How Astrology Helps Her Live w/ Cancer

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On Today's Episode You'll learn…

πŸŒ‘ The story of how one astrology fan connected to the metaphysical side of life.
πŸŒ’ How astrology helped Liyanne tap into the wisdom of her body while living with cancer.
πŸŒ“ A helpful mindset trick or dealing with overwhelm while learning astrology.

Chapters πŸ“Ή

0:00 Intro

4:00 Liyanne's Astrology Story

17:18 Astrology & the Healing Journey

23:11 Managing Overwhelm & Trusting the Process

30:15 The Importance of the Inner Circle

35:40 Managing Time in the Inner Circle

38:15 The Language of Light and Soul

38:15 Closing

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Game Changing Transits

[00:00:00] Liyanne: frequency, and vibration. Right? Right. So every color, just like every music note, has a vibration. And you have that, as you say, like a. Or like a fingerprint contributed by the stars at the time of your birth, because they're all resonating a different light frequency and we are made of light as well, right?

[00:00:26] It's just that we, uh, at such a low frequency, you can't see all the rainbow color.


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[00:01:12] Amanda: Well, hello everybody and welcome. I am so happy that you have decided to join us here today for this very, very special edition of the Astrology Hub Podcast. For those of you who are new to our channel, welcome, you have just joined a worldwide astrological conversation that is happening here every single week.

[00:01:34] If you wanted to take a moment just to hit that subscribe button and the notification bell, I think that you'll be very happy you did. You'll get alerted every time a new video is released here on this channel, and you'll get to join in on this conversation with us. For those of you who don't know me, my name's Amanda Poh Walsh.

[00:01:52] I am the founder of Astrology Hub and I am so very honored and thrilled to be here today with a very special guest. She is an Inner Circle member in our membership at Astrology Hub. And she is so much more, and you're gonna get to learn a lot about Leanne Unasa here today. Leanne, welcome to the Astrology Hub Podcast.

[00:02:15] I'm so happy you're. Oh God. Thank

[00:02:17] Liyanne: you Amanda. Thank you. I'm really happy I'm here too.

[00:02:21] Amanda: And we are starting this series where we're gonna be featuring stories from real, members of our community so that you can see all the different ways that astrology usually very magically, comes into our lives at the very right moment and initiates or supports us through.

[00:02:44] Massive transformations in our lives. I know that has certainly been the situation that I went through in my own life and continue to go through, and

Liyanne's Astrological Story

[00:02:52] Amanda: I'm really, really excited to hear more about Leanne's story. And Leanne, let's just start there. I would love to have you paint a picture for us of what life was like for you before astrology came into it as like a major focal

[00:03:08] Liyanne: point.

[00:03:11] Oh gosh. Okay. So, before. Astrology became a focal point. So I've always been interested in astrology from my early twenties, but I never delved into it, overly much. And I was pretty much busy, you know, making my way in life. I always knew that I wanted to make a difference in the world. Didn't know how I was going to do that.

[00:03:36] So I wore all these very different hats A real kind of corporate go-getter, you know, worked hard and played even harder.

[00:03:45] Amanda: So what happened? W you were interested in your twenties, you went into a very non astrological world, and then what happened in your life that that made you go back to.

[00:03:59] Liyanne: Well, what happened is I realize now is my Pluto transit. And a cancer diagnosis. So I was diagnosed with breast cancer in March, 2015, and, the timing from Pluto. Entering my 12th house is uncanny. I only just realized that like literally within the last two weeks. So when I was diagnosed, it's really interesting. The day that I was diagnosed, the immediate thought that came to me was, , well it was, you know, the F word first of all. And then, hm. Obviously there's something I need to learn in this, right? So already I was getting, guidance, and what I call the embodied, astrology, you know, getting spoken to.

[00:05:01] Amanda: Were you that kind of a person already? W would you have seen a challenge like that before in your life and thought, oh, there's something for me to learn, or was this sort of a new thought for you?

[00:05:13] Liyanne: I would say I've always been that kind of person.

[00:05:16] I am a very much a glass, glass, half full kind of person. And, approaching a cancer diagnosis, it was no different for me and also wanting to research the hell out of it. Because until you get cancer, you know, zero about it. And then, I reframed the word itself the day after I was diagnosed. And, cancer for me is creating a new clear energy reality.

[00:05:50] And that's pretty much what I've been doing ever since. And I've recently realized it's not just for me that I'm gonna be doing that, but a much wider, influence in just my own world. Hmm. Okay.

[00:06:08] Amanda: So you get the diagnosis. Mm-hmm. , you have the thought, what is there for me to learn? where does astrology come?

