Financial Astrology w/ Astrologer Mitchell Scott Lewis

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How Astrology Can Help You with Your Finances

In this episode of the Astrology Hub Podcast, Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh and Astrologer Mitchell Scott Lewis discuss the benefits of Financial Astrology

You’ll learn…

  • About Mitch’s journey with Astrology and Trading
  • What Financial Astrology is and what it can and can’t do
  • Strategies to work with Financial Astrology as a newbie

Chapters 📼

0:00 Intro

6:27 Mitch’s Journey w/ Astrology

12:47 Why isn’t Financial Astrology more popular?

18:52 How Astrology helps with financial decisions

25:54 Do rich people use Astrology?

36:07 Why does Astrology work?

42:52 What does your birth chart say about your wealth?

51:30 Why we can’t convince others astrology works

57:49 Outro

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Amanda Pua Walsh 0:04
Welcome to the astrology hub Podcast. I’m Amanda Pua Walsh, founder of astrology hub, and your host for our flagship show, we explore the many ways Astrology can support you, and your relationships, career, health, and personal growth. Thanks for tuning in. Hey there astrology lover. Today you’re going to meet an astrologer who’s new to the astrology hub community, but certainly not new to astrology. He’s one of the world’s leading experts in financial astrology with over 30 years of experience analyzing markets, working on the floor of the New York Mercantile Exchange as an astrologer. Being a financial adviser, and helping people of all walks of life make astrologically informed decisions about their money. And since we’re all watching, the prices go up at the gas pump, inflation rising and the overall cost of living increase. We wanted to introduce you to the tool of financial astrology because it can take something that we all already love astrology, and help us use it to navigate these tumultuous financial waters. Now, you’re going to hear us refer to a webinar several times during this discussion. And this webinar is available to you right now to get instant access to it’s a webinar that I attended a few weeks back that was exclusive to Mitch his community. I reached out to him asked if he would share it with our community. And he said yes. So this webinar is going to take you on a journey into the astrological historical cycles of the US economy. So you can understand how these cycles of inflation, recession, gas prices, the housing market, and more track with astrological cycles, and relate to where we’re at right now. It’s my hope that this webinar is going to help you exit the fear cycle that you may be seeing on the news, and maybe you’re feeling it too. I’d love for it to help you use astrology to help you feel less in the chaos of the unknown. To help you feel more empowered about decisions that you’re making, and help you answer that age old question, how long is this going to last? If this sounds interesting to you, you can learn more and get instant access to the webinar. And an exclusive live q&a which is being offered as a bonus just for our community by going to astrology That’s astrology. Now sit back and enjoy this introduction to Mitchell Scott Lewis while we explore how financial Astrology can help you with your financial reality.

Well, hello everybody and welcome to the astrology hub podcast I am so excited about today. I have been looking forward to this. And I cannot wait to share it with you. And before we dive in, I just wanted to tell you a little bit of a backstory for how we got here today. So I don’t know if you remember some of you that have listened to the podcast for a while you may have heard me say that my love at one point told me that I needed to listen to a certain astrologer because he heard her on Coast to Coast that ended up being Barbara hands cow which I’ve had on the podcast and now become really good friends with and I got a second phone call very similar recently, he calls me up. He says I’m listening to coast to coast. There’s someone on here that you have to listen to. And when he says it like that I listened because it’s going to be something good. And so I tuned into coast to coast. I heard this financial astrologer speaking and I went, huh, he’s really interesting. He was doing a webinar the following weekend. And so I signed up for his webinar. And this is how I found myself on a non astrology hub webinar, which I have never done. I mean, we put out so much content that I don’t really ever bother listening to other webinars or content from other astrologers. But I found myself on a Saturday morning at 7am. mesmerized by this man’s presentation for two hours. Again, I’m saying 7am Saturday morning, two hours, financial astrology it was that good. And so afterwards, I went, Oh my gosh, I need to meet this. I need to meet this man. So I reached out to Mitchell and he responded and we had a phone call. And it’s been like this process of oh my goodness, how do I share this man’s wisdom and knowledge and experience with my community? And he has so graciously said yes that he would love to share with you as well. So we’re starting here today with the podcast. And what I would love because we haven’t covered financial history. analogy that much. And I know when I was new to astrology, I was like, Oh my gosh, there’s a thing called financial astrology. And there’s people that focus on this and they have financial backgrounds. And, you know, they have experience here. This is really amazing. And so I’m just going to tell you a little bit about Mitch and then I’m going to have him share his story. So Mitch is a well known astrological trader and market analyst who worked on the floor of the New York Mercantile Exchange throughout the 1990s. Mitchell is a professional astrologer in New York City, who has specialized in financial astrology, also medical chart interpretation, which we’ll get to later and elective astrology for the last three decades. His international clientele includes leading financiers, health professionals, renowned entertainment, industry figures, and people from all walks of life. So we are so happy and honored to have you here today. Mitch, thank you so much for accepting my invitation. And for being here. It’s great to have you,

Mitch Scott Lewis 6:01
Amanda. It’s great to be here. And it’s been terrific getting to know you and see what your what your work is about. And I’m just I’m just thrilled, honestly.

Amanda Pua Walsh 6:10
Awesome. Okay. So let’s, let’s start since this is your first time on the podcast, I would love to hear your story. How did you come to focus on astrology? And then also this emphasis on financial astrology? Like, how did this all come to be?

