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Amanda ‘Pua' Walsh & The AstroTwins Explore the Astrology of Relationships.

Amanda ‘Pua' Walsh interviews the AstroTwins, authors of the book “Super Couple,” in this podcast episode. They discuss how astrology can be a conversation starter that opens up new possibilities and inquiries about relationships. They hope their book helps readers understand the reasons behind their relationships and find forgiveness for themselves for the ones that didn't work out. The AstroTwins also talk about the astrological technique called “Composite Charts,” which combines the birth charts of two individuals to create a new chart representing the relationship itself.

In addition to relationships, the AstroTwins share their perspective on how astrology can help individuals find their soul purpose. They believe that astrology can provide guidance on what we are here to do, and that using our unique gifts and talents can help us fulfill our purpose. Overall, this podcast episode provides an interesting and unique perspective on astrology and its potential applications, and it's definitely worth a listen for anyone interested in using astrology to strengthen their relationships.

On Today's Episode You'll learn…

🌑 The unique insights the AstroTwins can share about the astrology of twins!

🌒 The differences between the North Node and the Rising sign as an indicator of soul growth…and which one the AstroTwins use.

🌓 What composite charts are and how they describe relationships.


Chapters 📺

0:00 Intro

3:03 The AstroTwins Backstory

9:48 Enhancing Your Astrology Practice

13:19 Twins and Astrology

19:54 Soul Direction: North Node or Rising Sign?

21:26 Why Composite Charts?

28:05 Relationships & Predictions

29:29 Navigating Relationship Challenges

35:29 Relationship Karma

36:47 Hesitation Surrounding Astrology Readings

39:28 The AstroTwins' New Book: Supercouple

43:39 Where is Astrology Headed?

46:05 The Launchpad

55:52 Closing

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[00:00:35] Well, hello and welcome everybody. My name is Amanda Pool Walsh. I'm the founder of Astrology Hub and you have just joined a worldwide astrological conversation that we are having here every week. If you're new to the channel, go ahead and hit the subscribe button and the notification bell so that you know whenever we have a new video here to share.

[00:00:56] And if you're a returning Astrology Hub community member, thank you so much for being here. I'm so happy you're here, especially today because we are going to be talking everything, compatibility and conflict resolution with the Astro Twins Ofra and Tali adu, and this is their astrology hub. Debut here on this podcast and I am so grateful that they're here.

[00:01:22] I have been following the Astro Twins for years, and one of the things that I have noticed is that they are ex. Exceptionally good at taking the very complex subject of astrology and making it understandable, accessible, and fun. And so we're gonna be talking a little bit about their journey today. We're also gonna be talking about their latest book, super Couples, which is a great example of what I was just saying, because they're taking.

[00:01:52] Subject of composite charts and making it something that anybody can understand and apply in their lives. So I am so grateful that you're both here. Thank you for joining us. Oh

[00:02:05] my God. So glad to be here and make our official debut. It's very exciting. Yes.

[00:02:12] So just a little bit about you too, just in case people don't know, they're the official astrologers for L Magazine.

[00:02:17] The matchmakers on Amazon Prime videos. Cosmic love. They've written the books, love Zodiac and Moms Astrology, and most recently, their book on composite charts, super couple, and I was telling them both before this episode, I wanted to actually have the book in front of me. So I went to my bookshelf to find it and it wasn't there.

[00:02:39] I went, Hmm, where'd it go? . So I thought to look in one of my teenage daughter's rooms and I founded by her bed. And like I said, being able to make something like composite charts, something that a teenager is interested in is quite a feat. So Amazing. You two. I I just, that's awesome to know. .

[00:03:00] Yes. I love that.

[00:03:03] All right,

Background on the AstroTwins

[00:03:03] so, How did you both come into astrology? Like how did this happen and did you do it at the same time or did one of you lead the way? How did, how did you do?

[00:03:13] A little bit a back and forth oie. Yeah, you're, you're the one who got us really deep into it. Why don't you tell? Yeah. I mean,

[00:03:19] unsigned astrology, we are the daughters of an immigrant dad, so, you know, we got the work ethic.

[00:03:26] He's a Sagittarius like us, and we were always working as kids. We had a paper route when we were 11. And we used to have to open the paper to the middle to put the little inserts in, and that's where the cartoons and the horoscopes were. So our first little glimpse of that was as young, you know, pre-teens.

[00:03:47] But when we got to college, um, pre-internet or just at the dawn of the internet, uh, a couple years in,

[00:03:54] you know,

[00:03:55] Astrology started coming up in conversations and my boyfriend at the time, a Virgo, gifted me when I was 20 or 21, my astrology chart from a new age bookstore. We went to the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, and I didn't even really know what that was.

[00:04:13] Um, until I got it, I was like, oh. Cause I would read about being a Sagittarius. It made sense to a point, but then, We discovered we had four planets in Scorpio, , and

[00:04:25] like I know, I was like, give me that book I need to read all about. Yeah. It was like, yeah, Mer Moon, mercury, Mars, and Venus and Scorpio. And we were always interested in esoteric things.

[00:04:35] Um, we went to space camp in fifth grade. Not esoteric, we're on the science side, but we, we were in a gifted kids program and. We were assigned, a project to do something on Enigmas, and we chose witchcraft. I still have like, you know, this pyramid and all these spells we did in fifth grade.

[00:04:55] So the signs were kind of all there. But, you know, so, and especially when we found out that we had Moon, mercury, Mars, and Venus and Scorpio, the Telium, which was not a word we knew at the time, but we were like, oh, that explains why we. Feel fully like sas and then started doing all of our friends, you know, looking all our friends up in a book.

[00:05:17] A weird thing happened though when OIE was working, she was working at the computer lab at the University of Michigan and this guy, he wasn't a student, he was an older man, came in and he kept trying to print something and it was jammed up and he was like, Screw it. And he left. About an hour after he left, she called me.

[00:05:37] She was like, oh my God, I just like the printer. Started spitting out. It was like this, I don't know, like a

[00:05:43] couple thousand celebrity birthday book. It was, so it was like just from January 1st to December 31st pages of celebrities and what their si like their birthdays for every day of the year, since we didn't have the internet yet to look up people's signs and.

