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0:00 How to Work with the Aspects of 2022

1:30 Reviewing the Energies of Saturn and Uranus

5:00 What do You Want to do w/ Your Life

9:30 2022 Forecast for the Signs

14:00 The Eclipse Seasons of 2022

20:02 Jupiter in Pisces & Aries in 2022

25:10 Mars Retrograde in Gemini in 2022

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This is your Horoscope Highlight for the week of December 27th – January 2nd, 2021,  with world-class astrologer, historian, and author of The Cosmic Calendar, Christopher Renstrom.

This week, Christopher details the energies of some of the biggest shifts of the new year, and how you can get in synch with key planets and transits influenced by most the highlighted zodiac signs of 2022.

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Hi there and welcome. This is Amanda, the founder of Astrology Hub, and you’re listening to our weekend snapshot with world-class astrologer historian and author of the cosmic calendar. Christopher Renstrom. This show is designed to give you a quick overview of the week ahead, enabling you the gift of choice and how you navigate and weave these energies into your daily life. Enjoy Hello,

My name is Christopher Renstrom and I’m your weekly horoscope columnist here on Astrology Hub. And this week I wanted to talk to you about 2022. Now I’m sure that there are hundreds of astrologers who are all going to talk to you about 20, 22. And there are certainly more suited than I am to talk about the various retrogrades and conjunctions and squares and semi-sextiles and all sorts of things that will be going on with the musical chairs game that’s going on in the sky above.

So I didn’t really want to talk to you necessarily about these particular aspects, but what I wanted to talk to you today was about how to deal with these particular aspects as you go on in to 2022. Now, one of the great fallacies about astrology, and I don’t know if fallacies is really the right word, but expectations. What are the great false expectations of astrology is that Astrology is capable of predicting things right down to the very minute of what’s going to happen and, all these sorts of things. And I don’t want to get into a discussion of that because it’s really quite tedious. What Astrology is here to do is help to interpret is, is to help you understand the energy of the planet so that you can work in sync with them rather than out of sync. One of the things for instance, is understanding the energy of Saturn.

In 2021, we had three extraordinary Uranus and Saturn squares, Uranus, the planet of revolution and change went up against a Saturn, the planet of conventional of convention and, and the status quo. You can almost think of them as wrestlers and world wrestling championships, you know, in their, you know, Uranus in its makeup and Saturn and its makeup, you know, rushing at each other and body slamming and going at it.

And they did for three times during 2021. And there was a lot of talk and a lot of expectations of these great, extraordinary changes that were going to take and society being Rockton to its foundations, and maybe even the beginning of a new way of living and things like that.

Certainly I know that one set of false expectations was that we were all going to get through this virus, lickety split and life was going to return to normal and the summer, and everyone was going to sort of go on their way from there. Well, clearly the people who were making those promises, weren’t on a very familiar speaking relationship with Saturn or a better way of putting it, perhaps as evidently they didn’t get the Saturn memo.

Saturn doesn’t work in our time. Saturn works in Saturn’s time. And we live in a society that has the attention span of a point and click. Okay. We expect that, you know, just because we said something that this is going to happen and, and, and there’s the result and it’s delivered in a little cardboard box on our doorstep.

The following day, Saturn doesn’t work like that. Saturn is the planet of time and Saturn is going to take its own sweet time. As it travels through a particular sign. Saturn is in the Zodiac sign of Aquarius for two and a half years. It’s, it’s really entering the last part of its tenure this year, but it really doesn’t leave Aquarius until March of 2023.

So basically Saturn is a slow moving planet. And so you are going to slow down and move at the pace that Saturn besides. It’s kind of like being on the freeway and stuck behind one of those, what are they called? Y birth loading truck, things, you know, where, where, where it’s a car and it’s like, you know, caution wide birth.

And it’s this huge thing which is behind the truck and there’s just no getting around it. And you’re there behind it on, on the freeway or the highway. And that’s pretty much the way that Saturn works. So Saturn resists our best efforts to move it along or, or speed it up. Or, you know, I, I want these results.

