[CURRENT ASTROLOGICAL WEATHER] January 4th – January 10th 2021 with Anne Ortelee

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In this Astrological Weather episode of the Astrology Hub Podcast, Predictive Astrologer Anne Ortelee and Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh discuss the energies coming our way as described by the astrology.

Tune in and discover…

  • Details about the energetic scale this week (ranging from 3 – 20) and why how deeply you’ve worked with the recent lessons of Saturn will help define where you fall on this scale.
  • Tips on how you can discover what house Saturn is activating in your natal chart, and why this is a good time to embrace your Aquarius house and bring the gifts you find there to your “tribe.”
  • Insights on how every planet (except Mars) is currently answering to Saturn, and how you can use this focused shift in energy to integrate long term plans and goals.
  • How Venus, Mercury and Mars moving into new signs will weave into the heavy influence of Eris stationing, and insights on what new (or old!) perspectives may come your way and how to engage them.


Planetary cycles both large and small all point to a massive energetic shift that will enable you to spread your wings and take flight… if you consciously work with the energies coming your way!