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Aries New Moon

In this Weekly Horoscope from the Astrology Hub Podcast, Astrologer Samuel Reynolds and Amanda ‘Pua' Walsh explore Pluto in Aquarius.

Samuel discusses the importance of cultivating an adventurous spirit and being open to new possibilities. Sam emphasizes the need for action and embodiment, particularly for those with an Aries South node. He also mention the importance of setting boundaries, both personally and collectively, as Saturn moves into Pisces.

The episode ends with a discussion of the Inner Circle, a community for astrology enthusiasts to learn and connect with one another. Sam is currently teaching a mastery class on solar and planetary returns, and members have access to monthly new and full moon forecasts, live chart demos, and more. Overall, the episode provides helpful insights and practical advice for navigating the astrological energies of the week.

On Today's Episode You'll learn…

🌑 How to take advantage of the building energy of Aries season.
🌒 Concrete strategies to develop and nurture the possibilities emerging at this time.
🌓 When all of these possibilities might start becoming real!

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0:00 Intro

3:07 What to Expect this Week

11:58 Day by Day Breakdown

26:41 Sam's Mastery Class

34:11 Saturn in Pisces

36:58 Recap

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[00:00:50] Amanda: Well, hello everybody and welcome to your weekly astrological weather. For those of you who are new to our channel, welcome, you have just joined a worldwide astrological conversation that's happening here every week. Go ahead and hit that subscribe button and the notification bell so that you know whenever we have a new video here on the channel.

[00:01:13] And this week, I am so excited to welcome for his weekly weather debut astrologer, Sam Reynolds. We're gonna be covering the week of March 27th to April 2nd. . And before we dive in, I just wanna tell you a little bit about Sam. He's amazing. He's a, a legend in the field of astrology, and we're just so blessed to have him here.

[00:01:37] Sam went from skeptic to curious when an astrologer provided uncanny insights into his life. I'm, I'm, I'm remembering from your story, Sam, that that was your first astrology reading. Is that correct? That's correct. That sometimes that reading just changes everything. Right?

[00:01:56] Sam: That's exactly right.

[00:01:58] Amanda: He has now been practicing astrology for over a decade.

[00:02:01] He has studied all types of astrology, including psychological, esoteric, evolutionary veic, Uranian, and Western Classical. He's been featured in the Cut. Ebony Netflix's Explained series, the Mountain Astrologer. Bill Nye Saves the World, the Astrology Podcast, and here at Astrology Hub, he is our current inner Circle astrologer guide, which is so exciting.

[00:02:29] He was also on our game changing Transits panel last week, and Sam, we're just thrilled that you're here. Thank you for joining us. I'm happy to

[00:02:37] Sam: be back. I'm happy to be. All right,

[00:02:39] Amanda: and, and Sam, if you wanna check out more of Sam's work, he did the first house in our House series and it was awesome. It was the perfect foundation to then explore the rest of the houses.

[00:02:53] So you can check that out on the astrology of podcasts. We have a whole playlist for it on YouTube. So if you're interested in learning more about the houses, especially the first house, and getting you to know Sam a little bit better, that's a great episode for you to check.

What to Expect this Week

[00:03:07] Amanda: Okay, so Sam, let's talk about the big picture for the astrology of the week.

[00:03:13] What's the theme? What are we exploring this week?

[00:03:16] Sam: So I'm calling this the week of stoking possibilities, and I'm really excited about this week and I'm calling it that because we have a couple of interesting transits. I mean, well, one, this is the, the second full week of Aries. So we are filling the, the raw power of the sun's resuscitation and resurrection.

[00:03:37] in Aries, you know, at the start of the astrological year, we're building momentum toward the full moon. So we have this, this charge of energy in general that's happening, including the first quarter moon that's happening on the 28th on Tuesday. And with that, With the first quarter, it's really where we have a call to action, where we have to make something happen.

[00:04:00] So the question becomes, well, what You know, well, that could be a range of things per the individual, but there's some other things that are happening too, like there's the Mercury Jupiter conjunction on Tuesday. There's the Venus Uranus conjunction. On Thursday that we have to entertain. Then we have the moon UUs square on Saturday, and then things calm down as we get to the second on that Sunday.

