[COSMIC CONNECTION] “Are Astrology Predictions Accurate… or even Possible?” w/ Rick Levine

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Is Astrology Even Real?

In this episode, Astrologer Rick Levine and Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh discuss “Are Astrology Predictions Accurate… or even Possible?”

You’ll learn…

    • What most spiritual traditions have to say about fate
    • How Astrologers work with their own biases
    • The difference between concrete and conceptual predictions

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3:01 Are Astrology Predictions Accurate

13:22 Concrete vs Conceptual Predictions

19:29 How accurate is Astrology

33:13 The Importance of Bias

41:47 Free Will and Fate

55:56 Summary

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Amanda Pua Walsh 0:02
Welcome to the Cosmic Connection. This is your place to explore the beauty and order of the cosmos

Rick Levine 0:08
And your connection to it all.

Amanda Pua Walsh 0:10
My name is Amanda Pua Walsh and I’m the founder of astrology head.

Rick Levine 0:13
And I’m Merlin living your cosmic navigator.

Amanda Pua Walsh 0:16
Now let’s dive in.

Rick Levine 0:17
Let’s do it

Amanda Pua Walsh 0:34
Oh, my goodness. That’s Rick there behind the flowers.

Rick Levine 0:38
Are you? Are you sure?

Amanda Pua Walsh 0:40
I am sure I see your shirt. I choked.

Rick Levine 0:43
So, so here, here’s the deal. There you are laminate. Okay.

Rick Levine 0:50
I, as many people probably realized, before we go live, we always have a couple of minutes of you know, kind of reconnecting and, and my two loves this being spring. And actually north of Seattle was one of the largest tulip growing areas in the world. They have tulip festivals. And so tulips take over the world here. And as we went live, or just before we went live, my tulips sitting back here, I just, I just had flower envy because your lilies are so magnificent and the light in your places. So Hawaii, it’s so bright. And you know, and I’m up here in Seattle, where we don’t get sun until the summertime. And, and so I was having flower envy. So that’s why I do bring the flowers forward. Hi.

Amanda Pua Walsh 1:41
Hi. He was adorable. He’s like, gosh, I have flower envy. And he goes, my lips are really much more beautiful than you can tell. And then he brought him up to the screen. It was like, Oh, they aren’t they’re glorious. And I’m really glad that you started the broadcast that way, Rick?

Rick Levine 1:55
Well, flowers are flowers are important,

Amanda Pua Walsh 1:58
They really are they change…

Rick Levine 2:00
When it comes right down to it? We humans are kind of a form of flowers. I mean, we, you know, we flower and then we go to seed.

Amanda Pua Walsh 2:13
I can’t be I am to be here with you today. This is so much fun it was so it’s so great to see your face and hear your voice in that giggle. And it’s so great to be here with all of you as well. Thank you for joining us. And we’re going to be covering an interesting topic today. I think this comes up a lot. And probably many of you have had this thought or these questions, which is are astrology predictions actually accurate? Or even possible? And I have a lot of questions around this, like how much do we once we know something is quote unquote supposed to happen? Do we actually influence or make it come to be? Or you know, like, there’s there’s a lot of questions around this. So I’m very excited to hear your thoughts on this wreck. And we can start wherever you would like to.

Rick Levine 3:01
Well, I’d like to start by answering the question.

Rick Levine 3:04
The question again is,

Amanda Pua Walsh 3:05
are astrology predictions accurate?

Rick Levine 3:08

Amanda Pua Walsh 3:10

Rick Levine 3:11
Okay, and what’s the second part?

Amanda Pua Walsh 3:13
Great, we can just be done now. Or even possible?

Rick Levine 3:17

Rick Levine 3:22
What the hell am I doing with my life?

Rick Levine 3:26
I just I’m tumbling down a rabbit hole of doubt because now I just realized my whole life. No, well, these are actually really good questions. And and and I have to admit, Amanda, although I love our time together. This is not my first go around on this.