Mitch Scott Lewis 6:27
Well, I got into astrology the way probably most of us do. came from a crazy childhood. My mother needed therapy. So they sent me you know, it’s one of those things. And at some point, I was living in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and living across the hall from me was a self professed, which is what she called herself who did astrology. And she gives me a reading and I’m absolutely blown away. I said, My God, this person knows knows nothing about me and just told me more about myself than anybody has ever done therapists or anybody. So I called up my brother was living in and I said to him, David, I just had an astrology week. He said, You’re kidding. I had one this week to for the first time. I said, Well, okay, it was very popular in Cambridge, and in those days. And so I went to his astrologer and got a reading and he told me similar things, but from his own point of view is you know, old astrology, you see. And then David and I, and some other friends of ours all started to study astrology. First with Isabel Hickey was a very well known astrologer many years and used to give frightening readings is scared the hell out of people. And then it just progressed. Now I’m a musician by trade all those years and I always studied astrology, I never stopped studying. And in fact, when I moved to New York a few years later, and I started working in the clubs, I couldn’t tell people that I was an astrologer, because they would all run in with their charts. And I’d say to them, listen to my song, my new song, I don’t want to hear your new song, read my chart, talk about me, it’s more important, why we’re all very popular torinese astrologers favorite subject. So and so I had a career in music, I still do on certain on certain levels. And at some point I was working with with, I was actually working downtown and in the Wall Street area. And I had some clients I was I had moved down there and a beautiful apartment with a view of the Hudson River. And one of my clients came to me and he said to me, I was teaching him piano and I was doing readings for he said to me, this astrology work with commodities. Sounds like a pay day to me. I said absolutely. Why? He said, Well, cotton is trading at about $1.17 a pound and it is never in the history of going above $1. It’s unheard of usually trades between 50 and 7075 cents, it’s exploded every day. It’s going what they call limit up each commodity has a certain amount that the futures are allowed to move. Cotton is three cents per day three cents in a cotton trade means $1,500. So if you’re on the wrong side of a cotton trade, and you can’t get out, you’re losing $1,500 a day per contract. If you have 10 contracts, you’re losing 15,000 a day. And so I went on the floor. He got me an analyst page, and I went on the floor and I was immediately oh my god, Senator casino that never closes. So you know, it was amazing. And there’s a pit for orange juice, and there’s a giant pit for gold and there’s a pit for the dollar index and for everything in this cup, and he says to me, if you can pick the top of the cotton Mark, we can go into business. So I said okay, and I did a rush job and I had access to 20 years of the commodity and so I’m doing and I had my ratty old Ephemeris in my hands and I’m looking at where all the planets on I’m trying to decide what rules and I did a little research and I will tell you one thing, Amanda while I think instincts are very important, and I certainly have instincts, I wouldn’t have been able to do this business always using do what I do for my clients. But I’m a workhorse. If I think something is right or wrong. I go out I prove when you saw one of my webinars, you know the research and homework that I do for this. And so I decided based on the motion of the planet and the commodity, I only had a probably three or four days to do this. I was working all day and I really tried to make this thing work. Otherwise it would have been the shortest career in the world. And I said visit Full Moon coming up in Libra. Libra is ruled by the planet Venus, I believe that Venus has a lot to do with the motion of this guy and his three partners, three trading partners, it said the Full Moon on Tuesday, I think it was that’s the top of the cup. Well, he had to go to Europe or something. He was in the dollar index video, go there, make whatever use meetings, whatnot. So he says to his partners, I want you to sell to short one lot of coffee stand next to the cotton tip. And if he’s wrong, get out of the I don’t want to lose any money. Because it’ll go up and up. And after weeks of it being limited up, I go there in the morning and nervous as hell because I want to be right and I’m standing next to the cotton, cotton opens up the bell rings. And normally it just goes limit up. And that’s the end of trading. For weeks this has been opens up at what they call unchanged goes up five ticks comes back down, change was down five ticks and backs on change. Nothing happens right before lunch, the phone started ringing off the hook, sell, sell, sell cotton goes limit down for a week. We made money on that trade. Now they’re all chomping at the bit. What about silver? What about all What about dollar? What else can you do? Oh my God. And so I started to learn more and more about the markets and did a tremendous amount of research. And in fact, what what we did for a while one of my trading partners, he would have a book with with the history of the commodities and I had my ephemeris. And I would tell him, when the tops and the bottoms of the markets, each of the commodities started to make money in.

Amanda Pua Walsh 11:57
Wow. So Mitch, this is fascinating. And so you, you kind of fell into it. And there was the like knowing that, of course astrology does help with these kinds of predictions, but then you actually got to test it in real time. And more than more than

Mitch Scott Lewis 12:11
that a man I’m sorry, I learned more astrology from trading commodities. And I could have given 100,000 readings to clients, because I got to see it move in real time. You know, here’s the here’s the moon rule silver, we say, okay, so there’s a Full Moon and silver, maybe it’s gonna do this. And you’ll notice the motion of the market and you make trades. Not every trade I make makes money. You know, nobody, they say if you’re 50%, right in the markets, you’ll make a fortune, if you know how to drink, because you get out when it’s not going your way and you push it when it’s going your way. And so

Amanda Pua Walsh 12:47
why doesn’t everybody know about this, like if astrology is so helpful and could could help people make money, and you don’t need to be an astrologer, or have a background in finance to actually use it though, right? I know, to to learn how to do what you do. But like in order to use it, do you have to have that

