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Venus and Uranus Square off in Taurus and Aquarius

This is your Horoscope Highlight for the week of June with world-class astrologer, historian, and author of The Cosmic Calendar, Christopher Renstrom. On June 10th, Mercury in Taurus will form its final trine to Pluto in Capricorn, an aspect that won’t take place in these specific signs for another 200+ years. This week, Christopher encourages us to try one last time for something that we may have been trying to secure that has yet to stick up to this point. You may just find luck is on your side this time around!

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00:00:13 Hello. My name is Christopher Renstrom and I’m your weekly horoscope columnist here on Astrology Hub. And this week I wanted to talk to you about the Venus Saturn square that will be taking place on June 18th. Now this Venus Saturn square is very powerful and it’s very particular that’s because in many ways we can say that this Venus Saturn square is probably the purest Venus Saturn square that you could possibly experience.
00:00:42 Why? Because Venus is in her own sign of Taurus and Saturn. Saturn is in its own sign of Aquarius. Now you can have Venus Saturn squares all the time mixing and matching the energies between various and sundry Zodiac signs. But it’s very rare. It’s very rare when you have a Venus Saturn square that takes place with the planets each in their own Zodiac sign.
00:01:07 As I said, Venuses and tourists, and it will be squaring Saturn in Aquarius. The only other alternative or option was experienced a few years ago when we had Venus in Libra, squaring, Saturn in Capricorn. So Venus Saturn squares have let’s face it pretty negative reputations in astrology. There’s a feeling of being unloved. There’s a feeling of being an attractive,
00:01:32 there’s a feeling of being unwanted. Anything with that you put in front of desirability and you will end up with a Venus Saturn square. It can be experienced by transit, or it can be experienced natally in your own astrological chart, but there’s more to be in a Saturn squares, which is, which is often represented. Venus Saturn squares are actually challenges.
00:01:58 Every square talks about a conflict or some sort of combat that takes place between the two planets. And again, with this particular Venus Saturn square Venus feels no compunction to genuflect to Saturn because she’s in her own sign. Taurus and Saturn feels no compunction to genuflect to Venus because he’s in his own sign, which is Aquarius. So they really are not going to be on the same page.
00:02:24 And so these sorts of things will often involve people coming together for reasons that aren’t necessarily out of love or passion, but for reasons that might have a sort of higher calling involved. Let me share with you an example of that. One of my favorite examples of a Venus Saturn square, and particularly this kind of a Venus Saturn square is the musical. My fair lady,
00:02:53 my fair lady was based on a play by George Bernard Shaw, which was called Pygmalion named after the mythological character who scopes a statue of the most beautiful woman that he’s ever seen falls in love with it, praise to the goddess, Aphrodite to give it life. She does. And he falls in love with her. And this is a wonderful thing, little heavy on the patriarchal side,
00:03:15 but anyway, it’s, it’s, it’s a wonderful thing. Well, George Bernard Shaw borrowed this idea for the plot of his Pygmalion, which then gets transformed into the music of my fair lady. And my fair lady takes place in early. Oh, it’s like maybe 1930s, England at coven garden. People are coming out of the play and, and different high society.
00:03:37 People have gone to seen different plays and they’re coming out and they’re buying flowers from flower girls and things like that. Things that you do while you’re waiting for a cab to take you home. And one of the people who’s coming out of this play is his name is Henry Higgins. He is a professor of speech of elocution. And I think he’s like complaining about the bad speech or bad elocution of the different actors and actresses that he’s seen in this,
00:04:03 in this player. Or maybe someone’s giving someone in his gentlemanly party. Henry Higgins is, is very well to do one of those people in England who has money, but doesn’t really do anything practical with it. Anyway, maybe someone in his theater party is making fun of him and saying, oh, you know, Henry, you’re an old bird. And,
00:04:21 and, and, and you have this devotion to the art of elocution and teaching people how to pronounce things. And when are you going to get a real job or when you’re going to get married, or what are you going to do something with your life? It’s, it’s, it’s one of those sorts of things. And so this infuriates him, and so he turns to his companion Colonel Pickering,
00:04:40 and he says, you know what? I’m going to make you a bet. And kind of Pickering’s like, okay, what? And he’s like, I’m going to take one of these flower girls and, and, and flower girls are, are really the dregs of society that it’s kind of Mary Poppins, but with flowers. And in fact, in the original production of my fair lady,
00:04:57 Julie Andrews played the role of Eliza Doolittle. And he says, I’m going to take one of these flower girls, you know, and they’ve got coal or whatever, smirk on their face, and they’re selling flowers and they’re wearing rags and they sound awful and they look off, it must smell awful. And Henry Higgins says to his friend, Colonel Pickering, I’m going to take one of these flower girls and turn her into a fine lady.
