Exploring Your Galactic Lineage w/ Julia Balaz

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What is Galactic Astrology?

In this episode of the Astrology Hub Podcast, Amanda ‘Pua' Walsh and Julia Balaz talk about Galactic Lineage, Astrology, Fixed Stars and Past Lives

You'll learn …

  • About Julia's journey in becoming a Galactic Astrology Researcher
  • The Importance of the Lunar Nodes in understanding your past lives and/or ancestry
  • How the Fixed Stars connect you to your Galactic lineage

Chapters 📽️

0:00 Intro

2:25 Julia's Astrological Journey

15:43 Why do we forget our past lives

22:47 Star Systems

28:25 Myth and Fixed Star Astrology

36:30 Expanding Consciousness

42:48 The Galactic Centre

49:06 Messages from Star Systems

53:01 Getting Started with Galactic Astrology

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Amanda Pua Walsh 0:04
Welcome to the astrology hub Podcast. I'm Amanda Pua, Walsh, founder of astrology hub, and your host for our flagship show, we explore the many ways Astrology can support you, and your relationships, career, health, and personal growth. Thanks for tuning in.

Amanda Pua Walsh 0:30
Well, hello, everybody, and welcome. I'm so so glad that you're here. And I am thrilled to be here today with galactic astrology researcher, Julia Belaz. And I just have to say that Julia has taken our community by storm. So I was in our mighty networks, inner circle community just connecting with our different members. And I found this thread that was all about a recent podcast that Julia had done with Pam Gregory. And the comments that people were leaving under this this podcast this year saying things like, wow, this podcast has changed my life. Or oh my gosh, like this has given me keys to questions that I've been asking my entire life, things like that were being said under this video. And they went, Hmm, I probably need to check this out. So and I love Pam Gregory so much. So I went and listened to the episode between Pam and Julia. And I was blown away. Within minutes. It was like, oh, okay, this is something special. What Julia is doing is something special, there is some frequency coming through her and her work that I would love to share with our community here at astrology hub. So we reached out to Julia. And actually Linda bird also, then later connected, said, Hey, Amanda, I really think you need to meet Julia Belaz. And I went, Oh, my gosh, Linda, we are definitely in on the same frequency because I already had been wanting to reach out to Julia. So then we did. And now she's here. And I'm so grateful. You're here, Julia, thank you for joining us and sharing your work and your perspective with our community.

Unknown Speaker 2:25
Thank you so much for this wonderful introduction, Amanda, I'm so happy to be here. So grateful. It's always extra exciting to share the work with fellow enthusiasts of astrology, though, I can't wait to see how the information will come through and how the information will impact the audience as well as always amazing to see the stories of resonance and awakenings and greater clarity. So I'm super grateful. Thank you.

Amanda Pua Walsh 2:57
Okay, so this is your astrology hub podcast debut. And we always start with story so that we can get to know you so that we can get to understand a little bit about the journey that you've been on that brought you to this moment. So can you tell us a little bit about how you came to astrology, and then also how you came to this galactic astrology. And then of course, we're going to talk about what galactic astrology actually is.

Unknown Speaker 3:25
So I am self taught astrologer and it's something that was a complex of mine, and I was kind of holding back because of it. I

