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Why is Jupiter related to Good Luck in Astrology?

This is your Horoscope Highlight for the week of November 21st – November 27th 2022, with world-class astrologer, historian, and author of The Cosmic Calendar, Christopher Renstrom.

This is your Horoscope Highlight for the week of November 21 – 27, 2022 with world-class astrologer, historian, and author of The Cosmic Calendar, Christopher Renstrom. This week, Jupiter stations direct, bringing a return of energy and momentum to projects and developments that may have been stalled since late July. In this episode, Christopher explains the role of Jupiter in the solar system and how it tests our moral fiber by offering us the things we want most. How do you react to getting the things you want? And how do you react when you don’t get the things you want? Jupiter retrograde challenges us to have faith in times of challenge, and remain humble in our success. This will increase our good fortune.

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[00:00:00] Hello, my name is Christopher Renstrom and I’m your weekly horoscope columnist here on Astrology Hub. And this week I wanted to talk to you about the planet Jupiter coming out of retrograde on November 23rd. Now, this is something that a lot of people are looking forward to. Because Jupiter is the planet that’s often associated to good luck and fortune in astrology.

[00:00:28] And so the general assumption is, is that when the Jupiter is retrograde, uh, that’s a period of time when fortunes aren’t easy to make. And, and good luck is hard to come by, but. But when Jupiter turns direct again or comes out of retrograde like it does on November 23rd, well, that’s when you can expect the pennies to reign from heaven, um, for fortunes to increase and for your coffers to grow.

[00:00:57] Uh, and this is because Jupiter [00:01:00] is associated with prosperity. The reason that Jupiter was associated and is associated with prosperity and astrology. Is because Jupiter was named after the Roman God, Jupiter who in turn was uh, named after the Greek God, Zeus and Greek God. Zeus was a god of fertility in Greek mythology.

[00:01:21] Um, he was a god of fertility. He ruled the skies and he ruled the storms. And so whenever there were storms and rain fell from the sky, then things grew. And so people associated this. Fertility with, with, with an influence that brought about the beginning of life. And so this is something that’s always been associated with the planet Jupiter.

[00:01:43] It’s a benne along with the planet Venus Bennes are planets that bring good things to you in life. And so this is why everyone is really sort of sitting on the edge of their seat and waiting for Jupiter to come out of retrograde on November 23rd. Isn’t that going [00:02:00] to be a wonderful, lovely. Well, as you’ve probably gathered by now, astrology doesn’t quite work like that.

[00:02:07] Uh, there are all sorts of different layers and nuances that are to be taken into account when interpreting the behavior and the direction of the planets. So what we have with Jupiter, which is basically. Still a planet of benevolence. Jupiter bestows good things. That’s what it’s supposed to do in an astrological charge.

[00:02:29] It’s supposed to bestow good things, and it’s also supposed to bestow protection just like Jupiter, the planet does in our solar system. As you probably already know, Jupiter is the largest planet in our system, and as such, it’s the planet that drags into its gravitational pole, all the meteorites and asteroids.

[00:02:50] And space debris that would have pulverized us long ago if Jupiter weren’t there standing as a century on the edge of our solar system. [00:03:00] So Jupiter has always had this role of benevolence and also protecting that actually his protection brings benevolence. And so these are all seen as good things,

[00:03:15] What’s not as well known, however, is that Jupiter and the planet Saturn are like flip sides of the same coin. They’re basically the flip sides of fortune. Now, Saturn has a reputation and astrology as being a negative side of fortune. It’s, uh, it, it, it, it. Rules over tests and trials and tribulations and all sorts of setbacks that take away the things that you’ve earned in good standing.

[00:03:42] Um, it’s eroded your beliefs and caused you great, uh, uh, tribulation and stress in your life. So Saturn was always sort of seen as the hand that taketh away. So Jupiter and Saturn, you can sort of think of an astrology as Jupiter, the hand that giveth [00:04:00] and Saturn as the hand as, uh, uh, Taketh away. Okay. And so it’s Saturn, that scene in its taketh away, uh, position as being more nefarious and being more negative.

[00:04:10] And that’s why it was regarded as a male prolific. But the two are very much joined at the hip. They are both planets of tests. Okay, Now Saturn tests by making things more difficult, by making things more arduous, by increasing, uh, the challenges and the stakes as you try to progress forward into your life.

