[COSMIC CONNECTION] January 2022 Forecast w/ Rick Levine

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In this episode of the Astrology Hub Podcast, Astrologer Rick Levine and Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh discuss your December Forecast. 

You’ll learn…

  • Why Rick chose the theme “The beginning is here” for January and what transits are especially powerful this month
  • What you can expect of Uranus and Saturn after the last square on December 23rd, 2021
  • Why Rick says you should “plant seeds of stillness” this lunation cycle
  • Why Rick chose “Not so fast” as the main theme for all of 2022
  • The difference between the True and Mean Lunar Nodes
  • Why you can expect the unseen to become seeable this month…


0:00 Intro

2:00 Holiday Season Rewing

4:30 Saturn and Uranus in 2022

10:37 Mercury and Venus in January

15:30 Lunations of January 2022

22:00 The Beginning is Here

24:00 The Mean and True Nodes in Astrology

28:00 The meaning of aspects to Uranus

30:00 Jupiter sextile Uranus in 2022

35:00 How to Integrate the New Energies

40:00 Rick Tarnas – Changing of the Gods

44:00 January Summary

47:00 How to make Friends with Pluto

1:02:00 Closing Thoughts

1:05:00 Outro

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00:00:20 Oh, right. Well, hello everybody. And welcome to the cosmic connection. This is the place where we explore the beauty and the order of the cosmos and your connection to it. All. My name is Amanda Poole Walsh. I’m the founder of Astrology Hub. I am so, so thrilled to be here with your favorite celestial navigator, Rick Merlin Levine.

00:00:40 And it is so nice to be here with you all. Thank you so much for being here is it feels like it’s been for forever. It has been forever. I mean, have we lived like 10 lifetimes since last month? We’ve we’ve lived a while. I’m moving, kind of moved my microphone out of the direct line. So I’m not in the shadow there.

00:01:02 Yeah. It’s, it’s been forever. It’s been forever and it’s only been a month, but this last month has been, has been, you know, quite a month. Okay. This microphone has a life of its own. Right. I don’t want to, I can talk while I’m dealing with. All right. So Rick, I remember, I mean,

00:01:23 I think that you were, you were talking about Christmas Eve, Eve, December 23rd for at least all of 2021. And I do believe you started talking about it in 2020, and I literally cannot tell you how many times I heard your voice in my head over that, that holiday time. It’s like Rick told us about Christmas Eve. He told us,

00:01:45 he told us is the big moment. And I don’t know about all of you, but it’s been, it’s been pretty eventful. It’s been, for me, it has been less personally eventful. Then it’s been eventful as you look in the outer world and just see how the events of the beginning of the year have reached a heightened polarization. And now the question is,

00:02:12 where do we go with this in 2022? But yeah, it’s, it’s interesting because as I’ve been saying, and many, many other astrologers have been saying that the three Saturn Pluto squares that would be mid February Saturny I don’t know what I just said, but Saturn Uranus. Yes. The three Saturn Uranus squares starting in mid February, mid June and Christmas Eve,

00:02:51 Eve are really the delimiters of 2021, which is a year that is coming after an extraordinary year 2020, which we really don’t need to recall in detail now, but that itself coming at the end of an extraordinary period of time of 2012 to 2020, really of the Uranus Pluto squares that saw going way back that saw the, you know, the rise of the Arab spring and even feeding into it,

00:03:31 Ferguson, Missouri, and the, you know, racial unrest and the, and the demonstration in the streets and, and the political craziness of the, of the 2010s and so on, and really Saturn, you know, it’s interesting, but most of us think of 2020 was when Saturn joined up with, or when we had the Saturn Pluto conjunction that was in April,

00:04:01 I’m sorry, that was in January of 2020, the Saturn Pluto conjunction. And then later in April and throughout the rest of the year, we had Jupiter come in and conjoin, both Pluto and Saturn. And then we culminated the year with the Saturn, with the Jupiter Saturn conjunction. But here’s the thing that we don’t often think about is that when we have a pattern like Saturn,

00:04:28 I got too many planets going around in my head when we have a, a pattern like Uranus squaring, Pluto, that was exact seven times between 2012 and 2015. When we have a pattern like that, and we have a faster moving planet comes sweeping through it. It was at the tail end of that, that Saturn conjoined Pluto, and then squared Uranus.

00:04:58 And so even though we think of the Saturn conjoining Pluto in January of 2020 as one event, and we think of the three Saturn square Uranus is in 2021 as one event, it’s really Saturn be bringing in the finality and the stability following up this crazy decade of Uranus, squaring, Pluto with Saturn sweeping through that square, those points, and first hitting Pluto and then hitting Uranus.

00:05:35 And so even though we would like to be done with it, and in one way, I think where we’re through an eye of a needle, I think that the, that the conceptual battle lines have been drawn. I think that the positions are known there certainly can be new quirks and things that come into this from different directions. But I feel like now it’s mostly a,

00:06:00 a, what are we going to do with, with all this that we’ve now experienced and how are we going to make this work in 2022, knowing that although the Saturn square Uranus is over and done, it will never be exact again. Well until Saturn squares, Uranus and opposes Pluto, you know, in, in, you know, eight or nine years.

