Finding Hidden Talents + Where’s This Relationship Going?

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Astrologers Jamie Magee and Clarissa Dolphin Answer Questions About Love & Hidden Talents

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[00:00:00] Joe: All right, we are live. Welcome everybody. Um, if you don't know me, my name is Joji. I'm Astrology Hubs podcast producer, and now I'm the host of this very show, which used to be the, reading Bonanza, and now it's getting a little bit of a facelift, and it's now called the Instant Insights. Live show. So welcome everybody.

[00:00:25] If you don't know how the show works, it basically the name already explains it. We'll be taking your questions live in the chat, so either if you're watching it on Facebook or on YouTube, you can send in your questions. And each week, every Wednesday we'll be back here, with a different topic and, and we'll be addressing your questions around that topic with two of our, astrologer connect astrologists.

[00:00:50] Today I have with me Clarissa Dolphin and Jamie McGee, or a dearest astrology. Have favorites and I'll read a little bit about them if you don't know them already. So, Clarissa is a certified astrologer. Shaman, Keeler Tarot, diviner, Reiki master, and a writer based in la. She's cited as a neological expert in the New York Times.

[00:01:13] Her work is featured in various publications like The Career Astrologer, dirty Laundry, white Hot, broccoli City Notion, and Faint. And she's also currently the president of esr. Congrats, Clarissa. And Jamie is of course, the host of Star Sign Horoscopes, and now the co-host of the Weekly Weather.

[00:01:33] She's been practicing astrology for over a decade. She's also a prolific writer, she's written over 20 novels, and she blends traditional and modern techniques in her astrological practice. Hi, Jamie.

[00:01:48] Jamie: Hi, Joe. Hi, Clarissa.

[00:01:50] Joe: Hello. Hello. Hi. To be here. Oh my God, I'm so excited. Before we get started, I actually did want to, let you guys know that, you can get text notifications whenever we go live next so you don't miss an episode.

[00:02:03] And you can get your questions answered right away. A lot of people came in before we went live and already sent their birth data and all their information. And like a little insider tip, if you do that, it's almost guaranteed that your question will be get, get covered cuz we need some prep time before, uh, we can get these rolling.

[00:02:23] And the link to do that is

[00:02:25] Joe: astrology live. So again, it's as stro live. We just button in your, phone number and we'll text you whenever. We're at live next. All right. Claressa, Jamie, how are you feeling today? Pretty good.

[00:02:43] Clarissa: I'm excited.

[00:02:44] Joe: Nice. We talked about, a little bit before we entered, the live, about like love readings and also readings about like your hidden qualities and superpowers and all these things.

[00:02:55] And I just wanted to hear from you guys, like, do you guys get those questions a lot, on a shoulder connect? How, how do you like them? Are they your favorites or are they like, How do you feel about those questions?

[00:03:07] Clarissa: It's kind of interesting for me because those are actually my standard questions period.

[00:03:12] In my whole entire practice. I typically, magnetize clients who are having some type of spiritual awakening and or are, could be like literal practitioners and people always ask about relationships in my practice.

[00:03:29] Joe: Nice. What about you, Jamie?

[00:03:31] Kind

[00:03:31] Jamie: of the polar opposite. I mean, I think, you know, I attract.

[00:03:35] I think I've, I've handled almost every kind of question, knock going one that I can imagine, but I usually, attract or magnetize more entrepreneur chip people my way. Someone who's getting ready to like end one chapter, launch another one, or kind of jump off into their life. Sometimes the empty nesters, sometimes, like I'm at my Saturn return.

[00:03:53] What do I do? What, where's my purpose? Is this what's in alignment with me? And you know, relationships do come into that when it comes to your boss or your family or you know, how that'll impact it. But all questions are definitely welcome. I just tend to work with those that are like, ready for a brand new adventure and they're trying to navigate how to engage it, positively and make sure their karmic loops are closed and opened well.

[00:04:16] Joe: Nice. Awesome. Mm-hmm. And of course, if you guys want to book a reading with both Clarissa and Jamie, you can do so on our, reading platform Astrologer Connect. And the link to do that is

[00:04:26] Joe: astrologer Or you can go straight to, Clarissa's profile by going to

[00:04:33] Joe: astrologer connect.

[00:04:35] And Jamie's is of course,

[00:04:37] Joe: connect.

Can I Monetize My Spiritual Gifts?

[00:04:40] Joe: All right, so let's get to some of the questions you already have, some set aside.

[00:04:45] So with that said, I know the Clarissa has a chart ready and I think that was Julia, correct. Yes. All right. So Julia asks, yay. Uh, you ladies are wonderful. I would love to know about my spiritual gifts and if I can't create a career from them, such as Reiki healing, all right, Clarissa, the floor is yours.

[00:05:11] Clarissa: Okay. Well, I want to respond to you, Julia, by confirming yes. There you can absolutely. Create a career from your spiritual gifts. And I'd actually like to break down in a little bit more detail what the astrology is alluding to as your spiritual gifts.

[00:05:28] Number one, you have the planetary configuration for divination. You've got Mercury Neptune, mercury Neptune as a planetary pair. It's what astrologers have, it's what any type of diviner has. You have it in the 11th Harmonic. For those of you that don't know, I am an A harmonic astrologer, so I might be using language that isn't common.

