I’m Not Clear On My Strengths. What is my Super Power w/ Jamie Magee & Clarissa Dolphin

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Astrologers Clarissa Dolphin & Jamie Magee answer your questions Live!

Got questions about the astrology of relationships? What about your hidden superpowers, psychic gifts and cosmic callings? Join professional astrologers Jamie Magee and Clarissa Dolphin to discuss all this and more in a FREE livestream brought to you by the Astrology Hub Network and Astrologer Connect! 🌟

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0:00 Intro

1:20 What is my Superpower?

4:32 Should I Ever Get Married?

11:16 What is my Relationship Superpower?

15:44 What Superpower is Supporting Me Through This Phase in Life?

22:23 Is There a Committed Relationship in the Horizon?

26:51 What is My Highest Harmonic?

28:18 What Does this Eclipse Mean in My Chart?

35:04 What is My Dad’s Super Power?

45:40 Where Should I Focus My Intentions?

55:30 Closing

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[00:00:00] Amanda: All right. Hello. It’s so great to be here for another Reading Bonanza special. Today we’re gonna be featuring Jamie McGee and Clarissa Dolphin to amazing astrologers who happen to also work on our Astrologer Connect platform. Just in case you haven’t heard, April is reading Bonanza Month here at Astrology Hub.

[00:00:25] In celebration of the grand opening of our new reading platform, astrologer Connect. We are coming on and doing live readings, so at least once a once a week, we’re gonna be on with different pairings of astrologers, and you and the audience have an opportunity to ask a question that you would like an astrologer to give you some feedback on.

[00:00:47] Today we’re gonna be focusing on the realm of the heart. So relationships, interpersonal dynamics, any questions you have about relationships in your life are totally fair game. We’re also gonna be focusing on your unique capabilities, your superpowers, the thing that makes you unique that you could really capitalize on in your life if you embrace it fully.

[00:01:13] So we’re gonna be doing those two things here today. Jamie and Clarissa, welcome. It’s so great to have you. This is gonna be so much fun.

What is My Superpower?

[00:01:20] Amanda: Okay. So we have a question here from Annie.

[00:01:22] Annie in Arizona. Annie, where in Arizona? I’m curious. Okay. And Annie is a Capricorn Sun Leo Moon, Scorpio rising. What is Annie’s superpower? Can you tell from Capricorn Sun, Leo Moon, Scorpio rising?

[00:01:40] Jamie: All right. So, Capricorn’s sun, Leo Moon, Scorpio rising. I feel like we would get along really well, but, uh, a Leo, that Leo Moon of yours, like the moon is the sign of, of your big three that you know very intimately and very well, like it is like it. It is something that is very natural. It’s instinctual that you, it happens a reaction that you have before you know that you’re having that reaction.

[00:02:02] And Leo has a bit of a crown in creativity and there’s a lot of fire and, uh, passion when it comes to your emotions and how you approach the world. Often the room that you’re in will sort of look like how you feel. So kind of if you’re feeling down, you know, cheer up your room a little bit, uh, you’re very protective of those that you love and you, your emotions are very fixed.

[00:02:24] When you let someone into your inner circle, it is gonna. It takes a lot to get into the trust circle, and you really don’t want ’em out once, once they leave. And your Scorpio rising kind of plays out into that because it’s also a fixed sign. And in this Scorpio rising is what you’re rising to become, which you’re trying to understand which is the more scorpion ways that kind of goes into the depths and the mystery and, You know, not afraid to look at the shadows and understand that there’s multivalent layers of everything in everyone.

[00:02:54] And Scorpio Rising will also be a little bit particular about that inner circle and who they bring into their circle. Capricorn’s son. Now Capricorn’s are very structured systematic leaders. They’re very protective of those that they have around them. Like a, like imagine like an angel kind of wrapping their wings around everything that they deem, important.

[00:03:14] They’re really, focused on legacy and how that they can provide for the next step. Now. And sometimes that Capricorn, seeing that high level mountaintop view could make you feel a little isolated. But I love how you have these two fixed placements and this Cardinal Sun and Cardinal means that it’s like initiating you take action.

[00:03:31] So you’re ready to go in a new direction, but you’re also very grounded in how you do that.

[00:03:37] Amanda: So if you had to sum up Annie superpower,

[00:03:41] Jamie: There’s a long way around that. I just think that she’s very, at the last part of it, I think that it’s amazing that she has a very fixed, passionate depth that is also initiating.

[00:03:55] Hmm. She’s able to initiate and take off into a new direction and support her legacy, but she has passion and a very balanced, grounded, depth to how she does it.

[00:04:06] Amanda: So she could be in it for the long haul, like if she starts Oh, yeah, yeah. Something from her passion. It’s the kind of thing that she would be able to stay with for a long time, and then it’s the kind of thing that could become a legacy for her.

[00:04:18] Yeah. I would

[00:04:18] Jamie: wonder in my corner for sure, because it, it’s gonna be not short term at all. It’ll be a long term.

[00:04:24] Amanda: Clarisa, do you wanna add anything to.

[00:04:27] Clarissa: No, I think Jamie just summed it up beautifully. I’m totally on that vibe. Yep.

[00:04:32] Amanda: Perfect.

Should I Ever Get Married?

[00:04:32] Amanda: Okay, so we have a question from Susan.

[00:04:34] So Susan is wondering why getting married feels daunting? Should I ever, should I ever get married? So then Susan also says,, cuz I’m such a warrior and independent to a fault, so should I ever get married?

[00:04:51] Clarissa: I’d like to take on some of that question, Susan. I wanna acknowledge that we’re having like a super fun, like speed reading here. So I just, I, I wanna offer what I can, on your extremely important question. So one thing I want to call attention to is your seventh Harmonic. So the seventh harmonic is the type of energy, it’s focused discipline, but it’s also like, it’s also your internal self, your private self, how you relate to others, and, and your commitment to others.

[00:05:25] So this is very like, uh, and it’s commitment to anything but it’s commitment to you first. So in your seventh Harmonic, you’ve got a Moon, Venus, Uranus, and a Moon, Uranus, Pluto. So basically that requires personal freedom. To move around, to express, to just be yourself.

[00:05:49] So part of the reason why marriage might be daunting is because other people cramp your style when they’re all under space, period. Like it’s really that simple. We’ve also, you also have a Mercury, Venus, Saturn Urine is here. And with that, I think people, especially intimate partners that actually share your space.

