The Alchemy of Star Magic w/ Astrologer Cayelin Castell

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Fixed Stars Astrological Magic

In this episode of the Astrology Hub Podcast,  Astrologer Cayelin Castell and Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh discuss The Alchemy of Star Magic 

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Amanda Pua Walsh 0:04
Well hello everybody and welcome to the astrology hub podcast. This is our flagship show dedicated to sharing the multitude of astrological perspectives and approaches, all designed so that you can learn and understand all the many different ways that Astrology can help you in your life. I am so thrilled to be here today with the co founder of the shamanic astrology mystery school. She’s an astrologer, she’s a priestess, her name is Kailyn Castille, and this is not necessarily her first time on the astrology hub podcast she was on a few years ago with Tammy Bronk as well. But this is our first time having her as a solo guest on the podcast. And I’m just so grateful that you’re here. Today we’re going to be talking about the alchemy of star magic. And there is so much to explore within this Kailyn and I have been having some conversations behind the scenes, I am just like, brimming with excitement and questions for Caitlyn. And I think you’re all going to love this, too. So, Caitlin, welcome to the show. We’re so happy that you’re here.

Cayelin Castell 1:13
Thank you so much. I’m delighted to be here.

Amanda Pua Walsh 1:18
Yes. All right. Let’s start with your story. How did you come to astrology? How did you come to co found the shamanic astrology Mystery School? And how did you get into this whole thing around star magic and alchemy? Like where did this all begin?

Cayelin Castell 1:35
Okay, this is quite a story. So it really probably I need to give some credit to my parents who had their issues and their challenges and my childhood was challenging. Like it pretty much everybody’s has been and you know, they’re so a lot of trauma and things there. But they were also very much into spiritual practices, they were they they studied with the Rosicrucians they went to Unity Church, I was initiated into transcendental meditation when I was 16 years old. I went to the college when I was ninth from 19 to 2120 to 2122, something like that. And, um, you know, so I had experiences that were something that I got to embrace from a very young age. And of course, I also grew up in the country with horses and spent a lot of time camping and out into the sky and love the stars and love to all those having all those kinds of experiences. Um, so but and oh, and I always thought astrology was interesting. But I thought it was a little bit complicated. And I had some different astrology readings over the years and, and resonated with some of them, but not all of it. And I was told in one astrology reading that I had a debilitated moon and Oh, too bad for you. And I was like, why would you tell somebody that? Wow, yeah, that’s harsh. It’s, you know, it just didn’t really seem to me. I guess astrology didn’t really seem to me until I came across shamanic astrology and I literally was nine months pregnant with my youngest child of four children. This was back in 1990. I got a phone call from a man named Daniel Jamario, who created the shamanic astrology system that I helped him co found the school. And he was invited me to come to a talk that he was giving at the Tucson astrologers guild. And I was also newly married, and I had three children from a previous marriage. And so I had to ask my prep my husband at that time, if he minded watching two five year olds and a seven year old, talking and he’s like, no go. It was life changing. I knew a little bit about astrology because I could always kind of I knew my Sun Sign. I knew all my planets actually had a boyfriend who in college made me learn them. I could recite them. I had no idea what it meant. I had some people say, what are you and I tell them and they’d be like, oh, and I’m like, what does it mean?

Amanda Pua Walsh 4:00
That you memorize it. It’s hard to memorize when you don’t know what it means.