00:06:25 But until then, it’s done, except it’s not quite done because as we’ve talked about before, when Saturn retrogrades by the end of April, Saturn and Uranus are five degrees away from being exactly square. I mean, that’s huge from zero to five in just a month, and yet they’re five degrees of orb, and yet we’re still going to be feeling it because as faster moving planets move through those degrees,

00:06:54 they will still conjunct or square or oppose first Uranus and then Saturn. And I think really this is the big deal in, in not only 2022, but in January of 2022 is we get the first aspects of planets, even just the moon that make an aspect to those, to, to that pair, to Saturn and Uranus, whereas all through 20, 21,

00:07:26 every time a planet made an aspect to Saturn and Uranus it aspect did Saturn first as it was at a lower degree and then Uranus. So we had the restraint, the event, the reality, the structure, and then we broke through it, Uranus starting now, starting this week, starting as the moon, you know, even with the, with the new moon yesterday or yesterday or the day before,

00:08:00 depending on where you are. But today on January 4th, we have this, we have the moon moving through Aquarius that squared Uranus, and then a couple hours, few hours later, it can joined Saturn. And once again, now this is same, same planets involved, but the energy is first. We bust through first, we get forward thinking first we look at the potential and the possibility,

00:08:30 and then Saturn, we pull it back to make it real. And so I think that the effect is going to be very, very different than it will be interesting as the faster moving planets right now, first the moon, but beginning in the days, and weeks ahead, we’ll have mercury and Venus as it turns direct. And then the sun moving through Aquarius,

00:08:51 and then as they move through Taurus through each of the fixed, they will repeat these patterns until the autumn, when retro grade Saturn has backed up so much, it’s within a half of a degree of squaring Uranus again. And so I think that we still have some fallout from all of this to, to deal with. So I have a feeling what you just said will be one of those things that is ringing and all of our ears come on Election day of 2022.

00:09:24 Yes. And you You’ve said, I never look at Astrology and say, that’s bad Astrology like that. I, you, you don’t do that generally. And yet you said that the Astrology on election day is bad Astrology. It’s just, it’s, It’s just, there’s just, it’s, it’s an eclipse day with Mars retrograde with the Saturn Uranus back in,

00:09:50 close in there’s other things it’s just a lot going on. And, and what does that mean? How will it play out? I don’t know, but it’s certainly statistically strange. So we will, we will see we’ll, we’ll revisit that again and again, but right now we’re on the fact that it’s a new year where through this square and at least right now,

00:10:14 it feels like we’re moving away from it. It feels like because B B because the orb between Saturn and Uranus right now is growing day by day by day, it feels like we’re done with this. It feels like we’re moving into new territory. And, and yet we certainly have planets lingering in Capricorn that are reminding us of what’s going on. It’s really weird because I,

00:10:45 I know I’m saying what what’s that speaking out of two corners or two sides of the mouth, because on one hand, I’m saying it’s over. But on the other hand, I’m saying we’re carrying a lot of baggage with us. And, and, and it really ultimately, if we went and look at the, at the bigger picture, the wider perspective,

00:11:05 it’s really not going to be until Pluto leaves Capricorn for the final time, you know, Pluto squeaks into, into Aquarius in 2023 back into Capricorn. And it’s not until November of 2024, which is, you know, two and a half years or so away, almost three years away. I guess that when, when Pluto leaves Capricorn for the last time in November of 2024,

00:11:30 until then we’re going to still be looking at Pluto’s unfinished business. And what is Pluto’s unfinished business it’s deconstructing or taking apart everything which needs reconstruction or put together correctly. And, and when we look at January in light of that, there, there on the surface at first, it doesn’t seem to be a lot of movement. And, and that’s interesting.

00:11:56 And the reason is we have two inner planets that are changing directions. We have Venus, which has been retrograde. We’ll be going direct very end of the month. That will be retrograde for the pretty much the entire month of January. That goes direct. I think on the 29th, I’m pretty sure. And on top of that, mercury is already,

00:12:18 although it’s an Aquarius, which is futuristic and conceptual, it’s already slowing down because mercury does its retrograde dance. And it turns mercury turns retrograde on January 14th. It doesn’t turn retrograde until February 3rd, but here’s what this means is this means that the two fastest moving planets, normally mercury and Venus are making very few aspects because they’re moving slower or they’re going backwards and repeating aspects that have already been made.

00:12:55 They’re there, they’re visiting old territory. And I think one of the important things to think about, which I know we talked about last month is the fact that Venus made two conjunctions with Pluto, Venus direct through Capricorn, lined up with Pluto a couple of weeks ago, and then it turned retrograde and right around Christmas day, Venus made its Second. Yeah,

00:13:27 it was on Christmas day itself. Venus can joined Pluto for the second time. Now Venus pulls way back. It turns direct, as I mentioned earlier on January 29th, but it takes all of February for Venus to once it’s moving direct to catch back up to Pluto at 26, 27, almost 28 degrees of Capricorn by then. So Venus will line up with Pluto for a third and final time,

00:13:58 the end of February, really March 3rd, but we’ll be feeling it by the end of February. Now why this is significant is that when we look at mercury, mercury also is going to, has already joined up with, with mercury has already joined up with Pluto. In fact, around Christmas day, while Venus was in the mix, but mercury will actually retrograde and it will go back over that point and it will then go direct,

00:14:35 not until later on, but we have this feeling that we’re not done with the Capricorn energy and when it’s Venus and mercury, both aligning with Pluto. In fact, the sun will also align with, with Pluto this month. And this is all about bringing things out into the open that were, that that were hidden by the way, Mercury’s a line retrograde alignment with Pluto is on January 28th.

00:15:07 So it, so this is a repeat in some ways of that energy of toward the end of December, when the Saturn Pluto, I keep saying Saturn Pluto, but in the Saturn Uranus square was exact, but we’re getting this deepening and, and, and uncovering more and more and more of things that, that already are in the past, but whether it’s pandemic related vaccine related,

00:15:34 whether it’s insurrection related, whether it’s other government cover-up related, who knows what I think that this is largely where we’re, where we’re going to see that Rick, you’re saying that the things that, that the patterns that have come up at the end of December, that we’re going to be revisiting those again is basically what I’m hearing. Yes. And yet it will be without the exactitude of the Saturn Uranus square,

00:16:08 which means I think that we’ll be able to ingest it easier. We’ll be able to assimilate it, we’ll be able to work with it. I think part of the problem of the Saturn square Uranus is that it’s so intense that it makes it difficult for us to, to engage with, with, with the energy. I mean, we’re not through the transition.

