How to Make the Most of the Time Between Eclipses w/ Cameron Allen

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Eye of the Storm

In this Weekly Horoscope from the Astrology Hub Podcast, Astrologer Cameron Allen and Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh explore the upcoming Solar Eclipse in Aries.

On Today’s Episode You’ll learn…

🌑 Why the week between eclipses is such a powerful time to slow down and ground.
🌒 How Mars in Cancer might impact your emotional landscape, and what you can do about it.
🌓 Concrete strategies for working with this week’s energies in the body.

Chapters 📹

0:00 Intro

4:04 Energy & Focus of the Week

15:17 Pluto’s Dance Between Capricorn & Aquarius

18:02 Day by Day Breakdown

48:47 Closing

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[00:00:00] Cameron: people call it earthing. I’m, I go outside and put your feet on the ground, okay? Like, call it whatever you want to, but just go outside. Put your feet on the ground, put your hands in the soil, and like, feel that move through your heart.

[00:00:11] Feel the electricity from the earth, Uranus and Taurus, and let that energy flow Moon into your heart, Leo. Right and allow that creative expression to occur.


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[00:01:15] Amanda: Well, hello everybody and welcome to your weekly astrological weather. For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Amanda Pool Walsh. I’m the founder of Astrology Hub. I am so thrilled that you’re here. For those of you who are new to our channel, you have just joined a worldwide astrological conversation that’s happening here every single week.

[00:01:33] Make sure you hit that subscribe button and the notification bell so that you know whenever we have a new video here. I am so happy to be here this week with evolutionary astrologer and herbalist, Cameron Alan. He has formal education from the School of evolutionary herbalism, and the School of evolutionary astrology, and is Reiki attuned by Norma Day. Jesus. He’s currently working on the 200 hour registered yoga teacher training in Kundalini Yoga from Delta Groove Yoga and Training to become an Ayurvedic practitioner. He is involved in several astrological organizations. He’s the co-founder of Memphis Black Healers Collective board member of Isar, board member of Fit Organics, and co-founder of Ascendant.

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Energy & Focus for the Week

[00:04:04] Amanda: All right, so Cameron, we’re in between eclipses. Mm-hmm. What’s happening this week?

[00:04:14] Cameron: Yeah, so it’s been really, it’s really interesting thinking about like the, the bigness and the aliveness that eclipses can bring, you know, and even when I say aliveness, the aliveness of being alert more than even aliveness, cuz sometimes it actually is the thing that puts us to sleep.

[00:04:29] Right, but in between eclipses is something that I find that’s like really, really interesting to feel into and think about. Well, during this eclipse period, in between the two eclipses, it seems like things are actually kind of chill. They’re actually kind of relaxed, and I think that’s a good thing because both of the eclipses are ruled by Mar.

[00:04:48] Right, and so both of the, since both of the eclipses are ruled by Mars and that Mars is in cancer, it, it is like a kind of a difficult time, right? It’s like this energy of I want to go forward and be assertive and do all the things, but feelings don’t really care about that a lot of the time. So sometimes it can be a little difficult to get that thing started.

[00:05:08] Also, this is the first eclipse that we’re having in Aries in this next eclipse cycle, even though the nodes haven’t made it, there. So also this eclipse cycle will be the last eclipse cycle. I mean the last one where the nodes are in Taurus and Scorpio before they move forward and, but later on in the year.

[00:05:27] So just be mindful of that. And so what does that mean? It means since things this week are kind of chill and there’s not too much action happening, that means the invitation from my lens is to be with it, sink into it, digest what just happened, the last ec. And be in a as restful state as possible that you can be.

[00:05:49] Right. Think about going into a tunnel and you can, and there’s light out, and then you go into the tunnel and it’s like, take that time to funnel what you need while you’re in that tunnel to relax yourself before the next eclipse comes. So just really being mindful to feeling that, to sink into. That’s what I would say the most important thing is also being mindful.

[00:06:12] The eclipses oftentimes can bring up a lot of our insecurities just from like a personal level, right. On a broader scale, it does a lot of other things. But on a personal level, the eclipses bring up a lot of emotional insecurities. It’s about the things that we can’t see. Right. And since it’s eclipse, eclipsing the sun in the moon, it’s about spirit in your body.

[00:06:32] And are they coherent together or are they. So this week, giving yourself a pause to feel into that. Think about that. Also, really paying attention to what Mars is doing this week and seeing where that’s at in your chart specifically, not just me saying, oh, this is what’s gonna happen this week. Right?

[00:06:49] It’s like thinking about what Mars is doing this week for you. And since there’s not so much going on, I think it’s important to even take the time to focus in more on how this is reflecting in your chart.

[00:07:00] This is a time to explore what you’re trying to burst forth into, right. Burst forth into being the eclipse that just happened in Aries and during this period of time, during this.

[00:07:12] Be mindful of the way in which you might have stuffed down those deep emotions because they might be about to come up during the eclipse and Scorpio, right? So it’s like head first. What are you trying to do? And then like being in this period and observing and watching before it even comes because you can see, or it’ll show you what you have been stuffing down.

[00:07:36] So just being mindful of that as all these cycles are beginning to end. It’s a really important thing when cycles close to look back and have a seat with it. So that’s my invitation for the week as a whole.