[00:04:36] And Saturn does this with. Understanding that, uh, going through hard things and difficult things builds character, or at least that’s how it’s interpreted nowadays. And so, Char Saturn was pretty much known as the character building z of, of the, uh, Zodiac, uh, character building, sign of astrology. Whatever doesn’t, [00:05:00] uh, destroy you, makes you stronger.

[00:05:02] Or I think as that song goes, whatever doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger. Okay. This is a sort of satter. Anthem. Okay. So Saturn is always ready for things to be very difficult and things to be very trying. Uh, Jupiter tests, Jupiter tests as well, but in some ways I kind of think that Jupiter’s tests are more nuanced.

[00:05:26] Jupiter tests you by giving you good things. Okay. Jupiter tests you by giving good things Jupiter, if it’s very strong in your chart, if it’s very powerful in your chart, either by angle or by rulership or through tryings. And definitely sextiles Jupiter gives you that sort of assist at the time that you need it to get up and over the barrier.

[00:05:49] Uh, perhaps the. Easiest way to think of Jupiter is really kind of like your celestial guardian angel. It’s always looking out after you and um, as long as you follow the [00:06:00] path that is good, then Jupiter will look after you in turn. And so there’s a sort of moral conscience quality to Jupiter as well. If you do things that are good, then more good comes to you.

[00:06:13] And so this is an equation that’s kind of easy to follow. Well, if I go. Things, more good things will come to me. And so, you know, people automatically think, okay, doing good things, uh, brings more good in my life. And, and, and that’s terrific. I’m going to go and do good things. But that’s not always the way that prosperity is seen in our society.

[00:06:34] Uh, prosperity can be seen as a. You know, being a a, an achiever, being successful, um, earning lots of money, getting fame and recognition. And indeed, according to the Florentine, uh, philosopher and astrologer, uh, Marcella, uh, Marcio Fino, um, Jupiter was sort of seen as a planetary influence that [00:07:00] ruled over the common world.

[00:07:02] In other words, Bestowed gifts on those who were seen as being very successful, but not successful necessarily in a charitable way, but successful in terms of, I built a great company, I built a great church, I built a great following. I, I have, uh, I, I, I, I created great success. You know, I’ve, I’ve merged and acquired whole corporate empires across this globe, and I’m a very famous.

[00:07:30] Person. You know, I’ve, I, I, I have influence that that spreads across, uh, continents and time zones. Okay. And so, well, I’m not sure if Marcino was that familiar with time zones and things like that, but anyway, uh, the idea was that Jupiter favored people who lived in this world. Whereas Saturn, Saturn was sort of given, um, a sort of rulership over academics and contemplatives people who had turned their back on this world and sought [00:08:00] an inner.

[00:08:01] Or truth away from the easy temptations of money, fame, and glory. So this idea of doing good and you will be, uh, rewarded for doing good started out as a sort of charitable idea, but it became, as what I just described, really kind of, uh, a drive for prosperity. And the more prosperous I become, uh, the more that that proves that I’m favored by God or by fate.

[00:08:27] Um, and, and, and I need to build on this, you know, so, so I can sort of like take over. Corner of the world and maybe, you know, take over the world itself or something along those lines. I mean, that’s where, you know, the sort of hubristic qualities of Jupiter can sort of, uh, show up in different astrological interpretations.

[00:08:46] It’s the idea that the more, um, famous and, and successful, the more emboldened I become and the more that I want, you know, these sorts of qualit. But let’s dial it back and get back to Jupiter and what [00:09:00] Jupiter’s message really is, Jupiter’s message is I’m going to give you good things or good things are going to happen to you.

[00:09:06] You, you are going to experience good turns in fortune. You’re going to see signs in your life. That are confirming that the path that you’re on is the right path that you should be on, um, you will enjoy, um, success with, with the people in your life, with love and with comforts and delightful things. And, and, and this is meant to make you an instrument of Jupiter.

[00:09:33] The big phrase for really understanding Jupiter is the idea of paying it forward. In other words, whatever good turn has been done to you, um, you go and do in turn for someone else, usually someone that you don’t know. So it’s not something like, um, you know, Sid did a favor for you down at the, uh, garage, and you’re gonna pay Sid back with a favor of, of doing something for Sid and [00:10:00] his family.