[00:06:14] They need to have the ability to adapt to new concepts and switch it up. Part of the reason why marriage might be daunting for you is because people get stuck and they just want the same old story to unfold the same old thing. And for you it’s like now we need to remix. So it just gets too stuck. So that’s what I have to offer at this point.

[00:06:40] I can probably jump in and talk about your chart like all day long, so thank you.

[00:06:44] Amanda: Can I ask a question for Susan? If Susan was able to find a partner that didn’t necessarily buy into the, the idea that you get married and then you stagnate and like, if, if Susan could find someone that also also values space and independence, like maybe they don’t even have to live together.

[00:07:04] Like all these ideas that like this is what marriage means, maybe, it could work for her, but also maybe Susan doesn’t ever actually have to get married in order to have a really meaningful partnership or, or relationship. Right.

[00:07:19] Clarissa: I would completely agree with that.

[00:07:22] Jamie: Absolutely. Yeah. And I think, I like the, the comment that’s on here about how she almost got married to a Pisces with the same Leo rising in Moon and Sagittarius.

[00:07:31] So Pisces is opposite of all of your beautiful Virgo planets. And so it did feel a little bit like you’re in opposition or in a tug of war and having that same Leo rising, you may have felt like you had a lot in common with this person just because you had the same view of the horizon with them. But I think you’re, there was too much probably opposition with that relationship.

[00:07:51] But I agree with everything Clarissa said. Your fifth house and your natal chart is ruled by is Sagittarius. You have a Sagittarius moon that speaks to freedom and exploring and wisdom and a lot of your chart kind of comes right back into, if we were to follow like where the energies are flowing, it comes right back into that Virgo energy, which brings in that worrying critical, you know, Should I do this?

[00:08:13] And what I love about my, the Virgos is that you literally see heaven. You can see it in your mind’s eye and you try to bring that down into the reality that you’re stuck in. So that’s why you kinda get the reputation of like, you know, kind of seeing the details, but it is almost, you really do. I think that you respect freedom and you need someone who respects it for you.

[00:08:33] That may not mean traditional. And I think like looking where at Juno, where it is in your chart is, um, in Scorpio. And that still kind of goes right back to the Mercury thing. But I do think you need a little bit of a mystery and that that space of feeling, if you were to commit to someone, you would have to feel it at a soul deep level.

[00:08:51] Like you would have to get past the reality that you were in to really kind of feel it. And it would be something where, the thing about Sagittarius, especially Sagittarius moons, is they need to know that they can go off and explore in every way they want to. And then have a safe haven to come back to at the same time.

[00:09:07] So mm-hmm. It, it’s, it’s a little bit of both, but I don’t think that you would need to worry about fitting into anything conventional ex, especially with Leo Rising, you’re born to stand out, so,

[00:09:17] Clarissa: oh my God. And I just wanna hop in real quick. To Jamie’s point, from a harmonic perspective, one of your highest harmonics is the 13th harmonic, which is singularity.

[00:09:26] And me and Amanda were talking about that with the astrology of next week. The 13th term Harmonic does not conform at all to anybody’s rules. Society’s rules, pick any, it’s your personal. Rule you write it. In fact, it would be anathema to your existence to actually ascribe to I, you know, whatever kind of list of cookie cutter kind of things that society posits like i e marriage, no offense, grow up, get married, have kids, et cetera.

[00:10:01] That’s definitely not you, just for the 13 alone and especially with the planets in your 13th harmonic music. I mean, it’s, it’s all about kind of what Jamie was saying too, this exploration of, the magical, the spectacular being re really driven by, you know, uh, magical options that live and exist in the world and being kind of, motivated to and inspired to chase those.

[00:10:29] If people can’t catch up with you or keep up with you as you’re kind of in this. You know, beautiful world then, you know. Yeah.

[00:10:38] Amanda: Said the guy that she was gonna get married to wasn’t into astrology or anything, woowoo. And so she, she felt like she was holding back a big part of herself.

[00:10:46] So, Susan, I, this also seems to me tied into your superpower, like your superpower is, is not following the script and actually creating something totally new that works for you, that serves you. And maybe you can serve as an example for other people who also don’t feel like they’re cut out for the traditional thing, but kind of just need that permission to do something totally different.

[00:11:10] So really cool. Okay, we’re gonna do, uh, another relationship one, and then we’re gonna move on to, a superpower question.

What is My Relationship Superpower?

[00:11:16] Amanda: Okay. Renata says Ruben, so Renata’s asking for Ruben. Ruben would like to know his relationship superpower. His birthday is April 1st, 1970 4, 5 20 5:00 PM in Clear Lake, California.

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[00:13:02] It what is Ruben’s relationship Super power.

[00:13:07] Clarissa: Well, I got a few just off the bat. So one thing, you’ve got a Jupyter Conjunct Mercury, Venus midpoint. That’s really powerful. So just right off the bat, Ruben, you have the ability to verbalize and encapsulate, things that people don’t even know how to verbalize themselves and like really be able to impart that and also their future.

[00:13:31] So for example, if anybody has like a problem that they just cannot see clearly, doesn’t matter how advanced they are in trying to, you know, look into it or et cetera, you just get the whole perspective. It’s like, I mean, it’s like, look, Ruben, like I was just trying to go to the grocery store and you just gave me my entire life in like five seconds.

[00:13:54] That’s, that’s one of the many. I’d love to pass it on to Jamie while I keep looking for more.

[00:14:00] Jamie: Yeah, I think that I completely agree with what you’re saying there. And I also think, like I was my follow up question, is it this romantic relationships or is this like one-to-one relationships? Because I think what Clarissa spoke to would be like your relationship with just about anyone.

[00:14:14] You have a, a way of helping people see who they are like with that you have a, a 7,000 Pisces with what she was talking about. So that really, and Jupiter’s and Pisces, this is a very empowering, a lot of relationships, but you are able to feel into them all and understand like how we’re connected.

[00:14:30] But when it comes to your romantic relationships, I do think you almost have this Capricorn, you know, mentality or this outlook to it, which is very structured and, uh, a little bit, um, it’s kind of a good offset to being completely emerged. It’s like with your partner, you have healthy boundaries where you’re able to be who they are and who they need to be.

[00:14:48] When it comes to romantic relationships, I do think there’s still a little bit of, your superpower is being able to see other people who they are and to build healthy foundations and things that are built to last. I think it’s because you can see underneath the veil, you’re able to pull things together and know what you, what you want.

