Treasure Maps for the Aries New Moon w/ Astrologer Tracy Cook

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How to Manifest on a New Moon

In this episode of the Astrology Hub Podcast, Astrologer Tracy Cook and Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh discuss ” Treasure Maps for the Aries New Moon..”

You’ll learn…

    • About Tracy Cook’s journey on becoming an Astrologer
    • How Tracy blends her astrological and business knowledge
    • What is a Treasure Map and how to use it

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0:00 Intro

2:57 Introducing Tracy Cook

8:27 What is a Treasure Map

16:57 How to make a Treasure Map

22:28 How do Treasure Maps work

28:03 Treasure Map example

38:07 Closing Thoughts

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Amanda Pua Walsh 0:06
Well, hello, everybody and welcome. We have something very unique and special for you today. And so that is why I wanted to start off this podcast by talking about unicorns. Alright, stay with me, I promise this has something to do with the topic of finding our treasure or creating our treasure maps with the Aries New Moon. And it also has something to do with our guests today. So basically, the thing is here at astrology hub, I have found myself delighted repeatedly that the universe, the universe seems to send us unicorns. And what I mean by unicorns are people who seem to land on our doorstep, who are perfect for what we need. And they’re the kinds of people where I wouldn’t think they exist in the quote unquote, real world, but then they show up, and they’re exactly what we need. And they’re perfect for helping our company grow and helping us maintain our company and helping us thrive, and helping us do what we love to do, which is share the gifts of astrology with the world. As I’m just going to give you a couple examples. One of the unicorns that was sent to us that literally blew my mind is the woman who heads heads up our technology department. She is a tech genius, who loves code, and like all kinds of very techy things, but who happens to also be working on her PhD and metaphysics. She loves astrology and tarot. And she’s been into them both since she was a little girl. And she’s just this perfect combination of tech and online business experience. Plus, astrology, love and all things magic, which is so cool. The second example is our bookkeeper. She’s brilliant. She’s a total numbers person. She’s just on it. She’s amazing. She runs a bookkeeping company. So obviously, she loves numbers, and she’s good at that. But she also loves astrology. And she actually just sent me a gift that was a, a book of stickers that were all these all these stickers for the different ZODIAC signs. And they were so so cute. And she also introduced me to the woman who is our guest today, if you ever find yourself thinking, I’ll never be able to find someone who blank or who has the skills or I’ll never be able to do something or bring something into my life. That seems impossible. Just think again, and open up to the to the potential that there are unicorns out there, that could be exactly what you’re looking for. And so that does bring us to what we’re talking about here today, because we’re going to be making treasure maps with Tracy is going to be telling you about that. And Tracy was also referred to me by one of the unicorns in my life, Justine at good sense bookkeeping.

Amanda Pua Walsh 2:57
Alright, so a little bit about Tracy. She grew up in a home full of astrology discussions, she learned to hand draft charts while in high school. she expanded her knowledge by learning from all the great astrologers in the 1980s all the way through the 2000s. through books, lectures, and lessons. She’s had private clients and enjoys personal chart analysis, but her primary focus is lunar month forecasts, and mundane astrology. She’s also been leading these treasure map groups for the last 26 years. And today’s topic is astrologically light, quote unquote, it’s perfect for those of you who sometimes find yourself lost in the more technical conversations that we can have here at astrology hub, this is going to be perfect for anyone, and it will be something that everyone can understand and apply directly in your life. Now, it’s great for any of you who are really actively wanting to co-create your future with the astrological energies as the wind in your sails. And so Tracy Welcome to the astrology hub Podcast. I’m so happy you’re here and can’t wait to do this with you today.

Tracy Cook 4:08
Amanda that was a great intro and I have to tell you, I am I a unicorn?