Rick Levine 3:49
There’s Yeah, there. I’ve been here before with someone else know if this is a topic that astrologers actually discuss when they are amongst each other is that can you beat when you’re when we’re when we’re when we’re in hanging out with one another. But beyond that, I’m guessing maybe it was four or five years ago now. I sat on a panel at an ISAR conference. ISAR is the International Society for astrological research. And I sat on a panel there were six of us on this panel. And it was a two and a half hour discussion based upon this whole concept of prediction versus forecasting. And I think the topic of that particular panel was his prediction ruining astrology. Now, to make things even just more up to date, this coming weekend, which is the spring equinox. In the Northern Hemisphere, the autumn equinox for our friends on the Downunder. This spring equinox is an international astrology day that was founded actually, when I was a steering committee steering committee member of ATHAN, another astrology nonprofit, we actually got the mayor of San Francisco at that time to declare international astrology day. And it was basically we set that thing in motion. And now, this weekend is full of all kinds of events, including a two day symposium by ISAR, in which Chris Brennan and I are doing a keynote on can astrology predict its own future? Now? Yeah, so it’s, so this discussion that we’re having is very timely, this is not quite the same discussion that Chris and I will have, nor is it quite the same as the panel. But but this whole idea of why do we do astrology? And and, and is it to know the future? And do we expect an astrologer to be able to tell us what’s going to happen? tomorrow, next week, next month, next year, I had a conversation with an astrologer a few days ago. And this astrologer was doubting his their ability as an astrologer because they couldn’t look at the current Full Moon chart, and predict when the war in the Ukraine in Ukraine was going to end.

Rick Levine 6:50
Now this is is brings us to a very important point here, one that I’ve made in our conversations before. And when I make it again, you might recognize that I’ve said this before. But there is this whole illusion around astrologers as having all the answers. having all the answers is basically being able to make what what we would call concrete predictions. Concrete as opposed to general or, or conceptual predictions. And, and we’ll talk a little bit about the difference, because it’s very, very important. But the thing that I’ve said here before, and that I’m going to say again, now, is that astrologers, actually, as a group of people share a foible, with practitioners of modern Western medicine, modern scientists, and practitioners of most fundamental religions. What is it that we astrologers share with those people, most of whom we want to not like? I’m not saying we don’t like them. But we, but it’s like, no, I don’t share anything with those people. What Yes, astrologers do and what they share with those people, is they think they know more than they do. And we as astrologers tend to think we know more than we do. Which is why an astrologer, many astrologers will tell you the exact date that the war in Ukraine will end or will tell you who’s going to win the next election, or who’s going to win the next football game or horse race, because they look at their charts. And they know that’s what it tells them. The problem is that if that actually worked, then we would be in a very different place as astrologers, but part of the problem is, is it works occasionally. I mean, I, we all make predictions that sometimes they’re true. And then for years, we go around, you know, I said two years before it happened. And you know, I have a few in my hat over the years of being online at the beginning of every month where, you know, what I’ve said was very true about something as far as a year or even 10 years out. But that’s different than predicting that a particular team will win a game or predicting that someone will have four children, three girls and one boy. Those are concrete predictions. Now, there are astrologers and entire branches of astrology that would argue with me over this very topic. And in fact, there’s a branches of Vedic Astrology practiced in India, that I don’t want to get too deep into this. But the concept of this particular practice is that every chart that anyone could ever have has been had by someone that there that there is nothing new. And that when you go in for a reading, they just need to find the pre printed version of these hundreds of 1000s of, of readings that they have printed, I think maybe on palm leaves. And they actually will go into a back room and come out with with a reading, and they’ll test to see if it’s yours. You know, do you have two children and the older one named Mary and the younger one named Frank, it’s like, Oh, my God, I do. And I can’t tell you how many stories I’ve heard of people who’ve had this type of reading, which is concretely predictive, I mean, to a crazy, crazy level. But I’m not sure that that’s Astrology. I’m not sure what that is. I mean, look, the information out there is all available, whether you think it’s written in the Akashic records, or whether you believe like many, all, perhaps of the mystical traditions, from all around the world, really believe that although while we’re in a physical form, we have beginning and ending we have birth and death, and therefore time is aligned. The timeline begins with birth and ends with death.

