Finding Hope & Guidance w/ Astrology

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On Today’s Episode You’ll learn…

πŸŒ‘ About Jeff’s experience with astrology and how it has helped him through difficult times.
πŸŒ’ The importance of not pigeonholing people based on their astrology
πŸŒ“ Why astrology can be life-saving.

Chapters πŸ“Ί

0:00 Intro

5:04 Jeff’s Astrological Journey

15:19 The Uniqueness of the Inner Circle Experience

19:31 A Closer Look at Jeff’s Story

27:28 Finding Connection and Relationship through Astrology

35:47 Prioritizing Love & Acceptance

38:10 How Astrology Changed Jeff’s Life

41:57 Closing

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[00:00:00] Jeff: that’s the great thing about the astrology is you can always look and say, well, this moment’s gonna pass.

[00:00:04] This is not my whole life. I’m not, I honestly am not sure that I can say that I would be here with you without astrology, because sometimes I was so deeply depressed about my situation, but I could always go to astrology and say, you know, this moment is here for a reason. What can I learn from this moment?

[00:00:22] You know, this is important karma that I have to learn from. I mean, all these insights and obviously like it, that it’s, it’s not forever. All these insights I never would’ve had without astrology.

[00:00:33] This podcast episode is brought to you by Astrology Hubs inner circle. Awaken your soul, find connection, and transform your life with the world’s top astrologers in a heart centered community.

[00:00:53] Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh: Well,

[00:00:53] hello everybody, and welcome. I am so happy that you’re here and that you’ve tuned into this episode. For those of you who are new to our channel, welcome, you have just joined a worldwide astrological conversation that’s happening here every single week. For those of you who are returning to the channel, thank you so much for being a part of our community, for tuning into our episodes, for sharing them, for commenting on them.

[00:01:21] We love engaging with you and we love just knowing that you’re out here, uh, that you’re out there and that you’re listening. And today’s story is actually really, really magical for me personally, because I’m getting to meet someone who has been tuning into Astrology Hub for. And so to have this opportunity to get to know the community and to hear their stories, and to share with all of you how deeply astrology has impacted people’s lives, I think that, for one, I hope that you find it inspiring that anywhere that you are at in your journey, that you listen to these stories and you find yourself in the stories and.

[00:02:03] The, the process of transformation, because that’s really what these, this series of stories that we’re sharing here on the podcast, it’s really what it’s all about is stories of transformation and how we have these really big moments in our lives that when you start to understand astrology, you start to see that they’re fated moments, that they’re written in our charts, that there’s periods of time where change is happening.

[00:02:28] It’s part of the script of our lives. And it’s amazing to see how astrology so often enters into people’s lives at the perfect time to provide support, to provide guidance to, to actually literally be a light that helps people through. I know that certainly was the case in my life, and you’re gonna hear from Jeff today who had.

[00:02:54] A similar but very different experience as well. So I wanna welcome to the show Jeff today. Jeff has named himself a student of the Cosmic Sciences. He’s also an Inner Circle member, and I’m just thrilled to be here today with Jeff who’s in the Netherlands. And um, Jeff, welcome to the Astrology Hub podcast.

[00:03:13] It’s so great to have you.

[00:03:15] Jeff: Thank you, Amanda. Yes, I’m, I’m very excited to be here. very nice to, have a dialogue with you when I’ve been seeing. One-sided, um, your presentations all these years. So to finally be able to talk back to is wonderful.

[00:03:30] Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh: Oh my gosh. For me too. The, these have been, it’s, and I was telling Jeff before we went live, this has been one of the most delightful experiences for me is to actually get to meet our members, even in the, in the process of creating podcast episodes for all of you.

[00:03:45] But for me, it’s amazing to be able to. Members really directly and hear their stories, and it’s so inspiring. I’m, I usually walk away like glowing for days. So if you have also been inspired by these stories and you would love to be a part of this community that we have at Astrology Hub, the Inner Circle, now is a great time to join.

[00:04:08] We only open once or twice a year, and I think this year it will probably be one time. So if you’re interested in just checking it, Learning from our astrologers, going more deeply into your astrological studies, but also being surrounded by an amazing group of souls who are really, um, using astrology to understand themselves better, to understand the people and their lives better.

[00:04:32] To, to use astrology as a tool for transformation. The Inner Circle is absolutely the place to be for that. So you can go to

[00:04:39] Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh: astrology 23. That’s I as in inner C as in Circle 23, and join us now. Enrollment is only open in through April 4th, so we just have, have a few more days. Go and check it out.

[00:04:54] There’s no contract when you join, so if you wanna hop in, see if you like it and if it’s not right for you, you can leave at any time. But obviously we’d love to have you for a while.

Jeff’s Journey into Astrology

[00:05:04] Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh: Okay. So, Jeff? What was your life like before astrology came into it?