[00:06:01] So we had this, you know, and then the guy ended up coming back and gave me a copy of the book. It was called The Celebrity Birthday Index. I still look for it sometimes. Oh, right. In my own weird, I, I swear I'm like, he was some kind of pleidian alien who came in. He had like this grayish toned skin and he was wearing a bad fitting suit.

[00:06:23] So, you know, we won't go down that conspiracy lane just yet. But that was, uh, Our journey. . No,

[00:06:32] I, I hear those stories a lot. It is kind of like some sort of, plea force or like a mysterious force comes in and, and ensures that astrology like falls in the right people's laps. I mean, I've heard stories of.

[00:06:45] of people who were like sitting in a library and a book just fell off and landed on their head. And it was an astrology book. It's like, oh, I guess I'll read this. Sounds like a similar thing for you. Yes. So you, you fell in love with it. You started reading your friend's charts and then it just kind of took off from there.

[00:07:01] Well, it was

[00:07:01] an

[00:07:02] interesting, um, sort of correspondence with something else that was going on because while we were at Michigan, Started this multicultural women's magazine called Hughes, and we started with a group of women. And one thing we would all kind of have this common bonding interest in was astrology.

[00:07:21] It's a universal language, you know? And so, you know, we talk about identity politics and articles about that. And then we'd go into moon signs and um,

[00:07:34] It was the only way to talk about differences that wasn't polarizing. And I think astrology in some ways still is. It's like, you have a sign I've gotta sign.

[00:07:43] Okay, cool. Yes. . Yes. I've

[00:07:47] definitely noticed that. And it, it's almost like this great unifier, even though we are talking about our differences, it just gives a language to talk about it where it's not as personal in a way, you know? Yeah. Like you are what you are. And you can, you can find yourself in so many of the different signs, you know, depending on your chart.

[00:08:04] So, Yes. Okay. The earth

[00:08:07] is kind of messed up, but we all have a moon sign. We all have Saturn. We can find ourselves our commonality on Jupiter or whatever. And it's, yeah, so it was someone, you know, it all kind of again, went from there. Someone who worked on the magazine wound up working at Teen People.

[00:08:24] You know, and then was like, Hey, they need an astrologer. And, and at that time we were like steeped in like doing this, you know, intersectional feminist media. But we were also like, this is kind of too good to just pass up here. So let us look into this. And we wound up getting our first column for teen people.

[00:08:45] Because thanks to that celebrity birthday guide we had become obsessed and you know, mercury and Scorpio, you just download weird things. So we knew every celebrity's sign and we knew all the cover, you know, so it was just like, it just worked. And we really got our 10,000 hours in writing date. We had to do his and her seven day a week daily horoscopes for their website.

[00:09:09] Oh, so. I know talk about like learning the, you know, just getting in the salt mines and learning how to write and, you know, bring in, so we found that we were able to kind of talk about the same things that we did with our magazine, but through the lens of astrology. And like Oki said, it became, Almost easier to discuss some of the heavier topics that were happening at the time.

[00:09:35] I mean, you know, it was all, so it, it just, it just became this like wide open pathway that pulled us in and here we are, you know, 20

[00:09:45] plus years later. Wow. Would you,

Enhancing Your Astrology Practice

[00:09:48] I mean, to people starting out, do you recommend practicing with writing horoscopes? I mean, I, I, again, it's one of the things that a lot of the who I would consider at this point, like Master astrologers, they did have that period of time where they were writing either for a magazine or some sort of publication, or even for themselves,

[00:10:08] a daily horo.

[00:10:11] It's definitely, um, I mean, it definitely helps you memorize what things mean and come up with creative interpretations and get past cliches because when you have to do it 12 ways over and over again and keep yourself entertained, grateful for my Capricorn rising in those moments. We also have Saturn and Gemini, so that makes us probably diligent writers.

[00:10:36] But I think it does help for sure. Yeah. Some kind

[00:10:39] of discipline, whether it's that or just practicing, doing chart readings every day, or reading, I mean, that's, Yeah.

[00:10:48] For us, the practice, the practice makes perfect. People don't realize they're learning a whole new language and they expect themselves to be, you know, or to to know more faster.

[00:10:59] They get imp. I mean, I'm still learning things. There's stuff I don't know. I'm like, you know, masters of what we've done, but there's always something new in astrology to learn and

[00:11:10] It, it's a lifelong study. I mean, I, and, but like you said, a as you go along, you master certain things. And one, one thing I see a lot with our community is they, you know, there's people that have been studying for decades, but still don't feel ready to call themselves an astrologer or, you know, chart for reading charts or whatever it is.

[00:11:31] Because if you're, if, if you're looking at some of the ones that have been doing it for four decades or five decades, it's like, oh my, I will never be.

[00:11:39] You know, it's a lot of responsibility to read a chart too, and I think, you know, we didn't do that. We were writing for 10 years before we took on reading clients, which was probably a little excessive, you know?

[00:11:53] I mean, it's not like we didn't look at stuff for our friends, but. You know, and I think people are learning faster at a more exponential rate thanks to technology. Like you can look stuff up and it, and people, I'm impressed with how Gen Z is just they and the millennials too, but especially young, like probably your daughter too.

[00:12:13] Like they catch on so fast with it and it's amazing. I think though, that there's still something to be said for life experience. Like you also have to be out like. Gaining the confidence to do a reading. Also, you know, we did a lot of personal development work during that 10 years of prior, so that also kind of, you can't just know about the stars and the rules.

[00:12:36] You have to have lived experience on planet Earth too, in order to do a good reading or a good column. So it's a mi, you have to stay in the stars and on earth simultaneously. It's a little bit of world walking there

[00:12:49] for sure. Yes. That's what makes you so good at translating the language is it's clear that it's not, you're not taking some sort of textbook ideas and just regurgitating them.

[00:13:00] It's, it's actually filtered through life experience and the wisdom that comes from life experience. So it's really clear. I mean, even your horoscopes are, they're fun to read because they're, they're so, they're juicy. You know, there's like, there's some content in there that's not just like, You know, like I said, cookbook or textbook.

[00:13:18] So, um,

Twins & Astrology

[00:13:19] okay. Have you always worked together and like done everything together? I mean, keep saying we, so I'm assuming that it's

[00:13:27] kinda a package. 90%, I'd say, right? Ofie?

[00:13:30] Yeah. I mean, we've, we have some of our own solo projects. We've had times, but we just, it just keeps on happening. I mean, I don't know. Our brains are twin.