Amanda Pua Walsh 4:14
A unicorn on my doorstep

Tracy Cook 4:18
I’m a unicorn for sure. Um, I am thrilled to be here. I am so glad Justine did this introduction to for us I you know, by the way, she’s so pretty and I always colored camera ready Justine? She’s, she’s, she’s awesome. Yeah. So I and you. So what happened just a backup is, um, a couple weeks ago I was taking a shower, and that’s sometimes where my connections happen. And I came out of the shower, and I immediately texted just the night said I think it’s time for you to introduce me to Amanda and I knew what I knew I wanted to talk to you about treasure camping. It was like the energy that came through it said do it And I did it. And then here we are today. And I knew I had to move fast. Because I wanted to get this up before the New Moon, because we have to kind of do a little work before we get to the New Moon. So I was like, Oh, I hope that Amanda can talk to me early enough. And you did. We talked last week. And now we’re here today on the 23rd. And we’re gonna get it up.

Amanda Pua Walsh 5:19
Yes, it’s just been perfect and magical. And that’s the way it’s so much fun. And that’s how I always know it’s right. Yeah, it was just like, boom, boom, boom, it all falls into place. So so we’re all in for a treat. And Tracy i Before we dive into the actual what it is, and how do we do it? Can we start a little bit more with your story, like how you actually got into astrology and to be doing what you’re doing now with these treasure maps too?

Tracy Cook 5:43
Yeah. So you you kind of covered it in the beginning. Because I grew up with astrology in my house. My mother certainly understood it and talk that my grandmother died before I was born. But apparently my grandmother taught it with my mother in the 1930s 40s 50s. So it’s always been around us. But I was the one that did the deep dive, because apparently I have the better math skills and then the other girls. And it was in the old days making charts was a lot of math. It was like, Oh, my God, it was it was it times, wear and tear on you. But I got through it. And I started doing charts for my friends. And when I was in high school, I started pretty young. And then in the 80s, like you said in the intro and the 80s in the 90s I started, you know, reading every book by everybody and I could go in deep and you know, read Stephen, Stephen forest and green and just a lot of the psychological components that were so popular than I still they still resonate with me. And Jim spiller who I and her notebooks, which I loved. Oh my god, that was like a whole game changer for me. So and then I have some clients, but I to be honest, I also had another life because I am a unicorn and I had an idol life in the entertainment business was busy writing and producing and doing stuff like that. And then I had this other other life, I wouldn’t quite say business by this other life. And so um, so that was my background. And then in my journeys, of course, I would need other unicorns and we will be taking the unicorn thing all the way through this hole. So this is gonna be unicorn, all the way through. I met a met a friend of mine, and her name was Margaret went and she hooked me up with Buzz Myers, and for the astrologers, who remember buzz buzz was a awesome astrologer, he was smart, he was great. He took no hostages when he talked about a chart in your face about a Mars aspect. I can specifically remember one of those conversations once. But I would take his monthly workshops, and I took some of his other lectures. And his monthly workshops were lunar, that was all about the lunar month. So that’s when I really started to grant grind down ground my eight phases of the New Moon, the new the eight phases of the lunar month, and I really started to learn it in a real, real concrete way. And we’ll talk about the phases in a second.

Tracy Cook 8:27
So one day, in April, April, I actually went back and double check with April 17 1996 was sent out a he sent out his tape, everything came on cassettes. And he said, I want everybody to do a treasure map this year. And I’m like, What’s the treasure map? And Buzz explained it. And basically a treasure map is a vision board. But I gotta tell you this is 1996 People weren’t talking about vision boards in 1996. It was a little bit farther down the road. The secret I wanted that DVD had a lot to do with the for all the treasure map conversation out there in the world. But first was talking about it and he laid out the chart for the New Moon and I knew right away that I needed to do this with my two friends. I needed to do it with Margaret, I need to do with Ann and I didn’t even tell them I just said we’re gonna meet at Margaret’s house. I’m bringing supplies. And so what bas had said is if you make your treasure map on the Aries New Moon, you will get you will start seeing results by the cancer. So the Cancer New Moon is either June or July and I didn’t look that up. I feel like it was a July date. And we did and Margaret did and I certainly did. And just you know spoiler allert I’ll go right to this because I think this is interesting. So you make your map, and we’ll talk more about it. But I was just picking images. I wasn’t I wasn’t in a relationship at the time I was busy and TV Land, and it was just hard on hard on hard on me. And I was like, I don’t even know what I want to do. And I saw Oh, I like this guy. And it was a Ralph Lauren ad. And the guy was on a yacht. And I am not a yacht woman.

