Astrology This Week: The Importance of the 13th Harmonic You Can’t Ignore w/ Clarissa Dolphin

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Major Revelations on the Way!

Astrology Hub’s Founder Amanda Walsh and Astrologer Clarissa Dolphin talk about the upcoming transits of the week, and how to navigate it.

On Today’s Episode You’ll learn…

🌑 About the concept of the 13th harmonic in astrology, which speaks to the reality of everything being unique, and how it influences our sense of purpose, destiny, and what we’re chosen for.

🌒 How the week’s energy, particularly on Wednesday, can lead to major revelations, exciting mysteries, and the emergence of hidden relics of beauty, providing a source of deep inspiration and a sense of aliveness.

🌓 How to leverage periods of high inspiration and romance to make immediate, authentic changes in your life.


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