00:16:34 I mean, for many reasons, I mean, as we go through January and we look at the lunations and here’s an interesting thing, I, I think you will have heard it first here. All right. So we know that when there are two full moons in a month, or some people say three full moons in a, in a season, I mean,

00:16:55 there’s different versions of the definition of a blue moon, but normally there’s one new moon and one full moon each month, right? So January opens and closes with a new moon that there’s, there’s a new moon on January 2nd. That’s the Capricorn new moon. And then there is the innovative Aquarius new moon on January 31st. This is interesting because the larger sweep that we’re going through is a sweep from Capricorn into Aquarius that began with Jupiter now often,

00:17:29 you know, into Pisces, but moved through Aquarius. Then with Saturn now moved into Aquarius and we’ll be there for another year and a half or so. And eventually with Pluto moving into Aquarius, this is the larger sweep of energy from the holding back the structure from the status to the conservative, to the, what I call infant tile regression to make America great.

00:17:54 Again, going back to the past, because we think that was better than what it is in the future. And yet the movement of the planets into Aquarius on a large scale is really about the cultural sweep that we are taking. And yet every year, every year in January, even late December, January, February, the sun and mercury and Venus,

00:18:22 and sometimes Mars make that same sweep from Capricorn into Aquarius. And so we’ve already had mercury move into Aquarius. It’ll retrograde back into Capricorn. We will have Venus moving direct into Aquarius and the sun moves into Aquarius in, in January. But here’s the crazy thing. The moon, the, the new moon on January 2nd is a Capricorn new moon plant your seeds in the area of stability structure,

00:18:57 stasis, you know, static Venus, is that such a word static, whatever, how, however, by January 31st, there’s the Aquarius new moon, which signals the unforeseen breakthroughs that are bringing us closer to these imagined futures. And yet it’s already set up. So the month of January is kind of like a microcosm of this bigger thing, but here’s what I said.

00:19:25 You’ll hear first that I think that is kind of weird. I’ve never seen it before. I should preface this by saying, I think over the next month or so, astrologers will come out of the woodwork and this’ll become a big deal thing. And people will say how important it is. And I just want to go on the record saying it’s unimportant,

00:19:46 although it’s incredibly curious. And, and, and what I’m talking about is that January has two new moons, and so does March impossible. I mean, impossible. It made me do a double-take when I realized it. But when, but the only month that is short enough to guarantee, to not guarantee that there are two lunations remember lunations occur, you know,

00:20:18 14 days apart, a little bit over 14 days apart, which means there’s always a new moon and full moon in every month. However, February is only 28 days long, which means if you have the F if you have the, the new moon on January 31st, that actually in some places on the planet will occur on February 1st. But it’s right at that hairline that for you in,

00:20:47 for me on the west coast of the United States, we get that new moon on the night of, of, of January 31st. In fact, the, the new moon on January 31st is at 9:46 PM here in Seattle, which actually means that it’s at 12:46 AM the following day on February 1st in the, in New York. However, for you and me, we have two new moons in January,

00:21:20 and then there’s the full moon, mid February, and theoretically, what should be February’s new moon occurs the 1st of March, which means that March has a second, has a second new moon in it. Right. Okay. So it’s highly unusual, but it doesn’t really mean anything astrologically because the calendar itself isn’t really aligned. AstroGold Th that’s that’s right. I call it a calendrical curiosity,

00:21:48 right? Like a blue moon, a blue moon. Really? It, it has no astrological meaning or value. It just depends on where the, the date is, is cut off. Anyhow. It is an interesting thing though. And what it does mean though, is that, is that the month of, of January, 2022 has that first new moon in the retrogressive stability seeking sign of Capricorn.

00:22:15 And, and then the second full second new moon is basically, you know, kind of pushing us forward. But, but even still, we’re not going to be done with this until we learn our lessons. It Saturn, Saturn’s the cosmic naysayer that says no, until you get it right. And then the door opens the obstacle disappears. When I was going to say,

00:22:43 while we’re on the, lunations the cancer full moon on January 17th, it’s, it’s a cancer full moon, and it’s very closely opposed Pluto, again, revealing all these things that are not apparent, you know, the sun, as it can joins Pluto. This is, this is the, the cancer full moon opposes Pluto, which means that the sun actually on January 16th,

00:23:15 the day before the full moon, the sun aligns with Pluto. And remember, Pluto is the hidden Pluto is the underworld. Pluto is the unconscious. Pluto is everything. We don’t know, what’s everything underground, it’s everything that’s not apparent. And when the sun, once a year catches up with Pluto, it holds this nuclear powered candle into the darkest of caves.

00:23:42 So we can see what’s going on. And you would tell us, Carl Young would tell us that the way we deal with the power that the unseen and the unknown has over us, and we don’t even know it has that power over us. The way we deal with it is we make the unseen seeable. We make the unknown knowable. And in that process,

00:24:06 we can actually work with the energy to assimilate it and incorporate it and to dance with our demons rather than resisting them. Because in resisting them, we actually give them more power because they have to become more powerful to meet our resistance. Okay. So it sounds like we’re having a lot of this opportunity to really get beneath what’s happening to re to, to see what’s under there so that we can learn our lessons.

00:24:42 We can actually move on with some resolution for some of these things that are up. So I know that last month or December, the theme was the end is near. So what would you say is the theme of this? Like, how do we encapsulate this January energy? Oh, I, I think it’s the beginning is here. It’s bring on the new,

00:25:07 even though that’s why I said at the very beginning, I know I’m talking at a two corners of my mouth at the same time, but the theme really is bring on the new, except we don’t get to just bring it on in an isolated context. We still have to deal with the ramifications of what, what it is that has already gone on right.