Unknown Speaker 3:37
didn't ever think that I will be speaking in front of so many people and encouraged by so many people as a self taught astrologer. But as I'm listening to your podcasts and other podcasts, it seems there are many self taught astrologers. So I'm actually so glad that I did break free and it was actually thanks to Pam Gregory's books, there was something about her frequency her encouraging uplifting words she's such a high vibe that during while reading one of her books, I said, I'm just gonna do it. So I need to go out. So and I'm so glad I did never look back. But so it was early teens when I had access to a huge library and always went into the section for psychology and esoterics and astrology books were there too. I was always very self reflective and very curious about how the mind works and why we are the way we are. But the biggest development appeared when I became a QA GHD practitioner, okay, say that word again. You hHD practitioner. Okay, but the biggest breakthrough occurred when I became a QA GHD practitioner full time holding space for people who wanted to find answers to their kind of soul driven questions, why their life is the way it is, why they're struggling with certain challenges, no matter what they're doing. And they always thought you know, is it something In past life, or is it maybe ancestral story that is influencing me as a strong blueprint strong pattern that I need a higher perspective on. So it was during these periods actually sessions from the very beginning, because I was an astrology nerd, I asked clients for their birth details. So I kind of learned the other way around to really understand the charts because I would listen to their entire life stories first in the kind of three session interview, and then hold space for them for three hours or longer sometimes as they regress to multiple lifetimes, whether their own or ancestral stories. And then after their session, I was able to, I was taking time for hours just looking at the chart and looking for what they experience and what they shared with me, I was looking for the validations of that in the astrology and it always blew my mind, it's all there, it was, like I was became becoming more and more passionate and driven to just learn this code of creator. You know, it's like looking behind the curtain and seeing what the divine plan is, those so brilliant, is intelligence, that we cannot even pay them. It's so epic, you know, there are many mind blowing moments. And I started saying that I live for these mind blowing moments. And it's so thrilling. And I love sharing these now with others and actually connecting with audience and enthusiasts who also thrive on these kinds of experiences. The biggest first breakthrough was looking at lunar notes, South Node note, because I had the opportunity to witness people going through several past lives, some clients would just go through one and one life experience that was different than their current. And it was like full on story with a lot of details. And that was the whole session, but many were jumping from several different life stories. And there was a thread that was a pattern of consciousness, the some of them it was more about clearly just relationships development throughout many lifetimes. For others, it was about developing or searching for truth, you know, spirituality, there are so many different stories. And when I looked at the lunar nodes, it was it was there, like lunar nodes are a real thing when you look at your south node. And what that means. And if you look at descriptions of it in any of the literature, available out there, like a great book for them would be astrology for the soul by Yann spiller and amazing book too much guidance for everyday when you just look at the lunar notes. But when you look at what she's saying about potential past lives, these were the past lives that my clients were experiencing in their sessions. Just a quick example, if there was a South Node in Aries, then the theme of those past lives would have been either a soldier or a solar traveler, like a cowboy and a prairie, someone who was relying on their own decisions to survive. And it was more about being myself and I and then the others, you know, and then there are shown that in this lifetime, actually, they've done it so much. Now this lifetime there so wants them to actually start connecting with others and be more diplomatic and compassionate and caring about the relationship. So kind of developing the Libra north node. So it's just one of many examples. It really is there. So do do guys look at your lunar nodes and find the guidance there. And ideally, find your healthy middle, right, because I believe we are coming to the point where we are integrating the polarity of archetypal energies, it's really calling us to the center. So that was quite interesting. That was first couple of years. And then I started noticing clients more and more experiencing stories that did not look like Earth experience. They were describing atmospheric conditions that were definitely not earth when they looked at the sky, they would have seen several larger objects, whether moons or other planets, different colors, skies, the body looked different. There are so many different stories. I could go on and on about this one, but it was clear that it was different stars from different planets. But I want to get to the point where some of them started connecting to more well known star systems like Sirius, or archers, Orion and when I got those names, and it was around the time that I realized we can track big stars by Zodiac degrees. And I love just for quick reference going to astrology king.com website slash big stars. They listen beautifully by zodiac sign, though, that's what I started paying attention to. So astrology king.com lists them by the conjunct alignments, but I started looking also at the opposite trine sextiles and squares and it was taking me usually around three hours to do all the calculations manually because I was there wasn't a software at the time but at least that I was aware of I was not using solar fire or anything like that. It was just all they'll help me. But so I started looking at charts and pick stars. At first I wasn't sure what I'm looking at. But it was just like looking for patterns. And usually I would look for something that repeats as a story where I can get some certainty Okay, there is really something to it. It's not just my mind trying to give a meaning to something, you know, and synchronicity as it as it happens is that if I was focusing on certain star system, let's say play these, usually there would be certain planets in our system, transiting Pleiades, and clients who would book those sessions in that time would have ladies in their charts aligned to me some of their planets. That was one of the big one as well, there was a person who was channeling the Syrian, higher aspect of their being and their Mercury was their natal Mercury was conjunct Ng, Sirius. And on that day, there was another I think Sun or Moon conjunct ng serious. Oh my god, that was the point where I just could not stop. And it was like, Oh, my God, there's something amazing here. And I want to know more. So that's kind of how it started. What an

Amanda Pua Walsh 11:08
incredible story. What I love about this, and this is this is exactly what I got when I started listening to you with Pam is this is very, quote unquote, out there. I mean, no pun intended, you know, ideas and information. So basically, what you're saying is that you were starting to see patterns not only for lifetimes on this planet, but also you're starting to see patterns of lifetimes, on other fixed stars and in other galaxies even. And but what I love about you is you're doing it so scientifically in your in your meticulous tracking, and and research. Can you tell us a little bit about how you're doing that? Like, how are you actually putting all this data together in a way that it's something that you can

Unknown Speaker 11:58
study? Yeah, well, I have folders of just a4 paper, I would put the birth details on top with all the planets alignments as they are a natal chart. And then fixed stars, I have a huge pile of just sheets with needle details, including big stars, and then the back page would or additional pages you stapled in would have the story that appeared in the session or the life key points. And then I have a recording of their session as well. But the biggest Synchronicities are patterns that really seem to matter and come up over and over. They are shared now in my online courses, a basic course. And then more advanced course was created from the basic course from the students demand and questions and feedback. It was just it's just growing on its own.

Amanda Pua Walsh 12:49
Okay, so give us a little taste. Are you are you noticing that there are sort of flavors or like different characteristics and or different missions and values based on where someone's coming from in the future based on which fixed star that they're having history with?

Unknown Speaker 13:12
Understand your question? Yes, I would actually like to encourage people to go to our free calculator tool, one of the students who happened to be software developer helped us build this to spare as our calculating, if you go to galactic astrology.com and go to free chart, you put your bird details, and it will calculate only 47 most common big stars, which I found most relevant, we're adding more now as it's expanding. But you can see if any of these are connected to your chart. And so what I'm noticing is that most of us at least maybe my attraction point seems to be seeing or connecting with people who I call multi galactic starseeds. And I really see the story of this kind of hybrid race where there are so many different types of DNA within our human DNA and the different DNA I mean, I believe wholeheartedly different humanoid beings or human beings from different star systems. I really believe space is packed with life based on endless stories that I've witnessed during the sessions and also the research that I've done. But what I'm seeing is that for example, if you have alignments to the for royal stars or Galactic Center, super Galactic Center, the Great Attractor these people have, they're naturally wired to perceive multi dimensionally or they're more in tune with this expanded awareness and always feeling like there is more out there like it's not just the earth, they are very intelligent, very Intune. Very, you know, you just, they have this higher frequency of consciousness and it's the fixed stars I believe that I see in the chart. Whoever has more conjunct and opposition's to these prominent fixed stars, they're wired that way compares to people who don't necessarily have as many they see more occupied with the life here and now going to work, paying bills, you know, watching the Netflix shows, but their time will come to because you can you still have sextile trine squares, like every chart is quite busy. And there are complex story there. And I believe we are awakening to remember stories of our deep ancestors, not just here on Earth, but elsewhere as well. And it's all in the chart.