Rick Levine 11:42
However, the mystical traditions pretty much agree on the fact that once were not in body, that everything that has ever happened, and everything that ever will happen, is happening now. That that there is that time is an illusion. Albert Einstein said, time is an illusion, albeit a very persistent one. So, so we have this whole thing about prediction, which is kind of it’s a question that leads us in so many directions. But it’s so basic to what we do is this with astrology? I mean, I’ve had encounters with people that have said, you know, I mean, come on, can you really predict, you know, can you really predict the future? That’s crazy? And I would tell that person I would tell you, I would tell anyone, we all predict the future. Always. That’s that’s what we do. Then the person might go, No, I don’t predict the future. I said, Well, did you ever write an appointment down for something in the future where you had to meet someone at four o’clock on a Tuesday afternoon, in a month and a half, you’re predicting the future. That’s pre dict simply means to pre prior before dict is the same word as diction, or a dictaphone. It’s to speak. And a prediction just simply means to say before. And so if you have a timer or a calendar, in fact, even just knowing that, that Christmas next year is on a Thursday, or whatever day it is, it’s a form of prediction.

Amanda Pua Walsh 13:22
Okay, Rick, a couple follow up questions already. Number one, do you think that astrology increases the probability of an accurate quote unquote, prediction? That’s one hold on? Do you think that bias plays a point at plays a part in not always being able to predict correctly? Okay, then third, and I’ll remind you of these third, what about 2020? Because you have all people in 2019, I will never forget you saying over and over, almost like a broken record. The most important transit of 2019 is the Saturn Pluto conjunction of 2020.

Rick Levine 14:12
January, it was just but by the way, I also went on record saying that the most important event and this was in January of this year, the most important event of February is the New Moon on March 2.

Amanda Pua Walsh 14:26
Yes, you did.

Rick Levine 14:27
I did.

Amanda Pua Walsh 14:28
I’m wondering is I know what you’re saying. There’s the difference between concrete like you’re gonna have four children and these are their names and this is exactly when it’s gonna happen. That’s one kind of prediction, right? But then there’s the energetic read, which I always equate to like a surfer looking at the surf report. You don’t know what the surfers gonna surf that day, but you do know that it’s a day to bring the longboard you know exactly where to go because of the tides in that place. So, can we Okay and what about 2020 are my 3 questions so far.

Rick Levine 15:00
Well, II 2020 is a good example. Because being concretly predictive, may not have been as useful as being conceptually predictive. In other words, going back to the to the, you’ll have four kids, you know, and three of them will be a, you know, girls and one will be a boy, or whatever. That’s, that’s a very concrete prediction. Whereas someone else, practicing more of a, what we would call a psychological, modern psychological astrology, or even a humanistic astrology, or evolutionary astrology might suggest that by looking at your chart, we can see that you’re, you’re nurturing at home and working with innocent, you know, with like, children is really strong in your chart. And that it’s very likely that you might either find yourself working, you know, in a daycare, or be around a lot of kids, or, or, or marry someone who has kids from another marriage, or simply have a number of children yourself. Now, that’s very different than saying you’re going to have four kids, three girls and one boy.

Amanda Pua Walsh 16:22
Okay, so you’re saying that the ladder is possible that you’re going to be surrounded by a lot of children, there’s going to be a lot of I would, I would always,