[00:13:41] They, they're complimentary, like. You know, just we're, we're different. Like Tali likes to go a little more into the weeds of the art, and I like to go a little more into the weeds of the tech. So having an online business that is creative and that kind of thing. We both went to art school, but um, It kind of pairs well, so we haven't found a reason to stop yet.

[00:14:03] it's definitely working for

[00:14:04] you. My question is around the astrology of it though, because we get questions a lot when, especially when there's twins that aren't super similar to each other. How, how does astrology work in the, in the case of twins and do you see that? And it kind of proves astrology or that it leaves a big question mark about astrology when someone has the same birthday location and almost the same exact

[00:14:31] time.

[00:14:32] I would say that, you know, your soul has had many lifetimes, so even if you come back as twins, you're still coming in from different past lives. And so you know, the karma that one twin is working through is different than the other. And probably you came in together as twins because you had some karma or a bigger spiritual mission maybe to fulfill.

[00:14:55] We have found that a. Of people who are astrologers are twins or a lot of twins are into astrology, but I think it's because you're born in a relationship already. So there's, you already speak the language of relationships and astrology really is a lot about that for people. Uh, but I mean, I know twins have different rising signs and couldn't be less similar.

[00:15:19] And then some who are super alike, I think it really does show up in the chart. Uh, and the houses. For us, we have nearly identical charts. Just our Capricorn rising is one degree off. So when Pluto went over Tally's ascendant, it was a year before mine, so I still had Pluto in my 12th house. She had it in the first soap.

[00:15:41] That was a time that we had very different experiences and I got to see what might be coming my way. But generally we're going through similar transits too. And um, yeah, I had Pluto,

[00:15:54] I had Pluto cross my go back and forth, cross the ascendant three times and she was like, blue barn, I'm done with that. So it was like this tormented year for me and she's like, what?

[00:16:04] Everything's great, you know? So, This is why, where, you know, astrology is not deterministic, you know, and why we resonate so much with evolutionary astrology as, as one of the paths. Um, Stephen for is a friend of ours and we love his work. It's, um, It's just like, you know, we come in with this, you know, code, but we're al also gonna be influenced by what's happening around us.

[00:16:35] And twins can make different life choices and sometimes twins will purposely, we had moments where we were like, it's annoying because you look at someone and they're making the same gestures that you are. And it's almost like, especially when you're tweaking, you're. Oh, I don't wanna see this mirror in front of me all the time.

[00:16:53] So you purposely rebel against that and try to be different. So there's, there's a little bit of twin, uh, psychology probably at play too. ,

[00:17:02] I realize the futility of it just surrender. But um, yeah, I think. For sure. It's interesting. , it's an interesting,

[00:17:12] I mean, I have a 14 year old and 11 year old daughter and they don't even wanna wear, like even remotely the same thing, even if it's in different colors or what, you know, they really wanna be individuals.

[00:17:22] Mm-hmm. . So I imagine that in the teenage years you might have that period of time where it's like, no,

[00:17:27] we're not the

[00:17:27] same. We're totally. Even if deep down you're kind of

[00:17:30] not , I try to make a, she made me pick out clothes for her was more

[00:17:35] likely. I still do, I hate shopping and she loves it. That's one way we're not twins and we also have different enneagrams.

[00:17:42] That's the only difference between us. That and like one bit of our human design chart. So that's helped us understand, things astrology doesn't. Interesting.

[00:17:54] And how, how many minutes apart are you? Four. Four minutes and it's made a difference on the Enneagram. A little bit of a difference on the human design and a difference on the degree of your ascendant.

[00:18:05] Yeah,

[00:18:05] it's real. I'm nine degrees 37 Capricorn. She's 10 37, but, and so our, you know, mid-heaven and I see and descendant are all just off by a degree. So there's other, you know, those right. But, uh, we also. Seven And Ya, Graham and which is about the enthusiast. And I'm a two, which is the nurturer. And then weirdly, four minutes off, I am outer vision and she's inner vision and I'm open taste.

[00:18:35] And she's closed taste in our profiles of human design. Which is funny cuz I'm much more like visually out there looking. But OIE comes up with all these like, Creative systems for like, how to use astrology and, you know, so it, it, we're very lucky, I guess we're twins who came together with some nice, you know, we work well together.

[00:18:56] We have since our first elementary school business doing calligraphy on all the certificates for the school district and stuff. So we, I don't know, we're, we're, we're entrepreneurial charts and entrepreneurs since childhood. Scary but true .

[00:19:14] I love that. I'm the same way. I've like business, picking my neighbors flowers, putting them in arrangements and selling them to them.

[00:19:21] Woo

[00:19:21] Capricorn. My mom

[00:19:23] was like, you can't do that. You can't sell them their own flowers. And I, it like didn't occur to me that that wasn't okay. . Why?

[00:19:31] I, I, I did, didn't you? .

[00:19:35] Ok. So, but what you're, what this shows is the importance of the accurate birth. You know, I'm, I'm, I'm sure for some people that's kind of, uh, a disappointment because not everybody has access to that, but it's really amazing how just that four minutes makes such a big difference

Soul Direction: North Node or Rising Sign

[00:19:54] as evolutionary astrologers.

[00:19:56] Do you resonate more with the north node being sort of the direction of the soul or with the rising. Because I know like esoteric astrology, the rising sign is super important in terms of so direction, whereas in evolutionary astrology, it seems like it's leaning more towards that north node. But what's your experience been?

[00:20:17] For

[00:20:17] me

[00:20:18] the same. We have those both in Capricorn. So I'd have to say, I don't know. I like, I go for the North node myself,

[00:20:24] as do I. Yeah, I think the, I think the rising sign is definitely, you know, our worldly direction, like where we're focused here. and where we wanna move our bodies, where we wanna put ourselves physically and mentally.

[00:20:39] But when it comes to that soul growth and evolution, I think the rising sign falls a little short for me. I feel like the north node really is that deep lesson where you may not. Conquer it in this lifetime, but you're going to definitely be pulled to work on it. But yeah, having it in the same side has been interesting both in cap recording for us, so yeah.

[00:21:01] Right, and that

[00:21:02] resonates cuz my north note is in Libra. in the eighth house and my rising is Aquarius. And that that definitely resonates. Cause I'd say in terms of the world and you know, creating community and using technology and astrology to create community resonates, but we're like the juicy challenges in all the like growth and learning.