[00:07:50] Amanda: Okay. You said something about Mars to look at where Mars is in your chart and what Mars is doing.

[00:07:58] For you personally, obviously people can get readings if they don’t know how to look at their chart and they could have an astrologer look at it and interpret for them. But for those that actually know how to look at their chart and can interpret, where are they gonna look like, what are they specifically looking at right now with Mars?

[00:08:16] Cameron: Mm-hmm. So we would be looking at Mars and since it’s in cancer, oftentimes there’s, since there’s a difficulty with letting the emotions just flow and move on an instinctual basis, you would look where that’s at in your chart and you would see how does this correspond to an area of life. So for me, it’s in the seventh house.

[00:08:36] So I’m thinking about what are my emotional insecurities and how am I just asserting how I feel? Because sometimes that could be a difficult thing, right? Asserting how you feel.

[00:08:46] It’s like really when we feel it’s like something that’s like very inward and it’s about me. No matter what story I make up, how I feel is how I feel. So how do I learn how to assert what I feel, you know, owning it, feeling it, and then just allowing that to express. Right, so that’s an

[00:09:05] Amanda: example. Cameron. We had someone in our inner circle actually posted something in our private community about Mars and cancer, and she said, I don’t know if it was a sort of like a download she had or just a, an insight that Mars and cancer feels like.

[00:09:20] The warrior who’s been off at war, who’s now come home to a bustling household of normally women, right. Who’ve been, who’ve stayed at home to take care of the family and the home. They’ve gotten into their own rhythm and flow over the last however many years or whatever, that he’s been gone. And so he’s, he’s coming in, he’s, he’s used to.

[00:09:44] A certain level of structure and being able to direct, you know, what needs to happen and things like that. And they also have had their own, you know, rhythm and flow and, and they’re now asking him to take his, his shoes off at the door. And, you know, he, so he’s having to fit into this, this, this world that hasn’t been in.

[00:10:06] And so it made. It made me think about the vulnerability of Mars in this kind of scenario. If you’re thinking about that analogy of Mars and cancer being like the warrior coming home and having to like fit into this environment that he’s not used to and how vulnerable and, um, disorienting that would be, and also for him to, and to maybe even feel somewhat purpose.

[00:10:31] You know, not know what his role is or where he fits in. So what you’re saying here about where are our, our emotional insecurities, where are our vulnerabilities, and how do we effectively communicate those to other people without getting frustrated and, you know, the, all the other things that that can happen when we’re stuffing those things down.

[00:10:54] Does that resonate?

[00:10:56] Cameron: Yeah, exactly, exactly. Because also the warrior is like always task driven. So it’s always just trying to do something, do something in cancer and that like emotional feeling, nurturing kind of energy. It’s not always about what you do sometimes it’s about just how you feel, and that can be enough.

[00:11:14] Right. But when it comes to, when it comes to like, it’s like, so the warrior coming home, right? It’s like somebody tells me to take my shoes off. Why? Right. I’m automatically being combative when really it’s just like, it feels good in here, it’s nice, it’s cozy. It’s like, it feels nice to not have you track all the mud from outside into the house.

[00:11:33] You know? It’s like, it just feels nice and so it’s like, it’s difficult. Those two things just, they have a conflicting energy oftentimes. So, yeah, that makes total sense. And I love that whoever said that spot

[00:11:44] Amanda: on. I know. I loved it too. I, I made a comment under, I was like, oh, that’s so insightful. And it gives me a different perspective of this warrior.

[00:11:50] I think so often we, you know, Mars gets cast in this light as, as being so aggressive and harsh that to also think about where the challenges would be in being that, Martian energy, you know, that like always forward moving energy. Where would that make life really challenging, you know? Um, so are you saying that in between this eclipse, we’re in the ec in between eclipses right now, that we might have a hard time.

[00:12:21] Asserting our will right now, and that the focus doesn’t really need to be in asserting our will right now, that the focus needs to be a little bit more inward in sort of like that cancer sort of energy.

[00:12:34] Cameron: Yeah, I would say it’s person dependent and I always look at things. Um, I, always like to use extremes, even though understanding that there’s a spectrum.

[00:12:42] Right. And so on one end, it’s somebody who feels all these feelings, and it’s like the Mars energy feels like stuck inside. So there’s like this resentment or like, I don’t know how to express my feelings, or I don’t know how to feel my feelings fully. And then other people are just, they’re just having that in, they feel this, it’s coming out right now, like with a sword.

[00:13:03] Right. And maybe not even owning their feelings. I feel this way. Here’s the sword. You know, it’s like, whoa. Like, you know, and not owning, not actually taking the time to be like, this is what I feel and I’m actually feeling it. And just being reactive to what’s happening on the external and the external world.

[00:13:21] So always being mindful of those polarities in that spectrum in general. But with Mars and cancer, it gets amped up a little bit cuz even back in the day, like in Islamic kid, They would say Mars and cancer oftentimes is what brought war. . Interesting. Yeah. Yeah. Super curious, huh?

[00:13:40] Amanda: Do you wanna Tyson of why that would

[00:13:43] Cameron: I would say because it’s the summer really, at the end of the day, I would say that every, it’s the summer energy, right? Like the idea of symbolic time being like when the sun goes into cancer is summertime. People aren’t going to war in winter when it, back in the day when we didn’t have certain resources like we do now.