00:05:17 And then I’m going to pass her off in high society. And Colonel Pickering is like, oh, that’s really quite a music, which one shall we pick? And so he goes, and he’s like her, you know, and, and it happens to be Eliza, do a little, and she’s like, I don’t, I’m going to do bad,
00:05:31 whatever, but she’s like,<inaudible>, I dunno. So sort of like really bad talk. They accidents like that. And he’s like, I don’t care about a flower. I’m taking you home with me and know she’s like, whoa. You know? And so he throws her into a cab and they take her on home and he, they go with this bet that within a month,
00:05:48 he’s going to transform her into a woman from high society where she will speak eloquently. And this will show off to everyone that he’s not some that Higgins, isn’t some dilettante, but he’s an artist that he can teach people how to better themselves. And so they scrubber and she’s, I mean, no one seems to mind the fact that she’s been abducted or kidnapped,
00:06:09 but anyway, this is a play. They, they, they bring her home. He’s a gentlemen. Well, to do give her a flat, they scrub her clean and things like this. And then she starts this really intensive curriculum of how to speak correctly. And of course she’s a flower girl. And so he puts a microphone in front of her and he’s like a E I O U.
00:06:26 And she’s like, Hey, you know, like that, he’s like, you’re like a wreck, you know, but nevertheless, he, you know, applies himself. And over the weeks he does transform her. She goes from a, to like a E he, you, you know, and of course it comes together in that wonderful moment where she correctly pronounces the rain in Spain falls,
00:06:52 mainly on the plane. You know, this is like a three o’clock in the morning when they’ve been at this elocution lessons all day or whatever. And he like rises up and he’s like, oh my God, you know, bike audit thinks she’s got it. She’s got to it. And then they sit, you know, she’s like, I don’t know,
00:07:08 it’s Marnie Nixon. So, you know, and, and so she has this incredible moment. She can speak eloquently. She’s a refined lady. And of course they, they ultimately pass her off in society with the help of sessile Beaton, who does these amazing outfits for like my fair lady. They pass her off in society and it’s successful. And,
00:07:27 and so they’ve won the Baton. Everyone’s happy. And Eliza has been transformed and her eyes have been opened and she can speak eloquently. Okay. And then comes this venous Saturny moment. Okay. At the end of all of this, which is, well, what are you going to do with Eliza? Like, like we spent four weeks, you know,
00:07:45 turning her into a lady. She’s not this refined lady. Her eyes have been open to society. Her mind is, is a hungry mind. She’s, she’s a very intelligent woman. She’s, she’s learned very quickly and plans to learn even more. And whether they going to do with Eliza, throw her back on the street, return her to her former status as,
00:08:05 as a flat flower girl seller. You know? And, and, and, and it’s this really amazing moment because she’s looking at him defiantly after all of this. And she’s like, you took me from nothing. And you turned me into this. I did not ask you to do this, but you went and you turned me into this, and now I’ve become this.
00:08:25 And what’s to happen to me, you know, w which is, which is a really reasonable request. And one that Colonel Pickering is very quick to support her in, you know, and Henry Higgins is like, well, what do you think? W what do you mean what’s to become of you go back to where you were before, find a job,
00:08:42 open up a flower market or something along those lines. What do I care about you? You know, and so this is very much a Venus Saturn square. The, the venous part of it, the venous part of it is that someone, this happens to many, many of us at different times in our life. But, but Venus is the vision of beauty.
00:09:03 Venus is this vision of, of the beautiful, wonderful, intelligent, articulate person you could become. Okay. That’s one of the ways that Venus expresses herself. But what Venus really is is this idea that someone else can have a vision of you. That’s more beautiful and more perfect than the vision you have of yourself. Okay. Now, the sun we’re,
00:09:31 we’re used to placing this within the realm of the sun. Okay. That, that the sun is supposed to be ambitious or aspirational, or the sun wants to become the best person that it can possibly be. And so the sun sets out to do this, to improve itself, to make itself a better person, but with Venus, with Venus, it’s someone else’s vision of beauty.