[00:06:16] Liyanne: Ah, so I went full tilt into, looking at my lifestyle and, diet. I also decided to go the complete natural route. So I live with cancer. I call, I say that I live with cancer. I still have a tumor in my breast, and I'm still here in. Nearly eight years later. So I live with it naturally.

[00:06:39] So a lot of what I do, um, day to day is about keeping myself alive and working with my body's rhythms, right? However, as most people will know, uh, there's even a saying, you know, you need to heal the soul first, and then everything else follows. And I dunno about everyone else I'm thinking, okay. How, how do I do that?

[00:07:05] How do I do that? And I started tuning in. So I did all of the emotional lifestyle diet. And then finally in 2019, I started following a couple of online astrologists in their regular forecasts and doing some, You know, little mini courses with them and looking at my own chart. And that's really what started, delving me into astrology because at the end of the day, astrology is a language of the soul.

[00:07:40] There are many languages of the soul, and astrology is one of them. So it was helping me to understand, well, how do I heal my.

[00:07:52] Okay.

[00:07:53] Amanda: I have so many questions on that , because yes, I do think that you hear these things. For example, it it's energetic before it becomes physical or manifest, right? So we know that something's happening energetically or in the unseen realm before we actually experience here. So how like, , I get that astrology probably helped you tune into to your own natural rhythms, which is, and I'm putting words in your mouth, you didn't say that, but I'm guessing that, and you can confirm or deny that.

[00:08:27] And then how did it help you get to a point where you're feeling like you're, you are. Healing your soul, like healing at that soul level.

[00:08:39] Liyanne: Okay, so I'm gonna go through a whole raft of, and this is specifically from when I joined Astrology Hub. Because Astrology Hub. Is bringing together a whole range of astrologers and astrological disciplines that contain different pieces of the puzzle for me.

[00:09:04] So it started with Rick Levine and his chart reading Extravaganza, which I signed up for, and discovered the metaphysical aspects. In my own chart of which I have an abundance, however, having come across human design also through Astrology Hub, cuz you know, it's not just astrology that you discover through Astrology Hub, it's all these other soul, languages and disciplines like human design and my soul, um, really whispers quietly to.

[00:09:40] So I went through most of life not really trusting it. Because it was so subtle. So now I understand why it was so subtle, because all those, you know, Quintiles, sepals, all those, you know, metaphysical aspects, they're not loud. And my physical aspects in my chart, the physical world aspects, I should say, are very loud.

[00:10:03] I have, you know, a lot of oppositions, on my nodal axis, right? So, Kind of drowned out the, this more subtle metaphysical. So that was at the beginning, Rick, you know, actually exposing me to it was like, oh, these aspects, okay, I wanna know more. Then came Anne Ley with her asteroid goddesses class, which is like, oh my gosh.

[00:10:32] . These are bridges to actually getting to speak to the planets. Cuz for me, the asteroids really have become a bridge, like a communication bridge to being able to get the messages from the planets. Uh, then there was Andrea and Michelle. With the elucidation charts for the asteroids themselves. And because I have a specific placement with pa, you know, the, volcano, goddess fire, you know, I have a specific, relationship with her in my chart.

[00:11:08] So Andrea was able to help me with that. And I do feel PA is. And having to understand and work with that energy is something that is, it's a gift and a, a, a big learning. And then there was, divine Harmony came with her serious masterclass. And she mentioned this book called Bowl of Light, and as soon as she mentioned it and I'm like, Ooh, what's that?

[00:11:40] And even before she'd finished the class, I'd bought the book on Amazon, right? She was still delivering the class and I'd already put my order in and it was on its way. So, that gave me another, layer to what I'm calling, my. Work because going back to even before Astrology Hub, I was really drawn to the aspect patterns in my own chart.

[00:12:07] Really Mu they're really soul patterns, aren't they? And they're like, they're our own sacred geometry. When you look at And I decided because like with everything I decided, you know, well, I wanna like visualize that for myself. I'm not sure what all of this, you know, blue, red, green, and all the other colors they use and I thought I actually wanna do it in the color of the planet.

[00:12:29] Right. So I did my first, iteration of what I now call star soul light. I drew the aspects in the colors of the planet. So let's say from Mars to satin was red to green instead of a hole, let's say a red line for a, a, opposition. Instead of being a red line, it became a red to green cause it's Mars to set.

[00:12:56] For example, so I'd already done that, and the bowl of light added another layer to that work that I'd done because I was pretty much following the really faint whispers and creating this, this, this like, system without understanding it fully. So I was following along and being the channel, but not really understanding what it was, and that bowl of light, just blew my mind and my world.

[00:13:27] And I actually did a much, deeper, more resonant and more, theoretically sound. So then we had magic coming into it with Gary Caton and his, um, planetary hours, and I actually started tuning into planetary hours. So much so that I was getting mixed up with what day it was right , because I was following the light rather than the calendar.

