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Remaining in Alignment with Your Truth

This is your Horoscope Highlight for the week of July 4 – July 10, 2022, with world-class astrologer, historian, and author of The Cosmic Calendar, Christopher Renstrom. This week, Christopher shares the story of the popular fable, The Tortoise and the Hare, drawing parallels between the pace of Earth/Water signs and Fire/Air signs. We learn that it’s not always about winning the race, but remaining in alignment with what’s true for you, and how that ultimately leads to success.

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Chapters 📺

0:00 Intro

0:37 Taurus and Cancer

1:52 The Tortoise and the Hare

5:37 Pace of Earth/Water vs. Fire/Air

7:37 Quick Planets, Slow Signs

9:15 Aspects

9:46 Mercury (Cancer) Sextile Mars (Taurus)

11:55 Sun (Cancer) Sextile Uranus (Taurus)

15:15 Aligning with Your Temperament

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00:00:07 Hi there and welcome. This is a man that the founder of Astrology Hub, and you’re listening to our weekend snapshot with world-class astrologer historian and author of the cosmic calendar. Christopher Renstrom. This show is designed to give you a quick overview of the week ahead, enabling you the gift of choice in how you navigate and weave these energies into your daily life.
00:00:31 Enjoy Hello, my name is Christopher runs from, and I’m your weekly horoscope columnist here on Astrology Hub. And this week I wanted to talk to you about the mercury Mars sextile taking place in July 5th and the sun Uranus sextile taking place on July 10th. Now these sex tiles are taking place between the Zodiac signs of Taurus and cancer. So what does that mean?
00:01:03 It means this is a good week to be a tortoise. Now, what exactly do I mean by this is a good week to be a tortoise? Well, basically I’m referring to what is generally agreed upon as being the two slowest signs of the Zodiac. Now, hold on a moment there, please, for people born under tourists and for cancer, I don’t mean to be insulting,
00:01:28 but if you peruse a general astrology books, you’ll find that basically the prize for being the two slowest signs in the Zodiac pretty much go to Taurus and cancer. Now Turians might respond defensively. I say, well, I was built for comfort, not for speed. And cancers might respond with, well, I need my downtime, but basically what it gets down to in the end is that yours are the two signs that pretty much take forever to get things done or to get from one place to the other.
00:02:04 And that is a good thing. Not only is that a good thing in general, that is a particularly good thing. When it comes to the planetary sex tiles that are taking place this week. Now, I think everyone is pretty much familiar with the story of the tortoise and the hair. It basically starts out when well, rather cruelly the hair is making fun of the tourist.
00:02:30 Whoops, that was a slip is making fun of the tortoise. Okay. They’re hanging out one day and the hair is just like, looks over at the tortoise and says, God, how does anyone put up with you? It takes you forever to get from one place to another. And the tortoise responds with what do you mean? It doesn’t take me a long time to get from one place to an and the heroine interrupts them very quickly and says,
00:02:59 that’s exactly what I’m talking about. All you had to do is basically agree and say yes, but instead you have to start explaining a long and tedious explanation of why it doesn’t take you long to get from one place to the other. But everyone knows that it does. You’re just very slow to which the tortoise replied slow. How about if I challenge you to erase or raise raise,
00:03:28 you’ve got to be kidding. Oh my God. That is the most hysterical thing that I’ve ever heard. You telling you a tortoise, challenging me a hair to erase. I double challenge you. Okay. Now I’ll take you up on this foot race, where shall we start and who will referee it? Well, there happened to be a Fox passing by,
00:03:47 at that particular moment. And they’re like, Hey Fox. And he’s like, will you come over? And basically refereed this race that I’m going to be running against this tortoise. And the Fox is like, you’re running a race against a tortoise. And the hair is like, yeah, isn’t that hysterical? And the Fox was like, sure. So they agreed upon what the distance would be,
00:04:04 you know, where they would go on this particular race. And so they lined up at the starting line and the Fox said go. And both of them well went the hair sped and the tortoise took a step forward. Now the hair went galloping on down the path and around the bend and up and over a bridge and through the trees. And at that point he was just sort of like,
00:04:28 oh, it’s just such a warm and hot day. And that funny tortoise is going to take forever. This looks like a lovely patch of grass. I think I’ll curl up right on here and take a nap. And so that’s exactly what the hair did. And the tortoise, the tortoise kept on plodding. The tortoise kept on potty for minutes that turned into hours and hours that turned into almost the entire afternoon.
00:04:54 And at a certain point, he reached the hair who happened to be napping, snoring, deep in a sound sleep. And the tortoise smiling Riley kept on moving forward and forward and forward until the sun began sinking down on the horizon. The afternoon became cooler and that’s when the hair woke up and said, oh, I’ve got a race to finish and went speeding off and saw the tortoise within a step of the finish line.
