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What does Saturn Retrograde mean?

This is your Horoscope Highlight for the week of May 30 – June 5, 2022 with world-class astrologer, historian, and author of The Cosmic Calendar, Christopher Renstrom. On June 4th, Saturn will enter its final retrograde phase before it exit from Aquarius in 2023. This week, Christopher recounts the biblical story of the Tower of Babel, an extraordinary moment in which civilization changed forever.

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0:27 Saturn’s final retrograde

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Amanda Pua Walsh 0:07
Hi there and welcome. This is Amanda, the founder of astrology hub. And you're listening to our week ahead snapshot with world class astrologer, historian and author of the cosmic calendar. Christopher Renstrom. This show is designed to give you a quick overview of the week ahead, enabling you the gift of choice and how you navigate and weave these energies into your daily life. Enjoy.

Christopher Renstrom 0:35
Hello, my name is Christopher Renstrom And I'm your weekly horoscope columnist here on astrology hub. And this week, I wanted to talk to you about Saturn, turning retrograde in Aquarius on June 4. Now Saturn will be turning retrograde in Aquarius for the last time until it departs the sign in March 2023. This is as significant as it sounds this final retrograde. So what is it that we have to expect with Saturn turning retrograde in the zodiac sign of Aquarius? Now, Saturn we know is the planet of tests, trials and tribulations. Saturn withholds things from our easy and eager grasp and makes us work very hard for the objectives that we want to attain. So one would think with Saturn turning retrograde and Retrogrades. Often signifying when a planet is acting or behaving in the opposite manner that it does when it's moving direct through the sky. One would think that maybe Saturn turning retrograde, that might be a time when things are easier when we can relax, and actually maybe expect to get somewhere. Well, unfortunately, that's not the way that Saturn works. Saturn is always the planet of tests, trials and tribulations, whether it's moving direct in the sky, or backwards in the sky during the time of a retrograde. But Retrogrades are very interesting periods of time that planets enter into. As I said before, we often expect them to act contrary or opposite to the way that they do when they're moving directly through the heavens. But actually, a retrograde sort of introduces a kind of twist, a kind of reversal of the planet, a kind of sense of irony. And indeed Retrogrades, in my opinion, can be just as enlightening and illuminating. As when a planet is moving direct in the sky, and maybe even perhaps more so. So for this period of time of Saturn moving retrograde in the zodiac sign of Aquarius, I want you to keep in mind two ideas as I begin to describe them. Again. Saturn is the planet of tests, trials and tribulations. And it's moving through Aquarius, which is basically the zodiac sign of utopia. So what we have here is this idea of Saturn moving through a sign which is all about the way that we would imagine the perfect society to be the way that we would imagine the perfect world to be a world of equanimity world where everyone is welcome a world where there is good for everyone here, living on the planet. This is basically the vision of Aquarians. And then Saturn here is going to test that that vision. So what I was thinking of, of using as an example of this kind of confound meant of this kind of bewilderment that takes place when a planet turns retrograde, what I thought might serve as a really wonderful example, is the story of the Tower of Babel. The story of the Tower of Babel can be found in the 11th chapter of Genesis Genesis, verses one to nine. I think we're all pretty much familiar with it. But I wanted to sort of tell it to you as it appears in the actual Bible translation itself. It begins the Tower of Babel with this idea, the simple statement, the whole world had the same language and the same words, okay, so the whole world had the same language and the same words, think of that sort of utopian idea that's coming up there. Everyone speaking the same language with the same words, living living together and the world. So the whole world had the same language and the same words, as men migrated from the East. They came upon a valley in the land of Cheyenne are and settled there. They said to one another when they settled in this valley, come let us mold bricks and earn them hard bricks, serve them for stone and bitumen for mortar. So basically, they said Come let's, let's let's mold bricks and use bitumen, which is basically an asphalt to hold these bricks in place. And then they said, when they put together these bricks and this bitumen, this this asphalt to hold these bricks in place, they said, Come, let us build ourselves a city and a tower, a tower with its top to the sky, to make a name for ourselves, else we should be scattered to all the ends of the earth. So basically, these people came upon this valley, and they decided to build a tower, which would make a name for themselves a tower that was so high that it was reached and touch the sky. And so Yawei came down to look at the city that these men had built, and the tower that these men had built. And you always said,