[00:14:01] So Mars going there would also be Mars being at its summer

[00:14:05] Amanda: point. Ah, gotcha. Okay. Yeah. Now you also said that this is the last eclipse, this is the last series of eclipses that’s happening in tourists and Scorpio. And you said that this is a time to wrap some things up. Mm-hmm.

[00:14:21] Cameron: These, these, these eclipse cycle is the last one.

[00:14:25] The nodes will be in Taurus and Scorpio. There’ll be another eclipse in Taurus later in the year, but the nodes won’t be there with it.

[00:14:32] Amanda: Oh, I gotcha. Okay. Okay. Mm-hmm. What does that

[00:14:34] Cameron: mean for us? So that means there’s been an area of development in your life that’s been going on for the last year and a half or so, and whatever that has been.

[00:14:44] It’s been coming. Strong stops and strong beginnings or changes of direction. And so now you can start looking forward to the next cycle of that. Hmm. Right. Sometimes we’re like plan for things and it’s like, oh, I feel, I feel this new thing coming. Oh my gosh, I want it so bad. And it’s like, Hey, you’re still actually in between that.

[00:15:01] So it’s like you can kind of relax and just like look to where the node are at in your chart and see what house they might be changing to, or if they’re shifting. It’s changing signs, but it might not change houses depending on what house system you Okay. But just being mindful of what that shift will do. Okay.

[00:15:17] Amanda: Yeah.

Pluto’s Dance between Capricorn & Aquarius

[00:15:17] Amanda: Let’s go through the days. Can you walk us through the astrology of each day and just highlight any, any particular days or transits that are important for us to pay

[00:15:25] Cameron: attention.

[00:15:27] Yeah. Before I do that, I also wanted to say like, being mindful of like, you know, everybody was so excited about Pluto coming into Aquarius. And now Pluto is like really slowing down, like literally from April 24th to May 8th, Pluto will be at the same minute and, and, and hear that, right? Because like a lot of times, like it’s gonna be at the same degree for two days.

[00:15:49] No, not just the same degree, but the same. So also this is another reflection of why I’m saying, Hey, everybody, slow down. Because there is like a deeper process unfolding that oftentimes we don’t pay attention to. When it comes to the outer planets and how they shift. It’s not something that’s always visible, right?

[00:16:08] And that’s why they’re the outer planets. It’s kind of beyond us a little bit if we’re not using our special goggles to be able to see the lens of the unseen. So being mindful that that’s taking place underneath the surface while this eclipse period is happening as well,

[00:16:26] Amanda: what, how would you interpret Pluto in Aquarius at the same minute?

[00:16:34] For literally like a couple weeks, right? Yeah. What, is there something specific about that, that degree or something specific about Pluto being in an Aquarius that we can sort of contemplate for this period of

[00:16:48] Cameron: time? Yeah. What I would contemplate is what have you felt since Pluto entered Aquarius and what were you so excited about, even though you were knowing that Pluto’s gonna go right back into Capric.

[00:17:00] And so if you feel like, oh, I have this new thing on the horizon that I feel, if it’s something that’s really, really big, just know that it might be doing this dance with Pluto. Whether that’s a difficult thing going on in your life that you’ve been trying to empower yourself through, whether that’s a big change based off of it.

[00:17:17] Changing signs, which might make it change houses in your chart. Really just being, being with it with for a moment and knowing that it’s moving slow. Take your time with that. You know, take your time with that. That’s what I would say. And also this feeling of moving forward and feeling like this sense of liberation.

[00:17:37] And it’s like, I always think about like Pluto’s like went into Aquarius and it’s like, and it’s like, uh, and it’s at 21 degrees and it’s like you’re not done with Capricorn yet, and it just like pulls you back in there. Whether the pool back is good or bad. That was kind of dramatic, but you know, it is.

[00:17:55] But it is like this liberatory energy that people feel with Aquarius. And so going back into Capricorn is kind of heavier. Yes.

Day to Day Breakdown

[00:18:02] Amanda: Okay, Cameron, that’s a great lay of the land for the whole week ahead. Mm-hmm. Let’s back up a little bit and go through each of the days just so we know what’s happening each day and how to work with the energy.

[00:18:15] Cameron: Yeah, absolutely. And I’m gonna focus more on just like the embodiment qualities of everything, more than anything.

[00:18:20] So it’s like, I’m not gonna tell you to give you an invite to rest and then not give you some simple tools to work with from that point or for a

[00:18:28] Amanda: perspective. You love that about

[00:18:30] Cameron: thank you. Mm-hmm. Yeah, it’s so good to ground us in. Uh, so on April 24th, we have the moon in Gemini a little bit, and then the moon moves into cancer, right?

[00:18:40] So with the moon in Gemini, while it’s. Through the end of Gemini, it’s gonna square with Neptune. So of course with Neptune, a lot of people talk about illusions and stuff like that. I would really say what has your relationship been with the sound of your voice, right? Gemini, the moon going through Gemini and it like rules this space of the body and then it’s going into a square relationship with Neptune and Pisces.