[00:10:00] That’s getting into someone’s good graces, and that’s. Really what the Jupiter message here is about, uh, the Jupiter message is to sort of go outside the reciprocity. Um, it’s to go outside, feathering your nest, uh, you know, with good friends and family members and things like that. It’s to go outside that.

[00:10:18] So if a good turn, turn or good deed is done to you, you in turn go and do a good deed for someone else. Uh, hopefully someone you don’t even. Hopefully someone that you will never have any sort of, um, uh, uh, maybe close friendship with some, The whole point was that it be someone who was a stranger. Okay?

[00:10:39] Someone that you, that you don’t know. And so this is how Jupiter exerts its influence of benevolence in the world. It. It brings good to you so that you become an instrument of good for others. And this is what both Bennes do. Uh, Venus brings good to you through another person. [00:11:00] Venus is very one on one in the way that it relates and brings benevolence into your life.

[00:11:04] And Jupiter, Jupiter is more about the community. Um, it’s more about a group of people or, or really society. And, um, if you follow the tradition or if you’re familiar with the tradition of zenia in Greece, which is the, uh, uh, translates as guest friendship, it’s doing good for those. That you do not know.

[00:11:25] Um, and, and so you’re just in a position to do good. And so by doing this, you’re, you’re being an, an instrument of benevolence in the world. It’s a very simple idea. And Jupiter tests us through that. Now, how does Jupiter test us through that

[00:11:44] Hmmhmm? Hmm.

[00:11:49] Now, how does Jupiter test us through that? Does Jupiter say to us, You know, you’re only gonna get good things as long as you do good for other people? No, it doesn’t do that. What Jupiter does [00:12:00] is that by bringing good things in your life, Um, is that making you someone who’s privileged? Is that making you someone who gets a little bit more like, you know, Well, I’m living a good life, You know, does it make you judgmental?

[00:12:16] Does it say, Well, I’ve. Gone and done these things and I’ve gotten good things in my life. And, and for those people who haven’t gotten good things in their lives, well, it’s because they must, uh, suffer from some sort of fault in their character. Some sort of fault in their moral character. Maybe they didn’t work as hard, Maybe they did bad things, you know, in this life to bring about bad things.

[00:12:40] Maybe they, maybe they did bad things. Past life. Maybe they, maybe they were absolute horrors for the last 23 past lives and now that’s why they’re suffering this right now in this life and in this world. Well, I have nothing to do with that. They brought it upon themselves. I’m going to continue, uh, doing the things that reward my best [00:13:00] efforts here on this planet.

[00:13:02] So you see where it can be a little bit deceptive. You, you, you can see where, um, you know, good actually lends you good. Too much good, can actually turn you into a not very good or not very nice. Person. It’s not really self involvement. It becomes, you know, remember there’s the element of philosophy to Jupiter as well as moral conscience.

[00:13:28] Um, it can become this kind of, uh, justification. It can become this kind of, you know, well, I’ve done these good things and, and maybe you surround yourself with people who said, Oh, you’ve done good things and you, you bestow things upon them. You bestow little good things upon them. And they say, Yes, yes, yes.

[00:13:44] And we agree and we will support you in any and all endeavors as long as you feed. You know, sort of thing. And then so Jupiter can lead one to live in a world of one’s own, where one, it might be surrounded by sick events, or one might be surrounded by [00:14:00] people who are hoping to get good things from you.

[00:14:02] And you can live in this kind of luminosity, you know, which is based on I’m a good person, I’m rewarded for my success and my prosperity. And those who aren’t rewarded, I’m not going to look at twice because they must have done something bad. To deserve the short changes that, that they’ve gotten. You know, they must have done something bad to deserve the recycling of misfortune in their lives.

[00:14:27] I mean, you can hear it used lots of times and rationales of, of, of people in which they rationalize the those who have less as bring in and upon themselves and not having the correct moral fiber. And so this is where Jupiter can actually become quite. Disastrous. Um, if, if you know those, that phrase too much of a good thing, This is an example.