Cayelin Castell 4:04
Yeah, exactly. But he this this boyfriend kept quizzing me and and then I just remembered, so that was good. But I still didn’t know what it meant. Anyway, I, I went to this talk that Daniel was giving it the Tucson astrologers Guild and was transfixed. I was like, Oh my gosh, this, I need to know, this kind of astrology because I could tell from what he was saying, no judgments. It’s not about good or bad. Of course, there’s shadow sides to everything. And so sometimes they don’t express in the best way possible. But that’s our choice. That’s not that we’re at the effect of something that forces us to not, you know, to be debilitated or something like that. Right. So um, I was like, I have to know this. Of course, two weeks later, I had my youngest son. And but the reason that Daniel called me was because my best friend from college when I went to Marie she internationally University Fairfield, Iowa studying Transcendental Meditation, she had told him to call me when he got to Tucson. So that’s why I got the phone call. So it’s like the universe called me up said, Hey, come to this. And I just knew somehow I was going to learn it. I didn’t know how I was a busy mom, I have a brand new baby. But what happened was, she and Daniel both came and stayed with us, like two or three weeks after my youngest son was born. And I got more information and you know, got to ask a lot of questions and so on. And then that kind of set a precedent so that Daniel would come and stay with us every time he was in Tucson, giving talks. And actually, he moved to Tucson for a while. And he gave me talks of his to listen to and I started transcribing them, and and then I knew he had a system. And I said, I want to know, I want to know your system. I don’t I feel like I know all these parts and pieces, but I don’t know how you put it all together. And so that caused him to create a class to put it all together. And I was like, huh, I know certain things, I don’t want to have to go over those things. So I decided to create a handout. And again, by this time, my youngest son is almost three. So he’s going to preschool some of the time. And so I’m having this is how I’m having time to do all this. And I. So I decided that I could create these handouts for people. And what happened was, I round up with 50 pages of content of a flight, not really a handout, more like a handbook. And I was learning all this information as I was going and then the class helped put it all together. And I added the transcripts of the class to the end of the book, and that became the shamanic astrology handbook. And that’s partly how because I kept asking, I was asking, like, I need to know this. And now I need to know that and how are we going to, you know, and so, then classes started to become more available to people and training and all of that. And so that’s kind of how I not thinking that’s what I was doing, just kept asking the questions and what felt really alive for me, like what I really wanted to know. And I also wasn’t planning on being an astrologer, I was just planning on having this as a tool for myself. Because I felt like it was going to be such an important tool, and I could help me with also being supportive of my children as they were growing up. Because if I understood what was really true for them, I could support them in that instead of trying to, you know, mold them to something I wanted, or the culture wanted or something like that. So, um, that. And then people started and I would practice on people, I do readings for people, then Mind you, this is back in the early 90s to mid 90s. And then somebody called me one day and said, I hear you do readings, what do you charge? I didn’t even know what to say. I was like, Uh, I was kind of dumbfounded. I was like, I think I said $25 or something because, like, so shocked and not expecting that at all. And, and then people just kept showing up. And so finally, I was like, I guess I’m doing this and you know, and then I started teaching classes with Daniel and it just kept evolving from there. So I felt like I got called to this literally phone called. And, and then I and so, so that started and I will also just say prior to going to my first shamanic astrology talk in 1990. In the late 80s, I read a book by Lynn Andrews called medicine woman. And my life was a total mess at that time, and I wound up I was in a divorce I. The reason I wasn’t I wasn’t going to have any more children. Three were enough.

Cayelin Castell 8:35
But I got pregnant with my fourth while I was dating my second husband, and another sort of setup from the universe, right? And so I had said to the universe, I want to live a magical life after reading her book, because she had such all these like, synchronistic magical, amazing things were happening. And I was like, Okay, I want to live a magical life. And then shortly thereafter, I got involved in shamanic astrology. And my whole life became just incredibly magical and going out and learning the night sky and starting to know where things were and what they were about. And all that just lit me up in such an amazing way. And it wasn’t, it was probably meaning mid 90s, maybe towards the late 90s. Well, actually was in the mid 90s, I started writing something I called the celestial timings and it wasn’t astrology, astronomy easing that I just did for my priestess community. And then I started sending it to friends and they started sending it to friends. And pretty soon I had like 5000 people. And I was I was just doing it for free because I wanted to, you know, I was learning it. It was like a great way to learn even more deeply these mysteries, and, and pretty much you know, this was around the time when nobody was really doing that kind of thing. So So again, it’s been over 25 years since I started doing that I don’t do it as extensively as I used too, but I still am doing it a little bit. And it was just such a great learning thing. And I started including the stars. And I was also looking at books that were talking about the stars. And they’re what they meant. And a lot of them were really negative meanings. I was just like, oh, this can’t be right. This can’t be right. I mean, yes, of course, everything has a shadow, but it was like they would lead with that sometimes. And a lot of times the, you know, certain stars would be death by poison or drowning, or, you know, floods and hurricanes and, you know, horrible things gonna happen or whatever, or you’ll rise high, and you’re gonna fall really far. You know, that, of course, can be true, but those are based on the choices people make, and whether they’re in integrity or not with what they’re doing and so on. So I came across a book called Star walking shamanic practices for traveling into the night sky by Paige Bryant. And she had used these the practices that she talks about in the book for starting to create a more personal connection to the stars and the sky and, and the magic of the stars and all of that. And she did shamanic journey and and she would get information and she would write about she wrote about it at the end of her book and several stars are she revision? And I was like, yes, because I always thought I wanted a revision these stars. And I what I really realized is that it’s about creating our own personal relationship. And whatever been has been told to us we can maybe be a starting place, but I don’t think we want that to be the ending place. And so we used to take people out into the night sky in places that were under really dark skies and petroglyph sites and things like that. And I’d be looking up at the sky and I have these revelations about certain stars. Be like oh my gosh, like I’m, I have a star called Zoom and Elton Newby rising on my chart, like it was the star that was rising when I was born. And I was looking at that one night and seeing the moon going between Zubin Elgin Nubian, Zubin Nelson Mali. And these are two stars that represent the scales and the scales. And they were also considered to be the, the claws of the Scorpion, way, way back, but now they represent the scales. And I was like, huh, it’s like the scales are a gateway or a doorway, into multi dimensional realms. And it turns out that the sun rises was super nelta Nuby at the November cross quarter. So at fifth when I’m November across quarters, when the sun reaches 15 degrees, Scorpio, and that’s, so that’s where that star is located currently. And you know, the stars are moving constantly, but

