Full Moon in Sagittarius w/ Sheridan Semple

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New Moon in Sagittarius

Jamie Magee and Sheridan Semple talk about the upcoming Full Moon in Sagittarius, and how to navigate it.

On Today's Episode You'll learn…

🌑 Sheridan’s suggestions for observing the Full Moon in Sagittarius.
🌒 What to expect from the end of Mercury’s post-retrograde shadow.
🌓 How to support your long-term goals this week.

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[00:00:00] Sheridan: That expansion, where we're headed, what do we wanna be focusing on? I think it's a great opportunity to really focus on like our body, our physical needs, that Taurus aspect, like where do we wanna be going with that? Are there things that we want to use this conjunction to like seed and kick off for ourselves so that we are.

[00:00:20] You know, taking a step towards better health practices or how are we spending our energy,


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[00:00:42] Jamie: hi there. Welcome to your weekly astrological weather. I am so grateful that you have joined this weekly worldwide astrological conversation. If you're new to our channel, a very, very warm welcome to you. Please don't forget to hit that while I can subscribe, button and a notification bell to stay updated on all the content that we have in store for you weekly here at Astrology Hub.

[00:01:03] Now, for those of you who do not know me, my name is Jamie McGee. I'm an author and astrologer and one of the hosts here on the Astrology Hub PLA Podcast Platform. Alright, that was a lot to say, but today we are going to be exploring the astrological influences for the week of May 29th through June 4th with our very, very special guests, astrologer Connect Astrologer, and Aromatherapist Sheridan.

[00:01:27] Simple. Thank you so much for being here, Sheridan.

[00:01:31] Sheridan: Thanks for having me. I'm excited. It's always fun to come. And do you the weekly weather. It

[00:01:35] Jamie: is. And for those of you who have not met Sheridan already, I wanna give you a little bit of information about her amazing work and background. So Sheridan was raised in an environment that is deeply connected to nature in fostering an affinity with the earth in the sky.

[00:01:49] That's actually where Sheridan kind of pulls her from her work. She attributes her resilience in dealing with. Life's trials, the profound bond that she has with the natural elements. Now professionally, she specializes in shamonic, astrology, and spiritual aroma therapy. I love aroma therapy and is dedicated to guiding individuals toward their authentic past and helping them understand their souls and tension in this lifetime.

[00:02:12] What a great bio Sheridan. I love that.

[00:02:15] Sheridan: Thank

[00:02:15] Jamie: you. So aromatherapy is always, I've loved aromatherapy for years. Like what are some of the ways that you kind of incorporate that into astrology? I'm sure you've probably mentioned this on the podcast before, but for anyone new, I'd love for them to kind of get like the, the short, like this is how you work with these scents.

[00:02:32] Like what are your top three favorite scents and how do you use them?

[00:02:36] Sheridan: Um, okay. So let's start with like the first thing you said. So, I came to astrology. I mean, I'd studied it all my life and my mom always took us to astrologers as a kid, and it's something that we studied together. But I came to being a professional astrologer, as a holistic health practitioner and a clinical nutritionist, and I used aromatherapy as my like, Predominant healing modality along with diet and lifestyle changes and things.

[00:03:03] And so when I transitioned into doing all astrology readings, I brought the aromatherapy with me because I had always worked with it on that physical, mental and emotional spiritual level. So what I like to do with the RO therapy, with the charts now is really. Right. Like we go when we get a reading and we get all this amazing information, but how do we anchor that into the body, right?

[00:03:26] How do we live what we learn and understand that? And I like aromatherapy cuz it's that daily touchstone that you can use to connect into the energies. Remember it? Set intentions, do like little mini ceremonies with, right? So, As far as like, I don't know what I could say. My top three, I mean, right now I use some sandalwood because you know, in the Venus cycle we just moved into the third eye chakra, so we're using sandalwood.

[00:03:56] Blue Spruce is one of my very favorites because that's the Colorado State Tree where I am. And then I use frankincense a lot as well. So those three, but like. You could use them for different things. Like, I like SI Wood for Aquarius and I like Blue Spruce for Virgo and Frankincense for Capricorn. Right.

[00:04:17] But um, yeah.

[00:04:19] Jamie: I have like always have lavender within like reach of me. I've always had that. So what, what is, which one would you attribute that one to? Or is there

[00:04:26] Sheridan: Lavender I think is, very connected into Virgo as well. Yeah. But I always like to say don't be limited by what I say. Like if. Yeah, lavender speaks to you for your, you know, Leo rising.

[00:04:40] Then like, use lavender for your Leo rising, cuz all, it's all about just like tuning into, connecting into the plants and trees, coming into more of the vibration of the earth. That helps us anchor in the vibration of the archetypes and our charts or the transits and cycles that we're going through.

[00:04:55] Jamie: Oh, it definitely fits for me cuz I have Saturn and Jupiter in Virgo, so you know that like nothing's ever good enough.

