[FRANK ANSWERS] Empowering Your “Debilitated” Planets w/ Frank Clifford

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Are you worried about your planet's “bad” or “debilitated” placement? In this episode of Frank Answers, award-winning astrologer and author, Frank Clifford answers multiple viewer questions about this including:

“How to interpret a chart in which 9 out of 10 planets are in houses whose lords are fallen / in detriment or combusted? “ -Renyah

“Does my debilitated retrograde combust venus really mean I will have little pleasure or wealth?” -Basil?

“Does a Venus combust means I’m doomed???” – Margarita

“What do you think about planets being “combust” with the Sun, rather than just conjunct? Do you think that the sun diminishes aspects of a planet it conjuncts?” -Natalie

“My sun is combust Pluto in Leo at the midheaven. What does it mean when your sun is combust a more powerful, impersonal planet like Pluto, Neptune, or Uranus?” -Ellen

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