials, he's doing all these sorts of things. I mean, the world is full and cannot get enough of, of this. This mystery, this mysterious Spider Man, you know, and so he and he's raking in the cash. He's like, Hey, look at all this money me, you know, he was like a bookie. He's He's He's raking in the cash and making all this money. And so one night, one night, maybe it's another appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show are one of those New York, you know, television shows that were that were, you know, really, really popular in the 1960s. One night, he's doing his performance, which is basically climbing up and down walls and swinging and making everyone go oh, God, how could this person do this? One night, he's doing this and he you know, climbs back out and down and his producers like hey, good, you did good and gives him a whole bunch of, you know, another wad of cash. And so Peter is like walking, walking out of the TV studio studio and he's heading towards the elevator on his way home. And while he's walking there, he hears this fellow cry out you know, stop and stop and that's a thief stop him. You know, and evidently someone was going through the dressing rooms of the different celebrities and picking their wallets and purses and things like that. It's a burglar. It's a It's a it's a, it's a hood. Okay, and he's running down the hallway, you know, and Peter's like, you know, standing there in his SpiderMan outfit. And he watches as the guy runs right on past him and into an open Alabama and takes the elevator and it speeds down and he escapes on the street below. And the cop stops and he turns to you know, Peter, who's dressed as Spider Man, he's like, why didn't you stop him? You know, he was right there. All you had to do was like, you know, put out your your leg and trip him or hold them up, or maybe even, you know, Race to the elevators and close it or something like that. Why? Why did you stop him? And Peter's looking at his money. He's like, why it's not my problem. It's your problem, dude. You stop him, you know? And the cops like, thanks. No thanks. And Peter's like, whatever, you know, and, and so he goes home, and he doesn't think anything of it. And he doesn't think anything of it. Until he gets home that night. You know, he's he's, he's taken off his spider man outfit and, and he's he's put on his regular clothes, which is usually a vest in a white shirt and jeans. And it gets on home. And there are police cars that are surrounding his house in Queens. And he goes up and he asks what the records is, and the cops are say, Listen, this is this is

this is a crime zone. Don't cross the tape, you know, you're not allowed in. And it's like, Well, what happened? What happened? And he's like, there was an old fellow who surprised a burglar in the house, and he was shot and he's died. And so, you know, and Peter's like, immediately, like, you have to let me through you have to let me through. I know that man. This is my house. And so he goes running on through. And he discovers that it's his Uncle Ben who's been shot and who has been killed. And much to his horror. I mean, Peter, you know, just days before had been given a microscope by by Ant Man, Uncle Ben and, and there's a moment where, you know, he says you're the greatest family a fella ever had. But in this topic alone, and I wanted to sort of underscore this in this op balloon, he says, they're the only ones who've ever been kind to me. He's talking about Uncle Ben and Aunt Mae. They're the only ones who have ever been kind to me, I'll see it. I'll see to it that they're always happy. But the rest of the world, the rest of the world could go hang for all I care. So he says to himself Aussie to it that they're happy. They've always been good to me, but the rest of the world, the rest of the world can go hang for all I care. Okay, so there's no interest whatsoever outside of his family and putting on his little spider costume and making lots of money with these TV appearances. So he hears on the cop radio that the burglar you know, the suspect of the shooting is holed up in Acme warehouse, okay, like it's always Acme warehouse. I mean, if you've ever watched Roadrunner and Wiley Coyote, it's like, Acme is like the name of all the inventions and things like this. I guess it was a standard 60s, generic title of something. So it's like, the burglar is holed up in Acme warehouse, you know, and Peter, you know, swings on his on his spider web site, you know, like Tarzan swing, somehow, I guess Queen suddenly had like skyscrapers or something, I don't know. But anyway, he swings on his spider web on lampposts maybe, and makes his way to Acme warehouse and he gets there. Before the cops do or actually, he gets there. The cops have surrounded the building, but he climbs up the building and goes into the warehouse to confront the the the man who's killed his beloved uncle. And so they have a fight. He shoots his web and the gun falls out of the burglars hand and he hits the burglar and the burglar falls down. And it's in that moment. And this is an iconic moment, he picks up the burglar, you know, and and it's the only moment you know, if you remember the Spider Man eyes, they're they're white. And they're kind of like, they go up like this in that moment in the Steve Ditko comic, and it's so brilliant. You see, like two dots in the eyes, you know, to show amazement. And in that moment, when he picks up the burglar and he looks down at him. He sees the man who had run past him at the CBS TV studios or wherever he had been filming. And he recognizes he recognizes this man, he's the burglar that he could have stopped that the policeman asked why didn't you just stop them all you had to do his trip him or, or whatever, I would have caught up. And he said, what's it to me? You know, all I care about is me and my own and the rest of the world can go hang themselves for for all I care, you know, and and it's come back it's come full circle, so that he recognizes that the man who killed his beloved uncle is the same one he could have stopped as he was racing from the crime scene earlier and so he lowers The burglar on webbing and the police are like, you know, they've never seen it before. And, and then in the last couple of panels, there's one where he's holding his head and he's, he's crying, there's tears coming down, you know, and he says, my fault, my fault, if only I had stopped him when I could have, but I didn't. And now, and now my Uncle Ben is dead, you know, so so he's crying, he's weeping at himself having not done this. And then the last panel is him walking home and his Spider Man suit and it's just his, his head is hung low, and you see him from behind. And it says, and a lean, silent figure slowly fades into the gathering darkness, aware at last, that in this world, with great power, comes great responsibility. And that's the end of the story. You know, that in this world, with great power, comes great responsibility. And that's become kind of a Marvel Maxim over the years, you know, it's, you know, set in lots of comics and TV shows and movies and things like that, with great power comes great responsibility. And I love this.