[00:05:00] So Lavender helps me just kind of chill out and say it's okay. Yeah, it's as good as it's gonna get right now. Let's just, let's just roll with it. We're gonna make it great. It's gonna be created just the way it's meant to be. But I love that. Thank you so much for sharing your background with us and for those of us who haven't had the pleasure of spending time with you.

[00:05:17] Um, but I am really excited to kind of talk about the week that we're looking at ahead. So this week we're looking at May 29th through June 4th. So what would you say is the overarching theme for that week that we're stepping into, or this week, today, Monday, that we're stepping into?

[00:05:34] Sheridan: Yeah, I'm gonna go with expansion is Okay.

[00:05:37] You know, because, An expansion of our paths, our hearts, that type of energy, because we have like the full moon in Sagittarius, Venus trying Neptune, Jupiter conjunct the north node, right? These are some of the big highlights of what's happening this week.

[00:05:55] Jamie: I love it. I love it. So it's a full moon week of big emotions with the big planet that we're stepping into.

[00:06:01] And I love how you kinda already talked about some of that. The aspects Now, is the Full Moon the one that has your biggest attention, or would it be the conversation with, um, I think we're ending the week with Mercury and Uranus. Like which of those two or you think they kind of pull in together as we move into this week?

[00:06:17] Sheridan: Yeah, I think the Full Moon comes just before Mercury and Uranus, and so I think that it's like, It's a nice energy working together, right? Because the way I like to work with the Full Moon, I know it's popular to think about like we set our intentions at the New Moon and that the full moon we do are releasing, but I feel like we're a society of so much doing, doing, doing, doing right.

[00:06:39] The focus is all the time on doing battering growing. And so I like to take the full moon to be a time of celebration, right? Because if we were. Still living with our ancestral peoples on our ancestral lands. We'd be like building a bonfire and coming together and having food and doing ceremony and celebrating through the night with the moon.

[00:07:01] Right? So I like that idea of using the Full Moon as a time to celebrate something about yourself, which we can talk about that specifically with Sagittarius, but I feel like. Having, mercury conjunct, Uranus following on the heels of that sort of expands that kind of energy as well, right? Where it's still that like thinking place and connecting into, I don't know, the wildness of ourselves, right?

[00:07:33] Jamie: Absolutely. I love that and I, I agree with about the full Moon, cuz I don't really see that as much as they're releasing. It's almost like this big spotlight that kind of comes on this particular area. And those of you that are watching on, uh, social media, I'd love to know where Sagittarius is in your chart and how you are anticipating this.

[00:07:49] Whole moon, how you've been working, how you worked with the New Moon too. But it is like this huge spotlight. It's like, okay, what have we accomplished? And sometimes, you know, depending on the moon, some more than others have a lot of emotional elevation during those times. But what, whatever is elevated is also revealing.

[00:08:06] What do you like about it? What are you gonna harvest? What are you gonna keep and what are you gonna release and move forward? And. One of the things I like about the way that this week is set up too, especially with Mercury, is now Mercury is in, he's kind of, he's in brand new parts of the sky cuz he's been touring there, kind of going back and forth in tourists.

[00:08:23] But now he's reached his stride, he's clear, he's integrated everything and one of the first people he bumps into in the sky is Uranus. So it's gonna be like Gabo like. So the full boom will elevate everything. Uranus is gonna give you a great breakthrough. And like I think you mentioned before too, we have Jupiter.

[00:08:39] Conjunct the north node before all this happens. The ruler of the full Moon. So that's gonna be. And I kind of keep envisioning it this way and you gonna tell me of how you would, if, if I'm on track with how you see this, it's kind of like, you know, Jupiter opens that front door of tourists and he is like, Hey guys, you know, I haven't been here in about a decade or so, how's everything going?

[00:08:57] And the north note of fate's going out the same door, he's like, you know what, I've only been here. A little bit, but this is everything they've been working on it. It's, you know, you here's her to-do list, what do you wanna do with it? And I kind of see that crisscross and that conversation, which I think I've mentioned on this podcast before, but I'm kind of excited to see how it all kind of plays out leading into that full moon.

[00:09:15] Is that kind of your perception of it too? Or how, how would you see it? How would you repaint it from that? Yeah,

[00:09:21] Sheridan: no, I think it's great. And I love what you said about the Full Moon being like a spotlight. Like I love that idea, right? That it just is making things bigger, kind of like Jupiter does as well.

[00:09:32] Right? So for me, the. Jupiter, um, coming into TAs and Conjuncting, the north node has so much to do of like that expansion, that theme, right? Like I think of Jupiter as like steroids, right? It puts steroid drops on whatever it touches, and here's the north node, right? So the north node, the place where the path of the sun and the path of the moon meet each other.

[00:09:55] And I like what Gemini Brett, who's another astrologer here at Astrology Hub, says about like the sun is spirit and the moon is soul. And so the nodes is the place where spirit and soul cross. And so Jupiter is coming and making that bigger, right? So it's that piece of where are we headed? North Node, right?

[00:10:15] Like I think it, that's a great time to think about. Where do I wanna be headed? A little bit of focus, you know, almost a little bit like a new moon intention, but a much bigger aspect than that of like, am I going where I wanna be going? Is this how I wanna be going? And especially it's Taurus. So it's so much like embodiment, right?