Tracy Cook 10:36
I am sitting. But there was just something the way he looked. And it was just a casual nurse, but a approachability to this model, dude, and I just liked the feeling of him there was this something I like I said, I’m putting that on my map. So I put this guy on my map. Well, a month later, I met my husband, what would become my husband? And I met him through work. And he his whole family, are yachts people, we all go on to a yacht club. Like that. Okay, what the heck, how did that happen? So, and then I and then Margaret had her own story. And she put her dude up there. And she met her her dude. And then she met. And then she put some items that she really wanted in a very specific car. And by summer, that car was suddenly in our driveway. And like, how did we get here?

Amanda Pua Walsh 11:36

Tracy Cook 11:36
Yeah. So but the the point of this is that you it’s a vision board. But why is it different than anybody else who gets together with a friend and say, Hey, let’s do a vision board. And they do it in September or something maybe I don’t know, when they do it, they do at the end of the summer. A lot of people make their vision boards in January on January 1, because it’s the calendar year. But it is not harnessing all the energy that you want for a vision board. And that is Aries. The first day of Aries is the the equinox, the vernal X will for us in the northern hemisphere, it’s the vernal equinox. And the story of the deal with Aries is it speaks to survival. It’s that I am out here, I need to crack through the little seed that has a DNA inside it that tells us this, put some water on this, give it some dirt. Let’s give it some water. There is something that happens in that seed. And it says, Oh, hey, I know what I’m supposed to do. When I get these two things. I am supposed to go up. And then I grow my leaf and then my leaf, and then I start heading towards the sun. This is Aries Yes, you want to make your treasure map on that energy, you want to grab that energy, it’s like a wave and take it through the year. And that’s why the treasure maps work, because you’re harnessing the energy of the of Aries. So the New Moon the Aries New Moon harnesses the energy. And also what’s important is Aries rule sight. So you need to see your map. That’s what makes it very makes it really important. It’s the visual. Now to go back, we make our map on the New Moon. But here you and I are talking and we’re on the 23rd and maybe this will get put up on the 24th We got a week before the New Moon. The New Moon by the way, the area’s New Moon will be March 31 for your timezone and my timezone at 11 is roughly around 1130 At night, but it is…

Amanda Pua Walsh 13:45
so late March 31. So Hawaii and Pacific but if you’re anywhere else…

Tracy Cook 13:51
it’s going to be April first. So what do we do now, before we get to the new because this is really, and this is something that evolved with time with working with my friends and my community who were making treasure maps, things started coming together. And this at some point, I realized I we needed to do something and what I what I could, what I realized was everybody’s got to declutter. He got to get rid of your crap. And you do it during do it now between now and New Moon now not You’re not going to get rid of everything. But you need to make that effort. So,

Amanda Pua Walsh 14:33
Tracy, it makes sense. I mean, to me, when you’re talking about a seed and planting a seed in the garden, you need to prepare your soil and you need to weed and get rid of all the things that don’t don’t belong in that fertile soil that you’re wanting to plant the seed, right?

Tracy Cook 14:49
Yes, exactly. And it’s also you’re creating space, right? So Einstein, Einstein said no to Things can occupy the same space. So if you’ve got broken things in your house, get rid of them. If you don’t like them, or go take them to the shop and get fixed. Maybe you can do it between now and April 1, please do. And then I need to say this. There is also the debris in your brain. I’m too blank, I can’t have this because of that. I, I, no one will ever give me blank, I coated in all that is I don’t deserve. And we need to do start. I’m not going to ask people to give it up because I think it’s asked a lot. But you need to start releasing it, start thinking about it. If anything comes up, that rattles you on that level to say, You know what universe, I’m ready for that to go. And then we’ll see. So all of this stuff happens. And then when you wake up, and because it’s so early in the morning on April 1, because it’s on the East Coast, it would be two in the morning, when it’s a New Moon. So it’s really basically, except for Europe, they will be ready to do it on April 1 Right away, but everybody can figure out their timezone. But the energy will be different. And this is an I have had people say, Hey, I’m really going to be busy on New Moon, can I start my map before? I say absolutely not? No, no, you can’t. For her somewhat fast, hard rules. No, you must wait until the New Moon busy energy will be different, because you will get inspired. And also the people who think they know what their map is going to have on it. Nine times out of 10, when they write when they finally make their map, it has nothing on it that they thought they were going to have,