[00:05:12] Jeff: Okay, so, well, we’ll have to go back quite a ways here, but I grew up in a very, um, kinda chaotic, situation with, um, father that had a lot of, um, issues, let’s say, and then was also very religious, strict conservative environment.

[00:05:28] And so I grew up with this idea that astrology was always something that was like, Evil, I guess you could say, or at least, forbidden. And of course, obviously everybody said it wasn’t true anyway, but I even as a young boy, remembered, like whenever I would see a newspaper or magazine, I would look at the horoscopes.

[00:05:50] Anyway, just out of curiosity. But I ended up going into, very left brain. Field of, um, computer technology and, and data sciences and um, you know, obviously lost. I think a lot of in touch with my intuition, um, because I always. Felt I had a very intuitive side for me, but it was really always kind of blocked because of, family, I guess, and societal pressures and such.

[00:06:20] And so, what happened is that in 2012 I had what I called my karma giden And uh, that was also, I love that

[00:06:34] Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh: I definitely had a carmageddon moment in 2012 as well, that I love.

[00:06:38] Jeff: Yes, and I’ve heard about yours and mine was in some ways similar is that, uh, it also involved the ending of a marriage and, and the death of a parent.

[00:06:47] And, also kind of a, midlife crisis and reassessment. And, um, out of that situation, kind of a friend of a friend offered to do a free astrological reading for me. I was living in America at the time in, in Washington State, and she offered to do that. And there were just so many, um, things that she would, you know, just say it, that I was like, wait, well, and you just know this because of the position of the stars that was burning it.

[00:07:19] The day I was born. And it just, I guess, sparked something in me at that point. But I had really so many things going on, I had spent two years in Italy in the early nineties and, as my life, I guess just say was falling apart in the us I ended up going through a divorce and a bankruptcy.

[00:07:37] I decided to, Take my, I’m a Sagittarius rising, right? So I decided to, um, honor my Sagittarius nature and, um, go and teach English in, in Italy. Um, cause through contact and contact I had he was an owner of an, of a language school and so, um, I did that for um, a year. Now, I also did a master’s degree because the really, the only way I could stay over there was with a student visa.

[00:08:06] So I completed an a master’s degree in, arch and, and urban planning and technology while I was there teaching English and um, I had still sort of during that time cultivating my interest and passion and astrology, but would never admit it to anybody, even my own family. Um, but it was still kind of there in the background.

[00:08:32] And then I ended up in a situation where I met somebody, she was Italian, and we, that kind of led to a, a journey. , she was very, not the opposite of religious, almost no interest at all in spirituality. And so I let that whole piece of me, um, again, kind of, um, go underground, I guess you could say.

[00:08:58] But still the, um, I still felt there was something missing that. Some part of my brain, like the intuitive right side of my brain, needed to be, um, honored and, um, and acknowledge somehow. And so, during that period, um, like when I had free time or whatever, I would. Research, various astrological topics.

[00:09:22] And then, um, in 2000, I knew that there was gonna be the big eclipse in America in 2017 that would cross over the whole US and I’d known some things about that. And then just out of the blue came up there. Well, these, these webinars about the eclipse and about the astrology of the eclipse, that sounds really interesting.

[00:09:42] So, um, I ended up, um, Using my technological skills to actually download them because I can stream, listen to them when they were streaming live and then listening to them late at night when I was able to. And I just became fascinated at that point with what you were doing at the Astrology Hub and even more on what eclipses were.

[00:10:03] And um, you know, in my own chart, I’ve had my own experiences with eclipses, which I’ll get to later. But, form of that, um, I, in 2019, I just decided to, after my father, my other parent did pass away. Um, I was there, um, on my own for a period of a couple months trying to take care of repairs, clean out the house, and, um, So the past the time I decided to join the Inner Circle and get access to all the guides and the master classes and, you know, everything I’ve been wanting to kinda explore over the past year, year and a half or so that I hadn’t had the, uh, time or opportunity to do.

[00:10:49] And so that was my introduction to the Inner Circle and, um, Since that point, I’ve watched I think every, or just about every new moon and phone, moon forecast. Because of being in Europe, I wasn’t really able to participate live. But, um, that really doesn’t matter because it’s a worldwide platform. You just go when you can.

[00:11:13] And, um, it’s almost, it’s almost like you’re, you’re being there. There really is no.

[00:11:20] Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh: Wow. Okay. I have several questions, but that, that’s an amazing story. I love that you were exploring, it’s, it’s, oh, it’s almost like because astrology was forbidden. It was probably one of the reasons why when you were younger you were like drawn to it. Right? And then the fact that you, it’s been this like background.

[00:11:42] Curiosity and interest throughout your whole life and that you’ve dipped your toes in and then gone out of it and then dipped back in. I have one question about when you decided to move to Italy and teach English, you said that you, you wanted to honor your Sagittarius Rising nature. Did you know you were doing that at the time?