[00:04:26] And those aspects, which I'll explain more in detail as we go toward during the week, is that those aspects really are about, you know, The excitement of thinking about possibilities, and it's not just thinking about them, but entertaining them. And I like that word, entertaining because then it's like hosting them, allowing them to be around you, to be in your mind, to kind of work themselves in you.

[00:04:51] And doesn't mean that you have to fully act on all of them, but you do start. You know, go going toward that curiosity, like how I got into astrology, right? It all started with me at least like going to an astrologer. I didn't make a commitment to astrology until much later, but it's really entertaining the possibilities.

[00:05:08] But stoking, cuz that's Aries, it's like stoking the fire. It's like having a bellow and starting the, to to get more, um, give more air to the coals and so it starts to build. So I think that's how I can look at that.

[00:05:23] Amanda: Sam, how, like, give us some examples of how to stoke a possibility. Like would that mean, um, maybe saying yes to things that you might not always say yes to.

[00:05:35] Does that mean. Uh, doing research on something that's kind of peaking your curiosity, like, give us some examples of what that might

[00:05:42] Sam: look like. Sure, sure. I mean, one of them is like, you know, is to say, I'll consider it. And I love that word for astrology because consider means to think with one stars. So it's like, okay, I'll consider that.

[00:05:57] Rather than maybe your impulse might be to just say no, you know, and like, oh, you know, like, well, let's do karaoke this weekend. Oh, I don't wanna know. Well, okay, I'll think about it. Um, and then make a commitment. This is. Also the first quarter part. Then make a commitment to really think about it. Don't just blow it off cuz we say things like, oh yeah, you know, maybe I can, or ensure law or whatever.

[00:06:23] Well really give it some consideration and then see how you feel, move to move forward with it. And that also, to answer your question, Pay attention to your body. This is also going into the power of Aries. And you know, later we'll go into tourists another time. But in Aries, this is the spark. So the spark is living within you.

[00:06:43] You can call it your intuition. You can call it like, you know, first stirrings, whatever you wanna call it, whether it's in your a hara, whether it's in other aspects of your. You start to feel things moving. So it's an inclination, things that you just can't fully shake. So it could be like, well as simple as like, wait, maybe I wanna bake a bun cake.

[00:07:04] I don't know where that came from, but you know, so you have the thought, I wanna bake a bunked cake. And so you do that and it keeps coming, and then you pay attention to that. So you're stoking the possibility of something as mundane, as simple as that. But it could be more. It could be like where you're thinking of redoing your resume because you're thinking about getting back on the job.

[00:07:23] Cuz you're not as happy with your job and you think you can do more. So these are the things that, that you can start to entertain during this time.

[00:07:32] Amanda: And. The Aries energy, would you anticipate that it also might require us to have some sort of bravery or like a little bit of courage in order to go in that

[00:07:44] Sam: direction?

[00:07:45] Absolutely, and I think, you know, for those who are, have some trepidation this week is more about, like I said, stoking them. It doesn't mean then that you just have. You know, go right into it. You know, one of the problems that can happen with Aries is that it's head first. Right? You know, like dive in. Um, well head first can also be thinking it through first, you know, entertaining the possibilities seriously and thoughtfully.

[00:08:14] One of the things that's interesting about the astrology of this week, Is that the moon opposes Saturn at the end of the week. And with that, you know, on Sunday the second, and what I think that really suggests is where we have the pause, kind of taking all the different things that we've been entertaining and digesting during the week and really funneling them through and thinking clearly.

[00:08:41] Concretely, what are the next steps? So as we get into the first full week of April, going toward this full moon, we actually have some, you know, we can look at those possibilities, those pool of possibilities have narrowed them down and then start to move toward them concretely in some, some particular ways, maybe some possibilities that you just prune away that don't.

[00:09:05] Amanda: Well, Sam, I am heading your direction this week. I'll be in your neck of the woods in Santa Fe. You mentioned something about saying yes to possibilities, and you also mentioned karaoke, so you might be getting a karaoke invite from me. Hey, and, and, and now that we know the astrology of the week, you're gonna have to consider that possibility.