[00:15:05] And I think it’s also interesting you have a Venus that in Aquarius that sometimes that can, feel a little bit detached when it comes to your heart. And that could be just because you’re able to see everyone else. You kind of hold your heart back a little bit before you commit to other people. Or maybe, maybe you fall completely in and there’s, a warning or something that takes you off guard and you, you pull all the way back.

[00:15:24] I think you have a bit of a harmony there that you’re trying to work out as you move through your life. But that Leo Moon just says that you have a lot of, a lot of passion for what you’re doing, for who you love, who you bring

[00:15:34] Clarissa: in.

[00:15:35] Amanda: Ruben was cheering at one point and would love to know if this resonates with Ruben.

[00:15:39] It’s, it’s super, it’s super fun for us to get your feedback too as we’re doing the, the readings.

What Superpower is Supporting Me In This Phase of Life?

[00:15:44] Amanda: Okay. Let’s go to Abby Inner Circle member, Abby wants to know, and before we do this, Well, okay. Harmonic, please. Abby gave birth information. What superpower is supporting me in this phase of life?

[00:16:00] Abby was born in 1959. Mm-hmm. So what superpower is supporting me in this phase of life? We have the birth information app, but we also have people asking what is harmonic astrology. Mm-hmm. Clarissa, I know you’re looking up the chart, but if you could give a brief overview of what Harmonic astrology is, I think that would be helpful.

[00:16:19] Clarissa: Sure. Okay. I can hyper nerd like psycho for days on this, so I’m gonna try to make this succinct, especially while I’m, I’m looking at charts as well. So basically every astr already uses harmonics. Harmonics are aspects in the chart period. The concept with harmonic astrology is that like the needle chart that we’re, are automatically using, you can stand at any point.

[00:16:42] Cause the earth is, is the, is the circle in the middle. You can stand at any point on that chart as if you were standing on earth and look up and interact with the sky around you. Harmonica, astrology, and the aspect goes into the chart like a quantum portal and, and, and goes into the chart. The idea is that the chart is, It’s created from infinite energy, not just a topographical map from earth to space time that is actually a vortex to other dimensions and every aspect and, and her, which is a harmonic, are different dimensions of reality that create our reality.

[00:17:26] Amanda: One of the things I love that Clarissa said on the weekly weather that you’ll see next week is that it’s, it’s, it’s basically helping us understand the energetic vibration that is the underpinning of the chart. So it’s like you can look at the aspects and that’s almost like what we’re living in the third dimension.

[00:17:46] Some of the like more typical aspects, but when you look at the harmonics, it’s almost like the energetic frequency that then creates form in the third dimension.

[00:17:57] Clarissa: Yes, exactly. That just gave me body chills.

[00:18:00] Amanda: Yes. Okay. So cool. All right, so, uh, what superpower is supporting Abby in this next phase of life?

[00:18:09] Clarissa: Okay, so first of all, I wanna just get clarification, Abby, in terms of what you mean by phase of life, just really quickly. Because what you’re asking for is also includes forecasting, not just like regular, you know, natal chart. Like the other questions that Jamie and I have been responding to today, what I can do actually, which is interesting cause this has kind of been coming up in the astro astrologer Connect Posse today, what I can do is I can look at your solar.

[00:18:43] Really quickly for, the, the last solar return from last year and then just ne next year that’ll answer your question, I think kind of pretty fairly quickly and we can still, uh, use harmonic astrology to analyze that. All right, so your top harmonic is 186 harmonic. That’s 31 times three times two. So 31 is universal mystery and it is the type of energy that does not accept or even deal with binary categories.

[00:19:15] Like this is black and this is white. Like the 31st harmonic already accepts and knows that most of the universe is gray area and is made up of unit of, of things that are, are all things in what they’re like hybrid type of things. Right. , and so for that, in terms of like this phase for this year, I would, And you’re coming back from homelessness.

[00:19:43] Okay, so this is like really, a sensitive year and I would really like to, you know, have you equipped even with our few minutes together with, some, some real information in terms of, you know, this phase of life. First of all, I don’t wanna say congratulations to diminish what you’re experiencing, but I just gotta say, I’m happy that you’re recovering from homelessness and that is in your past and now we’re in like a new phase.

[00:20:13] That’s amazing. So let’s celebrate that. I am pulling up your 180 6 on your solar return and also your 20, to kind of give you even more details about this. So for you, Abby, Wow, this is really simple and thank God. Okay, so for you, Abby, one thing that’ll help you in this next phase of life is actually straight up energy healing.

[00:20:42] Some type music, dance, straight up frequency that’ll help allay any type of, you know, maybe anxiety. I’m not suggesting that you have that, but it’s basically, long story short, the astrology is suggesting that your next phase of phase of life, you kind of reprogram your energy, if that’s even possible to, to actually, yeah.

[00:21:13] Let me put it to, to you in a different way. Have you ever, and anybody out there, have you guys ever experienced a period, a traumatic period or something and some, and you’re now in a totally new. Period and dawn, but that’s just the energy of that. It just keeps creeping, et cetera, et cetera. I guarantee you, Abby, that in this forecasting year, in this solar return year, you have access to really, really, managing that energy and transforming it and being present now and actually having fun and actually being able to, you know, go with the flow.

[00:21:53] Like, life isn’t coming at you anymore, I promise you. So that’s what I can say now. Uh, and thank you. Oh,

[00:22:01] Amanda: that’s great. So Abby doesn’t have to like brace herself for the next like trauma, like she’s actually in a different place in her life and she can actually start to relax into that and soften into that and get excited about what’s coming next.

[00:22:17] All right, good. Okay, next question. And Abby, let us know if that resonates and if that’s helpful.

Is There a Committed Relationship on the Horizon?

[00:22:23] Amanda: All right, Lina, I’m gonna butcher this. Nova, uh, says I have been single for nine years. I had three exact Neptune, Venus Conjunctions, and still haven’t fallen in love. Is there a committed relationship on the horizon?

[00:22:43] So we have Sun, moon, and Rising here. We have Aquarius Sun, Leo, moon, Leo Rising, Venus

[00:22:49] Clarissa: and Pisces.

[00:22:51] Amanda: But Jamie, I’m gonna pass that one to you.

[00:22:53] Jamie: All right. So, um, when I think of, when I hear nine years or when I hear numbers, I always start to think about patterns in astrology. So I’m wondering if this is like, a, a karmic reversal, like the nodes, cuz nine years ago the nodes are in the opposite place of where they are.

[00:23:07] Before, so I’m curious about how that relationship would’ve ended or began for you and like what we learned from it. I don’t think I would necessarily look for exact Neptune and Venus conjunctions in particularly any chart. I know that sounds very romantic and magical, but with just your Aquarius Sun alone, I think you need like a higher vision of a romance.

