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Sun opposite Neptune

This is your Horoscope Highlight for the week of September 12th – September 18th, 2022 with world-class astrologer, historian, and author of The Cosmic Calendar, Christopher Renstrom..

On September 16th, the Sun in Virgo will oppose Neptune in Pisces, highlighting the divergent states we find ourselves in when fulfilling our worldly duties vs. engaging in our limitless imagination. Christopher shares the story of Odysseus as he embarks on his journey home, and the misleading, Neptunian experience he encounters at sea. Neptunian waters are home to our greatest hopes and dreams, yet this imaginative space is not a place where we can actually exist in (especially unaware and unprotected). During this opposition, we are being called to to ask ourselves: “What is my dream? Is it a vision that is calling me forward? Or does it lead me astray?” Focus simply on the questions this week, as the answers will soon come.

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0:00 Intro

0:29 Reputation of Neptune

2:09 What is Your Dream?

2:51 Odysseus and the Sirens

16:21 Sun-Neptune Opposition

18:26 Imagination & the Collective Unconscious

19:32 Vision vs. Hallucination

20:59 Story of Nemo

22:49 Navigating Two World

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Hi there and welcome. This is Amanda, the founder of Astrology Hub, and you’re listening to our week ahead snapshot with world class astrologer historian and author of the cosmic calendar. Christopher SRO. This show is designed to give you a quick overview of the week ahead, enabling you the gift of choice and how you navigate and weave these energies into your daily life.

Enjoy. Hello, My name is Christopher Renstrom and I’m your weekly horoscope calmest here on Astrology Hub. And this week I wanted to talk to you about the Sun Neptune opposition taking place on September 16th. Now, Neptune has quite a reputation in Astrology. It’s often associated with drug addicts and alcoholics and people who are consumed with addictive behavior. It’s associated with dreamers who do a lot of dreaming,

but not a lot of doing it’s associated with people who are escapists. They want to escape from their humdrum lives and go and, and talk about all the things that they would do. One day. This used to be Walter mid, you know, the sort of daydreamer or someone who go to the movies and films to lose themselves, all these sorts of things.

So on one level, Neptune was sort of seen as this very seductive planet, a planet that offered our, offered us a sort of future by embracing its fantasies, or as some people would say nowadays, irrationalism, you know, embracing irrational behavior, escapist tendencies, and things of this sort we have since learned as Astrologers, that Neptune is so much more profound than,

than all of this and that the treachery that Neptune sort of carries within the folds of its planetary robes is the treachery of hope. It’s the treachery of dreaming. It’s the treachery of wanting something different in your life than the one that you keep waking up to day after day. Now in for some of us in life, we have a calling for some of us.

We have a passion for some of us. Our lives are defined by duty and for others of us, our life is driven by ambition. But with Neptune, with Neptune, what we’re talking about is dream. And so the question that I want you to think about as we enter into the orb in, and, and begin to come under the influence of the Sun opposition to Neptune is what is your dream?

What is your dream and what have you done with it lately? The image that I want to share with you to help sort of illustrate this opposition between the Sun and Virgo and Neptune in the sign that it rules Neptune is regarded by many Astrologers as being the modern ruler of the Zodiac sign of Neptune. So we have the Sun in Virgo and Neptune in Pisces.

And so there is this great opposition, this great golf, this distance between the two, the image that I wanted to share with you today to help sort of illustrate this idea is the image of Odys and the sirens. This is a very short passage, rather quick episode in homers the Odyssey. And basically what’s happening is that Odysseus who was a very clever warrior who fought at Troy,

did something to sort of piss off Neptune. Okay. And so when his fellow comrades, after the sack of Troy have all sailed home from Troy to, to their various Greek city states a journey, which is maybe all of three or fourish days, Addus because he pissed off Neptune ORCID and God of the sea is blown from place to place. Blown off course has to face all of these trials and tribulations.