And I said, I was going to deliver them. You know, why aren’t you cooperating? Saturn’s like talk to the hand, you know, you’re not going to get past Saturn until Saturn has moved out of the sign. So what we’ve seen is this wild clash between Uranus, the planet of revolution and change and Saturn, the planet of status quo.

And, you know, despite Uranus’s best efforts to turn everything inside out and upside down, Saturn is still in its own sign. Saturn is in the sign of Aquarius. So Saturn isn’t really going to move any quicker and the great revolutions and the great changes and the great upset index expectations are not going to move as fast as we would like them to move.

Now, obviously this could be a source of great frustration. Obviously this could be a source of great despair, but what it reminds me of is a period of time in my life when I was much younger. Well, when I had graduated the drama school at NYU, the dramatic playwriting, the playwriting school at NYU, yes, that’s what I had done.

I had, I had graduated from the playwriting program at NYU, and I was looking forward to becoming a playwright and found out very quickly that wasn’t going to happen anytime soon. And so I took a job, I think, working at some coffee house or something like that. And during my tenure there, I had gotten fired. Yes, I had gotten fired.

And I remember coming home to my roommate and just being gloomy and depressed and saying, I got fired today. And I don’t know what I’m going to do. And I’m such a failure. And she was like, well, what are you going to do is file for unemployment. I was like file for unemployment. And she was like, yes, that’s what you do.

You file for unemployment. That’s what employment’s there for. And I was like, I am not to charity case. So she had to give me a long discussion about how unemployment works and it’s a good idea to file for it. And why don’t I use that to do something that I really want to do. And that’s exactly what I did. I actually use those unemployment checks and to sort of fund as much as they could fund, which wasn’t much funding my tarot card reading practice.

And that’s essentially how I launched my tarot card, which then transformed into an astrological career over time. And that’s what I’ve been doing since long story short. And the reason why I even bring this up, that thing of getting fired. And I’ve often talked to clients about, you know, when they’ve gone through periods of time, when they’ve been fired, that thing about being fired is actually a good thing.

Not just because you collect unemployment, but what it is is that it gets you to stop look and listen about your life. It gets you to really sort of ask, what do you want to do with your life? And this is an essence. What Saturn in at square to Uranus has been teaching us through 2021.

It has brought things down to a roaring halt. And whenever we tried to get things back up again, it sort of brought it back to a roaring halt. And what it’s really forcing us to ask are the questions. What do we want our world to look like? What do we want our society to look like? And for you as an individual person, what do you want your life to be?

Look, what do you want your life to look like? Now, whenever we hit this kind of bump in the road or a hiccup or, or something in which, you know, we’re, we’re fired, or we’re in stasis, we’re in limbo. You know, the natural inclination is to get back on board again, you know, it’s to go and find a job.

That’s just like the job we, we were fired from, or go in and find something, you know, we’re not going to take this lying down and we really need to be, you know, getting things back on board. But what Saturn is teaching us right now is maybe there’s no getting back on board.

And maybe what you want to do is take this opportunity to really center yourself and to really focus on the things that you want to do in life. What would you do with your life? If you could, now, all of us is like, oh, do whatever. If I could, if I had this kind of money, if I knew these kinds of people, or if I finally got that break or something like that, but Saturn is always like, no, look at what your resources are right now. Look at what you have to work with right now. What could you, what would you do with your life, if you could working with what you have, right. And honestly, that answer might very well surprise.

You, you may find that you’re actually a lot more resourceful or you’re a lot more connected to a talent or an aspiration than you ever have been in your life before. And that the answer may not be to go back and do what you did before, but to maybe, and it’s any more than it would be to set off in a radically new and different direction.

But maybe the answer is more like alignment, more like aligning yourself to what you really want to do and finding those resources and opportunities that would support it. Now, intrusive attorney and fashion, they’re not going to support it wonderfully right off the bat. You know, when I started my tarot card reading business, I mean, I wasn’t, you know, it was an unemployment check for someone works in a coffee house.