[00:09:26] Sam: That's, I, there's an inner ham in me. I have no problem in, in doing karaoke that I. You're gonna have to pick something a lot more adventurous than that, you know? Ooh, ooh,

[00:09:37] Amanda: okay. That's a challenge. That's that. That sounds like an

[00:09:39] Sam: area. I threw that on the gauntlet. That's another thing. And that's, that's another thing to entertain as a possibility for yourself, like, is to, to think beyond what terrifies you, right?

[00:09:50] Mm-hmm. . Um, and again, to entertain the possibilities. One of the things that I've observed in, you know, different aspects of, what we call accelerated learning. All these other ways in which we talk about super learning is really using one's imagination and using one's imagination as to really look at the dimensions and possibilities.

[00:10:12] Whether you write those out or you're like Leonardo da Vinci and you draw those out. But I find that that is really the way we start entertaining, the broad spectrum of things and possibilities, for our actions. You know, when we start a business, You know what surprises me that sometimes a lot of people don't think about all the scenarios like, well, what, what if this, what if that?

[00:10:37] And sometimes they just seem stupid, like, oh, that will never happen. But sometimes it could happen. And that doesn't mean it has to be a fear-based thing. Like, oh, well what if, what if there's another, you know, um, pandemic and I'm starting this business. Well, what if there is, what would you do? What are some actions you can entertain?

[00:10:56] What are some precaution. So these are the kind of possibilities that we can use our imaginations to sprawl forth in terms of the good and even some of the difficult things. Mm-hmm.

[00:11:07] Amanda: So I love that the, i, I call it the what if game. Like what if this, what if that, and a lot, uh, what I'm hearing from you is, Using what if as, what if I could do that?

[00:11:19] Or what if I wasn't afraid to do that? Or what if I had this opportunity, you know, how would I say yes to it or how would I step up to it? So there's, it's, it sounds like an exciting

[00:11:29] Sam: week ahead. It is. I mean, and also, you know, one thing I always like to say is to remind people that if a smack dab in the middle of life, right?

[00:11:38] That's kind of what makes it really fascinating, you know? So it's kind of a, a thing to, to entertain those possibilities. To go with the ifs.

[00:11:48] Amanda: I love that. It also reminds me of the word impossible and how sometimes people turn that around to I am Possible. Possible. Exactly right. Okay. Very nice.

Day to Day Breakdown

[00:11:58] Amanda: Let's have you walk us through every day this week and let us know about the important astrology of each

[00:12:05] Sam: All right, so Monday is a moon day, and moon is the, I could say, the most valuable planet for that day because most of the aspects that we have for the 27th, With the moon, the moon sextile to mercury to Jupiter has a square to Neptune, and then she goes void.

[00:12:25] Now, for those who don't know what Voit moon means, it means that the moon is not making any connections by to any other planet, while it's journeying, between signs or at the end of a sign, during a a certain period. And this one lasts pretty much for about eight hours and 42 minutes. Now, a lot of people think when you have a avoid moon, like, okay, then that just means I put my feet up and watch television, whatever.

[00:12:52] That's not necessarily the way to think of avoid Moon. Avoid moon can also be useful for something that you don't want disturbed. And what I mean by not wanting something disturbed, I'll, I'll say this, it's a great time to send in your taxes, and you're like, wait. Well, why? Because you don't want your taxes disturbed.

[00:13:15] It's almost like a, I call it like a P D F, you know, like how you change a document, you have your right font, you have everything just so, and then you put it as a pdf, so it's not messed with, well, that's also how you can think about avoid moon it could be for, you know, a particular action, where you don't wanna be disturbed, where you might, wanna continue on some writing or work that you're, Now, notice what I said, continue voigt moons are not necessarily the best time to initiate actions.

[00:13:46] So for instance, if this is a gonna be a date night, maybe not as much, um, if it's the first date. Now if it's going to be like, you know, you've been married for even two years or a year or whatever and you're just going out on a Monday night, I think that's fine. It may mean that you won't have as many disturbances and everything will have a, a continuity.

[00:14:08] And one way you can think about, um, voigt moons is to have that continuity. So Monday is a relatively slow day, other than, you know, the only thing I would say to watch out for is that Moon Square Neptune. Which happens more in the evening. So, you know, if you're communicating with someone or you're trying to make some arrangements and you're having some difficulty, take a breath, ask questions.