It’s actually more like MIS adventures and, and, and, and loss of direction. So that ultimately what should have been a three to four day journey or a trip back home turns into 10 years. Okay. So that’s, that’s what happens when you piss off Neptune, but anyway, that’s an aside. So, so he’s pissed off Neptune and Neptune is blown him off course,

time and time again, and, and, and all these sorts of trials and traves fall upon him. But one of these adventures that he goes on, or, or one of these episodes that take place on his way home is him having been captured. His heart has been captured. He’s grown his fallen under the thro of the sous CERI. And so they become lovers and they make love all the time.

And she makes him a very happy person. And he’s a very happy person. And whenever his men, you know, cuz cuz he has sailors sailors who have been sailing his ship, whenever his men come to beseech him to say, we need to be on our way. Home CCY takes one, look at whoever happens to be complaining. And she turns him into a pick this,

as you might have guessed is the origin of all men being pigs. This is because this is the only thing that CCY does in her repertoire of magic is turned men into pigs. She never turns them into anything else. She just turned them into pigs. And so this goes on for a while and she’s lovers was OUS and he’s enraptured enthralled with her and all these sorts of things for like seven years.

I think he hangs out on the island with CCY and finally, and finally it’s time to go home. He’s he’s he has great hearts. He has great home sickness and, and, and she sees that he longs to return to his kingdom in Ithaca. And so she’s granting him leave and she’s going to let him and the remaining men board the ship and head,

head back home. But she says to him very quickly before he leaves watch out for the sirens and he’s like the sirens who are they? And she’s like, you wanna watch out for the sirens and the sirens. There’s never really an agreement on what they are exactly. Except that they seem to be creatures that have women’s heads and birds bodies. But over the centuries they’ve been portrayed as being mermaids or as a mix of women’s heads on birds’ bodies and mermaids.

They’ve gone from two to a whole school of mermaids or a flock of birds. So it, it really seems to sort of change, but, but just the image of the sirens is something that’s really sort of seized the imagination of artists and poets and painters over the centuries. And so these sirens, these sirens are, are, are by this passage.

You know, you have to sail your ship through this passage and there they are and they sing, they sing to you. And as they sing to you, it’s such a beautiful music. It’s such an enthralling message or song that you, that you hear the lyrics really surround your mind that if you’re a sailor, you want to come closer to them.

And they’re like, come closer to us sailor person. And so you’re like, yes, yes. I must come closer to you. Treacherous siren, who song? I cannot escape. And they’re like, ah, no, you cannot escape it. Come closer, come closer. And they’re like, yes, yes. I must come closer. I must steer my ship in the direction of your siren song that I cannot escape.

And of course that’s where the ship is dashed upon the rocks and the sirens descend upon the sailors and eat them and leave their skeletal remains on the rocks, you know, or, or on the Meadows or the sands or the shores or wherever they happen to live. And so sailors come to a miserable end if they listen to the song of the sirens.

And so, and so I just was like, oh my goodness, I have to like sail through this. And C’s like, yes, yes, yes, you have to, this is the only way you can get home to Ithaca. Then again, you can always decide not to go home to Ithaca. He’s like, no, no I’m full of homesickness.

And I long to see my wife and child, I don’t even know how old my son is at this point. I’ve been away so long and she’s like, okay, it’s your choice. And he’s like, but, but is that my fate? Is that the end? And she’s like, no, no, no, no, no. To see us,

what you want to do is that when you sail through this passage, you’re going to take wax and you wanna ball it up in, in your ears as well as the ears of your sailors. And, and, and so if you D you ball up the wax and put it in your ears, you’ll be deaf. You will be immune to the songs and the cries of the siren.

They won’t be able to tempt you away. Don’t even look in that direction, keep rowing forward, just keep rowing forward and to see us. And you’ll get through this passage and you’ll be fine. And he’s like, sounds like a good idea. So he tells his men, okay, we’re ready to go. They’re like about time, we’ve been here for like seven years or whatever.

And, and he tells them the sirens, oh no, I’ve heard tales of the sirens. And many, many, many, a sailor has come to their watery doom because of them. And, and, and OIA says, but what we’re gonna do is that we’re gonna put wax in our ears and balled up and we’ll be deaf to their Christ and songs.