00:25:30 There is there’s one other shift here, though, that we should mention. I saw a lot of astrologers actually mentioned this last month, but, but, but it’s an interesting thing. And that is that the lunar nodes, the north node, south node of the moon, which moves retrograde, except it wobbles. So if you really tracking the, the,

00:25:58 the nodes, they go retrograde and direct and retrograde direct and retrograde direct every few days. And because of that, because there wasn’t the ephemeris is that we have with, or the ability to put it in the data, in a chart and see exactly where the note is. Most astrologers have grown accustomed to using what we call the mean node. Now,

00:26:22 this isn’t the mean node, like mean people suck or anything like that it’s mean as an average. And so the mean node is, is, is forgetting about this rapid wobble. I say rapid every few days or so forgetting about this and just making it into a smooth trajectory, which is not how it moves, but the mean node and the mean node actually moved from Gemini,

00:26:50 from gentlemen, from Gemini Sagittarius, where it’s been for the last year and a half. And because the predominant motion of the lunar nodes is retro grade, that people noted that the lunar nodes moved from Gemini Sagittarius into Taurus Scorpio last month. That was the mean node, the actual node, the true node moves into, or retrogrades back into Taurus and Scorpio actually on January 17th,

00:27:29 January 18th, right in there, which is the day that we talked about earlier, that’s the day of the full moon. And so I think that that’s significant, that’s important. And I think that on a larger scheme of things, the, the fact that the moon for the moon’s nodes for the last year and a half have been in an informational access,

00:27:53 Gemini connecting dots, trying to find out, you know, what connects with what, how to put pieces of information together, and then Sagittarius, what is the truth? How do I take that and bringing it, bringing it into something, into something greater. And we’re moving into a period where I think that we’re going to be more practical, more feet on the ground.

00:28:16 And what does this mean for me? And how does this work in my life in a practical scenario as the north node backs into a Taurus mid January, and that’s perhaps a little bit more subtle, but we will watch that and see as the year unfolds, what happens in there. Okay. So you mentioned a few things I’d love to ask some questions about the first thing that you mentioned is that in the past,

00:28:44 in the past year, we, we were doing Saturn Uranus, like w when, when we were having aspects, it would be sat in first, then Uranus. And So there was at a lower degree, Right? So there’ll be some sort of restriction, but then an opening or like some, some, right. That’s how that felt a little bit like here’s a restriction.

00:29:04 And then here’s the opening from that restriction. Yes. Now we’re going the opposite. So we’re having Uranus and then Saturn, and as aspects happen, it’ll go Uranus, Saturn. So, correct. Is that going to feel like opening and then restriction or all the different ways that, that could, that, that We’re going to have to revisit this over the next several months,
00:29:27 because of the truth of the matter is I know how the archetypes and the symbolism works. I don’t know how it’ll work in practicality. And I think it’ll change through the year somewhat, but here’s the two extreme that it can work. One in one way is we do something crazy. That is brilliant, innovative, radical. We take a risk, we just go for it.

00:29:53 And that’s the Uranus side. And then a couple of hours, or a couple of days later, we’re in jail because Saturn Saturn comes in. And in other words, in other words, in one way, we have the risk taking or the innovation followed by the arm of the status quo coming in and suppressing it. That’s one extreme. The other extreme is that Uranus allows for the breakthrough and then Saturn comes in and stabilizes it.

00:30:33 And I think it depends. I’ve looked at this through the year a bit, and I think it depends on what aspects are being made to Uranus and or to Saturn. In other words, if Uranus is getting a lot of squares and half squares and so on at one point in time, while Saturn is getting some smooth trines, it may be that Saturn’s there just to stabilize the Uranian energy so that it lasts.

00:30:58 So it’s not just a lightning strike. And then the lightening is over. Now we can look at events in 2010 and say how there were moments that, that, that much of the country, or much of the world that felt, or was suppressed, like lightning exploded into awareness. And now is it gone? What happened to it? Well, it’s still there,

00:31:21 but how do we turn that into something that’s more Saturny and stabilized. That becomes the question on that side of the spectrum. On the other side of the spectrum, of course, it’s how do we eradicate that energy completely as to make it as if it never happened? I don’t know which way it’ll flow, but it’s definitely, definitely different than the way it did last year.

00:31:43 But, you know, you can look at this going back a year ago to January 6th, during the insurrection, regardless of what your political stance is irrelevant to me right now, the fact is that there were people who, who invaded the Capitol space with, and there was violence. That’s enough for what I’m saying right here that happened while Jupiter had just gone over Saturn and Jupiter was squaring Uranus.

00:32:18 And so that Jupiter basically squaring Uranus was this moment of expression that it was like, whoops, too much. Whoops, too far Jupiter, big idea, grand thinking, Uranus electricity, lightning capacity, that was Uranus square. That was Jupiter squaring Uranus. Well then a month later, when Saturn came into making its first square to Uranus moving slower than,

00:32:49 than Jupiter, but being at the same spot that Jupiter was during the January 6th insurrection by mid February was when we had the active impeachment. And, and again, I’m not here to politicize. I’m only here to connect the, a specific events with the specific astrological events. And so we’ll see what happens, you know, as, as Jupiter moves on and Pisces,

00:33:18 Jupiter is going to make a sex tile with Uranus in Taurus. That will be till later in the year. I can tell you real quickly when that will be Jupiter reaches that sextile, we’re looking at mid February. So will this be a, a kind of push again that may be as more cooperative sextile, more opportunistic than the Jupiter square Uranus when Jupiter can join when Jupiter sextiles Uranus in mid February,

00:33:55 again, we’ll have to wait and see, but that’s the astrological thinking. Okay. Another question for you. You said that Venus and mercury, aren’t going to be making a lot of aspects this month Because they’re moving so slowly because they, in order to turn direct or retrograde, they have to stop. So how do you interpret that? Like what,

00:34:15 what, how are we going to feel that energy, lack of energy, I guess. Yeah, we, we might feel it as a, oh, Just because there’s less noise, you know, often the, the, the mercury Venus and even Mars, but Mars is moving at a good clip right now. So, but, but the fact that Venus and and mercury are both moving slower just means that there’s a,

00:34:46 I think that there’s just a little bit less distraction from the reaction to everything hour by hour, day by day, week by week. And that the aspects that they, that Venus and mercury do make during this time are actually more important than usual because of the fact that they are moving slower. So, Rick, you’re saying that the theme is bring on the new,

00:35:16 except for that. We’re still definitely dealing with a lot of the things we’ve been dealing with. It’s not like It’s bringing on the new, but not too quickly. No. And then you, okay. Bring on the new, but not too quickly. So what, w what will we bring in new energy for us? Like, where are we going to be feeling that?