Rick Levine 16:29
I would always put a conditional in there you may be? We don’t know. Yeah, we don’t know. We think we know, we want so desperately to know. But even when something appears in a chart, it doesn’t always play out the way. It should remember that when the physicists in the early 20th century, began looking at the subatomic particles, they were freaking out, because it was, they were freaking out, because they were in despair, Can God really be, you know, that irregular that he or she, they don’t even follow their own rules. Because these things that we knew, as Newtonian mechanical interactions, that when this hits that it goes there, we can predict all this, that the subatomic level that all falls apart, you know, and this really put a generation of scientists into despair. And I would suggest the same thing happens in our lives, that you know, that there are areas within which we can make predictions. I remember, my friend haven’t seen him in a few years, Fred Wolf, Fred, Alan Wolf, the physicist, kind of saying that, you know, we can talk about quantum potential, you know, and, but, but if you park your car, on the corner of Broadway and third, and you go shopping, you come back, you expected to be there, assuming it wasn’t told or hijacked. But it just doesn’t just pop into another dimension, that when we live in this world, there is cause and effect, or I should say, the provable the illusion of cause and effect. And so we rely on that, we rely on that, that if I do this, that happens. And therefore we take that into realms that if Saturn is going to line up with your moon at some point in your life, that that would be a time when there might be some loss at home or divorce or whatever, which could translate into I’m looking at a client and seeing that transiting Saturn is gonna conjoined their natal moon in three years, and I go, Well, it looks like you’re probably going to get divorced in about three years. That would be a concrete prediction. And that would be a prediction that a I would never make. In fact, I not only would I never make that prediction, I It’s like chalk on you know, this, like the nail fingernail on the chalkboard. If I hear someone who said I went to see an astrologer, and they told me bla bla bla bla, and we’ll get to why that is so problematic, but it is problematic. Now, what were your three questions?

Amanda Pua Walsh 19:29
Okay. Does astrology, make the probability of an accurate prediction higher. So we’re going back to like the betting on games or whatever. If you had astrology as a tool, you might not be 100% accurate. And even financial, this could go into the financial realms to you might not be 100% accurate, but you’re more accurate with the tool than you would be without the tool.

Rick Levine 19:55
I wouldn’t. I wouldn’t say that. I’m in the hands of a good practice. missionaries that should be a yes.

Amanda Pua Walsh 20:02
Okay. And then when we don’t predict well or accurately, is that more the because of the astrologer and the biases that they might carry with them? And,

Rick Levine 20:17
you know, we’d say yes. And I hope this leads to what I think is gonna be Question three. Which was,

Amanda Pua Walsh 20:25
well, I brought in 2020. But that but the so the bias me someone in the in the chat wrote, and I remember this because we had a, we had a panel for the 2016 election, and I don’t want to go super deep into this. But almost every astrologer predicted that Hillary Clinton would win. Right? And there were just a few that said, No, I think Trump’s gonna win. And so afterwards, there was a little bit of reeling because it was like, Whoa, how come they were also wrong, and I’m wondering if that oftentimes has to go with, with like wishful thinking they want.

Rick Levine 20:59
So a couple of things. First of all, I see someone have the chat room now open, someone said that the whole idea of Saturn passing the moon is divorce is too negative, it’s not only too negative, it’s too limiting to concrete. And in fact, once the astrologer makes a prediction like that, it’s not, it’s not confirmation bias, it’s actually more akin to what I would consider to be a homeopathic remedy. Let me I know, I’ve stated this before, maybe a couple of years ago in our conversations. But, you know, when we take a proper homeopathic remedy, there’s not much physicality, there’s not much substance, but there’s a vibration, and that vibration will actually go into the body, and it will loosen something that has been blocked, so that that the illness expresses. In other words, in western medicine, we like to think of illness as a burglar who has stolen into our body, and we kill the burglar. That’s the but in from a point of view of homeopathy, or even some Chinese traditional Chinese medicine, rather than having this dead body now in your body. The The cure is not, is not about killing the burglar. It’s opening all the doors and windows to let the burglar out. Now, what does this have to do with the prediction? It’s, it’s this, that when we give a homeopathic remedy, the more it’s diluted meaning the less substance there is, the more energy there is, the stronger, more powerful and deeper and more resonant. The the effect is, if it hits a right note, you know, it’s like that bridge, I’m actually near where I live called galloping Gertie, that in the 50s. It was built as a magnificent bridge. And, and a wind caught it, it was in exact right harmonic resonance, and the bridge began swaying. And this brand new, huge, magnificent bridge fell fell apart, then there were cars driving on, everyone got off, no one was hurt. But things have an exact resonance. And if you match that resonance, you can take a a glass of this, you know, a plastic glass, but a crystal glass, match the resonance, and it’ll shatter. So here’s the problem with saying, using the negative, you know, saying, Saturn on your moon means a divorce. I’ve experienced a two times round of Saturn on my moon. And one time I actually did leave a relationship. The other time I did not. The thing is here, here, here’s how it works is that if I say something to a client, I’m actually delivering a very, very, very high potency, diluted homeopathic remedy. And so diluted, there’s no physical substance at all. It’s just my words. Now, when I say something to a client, they’re hearing it on a conscious level, then the person is going, No, I know, I was negative about my spouse, I came in and told the astrologer that we’re arguing and I’m kind of, but we’re not going to get divorced. That’s crazy. You know, I mean, we’ve been together for years, and everything will be fine. And and so I, you know, I hear the astrologer saying that, but I don’t believe that. Meanwhile, you know, some 80 or 90% of our brain is unconscious. It’s, we’re not in charge of it. It’s going on and doing its own thing. It’s making our heartbeat and it’s creating anxiety or peace. It’s manufacturing dreams it’s doing, it’s doing all this stuff on a much deeper level. And on that deeper level than on conscious mind registers, February 2020, for divorce, got it.