And the sailors are, sounds like a plan captain. And so they all like board the, they board the vessel and they begin to row and they’re heading towards the island of, or, or the passage of the, the straits, maybe it’s siren straits of the, of the sirens. And, and they can sort of hear the song and the distance and they can sort of like,

you know, get a little bit like, oh, what’s that? You know? And so Aicia says, let’s take the wax, let’s put it in our ears. And they do that. And then he says kind of like, as they’re heading, as they’re approaching the sirens, he turns to the sailors. And he says, I wanna hear what they have to sing.

And they’re like, huh. And he is like, take that wax out of your ear. Huh. And he’s like, I wanna hear what they have to sing the sirens. And they’re like, how can you do that? Captain you’ll come to your doom surely. And he is like, what I want you to do because I want, I’m so curious.

A disuse is famous for his curiosity and his guy. He’s a very, very clever person, but also a very curious person. He’s I, I, I’m really curious as to what they’re about. So what I want you to do is I want you to lash me to the post of the ship, you know, like, oh, Greek ships have this mast head,

this, this ma head where the sale is. And he says, I want you to, to tie me, to bind me to this mast of, of the ship so I can hear their songs. And, and I’ll probably be driven crazy for the moment, but no matter what I do, I want you to keep rowing. I want you to keep rowing forward ahead.

And the sailors are like, okay, it’s your funeral, you know, but whatever, we’ll do what you say, you’re the captain. So they put the wax back in their ears and they tie a to see us to the mast. And he’s tied to the mast and the, and the, and the boat begins to approach the sirens, singing on their rock.

And so they sing this song. They sing this song, which is carried along the breezes and the winds of the ocean. It’s something like, unlike anything that you have ever heard before this song, this, this glorious song of the sirens. And Ady, he pulls, he pulls at the straps that bind him to the mast. He, he wants to get closer and he looks down at the sailors and they just keep rowing ahead.

They’re completely deaf to this song. And when he hears floating across these breezes, these, these perfumed breezes, all of a sudden, you know, it’s not the ocean breezes, but they’re perfumed. They’re sweet. They’re sweet heirs is, is what he smells and what he hears as they grow closer. And they sing to him, Aus discus of Ithaca.

We’ve been waiting for you come to us at, to see us come to us and you will learn why you went to go and fight the Trojan war. You will learn of the Fs of your comrades who returned home. Don’t aren’t you curious? Don’t you wanna know you’ve been away for so long. You’ve been away for so long Aus don’t. You wanna know how,

what, what they came home to, why you fought this insane war that you fought don’t you wanna understand these things Aus haven’t you at night cried with, with your conscience. So heavy with the blood that had been shed with the lives that had been lost. Don’t you want to know why this had occurred? Don’t you want to know how you could even atone for this.

You’ve always been curious. You’ve always been curious. Don’t you want to know these things? Don’t you want wisdom? AIA. What about wisdom? The understanding of why things happen the way that they do, why things happen? The way that they did at why they things happen the way that they do and the future, the future. Don’t you want to know the future,

the future of yourself, the future of your family line, what lies in store? Come with us. Aus. Come to us, Aus, and you will hear and learn of all of these wonderful things. So at this point, he’s like, last here he’s like, let me go, let me go. You know, let METI me from this mass.

You fool, you, you pigs, you, you, men who haven’t been turned into pigs, let me go, let go. Can’t you hear them? I have to go. I have to go. And he’s screaming. Every single insult that he can think of at them. And he is saying, let me go. You fools, you credence,

you, you, you love lives. Let me free me from this mask. I have to sing to them. And they’re like, we are singing to you, a tos come to us. And he’s like, he’s raving like a lunatic. And the men, the men are not even looking at at this. At this point, they have been told not to look at him and they are not even looking.

They’re not even looking at the sirens. They cannot hear these things. All they are doing is that they are rowing. They’re looking at the ocean and they’re looking a little bit to the side and they keep on rowing. And Nadi is screaming. Every single curse, every single insult, every single curse in insult an awful thing that he could possibly say in order to be free.

And they do not pay attention to him, all to him at all. And the sirens seem to him. They sing to him and they say, you’re leaving a, a, you’ll never learn these things. A can you live with yourself? A having never learned and understood the things that have happened to you and the things that will happen to you still.