[00:05:53] So the 11th Harmonic. Is really fast. So it's like insatiable restlessness. It's, it's like entropy. It's like, ah. But in your case, when you've got a Mercury Venus, Neptune in the 11th Harmonic, that means that you get signs, symbols and are able to express them super fast. Like before you can like, It might take most people a long time to verbalize what these things mean, but you can just shoot 'em out, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom.

[00:06:27] So that's one of, uh, one of your many spiritual talents. And so with divination, and this is important for you, Julia, because there are other parts in your chart that doesn't say the same thing With divination, you can probably, actually enter the scene and enter the, the cur. This as a profession, really quite rapidly.

[00:06:51] You're not necessarily gonna have to train as hard as most people. I would recommend modern astrology, like something like what I would practice, not traditional astrology, because 11th harmonic is very, very futuristic. It's modern, it's now it's fast. So in terms of other spiritual gifts, You've got Saturn, Neptune all over the place.

[00:07:11] Saturn, Neptune is quite different from that Mercury, Neptune Venus in the 11th Harmonic and that Saturn, Neptune performs rituals. And so for you, you've got, uh, Saturn, Neptune, and the eighth Harmonic. A harmonic is like, Basically just how you operate on a normal level. It's almost like breathing, just base functionality.

[00:07:36] So for you, you've got a Moon, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto in the eighth Harmonic. In terms of spiritual gifts, that's actually quite monastic. It's totally different like in, in pacing, and it has the ability to go in and be like in a cave in the dark. Uh, really connecting on a deep meditative level. So for you, what I'm seeing in your chart is like super fast div a nation, the ability to do that, and also this deeper monastic type of, of ritualistic lifestyle where you're going in and you're really deep, um, et cetera.

[00:08:21] Finally, in your 13th p on it, you've got, uh, Venus. Uranus Venus, Uranus is it's sex, music, dance, but it is also found in energy healing. So like reiki healers, like the theta healers for you. You've got, uh, it with Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto. So that's the ability to, to really shake things up. I think you might, You might have the ability to actually deal with dark energies, if you will, or people who are stuck and they need to remix something.

[00:08:56] Also in the 13th Harmonic, which is seeking singularity, it's seeking specialists. This is indicative that you might. Ultimately out of your monastic training and, and connecting meditatively, and through these instant downloads that you get, plus the energy healing, you're likely to create your own type of energy healing eventually.

[00:09:21] And if you have any other questions, I'm happy to a, to answer them, but at this point, I think that gives like a cool little, summation and I hope that answers most of your question,

[00:09:32] Joe: Julia. Yeah, I'd love to hear from Julia in the comments of how that's resonating. Oh, uh, actually she just sent, sent a message.

[00:09:41] She said it's resonating so much. I constantly struggle between finding balance between the two. Right. Do you have any follow up questions? Julia, please uh, leave it in the comments. Jamie, do you have anything to add or any thoughts?

[00:09:57] Jamie: No, I think that's brilliant. I always love watching Clarissa kind of bring in the harmonics.

[00:10:01] It's just a very fascinating way to tie another, another layer into the chart end. So, awesome job, Clarissa. Loved

[00:10:06] Joe: it. Yeah. That's so cool.

Will I Meet People that Facilitate Financial Growth?

[00:10:09] Joe: All right. So I think we also have another question. I think Jamie has set that chart aside. That one came from Lease Soli, and I hope I'm saying this right, but the question is, will I meet people that facilitate more financial growth in my life?

[00:10:29] I would like to be more financially independent. Um, so Jamie, the floor's yours.

[00:10:35] Jamie: Oh, thanks Joe. So, um, Lisa, I can understand as an Aries why you would really be seeking that independence in your life. You kind of wanna go your own way and sometimes, you know, one thing they'll tell you that you don't really read often about Aries is they do.

[00:10:50] Kind of tend to be people pleasers, but when I say that, it's like, you know, I need to go my way, so I'm gonna agree with you so I can go off in my own direction. And I think that that might be kind of happening when it comes to this topic of trying to find that independence that you want, but also make sure that you're in harmony with people, that you hold close to your life.

[00:11:09] And, and I'm just thinking about this when I look at your charges, because you have, um, your moon sign is right with your rising sign. It's in Sagittarius. And just the way that the energy works tells me that you're pretty nurturing. Because this is, this leads back to, um, cancer, the archetype of cancer in the seventh house of your chart.

[00:11:26] So I understand that you're probably very independent, but also very conscious of those in your life, which is, makes it a hard dynamic to live with. Now, in the upcoming transits that we have right now, I do think you have some opportunities to find that independence, but I don't think that it's gonna be solely by yourself.

[00:11:42] And what I mean by that is that you're gonna look for a way to be. Independent inside of a mutual relationship to bring in that financial support. So it could be that you are independently investing in something like a shared wealth, a loan, or a resource or a legacy that really helps bring more independent wealth towards you.

[00:12:01] And I would think that Saturn's probably made, um, obtaining wealth and self-expression a little bit challenging over the last. Five-ish years, but that's gonna start to lighten up a little bit, especially as you move into the summer. I do think you have a lot of good opportunities to invest or, to co-create positively with someone else.

[00:12:19] Now just remember to try to keep your emotions out of it as much as you can. Know that if you, people please, you're gonna set yourself back, um, and to look for that independence, inside that moment. Every, every partnership, every moment of your life. I hope that

[00:12:33] Joe: helps. Nice. And Lee, please, let us know in the comments how much that's resonating.

[00:12:40] All right. We can jump to the next question unless, Clarissa has any thoughts on Lisa's question as well? Nope.

