[COSMIC CONNECTION] Common Misconceptions of the Zodiac Signs with Rick Levine

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In this Cosmic Connection episode of the Astrology Hub Podcast, Astrologer Rick Levine and Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh discuss common Misconceptions of the Zodiac Signs.

Tune in and discover how each zodiac sign has a common misconception about their traits and gain new insight into each of them. You’ll learn where the misconception stems from and how this helps to reveal a more relevant trait. We also discuss how often, the misunderstanding of the zodiac signs comes from others’ judgments, and not how the zodiac sign operates internally. If you are looking for a liberating and healing way to see your zodiac signs, this episode is for you!

It’s an information-packed episode! Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • About each of the 12 zodiac signs and the common misconceptions they carry.
  • How the misunderstanding of the signs comes from an outward view and not an inward view of the experience.
  • Ways to see each zodiac sign through a different perspective that can bring liberation and compassion, along with the reminder we each carry the expression of every sign in our natal chart.


4:33 Aries
9:05 Taurus
13:32 Gemini
21:13 Cancer
26:21 Leo
30:50 Virgo
38:04 Libra
43:22 Scorpio
51:40 Sagittarius
55:15 Capricorn
1:11:02 Aquarius
1:16:00 Pisces

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