00:35:35 Is that just because Saturn and Uranus are starting to really separate from each other? That again, I’m not sure Part of the astrology is going to be bringing in new. And when you say new, are we looking at new storylines completely? Are we looking at new faces at the same thing? I don’t think we’re looking at new storylines completely. I think what we’re doing is we’re looking where,

00:36:01 where we’re looking at, the fact that the territory around us has in fact changed, and that we are in new territory. We still have some of the old storylines that are either holding us back or are plaguing us, or are motivating us to follow through with what needs to be followed through. I think all of that is is true, but I think that what’s new is the feeling of moving conceptually from Capricorn to Aquarius.

00:36:30 You remember Saturn is in Aquarius, we’re moving into Aquarius, but Saturn in Aquarius is a we’re in the future, man. This is the future. Let’s make it real, but I’m going to hold you back every step of the way to make sure that as we move into the future, we don’t just go there. Helter Skelter, crazy fast, meanwhile,

00:36:49 Uranus and Taurus, which is, you know, now, you know, leading the show in a way w you know, once to go there faster, but it’s also in Taurus. And don’t think that there’s going to be any crazy. You know, one, one lightning strike resolution to all of this stuff that we’ve been dealing with. But I think that the integration assimilation,

00:37:19 the awareness, the processing, all of this is going to take time. And it’s almost like 20, 22 is. And really even into 2023, until until Pluto peaks into Aquarius, I think we’re, we’re the cosmos is giving us the time to hopefully not get lazy and go back to sleep. I think of a Rumi poem that I can’t reproduce the whole thing,

00:37:45 but it’s, you know, the morning is arrived. You know, I’m awake, you know, you know, do not go back to sleep. The birds are chirping. The sun is, do not go back to sleep. And it’s obviously not a metaphor about waking up in the morning. It’s a metaphor about waking up Rick. We never had a chance to talk about this.

00:38:03 And I’m really curious, what are you saying is the theme for 2022? I always love your themes for the year. Like they always like ring so true. And then I think of them all year. What do you have a theme for 20, 22? Maybe. I mean, there there’s that whole thing that says not so fast, you know, it’s,

00:38:27 it’s, if that plays with us throughout the entire year, you know, the idea that we really we’ve really moved through something we’ve processed something. And yet, you know what I think of, I think of the in Exodus, and I’m not getting all religious here on you, but in Exodus after the Jews are either let go or escape from their slavery in Egypt,

00:39:01 depending on how you want to tell that story, they’re moving into the promised land and they can’t enter the promised land until the last person who was in slavery dies off, which turns out to be Moses when Moses dies, then they get to enter the promised land. And so there’s something here about, about this whole process of things. Take time to die off properly before we can actually fully embrace them and fully move forward.

00:39:41 And, and I would say that, you know, we’re, so what’s the word I’m looking for? Myopic narrow, narrow focus, narrow visioned near-sighted I think is what the, sometimes that I, I think that we forget that we’re really still working on the conjunction of Uranus and Pluto in the mid sixties, which is like a new moon. Remember a new moon is when any two planets line up and that new moon holds the energy for an entire cycle.

00:40:18 Well, the new moon, if you will, this would really be a new Uranus to Pluto. When, when you’re in a sun, Pluto were lined up in the summer of 65 and 66, that set in motion, a cycle of, of freedom, innovation, Uranus, Pluto, depth of expression that, that won’t complete for another hundred years or so,

00:40:47 except it’s opening square, the 90 degree angle, which Dane Rudhyar called the aspect of conflict in, in awareness. In other words, every month we have a new moon and we make our, you know, plant our seeds of intention. We make our resolutions for the month. And then at the first quarter moon, when the moon is 90 degrees to the sun,

00:41:11 we typically go through a crisis that says what’s important enough for me to hold on to and what that occurred at the new moon. Am I going to let go of, and then it comes around to the opposition fulfillment culmination. And then the third quarter moon, which Dane Rudhyar said was a crisis in consciousness. What’s not going to make the cycle all the way through what again,

00:41:36 what do I need to let go of? What am I holding on? So then it makes the next cycle. Well, what happened in the 1960s around the Uranus Pluto conjunction, and then at the opening square, the conflict of awareness of action conflict in action was the 20, let’s say, 2010 to 2020, roughly exactly 2012 to 20 15, 7 times, but 2010 to 2020,

00:42:05 even 2021, we’re still in the midst of that. And so this is the extraordinary newness of 2020 and 2021 is that it has such astrological weight from so many different perspectives that are all part of the conflict, inaction conflict in awareness, as the remembrance of what happened in the sixties, kind of come into conflict and what’s going to survive, or what’s not going to survive.