Mitch Scott Lewis 13:05
kind of, again, I am, by nature, probably a little OCD. When I get into something, I throw myself into it. And then if somebody else interests me on my move, what I’ll do the same thing when I learned how to play the piano, I used to practice six hours a day, my friends would kidnap me and put me in the car and tell me we were going out for pizza and drive me up to New Hampshire for the weekend. Because I wouldn’t have Yeah. Now first of all, astrology has been used. I’m working on a book about financial stuff. And in the introduction to it, I’m actually going back to some biblical references to show how I think astrology goes back that far. And, and, but specifically in financial matters and world and nations decisions and whatnot. So there is a quote that’s attributed to JP Morgan, I think you and I talked about the other day. And again, it’s it’s we can’t prove that he actually said it doesn’t matter whether he did everything. The quote is millionaires don’t use astrology billionaires do. And JP Morgan used Evangelium Adams as his astrologer, very famous astrologer for many years before and, and he was fairly successful. In fact, at one point during a depression, JP Morgan single handedly bailed out the United States government. You couldn’t do it today, because we’ve created trillions and trillions and trillions of dollars. But back then, we were a small nation our banking was, you know, fell into trouble and he had enough capital, and he bailed out the government preventing a worse depression. Things have changed since I’ve been doing astrology things have changed. The markets trade differently now than they did 25 years ago. For example, people say to me, what about everybody’s interested in the metals? I say gold makes a nice ring or your necklace within earrings. You know, it’s lovely in terms of its usefulness in my opinion, remember under this, this is all my opinion, I think gold is an absolutely useless commodity to train, it is not going to save the world. If the world ends and you’ve got gold coins, you think a truck is going to drive up to your house and food and give them a gold coin is going to fill your refrigerator. If the world ends, all of this collapses, I don’t think that also gold is very, very expensive to hold, you buy a gold coin, it costs you whatever it is today. So it’s a $1,700. For an ounce of gold. Let’s say you got 10 of them. $17,000 of your money that isn’t being put into at&t or apple or something else where you might make money on gold was stuck at $280 An ounce for two that didn’t move because we weren’t on the gold standard anymore. Nobody was trading gold, then it pops. And it catches up with what we what we call inflation. But that’s not what we’re talking about today with the 9%. And it pops in and runs all the way up to $1,700 an ounce and people go nuts. And everybody’s telling me gold’s going to $10,000 an ounce. And I say to them, no, it’s not I say to them, if it goes to $10,000 an ounce because the world is and what it did was it ran up to a place that was comparable to what everything else is trading. Now it’s in our trading range, it’ll go down to 1400 ounces, run back up to 1700 to go down to 1200 McG back up again. Maybe it’ll make 2000 At some point, but we can’t go back on the gold standard for many reasons, not the least of which is that an ounce of gold would have to be worth a million dollars for any country to back its currency with gold because we have created trillions of dollars in what we call fiat money. Which means I got a picture of Benjamin Franklin on a piece of paper, I give it to you, you give me a new pair of sneakers. We agree that’s my so while I’m while I was on the floor, I met several other astrologist. They had their own way of looking. They looked at it differently than I did doesn’t. I’ll tell you a funny little story. There was a guy in the dollar was older than than most of the other traders probably younger than I am now. And he used to say to me, Hey, straw man, hey, straw man, and he would make fun of one day I went over to him. I said, John, why do you do? He said to me, I’m gonna tell you something, but if you tell any of them, I’m gonna deny he said I traded silver for 20 years. And I had a friend who was an astrologer. And my friend told me when the New Moon was Full Moon was an I bought silver on the New Moon. And I shorted it on the phone and I made a living for 20 years. Right amazing. And he knew nothing about astrology, but the patterns. And there are times of course for a month or two we wouldn’t make money but you know, in if, if you’re going to trade there are two things you do one is Daintree Oh, you buy Apple, you sell it, you buy it back later you sell it again. And the other is position. Drake. I’m very hard on Ford, for example, right now. I think Ford is a great company. I think they’re about to do wonderful things. And the stock is suppressed. Now it’s down about 14,000. Again, I’m not telling people to buy any stocks. It’s not my purpose of chatting with you about this because I don’t want them to lose money. They have to do their own due diligence and they have to make sure that they know but there are companies that say that I like to buy them and I’ll buy the stock and I’ll hold on to it. Maybe well, AMC, I bought a $2 a share. And then the mean random became a meme stock. They ran up to $20 a share and I was just coming home when my doorman who follows stocks said to me, you know, AMC that you told me to buy said it’s at $20 I ran upstairs to try and sell it and they shut it down because it was what they call a fast moving market. I couldn’t make my trade for about an hour. Finally it opened up and I got out of 1917 I made a lot of money. They dropped it down to $9 a share. I bought it back and ran up to six and I sold it and I had fun on the beach.

Amanda Pua Walsh 18:52
Nice. Nice. Okay, Mitch. So what about regular people? Like I’m not a trader? I’m I don’t have a background in finance. I know some things about astrology. But how how can people like me use astrology and use knowledge of the cycles to help us make informed decisions?

Mitch Scott Lewis 19:13
One of the things I did in the webinar that you watched was I went back historically and showed some of the recurring cycles that happen when there are bubbles or busts, there are things that you can do. For one thing if you like trade, not everybody likes to go to the casino if I go to Atlantic City with my girlfriend, she might want to go shopping and see shows while I’m playing blackjack or craps or something. We both love the beach. So that’s something we haven’t come. But if you do enjoy the thrill of the ride, so to speak, well then what you can do is you can open up an account with TD Ameritrade or Merrill, or Schwab or E trade and you know, put a few bucks into it. You know to put a lot of money on you can also do what’s called Paper Trail. We’re not making trades and making trades only on paper. And then you see how you make money and you lose money. And TD is particularly good. They’re, they’re a wonderful company, because you can get them on the phone anytime. If you don’t know something, they’ll sit there for an hour and tell you quite remarkable. I was amazed when I got into TD, I’d use other other trading systems. And now I’m hooked on TD alone. And you can learn how to trade without risking any for let’s say you have a few $1,000 You want to put in there and you know, okay, you cross your fingers, you buy five shares of something. And you know, when you’re watching, if it goes down, you get nervous you get out of it, you don’t have to be unless you’re an obsessive compulsive, you don’t have to be crazy about it. And so one thing that you can do is learn a lot about trading. And there are plenty of of lessons and classes and things about trading itself. People who do this for a living, they teach you how to trade, mixing the astrology in with it. Well, that takes the knowledge of two different things. What you can do with the astrology, but what I what I do with my classes in my lectures, and financial astrology is I of course, I say, Look, I’m going to teach you but it took me years to learn what I know you’re not going to learn it. People, you know, think that they everybody’s everybody’s a genius, okay, that’s great. And you can still be a genius and screw it up. You need to take the time to understand the correlation between these things. That’s what I tried to teach not just astrology, first of all, I was an astrologer for many years before I went on the flute exchange, many financial astrologers or financial people who then study astrology, some of them could never give you a reading, they don’t know. You know, while I haven’t painted my back, I don’t know what that means. But they understand the cycles of Australia. And they because they they can take taking extra extra, whatever the term is pull out the the ephemeris from the program and watch how the stocks and how the planets move, and then correlate that with the motion of a commodity or stock reason. Yes. So there are things that you can learn that way to those who have at least a functional knowledge of astrology and can follow the pattern of the planets and read the charts. And you know, they’ve they learned more of course, from my webinars, you, you can follow you you knew what I was doing when I was bringing completely Yes, that’s why squares and opposition’s Right, yeah. So now there are a number of ways that this can be used. I use the first trade of a stock. This is another financial astrologer wrote this couple of books about it. In fact, I was using his book long before I ever met him. And now when I run into him at the conferences, you know, we’re friendly, and we have, you know, a drink together at dinner or something. But this was long before I ever met him, I read, I got his book, and I read it. I said, Oh, my God. And I started to see if I could go back into commodities, because that’s what I was doing. Now the problem is cotton has been traded since prehistoric times. The first time they got sheep, and they said, Wow, look at this source stuff. So you can’t really see when the commodity of Congress started to trade, but you can add oil to. But you can look at the first time that oil traded on the Mercantile Exchange 1983. Of course, oil had been used for centuries before that. But you have something to work with, you have a template to work when I look at somebody, you know, said to me, one of my clients wanted to invest in the Uber IPO. So I took a look at the first tray, the IPO, and I looked at the tray at the chart, and I said, yeah, just open the window and throw your money out. He said to me, really, but I really liked it. I said I understand. I mean, I like a lot of things too. But that doesn’t mean I want to invest in them. And that proved to be right. Really,

Amanda Pua Walsh 23:51
that wouldn’t have been a good investment. IPO collapse. Oh, and you can see that in the astrological chart of what moment what moment. Were you using the first trade? Is that what you said?