[00:21:22] It's definitely in that relationship arena

[00:21:24] for sure. Yep.

[00:21:25] Mm-hmm. .

Why Composite Charts?

[00:21:26] Okay guys, speaking of relationships, . What inspired you to write a book about composite charts? Like why did you feel composite? Charts was something that needed to be shared with the world, you

[00:21:41] know, because

[00:21:43] it just isn't enough. It's such a gr, I almost feel like it's sort of a best kept secret because we get so, I mean, it's so entertaining to start being like, oh, he's a Gemini, or she's a Scorpio and I, and comparing and contrasting.

[00:21:56] Um, but the world is so divided now. People don't know that there's this middle way that they could take. Um, it's great to know about differences and understand them and they get you so far, but I think we need to work together too and just always know that we can find that common language. We just, yeah,

[00:22:18] just I think, yeah, it's really like there's.

[00:22:22] the, the higher octave of us of what happens when you come together into this third entity. When your charts blend into a composite, it takes it out of the realm of, I want this, you want that. It's more like what's best for us. And you know, having had many relationships with our Scorpio moons and having always been in a relationship as twins, it's always been.

[00:22:48] One of the primary topics that people come to us to talk about, whether it's a business relationship, whether it's a romantic relationship, or even just, I mean, I've never done an astrology reading where we didn't talk about at least one other seminal person. And so, um, but yeah, with all like o he said with all the, just, you know, division in the world.

[00:23:11] We needed a new conflict resolution tool, and composite charts are one of the best ones that we personally know.

[00:23:19] Yeah, they're so surprising. It's like, you know, like, oh, okay, I'm a sad, they're a, a tourist and we're a Pisces together. Whoa, that's wild. You know, , what do I do with that information? Like, oh, and then you start to see like, uh, that's why this thing that never makes any sense when I read about their sign or my sign is such a prevalent theme.

[00:23:45] So it's very helpful

Composite Charts vs. Synastry Chart

[00:23:48] Let's

[00:23:48] back up just a little bit cuz I'm, I'm making the assumption that our audience knows what composite charts are and how they might be different from synergy or other types of relationship, astrology, you know, other ways to assess relationships. So, can one of you explain what a composite chart is and how it's different from like a sinister

[00:24:09] reading or,

[00:24:10] Sure.

[00:24:11] A composite chart is a blended chart, so in a cy chart you compare, it's a side by side or inner wheel, outer wheel comparison y you know, whereas the way that a composite chart, either you do midpoint or a davidson, but we, we did, we wrote about the midpoint method. Um, It. It takes a midpoint of your son and their son, your moon and their moon, your Venus and their Venus.

[00:24:38] If your charts were to meet exactly in the middle, every point this, you'd have this third entity. If your charts had a baby, it would be the composite chart essentially that had exactly half of your jeans and half of theirs, and so you have this. This third, you, there's your relationship is actually its own unique entity that you can see through the composite chart.

[00:25:03] And it's like

[00:25:04] having that information is like the ultimate care and feeding manual for any type of relationship, because then you can, you can see where there are transits happening to your relationships chart. It's like, Hey, what's happening for us right now? , you know, and it's, it's so eye-opening.

[00:25:23] I love it.

[00:25:24] I mean, when I did mine with my boyfriend, Uh, we have like five planets in Pisces, which is funny cause we're, we're Capricorn in a Taurus. So to have like all this PIs energy is really fascinating and it resonated so deeply. It was like, yes, we do meet in that spiritual place. We do like, it really is, it felt really, really accurate.

[00:25:48] How do you, I mean, do you find that most people resonate with the composite chart or Oh yeah. It's a harder one to really. Quote unquote prove, you know, cuz it's like this, it's this third. Entity that doesn't necessarily exist, but, but there is, um, but it, it, it's something that lives, right?

[00:26:09] Yeah. I guess you can, like, I mean, you could do a transit chart to your composite chart, and I have, but it's also, um, it's, it's, yeah, like you said, it's a lived experience.

[00:26:20] The, the lived experience is what proves or on what you, you know, what you see, but. I love that because you know, if you read about a Capricorn and a Taurus, they're both earth signs. So it's like they're counting their money and sitting there like planning for old age and retirement, like, and no become a composite Pisces, you're

[00:26:42] like probably looking at astrology

[00:26:44] charts or doing a sound bath or going to a spa somewhere, you know, tropical or something together because.

[00:26:52] Water of the Pisces.

[00:26:53] Well, you do live on an island, so perfect place. Replace these

[00:26:57] relationship. We're surrounded by water. We're we're doing the Eat shing. We're, yes, absolutely. Like astrology is what brought us together.

[00:27:07] Perfect. Oh wow. And he into it

[00:27:11] now, you actually convinced a to, well, a Taurus man will either be all in or all out, you know,

[00:27:16] he was totally all in. He actually from, he used to model, and when he did, he would check the Farmer's Almanac for the day to get his hair cut because he already was clued into that.

[00:27:28] There was something to it, so he didn't, he didn't know much about it, but he already, he's very, uh, mathematical and so it makes sense to him from a mathematical perspective. Yeah, and he's, no, he's very, very expansive in his viewpoint, so it just made sense to him that if there's something there,

[00:27:46] yeah, funny.

[00:27:47] Of course, it would come through farming for a tourist,

[00:27:50] right? , one of our best friends is a April Taurus and he's a master mathematician astrologer, so yeah. But. , then we know other tourist. We're like, no. You know,

[00:28:02] definitely open-minded about it for sure. Yeah.

Relationships & Predictions

[00:28:05] Well, so in terms of relationships and astrology, do you, do you feel like astrology can predict the outcome of a relationship?

[00:28:15] Or is it more like what you're saying you learn what the two souls have come together to experience and then you have a choice like how you wanna engage with that Combin?

[00:28:26] Our opinion, or, well, I shouldn't say our opinion. My opinion, um, is that astrology does not need to be that deterministic. It can predict the challenges.

[00:28:38] It can predict the strengths and the weaknesses, but the outcome is where your free will comes in. You can choose to work on a relationship as long as you want. You know, you may not have a willing partner, they may not be, you know, the composite chart and the Sin Street charts are there for you as guideposts and instruction manuals and roadmaps, and you can try to use them to the best of your ability.

