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In this Weekly Horoscope by the Astrology Hub Podcast, Astrologer Jamie Magee reviews your Weekly Astrology Themes by Zodiac Sign.

Star Sign Horoscopes is a weekly podcast for astrology enthusiasts looking to stay up-to-date with the latest celestial events. Hosted by experienced astrologer Jamie Magee, the show provides insights into the astrological events of the week and how they may impact your life. In each episode, Jamie offers guidance on how to navigate the cosmic energies, highlighting important planetary alignments and sharing practical tips on how to make the most of them.

As we welcome the month of April, it's essential to pause and appreciate the recent changes in our lives. March was marked by a heavy, swift energy that brought about endings and beginnings, which we are still processing. It's important to celebrate the strength we've found in these moments and set our sights on what lies ahead. This week's theme is all about embracing the power within us and using it to navigate the challenges and opportunities that come our way.

In this transformative period, we find ourselves under the influence of a Full Moon in Libra, Mercury's transition into Taurus, and its subsequent square with Pluto, as well as its meeting with the North Node. The Full Moon brings with it intense emotions, reasons to rejoice, and a sense of clarity about what needs to be released to move forward in our lives. The conversations Mercury has with Pluto and the North Node further emphasize this idea. By leaning into these necessary changes, we can better process our experiences and prepare for the upcoming Eclipse season that's just around the corner. Dive deeper into these fascinating cosmic events by tuning into the latest episode of Star Signs with Jamie Magee, where she unpacks their significance and shares insights that can help you make the most of these powerful energies. Don't miss it!

On Today's Episode You'll learn…

🌑 How the Full Moon in Libra will impact your sign.
🌒 Which areas of your life will be your focuses this week.
🌓 Concrete ways to move forward after the big changes of March!

Chapters 📺

0:00 Intro

2:52 Aries – Remembering Long Term Goals

4:02 Taurus – Getting Clear on Your Desired Reputation

5:12 Gemini – Moving Through Fear

6:22 Cancer – Stepping Into Transformation

7:40 Leo – Thinking Forward

9:09 Virgo – Understanding Where You Are

10:35 Libra – Noticing Imbalance

11:55 Scorpio – Looking at New Possibilities

13:46 Sagittarius – Listening Before Speaking

15:05 Capricorn – Sitting With Big Choices

16:19 Aquarius – Using Personal Power

17:39 Pisces – Adjusting Your Attention

19:11 Closing

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[00:00:00] Hi, astrology lovers. Welcome to Star Sign Horoscopes. I'm your astrologer, Jamie McGee, and today we're gonna be taking a look at the astrology for March 31st through April 6th. I do hope you're having a great day. Thank you for tuning in.

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[00:01:03] I'll see you there.

[00:01:08] Alright, so as we step into the month of April, I encourage you to take a moment.

[00:01:13] And appreciate the recent changes that have occurred in your life. March. Carried a heavy, quick energy that ushered in both endings and beginnings that you are still processing. I want you to celebrate how strong you are in this moment and where you want to go from here in a big way. That is the theme for the week ahead.

[00:01:33] We have a full moon in Libra. Mercury moving into Taurus and then squaring Pluto, and then we have Mercury meeting up with the north node. Full moons bring big emotions and reasons to celebrate and clarity on what needs to be released so we can move forward. Mercury's conversations with Pluto in the north node will add to this notion.

[00:01:51] Leaning into all the needed changes are gonna help you process. And prepare for the upcoming Eclipse season. That's just around the corner. Now, just a note here. This forecast is just a high level overall view of your Sun Sign or your rising sign horoscope. If you would like a more in-depth personal guidance that's connected to your Natal promise, your chart, I'd definitely encourage you to check out the new platform Astrologer Connect.

[00:02:17] This platform allows you to connect with a team of expert astrologers that instantly are by. You can learn more about this brand new, amazing platform at

[00:02:26] astrologyhubcom/ astrologerconnect. Now you can find and book with me directly at

[00:02:32] astrologyhub.com/jamieconnect. That is astrology hub.com/jamie.

[00:02:40] All right, let's get started with this week's forecast.


Aries- Rembering Long-Term Goals


[00:02:55] Hi Aries. Let's take a look at your week now. Aries, your top three focuses are gonna be one, your values, two relationships, and three your allies. Now let's talk about why, what is important to you and why will be a hot topic for you this week. Aries, once you lock into this mindset, it will be hard for you to not take action.

[00:03:16] Remember that it's important to keep your long-term goals. As you lean into the changes that you are making now, adding to this energy is a noticeable shift with your allies or something that you hold close, a dream that you have now, you may find that you feel more empowered by the friends that you have now are that you're getting another nudge from the universe to transition into what feels more aligned, a new network, a new set of all.