[00:14:35] A lot of times we forget this to ask questions. Well, what do you mean when you say, yeah, I'll see you there. Where exactly you might, you know, cuz Neptune can lead to miscommunication and fog and fogginess and, and lack of. When we get to Tuesday, Tuesday is a first quarter moon, which means that the moon now is showing half itself.

[00:15:01] And what's significant about it's showing half itself is that we have the partial illumination of the sun reflected on the moon now, and that means that we are taking what we initiated from the New Moon and now trying to bring it more literally to. Into our consciousness, into the world and to share.

[00:15:23] And it's also Mars Day, and the moon has also gone into cancer. So with all of that moon's home is cancer as well. It's, it's a great time for really fostering ideas. Brainstorming. Mercury is conjoined to Jupiter that day, so it's more. A time. When we say going back to the drawing board or hitting the drawing board, it's an excellent time for that.

[00:15:50] It might even be, I'm gonna say something odd. It might be an excellent time to revisit some of your New York New Year's resolutions to really revise, look at them and see like, okay, what do I know now that I'm, you know, almost four months into the year that I didn't know then, and where I can entertain fresh possibilities.

[00:16:13] Points of, of entry into doing things, um, and working with things. So that's one powerful aspect of that day. And like I said, it's also Mars Day and I think. I'm sure we've covered this in other astrology hubs. Every day is named for a planet, Monday for the moon. Tuesday is for Mars, and Wednesday is for Mercury, and Thursday is for Jupiter, and Friday is for Venus, and Saturday is for Saturn, and Sunday is for the sun.

[00:16:43] so I won't have to repeat myself and say what, you know, what might correlate to each of those. Well, that Mercury, Jupiter conjunction can bleed into the 29th into Wednesday. Again, the M V P, as I might call it, the most valuable planet on that day is still the moon, cuz the moon is making more of the, the actions.

[00:17:04] The moon has a sextile to Venus. A square to Chiron, a sextile to Uranus and a square to Jupiter. What that would mean is still entertaining, like possibilities, a little more social. Um, maybe even with that Moon Square to Chiron, something that is restorative to healing, you know? So it might be where you go get a mani-pedi with your friends.

[00:17:31] I'm not just saying this for women. I get pedicure. You know, we can do that. Or you might just go to the spa, make it a spa day, or you know, go to the gym or, yeah, it could be drinks, happy hour, any number of things that you wanna do. But when I say restorative healing bent where you have real talk. You know, and maybe really open up about particular things, might be if you see your therapist on Wednesday, a mercury day, that might be a good time to have a certain kind of conversation that you've not felt, um, comfortable to have.

[00:18:05] But you might, again, going with that word, courage embolden this, that might be something that you might try to do on that We. And then on Thursday. Now Thursday has a lot of different elements to it. It's not just the moon. Um, the moon is active, moon has a square to Mercury, they're trying to Neptune, and then we have another void moon.

[00:18:27] But then as we go later in the day, um, we have Mars trying to Saturn. Venus is conjoined to Uranus now. That's really exciting. I'll come back to that. Um, the moon goes into Leo. Um, and then we also have a Moon Pluto. So it's jam packed with a lot of intensities now that Venus, Uranus is a good time to change up your tastes to like, so for instance, you know, Amanda and I were just joking about going to do karaoke.

[00:18:58] Now, let's say that I didn't do karaoke or haven't ever done karaoke. A Venus, Uranus conjunction would be a great time to do something like. Like, oh, I don't normally do that. So this is a time where you're like, like, I don't do well, maybe I can, maybe I will. You know, try something like if you don't like sushi, or I should say you haven't really tried sushi or sashimi, give it a try.

[00:19:25] Also, this is also a good time to try something unusual with a partner. If you're partnered to go out to a different kind of restaurant, have a different kind of romantic. You know, if you usually stay at home, maybe it might be if the weather permits, you might decide to have it on the porch or in the backyard, or, you know, at a restaurant that you don't normally go to and you try a different kind of cuisine.

[00:19:51] So if you're getting the image, like, I should try something different, then you're right, then you should try something different. The moon is in Leo as well, so it's in a fire sign. This is the first, fire sign that the moon's been in since, you know, we've had the new Moon. So it is, a, a good time again to be emboldened to, to lick your pana, uh, your freak flag.