[00:13:58] Amanda: Wow. Wow. Right. Amazing. I love that . Yeah.

[00:14:04] Liyanne: And then we had Jen Zt, um, and she did a great thing where she, talked about discovering the good Damon name or the good Demonn name in your chart, and that was like, wow, this is so cool. And I used the FU ak, which is the runk alphabet, to figure out my rok because I have Celtic roots in my mum's side.

[00:14:28] My mum's English. So I did it in the fu ak, uh, which is really, interesting, A way to connect with that alphabet. And then full circle, we've now come to foundations three. With Rick Levine again, and I've been so waiting so long for this masterclass and I've just eaten up the content like you wouldn't believe.

[00:14:57] Um, and everything that he's gone through in that class has just confirmed for me. Cause a lot of astrology is really confirming. Feel, but don't necessarily trust, like my artistic, I have an exalted Venus, you know, so she's at 27 degrees Pisces. And I never really trusted my artistic ability, and now I've got full trust in it because my chart, because there's always like, you know, three three, um hmm.

[00:15:30] What's the word? Signs that you've got this in your chart, right? So it's not just like a three,

[00:15:36] Amanda: three placements really confirm. A certain energetic pattern?

[00:15:42] Liyanne: Correct. Okay. Correct. Yeah. And then, um, so his foundation's three classes really confirmed for me that what I've been given as a creation, the star soul light, has come in from.

[00:15:59] Beyond. Cause I've always felt that. I've always said, this is a co-creation with the universe. It's not from me, it's through me. Yes, I'm adding my thing in with it, but it's not just me that's that's created So, yeah.

[00:16:16] Amanda: I love this so much. So I, okay. And I have again, a ton of questions, more questions,

[00:16:21] Yes, of course. Cause basically what you're describing is that when you came in, and first of all, I'm very honored that we have been such a big part of your path and that these different, and these different courses and different teachers have given you all pieces to the puzzle. I mean, that was definitely part of the design from the beginning.

[00:16:43] But then, To hear it, like how it actually is manifesting in your life is, is a whole nother level for me. So thank you for sharing all of that amazing detail. So you have this breast cancer diagnosis. You start to, to be guided that there's some learning here. You somehow stumble upon Astrology Hub, which is fantastic, and then you join the inner circle and you start to like get pieces and, and learning from different astrologers.

Astrology and the Healing Journey

[00:17:18] Amanda: How has that helped you with the original, like impetus to dive deeper into astrology? Like what lessons have you learned that have helped carry you through the breast cancer diagnosis? Feel confident enough to go a natural route. You know, I, I'm sure there was a, a lot. Of other opinions about how you should handle these things, this for yourself.

[00:17:46] So how, how did it help you with that?

[00:17:49] Liyanne: So I joined Astrology Hub in 2021. Well I actually did my first course before I'd even joined the inner circle, right? , and my diagnosis was in 2015, so it's, you know, quite some time before and so like I said, I first concentrated on the emotional, the lifestyle and the diet. And it wasn't until, 2019 that I started to really go into the esoteric realms to try and understand, okay, it's time to do some soul. Work and you know, in all honesty, doing a lot of shadow work. And I would say that that's where, astrology hub and having access to all the different, disciplines and varieties has, cemented what I had already, gone through.

[00:18:49] It's almost like it's, it's a confirmation of. The path I'd chosen to go down, that uh, I chose to go the natural route and that in fact was the correct route to go because then, wow, this is it really when I first put together my soul light, my star, soul light for myself, cuz you know, you always start with yourself.

[00:19:16] I felt a tangible shift in my tumor from the very first time I created it and started using it in earnest. Now, not saying that it is a healing in of itself, it, but it does act as a doorway and opening a portal to your own innate healing. , light codes, not just healing light codes, but you know, your soul light codes.

[00:19:45] So, and healing is part of that.

[00:19:47] Amanda: So what Leanne is referring to when she's talking about the soul colors and the um, the art that she has been inspired to create, which I've actually had the pleasure of experiencing. Is one of the things you might know if you've been in the Astrology Hub community for some time is we talk a lot about how the chart is.

[00:20:12] Is musical. Like there's, there is actual hum. There is actual resonance that could be heard. We can't hear it because it's a frequency that we can't hear with our ears. But what Leanne's done, which is amazing, is actually also brought in the colors. The colors of your soul, so to speak. At one point we did Soul Songs, which was an amazing co-creation between Gemini, Brett and Eric Deutch, which was again, taking your astrological chart and creating music out of it so you could hear the song of your soul.

[00:20:49] And what Leanne's done is taken the chart and again, made it into artwork and correlated the aspects and the planets with color. So that you can see the pattern of your soul.