Amanda Pua Walsh 15:43
Why do you think we forget this? And what why do you think it's designed so that we don't actually know?

Unknown Speaker 15:49
Yeah, I believe in cycles of nature and cycles of consciousness. And I believe Earth really is going through her own cycles as well. And the solar system is going through its own cycles, and this part of the galaxy too. But I really do feel like there has been the 26,000 years of the night cycle. And now we are stepping really, to the dawn and to the light where there is greater connectivity, greater harmony and remembrance as Dolores Cannon, who is the founder of UHD modality, the regression hypnosis, she would have said it over and over throughout 1000s upon 1000s of her clients sessions, that whenever they regress to the life between lives, they always say, Oh, my God, this was just a game, you know, we were taking it so seriously. But this was all designed by our own Higher Selves.

Amanda Pua Walsh 16:40
Truly, I have maybe the most amount of chills that I've ever had, like, as you've been speaking, it's incredible. I mean, what you literally pulled out the Aries south node, which is my south node. And I have had past life regressions, remembering myself, as a leader in war. And I've had that moment, I've had that, that death moment, in the regression, remembering, being in a field, seeing everybody was dead on the field. And I was about to take my life because I was a leader and, and I'm not allowed to live at that point. And my final thought was, I lead them the wrong way. And then I take my own life. And then I, I am out of my body. And it's the same thing. You just said, I had so much compassion, it was just like, oh my gosh, we're so confused. When we're down there in this human realm. Like, we have no clue like, and all of a sudden, it was just so clear that it was okay. You know, and there was so much forgiveness and so much compassion, I've had the same type of memory, seeing myself as a leader in the spiritual community and feeling that you know, what I have so many, I mean, there's like three distinct regressions that I've had, that are definitely all in this areas, kind of flavor of leadership, betrayal. You know, leadership gone wrong, you know, and all these in all of those experiences in this lifetime, have brought first a huge resistance to ever being a leader, like never wanting to be a leader, because I didn't want to lead people the wrong way. And then a true understanding of, okay, if I'm going to be a leader, here's how I need to do it. Here's what I here's what I can stand for. That's eternal. And here's what I can't, you know, but so these lessons of going through that process of remembrance are so healing in this moment. But what you're bringing in is a whole nother level. Because now we get to find our galactic roots, and potentially some of the lessons that we've learned in other in other lifetimes, even beyond this planet, which who knows what that will open up in us? Right? And I'm sure you've gotten to experience where it opens up in people. What do you see like what actually starts to become unlocked for people when they're when they're making these connections?

Unknown Speaker 19:05
Yeah. Thank you so much for sharing that what an incredible validation. And yet another incredible story of soul evolving over many incarnations, towards its greatness or remembering of its divinity. That is perfect. Yes, the galactic lives also hold the frequency of the archetypal behavioral experiences that we have here. And, generically speaking, what I'm seeing there are certain themes connected to certain star systems. For example, if someone has a lot of Pleiadian alignments, they will be quite fast paced, they will be multitaskers they will be very kind of joyful, bubbly and want to focus on the positive things and everyone give many chances and they'll be really actively working on helping to make this world a better place. And of course it If it's trauma conditions, then it's that you know, pollutive in certain way, and then you need to come out to be that that expression fully. And someone in contrast to that, who has a lot of Syrian alignments, they are much more down to earth, they will speak slower, they will take their time to deliver certain concepts that are very wise grounded, you know, you can totally tell that frequency, or someone who has Orion Nebula or alignments, especially conjunct and opposition's, they feel very angelic and very gentle and deeply compassionate and they'll feel the suffering of others, deeply active Syrians would also feel like that, but they feel more grounded and able to handle the earth, environment and polarity and great healer so you can see these themes with different fixed stars. And it's not something I studied through books on fixed stars, I learned through astrology King that come on the big stars, he has some references to awesome books on big stars, but I haven't I've never had time to look at those. It was all through witnessing the stories from the sessions and just feeling the flavor and frequency of different people,

Amanda Pua Walsh 21:16
you know, a wonder to I mean, are you are you seeing that people are sort of naturally drawn to the the stars that they come from. For example, you know, I meet a lot of people I live in Hawaii, and the Hawaiians have a very deep, rich history and paths with the Pleiades. So they had a huge festival every single year based on the rising of the Pleiades and and the festival will last as long as the Pleiades were in the sky. So it's about four months. And this happened every year. And it's called maca, Kiki. But so there's a lot of connection to play these here. Do you find that people are naturally drawn to the ones that then get validated when you look at the chart