[00:19:05] But Pisces is all about frequency and vibration. So if we have the moon’s energy coming towards. It’s like, how can I use this energy flowing through here to connect with that other thing? That other thing being Neptune and Pisces. So when’s the last time you did a mantra? When was the last time you just sung out loud?

[00:19:25] Whether it sounds good or not, it doesn’t matter. It’s a square. So, I mean, maybe it doesn’t sound good, you know, whatever. It doesn’t matter. Just like focus on getting that energy to flow, but not just simply getting that energy to flow. Try to get that energy to flow with something that. Like a higher resonance or a higher frequenter vibration or sound, or God, aah, creator universe, whatever it is that you connect with, you know, it could even just be nature, listening to the crickets, listening to the birds, and then letting that energy flow with something larger than yourself.

[00:20:00] And feeling into that.

[00:20:01] Amanda: Cameron, for those who are on the podcast, when you’re saying, let the energy flow here, you’re pointing to your neck. Right? So sound for those who are not video. Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. Sound to come through.

[00:20:14] Cameron: Yes. Yeah, absolutely. Yeah, because Gemini is ruling the respiratory system really.

[00:20:19] So it’s like going up into the throat, even though Taurus is like technically a throat, but your, your respiratory system, your lungs, and letting your lungs move is what I’m really trying to say. Also that day Saturn in Pisces will be in a sextile with the sun and Taurus. So just being sure to feel into, if you feel like a little stagnant energy kind of there, because Taurus has a tendency to have a slowness to it because it’s fixed earth and Saturn is gonna be in relationship with that sun that’s already getting that fixed earth energy.

[00:20:47] So just being mindful. Making sure you move your body, express yourself in the ways that feels good for you. Also, the suns and tourists. So things just like have a tendency to want to be more relaxed. So being in connection with Saturn might slow that down a little bit. And so also being mindful when I’m speaking of energetics, I’m not really just speaking on some abstract quality.

[00:21:08] It’s like when I say these things is either something is gonna stimulate you. And have you more amped up or ready to go, or it’s gonna make you feel maybe dull, slow, heavy. And these are like tangible qualities. It’s not like I’m saying some like airy fairy, like energetics, energetic frequency, blah, blah, blah.

[00:21:27] It’s like not like that. It’s like actually how you’re gonna feel potentially, depending on how it works with your chart. So just being mindful of that. And then also the moon is gonna move into cancer that night. And so with that, just feeling like the shift between Gemini to cancer, And just feeling into that in general too.

[00:21:44] On April 25th, the moon is gonna be in cancer like the whole day. And the biggest thing that I highlighted that day is really just the moon’s gonna get really, really, really, really close to Mars. So all those things I was saying about I’m filling into Mars energy, the moon’s gonna bring that flow of energy there.

[00:22:07] So this is the day that I will even highlight even more about paying attention to that Mars energy because the moon is gonna bring it down from the sub lunar sphere. If you don’t know what that means, it’s just gonna transport it from above to the below, right? And then also being mindful when the moon goes through cancer, when Mars is there.

[00:22:27] This could also represent something like an upset stomach. It also could be an upset stomach, not just because of something you ate, but also the moon is gonna be in a square relationship with Chiron that day as well. So it’s just being energetically sensitive because Chiron’s there maybe some wounds might come up, but what I invite with Chiron always is not thinking about it as a wound, but thinking about it as, what are my tools to work with wounds?

[00:22:56] Right? So you might have a. That’s fair, but do you have tools to work with that wound? And if you do have tools to work with wounds, when a wound comes up, do you use them? Right? So that’s a few layers there that you can feel into and move with throughout your process during that day as well. So April 26th, the moon is still in cancer, and something big happens this day, something that oftentimes seems.

[00:23:23] Really dramatic to me, but it happens to be subtle to a lot of people. The moon is gonna be in a square relationship with the eclipse that just happened, right? So we’re gonna be in exact square relationship. So the, the last eclipse was at 29 Aries. So this cancer moon will be going through the 29th degree basically there.

[00:23:43] So just being mindful that whatever happened during that ec. And what’s gonna happen next? Eclipse, you’re in the the stretching point of both of those two. You’re in the exact middle of both of those, so be aware of that dynamic tension between that. The moon also is just gonna happen, just so happens to be in Arine with Neptune.

[00:24:01] So it’s like this outer planet energy happening there, and then it’s gonna be in the opposition with Pluto. So it’s like, that’s really interesting to me. We have these eclipses happening, which oftentimes brings up things that we can’t. And then it’s gonna be in a rine with Neptune. That is like something that’s oftentimes unconscious.

[00:24:21] And then it’s gonna be in the opposition with Pluto, which also is bringing up unconscious material. So we got the middle point of the lights being out, and then we have unconscious processes kind of coming up in the sign of cancer, and we’re gonna be filling the fields there. So that day really my invitation would be, And this is the invitation I give often and I will moving forward always and forever.

[00:24:45] But when the moon is in cancer, my favorite thing to do, almost always turn on music. That sounds like how you feel. And just let the energy be in motion. Just let the energy be in motion. I will say this forever and ever until people tell me to stop. And then when they tell me to stop, I’m gonna say it again because most of the times when I tell people to do.