[00:10:35] Like yeah. What's happening with my body? What am I doing with the energy of my body? I, so yeah, that's how I see that. I agree

[00:10:44] Jamie: with you completely. Definitely. It is kind of, it's very much an a body kind of season too, with all the Taurus energy that we have on. And so like, that's one thing, I don't know if you've probably been experiencing the same thing with your clients on Astrologer Connect, but what I've been telling my clients is just, you know, trust your body, trust that gut check of.

[00:11:00] Of how you feel and what's coming. And it does kind of remind me of so much Jupiter and expansion. I like that theme this week. It really is like it is full moonish in like that reality check when you like, think about Jupiter and North Node, this is where we are right now. Like where, where are you on your map of destiny and karma and fate and timing and soul and spirit.

[00:11:18] What needs to leave so something can come in and what needs to come in so you can grow, like all those beautiful challenges that you can work with. So yeah, it's definitely one, it's been a week that I've been kind of walking, watching. I remember watching it back in 20, uh, 22, preparing for this year going, woo, when when's the storm gonna be over?

[00:11:34] When can we see the, the crops? And this is one of the weeks that I had my eye on for sure, but interesting. Anything you wanna add to this week before we kind of go into the day by day? Any more aspects of the theme

[00:11:46] Sheridan: or, well, I'll just add in that it's the Venus is gonna try and, Neptune, right? So that's another kind of big thing for me that's happening this week as well, is.

[00:11:57] Just that flow of energy between Venus and Cancer, Neptune and Pisces. The divine feminine, right, or reception. All of that with Neptune, who I associate so much with like the heart of spirit, right? So it's in all this watery, emotional kind of sign and. I think that there's a opportunity in all this expansion to have a really, like a beautiful flow within that, with that feminine expression, that spiritual expression of that as well.

[00:12:27] Jamie: I love how you, really framed up too, cuz I do know some people, and I would love to hear that in the comments too, if you agree or disagree. Some people can see. Be a little afraid of Neptune, like the fog or like not understanding what it means or the illusion or the delusion that it can bring into it.

[00:12:41] But it also is the place of poets and harmony and the goddess energy that you're speaking about and to kind of have these two elements come together. You do almost have to surrender to your muse or to the possibility and the, there's a bit of vulnerability to it, and I know, I guess, It depends on who you are.

[00:12:58] If vulnerability is a, is a scary thing or, oh, let me, let me line up for that kinda thing and I reveal everything to you here. Let me get in this, in the circle and, and share everything. But I love how you frame that. Sheridan. Thank you so much. Yeah.

[00:13:12] Sheridan: My pleasure. And I'll just say like, Neptune, like one thing to think of is like, yeah, that fog comes down right, and all of a sudden you can't see your hands in front of your face and that can feel scary initially.

[00:13:23] But with Neptune's gift is, it's like it helps us to go inside to like find our compass and where we are, which is really the, the most ultimate place to find where we are is through the heart into that heart of spirit, the universe, and. That ends up being such a beautiful place, cuz once we can find our place in there, then what's just in front of us is merely like

[00:13:46] Jamie: extra.

[00:13:47] Yeah, it's that inner compass and that really kind of helps you understand that you're the author of your, of your life. It's like that where your perspective goes, where you're, and I love too that it's also a spiritual, you know, aspect in our chart. Like where we have that faith, where we trust, where we surrender.

[00:14:02] And having that all kind of come into this. Week. It does kind of feel like a foggy crossroad. Like the author in me is kind of painting the picture, like you're coming across this bridge into this beautiful garden. And it's like dawn and it's all foggy and the sun's tinting in. You don't really see the details, but you know where you put the work in.

[00:14:18] You know where you have it. And what is this full, you're gonna tell you that you need to adjust so you can grow with it and expand like your, your title for this week. I love it. Good stuff. Sheridan. All right, so let's start off with today, on Monday, what is this day gonna feel like? What are we gonna work with?

[00:14:36] Sheridan: So the first few days of, well, the first couple days of this week is just the moons monthly transit around the zodiac, right? So the moon moves quickly, it moves through everything. It touches all the planets, the nodes, everything, every month, right? So that's what happens. Today, Monday, right? The moon is activating Neptune, which we just talked about as a big player this week, right?

[00:14:59] And then Pluto and Mars, right? And then it moves into Libra. So for me, Monday today is so much about just relationships, knowing ourselves through others, that kind of Libra aspect of things. But with that Neptune, Pluto, Mars kind of energy that's getting activated with the moon, right? So, Like you said, that going within to find ourselves, um, that transformation, that healing piece of Pluto and then Mars, that divine masculine.

[00:15:32] So it could be a day where you might be looking at your relationships with your divine masculine side or with men in your life, right? It could be more literal and mundane

[00:15:44] Jamie: than that. Yeah, definitely. I can see that too. And it is like, I think the, the biggest thing with Libra Energy too is always just finding that, that, and it's, it's almost something you can never be reached is finding that perfect balance.