Mitch Scott Lewis 24:02
The very first trade? Yes. Okay. Look, I also do I do work for one of my clients, sells sports tickets for a living, okay. Not scalping them. He’s got legitimate businesses and, and he heard me on coast to coast. And he hired me to tell him who’s going to be in the playoffs. And we’ve been working together now for many years. And what I did was I use the same philosophy, I found the first time that the team played a game and that was the the natal chart of GE.

Amanda Pua Walsh 24:31
Wow. So it’s like the first, like official movement or something like what what is that moment? And why do you think it’s the first breath? It’s the first breath? Yes,

Mitch Scott Lewis 24:41
horse. Look, I don’t want to get into politics. I try very hard to stay away from that unless I’m doing a political webinar, in which case I’m looking at everybody’s charts. But the first breath that an individual takes is the birth right, okay. And so that’s the chart that we use for or your natal chart. There were also conception charts they claimed some astrologers playing, they can tell when you were first conceived, I don’t, I’ve never spent too much time on that. Because frankly, just doing what I do is taking several lifetimes to perfect. And so I want to focus, I don’t want to be scattered all over the place. That’s why I could focus on whatever it is not study high. But there are useful tools that Astrology can be used for in financial work. Now, certainly I focus on bubbles and busts. And what I learned in commodities was if you can tell the top or the bottom of the market, you can get rich. If you know when, you know, cotton is going up, up, up, up, up, up, up, up, up, up, that’s the top of cotton. Now, just short it and wait, it might still go up a little bit. But truthfully, if you’re right, it’ll come down to wherever your price is, and then you can collect what you from that trade on to the next trade. So Mitch,

Amanda Pua Walsh 25:54
again, do you think that first of all, is it a misconception that very wealthy people actually don’t use astrology? I think there’s an assumption that that wealthy people or successful people don’t use astrology, but that’s probably not true. That’s when one question and then and then why? Why do you think it’s not used by more people? If it’s so effective?

Mitch Scott Lewis 26:20
Well, first of all, I have a number of immensely of requests, and they don’t only you know, money doesn’t make you. I mean, it makes it certainly makes it easier if you’re miserable. But it doesn’t make you happy. It gives you some stability and security, what people come to me for isn’t only financial, obviously, they want to know about their relationship or, or their children’s health, or they they want to buy a new house, or there’s opening up a new company, or whatever it might be. I have business clients, all over the place. And they not only come to me for their business, you know, information, but also their personal stuff they marry they have two kids, they have this they’ve had their mother’s secret. It’s all connected. Kids separate. Look, you know, there’s an old saying rich or poor, it’s good to have money. Certainly, and not. And I look, I’ve met many people who say to me, if astrology works, I can well, astrologers aren’t rich. Well, for one thing, not all astrologers are into it for the money. Right? So we have our personal karma, that terrible word that means maybe we weren’t meant to be now and in terms of why, why? Another look? Look, I recently spoke to a friend of mine. I’ve known for most of my life. I said to him, you were you interested in seeing my financial webinar? send you the link. He said to me, don’t you know how I feel about astrology? I said, you know, I’m not sure we ever talked. So I think it’s nonsense. I said, Wow, really? Yeah, when what the stars are doing something, too. So I sat for a good half an hour and explained to him not only are the stars not doing anything to us, you’re sitting on a couch next to me, Saturn isn’t pulling me differently than it’s pulling you. That’s not how astrology works. It’s reflective of what’s going on within our lives based on our birth time. Then I gave him a rundown of the predictions that I’ve made throughout my career and with clients. And I’d say to him, how could I know that this person has kidney disease, and it’s never been diagnosed? And I tell them from looking at a birth chart a piece of paper? How can I tell that the stock market was gonna crash? Oh, wait, within a week of its occurrence, I made this prediction a year and a half in advance. If astrology didn’t work, I couldn’t do this. No. And he’s a very bright guy. And he listened to me and I said to him, You know what, we’re going to have this conversation isn’t sure okay, you know, and we’re all we’re all dear friends since childhood. And I would never knew that he felt that but some of the people who do come to me you’d be amazed. I don’t tell my clients names. I would never embarrass him that way. Unless he said to me, but I you know, some of the most successful people you know, that, that I’ve ever met, and they come to me regularly for readings, and it’s not and the rich ones that are coming to me. I’m not going to tell a guy who runs a hedge fund and is worth a billion dollars how to trade stocks that’s he knows how to trade stocks, but he might come to me and say well, what how’s my health let’s draw up all the charts and I’ll tell you there’s so many things that Astrology can be used for as you know, this is probably what drew you to Australia yeah the the the fact that

Amanda Pua Walsh 29:27
I was blown away at all the different ways because the the place where I was I was just in one of those dark nights of the soul and I needed the support the about, you know, my path, but when I realized like, Whoa, it can help you with money. It can help you with where to live, it can help you with your children. It can help you with I mean, it was astounding how much it can help in so many different areas. Okay, so we talked about the potential for everyday people like me to learn some trading, what about things that everyday people Like me again, and I’m saying everyday people, meaning just none, you know, I don’t have a background in finance. And it’s not that it’s not the point of my life, although, of course, it’s a part of my life because it’s a part of all of our lives. So what about things that that we would be doing like buying and selling houses, or, you know, deciding what to do with any money that we might have for retirement or those kinds of things.