[00:03:41] Now the Full Moon will highlight this topic along with something that has to do with one to one relationships, your clients or your partners even possibly a little bit of projection that you're seeing in others. Focus on the high levels of what you have learned in the recent and long-term past, and you will surely grow through this experience.

[00:03:59] I do hope you have a great week. I look forward to seeing you next.

Taurus- Getting Clear on Your Desired Reputation


[00:04:08] Hi, TAUs. Let's take a look at your week now. TAUs, your top three focuses are gonna be, one, your reputation, two, your approach, and three, health and wealth. Now, let's talk about why now, TAUs, you're getting clear about the reputation that you want to have.

[00:04:24] Now. The conflict is that you're seeing the distance between where you are and where you want to be. Now, as forward thinking ideas come in this week, I want you to grasp the ones that have roots, that have the potential to build into your. C. This will strengthen your clarity and turn down the volume that could seem overwhelming when a lot of different voices and ideas are coming in.

[00:04:46] When speaking with authority figures are showing your authority, I want you to hold a big picture of you in your mind. The full Moon is gonna help you with this. It's also gonna highlight your work, your health, and your routines. Look for wins here, but also dial into familiar old patterns. Now, what can you do to impact this pattern for the positive?

[00:05:07] That's the real question. I do hope you walk with that one this week and that you have a good one. I'll see you next time.

Gemini- Moving through Fear


[00:05:18] Hi, Jim and I, let's take a look into your week now, Jim and I, your top three focuses are gonna be one, your inner work, two your passions, and three new directions. Now let's talk about why Jim and I, one of the most private areas of your life will have a lot of action this week.

[00:05:33] Now, some of this could be your mind working overtime, a lot of thoughts, a lot of deep spiritual work. Our reflection are, you could be wrapping up loose ends or perfecting a private project, something that you have to do alone. Now, remember, everything that you could ever want is just on the other side of anxiety slash fear.

[00:05:52] Keep that in mind as you work with this internal energy during. These next couple of weeks. Now, your goal is to find a healthy mind and body balance so that you can be fully present in every area of your life. Now, the full Moon will draw your attention toward what you love without condition, the most fun part of your char.

[00:06:11] There will be something to celebrate here. I want you to focus on the love that's gonna help grow more of it and bring more of the same into your life. I do hope you have a great week. I look forward to seeing you next.

Cancer- Stepping into Transformation


[00:06:28] hi, cancer. Let's take a look into your week now. Cancer, your top three focuses are gonna be one, your dreams, two transformation, and three your foundations.

[00:06:36] Now let's talk about why there will be a heightened communication around your allies and your dreams throughout this week. Though much of this conversation is future oriented or focused, there could be a little bit of tension. There always is. When you're at the middle of an ending and a beginning, what's leaving is always the loudest to get your plans off the ground.

[00:06:57] You have to walk through this transformational energy. It really wants you to step fully into it, which could also bring up a few power struggles, both within yourself and with those around you. Those that you hold close to you. Now, if they arise, notice where the power actually exists and what you have the power to change.

[00:07:14] That's all you need to worry about, what you can do. Now, this week's full Moon will light up the foundational level of your life. Like those roots. There's something that you really wanna celebrate. And there may be some intense emotion tied to the experience, like you're ready to celebrate an ending or welcome in a new beginning.

[00:07:32] Notice what comes up, learn from your past and lean into the future that you wanna create. I do hope you have a great one. I look forward to seeing you next time.

Leo- Moving Toward Foward-Thinking Ideas


[00:07:46] hi, Leo. Let's take a look at your week now. Leo, your top three focuses are gonna be one, your reputation, two relationships, and three communication.

[00:07:55] Now let's talk about why now This week could feel extremely busy, especially on the public side of your life. In a way, all eyes are on you. Make sure you straighten up your crown. There you are at a crossroads between what was and what will be. Now I encourage you to lean into those forward thinking ideas that you are holding.

[00:08:13] Or that are being presented to you, even if those ideas are coming from, you know, outside sources, places that wouldn't normally inspire you. Now, once you focus on the future you want, making the needed changes will not feel as overwhelming because you'll be living in the future. Your mindset will be there.

[00:08:29] In truth, Leo, it takes you a long time to let people into your inner circle, and once they're there, You'd rather keep it that way. You'd rather not let anything really change your rhythm. However, it may become clear to you as you work with this current energy that the lifestyle you have now is not aligned with the life that you're trying to build.