[00:12:04] Jeff: Um, I had had my first astrological reading and I had always felt. . Um, like I said, I had spent some time there as a religious missionary in the early nineties. Wow. And so I already knew the language. Um, and so I had always had a desire to move back there. So, um, yes, I had, I mean, I’m certainly not as familiar as I am now with, Sagittarius, and, um, you know, the idea of foreign lands and, um, wanderlust and all these associations that come up, with that.

[00:12:35] But, uh, I. I, I was, yes. Somewhat familiar from just the brief descriptions I’ve read that it sounds, well, yes. That sounds like something my boys wanted to do. That sounds like me.

[00:12:47] Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh: Yes. And I love, I love that because what it illustrates is that you don’t have to know. That much in order for astrology to be profoundly helpful.

[00:13:00] Like you basically knew your rising sign and you knew a little about your rising sign, but the difference is that when, I mean, when you learned about it, it resonated so deeply that it made an impact enough for you to almost have permission to right be who you are and, and do what, what you’re wired to do.

[00:13:21] That, that international travel and that exploration

[00:13:24] Jeff: and that adventure. Got it. And. Learning later about the ninth house, you know, I would say Pluto, Uranus, and my, uh, mc all in the ninth house,

[00:13:35] Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh: so, exactly. So then you get the layers. That’s, that’s the way I think of it. It’s like, it’s like layer upon layer upon layer upon layer of nuance and detail that is available to us.

[00:13:46] And at every layer it’s helpful, like at, at every layer, no matter where you’re at in the journey, there’s, there’s pieces that you can understand, that you will understand that will be like that breadcrumb trail that you can follow through through life, so, okay. I love that. Also, I wanted to ask you the, You said that you had been tuning into You tune, you tuned into our Great American Eclipse event, which, uh, to this day in 2017, that event, first of all was one of the, the hardest things that we’ve ever done.

[00:14:20] We did every single day. There was a, a live broadcast in the Eclipse portal, so from New Moon to Full Moon, every single. And it was so intense, but it was also so amazing. And it was one of those events. Yeah. And I was telling Jeff before we went live that I knew we had to do it, but I didn’t know why. It was like very clear.

[00:14:44] Sometimes the instructions I feel from the universe are very, very, very clear. Like, you will do this event. It, it’s, it’s centered around, I mean a lot of it was spirituality. We, we did a meditation every single day, but it was all about how to like anchor. In this really pivotal moment for, for this country really, you know, and for the world as well.

[00:15:07] Anyways, so you found this in 2017 and then you were sort of tuning into some of the podcast episodes and staying in our sphere for a while. You decided to join the Inner Circle in 2019.

Uniqueness of the Inner Circle Experience

[00:15:19] Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh: How have the, how are, in your own perception, how are the new and the Full Moon broadcast or forecast that you get in the inner circle?

[00:15:30] How are they different than just tuning into the podcast? Like, what do you get that’s different or above and beyond that makes you listen to every single one? Which makes me really

[00:15:38] Jeff: happy, by the way. No, I think the thing about that is one is that the intention of the, that you invite as the inner circle guides, it’s not just the presentation of information.

[00:15:51] I mean, there’s a such a spiritual component to that where they. You know, they really try and, observe and, communicate what, you know, the important energies are of that particular moment of both forecasts and basically how your, you know, every, obviously everybody’s chart is different, but as a whole, you know, basically, What are the things that, um, you should be aware of?

[00:16:19] I particularly like the sole assignments, that sense and that it’s something proactive that you can, you know, you can actually do, to participate in that moment. And I, I think that’s, um, one of the things that I really has really drawn and I love about astrology is that, It’s almost a, a marriage in some sense of, of like science and spirituality and, in the sense that there’s, you know, there’s a lot of things you can deep dive about, you know, transits and, you know, solo arcs and house rulers and you can go on and on.

[00:16:52] But, um, there’s also such a spiritual component in that, it’s really kind of.

[00:16:58] A blueprint or a guide or something that, um, sometimes, you know, you can give it any name of who you know, provides that for us. I, I couldn’t tell you, but you know, there’s just something to say that there’s just, , so much and so much synchronicity and so much that resonates that, it just can’t be.

[00:17:20] Hmm.

[00:17:22] Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh: I think Leanne a few weeks ago said, it’s the map of our soul.

[00:17:26] Jeff: Yeah, I agree with that. The map. I agree with that. The map of

[00:17:29] Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh: our soul. Yes, exactly. And, and what Jeff was referring to are the soul work assignments. So basically the astrologers in the inner circle, they’ll, they’ll give us a read of, of the astrological energies, the transit.