[00:15:56] Cuz at, at one point or another, any little shift, you're either co you're codependent or their codependent, but kind of finding that harmony and working with stuff. I think there's. There's an opportunity for a lot of suggestions and ideas, like you're refining it as that more light comes into the situation as you kind of step through, step into this week, with a lot of anticipation is, is that kind of how you, how would you see Tuesday Tuesday?

[00:16:18] Does that have like more, more of the same, or is there any.

[00:16:23] Sheridan: Well, then the moon like continues on, right? So the moon, you know, it activates everything every month, right? So it's this place of, you know, following the moon. It's, I think it can be bigger or smaller for us, depending upon what's happening with us and those planets and the cycles that we're in as we go through, right?

[00:16:43] So more moon activations on Tuesday with the sun and Chiron coming into it, right? So for me it's a. It's an opportunity, I think, to just feel, just let Tuesday be a day of feeling. Just feel what comes up because. Tyron is that, you know, wants us to heal our wounds and the sun is like the light, the light force that we're shining.

[00:17:08] And so how do we just feel our feelings that allow that healing, that lets us shine our light more brightly, right? Because it takes so much energy to like keep these things like hidden and kind of keep the wound in place or in denial of it, right? But if we can just be like, Just gonna feel what comes up for me today on Tuesday and not run away from it.

[00:17:28] Not block it, not get attached to it, but just feel it and let that like open up more space for the sun and the light to come through. I love

[00:17:37] Jamie: that. Yeah, cuz that's the day I. The moon will try in the sun like in the middle of the night. So that's kind of like that first like flow of what we're gonna do before we get to the full moon.

[00:17:45] But like you said then, then the moon is gonna kind of give us a really great reflection of any kinda wounds or the ability that we have to heal other people too. I think I'm always the optimistic person, but it was like, oh yeah, that's my wound, but it's also something that I endured or witnessed that I can help someone else with.

[00:18:00] So I can definitely see it Tuesday being a day of like, Highs and lows, where you're kind of on that Libra moon scale, having to tip from one way to the other. But yeah, I, I love that insight that you brought. And so as we get to Wednesday, Wednesday is we're, we're kind of getting closer to those big transits that we talked about in the beginning, but how would you.

[00:18:19] What, what, what, what is your highlight for Wednesday for us to watch out

[00:18:22] Sheridan: for? So Wednesday mercury moves out of its shadow, because it comes back to what you were talking about before. It comes back to the 15 degrees of tourists that it was at when it went retrograde, so, Now, like you said, we're just fully moving ahead now,

[00:18:37] we're done with that part of the sky that mercury's been like crisscrossing over and it's all in tourists, so this new mercury cycle, when Mercury went direct, it was in tourists. So this whole mercury cycle is characterized as a TAUs cycle. So for me it's a lot about like, Our thinking coming down into the body,

[00:18:57] it's a feeling cycle of thinking rather than all just intellectual mercury, air kind of thing. Right? So be in the body with our thoughts, you know, kind of like what you were saying before, like ask the body first, you know, in, in a new moon ceremony I led, one of the women's intentions was, I'm going to.

[00:19:19] Ask my body first, and I thought, oh wow, that's a beautiful intention for New Moon and Taurus. But I feel like that's really applicable with Mercury moving out of its shadow and this whole Taurus Mercury cycle. The moon is also gonna move into Scorpio on Wednesday, and so that's more of a. Feel the feels

[00:19:39] a little bit more of that embodied place of thinking. Mercury, you know, moving forward. And I'll just add too, like Mercury retrograde gets such a bad rap, but it's just this time of, you know, where we can kind of get off the hamster wheel, I think, which is a beauty about Mercury retrograde. So we move beyond the shadow.

[00:19:59] At least it's all in tourists. So we can kind of avoid that, like start to rush and be moving forward, forward, forward, forward. You know, with that tourist place, hopefully it can kind of help us move a little bit more slowly. Although I don't know what you've been experiencing during this whole like tourist season and so much in tourists, but it's been like fast moving and I've noticed that with my clients.

[00:20:20] I don't know if that's what has been your experience, Jamie. I

[00:20:24] Jamie: mean, I feel like until like just recently it's been like rapid, fast. Like you couldn't even sleep at night cuz you were still kind of working in your sleep or are working, um, trying to process everything that just happened and unfold it. But I do think that this Wednesday I remember noting this day and the degree of it, because that is when the moon or mercury, when he's, he.

[00:20:44] When Mercury gets clear, like the first thing he's opposing is where that Scorpio eclipse was that we had, which is the final one. So it's almost like a little bit of a, an awareness or a perspective like you've been like looking back or trying to get just kind of keep up, but now you're like, oh. I, I see it now.

[00:21:01] I see it now. So, and we're going to that Scorpio moon too. So there could be some secrets that kind of stir up or like the other side of the story or are like, oh, now I know why they did that kind of thing. Or, I'm glad that, you know, the universe kind of took me off track because if it didn't, I would've been right there in the middle of that kind of thing.