[00:23:26] Like you don’t wanna get kinda lost into the ocean of it. You need the, you need that, freedom to be here and there. The Leo moon and the Leo rising. Over the last year and a half, you’ve been really, um, been hit angular, like by a square by these eclipses that we’ve been experiencing. And that’s a little uncomfortable for that fixed, you know, emotion of like, this is who I am and this is where I’m going.

[00:23:50] But these, these placements, the eclipses that we’ve been having and where Uranus, this is, which is the planet of breakthrough and change, the impossible, becoming possible is all activating you right now. So I think if you were to look for love and to say that it would be on the horizon, I’m gonna tell you that it’s just outside of your comfort zone and, um, you’re gonna have to kinda lean in that direction.

[00:24:12] Now as an Aquarius. Son, I’m curious where, what degree that might be because we know that, um, Pluto is opening the front door to your sun sign. He’s just kind of hanging out there and waving and he will, he’s kinda looking around at everything that he can do in your life. And he’ll leave and will come back in the beginning of January.

[00:24:29] But when he comes back, he’s gonna really help you see where you, um, surrender power and where you hold power and how you balance it. And that’s all important when it comes to relationships. But if we were to see your time of birth and your chart, we could really kind of, um, look at some patterns and you know, what you’re attracted to.

[00:24:47] But one of the most important things about our relationship is, you know, sometimes the reason we don’t find our partners is because maybe we have work to do. Or it could be that our work is done and our partners still doing their work and it, they have to catch up with us a little bit. But being the most authentic Aquarius and original Leo I is my recommendation for that.

[00:25:06] And, um, On a high note, Venus will be in Leo for like four months this year. So really look out for June, July, and August. It’ll be a little bit of revision, but I think that creativity and love and passion and fire is gonna be there for you in the summer.

[00:25:21] Amanda: For sure. Ooh, so you have some homework valina between now and the summer, and, uh, looks like there’s some exciting things.

[00:25:29] Please like, report back to us. We’ll love to hear how things, I know the astrologers on our platform love to get feedback and they often do, you know, some people will email them months later mm-hmm. Or weeks later and say, Hey, you know, what you told me actually ended up happening. Thank you. Because often it’s just permission, like we need there, there could be key information.

[00:25:52] We need plus permission to really go in the direction that feels right. And so when a perfect stranger looks at the chart and confirms what feels right, Then it’s like, oh God, I knew that okay, I’m gonna, now I can really, like, I always think of it as like double down on my efforts in that direction because, because it’s written in my chart and somebody else can actually see that and there’s something so, um, confidence building about that.

[00:26:21] Right. I see you shaking your head, Clarissa. Yeah.

[00:26:24] Clarissa: I got body chills cuz Exactly. I mean, it just confirms your existence in a way that can’t even be verbalized. It’s just so beautiful to be seen like that, especially from strangers who are literally just looking at your astrology chart. I mean, it really does give you, I, I’m gonna speak for myself, like kind of like impetus to live and be in a way that, you know, no other thing does, period.

[00:26:50] Yes. Yes.

What is My Highest Harmonic?

[00:26:51] Amanda: Okay. So Megan Marie says, I want to know what my highest harmonic is. 4 30, 91 and it’s 3:01 PM Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

[00:27:05] Clarissa: Wow. Okay. Your highest harmonic period is 29th Harmonic. 29th Harmonic is the, all of these are energy processes, but they have nuance 29th Harmonic is the um, energetic process of adopting other perspectives for good use, for wholeness, and even healing.

[00:27:32] From cultures outside of your comfort zone, outside of what you were raised with. Um, so it’s, it’s very like, exploratory and accepting, but it also, uh, uses these kind of tools and this wisdom and this information to apply, you know, in your actual life. Your second highest harmonic is the 31st harmonic. So actually I’m just, just from the numbers alone, not even the planet Megan, I know that you’re a very open-minded person, period.

[00:28:03] Like, and, and that you’re likely to be enlightening to a lot of people, and, and really accepting. So that’s the answer to your question.

[00:28:14] Amanda: Okay. Fantastic. Megan, let us know if that resonates.

Any Insights on Sun-Jupiter Conjunction on My Descendant, and Eclipses Hitting My Chart?

[00:28:18] Amanda: Sarah has the same birthday as mine, a very different year, but, so Sarah is January 19th. I’m also that Sarah, but 1978, Sarah is 1990.

[00:28:31] The Sun Jupiter conjunction today is exactly on my dc and both eclipses hit my chart. Exactly. Any insight or wisdom to share positive or negative?

[00:28:44] Jamie: Okay. So when both of the eclipses, when I’m, I’m assuming when you say both of the eclipses, they’re hitting your chart, you’re talking about the one on April 20th and the one on May 4th.

[00:28:52] So they’re on your DC so you have a Libra rising. So both, when you talk about both eclipses, I’m wondering if you’re talking about the Aries eclipse, which would be your seventh house, and then if you’re talking about the one in Scorpio, which would be more of your eighth house, or if you mean something in differently than that, I don’t know if you could give us some information about that.

[00:29:11] Clarissa, did you put the chart in yet?

[00:29:14] Clarissa: I see what you’re saying, Sarah. Like, especially the October 14th eclipse, that’s like right on your, your ascendant DC like within like two, two or something minute orb. I think with that kind of stuff, it, it’s actually pretty, I don’t think eclipses are ever simple. But like when you have like access stuff like one in seven, that’s literally you, your faith and other people and other people with equal amounts of power as you though, not like, just like regular associations or whatever.

[00:29:50] So, and like the eclipses with that like are going to, change the game on that. So lots of new committed partner. The way that you express yourself in committed partnership is going to transform, um, your like. And I, let me just stop now and kind of hand it off to Jamie cuz I’m gonna pull up, I’m gonna make a composite and pull up harmonics and be like crazy dorky about this.

[00:30:17] Jamie: So I, Sarah, with the, with the eclipses, and I know you’re a little, you’re, you’re very young, but the, it is always good to kind of notice the pattern and the last time that you maybe have experienced this energy because like Karissa said, anytime you have something that hits an angle, your first house, your seventh house, your, that’s really like a public place.

[00:30:34] You’re gonna feel this in all the different spaces. And it does seem like with these, you’re, you’re being asked to maybe let go of a past brand or an identity that you’re carrying and move more towards like a partnership that’s more balanced in harmony. And that could be both one-to-one cuz the eclipses in your seventh house, but it’s also in trying with your 11th, which is your community and your no.