Amanda Pua Walsh 16:55

Tracy Cook 16:57
You go get your little supplies, your glue your state your phone cord board, or whatever it is. And you know, this is what you’re going to do. If you you must find your authentic voice about what you want. Not what you want for your kids, although the kids can be a little bit on the map, and I can show you mine. But it’s about your voice your need and letting that come up. I want everybody to be selfish. Selfish, as selfish as they can be, while they make that New Moon where they make their map. Pick it don’t worry, you can go and be a mom again. And you know, after you make your map and you can go get the food and take the kids to dance and do whatever it is you do. Or the people who aren’t married don’t have kids, but are running around to take care of their boss or running around to take care of their mother or running around because their sister’s not doing the thing that she promised she was going to do and she’s not been doing the thing for a year, all that drama. You just put it aside and take care of you and find your voice. And that is so so liberating. And also for those who have kids and this is probably one of your questions. You have your kid make a map they get my I had my son start making a map when he was under 10 By the way, it was somewhat half assed but it didn’t matter. He What do you like what do you want and he put he cut out a picture and he draw he make it so the rules about the map or whatever you want it to be be as creative as you want. You I go and get magazines because I need my brain. This is how the process works for me. And I like to see images and see what they call what calls to me.

Amanda Pua Walsh 18:58
Well you know, what I want to do is just kind of summary summarize what you’ve said so far. So essentially between now whenever you’re watching this video, hopefully you’re watching this video before April 1 of 20 as we want that we hope and if you’re not then just plan to do this next year. And and you can do what Tracy saying and start planning in January. What are

Tracy Cook 19:17
you can well, here’s what I want to tell you. Let’s say you actually have more window than that. So April 1, two, I think I wrote it down to April 4, so Okay, march 3, right. So you have that’s the whole new phase.

Amanda Pua Walsh 19:32
Oh, good. So we have we have April 1, April 4 to do this.

Tracy Cook 19:35
Yeah. So April 4 until 8:45pm pacific time so yeah, okay. Okay. Now let’s say oh my god. Oh, I’m going to a wedding and I can’t know this and that. Just pick out some images, get a magazine, thumb through pick out a couple and then you can glue it anytime you so I would love it for you to do it before first quarter, but some people still can’t do it. You really Technically, we have all the way up until the Full Moon begins. But once we crossed the Full Moon, you’re done. And you can do it next year. And the Full Moon is April 16, at 11:55am pm Pacific Daylight Time. So you have really technically all this time, but up, but up until then, but I really like the concentrated energy of the New Moon as close as you can to doing it then.

Amanda Pua Walsh 20:31
Okay, so not before, but the ideal types are not before April 1, no, but the ideal time would be April 1, up to April 4, if you really need it, you can go to April, like 16th Is your hard deadline

Tracy Cook 20:44
That’s it. That’s the hard deadline. Okay.

Amanda Pua Walsh 20:48
And what we’re gonna do in between now and then is Declutter. So simplify our environment, make space for new things that come in, release things that are kind of psychologically pulling on us. Also, check the mental chatter, make sure you’re leaving space for new thoughts, new ideas, and being just being done with some of the habitual negative self talk that you might have correct? On the day. So we’re decluttering. We’re also gathering some supplies that can pay a white, like a phone cord

Tracy Cook 21:25
board, or poster board whenever you want a board right away. And it could be a nine and a half by 11 piece of paper, it could be whatever you want your treasure back to be

Amanda Pua Walsh 21:34
okay. And we’re we have like full rein on anything we want to put on it. It’s okay. Right, whatever we want. And it needs to be authentic to you, it needs to be your voice and what you really want. And if there’s other people in your life, that you might feel like making a board for have them make their own board in them

Tracy Cook 21:53
make their own board. And if you want to bring some friends over and you guys do it together, that is super fun. I mean, in the old days, when I used to do with a bunch of I used to do with my two friends, that would be the three of us. But then I did it. And so then we kind of had we would be invited to other people’s houses and we would do it with them. And it’s just Oh, it’s so fun. We get this. Anybody want a new stove? This is a really cool. Who’s, who wants to go to Italy? I got this from vogue

Amanda Pua Walsh 22:23
Oh my god. Awesome. I love that.