00:05:23 And at that point, the hair sped as fast as he could possibly could screaming after the tortoise saying, I’m going to get you I’m right behind you. I’m faster than you and the tortoise with great quiet quietly stepped over the finish line, looked back and said, have one. Now we all know that story. It’s a marvelous story. And it’s the story that we,
00:05:48 you know, basically there’s a moral to the story. There’s always a moral to the story and then a ACEP stable. And basically the moral of this story is, I don’t know something like the race isn’t always won by those who are quickest. But if we break this story down into the elements, it has a particular message. Let’s move the earth and water signs over into the tortoise camp and let’s move the fire.
00:06:17 And the air signs over into the camp of the hair. Now, basically the earth and water signs are known for being slower than their air and fire equivalence. That doesn’t mean slower on the uptake. It could very well just simply refer to the fact that it takes them longer to get things done. And this comes from the fact that the earth and water signs are yin and their energy and the air and fire signs are yang.
00:06:49 And what that basically means is that the Aaron fire signs are much more excitable they’re described as being more impulsive, maybe even reckless and, and, and quick, you know, quick on their feet and fast with, with, with getting things done, easily interested and easily bored. And the earth and water signs are much more deliberate. They’re much more sustained in their effort.
00:07:14 And they go pretty much at their own pace, which is slower. Why is it slower? We’ll think of earth and water. Think of gardening. You pour water on the earth and something grows, but it doesn’t pop open and get larger like water applied to one of those sponges from Williams-Sonoma someplace, you know, where you just add water and you know,
00:07:36 suddenly there’s a sponge or you add water and you have instant oatmeal or something along those lines. What it is is that you have to water something, you have to nurture something, you have to cultivate something and then eventually it sprouts. And eventually it grows and eventually it blossoms. So this is why it is the nature of water and earth to be slower or to take things slower.
00:08:01 Now what’s interesting about this week is that you have three planets. You have three planets famous for their speed, which are appearing in the Zodiac signs of Taurus and cancer. Mercury mercury is the planet of the mind. So it’s known for figuring out things rather quickly. Mars is the planet of that’s, what I want or impulsiveness, or even recklessness in combat.
00:08:27 So it also does things quickly and fiercely and Uranus, Uranus quickens anything that it comes within orb of it. It is the planet of revolution and change. It’s famous for knocking things, upside their head and turning the tables and kicking over the game board and sending all the chest piece pieces flying. And so that’s what these three planets can do. But planets,
00:08:53 planets ultimately have to behave in the signs that they pass through and signs. Although we are familiar with their particular qualities and characteristics, and each sign has unique qualities, it has unique characteristics signs still are in turn bound to temperament. And that temperament is not decided by the Zodiac sign. That temperament is decided by the element. So what do we have with Mars entering Torres and mercury entering cancer on July 5th,
00:09:28 and then immediately forming a sextile. What do we have with the sun, which is currently traveling through cancer, forming a sextile to Uranus, which is in the Zodiac sign of Taurus aspects are very important. And astrology aspects are so important to astrology because aspects change the dispositions of the planets, right? Planets can be an agreement that can be in disagreement that can be not talking to one another and they can be hailing each other and saying,
00:09:58 it’s great to see you. Okay. It all depends on the aspect that a planet is making to another planet in the sky. And addition to that is the aspect approaching or departing. In this instance, we have mercury, which is in cancer. And again, as I pointed out cancers, aren’t known for being really swift or fast on the uptake or for sure showing their hand.
00:10:24 And so mercury and cancer is described often as playing cards, close to the chest and being sensitive and, and deeply feeling, but not particularly expressive or communicative. Actually what we have with mercury and cancer is, is the disposition of the planet being really quite stealthy. Okay. And stealthy is an excellent word to use for mercury and cancer. Why? Because cancer is ruled by the moon and the moon was named after the Greek goddess,
00:10:57 Diana and Diana was famously the goddess of the hunt. Now, if you know anyone who wants, or if you happen to hunt or know anything about hunting hunters, don’t go and announce their presence to deer that they’re tracking. Okay. They’re not like, Hey, Bambi over here. You know, what hunters do is that they follow tracks and they wear clothing that allows them to blend into the background.