[00:30:57] And like people, your dreams and your third, like what you do every day. And I think with the conjunction that we just had, it’s almost like, an entire box of matches has been lit at one time. And you have all these ideas and all these connections and you know, what do I do with this to go forward? And I would really kind of pay attention to the ones that you feel like that, that that match that you can pick up and light the candle that’s gonna last you 12 years, because that’s how long this idea should last.

[00:31:25] And when Jupiter moves into, um, when Jupiter moves into tourists like next month, that’s when you’re gonna really kind of ground into a deeper intimacy, like a letting go and a reaching and merging with other people. So I, I think I would kinda note that, but eclipses are very, I know that sometimes they seem really scary, but in hindsight, they really.

[00:31:47] A gift, like they’re gonna allow you to, align you with the purpose that you are, you feel connected to. And you’ve honestly already kind of been through a massive transformation. And I think with all this Capricorn energy that you have, and like thinking about 20, 20 and 21 and even going into that, you’re probably like, no more please.

[00:32:05] Like, I don’t wanna know where the next catastrophe is or anything. But really this is like, a promotion, an elevation, like you’re moving into something and probably learning to trust the adventure of partnerships, which is a little peculiar to say cuz it’s two people, one people all at the same time.

[00:32:23] Clarissa: That’s so fire. Like I laugh like that because from harmonics there’s a similar, perspective to, to what Jamie just said, like, so let’s talk about the eclipse that is straight up on your ac d c. So that’s gonna be the October 14th one. So that one you have the ninth harmonic lit up. You also have 17 and 11.

[00:32:44] So first of all, let’s just talk quickly about the 17 and 11 part. 17 and 11. That’s kind of like, I, I just see a surge of people coming in. Exciting, just moving. Like if you’ve been feeling, um, like, oh my God, everything’s so boring and prosaic. I don’t have anybody to talk to. You’re about to be moving Sarah, like the, and really exciting people.

[00:33:08] Actually. There’s like a lot of kind of Lilith in your harmonics and Uranus and 11th harmonics. So this is cutting edge. This is like Sarah on the cutting edge. Of all relationships and just, this is like fire, this is excitement. So that’s that. And then also in your ninth Harmonic is also lit up. Ninth Harmonic is community and healing that process of just connection.

[00:33:31] So to kind of Jamie’s point in the harmonics, like, even from the, the ac d fee, you know, the quality, the, I think the, the harmonics are speaking, a lot to like the quality of your relationships. Cause you even have urine as Pluto and your ninth harmonic. , and so basically, long story short, like your relationships are about to get really exciting.

[00:33:53] You’re about to contribute to the world on this extremely grand scale. You’re, I just basically, I, I, you know, if you have downtime now before this eclipse cycle, I would take it just be a loner for as long as you can. If, if that’s how you wanna roll. Cause you’re not about to be. For a while, like, yeah.

[00:34:17] Jamie: I, I think you’re probably, she’s probably gonna start feeling this like, if, not now, but really soon, just even with the clips on May 4th, fifth, depending on where you are, because that’s gonna square your notes, that’s gonna really ask you to release the past and kind of really connect with what matters to you.

[00:34:31] And it might mean that you need to purge a community to find a new community. Like all these people that she’s talking about coming in, they need room to come in. So I don’t, if you see people leaving, they’re leaving to make room for ’em. So it’s, it’s a little bit of a mix, but you’re very activated right now for just a whole new world and, um, you know, topics of your values, what’s important to you, and yeah, she’s been purging.

[00:34:55] Good. All right. Yeah, you’re, that means you’re in sync. Good job, Sarah. All right. You’re doing what you’re supposed to do when your faces are around the.

[00:35:02] Amanda: I’m excited for Sarah. It’s like, woo. It’s gonna be fun.

What is My Dad’s Superpower for This Next Phase of Life?

[00:35:04] Amanda: Okay. From DH Superpower for my super dad. Charlie, I think this is adorable.

[00:35:12] That DEA is asking for her dad, Charlie, uh, for upcoming life transition. So what is Charlie’s superpower for this next phase of his life? His birthday is 3/21/56 at 6:00 PM. In Newport News, Virginia, \

[00:35:33] and for those of you who are tuning in, first of all, thanks for being here. It’s super fun to do this with you. We’ve been wanting to do a show like this for a very, very long time, and we finally just said, let’s just do it and see how it goes, and we’ll figure it out and we’ll figure it out as we do it.

[00:35:49] So I hope that you’re enjoying it. We’re gonna be doing live readings with two pairings of two astrologers for every week, once a week in April. And that is because we’re celebrating the grand opening of Astrologer Connect, our new reading platform where you can find and book readings or have instant readings with astrologers like Jamie and Clarissa.

[00:36:14] So easily and so powerfully. Anytime you want, you can go to astrology hub.com/connect and check out the new platform This month. If you book a reading, you get 20% off your reading or you get 10 minutes free if you wanna do an instant reading. So go check it out. The code to take advantage of the discount is April 20.

[00:36:38] And, uh, we have 15 amazing astrologers working on the platform. We do not just take any astrologer. They are vetted, they are at astrology Hub standards. You’re gonna have a great reading. That was the key for us. Not all astrology readings are equal and we wanna make sure that you have a great experience.

[00:36:59] So who we partner with is of utmost importance and we’re partnering with the best and they’re available for you now. So go check that out. Um, also, Clarissa is the only astrologer on the platform that does harmonics. She’s also the only astrologer on the platform that does readings in Spanish right now.

[00:37:17] So if you like to have your reading in Spanish, um, or if you know somebody else in your life who would prefer a reading in Spanish, Clarissa is our go-to astrologer for that for now.

[00:37:29] Someday I see a whole Spanish speaking division of Astr Connect. But for now we have Clarissa.

[00:37:35] She’s leading the way. Charging, charging forward. All right, so any information for Dee about her dad, Charlie?

[00:37:44] Clarissa: Well, so in terms of va like when we’re talking about life phases, we’re really gonna have to use the outer planet to kind of see what’s going on. Um, consistently on harmonics. Charlie already had his second Saturn return in 2015, so that’s long gone in terms of a life phase.

[00:38:02] One thing that I can see that actually Jamie, like, we both can see this right now, like if you look up, if you look at the by will, it’s just, you see Charlie has Pluto. It, it’s now in his fifth house in, in a very short time, nip Neptune’s about to be in his seventh. I see straight up. Fun partnership, romance and divine kind, like as part of his life space very, very shortly.