[00:12:48] Clarissa: Just mutual respect for Jamie killing it. I love the stuff she was saying about Aries too.

[00:12:54] Joe: Nice. Awesome.

What Are My Hidden Talents & Gifts?

[00:12:55] Joe: So the next question that we had came from.

[00:13:01] , I think it was Steven, so Steven asks, I'd love to know my hidden talents and gifts. Clarissa, go for it. All

[00:13:08] Clarissa: right, Steven, so this is a challenging question. I love challenges. Why is it a challenge?

[00:13:14] Because you've got a lot of gifts and most of them are obvious. So I actually had to, for your hidden gift, And talents. So let's talk about that. Let's, how I'd like to do this is I'd like to juxtapose your hidden gifts with your obvious gifts that the whole world sees. So in terms of the obvious gifts, you've got Sun, moon, Mars, Pluto, uh, conjunct lunar nodes in your eighth harmonic and in your ninth harmonic of community and healing.

[00:13:46] You've got Moon, Mars, sun, moon, Mars. So very obviously, And you've also got a Sun Saturn lunar North note. Very obviously, your dynamic as in a force of nature who can overhaul projects, who can get stuff done, do laborious things, make a big impact in the community like you can. If there's something hard to do, it's like, okay, let's see if Steven can actually do it.

[00:14:13] Typically Mars, Pluto type of stuff is like backbreaking labor. So there's a lot of like community pillar support. However, and this is, this is so fun to analyze because some of your highest harmonics. Are seventh harmonic based, that's hidden. I'm gonna explain, um, in, in a little bit. Yeah. Yeah. You have so many obvious gifts, Steven.

[00:14:38] We all know. Absolutely. Okay, so your top harmonic. One of your top harmonics is 28, 7 times four, and then you also have seven. Seventh Harmonic is focused discipline. Some nuance and some characteristics around Seventh Harmonic is, I like to tell my students that it's, it's like a chest cavity that's closed.

[00:15:01] It's everything that's internal. It's the internal you that most people don't see. And it's, it's quiet, it's intuitive, it's meditative, it's profound, it's deep. It's not surface at all. There's, there's a lot of depth to the seventh harmonics. So for you, you've got some interesting stuff going on cuz you've got Venus, Saturn, Neptune, moon, Venus, Saturn.

[00:15:25] Few things about that. Venus Saturn typically I see often it's resonant with nature, like the true elements, et cetera. So I would look at this and be like, Plant whisperer or like literally, or you know, dog whisperer and, or just like a very, very deep and profound resonant connection with nature. What's being pruned, what's, what's adjusting, et cetera, et cetera.

[00:15:54] And being very meditative with it. If you haven't already, you know, gone into farming horticulture or, or biology in some ways I would. Uh, encourage you to do that. There's some type of mastery that you have with the meditative arts. The healing arts, um, particularly when it it comes to, to connecting with nature.

[00:16:18] It's almost, and literally it's almost like you can speak to it because you've got a Mercury, Venus, moon, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto, uh, in your 28th Harmonic. So there's some type of like active connection and bridge, and a lot of this is silent. I don't know if a lot of people know this about you or if this is, this is your connection with nature on this profound level is actually, uh, exposed.

[00:16:44] So that's, that's kind of what I see as, um, one of your many hidden talents.

[00:16:52] Joe: Oh my God. I love how it goes. Steven is just like, I know. I have so many obvious gifts. Please own that Steven. Oh, and Steven just put uh, another comb app. I love to plant flowers and I have a couple avocado trees as well. Oh my God, that's awesome.

[00:17:10] Oh man, that's so sweet.

My Daughter Has Estranged Me for 3 Years. Is This Due to Uranus Transiting my Moon?

[00:17:11] Joe: I did see a, a little question over here, and I think that that will be a, a nice little intermission for us to, to have like a, a nice sort of like, Big picture chat.

[00:17:22] Somebody, put in the chat. So my daughter has strained me for the last three years. She doesn't tell me what the reason is. My immune is in 19 degrees Taurus. Could that have been because of the Uranus transit? Um, she didn't send us the full birth information, but I was wondering like, uh, would you guys associate a Uranus transit to the moon as something that could cause something like that?

[00:17:48] Do you have any thoughts?

[00:17:50] Jamie: . I, I think that that could definitely be a contributor. I, I, I also have like a lot more questions like, so.

[00:17:57] My moon is 19 degrees Taurus. I'm curious where your daughter's moon is, where your suns sign is because the Taurus access, we have had Uranus there, but we've also had, um, a couple of things happening. We've had the eclipses there over the last 18 months, and then we've had Saturn for the last two and a half years squaring this axis.

[00:18:16] So that could bring a lot of boundaries. Moon sign does, you can't attribute to children, but I would also look to, I would wanna know. You know, where the ruler of your fifth house is, some of the other, um, patterns, if this has happened with you and your mother, any other relationships with females?

[00:18:30] It's happened, but it, I mean, I wouldn't rule it out, but I probably would think that there's a couple other things that would trigger, um, an

[00:18:38] Joe: estrangement. Right. Yeah. What about you, Clarissa? Do you have any thoughts on like, Uranus, moon connections in the chart and what that can point to?

[00:18:48] Clarissa: Absolutely. I love all the stuff that Jamie pointed to and I feel like depending on a Uranus moon, like the type of estrangement that that would cause, cuz there's multiple aspects can cause similar effects, but for different reasons.