Unknown Speaker 21:57
100% The heart and soul knows. And that's one big message that I like to keep sharing, because some people are not analytical, logical, and they don't they find it hard to research and study huge amount of data. They're creative, and just in tune with their intuition. And I want to tell them, you don't have to know anything about astrology or even go down that path to get these validations your heart and soul knows I've seen it so many times that are guided to reach their highest potential that you can see astrologically in their chart just by following their excitement, what feels right. And you will meet your destiny. So yeah,

Amanda Pua Walsh 22:36
that's amazing. I mean, so basically, you're doing the validation for us to be able to say, Hey 100% If you're feeling this poll, in this drawing you always have or maybe even recently, it's come in. I love what you said about as being multi galactic that many of us have a mix of, of past history with different fixed stars,

Unknown Speaker 22:57
correct? Yes, there is an awesome book that I highly recommend by Lisa royal hold called the prism of Lyra, where she is doing such a wonderful job at explaining how human race started from Lyra and then spread across many different star system including Pleiades, including Vega, including the serious growth of the Orion stars as well. Being that actually reading that book at some point. After a year or two of looking at the stars I started that helped me actually connect the dots because I saw these different star systems read across a chart you can actually that's how I started noticing that the outer planets Pluto Neptune Uranus are showing the deepest soul history the most ancient soul history and deep deep ancestors of like Soul DNA, let's say coming from Lyra and then how that soul journeyed to then colonize Vega. Then they stepped in series then to Earth. Some of them were literally like that as obvious as that and it's all in charge.

Amanda Pua Walsh 24:01
Can you say the name of that book again? The prism of Lyra and Lyra spelled l y Ra. Yes. Okay. The price of Lyra.

Unknown Speaker 24:11
Yeah by Lisa real hold. And then she also has a cards tarot cards deck called our galactic heritage. And she focused on most well known stars. What I loved about her channeling is that she shows the archetypal behavior of those human races in those certain star systems from their past consciousness, their greatest struggles, in terms of polarity of their being an experiences then their kind of present moment where they started realizing the insanity of that and then how they transcended that and their future, their highest light expression. And how much of that is actually totally we are experiencing all that as an echo of it. What I believe now after seeing so many incredible soul journeys is that we are Are are is really a special place where these multi galactic seeds of DNA are merging here and that we are going through this extraordinary time where our consciousness is rapidly evolving, expanding, we are meant to remember some of those ancient stories of our struggles, whether on earth or elsewhere, whenever we live on Earth, I feel it's like an echo of unresolved stories of polarity and other star systems, we are meant to kind of feel them, relive them emotionally. And then also bring that higher awareness, higher consciousness, which is very much becoming more and more available to us, guiding us to resolve heal the pain, and let go of those blueprints of trauma and return to Unity, harmony, peace, love safety, most of all, reclaiming our right to feel safe in this universe and, and and then starting to kind of creating this upgraded higher octave of human experience and customers.

Amanda Pua Walsh 26:07
Are they more evolved than us?

Unknown Speaker 26:12
Depends when where you look at what perspective you choose, there is infinite amount of answers you can have here, because it depends what level of consciousness you are in, what do you need to zoom in what is relevant to your own evolutionary journey, you will have different view of different stories based on what you need. So if we reach that highest level of consciousness, we we, we surpass the time linear time space, when you reach higher level of consciousness, when you step into love and peace, and really kind of bringing your higher self into your body, you start perceiving quantumly so likely to stralla G, when you look at the planets, you can either embody their lower octave or there

Amanda Pua Walsh 26:59
is polarity sort of the common thread of what we're all trying to integrate and work with.

Unknown Speaker 27:07
Yes, wow. Yeah, absolutely. And that kind of that need of being a god or creator, or someone who controls of how everything is and the fighting of, you know, everyone is not happy. And I'm so mad at that, like, why aren't they, you know, we need to let go off wanting to control everything and everyone and just surrender to what is and allowing this planet to be full of infinite possibilities in the gym where anything is possible?

Amanda Pua Walsh 27:37
Do you find that people when they when they finally get to a point where they're tapping into this understanding or perspective? Are they at a certain point of consciousness as well? Like, where they're ready to receive this additional information? Or are we sort of always aware of it, but maybe we start to become aware of the higher potential of

Unknown Speaker 28:01
it? I think you answered it, yourself there. Okay. What I'm seeing is that people who kind of naturally get what I'm saying here, if you look at their charts as well, they like you can tell even in their chart, and in the high frequency, being or soul there will have, let's say, Neptune conjunct in their galactic center, or there'll be Paris conjunctions. And Paris is really interesting royal star because I see it a lot with healing practitioners. A lot of cute HD practitioners would have Antarian flick star alignments, it's something about it that helps these people become like activators of higher consciousness easier for others to tap into higher dimensions because you hold that Antarian frequency. For example, I have Uranus and Jupiter conjunct Ting and Paris in my seventh house. So it's becoming really activated through relationships. And that's how I've noticed that with my own sessions, and so the community of the Galactic astrology researchers that are drawn to us when we share the charts, many of them have these similar alignments. So it's like the likeness of wavelength. We have the same big stars in our charts.

Amanda Pua Walsh 29:13
So what do you say to people that have a hard time believing the idea of past lives in general, you know, like on this planet, let alone know you come from you know, who knows how long have a past of lives on in other fixed stars or in other galaxies?