[00:38:32] So because his, his, um, house cusp, I use equal houses as well, and I’m sorry if I sound like too techy or, or you know, something like that. But it’s like, basically I’m just looking at just general outer planet phases. And I love to hear Jamie’s brilliant perspective as well. It’s like we came out of some type of solemn faith, like lots of perhaps health, serious stuff, heritage, you know, family, just like stuff that you must expunge just deep right into, straight up fun and like straight up visionary and like the liberty to do that.

[00:39:11] Actually, it kind of reminds me of Abby. No, it’s like now we’re just kind of, we can just vibe now, like the heaviness is over. So that’s all I have to say. Um, for that.

[00:39:23] Jamie: All right. I love that. I I could definitely see that too. Um, I think one of the first things I would ask if, if he was, if I was doing a reading with them is just to double check the, the time because it was exact at 6:00 PM it kind of makes me nervous cuz like I don’t meet a lot of people and I would ask that too because his moon is exactly zero Leo.

[00:39:41] So if he was born a few minutes before, after that could probably, um, change his moon, which could change his approach to anything. But overall, I just feel like this is a very fiery, passionate man who has a lot of I mean he, he, he’s really like a, a protector and a nurturer, but there’s a lot of fun fire that’s happening and that, that has been happening.

[00:39:59] And I can see that what course is saying he’s, there was a lot of, there may have been a lot of, um, restrictions or stressors in our day, in the day-to-day routines. Something that may have impacted health and wealth and you’re easing off of that. And that’s kind of. It’s almost like you’re graduating from it.

[00:40:15] But then now Saturn is moving into this new sector and, um, we’re definitely old enough. Um, I love it when I have clients that can remember the patterns, but I would think back to 93 to 96 to kind of big patterns that you had in your life, because this is angular. Like, think about who you partnered with, your reputation and your mind, body, all of the all the areas.

[00:40:36] This is a good time for you to, , master those high level themes because you learn them. And now it’s about celebrating how far you’ve come and what do you wanna do next. And I feel like this could have something to do a lot with. Um, a little bit of spirituality, letting loose, like, like Carissa said, kind of connecting with something that’s bigger than you or feels bigger than you.

[00:40:55] And sometimes I think that’s probably a challenge for you anyway, with the Virgo Rising, cuz you are like, you know, you do the details, you have fun, but this is gonna, you’re entering a phase, it’s gonna ask you to sort of, kind of surrender, you know who you are and not, not who you are, but surrender into.

[00:41:10] Surrender into the possibilities of what can come next. But it’s definitely a time to, to appreciate everything that you have mastered. That would be my superpower. And have fun. Appreciating family and all the fun stuff that you’ve been doing, in that avenue. I wish we had some feedback from him, but I think that he’s gonna be really focused on his legacy too as he moves into the next year and a half or so, like what he’s leaving, what he’s building, and that kind of plays into the mastery and empowering, um, the, the wealth of his, um, impact and everything that he brought to this world, which seems like it was very remarkable and spiritual in so many different ways.

[00:41:46] Very wise man, too. Learning, learning wisdom. Big home. I wonder if he lives on a farm.

[00:41:52] Amanda: Lori’s asking if we can just get the free 10 minutes? And Lori, the answer is technically yes. So if you go to astrology hub.com/connect and you scroll down to where you can see the astrologers, if you see one that is available, for instance, right now, you’ll see a green light or, and it’ll say available or, so I, I need to get the exact wording, but you’ll, it’s, it’s obvious you can click on that.

[00:42:17] Initiate a call or a ch or a chat, you can actually text chat with them too. And if you get your question answered in 10 minutes, then you just got a free reading. If you need additional time, then after the first 10 minutes, it will go into the per minute rate that that astrologer has. So that varies per astrologer, but you can check that out and yeah, you could technically get two 10 minutes free if you are speedy and get your question answered and you’re out the door in 10 minutes.

[00:42:46] And that again is just for this month of April, though, that is not normal. Normally it’s like, I think the first two minutes free while these astrologer’s kind of getting your chart up and getting things sorted for you. And I love that Sarah says, thank you. I’m feeling optimistic now rather than terrified.

[00:43:04] Yeah. Great, Sarah, I mean that’s, that’s the things too that a astrology reading can do is really just. We build things up in our minds, right? Like we build up these different things that are gonna be happening and or like Clarissa and Jamie, were talking about Abby and even Charlie, that if we’ve just come out of a really hard period of time, it’s like we continually brace ourselves for like, oh God, what’s the next thing?

[00:43:29] Like, what’s the next thing? Mm-hmm. But sometimes that’s not what’s happening next. Sometimes it’s opening up and the energy is shifting and we can really just relax into that instead of, again, bracing for like worst case scenario, which I think is kind of human. I don’t know why we do that. And hopefully at some point our lives we grow out of it.

[00:43:46] But I know that for me, astrology helps me with that very much. Like it’s just it, it helps you get this more well-rounded perspective and then it also helps you. Sort of capitalize again on the, on the opportunity that’s there because they’re always in a, is an opportunity, even in the challenging times.

[00:44:07] There’s always some, some a, some aspect of what we’re going through that we could focus on that would help us to use it to our benefit, if not short term, but long term, you know, and, or maybe both, so. Mm-hmm. Okay. Let’s just, we’re gonna do one more and if you want to be notified when we’re live next time.

[00:44:29] So if your question doesn’t get answered today and you’re not yet ready to book a reading, which is what I would really recommend is just go book a reading. But if you’re not ready for that and you wanna have the chance of your chart being read for free next time, go to astrology.com/bonanza. Live Bonanza, B O N A N Z a live.

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[00:45:13] So again, that’s astrology app.com/bonanza live. You also. Can subscribe to the channel and hit the notification bell. That’s another way to get notified when we’re live. And, or you can go to astrology hub.com/connect and book your reading now and use April 20 as your discount code to get 20% off. You can get a 30 minute reading, a 60 minute reading, or a 90 minute reading with any of the astrologers on our platform.

Where Should I Focus My Inentions to Succeed?

[00:45:40] Amanda: Okay? We’re gonna do one more. Brenda, pick me please. Friend. I can use a direction right now as to where I could focus my intentions to succeed. Birthday is four twenty nine sixty eight, ten fifty 9:00 AM New Orleans, Louisiana. So this is Brenda 4 29 68, 10 50 9:00 AM New Orleans, Louisiana. And where can Brenda focus her intentions to succeed?