Cayelin Castell 12:57
Well, actually, they’re not moving as much. It’s the the seasonal signs that are moving up like one degree every 72 years. So it won’t always be the case. But it happens to be the case now. And it was like, oh, and that’s the time when the veils between the world’s thinnest and so the doorways to other realms and dimensions are more open. And so now when planets are passing by that star, that means it’s there. It’s a stargate to a new world, I actually wrote an article called that Zubin Elton, movie Stargate to a new world. That is because I was so inspired. But, but because it’s also my personal story, and I was spending time with it and asking for it to just reveal to me what the message is for me, and then I can share it with other people. And then other people need to go get their own connection to that. But another time, I was doing a all night vision quest under the Scott sky at this same site where I had this other revelation. And I set up my sacred circle and I was you know, looking at them and Regulus was getting ready to set while the whole head of the line was getting ready to set and I was asking for insight and guidance because that’s my midheaven and so I’m like, okay, just you need to send me a sign like Am I on the right track? Is this really working? Am I Am I doing the right thing? Am I completely off track here? I was just in one of those questioning times. And and as I finished asking that question, a shooting star came from right above Regulus and just shot right straight down and pooped out write a book above Regulus. I was like, okay, good. That’s my answer. So, so these are the kinds of things that can happen when we start spending time under the sky and tuning into certain stars. stars that are connected to us personally but also to start the love because there’s I really love them all even if I don’t have a personal connection. So I’m so star magic It is really based on what we’re doing to engage those stars, it can create incredible magic, incredible, incredible opportunity to have intentions to align with the magical stars. Of the Bohemian stars are the Bohemian stars, there’s 15 of them, that the ancient alchemists work with. They thought those stars were more powerful whenever a planet was within six degrees on either side of those stars. And so of course, the sun is with in six degrees with him every year, Venus and Mercury pretty much every year, Mars every couple of years, Jupiter every 12, Saturn every almost 30. Right. So, so when when there’s planets with these particular stars, then then we know that that’s the time to really tune into them, and to really work with them in a magical way. And they did, they would have they had a plant that represented each star, they had a gemstone that represented each star, they made talismans and elixirs and different ways that they would create their magical ceremonial intentions with these stars. And so it’s kind of like, you know, the idea of alchemy, being when you take something ordinary and turn it into something extraordinary definition right, and, and it’s, it’s based on our attention and intention and willingness to engage and be present to, and they have information for us and we have information for them. It’s meant to be a relationship. Wow. Yeah. Okay,

Amanda Pua Walsh 16:47
so many questions. Based on everything you just said, I’d love to share a reflection too, because I recently had an experience very similar to what you just described with the shooting star. And it was just around this Jupiter Neptune in Pisces conjunction and we have been doing a lot of these things you talked about. Joe on our team, Joe G, wrote an amazing like 13 page document on how to create an altar for Jupiter. So we were bringing Jupiter’s favorite things and creating altars. He made a musical talisman that we all contributed to. So all of our voices are put into this community musical talisman that was done at a specific electional we’re all saying the word grow and it’s so that we can grow that intention that seed whatever’s in our heart, and really, you know, bring that potent energy to it. And so anyways, Sophia, my daughter, my 10 year old and I, we often sleep outside will like pull a mattress out onto our Lanai to our porch, and sleep out there. She loves it. I love it. We did it the night, the night of the Jupiter Neptune in Pisces conjunction the night before we slept under the stars. I got woken up early, like I think it was like 315 or 330. And I couldn’t go back to sleep. And I was just staring up at the stars. And I was contemplating the Jupiter qualities you know, the Jupiter and, and Neptune qualities. And so I was thinking about words like abundance and prosperity and expansion. And every time I had a thought about one of those qualities, a shooting star would happen. I can’t you not I was just I was watching this going oh, this is so magical. I can’t believe it just be like shooting star shooting star shooting star. And then the finally we were at sunrise and I went over and looked at the horizon and my my star chart app hasn’t been working. But I kept looking at this star and like I think that’s Jupiter like I think that’s Jupiter, it’s really got to be Juber. But I was having this like serious connection with it. And then later got to confirm that it was Jupiter just based on the placement and and it was just it was so deep and profound to be in that moment. And knowing that Neptune was there even though I couldn’t see it. And that you know, they were together in Pisces, and I you know, and it was just it was that magic that you’re talking about? It’s it’s almost it’s so palpable and it creates such another level of our experience of astrology. You know, and I can just see how if we were doing this very consciously and mindfully that we would live that magical life every day that you’re talking about.

Cayelin Castell 19:37
Yes. Oh, I just love that story so much. I mean, that’s high magic for sure. And that you were making alters because alters alter awareness that’s their purpose.

Amanda Pua Walsh 19:48
alters alter awareness. Oh my gosh, I love that.

Cayelin Castell 19:52
We set up an altar with our intention. We put our intention and attention creating an altar and I even love doing like I create medicine wheels in my yard, back yard. And also out when I’m out hiking, I’ll do a little

Amanda Pua Walsh 20:05
medicine medicine wheel.