Unknown Speaker 29:31
Brilliant question. Thank you so much. There are a few other perspectives that are that these people might resonate with. One of them is there, you know, there was a Soul Memory or there is a DNA memories. DNA is imprinted with information. Like it's scientifically proven that your DNA can store infinite amount of data. So if you don't want to accept those stories as your souls history and your souls password lives you can accept or work with them as your ancestral stories, your ancestral lives that you're tapping into, through your DNA. And another perspective is that we are all part of this great ocean, you're just a drop. And they, you know, whenever you shift into that our Gamma brainwave frequency, which is a natural state for us, you are tapping into different drops of the ocean. And even your experience is just like you are the ocean is experiencing itself through you, and what everything belongs to the ocean, we are all part of one big intelligence. So yeah, that's partly ancestral, or actually your own stories, or metaphoric stories, as well, from clients session, were shown experiences where their higher selves that actually this was just the metaphoric story, to help this person to get a different perspective on what they are experiencing. And that's how they healed or understood something. So

Amanda Pua Walsh 31:02
Oh, my gosh, well, and it could be sort of all of the above, right? I mean, yeah. Juliet, where does miss play into this? Are some of the stories and mythology that we seem to connect with, as humans, sort of across the board across culture across time? Are those potentially actually stories from from different lifetimes? Or other experiences? Or how do you see myth play into this and some of the mythology that we have around the planets, and the different ZODIAC signs, for example,

Unknown Speaker 31:35
what I believe are cured with these stories, when they were created at the point of their creation, whoever channeled that story first, whether as a narrative of telling something that they lived or something that they imagined as a metaphoric story to what they lived. I believe that those individuals, if we looked at their big stars, I bet there would have galactic center conjunctions, or some of these higher frequency consciousness, there's like and terrorists or maybe former Hollywood actors, perhaps serious, they have so much wisdom, channeling through when people have these in their child's I believe these will be these extraordinary human beings that are just wired, to perceive cosmic consciousness to see the archetypal patterns, you know, some people are just wired that way. And they would then channel this type of story that is a reflection of something that is actually a pattern of behavior. That's one perspective I have. And the other one is, especially in relation to Gods and their, you know, extra abilities that are not human. I believe those were extraterrestrial beings that did come from different star systems. So it's actually interesting. Recently, I really can't remember where I saw this interview, there was a peel like theologist, who shifted a perspective on Bible and the Old Testament and New Testament and he said, What if those angels and chariots of fire were actually its extraterrestrial beings, and just so many dots connected? And he's now giving lectures on how to interpret the old the New Testament, when you actually see that? All that channeling of angels as extraterrestrial beings, it all makes so much

Amanda Pua Walsh 33:24
sense. Oh, my God, who is this doing this?

Unknown Speaker 33:27
I'll do my best to find it. And will I find it?

Amanda Pua Walsh 33:31
Oh, my goodness. Okay. Where does like do you see, echoes of the astrology chart that we use to understand ourselves here in this lifetime and in past lifetimes? If you ascribe to that? Do you see that the chart here like our birth chart, is I know that it's related via conjunction and different aspects to fixed stars. But is the pattern is is the blueprint or pattern of our astrology chart, similar to the blueprint or pattern of the energy of that fixed star that we're most connected with? If we can even do that most connected?

Unknown Speaker 34:13
Yes, I believe so. And it just shifts slightly and it rearranges itself to because you have so many different ways of how you can connect to circumstances to me doesn't necessarily have to only be through sun or moon, for your soul fractals from that star system to kind of come through into this incarnation that can come through any of the planets and also finding stories related to MC Part of Fortune vertex Lilith, they all say something about, you know how you are helping to resolve something from circumstances that are linked through these points like there are greater and greater stories. The astrological chart really is like a quantum math technology that it just keeps unlocking more and more doors and you can find out more and more Your soul history plan connections. I think, Gosh,

Amanda Pua Walsh 35:05
I literally, thank you for your pages as I feel like I'm firing questions at you. But I have so many more. I feel like you were about to just say something.

Unknown Speaker 35:14
Yeah, at one point I read a book. It was about Buddhic, astrologers, Buddhism, astrologers, again, I'll do my best to find that book again. But that whole book was looking at charts of the Buddhists and their reincarnation, and how their chart was actually evolving. But the parents were there just shifting. And I believe I'm seeing that through the past lives stories, obviously, I was never able to ask about their psychological chart from before, but just it, it cannot not be that way. If you think about how we embody the consciousness of the planets based on their mathematical arrangement, it has to be that way, also, in previous lives, and if there is a theme over a number of lifetimes, there has to be much mathematically and spatially with the planets, right? Yes, yes.

Amanda Pua Walsh 36:15
How do you see sort of like the idea of soul clusters? Or like the people that we're in relationship with here? Do you see patterns between families or with spouses? And with children? Are you seeing that happen as well?