Mitch Scott Lewis 30:25
First of all, talk about money. I often say I’ve gotten used to eating almost every day. We need money. We don’t live in an ashram, we Uniball race in America, we live in the company and you know, the world that we live in, and you got to buy and sell and do stuff. And what these are questions that people come to me with all I want to buy a house, I want to sell a house, what do you think? Well, not only do I have to know what the astrology said, I got to pay attention to the news, I had a client call me up instead of half dozen houses, all of them in the southwest price of them have risen tremendously. He’s thinking of selling one or two, what do I and my answer to him was, you have to make this decision. But I will tell you how I Lake Mead is disappearing, the Great Salt Lake is disappearing. The Colorado and Snake rivers are disappearing. There’s no water if you have a huge profit. Now I’m not even talking about politics or the future or doomsday. I’m not a doomsday Prophet, even though I believe in balance, you have a half dozen houses that have exploded in value they’ve made they’ve doubled in value. Well, it’s like anything else. If a stock has gone up, and up and up and up and up and you’re going to be is the same in Wall Street bulls make money, bears make money, pigs get slaughtered? Take your profit and leave? Well, should I buy a house in Las Vegas? Well, I wouldn’t, I could be wrong. And maybe they’ll find a way to create underwater and maybe there’ll be a big flood. And I couldn’t be wrong. But what the news and history and and patterns is telling me is if I was going to buy a house right now, I wouldn’t be buying it in the northeast, or maybe in certain areas of California, all of California is not burning up. It’s just in a very bad drought. And this is akin to the dust bowl that happened in the 20s. And remember, I may have said this in the webinar, remember, the depression started for farmers years before the stock market crash in 2009. They were already in a depression good 567 years before. So what I do, of course, if it’s a client who calls me and says, Well, I don’t know what to do with my money, what do you suggest and I’ll make suggestions. And when it comes to the housing market, see, this is another thing why it’s common people say to me, Well, I put not only did I predict the crash of oh eight, but I predicted the very month of the top of the housing market, Saturn which rules housing and rules, banks had been in cancer, which was the inside of the home. And the the the housing market had exploded in this mortgage debacle that they had created right in the in the early 2000s. And then Saturn was about to leave cancer go into Leo, and begin an opposition to Neptune. Now, those of your listeners who don’t follow enough astrology, it’s okay. I show it in the webinar. I show that chart Exactly. And I did that for a point, because I wanted them to understand this was a housing crash. And the housing market is what created the stock market crash it created Lehman Brothers collapse, and it created the collapse of what they call pigs, Portugal, Italy, Spain, Greece, P IGS. All those countries had their money along with Iceland and Ireland in the American mortgage mortgage securities. And when that collapsed, they all almost went out of business. So today people say to me what about the housing market? And I say to them wait, it’s not one big piece right? You want to buy a house in Florida Okay, you want to buy Miami? Well, I’m not sure Miami is gonna be there much. I love Miami. I love the water on the water baby and and right in the middle of, of Miami is I forget that st what it’s called right in the middle of it. And it’s, it has shopping malls and huge buildings. And it’s, you know, big tremendous. And now when there’s a Full Moon or there’s high tide is to three feet of water that cover that stream, and they’re all scratching their heads and saying what what they’re thinking of doing in Miami, Miami Beach, is building this gigantic water wall problem is that nobody moves in the ocean. So why would you spend $3 million on an apartment to look at a wall, right? Yes. So it depends on where they’re thinking of move. They all are they all trade in patterns. The question is, what those patterns are in the webinar that we’re that you’re about to release to your people. I even went out of my way to show as you as you if you remember that the crash of 1929 was this big and the crash of 1931 was five times deeper. And the stocks went right back down to where they had been in 1907 when there was a huge stock market Quick, that’s how long the market’s memory is, people not so much. But when you understand those patterns a little bit more now, I don’t think that stock market’s going to crash. First of all, I don’t think we’re gonna see a stock market crash, we’re seeing a bear market, and we are seeing inflation. And there may be a mild recession, we don’t know today, there was some news that it’s the second quarter of downturns. In the meantime, the markets closed up 400 Sometimes, I don’t even know where, because I want to watch.

Our economy is very strong. In fact, our economy is too strong. And that’s one of the reasons why remember, inflation is not an American problem. It’s a global, it’s happening everywhere. But the dollar has become so strong that interferes with imports and exports. Because the commodity the currencies trade against each other, the dollar trades against the euro, and the yen, and the pound, and all of the rest of this, and they move accordingly. And when the dollar is too strong, well then it costs too much money for foreign countries and foreign people to buy our products. And that affects our exports. And so these are also things that that Kate Mitchell,

Amanda Pua Walsh 36:07
speak to me as if I know nothing about astrology. And I’m wondering why this works. Like how does this work? Why would the planets in the stars have any impact on money? Like just Can you just speak to me? Like, I know nothing about astrology?

Mitch Scott Lewis 36:26
But Amanda, why would the planets have any influence on our lives?

Amanda Pua Walsh 36:29
No, let’s pretend I don’t believe they

Mitch Scott Lewis 36:31
do. Okay, so I can tell you how astrology works in three words, we don’t know.

Amanda Pua Walsh 36:39
So good. Oh, my God. Oh, but we don’t know why it works.

Mitch Scott Lewis 36:44
We don’t know why it works. We know people have their philosophies. Well, they’re a tiny little particles that are pulling you differently. Okay, whenever I honestly, we don’t

Amanda Pua Walsh 36:55
know, most of the most of the astrologers that I speak to, at the end, at the end of a conversation about why astrology works. So get to like, we really just don’t know, these are all theories or ideas on how it could work. But yeah, we know that

Mitch Scott Lewis 37:09
it does work. Yeah. When I first started doing astrology, when I first started studying up and came, and these he was giving a class, and she’s talking about world predictions, and so on. And so I said, Look, I can understand ghosts, fairly intelligent, and I will precocious and I understand if Venus is in this sign, it affects how you relate to women, or whatever it might be. But there is no way in hell that you can predict world events. I have subsequently predicted dozens of world events, because I continue to study and to learn and to understand the bigger picture. Again, there’s the here and now there’s the immediate, and then there’s how do we fit into the universe? Go back to financial, ah, I think that Apple is gonna go up because it’s been beaten down. So I’ll buy 100 shares of Apple and it runs up $5, I made 500, or whatever, $500, I sell it, okay, or there’s the bigger picture, I’m gonna buy Apple, and we’ll leave in my retirement fund that are worried about 20 years. And truthfully, the stock market, if the stock market doesn’t come back after a bear market, we’re gonna be in each other in a year, because the whole world will collapse. It’s not going to happen, I don’t believe and I do believe that humanity is on an edge with global change with climate change, and with some other issues. At any point, some lunatic could say, Oh, no. Well, what is this button do? But short of that, I don’t believe that, look, we saw a crash and oh, wait, that was horrible. And it took only a few years for the markets to come back to where they were, again, I will go over all this in the webinar. As you know, that in the Depression, it took 25 years and it’s different. Then in 2020, I also predicted that we’re going to have a huge doubt the markets collapsed, and turned right back around and shot right back up. If you had just stayed there. Or if you were smart enough, and you sold it and then you bought it back, you would have made a ton of money, you would have made all your money back in a very short period of time, because that was a pandemic fear, inspired, crash. And when panic sets in, that’s when people make mistakes. Why does astrology work in terms of financial markets, because astrology works in cycles and financial markets work in cycles, if you can correlate the two cycles, and you got it