Cayelin Castell 20:07
So that’s when you take certain stones and you make a circle and a cross, you’ll love that. That’s what made of indigenous American people, you know, made, they would make these medicine wheels that would be with a circle and across inside, you can do it any way you want. But that I like that, because it’s representing the four directions and the four seasons and the four elements. And you know that so for me, that’s really good. And because I live in Tucson, Arizona, we have a gem show here every year, except while we didn’t really and 2020 or I think it was happening in 2020, not in 2021. Anyway, but I’ve got lots of gems that I picked up from the gem show big stones and things that are like Selenite and I’ve got in the center of my medicine wheel is a aquamarine stone. It’s big, it’s like about you know, this tall and about this big around and and that’s a stone that connects to the star serious. So I’m anchoring serious energy into my medicine wheel in the backyard that has and I you know, I put also just different kinds of crystals and things within the wheel and lots of intentions and, and then I just go and sit by it. And sometimes I’ll rearrange it a little bit or add something to it or that kind of thing. But it’s just it’s really an amazing thing and knowing that I have it connected, you know, above and below the whole thing going on there. It’s like an alt Earth altar, you could call it as well. But

Amanda Pua Walsh 21:37
when you decided to work with Sirius specifically, is it because you want a deeper relationship with Sirius? Is there something about Sirius qualities that you’re wanting to bring into your life? Like how do you make a decision about which started focus on

Cayelin Castell 21:48
Well, I love Sirius. I mean, it is the brightest star in our night sky so you can’t miss serious when it’s beautiful. The sky. Yeah. And it’s um, there’s a Sacred Hoop of stars that serious marks the outer edge of so serious and then Rigel, the Pleiades, Capella, Castor, and Pollux, Poseidon and Sirius, and that creates us a circle in the sky. And the path of the planets, the plane of our solar system goes through that circle, and the plane of our galaxy goes through that circle and they cross in the middle. So it’s a circle with a cross. Another reason why I made us make a circle with a cross and you know, when I do my medicine wheel, and Sirius is the brightest star in that, in that sacred hoop of stars, that the Native American people, especially the Lakota, the Dakota, people were very attuned to. And, and for some reason, somebody told me, I don’t know if it’s true or not, but I liked I liked hearing it, that I came from Sirius that I had many past life, so I’m serious. And so I’m just like, Well, if that’s true, I really want to connect with Sirius. It’s also you know, it’s supposedly where the dolphins and the whales come from. And it’s kind of to goddess Isis has been a big factor in my whole priestess work that I’ve done and that kind of thing. So there’s lots of reasons to connect for me around that, that it doesn’t really have anything to do necessarily with what anybody has ever said about that particular star. It’s just what I feel like I tune into and plus I’m a march birthday. So my, my stone is Aquamarine. So it’s a double double dose right there be lots of different reasons. Yeah.

Amanda Pua Walsh 23:44
You mentioned something in your story about learning about Star elixirs, and I just the combination of those two words is just like star elixirs. What is that? Can you tell us a little bit more about that? Yeah, I

Cayelin Castell 24:00
I became aware of this back in the 90s when I started writing celestial timings. I was writing about different stars and I can’t remember if it was one of the authors of starlight elixirs and cosmic vibrational healing, sent me an email and said I should have their book and I should be talking about what they’re saying about this. You know, because they they channeled information about the stars and and then they were also making Starlight elixirs. For people with high powered telescopes and you know, really amplifying the star energy and putting it into the elixir. You don’t have to get it prepared when you can make your own. I’m not really sure exactly how to do that. But I have put things out underneath the sky with different gemstones and things to charge it was Star energy. So you can do that as well. But if you want, you can go to starlet Pegasus products I Is there is there where you can see You’ll get them the authors of both passed on now. But the book is brilliant because it is a new way of looking at the stars. And they just give these incredible insights about the energies that the stars are have available to us from their channeled information. And I find it a better place to start than with some of the more the older, more negative interpretations. More more materialistic interpretations, more more in terms of a higher vibrational spiritual content. Now that book is no longer in print. But you can get copies of it, I think on Amazon, the cheapest one I saw recently, it was like $72,

Amanda Pua Walsh 25:46
or something. Wow. What is the name of the book again,

Cayelin Castell 25:48
Starlight elixirs, and cosmic vibrational healing by Michael smokeless and Fred rubenfeld. And I read rubenfeld was the one who was the CEO of Pegasus products for a long time. And then I don’t know somebody else took over, I guess, after he passed, but yeah.

Amanda Pua Walsh 26:08
I mean, do you think part of this feels like such a remembering, like a like a going back to the way that indigenous cultures and people throughout time have worked with the sky very intimately? And then do you think there was a period of time where sort of this negative veil was put over the interpretations and the meaning? Or do you think, do you think we’re now in a period where we’re sort of reframing? Or revisiting, like you said, the meanings of the stars? Or do you think we’re remembering what they actually were in the beginning?