00:09:54 It’s someone else’s vision of perfection. It’s someone else’s vision of the ideal that they have of you, that you yourself may be blind to. You have no idea what it is, but yet you can see this person seeing this in you, and you want to become that. Okay. And as you can imagine, this kind of introduces treacherous territory. I mean,
00:10:19 it’s not your vision of you. If it were you be going about it, someone else’s vision of you. And so, as long as that vision is, is being played, as, as long as that person can see that and can instruct or direct, you can become that. So there’s, so-so so you don’t really own it yet. Okay.
00:10:39 Cause you’re following someone else’s vision, and this happens all the time and in, in many different guises, but the whole, what makes it, what makes this the Newseum thing is that you’re not the one who has that vision, the vision of the better you, someone else does. And so you’re kind of dependent or reliant on that person to help you become that,
00:11:03 you know, or to even, or, or, or to even hold that vision of, of you. So that’s the venous part of the equation, the sadden part of the equation Saturny as the builder, the architect, we take sat in for Henry Higgins, Henry Higgins can refine the Liza and make her speak these ways and she can pass her self off in society.
00:11:21 So, so, so Henry Higgins or Saturn makes these things available, you know, has the vision builds it, but then abandons it. Okay. Doesn’t, doesn’t see it through, doesn’t complete the deal and how this, this attorney is that you get the Saturn element of the teacher, right? And Higgins teaches her to speak properly. You get the Saturn Aquarius,
00:11:47 the vision of the person who transforms her status, the person who, who gives her refinement, who educates her, who opens up an intelligence that once Eliza is possessed, you know, is, has this intelligence opened up, it doesn’t stop. She’s, she’s a very voracious or hungry student, you know, but then he’s not going to deliver on the promise,
00:12:12 which was always that sort of Saturny and fly in the ointment. You know, why isn’t he going to deliver on the promise? Well, you know, he leads of course, with his pomposity, you know, which is what Saturny does. Saturn is always about insecurity and anxiety, and it covers it over with, but the veneer of superiorities, especially in,
00:12:32 in a Zodiac sign, like Aquarius, it could do that. So, so he leaves with his pomposity. It was a mirror, a bet. The bet has been won. You were housed and fed and made intelligent now, you know, back into your life. But what it really betrays, what it really betrays is his inability to reach out across to her.
00:12:53 He’s he’s he had a vision of her, but he didn’t create her Eliza created alive Eliza. Okay. He was the teacher who had a vision of her, but he didn’t create her. And so, and so he doesn’t have what, what it takes in terms of that responsibility. Okay. To, to be there for her now that now that the bed has been one and,
00:13:16 and, and it’s, it’s the morning after, so he’s, he’s failed, you know, he can’t, and he’s dealing with his own inadequacies and his own insecurities. He never really saw himself as that person that Ally’s us saw him. So him, as he was really kind of a boy playing at this, you know, great, you know,
00:13:36 venerated professor of elocution and speak speech. So Eliza in her success has actually exposed his inadequacy and his failure really, as a person, his failure, really, as a grownup to do the right thing, which is the great expectation at the end of the play. It’s the great expectation at the end of the musical, you know, to do the right thing.
00:13:58 And of course, to do the right thing is to marry her, but that’s not how the play ends. The play actually ends with Eliza saying, if I cannot get kindness from you, because he’s very belittling and very condescending, she says, she says, then I shall have independence. And she goes off into the world really to teach herself or to be this sort of realized person.
00:14:23 And, and so what Eliza learns is like, you know, I became everything that someone envisioned before I turned to this person to, to, to, to conjugate, to, to meet, to come together, to be reunited. And the person can’t do it that hurts, but you know, I have myself. Okay. And that’s really, and that’s what a square does.