[00:20:13] Fly a little bit. And to be you and to really enjoy yourself and enjoy yourself as yourself. I think that's something that we also see as kind of, especially as we're going toward a Venus Day Now, the Venus Day is pretty quiet, relatively. There is a square to the north node and arine to the sun, as I mentioned, cuz it's also in a fire sign, the moon and that that speaks for a chill Friday.

[00:20:43] You know, I mean, kind of the momentum and energy that had built up from Thursday definitely spills into Friday. So Friday. If Friday is the end of the week for you, your work week, I should say, then this is a time where you can, yeah, you know, coast along, enjoy yourself. Although I might say get some things started for Thursday, whether it is work related or not, or just pleasure related, so that it kind of then spills into your Friday.

[00:21:11] This does not encourage drinking though, right? In that sense. Like, I don't want y'all to start drinking on Thursday. Well, Sam said the astrology permits me to kind of go all the way into the office and beyond. That's not what I'm saying. Oh. But I just don't, you know, I wanna be clear that is this time where, you know, if you've been a little more casual and you've been trying to organize friends or you know, family, this is a good time to kind of follow through with that when we get to Saturday.

[00:21:41] To the Saturns day. It's interesting, we have a moon Uranus square starting off early in the morning, , a moon square to Venus. And then we, we have, as we get later in the morning, a moon trying to Jupiter depending on where you are in the country, in the world. And what that all signifies is that it seems that some of the energy from Friday.

[00:22:07] even if you go to bed early, you know, it might be dealing with some measure of excitement or craving excitement. Um, feeling that. And as you start thinking about, as we started the the week possibilities, things that you've been entertaining, Saturday might be a good time to start reflect. On what you enjoyed about the week, what thoughts really captured your imagination, and then thinking about how you might bring those more to fulfillment in the following week as we go toward the full moon and with the moon Jupiter.

[00:22:48] Trying cuz Jupiter being more the administrative planet for You know, giving self one self permission, for going more so toward adventure, feeling the call of adventure for learning. And learning doesn't always have to be about books. It could be experiences and things that you wanna really explore and understand so that when we get to the moon moving into Virgo on the.

[00:23:19] And we have also then the opposition, the Saturn, as I mentioned, this is where you feel like, okay, I've thought about different things that I could do and maybe even entertain some things I should do. What do I want to do? What would be, what are the things that I can do during this week that might, I might be willing to bring to a different stage of develop?

[00:23:47] Because we like to think, you know, we might set off what, on a week or in a day with so many different possibilities, but this is when we also have to learn and prioritize. In Virgo, the moon, being in Virgo and then going toward opposition, the Saturn means that you will have to prioritize. You will have to start taking some assessment.

[00:24:09] Of not just your past week, right, in terms of from that Monday, but then giving some thought to what you wanna see for the following week and how to bring it more into manifestation, especially as we go toward this very powerful full moon and like, well, why is it powerful? Well, what's interesting is that in two Religion, and we're in, we're in a very religious time.

[00:24:34] I mean, I'm not trying to go into a deep religious point, but we've already entered Ramadan for the Muslims. Right. Then we have also, we're about to go toward Pesak, toward um, Passover, and then we're gonna be going toward Easter with this full Moon. And so one of the things that's instructive and interesting is to think about, you know, the tie in we might find with.

[00:25:00] is more so how are we tapped into our intentions and the things that have maybe even been long buried that we need to surface? And this week of possibilities of stoking possibilities is to surface them, to breathe. Air into them, breathe air around them like a bellow, and then see from, from the coals that you were able to bring back to life, the dreams, the ideas, how you might then carry them forward.

[00:25:29] Sam, I

[00:25:29] Amanda: love this. One of the things that we did last year at the S New Moon as a community is we actually made treasure maps, which is basically like a vision board, but we made 'em for at the S New Moon for the year ahead. And so this year's been unique because there's two areas, new moons. Right. But from what I'm hearing from you, it sounds like.

[00:25:56] Uh, the second area's New Moon may be the culmination point of a lot of this process that we're going to be going through. Yeah. Both this week and next Getting really clear on, you know, like you said, what are those coals that are still lit when you're breathing life into them, and what are the things that you do wanna bring forward and actually make more manifest as we move into the astrological

[00:26:22] Sam: Right, exactly right. Yes.