Cayelin Castell 26:47
Well, maybe a bit of both, maybe it’s a bit of remembering. And also, because everything’s evolving. We’re evolving the stars, the star energy, the planetary energy, everything’s always evolving. So it’s never going to be static and to stay the same. But there can be an essence. And what I think of is the pure essence of any archetypal energy, whether it’s the seasonal sign, or a constellation, or a specific star, or a planet, whatever, that person or a person, yeah, every person is own pure essence. Right. And sometimes there’s distortions that have come in for whatever reasons. And it’s not our job necessarily to, to judge that, but maybe to become more aware, and how can we get back more to the pure essence of what the intent is around that. And that’s where magic happens also, more, the more the places where we can have that that magical relationship, and we feel like we’re having that conversation with the seasonal signs. So the signs come, you know, the signs represent the seasons, like the spring equinox is zero Aries point that starts the season of Aries. It’s not in the constellation of areas, it’s in the constellation of the fish. But that that’s also areas is also called the RAM. So we’ve tried to use a different name, because that helps people not be so confused. Right. Okay,

Amanda Pua Walsh 28:11
so back up a little bit. Yeah. And just and so you’re talking about the difference between the seasonal signs. Yeah. versus the actual constellations in the sky? The same?

Cayelin Castell 28:24
The same? They’re not the same. Yes.

Amanda Pua Walsh 28:27
So this is very confusing, especially for people new to astrology. It’s very confusing. So do you want to explain it just a little bit here

Cayelin Castell 28:35
to say, for example, you know, we just had the spring equinox, and the the sun rises under the circuit of the fish, you know, in the constellation of the fish, also known as Pisces, but it’s not the season, or sign of Pisces seasonal sign of Pisces, it’s the constellation of the fish. And each constellation informs each sign over 26,000 years, every seasonal sign moving one degree every 72 years will be with every constellation. And they they about 2160 years with a constellation. So the problem is they forgot they were different named in the same name, huh? Back in the dark. And now we’re stuck with the astronomers thinking that’s the name and and astrologers thinking that’s the name. But we so that’s Rudolf Steiner actually is the one that started this he, in his school started calling them the opposite the other name the extra name, so instead of Aries it’s the ram instead of Pisces. It’s the fish instead of the water bear. It’s a set of Aquarius. It’s the water bearer. The actual constellation or actual constellation? Yes, you differentiate between the signs, you separate the names and then people can understand more easily that there’s a difference because if you call them the same name, then it’s just like, Oh my god.

Amanda Pua Walsh 30:00
I don’t know how long I’ve been doing. I’ve been doing this for like seven years now. And literally the way you just you described it. We’ve been having a little back and forth via messenger. I went, Oh, okay, that’s really clear. So when Gemini Brett explains it, it’s like, okay, that’s clear. There’s I have these moments of clarity, and then it can become confusing again.

Cayelin Castell 30:19
Yeah, I love that. You said that, Amanda, because I was the same way the first four years, for at least four years, that I go out into the night sky and get the night sky teachings and all of that with Daniel and I’d be like, Okay, I got it. And then I could go back out by myself. And I’d be like, Okay, I don’t got it.

Amanda Pua Walsh 30:37
Well, in so Nixon’s, that’s where Vedic comes in. But Vedic actually is has the same challenge, right? Because yeah, are different sizes

Cayelin Castell 30:46
for the so the challenge with Vedic Astrology is that they also call the constellations, by their sign name by the signs, but whatever. But so and I’ve had Vedic astrologers say to me, I don’t know what I’m talking about. Because the spring, the spring equinox is rising in the fish and it’s in Pisces. And I’m like, That’s because you’re just looking at the constellation and not the sea. So they’re looking at the sidereal zodiac, the constellations they’re not looking at the seasons as having their own essence in sign energy that interacts with the constellations and, and what what we’re what tropical astrology tends to do is just look at the sign energy and not look at how the constellations are, to grow and evolve through the sign through the constellation through the energy of the constellations that are behind that sign or season. So that So there, there are two mechanisms that are working together. What tropical astrology tends to look at one at a sidereal trilogy tends to look just one what we’re trying to do is bring them both back together. So we can have the whole picture essence of how these two things work together and that we have evolution happening because these these mechanisms are interacting with one another. And then when we understand that we become co creators with it, and we can create high magic.

Amanda Pua Walsh 32:18
Okay, so you you were talking what we’re what we’re talking about here is star magic and alchemy. Earlier, you mentioned that there’s 15 stars the Bohemian stars, I think you call them

Cayelin Castell 32:31

Amanda Pua Walsh 32:33
Not bohemian? Behenian, okay?