Rick Levine 25:08
And then as time goes on, as you get into arguments with your spouse, you might feel like you’re working it out. But there’s something in the back of your mind. That’s building a case for, yeah, this is not going the way I wanted to, then I’m not even gonna argue with him or her about that, because we’ve been here before. And you end up working yourself. There’s this old Reader’s Digest story from way back of this hot day, and this guy wanting to borrow a lot, his lawnmower breaks down, and he wants to borrow a lawn mower from his neighbor. And he’s walking, you know, you know, toward his neighbor’s house. It’s really hot. And he’s remembering God, about 12 years ago, I borrowed a lawn mower from him. And, and, and I told him, I bring it back later in the day, but it was like two weeks later, and I felt so terrible. And he starts thinking about this and doubting and blah, blah, and he finally gets to the neighbor’s house, and he knocks on the door, and the neighbor goes, Hey, Bill, and he goes, keep your fucking lawn mower and walks away. What do you see? This is what we do? Yeah, so it’s not that the astrologer, it’s not that people do things to please or to fulfill the image of the astrologer is that the astrologer is not an objective bystander. Once you see an astrologer, that astrologer has influenced the directionality of your life. And depending upon the biases of the astrologer, whether they know their own biases or not, is another very important issue. Because I would say that, unfortunately, I would say that if you’re going to be a union analyst, you have to go through the process of individuation, of union therapy, so that you know, where all the signposts are along the way. So that when you’re working with your client, and they’re experiencing something, you know, what’s yours and what’s theirs. And unfortunately, astrologers don’t have to do that, that, that there’s a difference between going to a medical doctor, a healer, an astrologer, a counselor, a priest, a minister, between going to one of these people who have done their work, I shouldn’t say done it as if it’s in the past, there is no end, who are actually doing their work, whatever that means. And those who are not, then those who are not don’t even know what they’re projecting, are throwing on to clients. And it can be very dangerous. And I have, I mean, I have story after story after story of clients that I’ve seen, who said, Yeah, I ask every client, have you ever been doing astrology before? And you know, I’m not asking you who I don’t need to know names. But how was it? What do you remember from it? And, and although I often get a, Oh, I saw someone 12 years ago, and it was amazing. And he or she talked to me for hours and told me one cool thing after another, no one else could have known it. It was really, really good and really confirming. And I said, So what do you remember from it specifically? Well, I can’t remember any one thing that I’ve decided along the way, I want to be the one that if you had a reading from Rick Levine, 23 years ago, what do you say that sucker said, blah, blah, blah. And just one thing, just one thing that in some way, was like that homeopathic thing that resonated. But I don’t want to make that decision for you. That’s to whether or not you’re going to process the Saturn transit, toward a divorce or toward a reconfirmation of the relationship that you already have. That’s your deal, not mine. Although it’s real easy to use astrology, and to jump to conclusions and make predictions. I think it’s inherently very dangerous.