[00:14:52] What happens to people when they have too much of a good thing? They stop sharing, they stop caring. They [00:15:00] live in a world of their own making and they. Uh, they, they, they, they satiate or, or comfort their guilty conscience by making up rationalizations why others aren’t doing as well. And only if they worked as hard as I do or made the smart wise decisions that I do well, they would be a part of that, but they don’t.

[00:15:20] And so that’s why they suffer and that’s why they are neglected. So what does a Jupiter retrograde do? I know you were probably like wondering. Okay. And what does the Jupiter retrograde do? Well, this is how a Jupiter retrograde works. Um, it, it, it, it in, in the. Run up to when the planet is going to stop, um, in the sky.

[00:15:43] Doesn’t actually stop in the sky, but in the run up to the planet. When, when the pla and run up to the time where the planet, stations and then turns retrograde, you will have noticed if you were particularly, uh, born under Aries or the fire signs. So this would’ve gone for Aries, Leo, and Sagi. [00:16:00] Because Jupiter turned retrograde in the Zodiac sign of Aries, you would’ve noticed that there was a lot of confirmation, a lot of support for the things that you were going to do, and you were feeling like a, a real forward momentum in your life, like a real rush.

[00:16:14] Like things were going to, you know, things were really finally on track. And this is a good thing. Okay. And then Jupiter uh, turned retrograde. It turned retrograde, um, on July 28th, which is fascinating because it turned retrograde on the day of the New Moon in Leo. Okay, so Jupiter turned retrograde at eight degrees Aries on July 28th when there was a New Moon in Leo.

[00:16:37] And why that’s interesting is that. Jupiter will come out of retrograde on November 23rd, uh, right when there’s a new moon in Sagittarius. So you sort of see how it’s dinging, ding, you know it’s dinging. The fire signs there. It turned retrograde on a new moon in Leo, and it comes out of retrograde on a new moon in Sagittarius.

[00:16:59] So when, uh, [00:17:00] Jupiter turns retrograde, it’s really literally like this feeling, um, that someone has pulled the plug on all the good things that were coming into your life. Okay, So, so this was happening. This was confirming right path. I’m getting all these signals from the universe. I’m feeling like I’m really on a roll, and then all of a sudden someone pulled the plug on it.

[00:17:18] Okay. Uh, you can liken it to wind changing direction. If you’re on a sailing vessel or a little sailing boat or something like that, the wind changes direction. So, so here you are, your, your sail is full. You’re, you’re moving forward. The wind changes direction, the. The sale sags and you are looking around and you’re, you, you have to find an ore and start rowing for yourself.

[00:17:40] This is what happens when Jupiter turns retrograde. And so it sort of reverses the direction, or it pulls the plug really on the prosperity, on the feelings of prosperity and the feelings of success. And what this does is that it tests your conviction, it tests your faith, is really what it does. [00:18:00] Did you do.

[00:18:03] Do you believe in the things that you were doing at the time? Did you like the path that you were on? Did you like, um, the way the world was looking? Did you, were you, um, uh, responding in, in an enthusiastic way to the vision of your future that was being shown you, You know, and was this something that you were like, This is so wonderful.

[00:18:24] I feel finally like, like I’m going somewhere in my life. And was your reaction to that change or that. Fortune or enthusiasm or that slowing of momentum was your reaction like, Hmm, oh, well I guess it’s not going to work out this time, so what? I’ll just let it go. I’ll, I’ll go and find something else to do.

[00:18:47] I mean, it was nice while it lasted, but you know, do dreams really come true? You know, was that your reaction? Did you sort of accept, like that’s as far as you were going to go and, uh, [00:19:00] go and pick up with the, with what you were doing in your life, uh, before then? Or, or did you say to yourself, I liked. What was unfolding in my life.

[00:19:12] I liked where things were going. I felt like I was on top of the world and like I, I had this sense of purpose in my life. I want that, you know? But then how do I explain these setbacks? How do I explain feeling abandoned by Jupiter? How do I explain the sense of being adrift or there being no momentum or push forward in my life?

[00:19:39] Well, well, maybe I have to go and rely upon myself. How do you rely upon yourself? Well, you might become more resourceful. You might refuse to give up the fight. Um, or you might, you might say that this is about having faith. You [00:20:00] know, you might say, There’s nothing I can do. Right. You know, to, to move this forward.