[00:21:17] Um, I, I mean, I don't know that it'll be an out loud kind of energy for the week, but I've been watching, like, I was like, wow, when he comes clear, what's it gonna feel like on that other side, looking at that. You know, really hot degree on the other side there in Scorpio, cuz that was. And again, like if you're watching, I'd love to know on a scale of one to 10 how intense the, the Scorpio eclipse was for you So far.

[00:21:38] If you feel like it's, it was 10 being that, oh my gosh. And one was like, Matt didn't, didn't really notice it. I was too busy with retrograde over here. See something on Wednesday. I'll keep you posted. But yeah, so that's just, that's one of the things I remember thinking about, you know, when, you know how you always kind of dial into the degrees and you're like, ah, when something hits that, what's it gonna trigger?

[00:22:01] But

[00:22:02] Sheridan: yeah, great insights. Thanks for bringing that in about the, um, eclipse, cuz I hadn't even like thought to bring that in, so. Oh.

[00:22:08] Jamie: My eclipse was like really close to some of my personal planets. So I think that's one reason why I'm like lasered. I've been lasered in for a couple of years now, like what's happening around this time?

[00:22:18] Alright, so we're gonna get into like the Juicier Transits of the week though. I mean that I think in my Scorpios is really excited about what Wednesday could reveal. But then we are gonna move into Thursday. And Thursday. What is our highlight for Thursday?

[00:22:31] Sheridan: Yeah. So Thursday we start June, right? And here now we really start getting into that expansion,

[00:22:36] this is where. Jupiter conjuncts, the north node that we've been talking about already. It's, you know, for here in the US it starts on Thursday, it happens, you know, east of us into like Europe and Africa and Asia and you know, the South Pacific on the second on Friday. But we're starting into that all together collectively, right?

[00:22:56] So, That expansion, where we're headed, what do we wanna be focusing on? I think it's a great opportunity to really focus on like our body, our physical needs, that Taurus aspect, like where do we wanna be going with that? Are there things that we want to use this conjunction to like seed and kick off for ourselves so that we are.

[00:23:17] You know, taking a step towards better health practices or how are we spending our energy, I feel like that's something that's gonna be up a lot with all this tourist stuff. But with Jupiter Conjuncting, this north node of, am I spending my energy in the ways that I want to, even that sun, that life worse energy, am I, you know, squandering it away and doing things that I really don't wanna be doing.

[00:23:42] I think there's a great opportunity to really. Focus on more of where we wanna be putting our energy and, and taking steps to make that happen, as opposed to just kind of letting it just, you know, fritter along.

[00:23:58] Jamie: Definitely. And I think the more intention you set with this cuz it is earthy, like the more conscious you are of it, the better of the opportunity that you're gonna make with it.

[00:24:05] And I like how you brought in like how do you use energy? Cuz I've been really sitting with that and doing like a lot of holistic, research, which I think is amazing that I got to connect with you today too. But, Like things like, earthing or grounding, like walking barefoot on the ground, like facing the sun, being present with like, you know, just kind of taking the plastics and things away and just being very present in the moment.

[00:24:27] Like, they'll, they'll talk about how that can almost do more for you than some extraneous like, you know, effort to, to reduce stress or inflammation. Just kind of standing there for a minute in the sun on the grass and feeling it. So that just embodiment, and kind of, you know, kind of think about the Taurus energy, you know, it is like slow and steady work.

[00:24:46] Smart, not hard. Yeah. That's the, yeah.

[00:24:49] Sheridan: I love that you brought in Earthing. I'm such a huge fan of earthing and grounding and connecting in, I have my feet on a grounding mat right now while we're meeting. I had appendicitis last summer and really what healed me is I sat outside with my feet on the grass like.

[00:25:05] Every day, and it was just like plugging in and recharging. So I'm a huge fan of everything you just brought up. It really,

[00:25:13] Jamie: I, I mean, you can be, if, I would, would love to know in the comments if you guys already do that too, but I don't, I I'm never skeptical. I'm not a, that doesn't even go into my vocabulary cuz I'm, I'm a very curious person.

[00:25:24] I have a Gemini moon, but I was like, let see how this feels. And I'm like, man, this. This makes a difference here. And I've even, you know how Pisces have really sensitive feet. I have two Pisces in my house and I've even gotten them to take off their shoes and stand in the grass. Like it may or may not have been mandatory, but now they like it and it's fine.

[00:25:38] We're all grounding and it's great. It's an after dinner kind of chore. But yeah, I would definitely recommend that we, they, that would be probably a good day to ground. And I love how everything you brought in about how you can work with this. Karmic expansive energy and, and setting some really long, long-term goals, like new chapters, that little things that you can do in the present to change your future in a really broad way.

[00:26:02] Okay, we're, we're, we're into the weekend. We're getting close to this big moon energy. We're just a day away. Now, any insights about Friday that you wanna bring in?

[00:26:09] Sheridan: So Friday, depending upon your location, is when that Jupiter conjunct the north node can be happening, so Thursday, Friday, we're in that whole window.