Unknown Speaker 36:30
That's a great question. Yes. And those are some of the most beautiful stories of validation or consciousness expansion and heart expansion, when people see that their spouse have similar big stars from those all the outer planets, and you just know that you know, we knew that we knew each other for so so long, like we know each other for aliens and then you see pic stars are the same thing stars in the chart. And so we looking at family charts, you know, we have this odd one out person, you will see that there is parents and one child, they all have similar big stars alignments, there, it's same frequency. And then there is the other, the other one out who has not not, none of those are very little more like squares to them, and different big stars, different flavor altogether. So I got to the point. Now, when I look at the charts, I don't look at the traditional astrology stuff. I just look at the big stars and it gives me so much information. That yeah, that's how I move the charts now.

Amanda Pua Walsh 37:35
Okay, you just mentioned something it so my love and I both have 29 degrees Leo, in Saturn. But are you saying of Saturn at 29 degrees? Leo? Are you saying that it's only the outer planets that you're looking at only conjunctions that are planets.

Unknown Speaker 37:54
No, the outer planets would indicate some of the most ancient soul connections and these people who have conjunctions and opposition's to the outer planets, they, when we look at their soul history, it seems to be like these are the very, very old souls especially there is Lyra but other star systems too, you can just tell even when you meet them that if this is a very old wise soul, and if a child would have those you'll see from an early age that is a very bold white soul with a lot of experiences, who people who don't seem to have them and would have conjunction and opposition to pick stars more to be they feel someone younger, younger, it's still hundreds of lifetimes, ancient souls, I mean, 1000s of lifetimes like we really are very old and very complex beings, especially if you then have Regulus, Royal star connections like this would be a leadership soul archetype, that you would have been a leader not just on Earth, but in other places too, most likely, once you start tapping into it, though, might now saying this, I don't want someone who will look at their chart and they will not have as many conjunct and opposition that they're not special. I really don't want to create this type of experience. What I'm seeing is that these younger souls have equal value and importance and their their role and their mission on earth. They're just as important. Oftentimes, they come from a non physical experience where they will be by fifth density or dimension, however you want to perceive it, and higher non physical experiences for eons. So they would for AON steel one with all they would feel more like an angelic soul or a collective soul consciousness and they are only now getting accustomed to being in lower density and physicality. So they have very high frequency. So that's their specialness. And, but it's hard to be on Earth for them. And you can see that and you know, you've been in a non physical for most of your extreme soul experience. And now you're learning about polarity and anchoring, we will see some birth.

Amanda Pua Walsh 40:16
I'm really, really glad that you brought that in. And I've met people who feel like that, but then there's people that I've met that it's there is an other worldly energy to them. And they're, it's like they're getting used to how to human and how to physical and how to all that. And they seem extraordinarily tuned in, like in a level that I've never had access to. So that's, I'm really happy that you said that. I mean, I can see how that that would be, you know, a pitfall that many of us could fall into, like, oh, I wanted to have this conjunction or I thought I, you know, I can see how it could become like that. But it doesn't need to. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 40:57
there are a few exception I want to mention where they really are exception to the rule, I'm noticing that souls who have galactic center for mostly galactic center, but also super Galactic Center, conducting or opposing their sun, moon ascendant, or lunar nodes, or even midheaven, they sometimes seem to be more advanced, they come from higher dimensions, for sure. And when we look at their solar records, they look like they're jumping from past to future back and forward is like the linear forget the linear timeline of soul journey. It's as if they come almost like fractal of Source consciousness. And they tune into whatever timeline was relevant for them to kind of understand our present human experience, they have this great sense of helping humanity to reach higher levels of consciousness. But there always seemed to be exceptions to the rule with the stars, or sometimes it's just very Quantum. And this is why we've developed developed the soul reading part of galactic astrology, where there's a whole portion of developing our psychic ability or tuning into soul records and checking intuitively, whether it's a or b, or c, a learn, you know, you ask yes, no questions, and your body either gives you a yes, by expanding or No, by contracting, when people started looking at their charts, I encourage them to, you know, realize that it's 50% of analytical study, research, but also 50% has to be intuition and you tuning into the soul records or always ask what is the most relevant here for me to learn to grow, rather than just looking for entertainment stories? Because you'll get stuck forever?

Amanda Pua Walsh 42:47
Yes, yes. Okay. What is the degree of the galactic center again? And are you saying conjunct opposition,

Unknown Speaker 42:56
squares conjunct and opposition mainly, so Galactic Center, currently is around 27 degrees of Sagittarius. So that will be conjunct and 27 degrees of Gemini would be for opposition. And so, yeah, to any of the planets, but mainly Sun Moon ascendant, if there are conjunctions like that, then that's all will be naturally wired to some kind of source, higher consciousness unified consciousness kind of Divine Mother Father, understanding and embodiment. So then look at which house your galactic center that degree 27 degree of Sagittarius is sometimes even when there are no planets connected to that degree, I've noticed that if you look at where that degree and sign is, which house on in your chart, there seem to be unconscious pull towards you focusing in that area, and that's where you can reach that higher consciousness easiest, unconsciously it's calling you and same would apply for Super Galactic Center, which is at two degrees of Libra in around currently, and then the Great Attractor is 14 degrees of Sagittarius. So they're kind of just exploring these collectively and it seems there is really something to it.

Amanda Pua Walsh 44:14
And is it what is it where it was when you were born? Or where it is now?

Unknown Speaker 44:19
Where it was when you were born? Where is it in your natal chart?