[00:17:41] It’s, it’s, it’s very instructional, like you’ll actually learn why they’re saying certain things about certain transits as you listen to these forecasts. But then they also assign what we call soul work assignments, which. Embodiment practices that are based on the energy of that lunar cycle, but they, they give you something tangible to do.

[00:18:03] So it might be like a journal prompt or it might be, might be some sort of exercise like we’ve had some, some lunar cycles where, It’s about getting out of your comfort zone. So we’ll have a sole work assignment of like, go introduce yourself to a stranger or like spark up a conversation with someone that you wouldn’t normally do.

[00:18:22] And you know, it’s just a way to practice getting out of your comfort zone because that’s the larger invitation of that lunar cycle, for example. So, absolutely. I, I love that piece of the membership too, and that has been so important to us that it’s like, let’s, let’s, yes, we’re gonna. But let’s also experience the astrology because when you experience the astrology, you can’t forget it.

[00:18:47] Like once you go through a transit and you’re understanding the energies of that, you, it, it gets like activated in you in a very different way than just learning from your head and memorizing things. It’s a, it’s a whole different level of understanding. So I love that you love that teaching. Yeah. I

[00:19:06] Jeff: truly feel like I’m a participant in the universe.

[00:19:10] Yes. Yes,

[00:19:11] Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh: exactly. We’re by the way, I mean we are, whether or not we know it, so we may as well bring awareness to the fact that we are

[00:19:20] Jeff: right, exactly the conscious

[00:19:21] Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh: participants. There you go. There you go. Okay. All right, so you joined the Inner Circle, so I know the story gets even, even juicier here. So you joined the inner circle.

A Closer Look at Jeff’s Experience

[00:19:31] Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh: In 2019, you tune into all the new and the full move forecasts. You’re starting to feel a part of it. Tell us what’s hap, what happens from

[00:19:38] Jeff: there? Okay. Well, um, I guess if that moment in 2012 with Carmageddon won, this is the secret Carmageddon two

[00:19:50] Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh: after Karma won that. That’s it. You’re like, I went through,

[00:19:54] Jeff: I’ve done it all my whole life. There’s be never worse than the opposition, and then I have my Chiron return.

[00:20:02] Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh: Ooh. Okay. So Chiron return happens around age 50.

[00:20:06] Jeff: Yes. 51 to 53 usually. Okay.

[00:20:09] Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh: Okay, perfect. So you have your, your, your Uranus return in your mid forties.

[00:20:14] Jeff: Yeah. Uranus opposition. Uranus opposition, sorry. 84 years to do the complete run.

[00:20:19] Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh: Yes. Yes. And then you have your, your Chiron return early fifties, and this is the second. This is Carmageddon part two.

[00:20:26] Jeff: This is Carmageddon two. Yes. Ok. Alright. Us the sequel, which was even, even more intense, the sequel . Good.

[00:20:33] Well, um, this has a lot to do with the covid and the lockdown situation. I know so many of us had gone through and caught us completely, unaware. Surprise. I was living in Scotland actually at the time and just moved. Several months prior, and just started a new job, for a, government organization there in Scotland.

[00:20:54] And,

[00:20:54] work was almost like a, not like a vacation, but like a, a, um, Retreat for me in some ways because of the difficulty, I would say in my home situation. But all of a sudden I found myself working from home with someone that was complying to the house 24 hours a day. And I know that, you know, for many, many relationships, those moments were either like make or break moments, I guess.

[00:21:20] So you were

[00:21:21] Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh: still with, you were still with the Italian

[00:21:22] Jeff: woman that you met with? Yes. The Italian woman. Ok, exactly. Mm-hmm. . And, um, so that was a very difficult moment, I guess you could say. First of all, I got covid before I really even knew what Covid was. Coming back from Italy to Scotland in early January of 2020 Um, both of us came down quite sick, but I almost to the point where I had like difficulty breathing and would go to the emergency room and they would, you know, kinda look at me and say, well, we don’t know what’s wrong with you. But here in Scotland we call it the hundred day cough. If you still have your cough after a hundred days.

[00:22:04] This is what the, um, the primary doctor, um, told me, you know, come back and see me. But obviously he’s doing nothing about covid. So it’s thought, well, maybe this is just what life is like Scotland is like you cough all winter long and you have problems breathing cuz you’re coughing so much. but little did I know, um, that, that that’s really what it was with Covid and antibodies and all of.

[00:22:28] And so, um, because of that situation, I had certainly some of the, um, symptoms of long covid, like with the, the tiredness and the difficulty of concentration and, um, all of those issues which may, and then obviously the stress of the situation where that I was living in at the time. And, um, Decisions basically that have been made that the time when my marriage, she was going back to Italy and I was gonna have to make the choice whether to stay in Scotland and try and get by where a job where I was being in a struggle because of the issues.

[00:23:09] Even though I enjoyed and felt I was doing important work there. Or to follow her back to Italy. And um, this is actually a moment where I consulted a astrologer and had a horror reading about it.