00:42:38 I think it’s still too soon to say, Hmm, Rick, is this some of, some of the things that are covered in changing, changing of the gods? Yes. And you’re speaking, I know of a 10 part documentary that was produced by Kenny, who was the founder of Bioneers based upon the work of Rick Tarnas, who I’m very happy and proud to call an associate and a friend and Rick Tarnas who wrote a book called cosmos and psyche that I have a couple of copies of back there on my bookshelves is a book about the slower moving planets and their relationship to the unfolding history of humanity,

00:43:26 but not just an individual in humanity to invention, to political dominance, to, to empires, to inventions, to breakthroughs, and thought all these things tied to that. And, and yes, the changing of the gods will specifically 10, nearly hour long episodes deal with the focus of what happened at the conjunction in the mid sixties and how that relates not only to what’s going on now,

00:44:04 but how it relates to each of the squares, oppositions and conjunctions going back several hundred years. And it’s a phenomenal work. It’s a phenomenal work and they will be released. It will be released on February 22nd. And I’m sure that you’ll have more to say to that, about that as we get closer to it. Oh, definitely. And we’re going to have Rick on the Astrology Hub podcast,

00:44:26 Rick Tarnas will be on, on January 21st. So I’ll be doing an interview with him about the show and then our inner circle members are going to get it to have a screening of changing of the gods, the first episode in the series and a panel where they get to ask Rick, Rick Tarnas Becca, Tarnas his daughter and Kenny questions at the end of anyways,

00:44:50 it’s going to be really, I think it’s a great movie for Astrology. I think it’s going to be, it’s going to be times of awareness to astrology as a credible study of cycles of time. And Yes, but I think more important than that, or maybe as important is it’ll be a great movie for increasing the awareness of people, whether or not they ever pursue Astrology.

00:45:14 Yeah, definitely. I mean, I think it’s just going to be hard to deny that Astrology has that the movement of the planets is impacting life on earth and we can show it, we can chart it throughout history. So I’m really excited for that. Okay. So Rick, in summary, I mean, is there anything else specifically you want to talk about for January?

00:45:34 We talked about new moons. We talked about Pluto and the sun. We talked about mercury and Venus. Anything else that you want to point out? We could, we could drill down on individual dates. I think I mentioned the mercury retrograde on January 14th and mercury direct on February 3rd. You know, we, the, the Venus direct on January 29th, I’m just looking here to see if there’s other major things that I’ve left out.

00:46:07 I mean, the fact is that there are, I mean, January 18th, Mars makes a square and a half with Uranus. And the reason why that’s interesting is because it then makes a half square with Saturn on the 23rd. So this is a slower moving planet, kind of exacerbating the now waning Saturn Uranus square Mars hits the Uranus agitation point on January 18th,

00:46:40 explosive, expressive, innovative, unexpected. And then on the 23rd, Mars makes the half square to Saturn that really, you know, kind of holds things back and makes it real. And then interestingly enough, and this is something we didn’t mention, and that is Mars then moves from Sagittarius where it’s been into Capricorn on the following day on January 24th. So I imagine this period of the 18th through the 24th,

00:47:15 25th, we may see some things become real and more stabilized. And what does that mean in our lives personally or culturally? I don’t know, but I’m sure we’ll be able to fill in our individual stories. So yeah, I mean there, but you know, that’s part of why you have the weekly, you know, you know, the, the lunation discussions and the,

00:47:41 that whole process is to drill down deeper on the specific, you know, things of that day, that week. I try to take a more global look and put it the whole thing together. So Yes. And by the way that the weekly weather is coming back on Monday, we’re going to be rotating astrologers. We’re kicking it off with Christopher Renstrom next Monday.

00:48:04 Sure. You’ll hopefully you’ll get to do a week with us. We’d love to have you do a week. Yeah. Okay. So a question, another question for you, what’s the flavor of this mercury retrograde? I think it’s Pluto. I think both the Venus and the flavor of the Venus and mercury retrogrades are, they’re both teasers mercury even more so because it makes it into Aquarius.

00:48:34 Venus almost made it into Aquarius. And now we’re having to go back and do the retrograde mercury over Pluto, again, the Venus direct over Pluto again, and then the mercury direct. And so I really think that the, that Pluto is kind of like a silent, deep, I don’t want to say hero but player throughout the month and into March.

00:48:58 And I think both the mercury and Venus retrogrades have to do with going back into the structure, into the Capricorn realm, into the realm of stability in order to make things right to maybe it is maybe rebuilding the foundation before we put on, you know, new floors on the, on, on the building. How do we, this is, this is,

00:49:28 I’m going to word this question in a way that, how do we make friends with Pluto? How do we, how do we, when Pluto’s approaching and we hear it, what’s a Pluto Moz, and it’s a Pluto mercury retrograde. And it’s all that. I mean, I don’t know about all of you, but it’s kind of like, Ooh,

00:49:44 I mean, okay, how do we make friends with this Pluto energy? Like w what would you say to a client who has a huge Pluto transit coming, or, you know, Good question. And I’m a difficult person to answer that question, because I’ve never had to make friends with Pluto. He’s always been my best friend in the Zodiac and in the planetary Pantheon.

00:50:10 Now You love about him. Well, first for those who know a bit about charts, as you may know, I have a pile up of planets in Aries, a close conjunction between mercury, Venus, Mars, and sun, all in mid Aries. And I have mid Gemini rising, and I have Pluto at mid Leo. What that means is Pluto in my chart is trying my sun,

00:50:39 mercury, Venus, Mars, and sextile my ascendant. So Pluto in my chart doesn’t have hard aspects. And, and so I’ve never worked really hard at making Pluto, my friend, although I’ve always been attracted to the depth, to the intensity, to the transformations, you know, Scorpios in general, my, you know, my, my, my,

00:51:05 my, my dad, my daughter, several of the closest relationships I’ve had have had either very strong Pluto, conjunctions with a sun or moon or Scorpios themselves. So I’m a bad person to ask because I think Pluto is magnificent. I think Pluto is the power of transformation. And I think that that where we get into trouble with Pluto is the fear that the ego has for maintaining the status quo.