Tracy Cook 22:26
Everything around. I mean, yeah.

Amanda Pua Walsh 22:28
Okay. Great. Okay, so how a party if you want that sounds fun. And then that, so that’s where we’re at, basically, we have the timeframe we have what you’re doing. Tracy, tell us what you’ve seen. So what I mentioned earlier, is for those of you that are skeptical, which I there’s a part of me that’s like Ha like, Does this really work? And I I’d say why not just experiment like we really don’t have anything to lose, right? And nothing to lose. Yeah, maybe it will actually work even more powerfully, then we I’m sure lots of you have worked with visions vision boards before. I know personally, I’ve never done a vision board very consciously and mindfully with the Aries New Moon. So this will be a new element of doing a vision board. And it’ll be really fun to see how it works out for all of us. And please share it inner circle members, you can put it in our mighty networks community. Anybody not in our inner circle membership group, you could email us in at support at astrology. Share your stories. We’d love to hear from you. But yeah, keep going. Right. So

Tracy Cook 23:31
so the thing about the new moons is, is you can sometimes have like, like I met my husband. Okay, that came fast. I want

Amanda Pua Walsh 23:39
to ask you about the husband. Does your husband resemble it all the Ralph Lauren ad guy?

Tracy Cook 23:45
Well, he was he had brown hair and he had blue eyes, which my husband did. Does. Yes. He resemble the energy

Amanda Pua Walsh 23:55
of okay, so yeah, really feeling the vibe of the gun? Yeah. And he did.

Tracy Cook 23:59
So yes. In some he met he felt the spirit. Okay. He feels the spirit of the energy of the Ralph Lauren ad. Am my husband’s younger than me. And you know, Ralph Lauren models are younger or younger. So it was kind of currently younger than you. Yeah. Like, yeah. Like over 10 years. Yeah. That’s significant. Yeah. So, um, so the maps. Okay. There will be people who will make a map who will have ball out of the park success. Just bam, that uh, wow. I had no idea. I, I put this on my map and bam, I got it. And then there will be some that’ll have a little bit of green shoots a little bit of success, but it’ll take until the maybe it’ll take until Capricorn for the bigger stuff to come in. Have the it’ll presented. So remember this and we’re set we’re launching the year. Mm hmm. Do you have the whole year to get these things? Hmm, I have had, it’s not lost on me that you and I are having this. And I’ve been thinking about talking to you about this forever. We’re actually doing it on the last final days of this of the 21. Year, this is your map. Yeah, I and I didn’t have your I didn’t have astrology hub on my map picture

Amanda Pua Walsh 25:30
of me on your visual.

Tracy Cook 25:33
But I had storyteller on my map, I and I will show you my map in a second. I had concrete successes through storytelling.

Amanda Pua Walsh 25:44
Nice. Oh, brilliant. Okay.

Tracy Cook 25:46
And here, what here I am having this one. Now, just to pivot for one second. So I was looking at some of my trip former treasurer mappers, that former previous people who’ve been doing treasure map have been away. So like that, people will be doing treasure mapping for a while. And I was just glancing at some of their manifestations. And one person posted how she really wanted her one of her children to launch. And she said, hallelujah, it’s clear. My child has launched because when I just did my taxes, and my child is not listed.