[00:26:24] Amanda: I love it. Okay. And also, well, and one of the things about that is inner Circle members, we are going to be doing an actual workshop together where we're doing our treasure maps together with Tracy Cook. You can ask your questions. So any new Inner Circle members or um, existing Inner Circle members, you're invited to that and.

[00:26:46] So basically, I mean, what you've said, Sam, is this, this week there's an openness that we're being asked to cultivate a, uh, a little bit of an adventurous spirit. There is a lot of clarity that's available to us, but we need to go in the direction of new. And, and you know, I have an Aries South node, and one of the things I've noticed about myself is that I do sometimes need to just try something in order to know either what the next step is or what I really think about that thing.

[00:27:23] But before I've actually gone in headfirst, as you say, I don't know, you know, it's, it's like the experience is, is what's required to either go to the next step or. Decide that it's not the right thing for me or you know, just get the clarity that I need about whatever that thing is.

[00:27:41] Sam: Exactly. Yeah. I mean it's, you know, Mars is the ruler for Aries and Mars I always say requires embodiment.

[00:27:50] So does Venus, but Mars, cuz there's a duality with them. But Mars needs action. And so sometimes it's kind of. Either thinking it through and feeling it in your body, which is, is still important cuz I don't need to jump off a cliff to know that it may not be a good idea. Right, right. Yes. Um, then the other things is like, there's some things that you can try that are less risky or minimal risk that then you can figure out whether you, you know, you're ready for something like.

[00:28:25] So there's, there's, there's a broadening. So like if someone has been shut down, you know, from the dating scene or at least, um, you know, wanting to be open to other people, then this may be a week to start entertaining that. Mm-hmm. You know, to go on. And again, it can be small. Go on a dating site to see kind of what's out there, what gets stimula.

[00:28:47] uh, how do you think about your profile, which is really interesting because it could become reflective on how you think about yourself and how you might talk about with others, or even how you might like, share it with your friends and be like, well, what do you think? Like, oh, this is not really you, blah, blah, blah, and get that, that feedback.

[00:29:03] So I think it's good to start thinking about what's out there, not just in terms of people, but also for yourself, how

[00:29:10] Amanda: you are presenting yourself to the world. Well, hopefully one of the possibilities that you're all considering is the possibility of joining us in the Inner Circle. We only open enrollment a couple times a year, and we are open right now, and Sam is our teacher right now.

[00:29:30] And when you join the Inner Circle, you're gonna get access to the Mastery class that he's teaching for our members, and you'll get immediate access to that. You'll get to join us for the full Moon forecast. Next week,

Sam's Inner Circle Mastery Class

[00:29:41] Amanda: Sam, do you wanna tell us a little bit about your mastery class and

[00:29:46] Sam: Yeah. It's, it's to be a familiar topic to, uh, some astrology hub.

[00:29:51] Listeners, but not necessarily new ones. And for you, so I'm talking about solar and planetary returns. Hmm. So I'm gonna be looking at solar lunar returns, and how do we talk about them and what they signify. And then also, um, the lesser known returns, mercury, Venus, Mars, and then of course the Jupiter and Saturn returns.

[00:30:13] And then I may also mention for those who are in their eighties, the Uranus. because most of us are not having Uranus returns until around that time. But that's pretty much what I wanna cover and, and give a window into understanding those returns and what they may mean for us.

[00:30:33] Amanda: And a return is when a planet returns to the exact degree that it was in your natal chart, correct?

[00:30:40] Correct,

[00:30:40] Sam: or yes. I might even extend it some in the more hell, Astrology sensibility to where it comes even in that sign. So for example, when Mars, went into Gemini, if you have a Mars in Gemini, then you were on the brink of your return, even though it's not the exact degree. If you are someone who was born with Saturn and Pisces, even though it's like your Saturn's at 17 degrees Pisces, for example, then you're still in a Saturn.

[00:31:09] From that, that perspective, because even though it's not to the exact degree, then that's still the window. The only time where we get a lot more precise is with the sun and with the moon, because those are more exact measurements, especially the moon since it moves so fast.

[00:31:26] Amanda: So the sun with our solar return, which is basically our birthday, right?

[00:31:30] Yes. And, and have you found that these returns are powerful? Predict, not predictors, but indicators of, of what's coming in that next cycle. Yes. I've always wondered, cuz you know, I, I get a birthday reading every year and some astrologers like to do like a solar return chart and actually read the chart of my solar return.