[00:29:02] However, if you have a partner that's not willing to do any of the work whatsoever, whether it's from astrology or their own personal responsibility, then you have to ask. What you're getting out of it, but it's always a choice. You can even stay, even if you're getting nothing out of it, cuz you're always getting something out of Even if it's a rerun of your childhood or past life issues. Yeah, you need to go through it again. I don't know

Navigating Relationship Challenges

[00:29:29] in

[00:29:29] terms of, of the, the ch the more challenging relationships. That people may encounter. Do you have any tips for how to navigate those? Sometimes seemingly huge chasms where

[00:29:47] it's hard to meet

[00:29:49] and that that's exactly where the composite chart comes in.

[00:29:53] Um, especially, you know, it's communication tends to be the first breakdown of things a lot. You know, for many people it's like they are different. We're all different, but we don't know. Get it across to each other. So looking at your composite Mercury sign can show you how to set the stage for those, like the dialogues or to get to a place of understanding.

[00:30:17] I was in a relationship with someone and we had a composite Capricorn, and so a lot of times there were these big future plans that we couldn't align on, and then it was like, let's go for a hike, you know? And it all seemed to work itself out, or if we would hang out. In a place that was kind of family oriented, even like a restaurant that was family owned and run, it would be like, okay, sit down, have that meal and talk about it.

[00:30:46] So, like that can help you with setting the stage for and, and needing to like, you know, you can also look at where your composite Saturn is to show where maybe you need to have better boundaries in the relationship and that you shouldn't try to compromise on everything there, but give each other a bit more space and autonomy or you know, just have your own domains to Lord over.

[00:31:11] There's so, you know, so I think. There's, it's all couples therapy. When it comes down to . After a while, every relationship is going to, I guess as twins, we had no, we could never get away from each other, so we became experts in negotiating, like who got the better toy? When people gave us a shared present or who got to wear what First, when we got the,

[00:31:35] the, we had a paper route and discovered astrology is cuz our parents. Were, uh, they got married very.

[00:31:42] Students pregnant with twins. Our dad was an immigrant, didn't learned English from Sesame Street when he came over here before we were born. So, you know, they didn't have extra money for us to buy the clothes we felt we needed to have to fit in. So we got a paper route and would buy one of the items and then share it like with a pair of.

[00:32:03] Overalls. This I remember. That was the big purchase. So we even had to negotiate that. Even our paper route. I had one side of the street and Tali had the others. So, but funny enough, our very first composite chart reading and even. Chart reading was for Beyonce in 2003. In person . We, we ended up at the Billboard Music Awards, um, backstage in the celebrity swag room.

[00:32:36] So this bizarre opportunity came through for us to do that. And we quickly got a PC and the solar fire software and, and it did composite charts. So, you know, she was one of the celebrities that came around. Um, she was not as big as she is today, of course, but, um, Tali offered her a composite chart cuz, and then like we sat, she actually waited for us to print out the 60 page document, backstage at the MGM Grand Casino.

[00:33:11] Um, and, and stayed up late That was her with Jay-Z

[00:33:17] or was that Yeah, she was, yeah, it was right. It was in the beginning when they were, you know, doing their crazy and love thing and, but it was, yet, it was still like, rumored only. And I was like, Hey, do you want, uh, you know, we happened to know he was December 4th, cuz he is two days after us, uh, a couple years older.

[00:33:35] But it was just like, yeah, we, and she's a Scorpio moon too, so we got to chat with her about that. And it was, it was one of those. Magical. We, we also got to talk to Stevie Wonder and Sting that day about their charts and Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie. It was like the one of those bizarre days, like the guy who came in it, it was, yeah, the celebrity birthday book guy.

[00:33:58] It was like, what Another planet right now. Like

[00:34:02] real, but seeing how. Beyonce was like, so like I saw her the next day cause we were there for like three days or something and she was running on stage and I was going to the bathroom and ran into her b backstage. And, um, she. Stopped and said that she had stayed up really late to read the composite chart booklet.

[00:34:24] And it was so interesting. So I was like, from that moment, On. I knew that okay. That really like made a powerful difference for her. Cause she was nervous. I think you could tell, like they were very, from very different upbringings. She was very middle class and you know, he was a little rough around the edges there.

[00:34:43] And I think it gave her some reassurance about, um, about who they could be together. Well,

[00:34:49] I'm sure it did. Since they. Five composite planets and Libra and Scorpio, like their, almost their entire chart is Libra and Scorpio. They're a composite chart. And that's actually the same for Will and Jada. Um, Pinkett Smith.

[00:35:04] Like, they're like, we, we like to look at celebrities for examples because you can. You know, we watched them play out in real life. I mean, you can see it with Harry and Megan and Will and Kate, like how Will and Kate become an Aries and Harry and Megan become a Virgo and there's this sort of competitive, not sort of incredibly competitive energy there.

[00:35:27] So yeah. ,

Relationship Karma

[00:35:29] do you have the perspective that in relationships we're working out patterns or, or we're working out like maybe karmic themes and that even if we change partners, we're probably gonna be still working on the same issues? Or do you think that changing partners can sometimes completely change the script and now we're, we're not working with

[00:35:53] the same things.

[00:35:55] It's a bit of both, in my opinion. I mean, we're gonna be who we are, the issues, you know, our natal. Has that encoded, you know, I think the north and south node, very much so. We'll show those things. We're gonna keep dragging around and working out for our whole lives, but the, the energy can completely change and, and different parts of you can get activated and show up because of the space that your composite chart is with different people.

[00:36:26] Like if you're with someone who's in a, you become, Primarily air chart versus someone who you become very heavy on water, the you are gonna connect in such a different way, and that's gonna allow you to either maybe intellectualize or really do that deep inner healing with that person.

Hesitation Surrounding Astrology Readings

[00:36:47] Okay. Another question because when you were talking about Beyonce, it reminded me of what I've noticed recently.

[00:36:54] We just recently launched our reading platform where people can come and connect with different astrologers to have reading based what kinda question they have. And one of the things that I've noticed in talking about this is there's a lot of people who get nervous about having a res astrology reading.

[00:37:11] It's like, are you gonna show me something I don't wanna see? Are you gonna tell me something I don't wanna know? Have you experienced that? And why do you think

[00:37:20] that? Oh, always. I mean, because

[00:37:24] you,

[00:37:24] because they can, you know, because our minds are subject are subjective and we're like, oh, what if they know something?