Amanda Pua Walsh 26:25
So launch, meaning like I want my child to go off into the world and be your own thing and be independent. And it hadn’t

Tracy Cook 26:31
happened. Yeah. And then another person posted about that they had, they were drawn to all these images of gardens. And they put all these gardens and they put these butterflies and they were just really drawn to it. And I don’t think she just said I really wanted these butterflies on my map. And I don’t know why I did. And these gardens. Well, she made her map. And then a few months later, her husband got a new job and they had to move. And they ended up in a house that had an amazing garden. And she even had images of roses on her map. And when she looks out one of her windows, she sees roses. This was not it wasn’t like she said, I’m going to move and I want a house and it’s going to have it was just a it was something that called her. It’s like I want I just she was called to put butterflies she was and maybe this is how its treasure map. This is how X marks the spot. We how we talk to each other. Hey, I’ve seen a bunch of butterflies, this might mean something. Yes, so there’s this part about maps that are hard, that are concrete, like, like my friend had this very specific car. There’s nothing wrong with that. But then there’s these others that are kind of more ephemeral, that will speak to you will mean something to you, maybe much later, and you will know it until it happens. Alright, so I’m going to share with you my map. It’s just like such a big deal for me. But anyway,

Amanda Pua Walsh 28:01
it’s very intimate. Thank you.

Tracy Cook 28:03
I’m willing to be intimate. So that always put a picture of yourself and your name. And I last year I really wanted to put this map when my son was younger and I wanted to put this this picture on my map, because I had just like lost some weight and I felt like it looked good. Okay, I will never do that again. Because my son is so little then I felt like I spent a lot of the year getting Misty about the old days. Oh, interesting. Okay, okay. Yeah, not gonna do that again. I think that might have been the first time I renewed something like that. Okay, getting Misty about my son. Oh, remember when he was really living? We would go to the park and okay, why am I getting I’m getting too wrapped up in it. So I won’t be doing that. But you put your when you put your picture on your map. Oh, that reminds me before I say anything, I need to say this because my map won’t make sense. Until I show you this. You can do the map any way you want. You can make it a circle. You can paint it, you can put pictures in you can draw, I don’t care. It’s your map, do whatever you want. But one thing that my friend and I had recommended years and years 20 years ago, and I is we follow the Feng Shui. So here’s the Bagua for Feng Shui.

Amanda Pua Walsh 29:16
Again, if you’re on the podcast listening, Tracy is is showing a visual right now that would help you understand what she’s saying. But go ahead if we can you

Tracy Cook 29:25
so So imagine this is your map. So down here, maybe some black, this is career. Blue is not knowledge and self self cultivation. Green is family. Purple is wealth and prosperity. Red is fame and reputation. And fame is kind of weird in this land of tik tok that we’re all in I’m not necessarily saying that kind of thing. It’s how you present yourself to the world

Amanda Pua Walsh 29:55
How you want to be known kind of

Tracy Cook 29:57
yeah and how you are out there. Relationship hips are pink. And then children and creativity are here. And then this is also travel, but it’s helpful people. And this is also like gray. And it’s people who maybe die. And it’s spirituality and faith. And health is in the center. So the reason why I’m drawn to…

Amanda Pua Walsh 30:18
Is there a place we could Google what you just showed us? Yeah, you

Tracy Cook 30:22
You can Google Bagua you can just put Feng Shui Bagua and all.

Amanda Pua Walsh 30:27
How do you spell Bagua?,

Tracy Cook 30:28

Amanda Pua Walsh 30:30
Okay, go. Thanks, Ray, which is F E and G

Tracy Cook 30:36
it’s a S H U I

Amanda Pua Walsh 30:39
and then Bagua, B, A, G, U, A, and you’ll see this this image that we’re looking at, and you can use that to, to determine where you play certain things on your map.

Tracy Cook 30:50
Now, if this is all too wonky, and it’s like, oh, no, don’t don’t make me that’s too much. My brain is overwhelmed. I totally get it. You don’t have to do it. The reason why I do it is, and the reason why I’m throwing it out to everybody is I, as one who’s been doing this for a long time, I don’t want your map to only be about love. I don’t want your map to only be about health, I don’t want your map to only be about work. I don’t want your map to only be about family, I want you to mix it up, I want you to have a well rounded experience. I for the for this new year. That helps me it helps me stay on point. Well, what do I just to take a moment? Well, what do I want for my family this year? That’s why I like it, again, might not might not be anybody else’s jam, that’s fine, you do what you got to do. But I’m just this is the reason why I’m presenting. So now having said that, now you know how to map the grid.