Cayelin Castell 32:36
Behenian, that’s what they it comes from an Arabic word that means root. And the alchemists, for some reason, call them the Behemian stars, and they still have that name today. And they Yeah, there’s 15 of them. Three of the four royal stars. So a lot of people are familiar with Regulus, Antares and Aldebaran, and those are three of the four royal stars the other royal star is FOMO but it’s way off the ecliptic and for some reason is not considered a bikini and still don’t really know why. But yeah, but those stars were there. They’re directional also, you know, they represent different directions, different Archangels there’s, you know that but they also have a specific plant, or herb and, and gemstone that’s associated with them, all the Behemian stars do and they would make sigils which are symbols and each of these bohemian stars has a sigil that has been created that represents that particular star and you can you can make talismans and amulets to connect with that star energy or medicine wheels in your backyard or or wherever you you know were able to do that. There’s and you can make star shields. I got a chance to do that. So about four years ago now I guess I got to make a starship. I didn’t know I was making a star shield until I was done with it. But I put you know I put the the constellations that were most on my chart on my on my shield and it was it became a star shield. And I love it. I just like

Amanda Pua Walsh 34:14
Star Shield and what would you use it for?

Cayelin Castell 34:16
Like? Yeah, you put intentions you can put intentions into but it’s also just a way, like what I did was I I outlined all the constellations that I wanted to be more connected to. And that put it in a place where I see it all the time. So I feel like it’s helping me to connect more deeply with that. And it’s just it’s just a you know, just what what does it take to get us to focus our attention, especially in a world where we’ve got lots of things to distract us. So creating a star shield can do that. And you know, the seals are often created as like psychic protection. There’s different ways you can do seals but I personally am most excited about doing star shields. because they can connect us more to certain stars that we want to create a deeper relationship with.

Amanda Pua Walsh 35:06
So give us some more examples of what happens in someone’s life like you can use your life or what you’ve seen with students. What happens in their life when they start to do these practices because it obviously requires some time and energy and focus. And so why would someone do it?

Cayelin Castell 35:27
Well, hopefully it will be because it’s fun. Yes,

Amanda Pua Walsh 35:31
it’s fun. Yes.

Cayelin Castell 35:32
Right. and creative. And because it’s, I let me I just I’m thinking, I don’t know why I’m thinking of this story. But I had a very strong connection to a star called Russell Hogg. I get but it’s the crown chakra of the constellation of Ophiucus. And it’s not close to the ecliptic. But it is a powerful star and it’s connected and oh for you because it’s connected to the story of Asclepius. Asclepius is the serpent bearer of of mucus is the serpent bearer. And so the story is that a Scorpius is sort of kidnapped by this, the king of Crete and said, bring my dead son back to life, and he can’t, and he doesn’t know how to and so he says, well, until you can, till you figure out how to you’re gonna go to prison, so they throw him in the dungeon. And then a snake comes in. And, and Scorpius is so mad, he beats the steak with a snake with a staff and kills it. And then he feels bad. He’s like, really, he was just expressing his rage. And then, but then a few minutes later, another snake comes in carrying an herb and puts it all over the, the dead snake, and this dead snake comes back to life, and leave some of the earth behind. And then he figures out how to bring the dead back to life. But that’s also partly why the serpent and the the Caduceus, the serpent, and the staff are, that’s, that’s part of where that story comes from. So um, I had this dream. And we had taken a group to a place here, and it’s in New Mexico, it’s a hot springs, and there’s a standing stone circle there and do a lot of nights guy, and we were doing a soak in the hot springs one night, and I walked right by a rattlesnake. And everybody freaked out, I just, I have snake medicine, I know I do. And the snake didn’t even flinch. It didn’t even budge. And somebody came, somebody called the office and somebody next to me came and killed it, I felt really bad, like, Oh, you have to kill it. Then, shortly after that, I have a dream. And in the dream, I’m, it’s like at the Oracle of Delphi, the priestesses that they were the snake priestesses and, and oftentimes, it was a little bit of the venom of the snake that would help give them their irregular abilities. And so I’m having this dream, and I have Longstaff in the shape of a snake, and I’m holding it up, and I’m chanting words, I have no idea what I’m saying. And the snake comes alive, and it comes back around and it sticks its thing in my gives me one drop of venom in my cheek. And, and electrified my body. And I woke up and I’m like, Whoa. So it’s kind of like living that mythic story in a way. Right. And, and realizing that that was a powerful initiation. And, of course, my life has never been the same. It’s just accelerated so much for me when that happened. And so it’s like, how do we pay attention to the messages coming from the stars, coming from our understanding of them coming from the dreams that we might have? And yeah, there’s just that I don’t know if that answers your question.

Amanda Pua Walsh 38:52
I mean, yes, I mean, and I’ve experienced in my own life, it’s one of those things, it’s hard to articulate. Yeah, it’s you, you need to experience it yourself to be like, Oh, this is this is worthwhile, you know, this is this could add a whole level of richness and meaning, and understanding and then a direct channel to information that is unique to me. I’m not relying on anyone else to give me answers. Like, I actually have a channel of information that I can tune into when I need answers, or when I need confirmation or when I need direction or, you know any of those things.