And so they clear the sirens and the men see that, you know, the, the, the fog has lifted. The mists have, have parted there’s you cannot smell that sweetness anymore in the air. And they look up at their captain. They look up that their captain, who is this, this, this exhausted collapsed wreck of a man tied to a post,

and they untie him and they say, what did you hear? What did you hear? And this is where OIA becomes an unreliable narrator. And because Odys is an unreliable narrator, this is where Homer who penned the story is an unreliable narrator Aicia is just sort of answers. They said things. They called out my name. It was sweet music. I wanted to go to them,

but I couldn’t. You did your job. Well, you stopped me from going to them. And now, and now we are all saved. And he kept those things. He kept those things, that song that he heard to himself, or perhaps he couldn’t even remember the song that he heard after he had gone through the passage. We will never know.

So how is this like a Sun Neptune opposition that’s taking place between the Zodiac signs of Virgo and Pisces? Well, on one hand, the Sun and Virgo can be represented by the sailors. They have very practically plugged their ears. They cannot hear this siren song. They have been given their task, which is to Rob this boat. They have been given direction,

which is to ignore their master, who has, who is tied to the ma head. And their eye is only on their objective on where they need to be on getting back home and preserving their lives and being re reunited with their loved ones again. So this is the Virgo part. Okay. The part that does the job, that, that takes the direction,

and that does, does this, knowing that it’s going to save itself from something that could mean its end from something that could mean its doom. And so, you know, by rowing, there’s this beat there, there’s this rhythm, and this is the only thing that they’re paying attention to as they row their vessel through these dire and treacherous states, what do we have on the other side with the sirens?

The siren is the call of our imagination. Okay. One of the most treacherous and redeeming things that we have as a human faculty is the imagination, our ability to image. Okay. And so the imagination is singing to us. It’s singing to us from a supernatural realm, from a realm that we do not belong. If you think of the planet Neptune named after the,

see God Poseidon, he rules over the oceans and the seas. These are areas that maybe if we hold our breath, we can dive down into, or if we wear scuba gear, we can live for a time, but we cannot live there unaided. It’s not a place where we are supposed to be. Okay. It is a completely different domain.

And when you think of the unconscious or rather the collective unconscious, as, as described by that marvelous therapist, Carl Young, a collective unconscious is a place that holds our figments and our archetypes and our symbols. It’s a place that, that in Young’s imagination we plug into at night. And so we, we understand, or we commune with these images and these archetypes that are infused with ineffable,

meaning with the meaning that is impossible to articulate, much less explain. And, and it’s not just the realm of artists, this marvelous dream, this marvelous hallucination, that is the realm of Neptune for anyone who believes that God is math and worships. You know, the, the, the, the numbers that appear in mathematics and believe that that’s what life is all about.

That is as hallucinatory as anything else or potentially hallucinatory as anything else. It’s a vision. But the question that we always have with Neptune is, is it a vision that’s leading us forward into our lives? Or is it an hallucination, which is leading us astray, anyone involved in the arts can talk to you about this, but you don’t have to just be involved in the arts.

You could be involved in religion or spirituality. You can be involved with math. You know, this idea that this is something that is leading you forward. So what is your vision? What is your dream is in an aspiration is the way that you see yourself. Can you get there from here? Can you get there from here? The great question,

which is asked in this divide, this Gulf that exists between the S stripes of Sun in Virgo and Sun in Neptune. Okay. This is an opposition. The two planets are as far away from each other, as they can possibly be on a circle. Okay? If there’s far away, as you can get from one planet on a circle is an opposition.

They have nothing to do with each other. They have nothing to do with each other, except for this one figure, except for this one figure tied to the MAs head who wanted to hear what the sirens had to sing this figure named adieu. So this figure, we know as adieu, but he himself calls himself Nemo. He calls himself Nemo in an early adventure with the Cyclops.