Because that's a good message, and I really, really like it. But what I love about this is that it's a tail with a moral at the end of it, which is very much Jupiter. Okay? We have this tail in which we see Jupiter play out. This boy gets these amazing powers, which bring amazing opportunities. And he, he works it. I mean, he's an enterprising kid. I mean, he works at he makes a lot of money with his TV appearances and things like that things that we see with people on YouTube and, and their TV spots and whatever, you know, it's like what any what a lot of young people do these days and, and older people too. But you know, he's got his 15 minutes of fame. I love Andy Warhol. And he makes the most of it. He's an enterprising kid, he makes a lot of money. But in this opportunity, this wealth of opportunity, there's a greater opportunity that appears, and it's the opportunity to do the right thing. It's the opportunity to do something good. And he shirks it, he doesn't, he lets the burglar run past. And then that circles back and becomes the killer of his beloved Uncle Ben, and the destroyer of the of the family. You know, from then on. It's, it's at May and Peter, and that's it. And so it's the realization that he could have done something. But he didn't. That's the thing that plagues him. That's the thing that becomes, you know, the guilt trip, you know, and for some of us, that might be like the guilt trip the guilty thing, the moment that I will always regret. But in the case of Peter, because he's a hero, it becomes the thing that drives him forward in his superhero career. It's the fact that he had a chance to do something, and he didn't, and he paid for it. So in true areas, fashion, okay. And true FIRESIGN passion, he's going to show up in the lives of other people, and he's going to make a difference. This is what the fire signs are all about. I make a personal difference in other people's lives. So fire signs have two, two parts to their kind of life mission, show up and make a personal difference. Okay, so fire signs know that a lot might be riding on their decision, on their judgment on what they say is okay, on what they say is not okay. You know, and where other signs might really debate, we might have the right person make that decision, should I make the decision? What are the options and variables? fire signs are like, this is the moment I'm going to seize the day in a Carpe Diem sort of way. I'm going to see the seize the moment and here are now grab, you know, and I'm going to make a personal difference. Okay. And this is the thing that goes on to propel Peter in his career of spider man, but it's also, you know, relating it back to our own lives. It's about you know, how do you show up and make the personal difference that affects and impacts other people's lives. This is the thing that I really want you to think about. During the time that Jupiter is in Aries, you will have a blessing, you will have a reward, you will have a recognition, you will have a chance to meet maybe even make money and fame and fortune. Okay. And Jupiter is about those things. Marsilio fit you know goes on about Jupiter being about those things. And that was part of Marsilio for chino. On the floor, the founder of the Florentine Academy, that was part of his critique of Jupiter, that people who have very strong Jupiter in their lives were too concerned with fame and fortune and worldly riches, you know that they didn't have the conscience. They didn't have the reflection to go along with that. And so what we have in in with a Jupiter in Aries is kind of a conscientious objector, okay. It's, it's the hero who stands up to whatever occasion and so you may feel that you are given a benefit and given something good. But then you will also be challenged by Jupiter. Jupiter challenges and tests just as much as Saturn does, and we can get into that another time. But you will be challenged by Jupiter for the good that you get. Okay. And the challenge with Jupiter is a very simple one. Are you good enough for the good, you know, will the good get you to do good or will get you to hold on to what you have and to guard what you have jealously, you know, or so. So the maximum with Jupiter's always pay it forward. You know, good begets good. If a good turn is done to you, you turn around and you do a good turn for someone else. And you don't wait for reward. It's like spider man he saves the day and leaves no one can reward him or give him money. He never takes money for what he does. He always like leaves a note saying your friendly neighborhood spider man you know as he you know catches the crook you snatch the purse or defeats the villain who imperiled the city block.

But, but the thing is, it's always about this idea of paying it forward. A good turn is done for you. So you do a good turn for someone else. It sounds simple enough, and it may be. But for most of you who are dealing with Jupiter in Aries, which is going to be this blessing, but also this heroic challenge to show up for someone else. There's going to be a quandary connected to it. Jupiter loves quandaries. moral quandary is okay, Jupiter just loves moral quandaries, because moral quandary is more than reward or a pat on the head, or a lottery ticket. moral quandary is get us to question that get us to question what is good and what is bad? They get us to question you know, are only the good rewarded, which means you which can actually be very chauvinistic, or very sort of like, you know, only good people get good things and bad people must have done bad things to bring about what they've done, which can get into some very slippery ground, in terms of moral judgments and understandings of other people sort of conveniently getting rid of the restrictions or the limitations or the fact that people can suffer a spate of bad luck. And instead of writing them for it, maybe could use some support and a helping hand. Anyway, Jupiter will also present with this opportunity that you receive this good turn of events in your life, or moral quandary. Are you only looking out for yourself? Or are you passing it on to to others? And this will be the great question. This will be the great challenge for those fire signs who will be enjoying Jupiter in the zodiac sign of Aries? And it will be the great question and the great challenge for those air signs, Gemini and Aquarius, who will also be benefitting are you looking after your own good? Or, you know, are you finding a way for your good to benefit you as well as the lives of other people around you? So these are the benefits and these are the questions that you will be wrestling with during Jupiter's tenure and Aries Jupiter will be in Aries from May 10 to October 27. So Jupiter will be in Aries from May 10 to October 27. Bear in mind that on July 28, it turns retrograde. But the first leg of Jupiter's tenure in Aries is May 10 to October 27. On October 27, two Retrogrades out of Aries back into the zodiac sign of Pisces, and then it re enters Aries on December 21 to May 17. So those are the dates when Jupiter will be in the zodiac sign of Aries. And those are the dates in which your conscience and your conscientiousness will be raised.

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