Cayelin Castell 39:32
Yeah, absolutely. In fact, I just had my 66th birthday. Happy birthday, you know, in March, and I felt really cool to go to California. My daughter lives in San Diego. So we had Carl’s that had this whole mermaid experience there and what I did not real and my favorite fairy tale as a child was the Little Mermaid. I happened to be in the Venus cycle. I’m born at the throat chakra. So um, part of it has been Reclaiming my voice. And in the story a little mermaid has to give up her voice. I was like, oh my god, this is like so these stories that how they can relate to different things that were connected to. While the last Venus Moon gate was with a star called the Nobel Jedi, it’s one of the 15 bohemian stars. It’s the tale of the goat fish, also known as Capricornus. Also, you know, thought to be Capricorn, but it was all but it’s overlaid by a seasonal sign of Aquarius now, so, so there was, Mars has been there. Saturn has been there. Some of the asteroids have been there, Venus was there, the moon came by there. And as we were getting ready to do this class on this moon gate, I came across in a star lore book, that the tale of the goat or the goldfish, this has been connected to the mermaid.

Amanda Pua Walsh 40:55
You don’t so some somehow what what you realize there has been passed through to other astrologers. I don’t know if it’s Gemini, Brett or someone else has told me that. And as a Capricorn, that has been something that has been one of those aha moments about the sign of Capricorn that has helped me feel connected to it. It’s helped me feel not embarrassed of my sign, because almost everything that’s ever said about Capricorn is like, oh my god, is that really that’s awful, you know, I’m just talking about like learning about it before I knew much about it. Just get by with the most boring, dry, emotionally detached, horrible humans, like if you just listen to the stereotypes, you know, but then having an associated with the segoe. And then having the sea goat associated with mermaids was like, okay, I can get into this. I definitely can feel this. Yes, yes. It’s

Cayelin Castell 41:51
and, and just so you know, that really probably where the sun was, was in the archer when you were born, not the Seco moved because the you know, so we could say the zero Capricorn point is December solstice, longest night, shortest day, when the sun reaches that point, it’s on the galactic cross, where the near the galactic center that can only happen here every 26,000 years. And on that cross where the plane of the solar system intersects the plane of the galaxy and galactic center, and it’s between the Archer and the goatfish. And I’m sorry, the Archer in the scorpion. And, and that’s the zero Capricorn point. And it’s there for at least from 1926 to 2070. Like one one degree on either side, because it was one degree over 72 years, the senator point was 1998 or 1962 to 2034 if you just want to use the 72 year window, and so it so then from there, the next 30 days, the next 30 degrees is is Capricorn and that overlays the archer right now. And then Aquarius overlays, the goatfish and so Deneb l jetty, is it 23 Aquarius, which happens to be my home notes. It happens to be here with my home and roots. And so I’m like, of course, I got reconnected to mermaid magic.

Amanda Pua Walsh 43:23
Wow. Okay, so as you’re speaking, I mean, I

Cayelin Castell 43:29
see I should have said I see home and roots is what we call it in shamanic. Oh,

Amanda Pua Walsh 43:32
I see. Okay. Gotcha. Okay. As you’re speaking, I’m having the thought, wow. Like, you know, so much about the sky, you know so much about the stars, you know, the stories and the mythology and, and the, the degrees and the placements and how it can feel like, oh my god, i How could I ever get there? You know, like, how could I ever know enough for it to be meaningful? Where do you even start if you’re interested in this, if it’s resonating, what would you say to people out there that are like, wow, I’m interested but it’s it’s intimidating, intimidating? Like where do you actually begin?

Cayelin Castell 44:11
Yeah, that’s a really good question. And I think that probably maybe starting with your personal stars, so you you know, because then because then you know, it’s like, oh, this is connected to my chart. So it means more something more to me personally. Right and then

Amanda Pua Walsh 44:30
all stars

Cayelin Castell 44:31
so there’s, there’s the main one that we usually teach in lesson one astrology Mystery School is what are the stars closest to your ascendant? What’s rising when you’re born? And I mentioned that earlier that I had the stars loop and Elta newbie is was rising. That’s in the scales. It’s one of the bright stars and scales that marks one of the pans of the scales. And Zubin Elisha Malia’s the other star of the scales. and those are those are getting like Arabic names from you know, way back when but

Amanda Pua Walsh 45:06
so if I know if my Ascendant is Aquarius, how would I know what my personal?

Cayelin Castell 45:13
What degree is it at 14. So that’s actually I’m trying to think of the name. There is a star that marks the back of the goat. Why am I not thinking of it?

Amanda Pua Walsh 45:31
I’m wondering like, how would we Yeah, I know my ascendant, but then what’s my, what is my personal stuff?

Cayelin Castell 45:39
Or maybe where your moon is where your Venus is, where you’re, where you’re where your son is, you wouldn’t see that particular star because the sun is there, but your son is You the Sun is like transmitting the energy of that star at your birth as well, what’s on the midheaven that you know, so there’s different places where you can tune into, I literally created a cheat sheet.

Amanda Pua Walsh 46:07
Yeah, we love cheat sheet.

Cayelin Castell 46:10
Yeah. Yeah. So it tells you so basically, what are the the sine of the degree of all all of many of the stars? And that way, I can just look people up really fast.

Amanda Pua Walsh 46:22
Right, okay. Anywhere? Um, do you have article like, Is there anywhere people could go if they’re like, Okay, I want to find out what my personal stars are.