00:11:23 And they might even go and wait for a long period of time until their prey moves into range. This is something that you have with a mercury in cancer. Okay. It’s very stealthy. It, it follows tracks and hides its traces. Okay. It doesn’t really made it make its presence known when it sextiles a planet like Mars and Taurus. What you have,
00:11:48 there is basically someone who is, is expanding their turf, expanding. They’re looking to expand their turf and territory, maybe annex somebody else’s turf and territory, but Mars in Taurus can definitely have a more persevering attitude or approach to an actual action. So what you get is perseverance and action with Mars and Taurus, sextiling stealth with a mercury in cancer. What you also get with signing cancer is all of that stuff that I was talking about,
00:12:24 about the Zodiac sign of cancer, but what you also get is the waiting, okay? The, the waiting to see how someone else is going to act waiting for the circumstances to align just right, waiting for the target or the goal or the prize to come within view or to come within reach. Now, one can wait for a very long time when can be left waiting,
00:12:50 but what changes it for this week for the signs of cancer and tourists is Uranus Uranus. As we know, is the planet of revolution and change it, knocks over something that’s set. And that’s basically Uranus in a conjunction or Uranus, even in a square, but you start moving Uranus whom to a trine or into a sex tile and Uranus the planet of revolution and change switches gears to Uranus the planet of revelation and enlightenment or insight.
00:13:24 Okay. So what can happen here with the sun in a departing sextile to Uranus and Taurus is all of a sudden a sort of insight into how something works. So if I can take a couple of steps back here very quickly, what water an earth signs do is set out a plan, okay. An approach that they know is going to take a long time to re reach fruition or to be realized.
00:13:53 And this is something that we definitely see in the Zodiac signs of tourists and cancer, but when you move certain planets into these signs and when they form an aspect like a sextile, it quickens the moment. Okay. It doesn’t make them quicker. Okay. It makes the moment quickened. The moment is quick and the action is quickened. The strategy is quickened so that it moves all of a sudden,
00:14:17 very quickly, very swiftly towards a realization. So this is basically essentially good news for those born under a Taurus and cancer in particular, because what it means is that your long standing plan, okay, maybe it’s something you came up with last week. Maybe it’s something you came up with last month. Maybe it’s something you put into motion last year, or,
00:14:46 Hey, we’re talking about earth and water. Maybe it’s something you put into motion a decade ago. So whatever that plan may be, that, that, that, that action that you knew was going to take a long time to unfold. This is very quickly moving towards its realization this week. It’s, it’s moving. That prize is within reach. That that target is within your sites.
00:15:16 That objective, that objective, that objective is about to be realized and whatever that may be. It’s a week old, it’s a month old. It’s a year old. It may be a decade old, whatever that may be, we can expect you to pretty much realize it around July 13th when mercury sextiles Uranus. Now, before I let you go, I want to emphasize one more thing,
00:15:44 or I want to share with you one more thing about living in alignment with your temperament. If you are the tortoise, okay, it’s taken you a long time to reach this goal and your foot finally falls over the finish line and you look back, yes, you can allow yourself a smirk, a happy little smile, but, but what you cannot allow yourself.
00:16:09 What you cannot allow yourself is a shout of triumph. What you cannot allow yourself is to trumpet your accomplishments from the rooftops. What you cannot allow yourself is public gloating. Why? Well, the simple answer, according to astrology is it’s not your temperament. It’s not your style. It’s not in your nature. The real why the real, why is when you move as stealthily as you move,
00:16:41 when you take into account, all the things that you’re going to do ahead of time, when you move in such a way as to not to be, when you move in such a way as not to be perceived, recognized, or found out that that is the secret of your success. But if you were to turn around after accomplishing what it is that you accomplish,
00:17:07 and if you were to do something very on watery, and if you were to do something very unearthly as to say, I’m the winner, I’m the best I got the better of you. Then, then you will call upon you forces that are negative or, or in a, in a, in a way punishing to the nature. Now it’s not like you’re going to bring out bad.
00:17:31 Things will happen to you. But what it is is that the secret of your success was in the slowness. The secret of your success was in how imperceptible it was. The secret of success was in how long it took to unfold. If you call attention to it, if you call attention to it, not only have you given away the game, but,
00:17:55 but you have given away yourself in a way that suddenly makes you vulnerable or a target for others and nutty or envy Hi there, I’m Amy Escobar, a producer of the horoscope highlight show with Christopher Renstrom. Thanks for tuning in to the Astrology Hub podcast network. If you love the show, please take a moment to subscribe, rate, review, and share it.
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