Okay. So there wasn’t much, but it motivated me. And, and, and, and every time I did readings and I was able to match what I was getting on unemployment made me feel confident so that I got to a point where I was making more than I was on unemployment.

And sure enough, over a period of time, I was like a kid flying a kite. You know, you knew you run and you and the kite sort of goes up and, and hopefully if you’re doing enough running or placing or whatever, the kite catches the wind and it stays aloft. And that was what happened in my case. And I think Saturn is offering you that same opportunity here now for signs like Capricorn and Aquarius,

2022 is a big deal. Not in any sort of bright, eventful way, although for Aquarius, it might be, but in terms of coming into your own Pluto is winding up its stay in Capricorn. So for those of you Capricorns, who found your life transformed in 2009 and especially in the 2010, 2011 and 2012 period, okay. You are emerging from your Plutonian passage.

Okay. And, and you are emerging much more confident and much more connected to yourself and what you want to do. And you’re, you’re a very different person than you were in 2009. Now a lot of people would say we’re all different people than we were in 2009, but Capricorns, I think, you know what I’m talking about, you are a very different person than you were in 2009,

2010. Okay. And so this emergence, okay, is what’s taking place for you this year. And it’s, it’s really about the confidence and living out of that confidence, choosing to live out of that confidence rather than the traditional Capricorn, Sturman drawing fear and anxiety, existential crisis, you know, you’ve got this confidence now, that’s there and living out of that confidence and not being ruled so much by financial choices and things like that, but really choosing where you want to go and how you want to live.

If you are an Aquarius, Saturn is in its final year. Okay. For you in 2022, again, you are also coming into own and you went through a lot of difficulty in, in, in 2021. Although I dare say it was probably the two years before that as well, because Saturn was sensitively placed in Capricorn, but you weren’t really coming into your own and you yourself are also seeing the fruition or the fruits of your labors that have gone on for a number of years. You may find yourself really at a point in your life where you’re really commanding the, the circumstances in your life, where you have something to say, where you have a vision, and you may feel like you are finally in sync with events, Aquarian spend a lot of time being out of sync with events.

They’re always trying to figure out am I ahead of my time or has my time come? And so in this 2022, you’re going to feel very much in sync with life events and circumstances, and that they are actually working with you rather than against you.

And so you really, really have a wonderful possibility to make a lot of advances and progress based based on that now for the rest of us. Okay. What I wanted to share with you is that 2022 is a year of retrogrades. Every single planet that can turn retrograde is going to turn retrograde. And every sort of eclipse that could happen is going to eclipse.

Now this is, this will probably get a lot of like, oh, the planets are in retrograde and people will be making all sorts of hullabaloo about this sort of thing, but planets, all the planet’s going to retrograde like every two or two and a half years. So it’s really like, eh, you know, not, not a big deal, but what’s interesting.

And what I wanted to call your attention to is that there will be no planet in retrograde. In other words, all planets will be in direct motion from February 3rd to May 9th. Okay. No, retrogrades no, retrogrades from February 3rd to May 9th, which means, okay, everybody, if you’re launching a project, if you’re making a pitch, if you’re trying to set up a relationship, if you’re trying to set up a move, anything that you launch or start or begin your window for 20, 22 is February 3rd to May 9th, go for it. You know, like, like, like grab those kayaks and, and hit the river and Piatt act like crazy. And why am I talking about kayaks anyway, that’s the image that came to mind.

So, so basically you really, really want to advance your interests while all the planets are going direct from February 3rd to May 9th. Now, following this, we go into our eclipse season and eclipse season is basically, you know, when you have solar eclipses, lunar, eclipses, solar, eclipses, lunar eclipses, and that’s basically roughly two times a year.

Now we’re coming out of an eclipse cycle in which the eclipses were taking place in the Zodiac signs of Gemini and Sagittarius and Gemini and Sagittarius have gone through, oh boy, they’ve had since for the last two years. Okay. Or really year and a half. Okay. They’ve really gone through a lot of challenges and a lot of rough passages and things like that.