00:14:44 It throws each planet back upon itself, on to itself. And so the Venus is thrown back on the Bemis and Eliza realizes that if she wants these things in her life, it’s going to be up to her. And she, she actually goes and makes that happen. Henry Higgins, the Saturn Ray doesn’t really quite realize he understands that there’s a responsibility and an obligation,
00:15:06 which is very Saturny and Saturn understands that. And he also understands the guilt. That’s Saturn 1 0 1, understanding the guilt of those sorts of things. But what’s really important is the Venus lesson here. You know, and even to an extent, the Aquarian lesson, which is if you’ve done that to someone, if you’ve opened someone’s mind, if you’ve made someone a better person,
00:15:26 if you shown someone the world in ancient, Greek mythology, they have many myths that talk about if, if someone has fallen in love with you and you cannot return that love, especially in off its metamorphosis, if you cannot return that love, you are under an obligation to speak to that, okay, you are under an obligation to speak to that.
00:15:48 You can’t just reject the person outright. Okay. You are under an obligation to speak towards that, that fulfillment and why that love is not going to be fulfilled. Okay. And, and so Henry Higgins is under this obligation to explain himself, but he’s unable to. And so he falls back into, you know, kind of like Saturny and place of loneliness and,
00:16:14 and, and, and not really being realized as, as, as a person, what’s nice about this Venus Saturn squares, that it doesn’t end there. Okay. It’s a Venus Saturn squared by transit on June 18th, you have the Venus Saturn square, but on June 19th, which is the day that follows the Venus Saturn square, you have the Venus Neptune sex tile.
00:16:34 And I like this, you know, you have a transit where you have this one being a Saturn, you know, it’s a statement we just talked about, but then it’s followed by a Venus Neptune sex tile, which is literally the happy ending. Okay. So, so you may come into your life where you feel like you’re on the venous side or the Saturn side of the equation that I just described to you.
00:16:55 And it may feel like, oh, you know, I’m being thrown upon myself and that’s it like, we’re both walking away from this feeling lonely and miserable, but then there’s this Venus Neptune sextile that follows right on the heels of it. And this is the happy ending. Now the happy ending could literally be a reconciling of the differences that takes place between you and a partner or an associate or whomever you have this Venus Saturn relationship with.
00:17:21 There could be a reconciling of the differences that might be accepting. The fact that, you know, we’ll always have this one fight and we’ll always return to it, but, you know, let’s, let’s try to work it out in our relationship. The other option with the sex tar, the Neptune might be ending things on a good note, you know,
00:17:40 following this responsibility to another person of saying, you know what we got together. It didn’t really work out for either of us. So instead of being embittered in difficult and nasty, let’s end on a good note. Let’s, let’s, let’s salute that we had had this time together and, and let’s end on a good note and go our different ways.
00:18:00 Or you can have the third option. You can have the third option, which is a realization that can take place between you and a partner that this relationship is, as it has been set up, isn’t going to work. Let’s say it’s a love relationship. We’re talking about love or whatever. Let’s say it’s a lover, not love or whatever we’re talking about love.
00:18:18 Okay. Let’s say it’s a love relationship. It may be a realization that, you know, to be bounded as, as spouses or partners, that that’s not going to work that we’re better off with, with, with a relationship that’s non-committal, or we’re better off with a relationship as friends, or we’re better off, you know, let’s say goodbye to the love thing and go back to the,
00:18:41 we were great artistic collaborators with each other, and let’s go and do that thing. Or maybe it’s this marriage didn’t work out. We’ve got kids, this marriage didn’t work out, but let’s, but you know what we can co-parent and we’ll be really, really good at that. So let’s go ahead and do that. So, so it could be something in which it’s a deliberate choice in which the relationship,
00:19:01 you know, that you’re facing, isn’t working in that particular guys, but there’s another incarnation of it that can, there’s another way that it can. And it would then be the pursuit of that. And perhaps finding that it’s a much, much better fit. So that is how I would urge you to look at this Venus, Saturn square, not as something in which you keep hitting up against someone and something doesn’t work out,
00:19:27 but something in which you go on this journey of your own emotional life and your feeling as a person, and you meet someone else on their terms and you find the fit. Even if things don’t feel like they’re going to fit right now. Now, before we go, I would like to extend to you an invitation to come and join me for Astrology hubs,
00:19:50 free solstice panel, which will be taking place on June 15th and June 16th. I will be appearing along with four other astrologers, and we will be giving our insights into the remaining energies of 2022. Now I’d love it. If you could come and join us and you can join us by registering for free at Astrology Hub dot com slash summer solstice panel. See you there.