[00:31:53] And I've wondered how accurate is this? Is this, is this true that whatever energy is happening on that solar return day is kind of setting the stage for the whole year

[00:32:01] Sam: ahead? Well, yeah, and I, I also still keeping my skepticism, understanding yours. Um, I ask, especially if it's a birthday that's passed for the client, I will ask them, well, what happened that day?

[00:32:18] And often, Not all the time, but often it will parallel what has happened. Like, so for instance, like, oh, it was a quiet, chill birthday. I didn't go out. Okay, some was in the 12th house. Mm-hmm. , uh, blah, blah, blah. You know, I can see that this would be a little more insular, and that might be even some measure of your year.

[00:32:38] But here's where I, I do make some distinctions that some people may not know, and this is giving some windows into the solar return. One particular thing to. Is that I think the solar return is most active, you know, from around your birthday, you know, the solar return to about nine months after, and then you start feeling, I think the next solar return.

[00:33:02] Oh, that's about three months before. . Ah, that's

[00:33:06] Amanda: so

[00:33:06] Sam: interesting. Yeah. A lot of people think like, oh, then this is it for the year. I think the solar return is reflective of a morphine a development that happens. So it, it gives some measure of the theme and then it, you know, changes and then you start con start to feel that.

[00:33:21] It's interesting because there's a parallel to this and numerology numer, a numerologist will tell you. Some, some measure of your year starts even before your birthdate, and I think some of them, say at least a month or two before I, I found this. Yeah. Sorry, what were you gonna say? I mean,

[00:33:38] Amanda: I could definitely attest.

[00:33:40] Normally what happens is, so my birthday's in January all normally start getting the like, I wonder what the next cycle's about. I, I wonder who, which astrologer I should have my reading with, you know? But I'll start thinking about that. Usually about two to three months before my actual birthday, it's, it is like, okay, something's winding down, something new is winding up, or at least brewing under the surface, and I kind of wanna know what that is.

[00:34:06] So that's really interesting. I love that. Yeah. Sam, thank you so much for being here with us.

Saturn in Pisces

[00:34:11] Amanda: Thank you also for the contribution that you made last week in our game Changing Transits panel. You talked a little bit about Saturn moving into Pisces. Is there anything else you wanna add about Saturn moving into Pisces for anyone that might have missed the panel event?

[00:34:27] Sam: Yeah, sure. I think the key thing to kind of focus in on Saturn moving into a sign of Jupiter prompts us to think about boundaries. Hmm. What are our boundaries? Both collectively, you know, as a world nation, all these different ways by which we can call ourselves a collective, but also individually, you know, where we have, our points of, you know, our breaking points, or what we think are our breaking points.

[00:34:57] And it really prompts us to start going within. You know, Pisces is a, a very inter, I call the inner journey. You know, Jupiter has two places that he rules historically. That's Sagittarius, which is the outer journey. Right. And then Pisces would be more the inward journey that we make through our intuitions, our imaginations, through our feelings and emotions.

[00:35:21] So Saturn is prompting us to sit with ourselves and sit with those things in a very grounded but meaningful way. So I think it's to start pondering those things in terms of just, not just ourselves, but even relation to. You know, where we kind of make the stop gaps with other people, you know, not, not this, but that.

[00:35:43] Well, we'll go for them, but not them, you know, so who's us? Who's them? What are those particular things that we think about in terms of those boundaries? And I think that's kind of the key thing that we may see, you know, going on a lot more, in our world. But I think in our personal lives, we need to kind of be attentive.

[00:36:02] How we have this sense of belonging and trusting it, not just in terms of the cosmos, but even with each other.

[00:36:10] Amanda: I love what you said too about our own perception of our own boundaries. Um, my love often tells a story of, somebody he met that was a Navy Seal who said that when you think you're done, like physically, like when you're doing something and you physically are like, I can't do anymore.

[00:36:29] I'm done. You're at 40. Which is like, whoa. I mean from from his perception, there's still that much more of you that you could bring to the table or bring to the opportunity or bring to whatever it is that you're trying to do. So I love this idea too, of sort of pushing our own boundaries and finding new set points, you know, that we never thought were possible.