[00:25:10] When I asked them did they do it, they said one time or they, I tried it, it was great. I say, oh, so how’s it been since then? And they stopped doing it. So I’m gonna keep saying until everybody in the comment section says, Cameron and I have been doing it, leave us alone. Okay. And then we can talk about it.

[00:25:27] And I’ll probably ask you more questions then from there anyway.

[00:25:29] Amanda: Yes. I love that. So basically turn on, if you’re feeling angry, turn on an like music that sounds angry. If you’re feeling happy, turn on happy music. If you’re sad, turn on something that makes you sad and allow the music to, to sort of match the feeling that you have so that it can move more

[00:25:46] Cameron: freely.

[00:25:47] Absolutely. Absolutely. Yeah. And even if people don’t want to do that with music, you know, oftentimes I just have people find the p the location. Where the issue is and just like move in and out of it. Just get the energy in motion. It’s so simple, so easy. Just like getting it moving so it doesn’t get stagnant because we can’t always just control our feelings and our feelings don’t care about us trying to control them anyway to begin with, but we can always move our body and let the energy flow better.

[00:26:16] Right. So just being mindful of those things. So on April 27th, we have the moon moving into Leo. And the moon will be in conjunct Saturn that day, early on in that day. And so oftentimes the in conjunction is an aspect that is of no aspect. So that is to say that it’s not in relationship with each other because they, they’re blind to each other.

[00:26:39] But we know when we can’t see something and we get blindsided, that’s when some of the worst things happened to us. Right. So it’s like being mindful that the moon in conjunct Saturn, there might be something going on. You might feel a certain type of way, but. You might not know exactly where it’s coming from.

[00:26:53] So look into your chart and see where things, where the moon is at in Leo, at the beginning of Leo. And then look where Pisces is at and consider what houses they’re in, in your chart, and just make a simple prompt. Don’t be elaborate about it. Just literally, what does that house mean? Even if you don’t know what a house means right now, in this moment, you could literally click on Google, see what one house means, and just say, this means this.

[00:27:19] This means that. And then just move forward from there and feel into it. Right. Super simple. You

[00:27:24] Amanda: could watch our House series on the podcast. We did all, every single house and Cameron was one of our houses, I think the six houses. Mm-hmm. Yeah. But interviewed, uh, 12 different astrologers and we went through all the houses.

[00:27:36] So if you need more information about what each house then you can see that still on the podcast. Just go to astrology and then. Put like House series in, or just scroll on the videos for House series. You’ll find the house that you’re looking for.

[00:27:52] Cameron: Yeah. Beautiful. Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. I love that series.

[00:27:56] I already watched it twice. Learned a lot there. I

[00:27:59] Amanda: love you. You watched it twice. That’s so cool.

[00:28:02] Cameron: Oh, I’m a student forever, so Yeah. Yeah. Also with the moon in conjunct Saturn. So Leo rules the cardiovascular system as a whole, and Pisces rules the feed, right? And so even though I’m using, so it, Leo rules the heart, Pisces rules the feed, and so the question is, is the blood flowing from your chest all the way down to your feet?

[00:28:29] And just feeling into that. So maybe putting your hand on your heart and then just stomping your feet on the ground. Stomping your feet on the ground and breathing until you start to feel that circulation move through your body. And being mindful as humans, we have these simple things that we could do.

[00:28:43] You know, sometimes we’re like looking for this complex answer to like simple solutions, you know? So just being mindful of that always and forever. Something else there too. The in conjunction can be about. Are you able to express yourself from your heart in a way that feels rooted and grounded, right?

[00:29:02] Your feet on the ground, but like being able to speak from your heart, like so allowing that practice also to connect with something that might come up for you in that day as well. Also that day, the moon is gonna be square the sun, and so it’s the first quarter square. So the question is, what happened at that at Clips point or what happened during that New Moon?

[00:29:24] And just feeling into where you at with that progress. Do you feel like it’s starting to land a little bit more? Can you feel the tangibility of it? Right? So just being mindful of that and feeling into it as you have followed the other lunar cycles. If you do that, and if not, then it’s a good place to start.

[00:29:40] Also, Mars in cancer will be Square, Chiron and Aries. And so this is actually like, even though this is like the day I’m talking about it, this is kind of like happening throughout the whole week. So the thing I was talking about earlier about Chiron and the toolkit and being energetically sensitive and then all the things I was talking about with war, we were talking about with War in Cancer, infuse those two things and feel into that.

[00:30:09] Like what is going on there, right? It’s a really interesting dynamic. I actually wrote a few things about it, but I don’t, I kept feeling different things every time I came to it, you know? And so even though it’d be cool of me as an astrologer, and this is what it’s gonna be, it’s like I really want to invite everybody to feel into this because when it comes to Kyron, it is about an energy and antenna, right?

[00:30:33] Tom Jacob says it’s about energy antenna, and I find that to be really, really, So I want everybody to really feel into like what’s going on in a subtle way that day, in that square.

[00:30:44] Amanda: Okay. Explain that a little bit more. So, Chiron is an energy antenna, meaning, mm-hmm. Where we have Chiron in our chart. And or if Chiron’s in, in, in, is in transit in a particular place that our energy antenna is gonna be attuned to that, or can you explain what you

[00:31:06] Cameron: mean by that a little bit more?