Amanda Pua Walsh 31:52
Tracy, as you’re speaking, I’m thinking just from an energetic perspective of why this makes so much sense and why it works. It’s whenever we focus our attention on anything, we are fertilizing it and helping it grow like energy goes where energy flows, where attention goes. And this is just this very conscious, specific effort. And there’s a lot of almost like ceremony around it, which I think ceremony also in ritual, it really, it adds another layer of solidity to whatever you’re trying to bring into your world. And then it also it forces you to get clear on what you want, which half the time I think we’re we’re not getting what we want in our lives, because we’re not clear, we’re not focused. And I remember there was a period of time Tracee, where I really wanted to get out of debt. And so I put the debts, you know, my student loan, and the credit card was after the divorce, and I was steeped in debt. And it was like, I want to get out of this hole, you know, so I put it on my refrigerator. So I saw it every day, like what the debt was, but then I also had little columns for like when I paid it off. Yeah, and and then what the new tally was, and I would celebrate it like, oh, yeah, I just put $10 more towards the debt. And it, it made it so much more substantial and real, to actually have a visual to look at it. frequently. There was a period of time to where I lived in this place where when I would lay in bed, there was this big white space on the wall. And I had whiteboards up there of all of my intentions and all the things I wanted to bring into my life. And I’m living those things today. I’m really living those things today. So I can absolutely see why it’s powerful. totally get why the Aries New Moon would be the right time to really harness the energy and why revisiting it from time to time throughout the year would be a great idea to so it sounds like pull it out at that cancer, New Moon right?

Tracy Cook 34:00
Sure. Well, okay, so that’s so here’s so it depends on your life. If you’re comfortable having your map, my map is up on my wall in my bedroom. A very special moment. When the cable guy came out to fix the TV, it said, and he had the big boots, the big thing and he comes in. He said, Oh yeah, I have a vision board too. That’s awesome. So now I’m explained him lovebirds. I’m like, Okay, well, this is the unicorn way. So I have mine up. I look at it all the time. And throughout the year, I will take a moment and reflect I will 100% Reflect on cancer and on Libra New Moon because that’s the opposite. And on Capricorn. Now I will say this and I want to be very careful about this because I don’t like people thinking they have an out here because that’s not what this is about. We did as a group start doing little edits on the Cancer New Moon. And so if people feel like they’ve been living with their map for three months. And they’re like, You know what? I need to get that off. For example, somebody had their ex boyfriend on their map. And I can’t remember if the boyfriend became ex during the April, May, June, or if he was x before, but she really liked the picture. I’m unclear about that. But by the time she got the cancer, she said, yeah, I gotta get him off that map. And so she got the exacto knife and she got rid of the she got rid of the boyfriend. Good. We all need a little exacto you can do a little edit. But I, especially to my Gemini friends, I don’t want you changing your whole map. Because then you’re you’re screwing around with the energy of your New Moon. You if you get impatient, you think it’s not there. Just take a couple because I don’t want to do anything that goes against the because there was something real that was happening when you put the map together at the at the Aries New Moon. I don’t want to cut against that too hard. But I think a lot of times if I I feel like what I remember, I have to really think this out. It seems when there is a treasure map, an Aries New Moon that has a Mercury retrograde on the chart. If people want to do a little fix, huh,

Amanda Pua Walsh 36:20
that’s not the case this time, right? We’re not going to be

Tracy Cook 36:22
any No, I think people’s authentic voice is going to be ringing loud and clear with this Aries New Moon.

Amanda Pua Walsh 36:30
Okay. All right. So we have we have our, our our timelines, we have April 1, April 4 to actually do it until then now and then we’re going to be gathering supplies and decluttering. We will we’ll expect to potentially see some results of these efforts at the New Moon in cancer, which we have that day, Deena Yeah.

Tracy Cook 36:53
Sorry. I’m using my little I should have had that. That would be on June 28. seven degrees cancer.

Amanda Pua Walsh 37:03
Alright, so June 28, we should check back in and see if we were noticing any growth on our vision.