Liyanne's Life's Work

[00:21:02] Amanda: So I, I mean, basically what you've described is this path to finding your, does this feel like your life's work? Like, does this feel like one of the things you've been placed on the planet to do, part of your mission?

[00:21:15] It,

[00:21:16] Liyanne: it totally 150% Amanda. I'll share an interesting story with you when I talk about, you know, embodied, astrology. So I was, there with my doing cuz I use my soul lights as like a meditation. And I was there doing my soul light meditation and I suddenly, I had this thought pop in my head as it does, and it was.

[00:21:45] Okay, so how am I gonna get this out to the world? You know, because I believe it's a, um, self-love, and self-healing tool that is really required in the world right now, especially for our young and it suddenly occurred to me, no, no, no, you, you are not. Cuz I was thinking, oh, it'd be really cool if I could get this all automated and people can do it at the click of a button and blah, blah blah.

[00:22:12] And it was like, no, no. What you need to do is start a light school and teach people how to create these so you have a whole load of, you know, uh, style soul light artists. And I thought, oh yeah. And as soon as that, that, land. As a message. I'm here in New Zealand living in Lennon, which is the top of the south island, and we had a 5.1 quake hit at that exact moment, so literally, and only 17 kilometers from where I am.

[00:22:48] So that's close. You know, you'll know Amanda living in hav Hawaii. You know, you have earthquakes all and you know, movements all the time. But this was like, you could say it was pretty much going bang right on top of me, right. And the earth literally moved beneath me. And I'm like, okay, I got the message

[00:23:07] Amanda: I, oh God. I love when it's that clear. It's, that's the best. It's like, there's no question mark about that. Amazing. Oh my god. Okay. So I have some more questions for you, Liam. Yes.

Managing Overwhelm & Trusting the Process

[00:23:21] Amanda: How do you deal with overwhelm? Like as a student of astrology, one of the things we hear a lot is that it can be so overwhelming.

[00:23:32] How? Like how do you personally, how have you sort of weighted through those waters and what would you say to other people who are

[00:23:42] Liyanne: experiencing. I would say that what is for you will call to you. So, you know, there's been at least three mots, I call them mots instead of months, there's been at least three mots where I haven't, you know, engaged with the new moon ceremony or the foreman, or the, um, masterclass.

[00:24:03] And that's because there was oth, there were other things that were. Uh, occupying my time and I could have got stressed about that. Cause I'm thinking, oh no, I've missed out, but I haven't missed out. It's just not for me at that time. Mm-hmm. . And the great thing is, is that I know that I can go back and actually revisit those teachings.

[00:24:24] if and when I feel called to. So, um, in terms of overwhelm, it's like, well, you'll always find time and be drawn to the things that are meant for you. Mm-hmm. , and I've just found that over and over again. And just to relax and give yourself a break and just go with the flow. Really. Hmm. So you

[00:24:48] Amanda: trust that the information you need when you need it will be.

[00:24:54] When you don't have time, that it's okay. When you do have time again, you will come back and if you need to, of course, everything is, everything we do is recorded, you know, so you'll be able to come back at your convenience. Okay. So the, what I hear there is a lot of trust and, uh, receptivity. It's something that I talk to our inner circle members about quite a bit.

[00:25:19] It's like there is a huge amount of trust in the process that as you continue with your studies, You will learn what you need to learn, when you need to learn it. And if you're not getting something at that time, it's because you're not ready for that thing at that time and you don't need it. It's okay.

[00:25:40] Like you don't have to, it's not like school where we're studying for a test and, and all these things are gonna be on the test, and if you don't get it, you're gonna fail. It's like, no, you're getting exactly what you need to get when you need to.

[00:25:52] Liyanne: Well, I liken it to, you know, bringing it back into the mundane world.

[00:25:55] I liken it too. There was a, very sophisticated planning, uh, software called Primavera that I used for, you know, um, multiline activity, schedules to actually deliver a project. And that piece of software was. Complex. And the reason it's complex is because it had 12 different ways of doing the same thing.

[00:26:22] And I liken astrology to that is you have many different paths that will lead you. To the same, I guess realization or revelation for you. And it's all about, you know, the path that is the most natural one for you will be the one that you follow. Like for me, obviously aspect patterns is like my jam, you know?

[00:26:49] Mm-hmm. . Yeah. It just speaks to me.

[00:26:50] Amanda: Yeah. Yeah. Well, and, and have you also experienced a shift, like you're, you're interested in things you a, you didn't maybe even know existed before, and b you know, you're, your, your fascination with things kind of shifts with time depending on where you're at in your life.