[00:46:13] I love this question, Brenda. These are the kinds of questions I always ask every year at my birthday reading. So I, I treat myself to a reading every year on my birthday, and usually a few in

[00:46:23] Clarissa: between, but

[00:46:24] Amanda: definitely one of my, and one of that’s kind of one of the questions that I ask, I say it a little bit differently, but like, what is my theme for this year?

[00:46:34] What is my overarching theme? Where can I focus my efforts? Anchor back into every time things are rocky or I’m trying to make a decision, what is that overarching theme? And I usually ask for a totem, like what is my, either archetype that I can keep in mind and or what is an, uh, an animal that has the energy of this year for me?

[00:46:57] So this year I was given the white owl as an an animal that I can really like, keep in mind. And I was given, um, Artemis, so Artemis and the White Owl. So those for me. And this was in January and it’s now April. And it’s still so clear for me as I’m navigating this year that these are the kinds of archetypes that I need to keep, keep in mind, last year it was a Black panther.

[00:47:23] In the jungle pacing, but not pouncing yet. So that was so helpful. So I knew things like astrologer connect this platform that we’ve been working on for years. I knew that it wouldn’t be quite ready to release into the world last year because my, because my energy wasn’t there for that. But this year everything shifted and it was a very different energetic, signature and it was time to go.

[00:47:49] And I knew that int internally, but just to have it again, have it confirmed by an astrologer, looking at your chart, it’s like, okay, cool. I got the confidence, I need the permission, I need, this is the right time. Where’s last year wasn’t the right time and the year before that was definitely not the right time.

[00:48:03] So, okay. So we have Brenda, um, have you been able to pull up Brenda’s chart and do you have some

[00:48:08] Clarissa: insights?

[00:48:10] Jamie: No, I was just gonna say she’s in New Orleans. Like, hi. I was born in Monroe, so it’s our least. You were born in the same place. Close to me. But it’s great to see you.

[00:48:17] And, so yeah, Brenda, I feel like is, is your career a reputation, a big focus for you right now? Because if it isn’t, I think it’s about to be in a big way. You just had the Jupiter and Sun conjunction there. We’re also going to have the north node moving in there with the eclipses. So your career, your social, a aspects, how you connect to people, I think is gonna be a very good focus for success.

[00:48:41] Like, and I would, if we were doing a reading, I would kinda ask what you’re already doing. You know, is it very, um, adventurous? Is it outside of your comfort zone, but has like an ability to be lucrative and support you long term? I think those are some big things. I, I, you’re very gonna be, um, outward. I never had a career as a mom.

[00:49:01] Okay. So Reputat, I think something, um, This is also like your reputation, like maybe in the, in the area that you work or what you do, because you don’t have to necessarily have a, a, the 10th house is how you’re known to the world. It’s the legacy that you’re leaving. So as a mom, like I would even venture to understand like maybe if there’s children that are leaving or having some kind of accomplishment, or do you, are you trying to get your, you know, next leg out the door?

[00:49:26] What do you do now that they have done that? But it’s, you’re very much getting ready to go into brand new territory. Um, but would have the same familiar themes that you probably worked with in 2005 on some level.

[00:49:38] Amanda: High level themes. Jamie. It’s interesting, like my mom was a stay-at-home mom as well, and I know that for her we are her legacy.

[00:49:47] Yeah. Like her four children are her legacy. She’s a Capricorn. So that the legacy thing’s important to her too, but I, I am wondering if that is. Like, if Brenda is, where can she focus her intentions to succeed? Brenda, it’d also be interesting to know like, what do you mean by succeed? Mm-hmm. Like, what is, what are you trying to succeed at?

[00:50:11] Yeah.

[00:50:11] Jamie: That would be a good follow up. And it is really very much about, and, and sometimes when you see this in a chart, like in 2005, you could have been really in the thick of, of raising children or getting ’em out of the nest or what have you. And now it’s like, now that that’s done, you know, what do I do?

[00:50:26] How do I be a parent for adult children? Or how do I find my independence in this realm? Um, definitely the same, same themes, but I’m interested to see what, what Clarissa sees too, as far as where her attention’s going and.

[00:50:40] Clarissa: This is a trip because really like the astrology supports this inquiry that she’s actually in right now and the inquiry of What’s my life about?

[00:50:50] She’s got Saturn, Neptune, Saturn, Neptune via Solar Arc. I’m obviously a dork, like not gonna get into like hyper techniques, but like basically that kind of energy. Saturn, Neptune, it grounds you in that. Like it ba it makes you meditate, it makes you sit still like Saturn, Neptune via natal chart is like somebody who meditates or prays or does ritual alter kind of stuff.

[00:51:19] So in terms of success, I would focus on spirituality. I would focus on that afterlife situation. I would focus on the beyond. I would focus on opening up that, because it’s not just Saturn, Neptune that you’ve got going on, and Neptune can cause like types of, you know, uh, and I’m not saying you’re going through this, Brenda, I’m not projecting on you, I’m speaking for myself.

[00:51:45] When I had sat Neptune, I was all jacked up. I had, you know, like I was, I had like my wisdom tooth taken out. I was not jacked up in that. That was when my shamanic death process happened, when I was called to this work, when I was called like by the spirits, to actually take it seriously and believe in that stuff and do it on a regular.

[00:52:10] And you’ve got, I’m saying, so you have two things. You got the Saturn Neptune thing, which would, you know, inspire ritual and you might have some health stuff coming up too, because you have the 13th Harmonic and Saturn, Neptune. But you also have in your 13th harmonic, this left through kind of like in into the fall at different points as well.

[00:52:30] You’ve also got like Sun, sun venous, Uranus, um, Neptune and Uranus, Neptune and venous Uranus. They’re different types and, okay, let me rephrase. Saturn, Neptune, Venus, Uranus, UUs, Neptune. In terms of harmonic astrology, they’re all signatures for a preternatural existence or the beyond, or spirituality, right?

[00:52:56] In different ways. Saturn, Neptune is more like, I’m gonna pray, I’m gonna do ritual stuff here for the afterlife. Venus, Uranus just feels things instantly. It’s energy based. That’s why like people, energy healers, they often have Venus, Uranus, Uranus, Neptune is like, Um, what we traditionally think is psychic and like can straight up, like if there are ghosts in the room, you see ’em, you feel, you know, there are no dimensions.

[00:53:25] Kinda like with UUs, Neptune, mosso short. From my perspective, you’re having this like grand spiritual awakening this year and like that’s your path to success. I think it could be like a little, it can, these types of energies are awe-inspiring because it’s amazing, like when Amanda was just talking about the spirit animal.