[00:19:05] Moon, Uranus estrangement is I need my freedom. It's like, okay, like I cannot be locked down anymore. Typically, I see often when in, in terms of estrangement and it's a, a pattern that trips me out as well, though Moon Saturn, that's an estrangement pattern that just cuts things off. Saturn, Pluto just cuts things off as well with Moon, Uranus type of estrangement.

[00:19:29] I think that there is kind of more of a potential to, to reestablish a connection once somebody feels like they're liberated enough and, and they're, they get it out of their system. But to Jimmy's point, there's so many other things that could be contributing to, to this, and that's why, you know, uh, astrology is so important.

[00:19:50] And to have like a level of like astrology readings. Professional readings because then we can see the exact thing Z or things, cuz it could be multiple that are contributing to the situation.

[00:20:05] Joe: Right. Yeah. And, and I, I think that that's also often like a common mistake that, that we can make, that we, we try to blame, like the one thing in the chart that is causing something to happen, but more often than not, it's like a, a huge multitude of things interweaving with each other and causing something to happen or.

[00:20:23] Not really causing something to happen, but kind of like collaborating for the, the events to kind of unfold. So if you'd like to get a full fledged reading, of course you can go to astrology and you can book with Jamie Clarissa and a whole bunch of other Astrologies as well, including myself.

What Are Your Insights on a Magical Connection I Had Last Year?

[00:20:41] Joe: All right. I think we can go to maybe Kathleen next.

[00:20:46] So Kathleen asks, would you please share your insights on the relationship that is developing with a man?

[00:20:52] I had a brief, magical connection with last year.

[00:20:58] Jamie: Oh, okay. So it's one of those. I like your question. I would love to have, I would have more questions to answer that question too. Like, so if you, it was brief last year, but the relationship is developing now. So would this be a ghost that's kind of coming back like a near miss that's showing up again?

[00:21:14] Or have you been cultivating their relationship this entire time? And I would be curious if this happened around the fall, last fall. Like if it came up back again, this spring happened last fall, or the following spring before that, because I think it would be a little bit of an eclipse kind of energy, which would bring in some karma, uh, pattern.

[00:21:33] And uh, I feel like that that's a little bit likely just because where we find, um, what we love without reason or condition or passions in your chart was ruled by one of the planets. Um, that have to do with the eclipses, which is Mars and Scorpio, and you've been really, whatever this relationship is, it's been drawing you towards something that's more grounded, more visible, kind of like the Garden of Eden, where you're able to kind of soak in all those veian things.

[00:21:58] I do think you may be hitting a couple of roadblocks though, because Saturn is in play when it comes to this in your needle chart and Saturns just making sure that you have your. I doted your t's crossed that there's a maturity to this, that we know where our healthy boundaries are. Um, we don't want our current relationship to pay for the sins of our past relationship, and that's on both sides.

[00:22:20] So that might be some things that are coming up, um, overall and, uh, yeah, I, any more insight that. It can be offered. I'd love to. I would comment more on it, but that's what I have to off that question

[00:22:33] Joe: so far. Yeah. So Kathleen also added that, um, last May, um, I think the beginning of last May, um, they started communicating and they've been communicating all

[00:22:45] Jamie: along like 2023 this year.

[00:22:49] This year

[00:22:50] Joe: last May. So that would be 2022, may of 2022. Okay.

[00:22:55] Jamie: Yeah, I do think that's more eclipse. Even if it was this year, it would still be kind of an eclipse kind of energy. It's just you're wrapping up a story and I mean, th this is, this might be something similar that have happened. Maybe a similar pattern or a theme could have happened with the last time we had these eclipses and this access too.

[00:23:11] So I would think back to like 2004 to see if there's any kind of pattern that's coming up. But overall, you're almost having to just release a little bit. You're kind of having. Surrender such a hard word as when it comes to these kind of, um, situations, especially when, you know, when you're thinking about this area of your life.

[00:23:29] Cuz it's, it feels like there's a little bit of a reservoir or a boundary or a fear. This may be keeping you from wanting to go completely all the way to the other side, but that's exactly what you're being asked to do, is to like release any kind of judgment, any kind of unhealthy toxicity, anything that is kinda like sucking you down into the point of doubt and really look.

[00:23:48] For what is working instead of what's not working. But in that same regard, you know, obviously, you know, knowing where your boundaries are and where their boundaries are, and, and taking a very mature, approach to it. We don't want any ghosts in the relationship with you right now. That would be my biggest fear.

[00:24:05] But I think you. You're on your way and, and having Saturn, um, kind of touring your son right now, which he, he kind of, he went over it in March and he, he's gonna go back over it through the rest of this year. He's gonna help refine not only this relationship, but anything that has to do with your career or the direction that you're going, which kind of blankets over your entire chart.

[00:24:24] So it could be that this relationship or a job that you have, Kind of takes you into a new dimension altogether, and this encounter is reminding you of why you may wanna make these changes. It's kind of opening you up to a new possibility that you could have been, um, maybe thought wasn't likely anymore, and, and you're being reminded that you're alive and you're here to love and have passion for all that you do.

[00:24:47] Joe: Sweet. and Kathleen also says that the first date was on May, 2022. There we go.

Balancing Astrology & Universal Alignment

[00:24:53] Joe: And, and I actually have a good question cuz a, a big part of the astrology that I practice is al astrology and so like, um, I wonder from your guy's perspective, like do the first dates really matter? I, I think that a lot of people often ask like, um, or, or try to find the perfect dates to have, like that first date.