[00:31:07] Yeah. It’s, it’s going to be, uh, it’s gonna be either attuned or it’s gonna be super sensitive. Insensitive doesn’t mean not attuned, but in this case I’m using it, the definition as feeling sensitive as in, oh no, I feel sensitive and like, I’m kind of like trying to shy away from it. Ah,

[00:31:23] Amanda: so, so like if you’re insecure about something, for example, and someone makes a comment and they don’t mean anything by it, but because you’re so insecure about that thing, you take it as an insult or you take it as, as a criticism.

[00:31:37] Cameron: Is that Exactly, exactly right. And so like that’s the whole thing within an antenna. And antenna’s gonna be like attuned as in the color green. The color green. I’m activated, I hear. But it also can be, I’m attuned, and it’s like they said something about ugly feet, you know? And it’s like, ah, my feet, you know, it’s like feet.

[00:31:54] Yeah, yeah, exactly. So it’s like attunement on like in two different ways, you know? And so it’s just like that kind of energetic sensitivity where it’s like, I feel that no matter what’s going on, I always feel that, because that’s the thing that made me feel left out, that made me feel rejected in the.

[00:32:13] Right. So where, so actually I’ll be sensitive

[00:32:15] Amanda: to it. So where Kyron is in your chart is where you may be extra sensitized to any sort of, um, feedback or criticism or, you know, anything around that kind of issue that is identified by where it is in your chart.

[00:32:35] Cameron: Exactly, exactly. Yeah. And depending on how someone’s worked with it, they could be extra sensitive to it.

[00:32:42] I see that you have that, cuz I used to have it. Yeah. So I know how to help you with my toolkit.

[00:32:47] Amanda: Right. I love that.

[00:32:50] Cameron: absolutely. So April 28th, The moon is in Leo again here. And with the moon being in Leo, it is, it’s going to go into a square relationship with Uranus that day.

[00:33:03] And so just being mindful to take care of your nervous system, I would really say, you know, that people call it earthing. I’m, I go outside and put your feet on the ground, okay? Like, call it whatever you want to, but just go outside. Put your feet on the ground, put your hands in the soil, and like, feel that move through your heart.

[00:33:19] Feel the electricity from the earth, Uranus and Taurus, and let that energy flow Moon into your heart, Leo. Right and allow that creative expression to occur. It’s gonna happen, uh, in like the midday around, well, I guess it depends where you live. It’s happening about the midday though, here in the United States.

[00:33:40] So just be mindful that you can check it out on any astro seek or any tracker that you have and feel into it when it goes direct. That’s what I invite people to do the most because that’s when you actually start embodying and feeling what’s happening there. So super important to always tune in from that space of I know what this is because I just experienced that.

[00:34:03] So on April 29th, the moon will go into Virgo, and when the moon goes into Virgo, the first thing I always invite everybody to is to organize things in here. Specifically since I’m talking about the body, I’m talking about the digestive. So what are the, what are the ways that you haven’t been having an organized or regimented schedule with your food or your eating habits?

[00:34:26] Even being organized with your food doesn’t necessarily mean eating at a specific time, even though that might be ideal. It could just be are you organizing yourself and taking your time with your food? Right? Do you understand how a human is organized and how it’s ideal to digest food when you’re calm?

[00:34:46] When you’re not in a state of stress and in fight or flight mode, that might be the organization you’re looking for. It might not be, oh, I got everything and pre-packed and reg regimented. It might not be there for you. Oftentimes, it really isn’t, right. So just being with that and being mindful throughout that process.

[00:35:03] Also, the moon’s gonna start feeling a little, uh, tension from Saturn that day. It’s gonna go into an opposition as soon as the moon goes in Vir. So just being mindful of that. And then there, something easy that you can do is feel the connection between your gut and your feet. Right? And so all these things I’m saying, you can kind of feel this pattern that I have going on, like feeling the energy flow from one place where the moon is at, to another place where the energy is in another sign, right?

[00:35:35] And Saturn happens to be kind of, oftentimes it’s heavy in a, in a maleic way or a not so feeling good. But this is actually an amazing thing and I’ve been feeling into it a lot. So if Saturn’s gonna make my feet feel heavy, what am I doing to actually feel rooted and grounded in a way that makes me feel like I feel heavy enough to hold things that I’m like bearing weight to, you know, or like existing with, let’s say.

[00:36:01] Also something else going on that day. Uh, the moon is gonna be in Arine with Vesta and Vesta also this whole week. I didn’t talk about it before, but Vesta is gonna be in a conjunction with the North node. So also, all these things I’m talking about, like we wanna move forward and all this stuff is about to start, and it’s like, well, what are you devoted to, you know, moving forward?

[00:36:25] Like what is your identity trying to be devoted? And just being mindful on this day that you can start to organize things in a way where whatever you’re devoted to moving forward, you just put things in place, put things in place because that Pluto’s going back, there’s the other eclipse is about to calm.

[00:36:44] But think about what you’re being devoted to moving forward and start to organize things a little bit.

[00:36:50] Amanda: Cameron, one thing that came up recently, again in an inner circle conversation with some members was around. The aquarium sort of artificial intelligence. Mm-hmm. Direction in the whole like development of technology and how that’s really gonna change things in the next 20 years and how people are feeling uneasy about that.