00:51:37 You see, because Pluto doesn’t give a shit about the ego’s preference for maintaining the status quo. I sometimes think that when we have Pluto transits, where all like caterpillars becoming butterflies, however, if the butter, if the caterpillar, if the caterpillar had an ego, like we do, there’s no way in hell. And the double entendre here is, is,

00:52:09 is intended. There’s no way in hell it would ever get into the cocoon because the cocoon is the caterpillars hell realm. I mean, it’s eyes melted skin deteriorates. It begins to deconstruct until there’s nothing left except this black brown sludge of something that’s no longer caterpillar and definitely no sign of butterfly. And yet it is the trust in the evolutionary process that allows every caterpillar to become a butterfly.

00:52:51 And so we as humans with these inflated egos, basically when we see or hear a, hear an outer planet coming, and that would be, and I would even include Saturn here, but you’re in a snip tune in Pluto and Pluto, of course, you know, as the ultimate, maybe even Eris as the ultimate Pluto going up further, because the slower moving the planet,

00:53:16 the more finality, the more, the more intense the energy is cause the planet moves slower. And it doesn’t matter what I mean, there are ways to, I wouldn’t say cheat Saturn, but there are things, I mean, one I’ve seen situations where people crammed for a Saturny exam and they passed because they crammed and they meant it. And they maybe didn’t pass with the flying colors that they would have if they had been studying for 14 years.

00:53:48 But the last year of living healthier or of doing the right things or making rights was enough to get them through this particular aspect. Pluto, on the other hand, you don’t, you don’t negotiate with Pluto Pluto, the more you negotiate or the more you resist, the stronger Pluto, you know, has to be, Pluto’s like roto Rooter. It’s going to clear out the shit.

00:54:11 It doesn’t matter how bad or ugly or clogged or whatever it is it’s gonna, it’s gonna, it’s gonna bring it out. And so from that standpoint, I think the way we become less fearful of Pluto is that we become more aware of our own process of our own stuff. The more work we do, and I’m saying this, I mean, there’s many different schools of how to get here,

00:54:38 but in the, in the depth psychology and the psychoanalytic individual psychology union character, psychology gestalt in any of these processes where we’re doing the shadow work. And I, and I was interested to find out recently that the word shadow work was not a word that you used, but it was more recently coined in a book about union work. And, and,

00:55:15 and so the point is here that the more shadow work we do, the more work we do with making the unknown known the more work we do in the Joseph Campbell mythology of the hero’s journey, Joseph Campbell, who wrote the cave, we fear the most is the one that has our greatest treasures. That’s a Pluto statement. The more we can do to bring the unseen out into the open is,

00:55:42 and I talked about this before, when, when the sun makes its yearly conjunction with Pluto, that we get a chance to, to see things that another times are not necessarily visible. And that, and that sun conjunct Pluto is on January 15, 16, right in there. And instead of the more in denial, we are, the more cordoned off we are from our own hidden impulses,

00:56:13 from our own fears, from our own stuff. I mean, it’s not like we have to fix everything, but we have to be aware of everything because if we’re aware of it, then Pluto is simply a process that transforms that into something else it’s been said that the caterpillar is the butterfly’s way of making a new butterfly. So in a way, our meagre existence as humans were caterpillars,

00:56:44 you know, and it’s, and it’s kind of going back to an Alchemical concept that we can Alchemically change lead gross base substance, into pure gold, pure consciousness. And so I look at Pluto as sometimes being really difficult, you know, by what it actually pushes us through, or what happens when, when the shit in our pipes is actually wrote a router and begins to move.

00:57:13 It’s not always pleasant, but it’s nature it’s and, and the natural process brings about evolution. The more we fight it, the more difficult it is. Yeah. I love thinking too, about the heart on Pluto. And so, you know, that the actual ice shape of the heart, cause it’s like, yes, there’s depths and yes, it can be challenging.

00:57:39 And yes, I mean the, the time when basically my whole entire life blew up, it was Pluto square, my notes. And that it was like years of just devastation, you know, is what it felt like. But in that process, there was so much love. I mean, even as things were falling apart, there was more and more love and more and more opportunity to know myself on a deeper level.

00:58:05 And I think that that’s where that transformation process is actually it’s, it’s, it can be a very beneficial thing for us to go through, even though, And interestingly enough, everyone’s different, but I have a harder problem. Well, I have throughout most of my life have had harder problems with Saturn transits than with Pluto transits. And again, in my chart,

00:58:33 Saturn has hard aspects all the way around. It doesn’t have a whole lot of easy connections. Whereas Pluto has the easier connections Liz Greene wrote in, in her book on Saturday and a new look at the old devil, a new look at an old devil. Liz Greene wrote that on the Saturday that Pluto Saturn’s only friend. I love that. And people are running into some,

00:58:58 some really great things too. Cindy says, not pleasant, but worth it relative to soul growth, you have to embrace surrender to love Pluto. There’s a few things in here that are just nice, the Phoenix as rebirth. Well, and that’s it, you know, in the Phoenix, the Phoenix can’t be reborn in, in less. It goes through the destruction from fire and ashes.

00:59:29 You know, there’s the, the ruins of destruction is what from fire is what hardens the, the shell of the egg so that the Phoenix can break out of it, you know? Yeah. And that doesn’t take away. It doesn’t take away from how difficult to Pluto transit can be, by the way. And different people get dished out in different amounts at different times in their lives.

00:59:55 There are people who are born into plutonic situations that die in those situations. There are people who relentlessly face them and turn them into something that is an amazing attribute or, or asset. And there are those people who somehow skate through life and just don’t experience that realm. Yeah. Leila says, Pluto is all about awareness. If you make needed changes,

01:00:20 proactively Pluto will not be a big problem. He destroys things that want ignores. Stephanie says expansion, destruction and rebuilding. Yeah. I mean, lots of political love in the chat, which is great. So it sounds like a lot of you are, you know, you you’ve either worked with it in your own life and you found the gifts and the buried treasure in there.