So the good news for Gemini inside the terraces, you’re off the hook. No more eclipse is going through your signs. So this is, this is actually a really, really good thing for you. The eclipse cycle has moved on to tourism Scorpio. Okay. And so all the I can, I can hear the collective brown from all utopians and Scorpios out there in the audience.

It’s hard turn were the ones that stood out in the cosmic spanking machine. But this is what I want to share with you. Eclipses are indeed associated to dramatic changes in life direction whenever they happen. Okay. And so a solar eclipse will be a dramatic change in life direction, moving forward. Okay. And the solar eclipses are April 30th and October 25th. All right.

Now the lunar eclipses are, or is basically something that was not working out. Maybe it was like on weak footing or if you ground or something like that, unravels and falls apart. So lunar eclipses are really associated to periods where, where things that you were hoping would work out or you’re doing everything you could to support or keep it going unravels and falls apart because it was on weak footing.

And that will be the lunar eclipse on May 16th and December 4th. Now these will be taking place in, in, in tourism score pair, respectively. But this is what I want to say. And it will also be impacting the other two fixed signs as well, Leo and Aquarius, but not all in the same way. It will impact Aquarius, but Saturn is in Aquarius right now.

So Aquarians are kind of protected, okay. Because Saturn is in their own sign, it’s their own ruling planet in their own sign. And so Saturn becomes a patron to those born under, under Saturn, those Capricorns and Aquarius. And, and in this particular regard, Saturn will be a patron to Aquarius. Okay. So they’re, they’re pretty much protected during this period of time Scorpio and Taurus,

Scorpio, and Taurus, you’ll be like, oh, you know, eclipses, you know, but this is what I want to bring up to Scorpio and tourism, Leo and Aquarius as well. You guys have been living with a Uranus, particularly tourists. You have been living with Uranus, the planet of revolution and change in Taurus since 2018. And this is something that I really like to share with people about astrology.

It’s not about lucky days and bad days. It’s about following the flow of events through time, according to the planets. So you don’t have, you know, a lucky day where two planets can join. And you’re lucky for like that one day you basically have a run-up to when the planets can join or in a favorable aspect. And that run-up can be anywhere from, you know, three to five days to maybe two weeks.

Okay. So, so nothing is ever day specific, but this is the other thing that I wanted to add. For instance, Uranus has really been, you know, Uranus did a lot of her, you know, upside down Z topsy-turvy to the fixed signs in 2008 and 2009, but since 2008 and 2009, which is when Uranus first enter Taurus, the fixed signs have become used to this.

Okay. They’ve acclimated to this. Okay. So, so instead of every time, you know, something is turned upside down or whatever, and it’s like, ah, you know, you like, you know, you know, it’s kind of like, okay, okay.

Like what do I have to do this time? Okay. So what has happened? Maybe you’ve gotten a little jaded. I don’t think too much because it’s Uranus, but maybe you’ve gotten a little bit like jaded or used to it. But the important thing is you’ve gotten used to it. Okay. You’ve acclimated to it. And so you’ve actually learned to become more resourceful and more drawing on the things that you have, you know, available for you to, to work with the Uranian energy that’s being released into your life.

So this is actually why I think that these eclipses are not going to have the sort of dramatic eclipse, the effect that they normally have on Taurus and Scorpio simply because tourism Scorpio has been living like this for such a long time. And so if anything, these eclipses may reveal to you alternative ways of getting to the objective that you want to reach.

It may reveal to you choices that are different than what you would have typically done, because Uranus has already put you in the mindset to be inventive. And the eclipses are introducing some sort of like a dramatic change or departure. So these eclipses for, for Taurus and Scorpio may actually be tremendous opportunities.

And I would really encourage you to look at them that way, the person that might be sort of having a hard time with it might be Leo. And that’s only because Leo is sort of occupying the one seat, not taken. Okay. You’ve got Saturn in Aquarius, you’ve got, you’ve got Uranus and tourists, even Scorpio is being covered by the eclipse energy.