[00:37:13] Like, there’s a lot of people ha that have a lot of like serious concerns about where things are going. And one of the things that I got from all of the amazing astrologers at the Game Changing Transits event that you were a part of was, In, in this time of great change, it’s very important for us to very, to be very clear on what our values are like, and I, and the way I’ve been thinking about it are, you know, what are our non-negotiables?

[00:37:41] What are the things that no matter what technology can make easier or no matter what technology could streamline or, you know, whatever the promises, right. Whatever ailments that it’s gonna cure and, you know, all the, all the different promises that are being, that will be made, I’m sure. Where, where are your own non-negotiables?

[00:38:01] And one of the things I was thinking about is how connection to nature for me is one of those things that is like, no matter what happens, I always need. On some level connection to the rhythms of the seasons connection to, you know, the, the traditions of, of, of change during the season and, and being mindful of it and paying attention to it and celebrating it with my daughters, for example.

[00:38:30] You know, we, we do little rituals for spring and for fall and for winter, and, you know, keeping those things intact when you’re talking about this, what you just talked about with Vesta and North Node, and, you know, What’s valuable to you is, is this the kind of thing that you’re talking about this, this sort of self-inquiry?

[00:38:48] Like where, what are your values and what are the things that you need to just continue to prioritize in order to stay aligned with the, the deepest parts of you? Or am I totally on track? Yes.

[00:39:00] Cameron: No, that was like perfection, you know, cause I said the word devotion and it’s like, you know, Vesta kept the, the hearth going.

[00:39:07] Right. And that’s what you’re saying, right? You’re like, you’re gonna keep working that fire, you’re gonna keep that flame going. Yes. Right. So like, what torch do you have? And which one, and how are you carrying it forward? Okay, great. So, you know, and that’s what you’re saying, so it’s like, that’s perfection.

[00:39:21] Exactly. It, it seems

[00:39:23] Amanda: like such an important contemplation and this time that we’re in where there’s so much change. Mm-hmm. And from what all of you astrologers shared, it’s gonna accelerate at like mind blowing. And, and there will be, there will be things that are shifting that, that, you know, all I just kept hearing you, you guys say over and over.

[00:39:45] Just be intentional. Just don’t, just go along with everything. Like be intentional about the way that you, you engage and learn about it and make sure that it’s in alignment with your values, et cetera. So first step would be to figure out or be very clear on what your values.

[00:40:05] Cameron: Yeah, exactly. Yeah, a thousand percent.

[00:40:07] And I also would say, are you looking at the big Ma like mainstream ideas of what AI or technology can do? Or are you actually like thinking about, huh, what would be really helpful for a machine to do for me? Or you know, it’s like that’s something that could really be revolutionary for you at the same time and it also could help what you are devoted to.

[00:40:29] So nice if everybody would focus on that lens, maybe first. Or if, especially if they’re far on the other side. If you focus there first, then you can figure out the ways in which you wanna stay away from things. Right. Because it’s about where you’re creating from.

[00:40:42] Amanda: I love that. What, how can technology help you with what you are devoted to?

[00:40:49] I think sometimes about what we could be doing with astrology, with, with more, um, You know, instead of it being so flat, you know, it’s like so flat on a screen, but like, what if we could be in it, you know, like we could, we could visually walk into our chart and like experience it in such a different way.

[00:41:08] I, I feel like there could be amazing things to develop at from technology and the way we learn astrology, the way we experience astrology, the way we use astrology to navigate. You know, I think it

[00:41:18] Cameron: could be. Absolutely. Yeah. I’ve, I feel like I’ve experienced that so many times. That’s why I’m like over here laughing.

[00:41:24] Cause I’ve like, I’ve done that, like, you know, walked into my own chart and like we’ve seen the spaces and the houses and stuff in my own. Yeah.

[00:41:32] Amanda: Do we really need virtual reality for it? Or could we, and use our imagination

[00:41:36] Cameron: do that too. Yeah. Both. And I like that. You know, and even some simple things like with.

[00:41:42] When we think of technology, oftentimes people are thinking like these, like big widgets and gadgets and stuff like that. But one simple thing, I’ll get this as just a creative prompt or idea. One thing that I do in the wintertime, I get, um, yellow lights. I have yellow lights. So when it’s like dark out and I’m like really sleepy and it’s hard for me to get up, I turn the yellow light and it makes me like, feel like it’s sunlight.

[00:42:04] Right. That’s a light bulb. And so when people think about technology, they’re like, AI in the future and blue. And it’s like, well, we never had light bulbs that gave off low heat that wasn’t actually bothersome, but also made us feel awake. Yes. You know, and then you can use the red light to make you feel calm.

[00:42:20] And it’s like that can actually help your hormonal cycle if you have issues with, um, your circadian rhythm rather. Yes. And so just being mindful it could be something this simple. And that’s super helpful, but 20 years ago.

[00:42:34] Amanda: Yeah. Yeah. No, those, those kinds of things are being developed all the time now too.

[00:42:38] Yeah, you’re right. We do kind of go to the negative, but there’s, there’s tons of emerging technology that’s very positive. Yeah. And I, and I like this idea of what are you devoted to and how can technology be of, how can you use technology to be of service to the thing that you’re devoted to? Right.