[00:23:24] Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh: Can you just briefly explain what horror astro, of course, yes.

[00:23:28] Why you chose that reading in this particular situation?

[00:23:31] Jeff: Yes, because, so Aary reading is where they basically look at the chart of the moment that you ask a question, and it’s almost like, um, a divination type of scenario, like you would use a tarot card spread. So you want to answer a question.

[00:23:48] And this case it was, um, should I stay at my job in Scotland or should I follow my wife back to. Mm. And, um, let’s say in this case it was very clear, um, that to stay in Scotland work would be Venus in the night house, which is actually, you know, um, something that you would like to see. It’s, it means you’re, you’re gonna have a lot of, learning.

[00:24:13] You’re gonna have, you know, a charming type of, beautiful type situation. Or I could go to Mars in the sixth house if I were to go back to.

[00:24:23] Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh: Whoa. Interesting. So how did you interpret Mars in the sixth house

[00:24:27] Jeff: Mars? In the sixth house? Obviously there’d been that time all been kind of years of conflict. That it would just be kinda like the general daily conflict stress of a situation of, two people that had very different interests and, um, Personalities and, some cultural, I mean, differences as well that, um, were not, were letting us mesh very well.

[00:24:54] And I say in this case, I chose to purposely ignore the astrology to my, um, great. What I did, I did, I felt, I dunno, I, I just felt, um, I had to. You know, I guess being a, a tar something can, we can be very stubborn about things and I just wanted to say that I had given absolutely everything I got, even though I was very clear from both my own feelings and from the astrology that it probably wasn’t gonna work out but, Basically.

[00:25:30] Okay. I was, so, it was

[00:25:31] Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh: a confirmation. I was so thinking this story was gonna be, you went with Venus in the ninth

[00:25:35] Jeff: and No, no, I went with Mars in the sixth and it all worked out exactly as, the astrologer who gave me this reading said it would, so I went back to Italy and, um, you know, with the vac uh, the story, with the vaccinations and, um, Wife to them was very anti-vaccination, which led to a lot of complications.

[00:26:00] Um, because you needed, I think similar to America, you know, passes to go into situations. And I ended up having to do, do it for, um, work I was doing in schools. Um, but it was very, yes, it was very much that Mars in the six house situation, constant stress, constant turmoil, constant such. And then I ended up.

[00:26:23] Deciding to separate, to go take this job. Um, teaching English at a set of public schools in a, in another town in Italy, a couple hours away. And again, when I was in that situation, and this was in November, 2021, right. When the nodes, were shifting into Terrace and Scorpio and. I should mention my chart rulers in Scorpion.

[00:26:50] I have a lot, I have my son, mercury and Saturn and TAUs and my ex-wife, soon be ex-wife had Scorpio, moon and Scorpio rising. So we, there was a lot of dynamics there. And so this was both hitting our, our charts really hard. We separated, um, but the tension not in the sea, I guess if things could.

[00:27:13] Improved upon in some way, or I know I was, I was just a situation that was unlivable for me at that point. And as I was doing that, um, I’d come home in the evenings to the small apartment and feel very kinda isolated, alone. At that point,

Finding Connection & Relationship through Astrology

[00:27:28] Jeff: the inner circle was moving to a new platform called Mighty Networks that allowed a whole different way of engagement that I wasn’t able to do with Facebook And I am introduced myself, um, uh, mighty Networks and made a few connections and started talking a little to people. But, um, mainly I was looking for someone to, just kind of share my love and passion and astrology with. And, um, one of the people that responded to my, introduction, um, also lived in Europe and we, became.

[00:28:05] Quite close, I guess you could say. And, started having long astrological conversations that would go well into the night. And, uh, texting back and forth about transit, sharing our opinions, looking at our charts. You know, it was really interesting to get to know somebody, at that kind of level really before you had met them or knew them as a person.

[00:28:31] But, um, you know, now that I have gotten to know her, obviously it, she’s turned out to be, you know, exactly what I would’ve predicted with her chart. And like, you know, we have a lot of things like her moons, trying my moon and, you know, we have, so we have our venuses are in the same sign. And so we have a lot of these similar things that would show levels of compatibility.

[00:28:59] I didn’t even tell this part of the story where one of my very interesting dives into astrology was because my first two wives all, both had their birthdays within two weeks of each other. Wow. And so there was psychologically, yes. I know there’s these psychological reasons that you choose partners, but I’ve, I see so many similarities between what I experienced in my first marriage and what I experienced in my second marriage, that there’s just gotta be something more here in chance.

[00:29:30] And so, yeah, I, I did, and it, a lot of it probably turned out to be with the fact that. They’re both, they had Mars and Saturn in the north node conjuncted areas where I have both my Chiron and my IDs. Whoa.