[00:25:17] Does it matter as much as like your own personal timing or like your own sort of just like, Like heart feeling about that person or about that situation. How do you, how do you navigate that? Because just recently we had a conversation in the podcast, with, Rick Levine and talking about like, when astrology becomes an obsession and like trying to like write out all of the dates and make sure that all of the, the elections are perfect.

[00:25:41] Do you guys have any, any thoughts about that, um, that you'd like to share?

[00:25:45] Clarissa: I feel like there's. There's an intelligence to divination, astrological divination, and to the universe. Whereas like for example, If I go back and look at the dates that I met significant people in my life, there was some, there was something aspecting, but I don't have the chart information for everybody that you know I've met that's significant in my life.

[00:26:12] And I feel like with Electional, astrology Electional, like, I respect you, Joe Electional is a whole nother dimension cuz there's so, there's so many like elements to consider. Um, I do think that the obsessive quality of Electional could definitely like take over and I have to have the perfect time. Like there's already.

[00:26:34] Perfection already happening, like in the universe. Um, you can go with the flow too, right? You know what I mean? Like, that's like also part of, of, uh, astrology as well. So no, I don't think that you need to pick the perfect first dates. Um, and there has to be like some discretion I think, as well. So you don't drive yourself insane, you know?

[00:26:59] Joe: Right. A hundred percent. A hundred percent. And I think that that's like a good advice for like relationships in general. Like a, a, a big part of it is going with the flow and like really trying to like, touch with each other, not touch with each other in that sense, but just like get in touch with each other's feelings and feel each other out to, to like really understand how, how things are going.

[00:27:22] Sometimes astrology can be like a, a very helpful thing to, to like take us. In, in that direction. But I think sometimes when you just like sit and, and like have that heart to heart, it can also be like a great way to, to get there too.

[00:27:36] Jamie: And I will say, I always tell my clients too, or anyone who asks, you know, the universe always course corrects.

[00:27:41] So you can't, like, there's no fear that you're not gonna miss anyone. And my biggest fear is to, you know, have someone in a, in a. Consultation. They're like, okay, what am I looking for? Or what I'm compatible with? And I give 'em, like, I can give 'em a profile of whatever it is, but you know, you really can't, you can't learn that from someone's sunshine.

[00:27:57] But if you're like looking for that Pacific person, then you take the opportunity away to see someone else. Like if you're looking for someone who is like tall, dark, and handsome or whatever. But really we're just looking for someone's personality that's tall, dark, and handsome. You know? So you don't like, you have to give, you have to give nature.

[00:28:13] It's, it's opportunity to, to reveal itself and trust that you're gonna be in the right place at the right time. But when it, you know, when it comes to elections, knowing when to send out the right email or like if you're trying to like have a really great launch or a great impression and it's, and astrology's just flat and you have the opportunity to.

[00:28:29] Do it on a different date, then yeah, do that. But I, I remember, um, and my, my daughter even does this, like if there's, like, if you follow the course of the moon and like you would know when the moon is void, of course, or a good opening aspect of a, a closing aspect. Okay, well this is how this event is gonna go.

[00:28:46] And you, and you can kind of cast it. But I do think that, Sometimes too much knowledge is, is can, can weigh you down. When it comes to matters of love, obviously there's a lot of room for logic and application that a astrology can be used for, but when it comes to matters of the soul, sometimes even a chart can't tell you that you have to.

[00:29:04] You have to awaken these parts to you and you could be completely ready. And I've actually seen this a lot. I have seen people who have done, and they'll tell you, I have done my work and I kind of cringe when someone says, I've done all my work. Because it is like almost daring the universe like, you think you're done?

[00:29:19] We're gonna get lesson. But I have seen people who have truly done a lot of work gone through the valley, the dark night of the soul, and they've come out and they're like, okay, I'm like the only one standing here. And you can see in their chart, You know, the type of people that they are, they are magnetic to, that they attract or that they're attracted to, they work well with those particular archetypes are actually still going through the valley.

[00:29:40] So sometimes you get to the finish line first and the people that you are really, um, ready to bring into your life, that will help really weave into that next story. They just have a little bit of work to do before they can get there. So you just have patience. You work on yourself, you become, you know, more clear on who you are.

[00:29:56] Cuz once you know who you are and you fall in love with yourself, you become a, a magnet for everything in your life to come into that flow. So,

[00:30:03] Joe: oh my God, I love that. And it's like Gemini, Brett always says it's wheels within wheels within wheels. It's like, yes, you can pick the perfect movements, look at all the charts and do all the things, but.

[00:30:15] There's all these webs interweaving each other. And eventually we all get to the finish line that is living our best life,

[00:30:24] Clarissa: can I say one more thing about this too? To piggyback on what you both said, C like, so with like electional relationship astrology versus like relationship astrology, I guarantee you if you're with somebody significant that has had an impact on your life, something's aspecting in your natal chart.

[00:30:42] Something's gonna be in the natal actual chart and or in harmonics, so you don't have to choose the date. You're already aspecting, you're already connected, so don't worry about it like, yeah.

[00:30:54] Jamie: It's definitely perspective. I remember like in psych psychology class in college, like they had this board up and we had to write down like the first three things that we saw, and you would think that everyone would see the same, same three things, but next to no one saw the same three things.