When the Cyclops asks him, what’s his name? And he answers Nemo and Nemo in Greek means no name so that when he Spears the eye out of the Cyclops, who’s going to roast him and his men for dinner. And the Cyclops calls out to his two brother Cyclops. They, and he says, help me, help me, help me destroy this,

this, this villain, this man. And they’re like, who is it? Who is it? And the Cyclops who’s been blinded, cries out Nemo, Nemo. And they’re like, who, no name who’s that Nemo. Nemo. The name taken by captain Nemo. If you remember 20,000 leagues under the sea captain Nemo, who is a Hindu who has abandoned the surface world for this world under the ocean,

where he drives his submarine, the Nautilus and commands his crew, where he wanders from ocean to ocean, from sea to sea. This captain Nemo. When he’s asked by the hero of the book, who’s rescued by him, what’s your name? And he says, I am captain Nemo. Meaning no, man, there’s no place for him to call home.

There’s no place where he feels that he belongs in the surface world. His home is the domain of the sea or finding Nemo. Do you remember the film, finding Nemo? The story of the fish who is lost and his father is trying to find him. That is another Odyssey. That is another trying to find their way back home. And the,

the son’s name is Nemo, which is no name, which comes from captain Nemo, which brings us back to Aus. So Aus this great, no name who is navigating this passage between the world of the rational. Okay? That is duty bound. You wanna get through this with one piece, you don’t want to harm yourself or be threatened. And then this other place,

this place of dreams, are they, are they treacherous? Are they dangerous? Does the irrational bring about addictions and delusions and hallucinations in part, yes, all planets encompass the entire gamut of what they can do, but at the same place, it brings across a vision of a world or a vision of yourself, which is different than the circumstances you were born into.

If not for Neptune, if not for our imaginations, we would accept what we see in front of us as something that cannot be changed as something that cannot be altered as something that must be lived, the way that we see it. Okay. There is, there would be no idea of anything different. There would be no picture of something more. There would be no hope for something better.

These are the things that we can find in the waters of Neptune as well. And so the figure that navigates this middle passage, this figure that France and brave that his sailors cuz he wants to go to the Neptune place, but he is bound. He is bound because that Neptune place is not a part of this world. All right. That Neptune place where we envision and we,

where we create in our imagination, that Neptune place that we retreat to for bliss or for spiritual peace does not belong to this world. That doesn’t mean we can’t visit it. We can. And we do. And we enjoy that, but it is not bound by this world. It does not belong to this world. We have to come back to this world.

And this is the great question of any sort of artist, a creative person. This is the great question of anyone who embraces spirituality or some sort of religion or some sort of hope for something better. Okay. How do you come back? How do you go there? And then come back from there again, okay. For many artists or writers, it’s a struggle.

They have a vision, the way that something can be. And so they dive into those waters and they experience that flow. They experience that high, they experience that special place. And then they come back and they look at their empty canvas or their blank page. And they’re like, oh my God, how can I possibly reproduce what I have experienced onto this?

Okay. So for many people it can be very heartbreaking. Okay. And when it’s heartbreaking like that, it’s a dream. They don’t wanna pursue. They choose to row the boat. I’m going to stay right here and I’m just going to row the boat. And I’m not going to look at that. And for other people, it might be like,

I do wanna pursue that dream. But then that dream perhaps has bankrupted them like a, like a pyramid scheme or Mirage shimmering in the desert. So this is not an easy passage and this is not a passage that we only go through once. Like Odicio does. It’s a passage that we go through at this point once a year at, around this time when the Sun is opposite Neptune,

but it leaves us with a question. It leaves us with a question of what is your dream and what have you dreamt lately? You know, are you living your dream? Are you diluted by your dream? Have you shut your heart to your dream? Were you destroyed by your dream? Do you have happy memories of your dream? Wow. That was like a really great time.

Are you waiting for your dream to materialize? Are you Searchie for your dream? These are the questions to ask. Just ask, don’t answer them right away. These are the questions to ask. These are the questions to ponder as we go through this opposition. And, and if you keep company with yourself and if you keep these ideas to yourself and if you embrace the question marks,

you may find, you may find that there’s just a whisper of something, a scent upon a breeze, something that implies a direction that gives you a sense of resonating with something around the date of September 24. Hi, there I’m Amy Escobar, a producer of the horoscope highlight show with Christopher Renstrom. Thanks for tuning in to the Astrology Hub podcast network.

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