[00:29:46] Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh: Interesting. So your past and your deepest wound. Yes. Right. Like the IC being your, like where you’ve come from essentially.

[00:29:55] Right. And then,

[00:29:57] Jeff: and you said yes or, and your home environment as well, and

[00:30:01] Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh: your home, your foundation, and then your deepest wound. Wow. That is, that’s magical. I mean, I mean that’s just like talk Carmageddon is the right, absolutely. The right term, right? Because that’s showing like some of your karmic patterning and you were choosing similar partners to play out.

[00:30:23] Some sort of, yes.

[00:30:24] Jeff: Eventually from a very similar family situation with, uh, controlling an abusive parent that I would always try to placate and be the, you know, people pleaser and the, you know, um, the one that would try to maintain order and, you know, and so that really was a pattern I was playing out.

[00:30:43] Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh: Okay. Did you graduate? Like is this, is, is is your new , but what, what’s her like configuration? Is it, is it very different?

[00:30:52] Jeff: It is completely different. Okay, good. Yes. And um, she, she’s also an Inner Circle member. Obviously. She, I won’t let her, she can out herself if she wants to. Oh, I’ve got, I’m so, but um, yes, we, I mean, like I said, we.

[00:31:10] Um, even though there is an age difference by, um, a number of years, um, you know, I mean from the moment we meant it was just like, just one synchronicity after, you know, another, just, um, so much in common. We’re both very intellectual and she has, um, both are. Rising and, uh, moon in, um, Libra, which is another air sign, I have a lot of air energy as well.

[00:31:39] She has, um, her son and other plants in cancer, which is, you know, it’s a lot of my tar energy goes very well. And so, um, yeah, it was completely different from what I had experienced, in those first two relationships. I mean, knowing the person is different than knowing the chart, but you really, it really, you really do get to know a lot about a person from their chart.

[00:32:02] to say for

[00:32:03] Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh: sure, I mean, especially when you, I think that in relationships, people can go either way. Like they can use the astrology to sort. Put, put their partner in a box or like limit their partner. But if you, if you know the, the range of expressions and, you know, the, the, the, mm. I wanna say I, I’ll give it an example.

[00:32:29] Like Leo, for example, gets a bad rap of, you know, wanting to hog the spotlight and being all about themselves and, you know, all that. But when you understand the, the deeper. Why for the outer expression, right? So people see them in the spotlight and assume that that’s because they want it. But from what I’ve learned from all of our amazing astrologers is that oftentimes it’s that they know that spot needs to be filled.

[00:32:57] And they know they can do it. Like they’re, they know that a leader needs to step up and they know that they can do it. So they don’t always want to, but they, but. But they know they can and they know it’s needed. So they do. You know, so I think that, that if you are approaching astrology and you’re understanding that the, the deeper motivation behind some of the outward expression that it could, it’s absolutely helpful because you’re, yeah, go ahead.

[00:33:24] Yeah. Oh,

[00:33:25] Jeff: no. Yeah, you’re right. It’s important not to pigeonhole someone based on their astrology and say like, oh, Scorpios are bad, or All Geminis are bad. I mean, that’s, that’s not, that’s not true. Every sign has, um, it’s, you know, it’s bright side and its shadow side. And, um, it’s all basically how it’s worked with, and we’re all giving different, I guess you could say tests or different challenges in life.

[00:33:52] , and they’re unique to us in that sense. And it’s all based on what the. What’s written, I guess, in the Stars? You know what, what the cosmic science is is saying are unique challenges. My, obviously of mine was centered a lot around self-worth, a lot around the body because of my situation. Sun conjunct my Saturn.

[00:34:14] I’ve had weight issues up in my back and forth my whole life. Um, and learning to deal with that. And obviously my health issues now as well. Uh, but you know, everybody has their own unique challenges and that’s a beautiful thing about astrology is that, we, uh, we all have the right challenges, seems to help us to learn and grow the most.

[00:34:35] And, um, what is that saying? If you could take all your problems and give them to someone else and they would give you yours, then you immediately take yours back. It’s kind of that idea. I mean, we we’re all. Have what we have in our charts because this what’s right for us. Oh

[00:34:53] Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh: my gosh. So this is, this is truly an astrological love story.

[00:34:57] I love this. Yes, you could say that So much. So you have found, and, and how great for you both that you can share this passion on such a. I, I mean, I’d love that you’re up texting about transits and like so cute that this is like where the connection is and I mean, there’s so much to explore within that.

[00:35:18] I can, I can absolutely see it. So now what, so you’re, you’ve, you’ve fallen in love with someone in the inner circle who remains unnamed. Um, maybe someday she’ll agree to come on the podcast and you two can,

[00:35:32] Jeff: can talk to this for sure. So, um, yes.

[00:35:38] Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh: Okay. You’re, you’re invited officially.