[00:20:07] This, this isn’t happening right now, but just because it’s not happening right now doesn’t mean that it wasn’t meant to be. Okay. And so what happens here is that it’s about kindling that little flame, you know, of faith inside of yourself and holding it and tending to it. You know, it’s about stepping away from the rejection.

[00:20:33] It’s about stepping away from the disappointment. It’s about stepping away from the circumstances that said, To you at the time. See how full hearted you’re being. See how silly you are. The circumstances are against you. Your life’s situation is against you. You have no resources. This is simply not going to happen.

[00:20:51] Go back, go back. Go back to the life you were living before and give up these silly, foolish dreams. Well, where would we [00:21:00] be if the explorers in our civilization and the discoverers gave up on their dreams and their visions, where would we be? All right. And so this is again, what Jupiter is all about. So if you abandoned and left this path and, and maybe circumstances were such that you had to, and that’s understandable, but if you abandoned this, this path, maybe it really wasn’t for you.

[00:21:25] You didn’t have the belief in it, and there’s no shame in that, you know, or obligations came up that said you simply aren’t going to be able to do this right now. So you’re, you’re going to have to come back and dial it down and, and, and, and live like, , but for those of you, or, or maybe you even said to yourself, Eh, I wasn’t that into it anyway.

[00:21:46] It’s not a big deal. So what? I’ll just, you know, you, you laughed it off or rationalized it or excused it in some way, but for those of you who held onto it, Okay. For those of [00:22:00] you who said circumstances are right, aren’t right, timing isn’t right. Um, you know, maybe I’m upsetting too many people. Maybe I’m, you know, uh, making decision to walk out on a boss or a relationship and I’m, I’m, I, I, I should, but, but you know what?

[00:22:14] I do believe that this is right. I do believe that this is the my path. I do believe that this is something that’s calling to me. I do believe that I’m receiving a calling card for my higher purpose. All right, and you held onto that you know what you’re going to experience when Jupiter moves forward again.

[00:22:35] Okay. On November 23rd is almost kind of like your computer booting up. might be the best analogy for that, or another one is, The wind filling your sails again, you’re going to start experiencing this enthusiasm again. You’re gonna start experiencing this excitement again. You’re gonna start realizing.

[00:22:56] This was the only choice I could have made. I [00:23:00] mean, you know, uh, we’re not all given, by the way, the only choice you could possibly make. Okay. But when we’re talking about Jupiter in this context, it’s like, it kind of has to be the only choice that you could possibly make. You know? And so that, that, that verb, that enthusiasm, that belief will, well, Inside of you again, and it will push you forward.

[00:23:24] It will push you down a path. And it could be a spiritual path, it could be a creative path, it could be a path in which it looks like you’re doing, making choices that are gonna run contrary to the people who rely on you. Who depend on you and your life, but you know that it’s a path that you have to follow.

[00:23:42] It could be a path where you’re walking out on a job or prosperity, or it could be a path that leads to, you know, a prosperity or more than prosperity, a fulfillment, you know, that really sort of speaks to your spirit. This is something that will. Start up again, like [00:24:00] rumbling engines to move you forward.

[00:24:03] Okay. And so that when Jupiter reenters Aries, okay. In December, later, uh uh, December, I think it’s around December 20th when Jupiter reenters Aries, there’s gonna be that sense of like, Ending things because it, Jupiter came out of Rogar and Pisces. And Pisces is the last sign of the Zodiac. Why is it the last sign of the Zodiac?

[00:24:24] Because it is the last sign of the agricultural year. The new year begins with the spring equinox, so there will be this period between November and December 20th when you, when you end. Something, you, you, you, you, or you come out of hiding or you come out of your cocoon or something along those lines.

[00:24:43] And then there’s this feeling of moving forward again. But, but don’t expect an overnight conversion or sudden miracle. It will start. It will start as a small little flame. But what you want to do is 10 that flame, 10 that flame, and care for that flame, and [00:25:00] it will begin to grow and it will begin to illuminate your life to such an extent that when the sun enters aquas, uh, when the sun.

[00:25:11] To such an extent that when the sun enters Aquarius, which is going to be around uh, January 19th, it will pick up on that air energy and it will move you forward, and that’s something that you definitely have to look forward to going into the year 2023.