[00:26:17] And then Friday Venus shrines Neptune, right? Which I'm a total Venus girl, I like worship Venus. Follow Venus, teach about the Venus Cycle. So, Everything Venus does is always super important to me. And so I feel like it's another opportunity to kinda like, feel the feels get into our heart,

[00:26:36] You know, Venus in cancer, it's an opportunity to nurture ourselves, nurture ourselves as that spiritual path, how do we create safe space? Even the things we're talking about, safe space means like using my energy in the ways that really supports and works for me as opposed to everyone else,

[00:26:54] it can be an awesome time, I think, to meditate, connect, those intentions around the Jupiter. Conjunct, north node, all this kind of stuff. But how does that cancer, unconditional love place help get you more into your spiritual heart, Neptune, your connection to spirit through your heart, so I feel like Friday, June 2nd could just be like a really like yummy, nice feeling, receiving love, nurturing ourselves opportunity.

[00:27:28] So, If we take it,

[00:27:30] Jamie: yeah, it's a Venus day too, so it's a great way to like engage in that all over, right? Yeah, exactly. So when we get to Saturn's day Saturday, that's the full moon. Right? So do we wanna, let's talk a little bit about that. So this is expansive energy, right? Big opportunities to work with. would you suggest, um, spending Saturday and working with this energy.

[00:27:54] Sheridan: I'm always a big fan of doing ceremony, you know, around the New Moon, the full moon, right? So, I like the idea of ceremony being something to celebrate, even if it's just like a few minutes, ceremony doesn't have to be this like full four hour long, you know, extravaganza, but just taking a moment to celebrate something about yourself, you may not even feel comfortable sharing it, but like something that's like, this is a. Thing that I do, uniquely me that like I'm good at, no one else does this exact way that I do. So that's what I love to do on Full Moon is really taking that opportunity to celebrate something about yourself.

[00:28:35] This full moon's happening in Sagittarius. So it's an opportunity to set an intention or dive into or connect more deeply into where are you the seeker, where, what is your spiritual quest? You know, go on an adventure, right? It could be internal through meditation, or you go on like a big hike or something,

[00:28:56] it's like, Use that Sagittarius expansive energy, especially with Jupiter being so important this week to help us, you know, how do I wanna say it's like be instead of do, but like be the seeker instead of like only the doer, celebrate that aspect of yourself, that expansive side of yourself. I love it.

[00:29:20] Jamie: I love it and I'm, I'm a huge fan of Jupiter and Sagittarius and I think it's also like this wisdom kind of aspect too, cuz sometimes we don't understand how wise we really are. Like we, we, we look externally for wisdom. We look externally for solutions. But even just the way that you presented an Neptune and stuff kind of going within, but yeah, like kind of checking in and appreciating how wise you are and how wise.

[00:29:43] The, the interactions that you have are, and that big expansive view. Like look what, look at, like, imagine yourself in, in ceremony or meditation at the top of like, This really high mountain, like looking out at the horizon, how far can you go? Where do you wanna go, how do you wanna get there? And not all the valleys and the rocks and, and all the rapids between here and there, but like really think about, you know, how far you could go with just a little bit of, um, hope and faith and, and intention and, and that wisdom, that guiding compass that you have inside.

[00:30:13] But yeah, it should be a pretty big, big day, good day to kinda. Maybe do some summary sort of things too. We're kind of, I can't believe we're already in summer. I feel like we just stepped into this year, and here we are in June. All right. Any more you wanna add about the full moon before we go to the last day of the

[00:30:29] Sheridan: week?

[00:30:30] Well, I'll just kind of kick us off into the last day because the full moon happens for us on Saturday in the us but it happens again in like Europe and Asia and you know, um, Africa and on Sunday. So it's that whole window of time. So if you live. East of the United States, you know, or I guess west, if you come all the way back around, the full moon will be happening for you on Sunday, right?

[00:30:57] Early in the morning. So, um, that, but then we move into, obviously one of the first things we talked about, the mercury conjunct Uranus happens on Sunday. And so we start to move into that energy of. Thinking, mercury out of the box change Uranus, right. Following that full moon energy. Right. So again, that more embodied kind of thinking, that thinking about the body from the body instead of just sort of this disembodied mind.

[00:31:28] Right. And any changes, things that are needing to take place to help us. Be in more of that embodied thinking. I think as, um, as Mercury, we move through this mercury tourist cycle, right? That ask my body first. I love that what she said about I'm gonna ask my body first, and what a great place to make choices, thoughts, decisions from during this cycle.

[00:31:55] Jamie: Yeah, I, I feel like that's a thing. I've heard that too. Like that the, and the fact that you're sending it to me is something else. Cuz I was listening to a holistic lecture the other day and she was, and they were talking about how sometimes, you know, the, the general practice could be like, this is good for your body.

[00:32:08] And then the, and the practitioner's like, but my body says only this much is good and only every second day or something like that. So it's really that that body isn't attunement to how you feel. And I think when you pay attention to that, like, And when I, when I tell my clients to listen to their body when they come into certain situations too, is notice when you hold your breath, notice when you tense your fist, notice, like what, what that reaction is before you have it.