Amanda Pua Walsh 39:17
exactly. It’s quite simple, isn’t it? I was speaking to a man who works in actually, like financial, it’s it kind of made me creeped out, honestly, because it’s financial data mining, essentially. So they’re there. They’re looking at cycles of buying behavior. And then they’re trying to make predictions on whether or not you would be a good person with credit or not, for example, and so they’re they’re watching buying behavior, and they’re mining all the data and but we were in a conversation at a like family gathering event that he happened to be at and I was he just started asking me about astrology. And I started sharing you know, it’s it’s cycles. It’s a And because the movements of the planets correlate with certain cycles on the planet, it can be quite predictive because you can start to track these things through history. And you can see that, you know, certain plant certain movements of the planets are always correlated with certain types of things happening here. And I’m his eyes just lit up. It was like, Oh, God, like I could see that. He was seeing that this could be like you said earlier a big payday. Yeah, so anyways, but But what I’m saying is, is it was he could understand because it was it was similar to the world that he’s in where there is predictive patterns. I’ll give you a great

Mitch Scott Lewis 40:35
example of an astrology pattern that goes on in our society. Saturn takes 28 and a half years ago, and it has a circular orbits always the same 28 and a half years, Pluto as an elliptic orb, so it kind of moves like that. So we have divided our society into seven year cycles. At seven you get in the Catholic Church, you have a certain ceremony, you start school at 14 Now you’re in high school, you get a confirmation if you’re Jewish, you I bombed you got a Bar Mitzvah at 21. Look at the battle over guns. No, we want you to wait till you’re 21. But it’s 21 to Saturn square. Saturn in your chart. At seven it’s square Saturn and 14 opposes Saturn and 21 It’s where Saturn again. And then at 29. Yeah, hopefully you start to grow up when you’re 30. Although I have yet to meet a grown up, but you know, yeah. And that’s a perfect example. Why 21 One an arbitrary figure astrologically it makes perfect sense. Because you’ve gone through your second Saturn square, you’re supposed to be at least a little more mature. I wouldn’t want a 21 year old to handle my finances or a submachine gun and a lot of things. Yeah, but but do you understand why that? That’s the number that they chose?

Amanda Pua Walsh 41:51
And then financial astrology? Are we mainly looking at outer planet transits? Or do we also get into the inner planets?

Mitch Scott Lewis 41:59
When I trade commodities, most of it had to do with inner planets, and often their correlation to the outer planets.

Amanda Pua Walsh 42:05
Okay, okay. And then when we’re looking at bigger cycles, are we looking at outer planets or still inner planets,

Mitch Scott Lewis 42:12
outer planet aspects can take a long time. As you know, Pluto can take three years to complete an aspect what sets it off the trigger is the inner planets. It could be a Full Moon, it could be Mars passing by even a retrograde mercury, whatever it is, all of a sudden, you’ve got Saturn and Pluto opposing your sun and now you’re in your okay. And then a mild, an inner planet quick moving in a planet comes along and boom, your whole world blows. So it’s the correlation again, the here and now the small, the minutia, and then the bigger picture in terms of stock market crashes, things like that. outer planets, okay, in terms of timing, a trade, then I use both.

Amanda Pua Walsh 42:52
Okay. Now, what about the interplay with our natal chart? How much do you look at a person’s individual chart, when you’re looking at the financial landscape versus sort of the collective trends? So for example, maybe there’s a depression, but then some in someone’s chart, like individually, this is going to be the biggest boon ever for them.

Mitch Scott Lewis 43:12
Absolutely. And during the Depression, people got immensely wealthy, right? Because if you bought the stock market, if you had 12 cents in 1931, it went up for the next six years, people are living down by East River in cardboard houses, and the stock market goes up to 16. So the answer to your question is, actually, that’s great question. And it’s complicated. Certainly, there are periods of time that are better for the individual. It’s not just a matter of what’s happening in the chart, it’s a matter again, of how much you know, I have some clients who only short the market shorting the market, by the way, for those of you listeners who don’t understand in the financial markets, you can sell something that you don’t own. You can say I’m shorting Apple, I don’t own any stocks in Apple I’m selling and that means I think the mark that Apple is going to go down, very difficult concept for people to understand until they’ve traded a few times, then they say, Oh, I get it. It’s like going to the craps table and playing the Don’t Pass guys gonna crap out, he’s going to throw a seven before he hits his number, I’m going to make money, he’s going to lose money I’m going to make so I have certain clients who really only like to short. They wait until this downturn, then they start writing me and take readings from me and saying, Well, what do you think? And I say to them, look from now until October or November, every time the market rallies sell it. And wait, wait, it’ll come back up again, sell it. Now there are other times when every time the market goes down, buy it based on the individual’s chart. Also, when I was on the floor of the exchange, most of my clients were first of all men because the majority of people on Wall Street are still men, although that is changing quite a bit. And they all came to me for readings and they wanted to know how’s my health? How’s my marriage? What am I going to make money and how should I trade should I be a day trader? Should I be alone terms Write an astrology chart. The Fifth house is the house of children creativity, games, gambling. The Fifth house is daytrade. By itself by itself, the opposite house, the 11th. House is long term trade, its long term hopes and wishes. If somebody has a very powerful 11th house, and a weakened fifth house, I tell them, you should be buying things and holding them putting some into your retirement fund, take some meat somewhere you’re trading, you take the profits off, and then you put it back in later. And some people I say to them, you’re a gambler. This is what you want to do.

Unknown Speaker 45:34
Wow. Oh, that’s fascinating. And they go in and out, in and out. They make a little. Wow. Okay.