[00:35:40] Jeff: Okay. So let’s make sure she, she knows the invitation there.

[00:35:44] Yes.

[00:35:44] Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh: Well, I just invited. I’m sure we’d all love to meet her.

Prioritizing Love & Acceptance of Self

[00:35:47] Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh: And, and I mean, I think the thing that’s so cool about this, I’m sure a lot of people out there are like, oh, wow, that would be so amazing. Because we do often share this love of astrology in a silo. You know, the people, uh, many people I talk to, they, they don’t have people in their lives who they can.

[00:36:05] Share this with, and it really does become a passion. It becomes, it’s, it’s almost like a romance. Romance in and of itself. You know, you fall in love with astrology, but really you’re falling in love with yourself. You’re falling in love with the universe. You’re falling in love with life

[00:36:19] Jeff: you said something . Really important there, that you fall in love with yourself and I, I, I believe that is the ultimate goal with, like, when I said my whole depth, looking at the, um, parts of. The relationships I was in. But in the end, you know, it was my chart, it was my energy, it was myself that I had to fall in love with, to draw in this person that, um, could relate to those qualities.

[00:36:45] And as long as I was not loving myself or putting on my energy, trying to make other people happy, keep their worlds, the way they wanted them, then. I probably never would’ve been in that situation where I could have, met this person that echoed so many similar things in my chart.

[00:37:05] Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh: Ah, yes.

[00:37:07] And do you, do you feel, well, let, let me back up one sec. It’s the reason why the community is such a core piece of what we do is because there’s so many people out there like yearning to be in a pool or like, you know, in a. In a stream of people who they can talk about this with because it’s, it’s, it is so juicy.

[00:37:28] It is so endless. It is so inspiring. And there’s really the, and, and a lot of it is, is bouncing it off. People like, I see this, what do you see? You know, this is happening, that I’m going through this transit. Has anybody else gone through this? Tell me about your experience. So much of it is in learning through each other’s stories.

[00:37:45] Yes. Let me ask you this, so you said that it is, has been a story of falling in love with yourself. When you were sort of denying these aspects of yourself, you were also drawing in partners that didn’t really, they didn’t really match with your energy, they didn’t match with you with who you are, but you weren’t allowing yourself to be who you are.

[00:38:07] So Of course, why would it match? Right.

How Astrology Changed Jeff’s Life

[00:38:10] Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh: How do you feel now? Like. How has this shifted the way you, you move through the world, the way that you experience your day-to-day reality? How is life now?

[00:38:22] Jeff: Uh, it’s completely changed. Hundred 80 degrees in that sense? Well, I mean, you could look at it in one way and then I’m, um, basically only working part-time in the moment doing cleaning services in a jet, in a health center .

[00:38:37] As things get settled here, staying with my sister at the moment until the divorce is final and all that. On the outside, it may look like my life has completely falling apart. on the inside, it feels completely different. I feel completely at peace. I feel like I’m finally able to, um, express and be the person I’ve always wanted me.

[00:38:58] I feel like I have the insight that I’ve gained, from knowing so much astrology and from everything I’ve learned in the inner community and particularly, from sharing so much with this. We call ourselves ourselves, Astro buddies. Oh, that’s so cute. This is with, um, my dear Astro buddy about the situation that, it feels, you know, I’ve never been happier in my life.

[00:39:24] God,

[00:39:24] Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh: I love what you just said. From the outside, it might look like my life is falling apart, but from the inside I’m happier than I’ve ever been. I’m more at peace than I’ve ever been. I, I mean. That, that’s the thing is, is, is with the Karma gins. Is it can look like that. And, and probably the first time you went through your carmageddon it probably felt like that too.

[00:39:45] Like it probably felt it

[00:39:46] Jeff: did. Well it did. During the process of going through both. Yes, it did feel really heavy. Um, and there are some Pluto urine aspect as well, which normally do feel heavy, but, uh, yes. Um, as. That’s the great thing about the astrology is you can always look and say, well, this moment’s gonna pass.

[00:40:05] This is not my whole life. I’m not, I honestly am not sure that I can say that I would be here with you without astrology, because sometimes I was so deeply depressed about my situation, but I could always go to astrology and say, you know, this moment is here for a reason. What can I learn from this moment?

[00:40:24] You know, this is important karma that I have to learn from. I mean, all these insights and obviously like it, that it’s, it’s not forever. All these insights I never would’ve had without astrology.

[00:40:35] Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh: Oh my gosh. You’re, you’re confirming another like hypothesis that I have had, which is that astrology can be literally life saving.

[00:40:46] Not just life changing, but life saving. Because what you just described there is that it gave you a context for why you were going through what you were going through. It gave you purpose, it gave you a guiding light, and it gave you a timeframe. That’s so big when you’re in those moments that feel so oppressive and so just hard, you know?

