[Special Edition] Solstice Panel

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Guidance for the rest of 2020 from Astrologers Stormie Grace, Tami Brunk, Christopher Renstrom, Linda Byrd, Gemini Brett, Sasha Benedetti, & Jennifer Racioppi! Here’s what’s covered:

  • A look into a very popular question right now… “When can I expect these intense energies to be over?”
  • What planetary alignments make this Solstice so special and how you can make the most out of it.
  • What are the next most significant upcoming transits and why?
  • How can you encourage a higher expression of this energy despite the global climate?
  • How you can become an Inner Circle Member and have these Astrologers be your mentors through the end of the year.


The Inner Circle is open for enrollment! Find out more here: Astrologyhub.com/innercircle