[00:37:31] I don't, tell me something bad. And then you start to have that confirmation bias. So I, I mean, I had a tarot reading. , I didn't know anything about tarot. Um, and the, and back in 2001 and the tarot reader told me that the guy I was dating that trying to get, um, affection out of him was like trying to get blood out of a stone, which was kind of true.

[00:37:54] And then he literally, without even knowing I'd had the reading, broke up with me the next day. So I was like, oh my, and she had pulled the devil card and all these, and I was like, oh my God, I need. So I felt really vulnerable and like I didn't, I was like, did she jinx me or is this like, why is this all happening at the same time?

[00:38:14] And so then I went and learned tarot just so that would never happen to me again. All those Scorpio planets needed control back, but that's why I think people are nervous because you may see something that they don't, and.

[00:38:30] Or

[00:38:31] may you know that one of my favorite quotes is that advice is what we ask for when we already know the answer, but wish we And I think that that is probably what's happening,

[00:38:42] for people

[00:38:43] who say

[00:38:43] that. Do

[00:38:45] you find that a lot or do you find more often people are sort of like positively assured. .

[00:38:53] Well, they end up positively assured, but I have to sometimes reassure them. Like, listen, I'm not gonna tell you what to do with your relationship.

[00:39:00] I'm not gonna tell you when you, you're gonna die. I don't even look for that. I won't look for that. Right. I will tell you, if you need to be careful, I'll tell you if there's like, An issue that might not, you know, be so easy to work with, but it's not my job to tell you that that's not part of your karmic path, you know?

[00:39:18] Okay. So you're dating someone that's challenging. Uh, I don't think you should break up with them. Stick around and learn something about yourself, , you know? Yeah. Yeah.

[00:39:28] ,

The AstroTwins' Book, Supercouple

[00:39:28] how did you come up with the name Super couple, like. What inspired that? I, I love it, by the way. I think it's awesome. Yeah. That was

[00:39:36] o's work.

[00:39:37] Yeah. our, uh, our TAUs friend Matthew who Tally mentioned, who's our, uh, you know, like our Oracle buddy, I guess of more than 20 years fellow astrologer. Um, often, you know, we, we get into sort of a. The zone with him a lot and brainstorm, uh, ways to bring astrology kind of into the, the, to make it accessible for anyone.

[00:40:05] So we were really looking for like, what is the thing that, what is it this, what is this heightened state, this ultimate place? Like why would you do a composite chart? Because the problem with astrology sometimes is that like it has so much of its own language, it's really hard to bridge. You're either like, New and curious or obsessed.

[00:40:27] And then there's this whole middle ground that people tend to skip over very quickly. But a lot of people are in that, they're like, they just know their sign, but they're like, whoa, I want to know this, but I'm now immediately overwhelmed by all the jargons. So we thought, what is this ultimate state that occurs when two people blend their energy?

[00:40:46] We went on all that, the SOS sites and everything, and, and the super couple came up and. Like, that's it. So it's a little hyper hyperbole, but why not? You know, we need. Stupids and AEs .

[00:41:02] You know, you just described me perfectly when I, after I had my first reading, I was like, whoa, this, there's something to this.

[00:41:09] Before then, I had no interest in astrology. I totally wrote it off as kind of dumb. I was like, so everybody in January is exactly the same. Like that makes no sense, right? Right. But then I had my first reading and I was like, whoa, there's definitely something here. And I went. Learn more. And it was either so watered down that it wasn't useful or it was so complex that I was like, what is, what are they even talking about?

[00:41:34] I mean, it's definitely one of the reasons why I started astrology have because of those people in the middle, like you're talking

[00:41:38] about. And thank you for doing that. Yeah, thank you. Really needed. Yes. Yes, it is. And there's, there are a

[00:41:45] lot of people who are interested, compelling, you know, curious, but they can't.

[00:41:52] They can't speak that the, it is a very complex language and, and people

[00:41:57] get,

[00:41:57] so yeah, it, it's, you're the

[00:42:00] Gemini moon and translating it, and I feel like Capricorns are really great at creating systems and simplifying without watering down, so, right. Yeah.

[00:42:13] Oh, I was gonna say that. Um, what was I gonna say?

[00:42:16] Well, that, that asr, yeah, sometimes people are like, oh, sun sign astrology, which, you know, We that is so, you know that that sunset astrology is the gateway to the deeper levels of astrology. People can't take in, you know, there are some people out there, but to just, you know, write off sunset astrology or even just expect, you know, people to have to know their rising side.

[00:42:43] Like you're leaving out people who. Just didn't have the privilege of having someone write down their birth time. Maybe they were adopted. You know, there's so many people in the world who, you know, ultimately astrology. It is a divination and mystical system, but it's also archetypal. It's something to learn about and chew on and play with.

[00:43:04] And is this me? Is this not me? And you know, that's what I love about. Being in the middle there is like opening up a conversation for people, not telling them you are this, but hey, you might be, this is, have you thought about this? Guess what? That thing you do corresponds with this. And then from there they can go, you know, in whatever direction or just learn on only about their sun.

[00:43:29] It's, it's a tool. It's not meant to be this weird, competitive thing that's happened in recent years in astrology. It's so bizarre.

Where is Astrology Headed?

[00:43:39] Tell me more about that. Cause I was just gonna ask you what you, where you see astrology going and you've been in this world for a while, so what have you, how have you seen it change and where do you see

[00:43:48] it going?

[00:43:49] Yeah, there's a little bit of a cosmic cock fight going on, as I call it, . I don't know if you have to bleep that out, but, um, yeah, there's, there's a mi like I love that astrology is so accessible in some ways for people like, You know, it's on Snapchat now, and, but at the same time, a little bit of knowledge can be a dangerous thing.

[00:44:11] I think people are very quick to, you know, write someone off because CoStar said that Mars signs were at a bad emoji, you know, and so it's like, We, we gotta do better than that. People, you know, we can't just write someone, you know, like, is that good? Is that bad? Like, there's a, you know, I love the memes for the hilarity of them, but then there's also a point where it's like it's just become.

[00:44:37] There's a lot of back biting, mean girl energy in astrology. Now that is, and also

[00:44:43] a lot of people that take themselves too because it's like, it's an un unlike, I mean you, it's, you can be li licensed and certified. Yes. But that's not required to have a practice. So anyone can call themselves in.