And so by square, Leo is kind of like in the rough spot. Okay. And so this might be a little bit of a rougher transition for Leo, but I want to circle back to Leo in a, in a quick sec here. Okay. So that’s my comment on the eclipses and really how to approach them, kind of like get yourself into the mindset of making the most of them.

They don’t just have to be like an anchor through your robot and a huge gaping hole. Okay. In your life, Jupiter isn’t Pisces until May 10th of this year. Okay. Jupiter, we know is the planet of good fortune and higher purpose. Okay. Jupiter is a benevolent. It brings good things. This is, this is what it does. And so Jupiter is in its own sign of Pisces until May 10th.

So this is going to be very fortunate and very good for Pisces, right. Obviously because it’s Pisces, but more than that, whenever Jupiter’s in your sign, it’s a good, it’s a good period of time for you. Okay. So it’s going to be good for Pisces, but it becomes doubly good because Jupiter’s the zone is the planet that rules the Zodiac sign of Pisces.

Okay. So that’s actually, wow. That makes it even, even, even better this, this period from now until May 10th for Pisces, but what makes it even better than that? See with Pisces, it can never just be like one little thing. It’s you got a heap on the ice cream sundae, you got to put on it out the scoops and the, and the, the cream, the whipped cream and the, and the peanuts and the sprinkles… So, so Pisces is a Jupiter is in its sign. That’s one really good thing. Jupiter is the planet that rules Pisces. That’s the second big thing. Okay. And then the third thing is that Pisces is one of the few Zodiac signs that has two planetary rulers.

It’s co-parented by Jupiter and Neptune. And Neptune happens to be in Pisces too. So you have Jupiter in its own sign with Neptune, which is the other co ruler sign for Pisces. So this makes it really, really been Evolent. This makes it really, really bright for four Pisces. And so you guys are like riding the wave, making it rain until like May 10th.

All right. So this is good for Pisces, but this is also going to be good for the earth signs by sextile. Okay. So if you’re a tourist or a Capricorn, you’re going to be benefiting from this by, by sextile Virgo, because it’s opposite, but you’re still getting the bump from the Pluto trine. So, so that might help, but you might not benefit as much, you know, with, with this, with this particular transit, the other sign, which you might not think of benefiting from this, but is going to benefit from this is Sagittarius. Now you might be like, why Sagittarius Sagittarius is, is a fireside. What is such a, I mean, fire sign, square water signs.

So Y you know, or, or, or I have difficulty or, or, or difficult relationships to water sign. So why would, why would, why would Sagittarius benefit? And I’m sure that there are some of you in the audience have already guessed it. Sagittarius is going to benefit from it because Jupiter is the ruling planet of Sagittarius.

Okay. So even though Jupiter’s is passing through Pisces, which squares Sagittarius, the real implant of Sagittarius is still Jupiter. Jupiter is in a Jupiter ruled sign. So this is benevolent. This is good for Sagittarius. And it’s actually setting up a really wonderful year for Sagittarius, by the way. Okay. It’s like back off and like get a whoa, the Sagittarius.

Okay. It’s actually setting up a wonderful year for Sagittarius because Jupiter is in Pisces until May 10th. And then on May 11th on May 11th, Jupiter goes into areas which is a fire sign, just like Sagittarius. Okay. So Sagittarius gets the extra, it’s the good, and then the extra bump up. So this is actually a 20, 22 is going to be real, real terrific.

Year four for Sagittarius. So what I want you Sagittarians to do is go through your life and make sure that everything is in working order, get your house in order, make sure that the vessel of your life doesn’t have any leaks and that it sea worthy and it’s ready to go. And then what I want you to do is open up the sale,

open up the sale at the beginning of 2022, because there is such a mighty wind blowing through your life that it will fill the sales of your boats, and it will, it will move them along at a clipped pace to the places that you want to be. So this is actually a really opportune and wonderful time for Sagittarians and Sagittarius deserves it because of what they’ve been through for the last number of years.