[00:27:07] Have you

[00:27:07] Liyanne: experienced. Completely. Completely. It's like, you know, I, well I gave an example before Human design. I didn't even realize that existed. And then more recent, recently, Enneagrams, which I hadn't heard of before either. Mm-hmm. , you know, I knew about Mayas Briggs, you know, personality types and in fact I've worked with that, with teams.

[00:27:30] But these other two I hadn't come across And I also, am drawn to, And it is connected, you know, to astrology. So, you know, my ethnic background is, , Sam, uh, English. So Samoa is one of the small Pacific Islands in the South Pacific. And, you know, we are well known for being, star navigators. You know, Moana is a great film for showing that, and I love that her, relationship is with the ocean, rather than, , you know, princes or whatever.

[00:28:05] And also her family. So anyway, because that is all about the relationship with the natural world and also with the celestial world. So it really is embodying that as above, so below. And the co correlation between the two with something that has been sparked within me is to understand it's almost.

[00:28:30] With the aspect pattern work or the, what I would say are soul patterns. They're really star patterns, aren't they? Because they come from the map of the stars, which we also call the map of the soul. So it's like I'm a different, Incarnation of a star navigator of my ancestral lineage. So to answer your question, it does ignite interest in many different interrelated, although sometimes when you look at them you don't realize they're interrelated.

[00:29:09] And I'm slowly but surely coing that that is the case. Sorry for me being so slow. , Leanne. That

[00:29:19] Amanda: is, yeah, exactly. , . Um, you know, I've been, we've been doing that celestial navigation, uh, course with the kids. It's not a course, it's like an experience with the, our little homeschool community. And I've had so many of the same realizations that literally what we're doing, even though we're not out on the ocean paddling right now and finding New Islands, but we are using the Stars as a navigation system to our life.

[00:29:48] I mean, it's like, it's what we're using as the compass. And so it is still celestial navigation. In a different form. It's

[00:29:56] Liyanne: the same thing. Yes. Yeah. Yeah. And my body's going, tingle. Tingle right now. . Cause it's like, yes, it's a hundred percent. And because also we are bodies of water. Mm-hmm. So it's like we're navigating our own ocean.

[00:30:10] Oh

[00:30:11] Amanda: gosh. That's next level. I love that. Hi.

Importance of Inner Circle Community

[00:30:15] Amanda: Leanne, how about the community has, so part of the, oh my god, membership, . Part of the membership that we have created so intentionally is the community aspect. Because so many people studying astrology feel alone. You know? It's like, God, I live in a place where nobody, I can't, I can't share this love.

[00:30:34] I can't share this passion. Nobody speaks the language. So how is that, and for you, the community you ask.

[00:30:41] Liyanne: I'm so glad you brought that up because that's major. It's major. I am a member of three other communities that are, what I would say soul led and like-minded. The difference with the Inner Circle is, and this is I'm sure, down to you Amanda, and your intention is to create family, right?

[00:31:07] So it feels like it's got a real family vibe and people are very heart led. So, you know, you can be soul led and like-minded, but there is a definite difference between that and also having, having your heart lead. , so that for me is a huge difference. And as a result of that, I mean, I'm in too little.

[00:31:35] I, I don't wanna call them splinter doesn't sound like the right word. Cause that sounds like, like a bad thing. Simon, I'm in two mini. from within the inner circle. One is a soul song group where we've been exploring our charts through choosing songs for each planet and placement. And we've just finished, um, we are just about to finish with the, um, Kippa belt objects.

[00:32:02] And because we are so, we've become so close. And develop such an authentic connection. We just are finding, you know, reasons to keep going. So we, we are now gonna do like a deck and walk, um, for the next year. Separate to that is a Pluto exploration group, which I hold the space for that. And that was like, six of us in total and we've been going through lots of Pluto stuff.

[00:32:35] You know, me with Pluto and my 12th and not about to leave anytime. With the Plaus health system, it's been really, invaluable and essential, and that group is even deeper than the first group. And Amanda, I've made friends for life. You know, I meet with these groups of women pretty much every week or every two weeks, and we deep soul dive every session.

[00:33:07] Yeah, and that's a massive thing to get from the community. And then there are other people in the community that I, you know, am on in Mighty Networks regularly. You know, Melinda, there's a number of doners. You know, I can name them all because we're like in regular community, Eileen, you know.

[00:33:26] Amanda: And you've never met them in person yet.

[00:33:28] No. I mean this is you. You are my dream come true . There's a phase, there is a phase two to dream come true. Phase one is let's use the technology to find our soul family. Our star family is what it really is. Mm-hmm. . Let's find our star family. Let's put out a call essentially and, and sometimes I think about like being on this volcano in Hawaii.

[00:33:54] And like just putting the call out across the globe, like, Hey, who's out there? Who wants to join us in this amazing celestial navigation, this amazing exploration of our souls as reflected by the stars? Like, wow, let's do that together. Right. ? Yeah. And, and then to find each other that way. Phase two, this is still my deep prayer, is that we all get together in person someday.