If this is how they have started to act, while they are wanting people with a single language for all, then nothing that they presumed to do, will be out of their reach. So what you already recognizes here with the building of this tower, is that if this is what they're doing, you know, unified with this kind of commitment, as they build this tower high up into the sky, that nothing, nothing will remain out of their reach. And so you always decides in that moment, let me then go down, let me then go down, he says, and confound their speech, so that they shall not understand one another's talk. And so Yahweh went down into the midst of the people who are building this extraordinary tower, and he confounds their speech. So all of a sudden, the engineer who's listening to the designer who's listening to the architect who's listening to the king, who's giving direction to the laborers, all of a sudden, they start speaking in different languages, no one can really understand what anyone is saying, and they're all going to one another in the midst of their labors. And so your way then dispersed them from there, over the whole earth, and they stopped building the city. That is why they call the city or rather the tower Babel, since your way confounded the speech of the entire world, he as he dispersed them from there over the world. So this is a sort of story that's usually taught to us as a story of pride and hubris, you know, mankind taking it upon themselves to build this extraordinary tower up to the heavens. And and, and sort of showing this, this this this hubris, this this pride, and God descending and confounding their plans, by making them speak in different languages and, and hence, that's the origin obviously, of the word babble. What I find fascinating about this,

when we consider Saturn, being an Aquarius, and Saturn turning retrograde in Aquarius, is Saturn, by the way is the planet of building. Okay, so so we have already the planet of building which is showing up in the zodiac sign of Aquarius, which is the zodiac sign that dreams of a future world of ultimately, a utopian society. And one might sort of question God's motives here, like, you know, was God sort of put out that, that, you know, that, that mankind was building this tower and was going to, you know, confound them and things like that. And that kind of seems like a little bit of a negative thing to do. And that's often our first reaction to a planet that's turned retrograde. Okay, it's not acting in the way that we expect it to act, it's being contrary to its given nature. And so we are expecting confusion and bewilderment, or the opposite adverse effect to come as a result. And so that's when we usually go into hiding or say, Oh, this planet is going to be retrograde for X amount of weeks or months or something like that. So, so I can't really, you know, go and do anything or I won't expect a romance to be successful or project to be successful, or business to be successful. But Retrogrades have a way of being very ironic. Okay, and ironic. Irony basically means that the action that you take ends up having the opposite effect than what you originally intended it to be. So here you know, with Saturn in Aquarius, we've been experiencing Saturn and Aquarius, basically testing the foundations of our civilization since it entered the sign at the end of the year 2020. And we've seen all kinds of tests actually Saturn in the in Capricorn. I mean, it's the only time that you really have one sign followed by another that Saturn goes through. So Saturn entered Capricorn at the end of 2017. And it's going to leave Aquarius in March of 2023. And so Saturn has really been testing our civilization both in our In terms of our country and also internationally, at the time we've been, we've been tested in terms of our faith and the principles and the governing principles and forces of civilization itself. And so with Saturn turning retrograde for the last leg of its journey in Aquarius, it puts us in mind of our civilization being tested. And this feeling of are we babbling at each other? You know, are, are we so fractured? How are we so confounded? Are we so not making sense to each other? Our truths, no longer universal, but you know, whatever side of the spectrum of society that you're coming from, where people just aren't listening, but But worse than people not listening? People aren't making any sense. It's all babble. You know, have we been confounded? And all of this, and I think it's a worthwhile question sort of entertained, with Saturn turning retrograde. But Saturn retrograde is going to be an ironic comment. And what I, the reason why I wanted to share this story with you today is that God comes down and makes people speak different languages, and so they can no longer cooperate, and he disperses them throughout the world. I mean, they wanted to come together in this one society, this one dream of a utopian society, and he disperses them throughout the world. But there's a reason for that. There's an extraordinary thing that happens as a result of that. What happens as a result of that story is that God creates diversity. Okay, there's no longer one central or one single civilization, there's no longer one single people by making the people speak different languages and dispersing them through the world. God creates diversity, which becomes this extraordinary part of the history of our civilization, because we not only have one civilization, but we have a number of different civilizations, that that that that grow, and evolve out of different corners of the world. There are different ways of understanding God, or the cosmos, or the view of the stars. What actually results from this story of Babel is this rich unfolding of the history of humanity. But we still have that we're still bound to that human difficulty, which is babbling, which is not making sense to one another. So I think that what Saturn in its retrograde is going to show us is that we, we, we aren't making sense, but we have to find a way to make sense but not necessarily, in words are the ways that we expect it to be Saturn and in its retrograde in Aquarius for its last leg of the journey is going to show us interdependency. It's going to show us diversity. But it's also going to show us interdependency, that no part of society or no part of the planet, or no part of civilization is going to make it on their own, that we are all interdependent upon one another, that we all need to rely on one another and be there for one another. Or everything's going to literally go to hell in a handbasket. And that's not how I think the story of humanity is going to end. And that is very much aquaria that sort of optimism. But the thing is, with Saturn, it's not given to you on a silver platter. The lesson isn't written in the in the stars so that you can understand it easily. Because Saturn goes retrograde. But even in its retrograde it's always teaching. It teaches us through irony, it teaches us through the twist. It teaches us through the problem that we continually have we can we have the option of throwing up our hands and and saying, you know this is an exercise in futility and I give up or or we have the option of continuing forward to try to understand people who are not easily understandable to us. And in that, in that exercise in that adventure, of understanding one another really coming to embrace a vision of humanity, which is greater and more eclectic than the one that we originally began with Saturn, Saturn comes out of retrograde on October 23. And that is when we see for ourselves whether we have learned the lessons about humanity that Saturn in Aquarius has been teaching us all along.

Amanda Pua Walsh 14:51
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