[00:08:48] Now, no worries. All the people that are meant to be at your side will always be there in one form or another. Now, communication is the key to supporting relationships from beginning to end, and through every transition in between. The full Moon will highlight. To be said and help you speak from the heart, so definitely listen to that energy.

[00:09:06] I hope you have a great week. I look forward to seeing you next time.

Virgo- Understanding Where You're At


[00:09:15] Hi, Virgo. Let's take a look at your week. Mel Virgo. Your top three focuses are gonna be one, new horizons to your work and Three Health and Wealth. Now let's talk about why topics of learning, teaching, exploring, sharing are simply just a new direction.

[00:09:30] What's on the other side of that horizon could really dominate your. Thoughts this week. You're clearly seeing where you are and where you wanna be, and definitely what is in your way between one point and the other. Now, you may find well-known or hidden power plays in your daily routines that are stopping you from reaching this point, or at least you feel that they're stopping you.

[00:09:51] You will have plenty of time to work with this power play energy that you're experiencing right now. But what's important is understanding how you arrived at this point in your life in the first place. What you love and what you want to change are all big topics that you wanna consider as you work with power plays in your life.

[00:10:10] Topics of resources and earning power could also come up this week thanks to the full Moon. Now, getting a raise is possible, but so is the courage to seek the resources that help you balance your life. And sometimes resources are self-esteem are just how we can provide for ourselves emotionally and physically, not so much financially.

[00:10:28] All of the above. Trust that you will find what you seek. Virgo, I do hope you have a great week. I look forward to seeing you next.

Libra- Noticing Imbalance


[00:10:41] Hi Libra. Let's take a look into your week now, Libra, your top three focuses are gonna be one ending to begin, two passions and three self-expression. Now let's talk about why this is your full moon, Libra, which makes this week interesting to say the least.

[00:10:56] No matter how this week unfolds, I want you to remember to lean into the positive, but also be mindful of what you wanna change about your current circumstances. You are still hard at work on a deeply transformational phase of your life. Ideas and communication on what you're experiencing could steal your attention at times this week.

[00:11:17] I want you to notice what feels off, um, what feels off balance to you in the recent choices that you've made over the last month. Now, the question could be, are you clinging too tightly to the past, which is challenging the growth that you are trying to walk through? Are, are you so focused on the future that maybe you're overlooking a few loose ends that you need to tie up so you can move forward with more clarity?

[00:11:40] Really sitting with these thoughts, these questions will really help you make the most of both the wins and challenges that are entangled in this very empowering season of growth that you are in. I do hope you have a Grateful Moon Week. I look forward to seeing you next time.

Scorpio- Looking at New Possibilites


[00:12:01] Hi, Scorpio. Let's take a look at your week now.

[00:12:03] Scorpio, your top three focuses are gonna be one, your partnerships, two, your roots, and three mind and body balance. Now let's talk about why now. The intensity is brewing at all corners of your life. Thankfully, you kinda like the vibe Scorpio this week. Your relationships one-to-one, you and another person is gonna be really busy, packed with a lot of bustling, busy new ideas and connections.

[00:12:28] Now for a while you've been working on establishing strong, dependable bonds. And I feel like this week the new ideas are, the rush of new clients and connections are gonna start to make themselves known, or at least that you're gonna trust that they're here for the long run. And you really like that loyalty behind that idea.

[00:12:46] Now, I would say that you're not big fan of change, so I encourage you to look at the possibilities. That any of these shifts or this busy energy could bring. Like really think about the long term. Like this is a gift. It's not something that I have to overly adjust to. Now the full Moon is gonna highlight your overall mind, body, and balance as well as the private work you do.

[00:13:06] Things that you do behind the scenes where you kind of fill up your cup, you learn things so that you can share and process with others. I really want you to celebrate what feels aligned in this area of your life, in that space where you really step back and digest everything that you're experiencing so you're more fully present in your life.

[00:13:23] And then also note how you can maybe do this better. Take care of yourself a little bit better note, anything that needs to change. Now once you set clear intent about you know, what your priorities are and how you want things to transpire, the shifts are gonna happen faster than you can ever imagine. So it's definitely important to have that healthy balance within and without.

[00:13:44] I do hope you have a good week. I'll see you next time.

Sagittarius- Listening Before Speaking


[00:13:52] Hi, Sagittarius. Let's take a look at your week now, Sagittarius, your top three focuses are gonna be your. Your health and your dreams. Now, let's talk about why your daily routines and rituals will be busy this week. It's possible that what comes up could take you a little bit off guard, but you will easily be able to see the big picture and how a shift in your action or approach could impact your overall.