[00:34:21] And, and I know that it's happening with different members of the community. I, I love when I get pictures of people from the community who I've met in person, and it's like, oh, yay, you're together in person. This is brilliant. But the fact that we can use the technology to really find the, the resonant, the resonant frequency that we're carrying, you know, and, and to have those deep connections that are facilitated across the entire globe.

[00:34:48] Amazing. So yeah, you are, you are literally like in manifest formed so thank you for that and thank you for sharing your story. I, I mean, you all may think, oh, she probably knew all this before they even did this interview, and I did not. Basically, we, we put a call out to Inner Circle members and said, How ha do you have a story to share?

[00:35:09] Has, has astrology, has your membership, has um, you know, the course. Has anything that we've done and or astrology in general changed your life? And have you gone through any big game changing transits that have changed your life that you wanna share about? And Leanne was one of many, many people who responded and said, yes, it has changed my life and I would love to share my story.

[00:35:33] And it was like, awesome. I, we wanna. So thank you so much, Leanne. I Okay. I have a couple more questions

Managing Time in the Inner Circle

[00:35:40] Amanda: for people who are like, I would love to do something like this, but I don't have enough time. You know, I'm a bomb. I am working all the time. I'm, you know, whatever it is. What do you say, like, realistically, how much time does someone need to invest in order for it to be meaningful or valuable for them in your opinion?

[00:36:01] Liyanne: In my opinion, I would say, Maybe a good three hours a week. And I would caveat that with, it's never about enough time. It is always about priority, and that three hours is actually prioritizing yourself. Because it's actually a journey of, um, self realization that you're going on with astrology.

[00:36:30] Um, even though it may not seem that way to begin with. Um, but that's definitely what it's about. It's about investing in yourself and your own growth and trying to understand, you know, if you've ever had a question of, wow, what's all about, uh, what are we doing here? Astrology is a fantastic place to start because, you know, it's our blueprint and it's almost like our, our cheat code doesn't sound right, but you know, you get what I mean.

[00:36:59] It's like we've already got it there in front of us and we can, maximize that potential if I love

[00:37:07] Amanda: what you just said there, Leanne, about that three hours really being, prioritizing yourself. And, you know, I think that's just challenging for so many of us to do is really give ourselves the permission to make ourselves a priority.

[00:37:21] And yet, even, even, uh, just tuning into Julia Boaz's Full Moon Forecast, I, I actually joined you all as a student yesterday for the live broadcast, and I was reminded again at how many answers are contained within just one. Very well done, powerfully delivered forecast event or mastery class. And I, I mean, I literally have a whiteboard with like my little one-liners that I took away from it.

[00:37:56] Because, because the universe is always speaking to us, it's always speaking to us, and astrology gives a very direct language like, yes, we can, we could read the wind and, and we could get answers in that. We could, we could look at a flower and get answers there. All of it is valid, and, and it all works.

[00:38:15] Yeah.

The Language of Light & Soul

[00:38:15] Amanda: And yet there's something so magical about that language of light that just speaks right directly to our soul in such a pointed way. And especially when we're asking the questions, you know, especially when we're holding the questions and, and, and I'm speaking, but I would love to hear your reflection on that.

[00:38:35] Liyanne: Well, I am. Yeah. . I realized recently that I'm a light weaver. Mm-hmm. , that is effectively what I'm doing with, um, you know, pulling the patterns from the chart and weaving them in light because color is, after all, it's the way we, process light here on earth, right through the prism. It's a prism of light through our eyes.

[00:39:02] I always talk about a rainbow. I liken it to a rainbow because rainbow makes visible through moisture in the air. You know, this whole range of color. And when you think about the fact that we're also bodies of water, We're also full of rainbow light, right? In different patterns. So I'm pulling those patterns out and weaving them in light.

[00:39:29] And I wanted to, give an invitation for people, because strange, as it may sound, Amanda, you know, I pulled out your pattern for you and did that as a light, a, a weaving of light, right? And it's. It's, not only an energetic talisman, a moving piece, that you can use as a meditation tool, but it's also a custom piece of artwork if you choose to get it printed.

[00:39:56] You know, it's like a canvas, you know, be there like in an art gallery and pondering, you know, the pattern of your soul. So yes, I have only just recently. Pulled out my own strongest pattern thanks to Rick with his foundations three, because I didn't realize that actually the one I thought was my strongest pattern wasn't it was one of the metaphysical So I'm about to start a journey from the new around the New Moon. And I'm calling it a journey of sound and vision because I like things to be fun and it, you know, the, it's bringing together the Soul Song group experience and the soul light so people can choose to join me. Um, I'll, you know, be available on, people can contact me, people that are in the inner circle, um, they can contact me in there because I'm going to, bring together songs.