Amanda Pua Walsh 29:01
Oh, oh, gosh, it’s so many questions out of just what you what you just

Rick Levine 29:05
said. We’re still on the three questions that you had before, though. Yeah, could you? Could you say what those are, again? Because there were a couple of things I know I needed to address and I didn’t yet

Amanda Pua Walsh 29:15
we didn’t address is the probability higher? You said yes.

Rick Levine 29:19
Well, the probability is higher. But we need to ask why. And that and in other words, sometimes the probability is higher, because the astrologer just really knows his or her or their stuff. And they said something correct. But I would say that it’s difficult to know whether that was the case, or whether there was something resonant in the person that that wouldn’t have happened if the astrologer hadn’t said that.

Amanda Pua Walsh 29:47
Yeah, I can definitely see that in a person’s individual life. Would you say that’s also true for mundane astrology where you’re looking at the

Rick Levine 29:55
true because one person, I give you a good example. You know, we Talking about the the Saturn Pluto conjunction of January 2020, being the most important event of 2019 stretching that calendar a little bit at the previous opposition. In the fall of 2001. Rob hand wrote an article for the mountain astrologer many people know Rob is the guy who wrote, you know, planets in transit and some of the most important modern reference books that that we have. I always refer to rob as the academic dean of astrology on the planet. But Rob hand wrote an article for the mountain astrologer, and it was the September issue. But he wrote the article on Easter Sunday. And in the article, it says, I’m writing this on Easter Sunday of 2001. And such and such engage that’s that’s the point of view that he’s coming from. The article, as it was published, did not concretely predict the bombing of the World Trade Tower, which was at the Saturn Pluto opposition in September of 2001. But the article appeared over a three column three column text with the headline on the top something like, you know, upcoming Saturn or the nature of Saturn, Pluto opposition, or something like that. There were three columns. But but the far left column had no text in it. And it was a full length page glassine off at nondescript office building that was on fire in the middle with a Phoenix coming out of the building. Whoa, predictive hmm, he never said. Now there are astrologers that I know who said that there would be a likely terrorist attack in New York in September. So there are astrologers using very specific techniques who predicted that. But there are also astrologers using very specific techniques, who predicted that for other days, other months, we don’t hear those we don’t remember those. We remember the ones that were were accurate. But the point here being that when I’m working with you, as a client, when I say has impact, if I’m saying something about the zeitgeist of what’s out there, my voice becomes lost in the wind, unless enough people say it and then begin to believe it, which is kind of what’s happening now on a much deeper level, that we have these incredible bifurcations not only in the United States, but even in Russia, where you have people believing this is true, and believing that’s true. And there are people who are going, well, those people are just living in a world of false news. They’re just making this up. But those people will say, Well, the other people are just living in a false world. They’re just making things up. And, you know, although I know I’m right, and you’re wrong. How do I really know.

Amanda Pua Walsh 33:13
Really great distinctions there about that question of is the probability higher? I think you covered the bias question, which was the second part of this, which was, I do have

Rick Levine 33:24
something to say on that. And that is our convention, this is about five years ago, this ISAR is an international organization, they have chapters or, or local organizations, I think now in in 49 countries. I mean, it’s, it’s it’s huge. And at this particular conference, the conference open this was a conference that was in, I guess, it was in the fall of 2015. And the conference opened with a panel discussion on the election. This was the Hillary Clinton versus Donald Trump election. And the opening panel was all American. There were eight people on the panel, or six, I think there were eight people and there were all Americans. The convention or conference closed three days later, with a similar panel, but they were all non Americans. These are conferences, that I mean, one of the magical things are is that I think there were people from 35 or 36 Different countries at that at that conference. Now that you referred to this in your opening statements, but the fact of the matter was that of the eight people in the United States, I think six of them basically said this election has some problems. There’ll be there were all kinds of everyone had a story about something being odd about this election. However, six people basically came down with Hillary Clinton would win, and two people, both of whom Polit, both of whom are whose politics I know, both of whom are? Let’s just say more, right? Or more, more, more, right? Not incorrect, but more right wing, more Republican more, you know, red than blue Liberal Democrat, that the two people who were said Trump would win, were both much more biased towards Trump winning.