[00:32:32] Um, I think like if you can dial into that and, and that is, that's how you feel about the energy in the room that you're responding to. But then like that whole, like how we've already talked about grounding and how you feel within and out. Like it's, it's all a great reflection, but your body is a beautiful antenna that.

[00:32:48] TAs wants you to use right now in this season. For sure.

[00:32:51] Sheridan: Yeah. And well said what you said about like, just because it's like, it's really easy to fall into like a certain dogma because someone says this is what we should do, but it's so important to be able to know, is this right for me? Right. Does this resonate?

[00:33:06] You know, apples could be the healthiest thing in the world, but if they give me a stomach ache, then apples are not the healthiest thing in the world for me. Right. And I think, I think that's a place that we could all. Use a lot of practicing is tuning into what works for my body and how do I honor that?

[00:33:23] And I feel like Astrology's such a beautiful thing with that because it's all about honoring our own individual unique paths and what that means for us, right? That validation, the place of coming back to trusting our own unique path. So, Nice, full circle. I like what you just said there. Thank you.

[00:33:41] Jamie: You're so welcome.

[00:33:42] And I, I love how you said that about astrology too, because I remember recently working with a client, she's like, I've been trying to meditate and it's just not working. It's just not working at all. Like I sit there and my mind goes crazy, but her chart, like Sheila, I think she had a Mars and Aries, I'm like, you're supposed to go kickbox.

[00:33:56] You're not supposed to sit quietly and think it's just not gonna work out. So, Like we meditate, we release, we kind of do things in our own way and astrology helps you kind of tap into that too. But you know, definitely find your inner compass and, and you are gonna be well supported in doing that this week.

[00:34:11] For sure. Before I recap, is there anything, any other thoughts or comments that you wanna add on any of these days before I kind of go through each of 'em or I

[00:34:19] Sheridan: just wanna say, Go out and see Venus in the evening sky, I'm always a big fan of connecting to the sky, personally, yourself And Venus is so gorgeous and bright in the evening sky right now.

[00:34:31] You just can't miss her. And then also, I'll throw in a little bit of aromatherapy because I'm an aromatherapy girl, so. Um, the Full Moon in Sagittarius. I really love Laurel Leaf, which is Bay Leaf essential Oil or Eucalyptus because they help us to like, speak our truth, connect into our truths. The Venus Chime, Neptune, um, I love Blue Chamomile or Lang for, because both of those really help us, like, feel the feels and open our hearts in really like gentle, kind, loving right Venus nurturing cancer ways.

[00:35:08] And Jupiter conjunct the north node in Taurus. I'm just gonna go all out and say, rose, right? Stop and smell the roses. Rose brings us into our hearts. Rose is considered one of the highest vibrations of anything in the natural world, the essential oil. But also they say that one drop of rose on your heart can balance the whole chakra system,

[00:35:28] so Rose really helps us get into the physical. Those are the things I'd add.

[00:35:34] Jamie: I love that. I was just sitting in a Rose Bush right before this call. We have these in the south, there's, we have these knockout, they're called knockout roses, I think, but they're big red roses. They like, they're amazing and they're all around my property and like I was just like, okay, I just feel better sitting here.

[00:35:48] So that was where I sat. But yeah, but I have heard that about Rose and I wish that I could have gallons of it, but that is, you only need a drop. So that's definitely. Good advice there. All right, so I'm just gonna do my very best to summarize this magnificent forecast that you have just given us. So as we step into this full moon week, our overall theme is all about expansion.

[00:36:09] We're really thinking about those new horizons where we can grow. Little bit of looking back to go ahead, but we're gonna be fine cause we've got some great principles as we go through this week. So as we kick off today, Monday, it is about, we have a Libra mo, so we're making sure that we have harmony.

[00:36:23] We're not over codependent or under codependent on anything else. More awareness we can have in our relationships, the better. Tuesday we are gonna have like a good glance until the, the rine with the full moon, but we're also gonna be aware of our wounds. So we're gonna work with how we can heal, how what, what wounds.

[00:36:40] How we can heal, what needs to be healed as we step into that day, and on Wednesday, we're moving into that Scorpio moon, but Mercury is now clearheaded. He's out of his shadow. He may accidentally look across the way and see that Scorpio eclipse and be like, oh, that's what that was about. But he's ready to move onward.

[00:36:56] He's speedy as he can be. And when we move into Thursday, Our biggest transit for that day is Mercury meeting the north node. So that is gonna be all in tourists. A lot of big expansion opportunity, karma meeting right there. So good time to set intentions even though it's not a new moon. Where are we going?

[00:37:14] What's the new horizon? Friday is a great day for like, I think, I love how you said it shared and really connecting with spirit, going within, finding your spirituality that venu, that goddess energy, surrendering, trusting, really kind of walking into that space. I think even with like a little bit of curiosity as we move closer to that full moon on the very next day, depending on where you live on the planet, but then we have a full moon in Sagittarius.