[00:40:57] So discover the meaning behind the pattern through song and for those, um, you know, soul song stars from that group we've been together, um, almost a year now for them. I'm gonna be, you know, challenging them to actually do like a mashup of their soul songs cuz you know, in a pattern you'll probably have.

[00:41:25] Planets or points involved in it, right? Or you may have more, you know, some people have a conjunction in there, so they have, you know, four planets in there. So it's a song for each planet and then create a mashup. And we're go, I'm going to meet, uh, hold space for people for four weeks from New Moon to New Moon to uncover their strongest soul pattern.

[00:41:53] Having woven the light for them and then we go on that journey together. So I haven't delved into my own on purpose because I wanna do it. with a bunch of other people, and I'm thinking around about 15 people. Um, yeah. So I wanted to put that invitation out there for people in the Inner Circle or anyone that's wanting to join the Inner Circle.

[00:42:18] Um, and I'm offering it at, you know, much, much lower than I'm gonna be putting this work out to the world because it is like custom. Artwork. Um, amazing. Yeah.

[00:42:30] Amanda: Amazing. Thank you, Leanne. I, I just, I don't know if you noticed, you said rainbow. Yes. And I literally almost jumped outta my seat. Yes. Because I have been holding this question about the rainbow specifically, and wondering if when we see a rainbow, the colors that are always there are just revealed to.

[00:42:55] That's exactly right. And then, and then I was, so this has all been happening for me, Leanne. And you just like answering the question right after I said, especially when you asked the questions, you literally answered the question. Um, because each planet is associated with a color. Correct. You know, in, in my, my children have done a lot of the Waldorf education.

[00:43:18] Mm-hmm. and Rudolph Steiner, when you're in kindergarten, they, they. , each child's birthday, they do this little play about the, the soul in heaven, quote unquote, and how it decides to incarnate and how the soul then comes down the rainbow bridge and mm-hmm. become, you know, is born. And I was thinking if each planet is associated with a color and there's these rainbows all around us all the time, and the planets are associated with the rainbow color, A, the Rainbow bridge is technically a real thing, which is amazing.

[00:43:58] Mm-hmm. . But d it also is describing the process of how we, we are almost like stamped with different portions of the planets or different, different, quantities, almost as if we were like a recipe of the different energetic properties of those planets as. Incarnate into this body,

[00:44:20] Liyanne: right? That is right.

[00:44:22] A hundred percent. That's exactly what my work is, bringing those colors. So I use the colors that pys, you know, music of the spheres. Yes. Yes. So he not only attributed, um, the planets to notes, musical notes, he also attributed them to color. And those are the colors that I use in my work. And I also have woven in the 360 9 Vibration by Nicola Tesla.

[00:44:50] Yes. So, you know, he has that quote where he says, you know, if you want to know the secret of the universe, think in energy, frequency, and vibration. Right? Right. So every color, just like every music note, has a vibration. And you have that, as you say, like a. Or like a fingerprint, like a sole fingerprint contributed to by the stars at the time of your birth, because they're all resonating a different light frequency and we are made of light as well, right?

[00:45:26] It's just that we, uh, at such a low frequency, you can't see all the rainbow color. I mean,

[00:45:34] Amanda: this is just, so this is the thing about astrology for me, is it's. You think you're coming in to, you know, people get drawn to astrology for a lot of different reasons, right? Yeah. They start dating someone and they wanna see if they're compatible or they are interested in their personality, or they're going through a, a, a really challenging time in life and they just, they wanna just have some clarity or guidance.

[00:45:58] But what ends up, how, so all that happens, you, you get answers to those kinds of questions and then you realize that this is literally, The, the code underlying the entire reality that we're experiencing here, and it's more and more magical the more and more you're exposed to it and, and, and begin to have those aha moments for yourself.

[00:46:22] And so Leanne, I just wanna thank you. You've given me so many of those moments here today, and I, I was thinking we were just gonna talk about your journey, but I've, I've definitely gotten some amazing clarity

[00:46:33] Liyanne: and can I quickly show you an example of what I'm talking about? Yes. I'm talking about the star soul light.

[00:46:40] So this is playing on my phone. So this an ex is an example of a. Pattern, one pattern that's I have painted and light, and this is the energetic talisman, which it's much more effective on a laptop screen or as big a screen as you can manage. So yeah, it's basically, it's, it's, it's really difficult to explain, but it's like, it's, it's because the language of light doesn't need words.

[00:47:12] So it is when it's yours. You are automatically, tuning in and resonating and, attracted to it because it, it's humming your soul song and light. Mm-hmm. to you, right? Yeah.