Amanda Pua Walsh 45:40
Are there any other like, sort of rules of thumb that you could that you could share with us? Like, you know, go to Tools or, or techniques that you use when trading? Well, yeah, I guess that’s too big of a question. When helping people understand what to do with their money,

Mitch Scott Lewis 45:56
well, then you have to take into account everything, including the time you’re living, how old are you? I’m 35. I’m 70. Okay, you’re 35 You know what? Bonds stocks? Hold them, don’t look back. You’re 75 you’re gonna need that money in the next five years. You may not want to keep that and a lot of people call me at all different ages. What should I do with my retirement? I’m blah, blah, blah. Recently, I had I had people before the the inflation kicked in. I had a number of people, older people, especially who would call me and we talked and they say to me I’m I want to pay off my mortgage. I’m afraid the world say them. What’s your mortgage rate? They say to me, 3% said no need to be out of your mind. Pay off your mortgage, you can buy AT and T stock and make 7% and make 4% on your money watching TV in your underwear. Why would you sell your WHY would you get rid of your mortgage? The government’s giving you money for 3%? There’s an old saying Amanda, common sense is not that common. And when you trade in stocks and bonds and commodities, and any there is a there is common sense that goes along with it. Yes, I take into account your chart or whoever’s chart as well as what’s happening, and what’s going to happen over the next two years, and so on and so forth. But I also pay attention to what’s happening in the world. This is why there are some people who who study financial astrology, but they don’t study the financial markets. So I question how useful their information. Yeah, all of the really good financial astrologers I know it is about a half a dozen they’ve worked there. So if they they’ve studied these the cycles in these markets, and they know what they taught. And that’s what makes them good for their clients and good for them for the for their training camp. Right. So it’s, you know, there’s so many variables that go into, but that’s my job to take into account all of the potential variables. How old are you? Are you married? How’s your health? Well, you know, you have children, you have to take care of whatever it might be, then okay, how much money have you got? Okay, you have this much money, and this much is freed up? Well, you know, right now, I’m telling people, they have to trade defensively, you buy two year bonds, there actually is what’s called an inversion, two year bonds paying more than the 10 year bond. Usually, the longer term bonds pay more because you’re holding on to it for longer. But now because of the unsureness in the markets and in the world, the shorter bonds are paying more so you’re gonna you’re not gonna get rich from them, but they pay a little bit. And then I love dividend paying stocks. And there are there are funds that only carry dividend paying stocks, and they’ll make you seven 8%. Well, in this environment, that’s not bad. That keeps up with inflation. Whereas people who, you know, everybody, when it’s a bull market, everybody’s cheeks. I made so much money. I’m so smart. I bought stocks and held again, that’s a bull Mark, what do you do in a bear market there? Look, there are investment counselors who are young, and they’ve never seen a bear market before. They’re getting their heads handed to them, right? They don’t know what to do. And that has nothing to do with astrology has to do with again, common sense. And another thing too, is that the hardest thing for any trader to do, even if they’ve been on the floor for 25 years is to get into a trade or get out of the trade. Once you’re in it. Well, whatever get in the morning and make money. Okay, you’re great. But to to and people are frightened to get out of the trade and look in the after the crash of 2008 when many of my friends pulled out their stocks, I told them there would be a second crash in 2010 because the Saturn Uranus opposition was occurring in another sign and, and right there. I said this is what you get back in you buy it and a lot of people were frightened to do though they lost the big movement, you know, and I’m not going to always be right Amanda this, you know, Tom, I can’t be 100% But but my track record is pretty darn good. Yeah. And I understand and I and again, I give the information out in such a way that here’s what I think here’s what I know you mull this over and you decide if you want to do that believe in it, if you can afford to take the risk, whatever it might be. Those are decisions the individual estimate.

Amanda Pua Walsh 49:59
Yeah, and that’s what I I love it’s this is the idea here is just to give you information that you can use. It’s like another data point. And you know, Mitch, as you were speaking, I was reminded of something that this person that I used to know was he was in real estate. And he was very successful in San Francisco in the Bay Area of real estate. And one of the things he taught me was that you make money when you buy and I couldn’t like wrap my head around this. I was like, What do you mean making money when you buy I don’t get it. But it’s exactly what you’re talking about. Knowing when that when it’s low, and that there’s going to be an upswing in whatever you’re investing in. So when you buy is actually very important. And like you’ve pointed out today, when you sell Israel, I see

Mitch Scott Lewis 50:41
this as a buying opportunity, what we’re going through right now, now, that doesn’t mean you might suffer some pain. But that’s why if you need the money to buy your groceries and pay your rent, you shouldn’t be trading, right? Yeah, yeah, I don’t care how smart but you have some money. And you know, you can raise some money, you got an uncle who believes in you and you get $20,000. And so using this information, and again, when the stock market crashes, the rich stand on the sidelines and buy it. It’s the middle class, it gets hysterical. Oh my God, look at my 401 K, I’m so frightened and they sell at the worst possible time. And then you can’t get them back in and they took a terrible beating. And it takes them five, seven years to get them. That’s not the way to train. So again, it’s not just the astrology it’s using the astrology but it’s knowing what money is about.

Amanda Pua Walsh 51:30
Yeah. Okay, pretend I’m a financial person. And you’re, you’re telling me why it would be smart to include astrology in my practice.

Mitch Scott Lewis 51:41
Oh, you’re a financial person. Give me a million dollars. I’ll make you Guaranteed. If not, you can find me in Costa Rica. What? You can’t you can’t convince somebody of something that they don’t want to be convinced. Sure. It’s impossible. You can screen and carry on banging your head against the wall and they’re still gonna have their books. It politically we see it socially. We see it in every other fashion. It’s no different. Why should I believe in astrology is nonsense. What are you crazy? Sir Isaac Newton was probably one of the three or four smartest people that ever and he was considered a genius in his day. And he was an avid follower of astrology. And his friends would say to him, you’re such a smart person. Look at you. You’re what a pussycat Why do you believe in this nonsense? And supposedly, because I wasn’t there? But this is what his answer was. Sir. I have studied you have not after you study astrology, I know people who didn’t believe in astrology and they said This is absolute nonsense. I said, Okay, to whom they did some homework and they come to me, they go, how can this work? I don’t understand. How is this possible? What are you getting me? I don’t I don’t believe it. And they. And again, you know, I did a thing, you know, I think was a panel thing for a group to get where they were because I do these things all over the country all over the world, actually. And the host want to talk about medical astrology. And there were, you know, people in the chat room. And so this guy says he has you know, here’s my my birth information, telling me this wrong punched up his chart. I looked at it. I said you got kidney disease? He said stage three. How did you know? So that’s how I convince people to do with stroke. And some of the people who come to who’ve been with me now for 20 years, when they first started, they said, Yeah, okay, sure. I told them some stuff. And then two years later, they come back to me say everything you told me came true. What do you give me more?

Amanda Pua Walsh 53:30
The proof is in the pudding. Right?