Tracy Cook 37:11
I believe people will start seeing growth on this one pretty fast. Okay,

Amanda Pua Walsh 37:14
great. We’ll check back in again. And Libra will check back in and grant again it Capricorn. And then this time next year, we could be well this time next year, we will have already started our decluttering process in January.

Tracy Cook 37:27
Yeah, we will be gone it so that we’re not killing ourselves. And we’re not racing.

Amanda Pua Walsh 37:31
Tracy, thank you so much. This is so much fun. If people want to join your specific group. Is there a way to do that? Or is it just I will

Tracy Cook 37:37
My I, I don’t think I can have everybody join my little particular Facebook. But if there’s a lot of interest, I can come in on your group and I can start talking to people right? Fun. Yeah. Because yeah, you’re you’re astrology hub, peeps all know each other. And I can be happy to kind of go in there and, and offer some thoughts. And definitely if I you know, sometimes with the affirmations, I just sometimes I do a little schoolmarm, and you might want to think about this or that, right, awesome. That’s my Sag

Amanda Pua Walsh 38:07
Yes. All right. Well, thank you so much. Tracy has been such a pleasure to share this time with you and to learn about this process. It’s just sounds fun, and light. And I feel like we everybody at this point in the year it like we could use some some hopeful activities that are full of possibility and are just fine light. And if you’re skeptical, just just do a experiment. Just you know, I, I can’t tell you the amount of astrologers I talked to who came into astrology trying to completely debunk it. And it was like, they’re like I became an astrologer because I thought it was BS. And so I wanted to I want to prove that it was Yeah. Oh, astrologers.

Unknown Speaker 38:46
decades. So that could be you with with treasure maps. So yeah, I

Amanda Pua Walsh 38:50
definitely know I’m going to try it. I’m going to do with my daughters, which they live.

Unknown Speaker 38:53
Oh, they’ll and they’ll have so much fun with their map. No, I don’t want that on my map.

Amanda Pua Walsh 38:59
We’ve done them before, but we’ve never done them in alignment with this particular you

Unknown Speaker 39:03
know, you understand this because you live in Hawaii. And you know what a wave looks like. You want to ride that wave? Yes. There’s a sweet, there is a sweet spot. And that is that is the Aries New Moon. That is the way to take us through the year. Yep,

Amanda Pua Walsh 39:17
there’s definitely an if you don’t catch the wave at the right sweet spot, you don’t get a fun ride or you get pummeled or you you know, miss it completely. There’s all kinds of things that can happen. So that makes sense to me. I always think of the astrology as as waves of the ocean is the energetic waves of the universe,

Unknown Speaker 39:36
correct? Yes. We just want to get on time and work with the energies. Yeah,

Amanda Pua Walsh 39:41
yeah. Thank you, Tracy. I’m so glad that I have gotten to meet another unicorn and you’re now sharing your unicorn. This was all of us. And I do to all of you like if there’s things out there, you’re like, that’s just not possible. I will never be able to find someone who blank I will never be able to do something that like whatever Yeah, just remember the unicorns and call all those unicorns in and put those unicorns on your treasure map, and we’ll see happens.

Unknown Speaker 40:09
I mean, this is the first time I broadcasts and treasure map. I’ve kept it to my little small little posse. But this is the first time I really come forward. Like I said, for some I showed my map to you guys. Wow, I am coming out for a reason. Because I think there will be a lot of successes.

Amanda Pua Walsh 40:24
Wow. Oh, that’s so great. Tracy. Thank you. And I know you’ve been doing this for 26 years. So that means a lot like yeah, the first community that you come out publicly and teach the

Unknown Speaker 40:33
private I walk away and I didn’t walk away, but my little cozies that I’m so used to ever Yes. Okay. My Venus in Aquarius need to it’s time to go beyond?

Amanda Pua Walsh 40:43
Yes. Oh, very good. Well, thank you so much for being here with all of us. Thanks to all of you for tuning in. Thank you for playing with us for having fun with this and for sharing your successes and the things that you’ve learned along the way. And thank you as always for making astrology a part of your life. We’ll catch you on the next episode. Take care everyone