[00:37:38] So this is gonna be a great time to really look at New Horizons, to kind of lean into our theme with expansion. And I think that you had said Eucalyps would be really good, bay and Laura leave for this full moon to kind of bring in some of those aromas. And then as we end this week, we have Uranus. He's now, I mean, we have Mercury now.

[00:37:56] He's already had his glance. He's out of his shadow. He is. Taking a peek at the eclipse mark across the way, and he runs right into your Uranus. So he's got some brilliant ideas about how he can launch all this, whatever the full moon is revealed, whatever Venus and, and, um, Neptune shoulders about inside, he is ready to just kind of take this insight and charge into the very next week.

[00:38:15] Does that about capture. The wonderful that you

[00:38:19] Sheridan: said. Yes. Bravo. That's so good, right? Because Amanda is so known for being able to, like, I know, encapsulate and you did a brilliant job. So it's not just Amanda that has that gift, Jamie. Well, oh my

[00:38:31] Jamie: gosh, you're gonna make me read because there is no way, uh, anyone could ever be as brilliant as Amanda at taking notes.

[00:38:36] But I really do. I do my very best and I hope that was helpful for everyone. But you know, um, Sheridan, I was just thinking of another way that we could think about. Expansion and like using astrology too. Now this is for anyone who isn't already signed up, but this is the week that Christopher Renstrom. I know if you guys all say hi to Christopher, I know we've got fans on this channel that watches him every Sunday.

[00:39:00] His ruling plans, uh, course has been going on this whole time in the background. If you haven't signed up, you can sign up at any time, but. That Thursday when we have Jupiter conjunct, I believe that is the right when we have his live q and a, which means you can sign up just in time to be part of that.

[00:39:14] And oh my God, could you just imagine asking Christopher a question about this course? So if you haven't signed up and you're interested in that, you still have time to get, get it. Get a seat for that q and a and you just need to go to astrology hub.com. Four slash ruling planets. Don't. Have you, have you worked with Christopher or taken any of his courses recently?

[00:39:32] Or

[00:39:33] Sheridan: sharing, just watching and listening to the things that he says? Yeah. He was so

[00:39:36] Jamie: great into this story. Yeah, so much wisdom, so much capacity. Very ju in the way that he presents. But I was, I always try to look at the, the astrology, be like, how can I use this? Cuz my Gemini moon wants to learn things. So of course I'm looking at what, what courses does astrology have, have?

[00:39:51] Where can I go? What lecture can I go listen to? And. I was like, I just happened to look down at my calendar and it said live q and a. That's gonna be a good one. What? All right. This has been amazing and you know Sheridan, I love that I got to spend time with you today, and I also love that you are one of the astrologers on our brand new platform, astrologer Connect.

[00:40:11] Are you, how do you feel about this platform? You've been on it now. You were right there at the beta at the very beginning of last year when just the inner circle was engaged, but now we're wide open. Have, how do you feel about all the clients and your interaction? What's been your experience so far?

[00:40:25] It's

[00:40:25] Sheridan: been lovely. It's so, um, it's so rewarding. I just love connecting with the whole astrology hub. Community. Everyone's like so lovely. It's just beautiful. It's so nice to, you know, check in with people of what's going on with them. I mean, I had a man come recently that was like so vulnerable and tender with me and I just thought, you know, you just get these like special moments with all these different people where you just really get to like validate and lift them up and.

[00:40:56] Help them walk their path more clearly. It's an honor, really. That's how I feel about it.

[00:41:02] Jamie: I love the platform and then like I love, like we were talking behind the stage right before we came on as astrologers. It's just so great because like as everything is, and I think for the client too, everything is booked.

[00:41:11] You get your recording, you, everyone shows up at the right time and you're able to kind of go on the platform and like say, you know, this is Sheridan, this is what Sheridan specializes in. This is what I wanna work on and I'm able to work with. With, uh, Sheridan today. So that's great. And if you know, if anyone here watching would like to learn more about your practice and your availability on the platform, they can go to

[00:41:31] Jamie: astrology hub.com/sheridan connect, and you can, connect when, look at all of the amazing astrologers on the

[00:41:39] Jamie: platform@astrologyhub.com slash connect.

[00:41:42] And if you have already had a reading already signed up for one, I'd love to hear from you in the comments. I absolutely love meeting people on this platform. I can't. I like, I'm like all the same way that you, you feel, I feel like that the universe literally kind of guides the people right to your front door.

[00:41:57] And it's like, you know, you have this question, I have this answer I like with you. Like I have this mind body practice. I have whatever, all these other tools that you can bring in to kind of help you facilitate where you are on your path with your chart. So I'm just so grateful for the platform overall, being part of Astrology Hub and being an astrologer on it.

[00:42:15] I just can't, I can't even say, I can't stop saying good things about it. I just I keep talking about it everywhere, but I'm really glad that you've had a great experience with it too, and it's been fun for you. Definitely. All right. Sheridan, it has been amazing to connect with you today. I wanna thank everyone for tuning into this episode.

[00:42:34] I wanna thank you for being part of our community and as always, for making astrology a part of your life. And we will catch you on the next episode.