[00:31:09] Like they would see their favorite restaurant, their coffee or their color or whatever. And that just kind of shows you in this collage, Your perspective and a collage of humanity, you, whatever you're focused on or whatever you're already attracted to, that's where your perspective already diverts. And you wouldn't want a chart or a precise moment to say you're gonna meet, you know, the perfect person on this date.

[00:31:29] We can say the conditions are right. And if you're ready and they're ready, and I mean you, it could be, I mean, how many movies have we seen where it's like that near miss one goes, right, one goes left, but they're gonna course correct. You're gonna end up no one who is meant for you. Is ever gonna escape you and knowing that you're meant for, you're ever gonna be able to divide, like your soul is here for that reason, to find and connect in that purpose.

[00:31:49] And that could be literally just giving someone a compliment on the subway. Like you could be meant for that to help that person and it inspires something and you become a solution instead of a problem somewhere down the course. But it is circles inside of circles. Fate

[00:32:03] Joe: inside of fate. Oh my God. This was a perfect conversation.

[00:32:07] We literally like went on a tangent. Yeah. But it was necessary. I feel like, I feel like it was needed.

Is it Time to End My Current Relationship? What's My Higher Purpose? Will There Be Generational Healing in my Family?

[00:32:14] Joe: All right, so next question.

[00:32:16] So Christie Hughes asks, okay, so is it time to end this current relationship?

[00:32:22] That's actually a very good segue from our, conversation that we just had. Um, is my life purpose higher than I see now? Will there be a generational healing in my family during this lifetime? For me, multiple questions. Wheels with within wheels, but. Are you ready, Claressa? I

[00:32:41] Clarissa: am. And this is a very interesting question cuz this is forecasting.

[00:32:46] So this is kind of different from just kind of seeing what, what natal. Things are going on. So I'm going to do a whole bunch of forecasting, harmonic techniques. First, let's get your solar return up and then see what the harmonics are for that. And also I typically, I don't know if we're gonna have time to do this today, but I also use solar art progressions.

[00:33:14] With harmonics. So let's get into this. So is it time to end this current relationship? Is your life purpose higher than you see now? So there's actually not, uh, I would have to ask few follow up questions like what do you mean higher than you see now? Will there be generational healing in my family during this lifetime?

[00:33:38] Um, for me, that's something that I can ask in your natal chart. So let me focus or answer, not ask. I can answer that in your natal chart. So let me focus on that. So, In generational healing, in harmonic astrology, that's gonna be seventh harmonic because that's and ninth harmonic. Seventh harmonic is gonna be like our deepest foundations.

[00:34:02] And the ninth harmonic is, is also gonna represent that. But the ninth harmonic is kind of interesting cuz it's more like our biological connections and our social connections. So when we look at generational healing and things like that, And, and, and nuclear family situations. One thing I like to look at all the time is the ninth harmonic quins aspect, cuz according to my research, the ninth Harmonic quins is where, um, we inherit these, these, these, Wounds in our childhood, particularly directly from our nuclear family.

[00:34:40] That doesn't matter how old we get, how much facility we get with that wound, it's always like, dang, do I still have to heal from this? And it comes like, it, it, it stutters. It makes you feel like. It, it, it makes you feel like you're inadequate in some way, but you can't really put your finger on it. It just like lingers.

[00:35:02] So for you, Christie, you've got a Mars, Uranus. In the ninth Harmonic. I'm taking a breath cuz. Harmonic astrology is very energy based. And, Mars, Uranus in the ninth Harmonic. Ninth Harmonic is community and healing. So once again, this is why it's relevant to your question. Mars, Uranus, corcus in the ninth Harmonic could indicate cuz Mars, Uranus indicates, uh, it could be violence, it could be aggression, it could be, feeling like, you can't lose control, feeling like, you know, just, just really kind of stimulate.

[00:35:36] Cause Mars, Uranus as a force, it's in your face, it's aggressive, it moves things, You know, et cetera. So for you, what I'm seeing in your, your ninth harmonic in terms of generational healing, you've got Moon, Jupiter, Pluto, Chiron, moon, Jupiter, Pluto, Chiron in the Ninth Harmonic, and that absolutely indicates generational healing, but mostly Christie through your unique expression.

[00:36:08] Outside. So another way to put this is like, I feel like in order to heal generationally, like your whole family, you, your prosperity, your, uh, Your expression in the world actually heals everybody else. Like it's really that, that simple um, and the unique, as unique as possible. Cuz Chiron wounded healer, I, yes, that's like the traditional de definition, but according to my research, chiron's like punk rock, chiron's, like all like, just totally not in the box.

[00:36:46] You've also got Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, mercury, Jupiter and Mercury Saturn, mercury, Saturn's like analysis. So I think for you, like actually very typical things like generational analysis, generational thing like psycho analysis would be good for you, but also liberating.

[00:37:09] Like being able to do what you wanna do without fear of violence, without fear of cause and effects, without, that's healing enough. So I feel like without getting too sensitive, that we can, we can end there. Cuz this is a really deep question and we're in a public space, so, okay. How do you feel about that, Christie?

[00:37:35] Joe: Yes. Christie says, sorry I tried to be specific for this show, but I'm wide open because so much is happening in my life right now. Mm-hmm. And she also went on to say Yes with many Ss. So I'm thinking that that definitely resonated. Okay. Good. Oh my God, I, I'm having so much fun. I hope you guys are having as much fun as I, um, oh, Christie just said something else.