So this is going to be really, really terrific for Sagittarius. Now, at this point on May 11th, when Jupiter goes into areas, it will then switch its focus and support from the water and the earth signs to the fire and the air signs. Okay? So this is where I wanted to circle back and hit Leo really quick. Leo, this is actually going to be a wonderful time for you,

and it’s going to coincide with the summer, which is your season. That’s the season when you’re shining is, is, is in the summer. So for Leo, this May 11th to about October is going to be good. We’ll touch on the retrograde really quick, but even with Jupiter retrograde in areas, it’s still going to be good. And you’re still going to be benefiting from Jupiter,

being in areas, in areas as a fire sign. So Sagittarius gets the benefit areas gets the benefit because Jupiter is in areas, okay. Leo gets the benefit. And this is good news for Leo, because Leo has had to contend with Saturn with, with Saturn in its opposite sign of Aquarius. So, so actually Jupiter in areas is going to be good.

It’s going to move the alignment of the planets in such a way that you’re going to see more of a realization of your aims and your goals and your aspirations. So that period of time, even with the retrograde, even with the retrograde Jupiter, that period of time from May 11th to October 28th, ought to be a good one. Now we get to the Mars retrograde in,

in, in Gemini and a quick note that I want to make there, the one sign that’s not going to be having an easy time of it. There is a with the Jupiter in, in areas is going to be Libra. And so that doesn’t mean like things go crummy for you or whatever Libra. It just means that you’re going to have to do some extra thinking on your feet and,

and negotiating of situations, but actually Libra. I’m not worried about you because if anyone knows how to negotiate situations and to parlay and to finesse, it is the Zodiac sign of Libra. Okay. So on August 20th, Mars enters Gemini. And this is very important because there is a period of time. I believe it’s it’s, it’s around may. I’m sorry.

There’s, there’s one thing I didn’t and, you know, but I wrote it. So, but I believe it’s like in the may period when Mars and Jupiter are both traveling together in areas. All right. And so there’s like maybe a two or three ish week period, I think May 11th plus about maybe two or three weeks where, where Mars and Jupiter are traveling together in areas.

And this is very good and, and it’s especially good for, for, for four areas. Actually, hold on a sec, I’m just going to check it here because it’s gonna drive me crazy May 25th to July 5th. Okay. May 25th, July 5th, Mars and Jupiter will be traveling together in areas. Okay. I just had to go and check my horoscopos.

Okay. So, and that’s going to be very good for, for, for areas and, and, and for the air and the fire science as well. It’s going to be very, you know, it’s going to be very robust Mars energy, and you can expect to make a lot of headway to get a lot of things done. However, Mars enters Gemini on August 20th and then,

and then it will turn retrograde. And, and this is what’s interesting here. This is what’s interesting here on October 28th. Okay. On October 28th, 2022, Jupiter will reenter Pisces by retrograde. So that’s so, so Jupiter reenters, Pisces by retrograde on October 28th and on October 30th, Mars turns retrograde and Gemini. Now that’s probably a lot of Astrology that I just dumped on you right there.

And, and, and, and I apologize, but what that means is that the benefits that came with that Mars, Jupiter, you know, fellow traveling that was going on through May 25th to July 5th, that was going on from May 25th to July 5th. The benefits that were coming from Mars, traveling together with Jupiter are going to bring games. They’re going to bring accomplishments.

They’re going to bring achievements. Okay. And this is going to be a very good thing for people who are ruled, particularly by Mars and Jupiter, like an area’s in a Sagittarius. And it’s also going to do very well for, for Gemini, for the air and the, and the, and the fire signs pretty much together when Mars turns retrograde,

it turns retrograde on October 30th. So you might have noticed that Jupiter leaves areas on October 28th and Mars turns retrograde in Gemini on October 30th. There’s a two day thing there. And what concerns me about Jupiter leaving sort of withdrawing its protection from areas, and then the ruling planet of various Mars turning retrograde in Sagittarius. What concerns me about that and which I want to sort of give you the heads up on is that whenever there is progress that’s made in your life or advancement in your life,

or you get that you get the prize and nobody else does, or, or you come out and tie up, you know, there, there’s always going to be someone who lost or there’s going to be someone who didn’t do as well. And, and, you know, usually this is handled by good sportsmanship. You shake hands and you say good contest.