[00:14:15] Health and wealth really listen before you speak. I know that that's sometimes hard. The truth just comes out easily and naturally, but I want you to appreciate that not everyone around you is on the same page. You could be far ahead or maybe they've processed something that you haven't come across yet.

[00:14:31] The more aware you are of what your personal power is and the changes that you need in your life, the easier it's gonna be for you to grab the opportunities that are hidden right there in plain. The full Moon is gonna help highlight your dreams and your allies, people that you network with and feel connected to.

[00:14:49] Now, there may be something really beautiful to celebrate here in these connections. Lean into the wins and be open to working with shifts that are needed when it comes to these social circles so you can continue to grow. I do hope you have a great week. I look forward to seeing you next.

Capricorn- Sitting with Big Choices


[00:15:11] Hi, Capricorn.

[00:15:11] Let's take a look at your week now, Capricorn, your top three focuses are gonna be one, your passions, two, your wealth, and three your reputation. Now, let's talk about why this is a busy week for topics of love. Children are something that you have created, such as your entrepreneurship. It exists because you exist.

[00:15:30] Forward thinking ideas are gonna be in abundance, and though you will be tempted to work with all of them, I really want you to grab the ones that have, roots, a legacy, something that you can build long term. Really sit with big choices before you make 'em. That'll help ensure that you're making the right ones.

[00:15:46] I would also encourage you to learned from your past so you can lean into your future. Doing so is gonna help you engage and create at an extraordinarily deep level of mastery, cuz those lessons were priceless that you've been through. In addition, this week, you may find that your focus is on your values or your resources, your earning power.

[00:16:05] Now the question is, do you feel secure here or is there something that you need to adjust so that you have more power over your resources and how you use them? Both are great questions to walk with this week. I do hope you have a good one. I look forward to seeing you next time.

Aquarius- Using Personal Power


[00:16:25] Hi, Aquarius. Let's take a look at your week now, Aquarius.

[00:16:28] Your top three focuses are gonna be one, empowerment, two your roots, and three new directions. Now let's talk about why this week's conversations near home are ideas about how to shift a foundational level of your life. It's gonna be a hot topic. You may have felt the shifts that you're experiencing right now, coming for a long while.

[00:16:48] Now that whatever needs to change is either here or it's closer than ever. And though you can't really control how or when every change is made, because some of it depends on people close to you. You can wisely use your personal power to ensure that your voice is heard, that you have said how you feel Now focus.

[00:17:06] On the future that you want. That's the big theme for this week for all signs. This mindset will help you appreciate the moment that you're in right now cuz it is precious and attract those into your life that you would need or would really support the next path that you're trying to go down. Look for teachers or those that have had the experience that you're embarking on already in your life, they'll help guide you.

[00:17:29] Now once you ask the question. The answers are gonna reveal themselves through people or inspiration. Just have to ask it. I do hope you have a great week. I look forward to seeing you next time.

Pisces- Adjusting Your Attention


[00:17:45] Hi, Pisces. Let's take a look at your week now, Pisces, your top three focuses are gonna be one, local vibes, two transitions, and three ending two begin.

[00:17:54] Now let's talk about why now. The back and forth communication and busy plans is gonna be a big focus for you this week. Like you leave a message, they message you back, the notifications are gonna be overwhelming. Now though this could feel, uh, a little too busy at times or hard to manage, there is a purpose behind what comes up.

[00:18:12] All the information that's being revealed to you are that you feel compelled to share. It could be as simple as to adjusting where your attention goes on a day-to-day basis. Who you communicate with are even why, or as complicated as just completely reworking. Your social groups moving your attention to something that's more positive that actually has growth, and it can support you in the long term, long overdue endings and needed new beginnings could be extremely hard to ignore.

[00:18:38] As you work with this energy, when they surface, consider what's blocking a transition that you need to make. Is it you? Is it someone else? Is it the fear of the past? This could be something very private and within unconscious triggers, but identifying what the imbalance is really removes its power and it puts you in the position to grow.

[00:18:58] So the more you reflect on why you may not want to do something, or what is blocking you, the faster you're gonna get through that transition in a very positive way that supports your growth. I do hope you have a great week. I look forward to seeing you next.



[00:19:17] All right. That is all the signs. I do hope you found some helpful tips and insights about how you can work with this week's full moon energy.

[00:19:23] Now remember, if you would like a more in depth look at your personal natal chart, your opportunities and challenges, and how you can work through them. You can find me at

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[00:19:44] It's an amazing surface that helps you connect with an astrologer instantly or by booked appointments, and we love seeing all of you there and working one-on-one with you. I do hope you have a great week. I'll see you next time.