[00:36:54] Sam: Again, entertaining more possibilities. Yes. There

[00:36:57] Amanda: we go.


[00:36:58] Amanda: All right, so just a quick recap for the week. This is a week of stoking possibilities. There is a call to action, but we may not do the action until next week. This week is really about being open to those possibilities, entertaining them. I'll consider it.

[00:37:13] You said, and I love what you said about the word, consider colony dairy. Um, which to think with one's stars. I love this you said, to pay attention to our bodies to pay attention to that spark that you feel in your body. Uh, Monday you said is slow. We have that void. Moon, it's time to take a breath. Ask questions.

[00:37:35] Tuesday, going back to the drawing board a little bit, uh, maybe looking at your New Year's resolutions again. And what do you know now that you didn't know then that that could help to reinvigorate some of those desires that you set forth for yourself at the beginning of the calendar? New year? Correct.

[00:37:51] On Wednesday this is a great day to do things that. Are kind of nurturing. So you talked about the spa, the gym, Manny Pettys with friends. But to have real talk as a part of these things, like really open up, you should be emboldened in your conversations and things and your exploration of some of those inner worlds.

[00:38:13] On Thursday, you said, to change up your taste, try something new, maybe unusual things in your partnership or with friends. You said let your freak flag fly. I'm gonna be in Santa Fe. Maybe this is the night for us to get together. Sam . I like it. Maybe, yes. Okay. Um, on Friday you said it's time to chill, that some of the things that you set in motion on Thursday will sort of spill over into Friday, so you can be intentional about that and really set some things up in Thursday.

[00:38:42] On Thursday that might require some follow up on. Saturday, reflect on what you've enjoyed, what has captured your imagination? And Sundays start to prioritize. Start to like look at things and be like, okay, these are the things that light me up. How do I start to put a plan in motion, prioritize so that I can bring some of those things into my world.

[00:39:04] Sam: You're a great note taker. Yeah. Yeah, that's exactly right.

[00:39:07] Amanda: Thank you. Thank you. Awesome. Well, so for those of you who, again, want to learn from Sam, want to learn from the astrologers that we have in the inner circle, who are some of the best of the best in the industry? If you wanna do it in community with supportive people, if you wanna do it consistently, you know, if you want to have a place where you're checking in regularly, but that you can also do at your own pace, the Inner Circle is a great place for you to join.

[00:39:33] We are only. For until about mid next week, until April 4th. So right now is a great time to come in. You can try it out. You can always leave if it's not for you. And we have lots of amazing things happening this month with Sam. Like I said, we're gonna be doing our treasure maps together with Tracy.

[00:39:51] And it's just a really exciting time to come into the inner circle. We've made some great improvements too for those of you who have maybe been in the program in the past, but wanna try it out again. We have done some things to really help you streamline and identify exactly where you're at in your astrological learning journey so that you don't feel like you have to do all of it at once.

[00:40:15] That you're really led on a path that will. Definitely result in you over time feeling more and more and more confident in your astrological understanding. But we give you a clear starting point and then a clear path to follow. So this all in an effort to continually make learning astrology accessible, practical.

[00:40:38] Fun, supportive, and at every step of the journey, you're gonna feel like you're, you know yourself better and you're, you feel like you know the people in your life better and you can facilitate, more of the things that you wanna experience in your life. So we would love to have you, and it's

[00:40:54] Amanda: if you wanna check it out.

[00:40:59] That's astrology as an inner circle. And then the number is 20. Sam, it has been such a pleasure to be here with you on the weekly weekend. You're great at this, by the way. Like you are, you're like, you're super good at distilling the energy down and making it very practical and tangible. Have you been doing like horoscope type stuff?

[00:41:23] Sam: I've done it in the past, but I haven't done it recently. Very,

[00:41:27] Amanda: very, very good. And it's not a skill that every great astrologer. Knows how to do, you know, it's not like a given that if you're great at astrology, you're great at, you know, breaking down the weekly weather or going through the astrology of each of each day and making it real, like useful again.

[00:41:45] So thank you, Amanda. Yay to you. Thank you. All right. And thanks to all of you for joining us. Thank you for being a part of our community. Thank you as always for making astrology a part of your life. Cannot wait to connect with you on the next episode. Take care everybody.

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