[00:44:56] Astrologer. You can't do that as a doctor or a psychiatrist or anything like that. So it's a wide range of people and experience. And it's also very hard, you know, like, so it's, it's an open field for anyone to come aboard and have the same title as everybody else. Like a 20 year old and a 70 year old could both have the same title of astrologer and, and offer chart readings for people.

[00:45:22] And we've gotten great readings

[00:45:23] from people of both. Yeah. So, you

[00:45:27] know what we, yeah, so there's like, and, and, and you know, I think it's also supply, well there seems to be quite a demand for the supply too, as you know, with the hub. But, um, I just, I don't know. I think it's like everything in the world has become a bit divided.

[00:45:45] Like, okay, you do whole signs great. Uh, someone else does tropical great. It's like this weird, I don't know, maybe people are just bored. , .

[00:45:55] I mean, it seems like it's just human behavior that you see in any other field. Just showing up in ASR and now. Preaching more people.

The AstroTwins' Program, Launchpad

[00:46:05] I mean, what do you feel is the most important thing to do as astrologers who love astrology, who want to proliferate, um, good astrology or at least useful astrology?

[00:46:17] What do you think is the most important focus on the person you're serving and not. Comparing yourself to others. Recognize that there's someone who's a vibrational match for your healing powers. If you're in the right head space and focused on helping others and providing and serving, then those people will show up that need what you're offering.

[00:46:37] If they're not, you know, and also learn business and marketing too. Like we all have to learn that nowadays. Doesn't mean you have to be on every social media platform, but you know, you know. We teach other astrologers and healers. What we've learned in our 25 plus years of business, we have a program called launchpad, uh, where we actually share how to set up your business.

[00:47:00] And we've created a whole system using astrology for that because. So cool. People aren't born knowing the language of entrepreneurship and business ownership anymore. We've made, we've done all the trial and error in the same way that we've done daily horoscopes. So, you know, we've put in the, the hours to build a business and we love to share that with, with others who wanna do

[00:47:23] That sounds so amazing, and I can see that there would be tons of people in our audience that would really benefit from your launchpad offering.

[00:47:32] How do they join? So we open up, periodically. We are starting our next quarter group, uh, mid-April. And yes, you're gonna join, you're gonna get a special onboarding so that you feel like you're fully immersed. And then you're gonna bring a project or your business or your practice and really learn a deep dive use using your birth chart and a special system that we created called I Am, uh, that combines 13 parts of your chart into three archetypes to make it simple.

[00:48:07] So that you can really use your chart as a tool and learn, learn how to do business in the way that works for you. Cause it's not just what you do, it's also how you do it. If you don't enjoy working on your business, then it doesn't even matter if you're doing what you love. It can become as bad as a nine to five job.

[00:48:27] So we've experienced that too, where we've been like, wait a minute. , our passion has become a prison. Yeah. So we, you know, we've used what we've learned to empower other people to and grow and

[00:48:41] the, yeah, the way each quarter works as we start, you know, the first month is actually working with the transits to finesse.

[00:48:49] The plan of whatever it is you're working on. So you're gonna bring that and we're gonna be like, okay, here's where the new moons, the full moons of retrogrades, here's the transits, here's, you know, and there's a lot of big things happening this year for sure. Um, and then we go into a specific area. We just did space clearing set, you know, the time zone that you should be in on.

[00:49:13] I mean, like not, you know, are you a future present or past focused person? How to actually set up your space according to that. And then the third month we do astro audits, where we actually. , you

[00:49:26] know, look at different things like a hot seat. Yeah, we do like take someone's chart and analyze it. We call it the dolphin tank cuz it's a friendly shark tank

[00:49:36] And help you with your branding, your social media, your presence, your offerings, your messaging, your content. Cuz you can't do all the things. And each of our archetypes has a different set, a different path for them. Maybe they should go teach a course in a masterclass, maybe some should. Speaking on panels, others should be innovating in writing.

[00:49:58] So we're gonna help you not only find that, but use your chart to focus and prioritize and put your energy into So,

[00:50:07] well, we're gonna put the link for that and the description of this episode, but you are speaking to Mike Capricorn right now, but Capric. Sun, Venus and Mercury are. Oh wow. I mean, but this is amazing cuz you're combining astrology and, and the fact that we are unique in the way that we do things and, and, and in the way that we'll be fulfilled in doing things with some, it sounds like some really sound also business, uh, strategy and approaches so that people can experience success in the way that works for

[00:50:43] them.

[00:50:44] Wow, Zach, we've done, I mean, we've built our own website. We've worked with web developers, we've designed numerous like courses, a masterclass, short-term courses. We've podcasted, we've been on, we've developed a TV show. So, you know, most of all people are gonna have access to our coaching throughout the whole thing too.

[00:51:07] So that's one of the, the, you. Q and a and the hot seats and the chance to just ask us anything. We have a, a Facebook group along with it. So you know, if, if we don't know what it is that people need, we, there's someone in the group who will have that. And, you know, so we can always point people in the right direction if we don't have an answer for them on the fly.

[00:51:28] So,

[00:51:28] yeah. And what are the odds of people getting their, like questions answered?

[00:51:33] I. When they're, well, we stay on, we have a little afterglow, uh, zoom room. Yeah. With everybody. Like, we try to answer as many people's questions as we can because they're, you know, that's what they're there for. You don't, how often do you get to ask someone, how did you do?

[00:51:49] It's like, that sounds, you know, oh great, you did a sharper Beyonce. But it's like, how did you end up getting back sta you know, so like,

[00:51:57] cuz it's just,

[00:51:58] that's what I always wanna ask people. So. Begin ask us that or each other. Partner up with, we

[00:52:04] were, we were made in Israel, but born in Michigan. So for us, Being, you know, it's like being personable and connected to people is like how we were raised.

[00:52:15] And it's a big, so people are always kind of surprised, like, oh, you remember my name? It's like, of course we do. You know, so it's a very, um, even though there's, it's not a. Small community, it's intimate. The vibe is intimate and people feel known and seen because they are, that's important to us. We, we've had people come back year after year to be part of our program and you know, we've watched their businesses grow.

[00:52:40] And change and ship other companies,

[00:52:43] uh, gotten sponsorships that kind, we're really committed to people getting real world results on this planet out of what we learned, not just naval gazing, you know, with their star it's Capricorn us

[00:52:57] we're like,

[00:52:58] make something happen for you

[00:53:00] here.