[00:53:49] That’s, that type of work is incredible. There’s no way that any human being can even verbalize the energy, the knowledge that you received from those types of sources. I would pursue those. I would try to connect those. That’s your paths of success.

[00:54:05] Amanda: Wow, Brenda. How do you feel about this? This is a lot, this is a lot.

[00:54:11] Jamie, do you wanna add anything?

[00:54:14] Jamie: I mean, I, I see your comment that she feels a, a heavy need to accomplish and, and I think that the good news is that means that you’re in sync with the, with the universe right now because you are being drawn more outwardly to express yourself. And you’re about to, like, Jupiter was in your 10th house, so you just had a Jupiter conjunction really close to your north node in Saturn and Venus.

[00:54:33] That sparked a new 10 year spark for you. And then now you’re about to really come into it. It seems like there might be a focus on other people’s children too, in some kind of facet, cuz Jupiter’s gonna amplify that. And, um, it may be that your past experience or being able to connect with other people or, or teach from something that you’ve learned is really big, but it really is like there’s a mastery spiritual kind of connection.

[00:54:57] But yeah, I, I would just lean into, adventure and, and just kind of step out of. Out of what’s felt comfortable. I think you’re a natural nurturer and, um, able to see multiple sides of an emotional situation, which is gonna probably help a lot of people around you and the community and a dream that you may not even know that you have because you’ve been embodied in other.

[00:55:20] Faucets. It’s almost like you have like a com compartmental life like this. This novel is over and now you know the next se next in the series is coming up and yeah. All good. All right. It’s connecting.


[00:55:30] Amanda: Okay, so if you have questions about what. What harmonic is most dominant in your chart or how you can look at a harmonic chart to understand yourself better?

[00:55:41] Understand yourself energetically, uh, you know, what is the energetic disposition of you and how is that showing up in this lifetime? Then Clarissa is an amazing astrologer to help you with those types of questions. That can be applied to relationships or superpowers or any of these things that we’ve been exploring today.

[00:56:03] Jamie is available for. Pretty much any type of reading. As you can see, as you’ve experienced her on the platform. She is just this. She’s like everybody’s best friend. She’s so sweet and amazing and so helpful in helping you navigate life’s ups and downs and twists and turns and all the different things.

[00:56:22] Both of these amazing astrologers are available on our new platform. Astrologer Connect. You can go book a reading with them if they’re on live, and what are your favorite questions to answer? Like what do you love when, when a client comes to you with this kind of question, what are you like?

[00:56:36] Yes, I love answering these kinds of questions.

[00:56:39] Clarissa: Relationships. Where am I going? What am I even doing here on this planet? Um, why am I feeling this way? How can I succeed here in this area, that area, whatever area.

[00:56:51] Like really kind of block questions I love, but I welcome all questions.

[00:56:56] Jamie: I, I have to mirror that I do welcome all questions. I do tend to attract a lot of people that are entrepreneurs are creative or like, they’re like, I’m in this dark night, or I’m just coming out and how do I get out of it?

[00:57:07] And that always encompasses, you know, relationships. Part two are, Um, you know, different careers. Am I ready to move into this direction and, and timing, like all about like, you know, we’ve, we kind of talked about yesterday with l led D and Joe elections, like, or even just a time period of when I can, when do I rest and when do I go forward and when am I in rhythm and not, and, um, yeah, all, all types are welcome.

[00:57:32] It really is just fun to, to connect and, it’s very inspiring to, to walk with you through wherever you are on, on your path. And I like when Amanda said that we get updates. I love progress reports. I’ll get ’em in my inbox progress report and this happened and we’re like, wow. Good. Good job. I’m so proud of you and glad we called that.

[00:57:50] But yeah, I, anything that I can do to help someone co-create with their natal promise and reach their highest. That’s the question I wanna answer. So,

[00:57:58] Amanda: and obviously in a one-on-one reading, you’re gonna get to, to correspond. I mean, it’s a little more, um, intimate because you actually get to respond and then you get to ask a follow-up question and you get to be really, I, it sometimes I struggle with the term reading because it, it sort of makes it seem like it’s a one-way thing, right.

[00:58:16] They’re just gonna read you. But it is more of a consultation. It is more of like, you’re sitting. Down, you’re having a consultation, it you, you’re almost like sitting down with your astrological coach who has, you know, insight into the wiring that makes you, you and how that pro progresses over time. But they’re not, they’re not dictating to you, this is what’s gonna happen or, you know, this is who you are.

[00:58:42] It’s, it’s much more, um, it’s much more alive than that. Yeah.

[00:58:47] Jamie: It’s like how, how are you using the energy? And um, I’ll say, and sometimes, and Rissa may be this way for you too, but some of my readings, I listen. More than I speak. It just really depends on the client because it’s their time and it’s their show and sometimes they need to express the story and get the insight of it.

[00:59:02] And sometimes it is like you’re, you ask a question and we, we, we find where you’re using this energy or how you’re already experiencing it, and help you recognize the pattern and anticipate how to lean into the change so that you can capitalize on the opportunities that you have. Because no matter how dark it is, there is an opportunity that you can tap into and grow with.

[00:59:24] Absolutely.

[00:59:25] Amanda: Okay. Well, you two are amazing. I’ve loved this. This is so much fun. Thanks to all of you for your great questions. I’m always so honored that you trust us with your most intimate aspects of your life. So thank you very much for all the questions. Thank you for those of you who didn’t put questions in, but that you’re just here witnessing.

[00:59:47] It’s all amazing, and we’re just super grateful to share the wisdom, the gifts, the the beauty of astrology with all of you. So thank you for being here for this show. Thank you for checking out Astrology or connect. Thank you for your continued support in any and all ways, even just being present and showing up that is supporting Astrology Hub and our mission here to share high quality astrology with the world.

[01:00:11] So thank you for that and can’t wait to see you next week. Make sure you sign up to get notified when we are live next week. It’s astrology hub.com/. Za live to make sure that you’re notified for that. And, if you like the show, if you like this format, let us know because it’s something again, we’ve been playing around with for years.

[01:00:32] Like how do we do it? How do we show what readings are like? So if you like it, please let us know. If you have feedback for how it could be better, please let us know. We wanna know that too. Um, and in the meantime, take care. Thank you for making astrology a part of your life, and we can’t wait to see you on the next episode.

[01:00:48] All right. Thanks everybody.