[00:37:59] Christie says it won't go away. It stunts my growth in life. So, there you go. Can I just

[00:38:03] Clarissa: respond to that real quick? Absolutely. I don't wanna leave people feeling stunted. When you have nine harmonic quinco like that. The best thing to do is just be aware of it. It's like, oh, there's the quinco again.

[00:38:14] Then you know, it's not a reality. It's just like this phantom thing that you can have control over, that you can choose, oh, there's the quins. Well, let me choose this instead, like, So I'm just leaving that with you, Christie, as you go through all these changes. Because it's just the Quin hunks, I promise.

[00:38:37] Joe: Right. And, and I think that a lot of a, a, a big part of astrology and like the, the most helpful thing about astrology is that it brings awareness to these things that we would not have a clue even exist or even out there, um, in the first place. And like astrological magic is a, is a big thing in, in my life.

[00:38:55] And I think that most of the time. It really is just about like meditating on nothing and really being aware of it and building a relationship with that and transforming that relationship from something that's like causing all this distress into your, in your life to something that you actually can learn and like build upon your life from.

[00:39:14] So thank you Clarissa. That was awesome. Thank you.

I Have a 12th House Stellium. Any Insight into My Psychic Work?

[00:39:19] Joe: All right. So I think this will be our last question of the day. And I, I have, um, I think it's Sandy. Yes. Sandy Samma. I hope I'm saying that right. And Sandy asks, hello from Southern Ontario. I'm also from Southern Ontario. Hi, uh, great to be here. I just learned that having a telium in the 12th is connected to healing and psychic work.

[00:39:45] Any insights into my psychic work is appreciated. Thank you. And Jamie, are you ready to take that one?

[00:39:53] Jamie: Okay. So, hi Sandy. Thank you so much for submitting. Now, I noticed that, like you said, that you had just learned that you had a 12 health stallion.

[00:40:01] I think what that would depend on a couple of things is there's a lot of house systems, which would take up several podcasts and debates to talk about house systems alone. But be, because you mentioned the 12 house, I think that you're looking at a Plaus house system, which would push more. Of your, uh, energy up into the 12th house, uh, the whole, the Plaus house system begins your first house at the degree of your ascendant, which is a late degree, 24 degrees tourists.

[00:40:27] Now, the thing is that that energy. Something I've discovered is probably one of the reasons I was fascinated with astrology at a very, very, very young age, before I can even put an age to it, is that when you have a late degree rising, it's kind of hard to fit into any kind of cookbook when you're trying to look at, okay, what does this mean?

[00:40:45] What does, how do I feel about this? Because you can really apply, um, your energy to, like in your instance, to the 12th house or the first house. Those are two drastically different energies. One's very private, one's very public, and it interacts with your entire life. Now, I have found that a lot of times those with light risings, When they're on time, they tend to feel late.

[00:41:06] If they follow astrology, it can drive 'em a little bit crazy because they'll feel the transit and then a couple of days later they'll heal hill or astrologer say, Hey, this is coming up, and they're like, wait a minute. Am I gonna feel it again? And is this the first time I'm feeling it? What's happening here and in shamonic astrology are the older astrology.

[00:41:24] They said that the teachers and the healers were the ones that would feel this because they had to feel and work and endure with this energy. Prior to the, the collective, so they're able to help others through it. And you definitely have a very strong, earthy potential to do this. I think that you have a, a, also the ability to straddle both the public side and the private side, which means you may need to go back and reflect on and work on some of these energies, but you can also bring them into the world and when it comes.

[00:41:53] To a psychic kind of ability or, you know, being able to share anything esoteric or spiritual. I love that you have like a strong Saturn energy working with you. Um, it kind of protects you where you're able to kind of see something for what it is. Um, not to say that your emotions wouldn't get drawn into it.

[00:42:11] Um, Anyways, cuz they do kind of get pulled down into that. But overall you do have a good, healthy boundary, which I love to see with anyone who has a lot of intuition to work with. Because you really wanna make sure, and if you're not, if the, if you do slip, just be conscious of this. What is you and what is something else like that divide.

[00:42:28] Keep that in mind. But yes, you do have a lot of strong energy that could be, um, in the 12th are the first. And um, it's also where Jupiter's gonna be touring. You're about to have a Jupiter return very soon. So I think amplifying any skillsets are

[00:42:43] Clarissa: really any kind of spiritual realms

[00:42:45] Jamie: working on legacy, your foundations, your ancestor work.

[00:42:49] Um, anything that you're trying to end so you can begin. Something else is all gonna be favored across the next year. Um, but yeah, I hope that helps.

[00:42:57] Joe: Oh my God. Awesome. And I love what you said about the, the whole, dual house system thing with the transits and how sometimes you hear an astrologer talk about it and you're like, wait, I just literally had that happen in my life because I also have a lay ascendant, uh, mine is at 27 degrees Cancer.

[00:43:13] And. That is such a thing like that, like in between the two houses and like it could be this topic, it could be that topic, but it's really kind of both in a way. It really dispen depends on the perspective that you're looking at. Yes. And yeah, I, I think that that's, I, I think that that's actually like a bit of a gift in disguise cuz then it really kind of gives you like an extra layer of like, Autonomy and agency cuz it's like, I can choose, I can uh, express this in my \first house or I can express this in my 12th house.

[00:43:47] Which one of these I'm feeling the most, like, you actually do have a little bit of control to kind of, um, Change your perspective and that whole situation and see which one feels best. Um, I think that with astrology it's always best to like, yes, hear from the astrologer, but also hear from yourself. Like how does that make you feel?