Mitch Scott Lewis 53:32
That’s exactly, yeah. So all of these variables connect, and the way to make use of the knowledge that I have, and of the years of experience that I’ve had. Part of it is what we’re going to do next week or two weeks, the q&a. If the people have watched the webinar, then they’re going to have questions. They’ll send them to you. And I’ll try to answer as many as I can. If I don’t know the answer, I’ll tell you I don’t know, I’m not a tax expert. For example, even my accountant pulls his hair out of his head because of the changes in the tax laws that last couple of years. But that’s why I hired him. Let him pull his hair.

Amanda Pua Walsh 54:08
Well, let’s let’s go there. Mitch, what what what are the break? What’s the breakdown of what’s covered in the webinar? So let me just back up for a sec. So when I watched that webinar, it was a one time thing that Mitch did. And as I was watching it, it was like, Oh, my gosh, I have to be able to share this with our community, they are going to love it. Both from the perspective of people, you know, from the perspective of astrology, and just the very fascinating study that Mitch has done between those correlations of the astrological cycles and the different markets, including inflation, including gas prices, including housing markets, including stocks, you know, all of it. So that was fascinating, just from that perspective alone, as Astro geeks who love that, that piece of it, but then it was also really grounding for me, because it gave me this perspective. You know, as you’re hearing that, you know, the world is ending or you know, everything’s falling apart. And it was, it was very amazing to anchor in, where we’ve been, and compare that to where we’re at right now. And then make some, you know, informed decisions and predictions about where it’s gonna go. So it was, it was really helpful. It gave me a lot of peace, you know, and I love that you’re, you have a very realistic perspective, I would say it’s, it’s not overly optimistic or overly pessimistic, it felt like you’re, you’re, you’re considering it all, you know, the astrology, the history, where we’re at as a unique period of time. And so anyways, I’m watching this webinar, and I know is a one time only thing. And so that’s why when I reached out to Mitch, it was like, can I make this available to our community? And can we make that even sweeter and make it available to the community, but then add a q&a, because I did walk away with some questions that I would want really wanted to have answered, like specific questions about specific decisions that that I’m trying to make. And so he agreed, yes, to both allow our community to participate in the webinar. And we’ve added a live q&a that we’re going to be doing on August 11. So you’ll have the chance to submit your questions and get them answered by Mitch, at that August 11. q&a, and if you can’t make it live, it’ll be recorded. And you’ll still have the opportunity to submit your question, even if you can’t make it live. So make sure you go to astrology, to check out the whole thing and see if you’d like to participate in it. But again, I was so excited because as I’m watching this, I’m going oh my God, I need to be able to share this with my community. It’s gold, like literally, it’s amazing. It’s brilliant. It’s so well done. So yeah, Mitch has one of the reasons I was so excited when you said yes.

Mitch Scott Lewis 56:52
Great to hear Amanda, you know, I love a pat on the back of a

Amanda Pua Walsh 56:57
big pat on the back. It was awesome.

Mitch Scott Lewis 57:00
This, this webinar is part of an ongoing thing that I that I do. And then I’m hoping we can continue with to then expand into other other other topics and things. It and I cover a lot in this webinar. And so I didn’t have time to focus on oil for 40 minutes, right housing market for 40 minutes, I had to jump from one to the other, what I’m hoping that possibly we can do if we expand this if your community enjoys it, and once more of it is to then go back and either do a series of classes or a series of webinars or however we set it up and delve more deeply into these individual markets. And the ways that we can use this tool to make educated decisions.

Amanda Pua Walsh 57:49
If you want to use astrology to help you inform those types of decisions to be another data point that you’re considering, along with your intuition and your gut and your you know all those things as well. And then all the other research that you’re doing in your life, if you want astrology to be part of that decision making, I highly recommend that you start with the webinar that we now have to offer you at astrology, it is an amazing starting point, it’s going to help you get anchored in what’s happening right now taking what’s happened in the past into consideration all the astrological astrological cycles, and in then you get to join us for the live q&a. So that’s where you’re going to have this opportunity to ask some of your specific questions. I’m sure many of us are wondering the same things. So no matter what you’re gonna get some of your questions answered at that live q&a. So you can join us, if you when you join, you’re gonna get immediate access to the webinar. This is the same two hour webinar that I sat mesmerized watching 7am Saturday morning. So you’ll get access to that right away. You can watch it at your leisure at your convenience. And then I would just recommend watching it in time to join us for that August 11. q&a, and to have a little bit of time to submit your questions if you walk away with some some questions after you watch it. So Mitch, thank you for making this available to us. I feel so lucky and so honored. And I’m so grateful to Gary my love to who was like, You need to pay attention to this guy. It was so so funny, because I used to have a coast to coast subscription and he was like and I let it expire because they have like a membership and then you can watch you can do recordings. And he was like it’s worth it like you should re re up for their subscription just so you can listen to this if you can’t catch it live now. I was like okay, wow, I’m paying attention.

Mitch Scott Lewis 59:42
So Gary, thank you. I’m very glad he thought he found me and I’m very glad I found you.

Amanda Pua Walsh 59:48
Yes. And he’s been right on about all of his calls. So he definitely has his pulse on on me and then us because we’ve it’s resulted in some really amazing astrologers on this platform and and coast to coast to like, it’s amazing to be able to find some amazing people through George Nohrian. His work and I’m grateful for that, too. Yeah,

Mitch Scott Lewis 1:00:08
I’ve been talking to George now it must be about 12 years. Regular on his show. I enjoy it all the time, even though it’s three o’clock in the morning.

Amanda Pua Walsh 1:00:18
It’s a reasonable time for us in Hawaii. Yeah, I guess. Yeah. Okay, so thanks to all of you. Thank you for your interest. Thank you for being welcoming to a new astrologer here at astrology hub and new astrologer on this platform. And let us know if there’s particular things about financial astrology that you’re interested in. I am in talks with Mitch about lots of different things we could do. Because this is an area that I feel we have underserved you like there’s a lot to explore. And he’s also a medical astrologer too, which is another place that I know a lot of you have tons of interest in. So let us know in the chat. And please check out the webinar. We would love to have you join us. And again, that’s at astrology. Okay, Mitch, thank you so much. Thank

Mitch Scott Lewis 1:01:06
you for being great chatting with you. You too as

Amanda Pua Walsh 1:01:09
always and thank you for being here for your astrology hub debut and I cannot wait to connect with you again soon. Thank you to everyone for tuning into this episode for being a part of our community and as always, for making astrology a part of your life. We will catch you on the next episode.