[00:41:11] And heavy and tedious. Knowing, I, I, I was the same way, Jeff, and it’s still continuing. You know, as I go through different waves and different transits, it’s like, okay, this is like, even at the time in my, my, my first carmageddon, it was at least a two, three year period. And, and the astrologer could tell me that, and that seemed both like excruciating, but also gave me hope because it was like, one of the thoughts that’s the most crushing in those moments is this is the way it’s always gonna.

[00:41:43] Like, this is how I’m always gonna feel. I’m always gonna be depressed, or I’m always gonna be alone, or I’m always gonna be whatever it is. So, wow, amazing.


[00:41:57] Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh: I’m so grateful that you, just so you all know, I said to our inner circle members, are there any of you that have gone through a big transit? That have a story to tell?

[00:42:08] Like are there any of you who are willing to share a story of transformation that you’ve gone through and where astrology has helped you through that time? I was flooded with stories. It was awesome. I was like, I was thinking maybe a couple people might say yes, but I, I was flooded with stories and so I would, if, if you all find this interesting, I would love to make these stories of transformation a regular part of our podcast.

[00:42:35] Schedule because first of all, I love it so much. I get to meet all these incredible individuals that are a part of our community, and also I think there’s inspiration in here for all of us. To, to just, that’s certainly for me, right? I mean, and there’s someone out there going, God, I’m in my carmageddon and, and Jeff’s story has just given me hope that AI can come through it.

[00:42:55] B, I can come through it better than ever and c, maybe I’ll find love

[00:42:58] Jeff: like your astro buddy on in the inner her circle.

[00:43:04] Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh: You too can meet your astro buddy. I love it. Jeff, thank you so much for being here and for sharing this with us. It has been such a pleasure to meet you. And just it, it’s just been an honor to have this glimpse into your world and to hear more of your story.

[00:43:17] Thank you for sharing.

[00:43:19] Jeff: It’s been my pleasure. Amanda. Thank you for everything you’re doing. Like I said, you literally are not just helping lives you. I think you really, the work, you and all of the team and the as soldier are doing are, I think are literally saving Mm.

[00:43:32] Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh: Wow. It’s kind of breathtaking.

[00:43:35] Thank you, Jeff. Um, and for any of you who wanna be a part of this inner circle, we would love to have you. We would just love to share these experiences with you, and we really do journey together. It’s like we, I always think of us on this canoe and we’re, we’re rowing our boats together. There’s lots of canoes out there, so sometimes some of us are in stormier seas than others.

[00:44:01] Sometimes some of us are ahead of, of the other boats and can, can say, Hey, like over here there’s, there’s clearer waters, or I have a different perspective I can give you as I’m navigating this patch of the ocean. And together it’s, it just, it, it, it feels like you have a support network and you do. So if you are interested in that, if you feel like that could be beneficial in your life, if you would love to.

[00:44:27] Have a cyclical way to stay in tune with the astrology, to have an opportunity to go deeper with the astrologer teachers that you meet here on the podcast that you fall in love with, you get to actually engage with them in the community. You can ask questions, you can really, um, Get to be a part of, of their teachings in a, in a new way, at at a deeper level.

[00:44:53] Um, all this is available to you. We would love to have you in the inner circle. Now is definitely the time to join if you’re even remotely on the fence about it. Jump in, see if you like it. If you don’t, you can leave it any time. It’s

[00:45:07] Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh: astrology Jeff, is there anything you’d wanna say in, in closing or in parting or just if, if there’s anything you would say to someone who’s out there who’s thinking about joining the inner circle, but still not sure or just anything in general.

[00:45:24] Jeff: I, I would say, um, you know, take the dance what you have to lose. Whatever you do, don’t, don’t, you know, give up hope if you’re in a tough moment, if you’re in a tough relationship, if you think things are never gonna change, you know. Astrology can help you. It can really give you a sense of that guidance and the hope you’re looking for.

[00:45:42] So take a chance.

[00:45:45] Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh: Thank Perfect. Beautiful. Such a pleasure. Thank you, Jeff, for coming and sharing your story. I really appreciate And thanks to all of you for tuning in. Thank you for being here, for being a part of our community. Thank you for loving astrology, but like as we identify today, thank you for loving your.

[00:46:08] Enough to be curious and to ask the questions, and to be open and to receive the guidance. I I truly believe that the right people at the right time are hearing the right words. And so I hope that that is you today here, and I just thank you for being a part of our community, and I can’t wait to catch you on the next episode.

[00:46:27] I’d love to connect with you in the inner circle if that’s part of your path. If not, we’ll be here every week chairing astrological guidance and wisdom and stories. All the things that that you love here at Astrology Hub. So thanks for being a part of it. And Jeff, see you in the inner circle. I’ll be there.

[00:46:45] Take care everyone.

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