Amanda Pua Walsh 44:22
Yeah, okay. And which house system do

Unknown Speaker 44:25
do you use for this throughout the QH D sessions research I used placidus Because I was looking at it from a psychological perspective. I was looking at the intercepted houses and they always were spot on reflecting what they were struggling with in childhood, whatever was depressed and whatever was overdeveloped. They really are brilliant for that. And, but last year, I started also looking at House House system and just kind of feeling into both and relocation charts. I have to say we also look at them because if sometimes they haven't completely shift and big stars alignments will all fall into different house whereas when you were when you were born, so encourage everyone to explore whatever system they use and just add fixed hours to it and see what stories are opening up from within your being. How do you

Amanda Pua Walsh 45:16
best recommend that people begin to tune into the different potential fixed stars,

Unknown Speaker 45:25
it's the transits. They really are powerful. So look at the transits. So, what anyone can do go to galactic astrology.com, go to that free chart. And then on the first tab there, if you open the first tab, there is a third option called Astro degrees, you click on the extra degrees, and then you select the year that of interest. So let's say 2022. And then the system will recalculate all of the big stars that we offer inconjunct opposition trine sextile and square so you can look at the degree where and which style you're interested in. So and then look at where the planetas are today will be your daily horoscope. So yeah, during the transits, it seems the easiest time for that. So aspect or the soul family from the Tsar system to communicate, activate memories. This was the first breakthrough through the PhD sessions, when I realized actually people are able to tap into their past lives easiest when they have transiting planets on the day of their session.

Amanda Pua Walsh 46:26
Oh my gosh, it brings a whole nother dimension to the point of transits. I mean, basically, these portals are opening up, where we're able to connect with these different what do you call them? I mean, I know they're fixed stars, but are they

Unknown Speaker 46:43
my system, I say star systems star systems, okay. You know, oftentimes in PhD sessions when someone connected to their more like a non physical existence in different star systems, so they would describe the the field themselves like themselves like a sphere of light. And they don't have legs or hands or anything. They're just a bubble of light. And they were aware of other spheres of light. And there was a planet that we're aware of a whole society and everyone was telepathic, and there was immense joy and connection and transparency were individual but collective at the same time. So let's say this would be arcturion soul experience. And they would say that they would start crying because they realize that soul group family is always connected to them, they're always watching over, you're never left alone here. Those are the biggest realizations that only you know, with your better brainwave frequencies, it seems like you're just here now disconnected, but it's far from truth, all you need to do just take three deep breaths, reach into alpha brainwave, or delta, or gamma and suddenly feel connected through your heart space. So during the transits, you can, it may be easier, we should be able to tap and connect and download information at any point we are that powerful our consciousness is able for it, if you train yourself into and if you trust your heart, your intention is very powerful. It's like a coal in line. But for those who are not yet trained and trained, they can avail of transits make it easier for them. There is really awesome app Star Wars two, some of you may be familiar, I highly recommend it because it will you point it at the sky above you, whether you're indoor or outdoor, and it'll tell you exactly how the sun is passing where the planets are and what star system are behind it. Because some of the websites like including our website, it'll say, for example, Arcturus will be our son will be conducting lectures in I think, 10 or 12 days from now. But it's not 24 hours on that particular day. If you use that app, you will see that perhaps where you live, the sun will have actors behind it at nine o'clock in the morning, if you live somewhere else on Earth, it could be three o'clock in the afternoon. So where's the best time for you to then meditate with the intention to bring highest light love

Amanda Pua Walsh 49:06
in the sun? Does the sun sort of help carry the frequency

Unknown Speaker 49:09
or moon or any other planets, but sun seems to be easiest for us to actually allow that and receive that and feel that?

Amanda Pua Walsh 49:19
Oh my god, this is fascinating. Whoa, it's so it's so reassuring to it's like, I think what you just said about our consciousness and how it's designed as like this call in line like, if we enable enough time in these other brain waves, then we can actually access really important and reassuring information and presence from these other beings. And this is one of the realizations I've been having recently. Julian, we talked about this a little bit backstage before we came online, that I'm being encouraged to reduce My feeling of space with technology meaning podcasts, or phone calls, or meetings, or all these different things I do throughout the day. I mean, my whole entire business and life and world is basically virtual. So, but I, but I'm being asked because of different physical things that are happening in my body to reduce that. And as I'm doing that, I am more aware of more planetary and universal frequencies. And it's I've heard really specifically, hey, this is why we need you to get off the technology. Because when you're always filling the space, you can't hear us. It's like, oh, yeah, that's right. That's right. So this is so reassuring. Okay, another question for you. Before we wrap up, I literally Julia, I think I could talk to you forever. And I'm sure our audience has lots of questions, too. If you do have questions that I haven't asked today, please put them in the chat. And I would love if Julie and I can stay in touch and continue exploring some of these topics. But what is the most consistent message that you feel? Or that you've heard? That comes through the different? What do you call them star clusters, star, star systems, star systems,

Unknown Speaker 51:24
raising your frequency and not getting into doom and gloom timelines that are being projected by certain consciousness by your certain perspectives. Choose your timeline, choose your frequency, because you raising your frequency is so powerful that it will help you navigate no matter what doom and gloom would appear, you will fly through it. With Ease and grace though just keep raising your frequency they keep saying that just focus on what you can do to bring more balance harmony, joy, love peace into your reality, how can you make this world a better place? It's coming over and over. And for those who didn't hear me saying this before in other interviews, in terms of past life regressions, often they regressed into future timeline some clients came with this strong need to know are we doomed or what's going to happen so they were shown their future incarnation 100 200 300 years from now and it was peaceful world there was a World Peace Treaty signed there were signs of it. And this came through so many sessions not just in my sessions but other key registry practitioners as well where humanity is restoring balance and harmony of their experience smaller communities in harmony with nature, highly advanced technology but technology that is supporting our well being and well being of nature visually seeing a speakers that would play frequencies that is enhancing our well being and all kinds of other details but it's going to be okay.