01:00:39 And in that process of transformation has been rewarding for you. Sure. Allie, Allie parks. Who’s actually in my apprentice program. That’s my whole life. I was born with Pluto square, my notes. So, you know, there’s, it’s, it’s like, there’s no, it’s not one size fits all. Lisa wrote refined in the fire. It’s more than just refined though.

01:01:03 It’s energized for the process. You know, there are, there are a species of pine trees that the pine cones can’t produce seeds that grow unless had been burned. And so this is, you know, it’s part of nature’s way of, of, of ensuring that full transformation. Okay. Well, Rick, thank you. I feel like we have a full picture of G of January.

01:01:33 We’re beginning some things new, but they’re carried on with the old story. We have some new perspective or lens that we’re looking at these things through, and we’re having an opportunity to really get underneath them and understand where they’re coming from and what the lessons are and what we’re needing to, what we’re needing to actually do with these stories in our life. And it might be a little quieter because we are not having as many aspects.

01:02:00 So there may be like a feeling of, okay, I can take a breath. And you talked about the notes, switching to tourists and Scorpio, which maybe grounding us a little bit more practical with our feet on the ground. You said, and this is going to be a month of making the unseen knowable, bringing things out into the open. And we talked about 20, 22 and the theme being not so fast,

01:02:30 Not so fast, but we’ll get there wherever there is, you know, and you know, it’s, again, it’s like, it’s like the Jews in the Bible wondering around in the desert until, you know, until it’s time for them to go to what’s next. But, you know, just to drop a bomb at the end of it, what’s next is not,

01:02:51 what’s pleasing to a lot of people because we look at the, and we’ve talked about this thing here before about technology, post humanism, transhumanism, you know, the idea of, of, of the computer becoming the brain, the whole artificial reality, virtual reality. There’s a lot of people who are absolutely convinced that this should not be the future of the human race,

01:03:17 but in perspective, there were probably people who were resistant to cooking meat over the fires when Prometheus’s gave us the fire, you know, in the use of fire and also people who would not, you know, use electric bulbs or gas lights, because there was something unnatural about it. I’m not advertising for that. I’m just saying that that, although we are wanting to be done with something,

01:03:45 that’s now to get to something that’s in the future, we may not be as interested in getting into the future as we think That’s a really important point to make. And we’re not going to go down the transhumanism path today. Yeah. But that’s, we’ve Been there. It’s kind of like a careful what you wish for, or my dad used to always say the devil,

01:04:09 you know, is sometimes better than the devil you don’t know. Oh yeah. Yeah. Okay. Well on that note, I mean, do you think there is also an equal and opposite move towards more simplicity, more nature, more like people actually more local like communities. I mean, as, as things are, are shifting in that direction, there’s kind of like also Absolutely.

01:04:39 And I would throw out here the image or the book by Jules Verne, the time machine, I don’t know. I mean, it was made into a movie. The book was tremendous book. I’m thinking it was probably written back in the 1920s, maybe, maybe off by a decade here. And in the, in the book and movie, the time machine,

01:05:05 this inventor goes into a future where there’s actually two races of humans and they’re the Eloy and the moment someone will type it in the chat box. I can’t think of the Eloy live on, on the surface. And they’re like 1968 flower children, hippies, eating grapes, naked, making love, living simplistically. Everything is lovely. More locks. The more locks are the,

01:05:39 so there’s the Eli who are the simplistic humans living on the surface and the Morlocks live underground. And they run the machinery of the planet that keeps the surface going. But they’re, but, but in a way it’s like an extension of the split that we’ve already seen now, is that something that we’re moving toward? Don’t know, but it’s an interesting book end or movie that really does say exactly.

01:06:10 You know, it’s, it’s basically half the race stays innocent, simple, and, and is in what we might call a utopia and the other half of the race. And then the other half of the, then the other half is, and it turns out that I think they, they keep the upstairs going so wonderful and beautifully because I think they capture one occasionally and use them for food or something.

01:06:39 The time machine fuels burn Time machine. Okay. All right, everybody. Thank you so much for being here. It’s been so nice to be back together. Again, we are starting the cosmic connection up again every other week. So we’ll be here generally on our normal cosmic connection time, which is Thursdays. But today we wanted to make sure we got the January forecast in for you before it got too late in the month.

01:07:06 And so we’ll be together every other week. We’ll put that schedule up on the podcast page. So you can go to Astrology Hub dot com slash podcasts, and then look for cosmic connection. And you’ll, you’ll be able to see our schedule moving forward, which we don’t have that yet, but we’ll have it up soon. And then, like I mentioned earlier,

01:07:23 the weekly weather is going to be back starting on Monday with Christopher Renstrom. We’re going to have a blend of some of your favorites that, you know, in love with some new, and then also some new astrologers that you haven’t met yet. So we’ll be introducing you to both. And then if you’re interested, we do have the three month Astrology guide,

01:07:47 the Astro guide, which is available for you. You can go to Astrology Hub dot com slash Astro guide and get your three, your personalized three months of transits ahead, plus with some guidance on how to work with those transits and the again that’s Astrology Hub dot com slash Astro guide. Rick, is there anything that you want to tell him about, Thank you to Daniel maybe I hope I pronounced your name close.

01:08:12 He put it in the chat box. The time machine by HG Wells is really old, 1895. So as I said, I might be off a decade. I was off a few decades, but it doesn’t take anything away from the awesomeness of that book or any of his other books. Okay. Amazing. All right. Well, thank you everybody so much for being here,

01:08:34 Rick, thank you for taking us on this cosmic journey through January with some little sneak peeks into the rest of the year. And thanks all of you for being here for being a part of our community and as always for making Astrology a part of your life, we’ll catch you on the next episode. Take care, everybody.

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