[00:47:30] Amanda: Yeah. Yeah.


[00:47:31] Amanda: Amazing. Leanne, thank you for coming and sharing your story, and I just want to. Say to anybody out there that feels like you would be interested in at least learning more about this star family that we have.

[00:47:45] And if you're interested in connecting to people like Leanne who are also asking these questions and looking for that deeper level of purpose and using astrology as a guiding light, and actually I love that through Astrology Hub and the Inner Circle and all the different teachers that we feature, you've found.

[00:48:05] Life path. I mean, you've, you've made a huge change from what you were doing before in the corporate world, and now you're, you're creating art and feeling, um, confirmed in that urge to create art because of your chart. You know, because of the aspects in your chart that are saying, yes, you're an artist, you, this is what you're here to do.

[00:48:27] So now it's like, okay, permission granted. And sometimes that's all we. Is just the permission to go in the direction of our souls calling, so I am just grateful, Liam, that you have said yes to yours. Super grateful that you have come here and shared that with all of us here today. And for any of you that are interested in joining the Inner Circle, we are gonna be opening enrollment in just a few weeks so you can get on the wait list, and if you're on the wait list, you'll be one of the first to know when we open.

[00:48:57] It's

[00:48:57] Amanda: I as in inner, and C as in. 23, the number. So get on the wait list, but also you're invited to join our live event that is completely free. It's going to be featuring the next 12 astrologers that we're gonna have as inner circle astrologer guides, and it's called Game Changing Transits.

[00:49:23] And in it, we're gonna be exploring those fateful. So Leanne talked about Pluto entering her 12th house. We all have these fateful moments that are literally written in the stars, , they're written in our charts. And the more you can anticipate them before they even come, the more accurate you can be in interpreting their invitation.

[00:49:45] And the more you understand what they're calling you to, you know what they're calling you up. The more you can turn these fateful moments into moments of destiny. And so we are going to be featuring the 12 astrologers. We're gonna be talking about collective game changing transits, which are those ones that all of us humans go through together.

[00:50:09] They're, they're global transits, right? We went through a bunch of them in 2020 and in 2021, and we're going through some right now, so we're gonna be covering. And then we're, that's gonna be day one. Day two is gonna be focused on the personal. Game changing transits. So those personal moments we all go through in a lifetime.

[00:50:29] Things like the Saturn returns, I'm giving the s, it's not just one Saturn return, the Uranus opposition, and then some of these other really significant Pluto transits. Maybe you'll have them in your life and maybe you won't. What we have found is that most people that are in the inner circle. And, or at least in the astrology app community, they have some, they have some Pluto energy that they're gonna be dealing with in their lifetime.

[00:50:51] Not everybody does. To me it feels like a great honor actually, that we've put Pluto on our dance card and that we, that, that there's a deep, deep, um, transformation that we have decided before we even came here to experience in this lifetime. So we're gonna be exploring all these things. Again, that event is free.

[00:51:10] It's a great way to get a. Of the, the type of conversation we're having in the Inner Circle, the type of teachers that we feature in the Inner Circle, and you'll get to also feel the community vibe that we have created in the Inner Circle. So you're invited to that too. That's

[00:51:26] Amanda:

[00:51:30] Astrology You'll get all the details, the dates, don't worry if you can't make it live because it's recorded and anyone who registers will get to join us for that. Leanne, thank. You're brilliant. You're beautiful. Thank you. I'm so honored to know you, and I'm just blessed to have been a part of your path in any way.

[00:51:50] Thank you. All right, everybody. Thank you for being here. Thank you for being a part of our community, and thank you as always for making astrology a part of your life.

[00:52:01] Every now and then there's a planetary alignment that changes everything. We call them game changers because they're fateful moments when one face of life ends and another one begins. I know for me, my Saturn return was definitely one of those moments, and we all rode the life changing transit of 2020 and 2021.

[00:52:22] Together at Astrology Hub, we've found that the more you can an. Interpret correctly and prepare for these moments, the more you can turn something that feels like it's happening to you, into something that's happening for you, and we have some big game-changing transit that we will be experiencing this year to learn about these big collective transits and the personal life-changing transits that we all go through.

[00:52:47] We're gathering our 12 upcoming inner circle astrologer guide. For a Sree live panel event, you'll hear from Sam Reynolds, Georgia Stasis, Jen Meire. A Moche and more. Day one will go deep into collective transits like Saturns move into Pisces and Pluto's move into Aquarius, and how these could impact the world.

[00:53:07] Day two, we'll explore life-changing personal transit, like the infamous Saturn return. Urine is oppositions, a k A, the midlife crisis, and more. If you're interested in joining us, go to astrology and reserve your free spot now. That's astrology We can't wait to see you soon.