[00:42:55] Absolut. Absolutely. All right. I know we still have a day or two to

[00:42:59] Cameron: go, to go through, right? Yeah, yeah. We have one more day. Uh, the 30th we have, uh, the moon in Virgo still. So the thing I was saying with Saturn still applies, but it’s moving away from Saturn during the day, and so it’s gonna start going into Arine with the Sun and Mercury.

[00:43:16] And really the way I was feeling into that is just, again, I was feeling into the stomach. I was really, actually, I kind of, not to. To be quite honest, I kind of bypassed the sun and I was just thinking about how the moon is ruled by Virgo, I mean by ruled by Mercury, and then just feeling into the digestive track and then really trying to get the nervous system to calm down in the stomach.

[00:43:40] And so there’s a few ways to go about this. A lot of times I just get people to put their hand there really, you know, even thinking about Taurus being the senses in Mercury. Connecting with the Moon. Connecting with Mercury in its own. There rules a digestive tract just putting either your hands on your stomach or something else heavy there.

[00:43:59] Like I was saying again at the beginning, Taurus is heavy, right? So again, we are using these energetics. None of them are inherently good or bad when we know how to use them. Cause I put something heavy on my stomach, not like squishing me of course, but something heavy on my stomach, it makes me feel held down.

[00:44:18] Right? And then just breathing into that.

[00:44:25] In eliminate organized things in your digestive tract and in really just like reviewing what’s been going on with my stomach. Have things I’ve been eating, being been of value to me or been of service to me in my processing this, does this feel luxurious? Does this feel good? Does this feel yummy? Right?

[00:44:45] So all these are super simple things that we can do. Using astrology and like there’s many other ways and there’s even an orientation that I could help give. And that’ll happen sooner or later, you know? So just being mindful, this is a, I know this is like a perspective that a lot of people haven’t heard necessarily besides from me when I come on, but I added a little bit extra with it this time, right?

[00:45:08] And so always thinking the planets and astrology means this, but it also can mean this and that and this. And. And you can begin to like bring all those things together because you can do the linear, logical, well this day this planet does this, so this is gonna happen. It’s like, but what are you going to do?

[00:45:26] How are you gonna be in a relationship with the energy?

[00:45:29] Amanda: I love that so much, Cameron. And what I, what is exciting to me about this week is that it seems like we’ll have the time and space to actually do some of these practices that you have brought up. And I know sometimes the, the, the astrology of a week is, Is intense and it’s demanding and there’s a lot going on.

[00:45:49] And so sometimes people’s lives get very full. But it sounds like the way that this week is set up is it is designed for us to be doing more of these contemplation things for us to feeling the feeling the things in our bodies and really being mindful of the way that we’re digesting, um, our lives and that this is gonna be somewhat of re a review of the last.

[00:46:13] Year and a half on one level. Also a review of the last couple months since Pluto’s gone into Aquarius. So there’s, there’s a, there’s kind of a lot to reflect on. Um, and I love what you’ve reminded us about this week, that this is a time to relax. That, um, that, it’s pretty chill, that the week is chill and that we’ll be as much as we can be in a restful state, the better.

[00:46:42] And that we have this opportunity to really contemplate are, is our spirit and our body, are they coherent? Mm-hmm. Are we feeling a coherency in between them? And, um, you know, I think a lot of, a lot of people I I, that, that, that’s like a constant course, correct. Right, because, because we can get on direct in directions that don’t feel in total alignment.

[00:47:06] So the more frequently we’re asking that question, the less likely it is that, you know, two years past three years, past four years past fi, you know, a lifetime passes and it’s like, oh shoot, I wasn’t in, I wasn’t incoherence with my spirit or with my soul and what I’m here to do. So I love that. Um, Be mindful of what you’ve stuffed down is one of the other, uh, main themes, themes that you brought up in the beginning.

[00:47:33] And what are you bursting forth into? Uh, so one question I had from the very beginning that I’m just asking you now, when you were describing the energy of this week between eclipses and you were talking about how chill it is and it’s kind of restful, would you say that it’s kind of like the eye of the.

[00:47:53] Cameron: Exactly what I was thinking. Yeah. Yeah. And even like, sometimes things seem chill because something just like got amped. Like if there’s like a wave, you know, it’s like before it comes, everybody’s like, oh no, and then like it comes, and then everything’s just like, okay, like it happened. Everything’s not necessarily just okay, as in eye feel chill, but it’s like, okay, I can chill for a moment.

[00:48:16] I can pause for a second because that was a lot right. Mm-hmm. Right. So it’s like a lot. Okay, let me like regather myself. There’s not too much going on this week, but I still have to like face what just happened and then something else is about to come as well.

[00:48:32] Amanda: Yeah. Well it sounds like the more we do the, the digestion piece and the rest and relax and the contemplation piece, the, the more energy we’ll have for whatever is.

[00:48:44] Cameron: Absolutely. That’s exactly,

[00:48:46] Amanda: yeah. Mm-hmm.


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[00:52:10] So excited about that. Cameron, thanks to all of you for being here. Thank you so much for being a part of our community, and thank you as always for making astrology a part of your life. We will catch you on the next episode. Take care.