[00:44:07] Like, did this transit really just pass? Is this transit coming up? Like, here are the person who has the authority to really. Like, know your life more than any astrologer can ever, you know, it's really

[00:44:18] Jamie: good. Like if you are, and I think everyone who's here is already in that mindset. If you're trying to co-create with the universe, it's a really good, um, you know, trait to have.

[00:44:26] Because these people, these, these natives, they're gonna know when Saturn reaches their town, when he is on their block, when he is at their front door. And others would not know that he's there until he sits on their head. And it's a whole other concept, but if you're able, if you have that perception, you're able to work with the energy before it comes.

[00:44:42] It's, it's a huge gift. Definitely, and, and I always attribute it to like, it's like living in one town and working in another. You're familiar with both. You can like, it's, it's not a get outta jail free pass. You're gonna experience the energy, but how you experience it, you have the gift of perception and perspective that helps you heal and guide other people.

[00:44:59] Most definitely.

[00:45:01] Joe: For sure. Oh my God. Awesome.


[00:45:03] Joe: All right guys, I think that is the last question of the day. Um, if you didn't get your question answered, um, we actually have many options. The first option is that you can book a reading with any of these ladies or any other astrologer in Astrologer Connect.

[00:45:19] Um, again, the link is

[00:45:20] Joe: astrology If you wanna go straight to Clarissa. Just add a Clarissa before that connect, and if you want to go straight to Jamie, just add a Jamie before that connect and the link will take you right there. But we also have created this new forum that you can submit your questions in advance.

[00:45:38] Now, I talked at the beginning of the episode today that having your questions before the, the show starts as super helpful, and now we're making it even easier for you to do that. You can get on your phone, record a little video of you asking your question to the astrologer. We'll send you the astrologer before we go live and um, we'll have like a full deep dive on that one question and the link to do that.

[00:46:02] It is

[00:46:02] Joe: astrology And again, you just record your question. Upload it and we'll review it, send it to the astrologer, and we'll talk about it live. And the, the great thing about that is that actually give us, gives us a lot more time to, to prepare and really sit with the chart and look at it through all sorts of different angles.

[00:46:22] So I highly recommend doing that. But before we go, I actually did, uh, want to have like a, a, a little moment of gratitude to both Clarissa and Jamie. I just wanted to read, a few of their, one of their testimonials that came in through Astrologer Connect, just showering them with love and gratitude for their readings.

[00:46:41] Um, I don't know who sent these, cuz they're, they all say stay anonymous, but this one is for Clarissa, someone says, the, uh, accuracy of Clarissa's reading was mind blowing. Her guidance was crystal clear and profoundly precise. Clarissa's insight was infused with levity possibility and hope, allowing me to know within the depth of my heart that I'm being led.

[00:47:05] To my Destin path and greatest good. I am filled with so much gratitude, amazing loved Clarissa Clarissa, do you, do you have anything to say to that? Oh,

[00:47:15] Clarissa: wow. Like, how do you respond to that? Thank you. Right.

[00:47:21] Joe: Oh my God, everyone is so sweet Whenever they come through, it's like, oh, I'm, I was just doing my job.

[00:47:26] I didn't even like take into account that like, I just changed this person's life. Right. Oh my God, it's awesome. And this one came in for Jamie. Um, Jamie was super helpful and gave me great feedback to my questions. Her conversational tone made me feel relaxed. Like I was talking to one of my friends. I learned a great deal about astrological concepts and also her sharing her.

[00:47:49] Publishing experience before the reading, I was feeling confused and what direction to take. The reading was like my intuitive voice was given a loud microphone to drown out all of my doubts. I understand now the universe inside of me and that I, the universe is inside of me, that I must follow my muse wherever it takes me.

[00:48:10] Thank you so much, Jamie, was very informative, positive, and brought a lot of clarity into my life.

[00:48:18] Jamie: Oh my God. That's, that's the dream right there. That's the goal in every one of 'em. So that

[00:48:23] Joe: happy Hear it. That's so sweet. Oh my God. Guys, any thoughts before we say goodbye to everyone?

[00:48:30] Clarissa: No, just thank you for this super fun hour and a half hour of reading for you guys.

[00:48:35] I'm about to cry from the testimonials that I just appreciate you, you, Joe, you, Jamie, everybody who submitted questions. I'm just so grateful to do this work, so thank you.

[00:48:48] Joe: Of course.

[00:48:49] Jamie: And Jamie second that, all of it. I love this show. I love connecting with the audience. It's amazing. And, um, yeah, I, it's just facilitating astrology and explaining how perfect and on purpose and on time everyone is and how to navigate through it is just, it's one of the things I love.

[00:49:06] I, I love waking out, wake up, thinking about, and I get excited to do it every day. So thank you guys for all being here, and I love working with both of you so

[00:49:13] Joe: much. Aw. All right guys. I'll see you guys next week. , next week we're here with the other Jamie, Jamie Gold. Dean and l o d. Um, so yes guys, please send your questions so we can have it. We're ready for next episode. Again, the link is

[00:49:29] Joe: asr, and if you want to be notified whenever we're live next, the link is asr

[00:49:36] Joe:

[00:49:38] Live the letter A, the letter C, and live all together. All right guys. I will see you on the next episode. See you. Bye.

[00:49:46] Clarissa: Thank you. Bye.