[00:53:00] Like, exactly,

[00:53:02] I feel the same way. Are, and, and is it for anybody who wants to start any kind of business or is it mainly. Or people who wanna start

[00:53:10] with an astrology. Any kind of business, but we do end up getting a lot of astrologers and healers in So, but we've had like a, a whole really cool rank.

[00:53:20] We say soul-centered entrepreneurs is generally who we attract. Or

[00:53:24] you could have a project, not everybody, you know, we have people in there who have nine to five jobs, but they're. Working on a band or working on, you know, a podcast or something, and they wanna just use it to develop that. So you don't have to be an entrepreneur necessarily, you just have something you wanna launch

[00:53:43] into the

[00:53:43] world or nurture.

[00:53:45] Yeah. I'm so curious. Now I wanna know my archetype. What's my archetype?

[00:53:50] Well, you know what? They can. You can already go to

[00:53:53] astro iam. There's a calculator and a quiz, and you'll find yours and a little, little downloadable pdf. So I love it. I wanna know your archetype So .

[00:54:05] Okay, well, so if you are interested in joining the launchpad that they're gonna be doing here in just a few weeks,

[00:54:12] make sure you click on the link in the description of this video.

[00:54:16] And you guys, you're awesome. I love that you're doing this. It's so great, .

[00:54:20] Thank you.

[00:54:22] One of the favorite things to do. It's like just what we live for. So yeah,

[00:54:27] that's brilliant. I'm sure there's people in our audience, um, going to check that out right now. Yeah. And it's really needed. I mean, like you, like you said, you, you can be, it's actually one of the reasons why Astrology Hub is successful too, is because we actually do a lot of that for the astrologers who may have dedicated their entire life to being the best astrologers, but they're not interested or.

[00:54:48] Equipped to do the marketing and the tech and the websites and the social, you know, all that. So I can see both, both things, like definitely giving astrologers and budding astrologers, the tools to create their own. Businesses and then for the, for the ones that are just never gonna do it, because there's definitely some ones, they're just, they're never gonna do it.

[00:55:10] They don't, they don't have the interest. They don't have the time. They're not gonna do that. But I love that you're offering that. That's really cool.

[00:55:16] Aw, thank you. This is my 16 year old Dachsund, who's also a Sagittarius with a Scorpio Moon. Same, same as me, so, oh,

[00:55:24] that's great. Hanging out. Yeah.

[00:55:26] Lulu.

[00:55:27] That's awesome that you do that. And it's true. Even if you are into it, um, it's still a lot and that's amazing that you offer that so there are people, like you said, that just wanna focus on doing the work is a stronger true, but they know they need that to sustain their business and income.

[00:55:45] It's like anything, to not have to go work for the man, you know, . Totally.

[00:55:51] Well, you guys are amazing at what you do.

Takeaway from Supercouple

[00:55:52] I have one final question. What would you, what, what do you hope that people walk away with from your book? Like what do you hope they, but yeah, like how, how they feel at the end of

[00:56:03] reading your book.

[00:56:04] I would say just like the way I feel about astrology in general is that it's. A point that's, it's a conversation starter. It's a thought starter. It's a place to begin exploring. It's that it opens up a new plane of possibilities and inquiries and curiosity for people about why someone is in their life, what they can learn about themselves from the relationship, you know, and to stop to not.

[00:56:35] You know, we spent some, oh, I shouldn't have done that. That was a mistake. That person was wrong for me. I don't think anyone comes into our life without some sort of reason, even if it's a lesson or a pivot point. So I hope that Super couple helps. Everybody who reads it understand why they've had the relationships they've had, be they platonic or romantic, and.

[00:56:58] to maybe find forgiveness for themselves, for the ones that didn't work out, and find some new juicy excitement for the ones that are still going.

[00:57:09] So good. Thank you so much for coming and sharing. I just cannot recommend your book anymore to people. It's so good and it just, it's fun and I think it'll give you a lot of amazing insights.

[00:57:24] And so I just wanna thank. Both of you for being here and um, for just spending your time and giving us me the opportunity to introduce you to our audience, which I'm sure there's many people who've heard of you, but maybe not a lot of people have had the chance to really get to know you, which has been such a pleasure.

[00:57:41] So thank you. We're

[00:57:42] excited to, yeah. Hello Astrology hub audience, and we're so happy to connect to you now, so, yeah. Yeah. Thank you.

[00:57:52] Anyone who is catching this episode and wants to stay in touch with us at Astrology Hub, highly encourage you to check out our Cosmic Insider. It's free, it gives you a synopsis of all the episodes that we do every week.

[00:58:05] You can get

[00:58:06] that And I hope that we get to stay in touch. Tally in over us. We, you, we must . We must. Next time you come to Hawaii, right? No,

[00:58:17] this summer in

[00:58:18] fact, I'm trying to get OIE to come with me, so yes, we'll be hanging out for sure. .

[00:58:24] Well, I hope to see you both then and thanks again for your time and we will forward to connecting with you again soon.

[00:58:30] Take care. Yay.

[00:58:31] Did you know there's a whole universe that you can unlock with so-called minor aspects. Most astrologers don't even use them, but master astrologer Brick Levine calls them harmonic aspects saying they're key to revealing the deeper metaphysical dimension of a birth chart, including the creative, mystical, and unseen parts of ourselves and others.

[00:58:53] And if you want a taste of how powerful they can be, just listen to what he has to say about some of the subtitles in play. February and March forecast. There's one other thing that happens in February by the 12th, Venus makes a subtile. That's one seventh of a circle to Pluto. Venus makes a subtile to Uranus.

[00:59:12] Boom, boom. What are subtitles? They're other worldly. They're supernatural. Dane. Roger said they were fated. Things come out and things come through that were somehow in other realms and like Uranus, it's like lightning striking. And I think the combination of Mercury going into Uranus as modern sign of Aquarius and all these subtitles, Will awaken us to the idea that we don't see everything that we think we do.

[00:59:41] Of course, it's not lost on me that this is the first week of foundation level three course, and it's just such an overwhelming subtile message that we get. From the universe. I really think that this is gonna be a bit of a wake up in mid-February. If you're ready to uncover these powerful unseen aspects in your chart, join us for Astrology Foundation's level three with Master Astrologer slash foundations three.