And, you know, but nowadays we challenge things. We challenge things like results. We challenge things like prizes. We feel like, you know, that this person get it by fair means and, and do they really earn it? And, and we, we questioned the validity of these sorts of things. And this is something that I want particularly Geminis and areas, all fire and air signs, all fire and air signs to keep an eye on as Mars will be retrograde from October 30th to January 12th of next year.

Is there someone, did you create an entity? Did you create a rivalry? Is there someone who, who you competed with and is angry and, and, and, and maybe vindictive. Okay. And again, you want to look to that previous period that, that I talked about from, from may to July, because that’s when the seeds of this will be planted. And if there is, you sort of need to find a way to make amends. All right. And you might have noticed that this kind of like picks up the theme of the Venus retrograde from the beginning of this year w which is basically, you know, making amends or making peace now with a Mars retrograde in Gemini, it can be very, that can be a very feisty Mars and extremely argumentative or, or, or, or competitive Mars. And so you may not feel like doing that. And what I would like to underscore is that if I’m talking to an air sign, well, okay, right now I’m talking to the air sign.

So I’m talking to the air signs out there right now. Okay. So I’m talking to Gemini Libra and Aquarius. What I want to underscore here with the Mars retrograde in Gemini and making peace is that if you are an air sign, your most valuable sources are your human resources. Okay? So you don’t get to where you got to today without the help of other people.

And so you cannot turn your back on them. Now, you might say, well, of course I’ve always recognized or praised, or, or, or, or, or, or appreciated shown, shown, appreciation, affection, and support to those friends, you know, but I’m not going to show it to some, you know, rival or to some front of me or to someone who doesn’t wish me well.

And my suggestion would be to practice good sportsmanship, you know, to reach out your hand, to shake, to, to, to say that that was a contest well done. And to, to show a friendliness to this person, lions know full well, you know, that when they take down a gazelle or whatever on the African Plains, you li you know, you, you, you eat your thing, but then you leave something for the hyenas and the vultures. Okay. Because lions know that they’re, that, you know, if they’re fed as well from the great bounty, then they’re not going to go looking for fights or, or causing any sort of difficulty. And so it’s in that same spirit of showing honor honoring, you know, a rival or contestant or someone who, who, who fought for something along with you. It just, it’s just good sportsmanship. It’s just good form. And if you are an Aries or a Leo or a Sagittarius, you’re a fire sign. So you’re all about, you know, the triumph and the zeal. And isn’t that a great to look what I did, you know?

And so you might want to pay attention to the, you might want to sort of tone it down a little bit. Okay. And, and pay attention to the fact that you might sort of be rubbing some people the wrong way. Yes. You should always be celebratory about, you know, what you’ve done, but, but a winner also celebrates the person who went up against them.

You know, a winner celebrates the opposite side. You know, it’s something that we do in sports. You know, the, the, that, that, that players on opposite teams do all the time. And it’s something that I think we really benefit by doing in our own life of saying, okay, you know, I won this one and you didn’t win this one, but you know what, next time you might win and, you know, and sort of really celebrating your opponent and, and, and finding a way to, to honor that kind of competition that went on there. If you can find a way to do that, then you won’t find your prize being stolen. You won’t find your gains being coveted, and you won’t be the victim of hostility or jealousy or any sort of attack.

And that you will go into the year of 20, 23, not having to watch your back, but looking forward and expecting the best from it. Are you looking to personalize guidance? Do you have questions about what you’re meant to do and be in this lifetime, what you need in intimate relationships to really thrive, or what major themes you’ll be working with in the months to come?

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