Amanda Pua Walsh 53:01
Oh God, definitely the world record for chills in my body through this interview. Yeah, Juliet so went for people that want to start you've you've given several different avenues and paths, I know that you've developed a lot at your, at your school. I think probably the first place was your was at your site to get the alignments for each person.

Unknown Speaker 53:27
So everything is now linked through galactic astrology.com. You can either start with just looking at your free chart and see what big stars alignments there are. And, you know, start there. And here I want to highlight that people usually get very excited or like, Oh, my God, there's so much there. I want to know it all. And I want to know it now there is this eagerness that starts kind of disturbing the peace a little bit, I invite you to be okay not knowing it all at once. Instead, embrace the journey that this is going to take you on because it will be months, if not years, and it will be amazing. It'll be mind blowing, entertaining, healing, there will be shedding stuff, you'll be expanding, things will start shifting and changing new people will come in and it's an awesome journey. But it's a journey. It's not like I want to know it all. Now don't. Julia, I

Amanda Pua Walsh 54:21
am so glad you said that. That is so true about the astrological journey to it. And then people get discouraged because they can't learn it all in a 30 day. You know, course or something? It's like this is it, but it's about enjoying the journey and it's about enjoying the process of discovery and there's so much delight in that at every single step along the way. So it's like settle in and enjoy the ride.

Unknown Speaker 54:48
Yeah, okay. So what else? That's the one. If there are people who are not wired into research and or don't have time to research this and take their time this way, we We now have a growing community of dedicated galactic astrologers who are super passionate and does 24/7 studying this and tuning in for people, they usually spend a day, sometimes even a week with more complex chart preparing, so they tune in for you, and then give you whatever is most relevant for you to hear at this time to help you evolve and maybe get a bigger picture. It's like connecting many different puzzle pieces. So you can book a session with them, they have different price ranges, they offer written reports, audio, or Zoom recordings live so you can kind of tune into them. And I created a podcast where we interview each of them so you can really feel their frequency, their flavor that their background, they each bring their own unique gifts into it. So that will take some time for people to research but let your heart guide you to the right one. And if you are really excited about this, if you're you know enthusiastic about astrology, you can start with galactic astrology 101 course which is awesome, the galactic astrology website, try that first plenty of information there. And if you really feel the expansion of energy in your life activation, go for the practitioner course and join the community and grow with us. It's really amazing.

Amanda Pua Walsh 56:20
Okay, so I don't know if you've heard that we are starting a reading service at astrology hub to astrologer Connect. Yeah, so we're going to help people connect with astrologers easily and book readings, either booked or by the minute, but I'm listening to this going, it'd be amazing to have some of your practitioners working at astrologer connect as well. And then some of our students, I'm sure will become practitioners as well. And so there I can see a beautiful synergy between what you're doing and what we're doing in astrology hub. And I'm just so grateful for everything that you're doing Julia to really expand our awareness of the universe and our place in it and our interconnectivity with so much more than we realize, you know, it's like, we're, we're just scratching the surface, it feels, and there's so much more to discover. I'm so grateful that you're out on the forefront, like, you know, leading the charge and in a lot of ways, so thank you for that, Julia.

Unknown Speaker 57:18
Thank you. Likewise, right back at you right back after

Amanda Pua Walsh 57:22
so much fun. Okay, everybody, thank you so much for being here. If you love this episode, if you're new to astrology hub, make sure you sign up for our free weekly newsletter, it is called the cosmic Insider. That's where you're gonna get a summary of all the amazing podcast episodes that we did throughout the week, as well as some insights into the current astrological weather reflections on some of the themes that that are really important to pay attention to, as you're navigating your life here in this lifetime. So check that out at astrology hub.com/insider. And we'd love to have you as a part of our community. Thank you to all of the inner circle members who introduced me to Julia, I am super grateful for all of you and all of your enthusiasm. It's so fun when you all are saying, Hey, pay attention to this person, we found some of our greatest astrologers through that, you know, we're the the community saying, hey, this person's amazing. Please bring them on the podcast. So thank you, to all of you in the inner circle that were singing Julia's praises. And thank you, Julia, so much for being here for sharing your wisdom, your perspective, your joy with all of us. I know that we all can feel it. And it's just so it's so awesome to know that you're out there doing this work. Thank you for that. Okay, everybody. Thank you. Thank you for being here. And thank you for making astrology a part of your life. We'll catch you on the next episode. This podcast is presented by astrology hub. You can learn more and find all of our shows at astrology hub.com/podcast. If you enjoyed this episode, please rate review and hit subscribe on your favorite podcast platform. So you can stay up to date on the latest episodes and help more people find the wisdom of astrology. Thank you for taking the time to do this now. Thank you for being a part of our community and for making astrology a part of your life