Cayelin Castell 46:33
So, I do have an article on my website about the Bohemian stars, there’s all the sign of degrees, and also the plant and the gemstone of each of those magical stars. And find out if any of you have any planets or any angles of your chart or nodes connected to any of those stars. Okay, yeah. So that, pardon?

Amanda Pua Walsh 46:59
What is the URL of that? Oh,

Cayelin Castell 47:01
okay. So keylock It also celestial goes to the same website. And you would want to go into the search box and just put in, maybe magical stars or bahini. And if you know how to spell it, we’re just putting stars in, it’ll probably pop it up for you.

Amanda Pua Walsh 47:17
Okay. We’ll put the URL in our show notes, too. And you can’t write this down right now. Or you don’t know how to spell any of these things. We’ll put it in the description of the show. But this is so amazing. I mean, I just feel like this is a rabbit hole that we could go down and you could spend your entire life unpacking these mysteries and getting new layers revealed to you of the meanings of the stars and the messages they have for you in any moment. It just, it’s it’s really amazing. And definitely that word fun. You said before. Sounds really fun. Yeah,

Cayelin Castell 47:52
I decided years ago that if it wasn’t fun, I wasn’t doing it.

Amanda Pua Walsh 47:58
Nice. I love

Cayelin Castell 48:01
easier said than done. Yeah. But that has been a guiding force for me is like I really, if I want it to be fun. And and really when you have fun. And in fact, my my current husband, when we first got together over 16 years ago, he said to me, what’s the most important thing to you in relationship? And I hadn’t really been thinking about it, but just pops out of my mouth Fun, fun, fun. He said, Oh my God, that’s brilliant. Because that covers all the you know, he was thinking I was gonna say, oh, you know, good communication, integrity, faithfulness, whatever, you know, being present with each other, all those things, fun covers, all of that.

Amanda Pua Walsh 48:44
Really does. You can’t have fun. If you’re not present. You can’t have fun if you’re being out of integrity. Like all those things. Yeah.

Cayelin Castell 48:50

Amanda Pua Walsh 48:51
Yeah. So yeah. Okay, I love this. Well, I think this is an amazing start. I’m very excited about many of the different paths we’ve opened up and now considering I’m in the process of like, doing something new with our yard. And like, maybe I need to have a medicine wheel out there.

Cayelin Castell 49:11
Yeah, small, they don’t have to be huge. You know, they can be a smaller one. But you can make big ones. It’s just depends on how much room you have and how much energy you have to put into it until you make the

Amanda Pua Walsh 49:21
medicine wheel and then I’m sure it needs to be aligned certain ways. Yeah, you

Cayelin Castell 49:26
you ideally, you know, you lined it with the directions or you can you know, sometimes depending on just whatever it is that you are wanting, like if you want to align it with a certain star rise or things like there’s different ways you can do it. Medicine, there’s medicine wheels, the ancient medicine wheels that are connected to this. They have specific angles off of them that connect to specific star rising.

Amanda Pua Walsh 49:54
Yeah. Livia Thank you, Olivia in the chat says you can see charts on Um, Stellarium app, and it’s free. Yes. Stellarium is an app. And then you could put your birthday and I’m assuming and then see which what was on the ascendant.

Cayelin Castell 50:12
Another one time note or I don’t, I can’t remember exactly. But you can put your birth information and you have to spend a little more money. Like I think it’s 399 to be able to get all the stars to so there’s, there’s ways to do that.

Amanda Pua Walsh 50:30
Okay, well, this is very fun. And I’m just I’m really grateful for your time and your energy and your wisdom and coming here and sharing that with us. And is there anything else you want to say before we close out anything to people that are excited about it or considering

Cayelin Castell 50:45
if people are really interested, I did a class with Eric Roth. Last year on the Bohemian stars, we’re going to do another one on the constellations, the stars inside the constellations, but also the stories connected to the constellations along this Zodiac zodiacal constellations. And that’s at my star The information about that? So people are interested, they can go check it out. It’s a great way to get started. Okay. Yeah, we also taught people how to do talisman sigils star shields, medicine bundles, things like that. Yeah.

Amanda Pua Walsh 51:22
I just love it. It’s bringing astrology to life. And it’s really making it it’s a thing that you can, instead of just looking at the charts and the computer screen, it’s like, it’s alive. Yeah. Yes, well, point.

Cayelin Castell 51:35
I mean, because we lost that part we did was purposely taken from people. So what our job is now to reclaim it so that we can have it so that we can help it can help us to be conscious co creators in our own life. No, you know, knowing the charts and knowing all of that, but also the stars as adding that to that adds a whole other dimension.

Amanda Pua Walsh 51:57
Completely. Amazing. All right. Kaitlin, thank you so much for coming and being on the astrology hub Platt podcast with us today. Thanks to all of you and your chats and your comments and everything has been really fun to see those coming in. Thank you all for being a part of our community and thank you as always, for making astrology a part of your life. We will catch you on the next episode. Take care everybody