Amanda Pua Walsh 35:27
And were the other 60 you know, their politics, were they more

Rick Levine 35:31
like, like many or maybe even most astrologers, you know, they were they tended toward left wing, you know, kind of radical, futuristic, liberal, whatever all those labels might be that mean that that is the predominance in the astrology community and world. But it’s, it’s not a de facto thing. I mean, there. But the point here was, that was a perfect concrete example of this, you know, kind of bias that we come into things with, and, and I’ve been criticized a book every month on my YouTube channel. And sometimes even here, when we do the monthly forecast, we have people commenting, I like Rick Levine’s astrology, but I wish he would keep his politics out of it. You know, and I and I, even more so, because of the nature of astrology hub as being God, I really do my best to tone that down here. But what am I my own, I don’t necessarily want to push it on other people. But I think it’s important for people to know what an astrologers bias is. Because whether they admit their bias or not, their bias is likely impacting what they’re saying. And so the person that we’re saying it to, should have the right to know that you’re saying this, because you believe bla bla bla bla, absolutely down to your core. And of course, you’re gonna say this. And I’ve said for many, many years that the mark of a good astrologer is not being able to accurately predict the future, it’s being able to accurately find something in a chart that they already know about.

Amanda Pua Walsh 37:21
Say that, again, I don’t think I understand what you mean by that.

Rick Levine 37:23
That, that it’s not about the accuracy of predicting the future. It’s to be able to take something I know, you’re, I know, you’re a kind person. So I look at the chart, and I go, Well, look, you have Venus conjunct in the moon, in cancer, you’re really a kind person, you’re, you know, that we tend to look at things sometimes backwards and call that well. And it is important to be able to do that. I wrote an article many years ago, entitled predicting the past. Because I think sometimes it’s more important to look back and, and see what happened on a certain date or time, then to make conjecture as to what will happen into the future. And so this whole idea of kind of bias is incredibly important. And it’s not always it’s not always in good taste, to tell everyone, all of your biases, right. But it’s sometimes really important when you’re treading on, on, on vulnerabilities and on stuff that might have some, some some deep emotions to it. It’s really important for the astrologer to not pretend towards neutrality, unless they actually feel that way. And there are issues that that I don’t have an opinion on this or that cool. But there are other issues where I feel very strongly about this. And I have a client who feels very strongly about that. I have to be able to acknowledge that client, meet them and say, you know, I just saw that clear. I don’t necessarily agree with this. But I want to encourage you because I see what you’re saying I can hear what you’re saying. And I don’t everyone doesn’t have to be like me, but you need to know that as we’re talking about this. I’m coming from a different place just so you don’t miss read what I’m saying about you are your chart. Honesty, that’s all its integrity,

Amanda Pua Walsh 39:23
that’s also a lot of ability to be self aware and self reflective

Rick Levine 39:28
will get to the point that if you are not doing your own work, you should not be in this field. And I say that not I mean, I know people I know. Astrologers healers, who go oh no, I’ve done my work. I’m enlightened. There’s that resting as being enlightened. There’s a process of, of realizing or striving towards enlightenment, every moment of your life. Because just because you were enlightened last Thursday, you can still be an asshole today.

Amanda Pua Walsh 40:01
Okay, so we have the probabilities. This is very nuanced. I mean, it’s very complicated as, as you pointed out with all these different caveats, and it is, I love being able to talk to someone like you who’ve been practicing Astrology for so many years. And you’ve seen it all

Rick Levine 40:20
1000s of years,

Amanda Pua Walsh 40:22
1000s and 1000s of years, right? This is so beneficial for all of us. Because like you said, this is not your first time having this discussion, really thinking through these these issues, and addressing them. I have a friend who recently said that, she went to an astrologer who said, in a few months, you’re going to meet a man, and this is going to be the man for you. And he’s going to be a Virgo. And so now she’s out there like looking for this Virgo, who’s going to be the man. And it’s almost impossible to get that suggestion out of your head once it’s in there. Yeah, there

Rick Levine 40:59
is the old thing of don’t think of pink elephants. Don’t think of pink elephants,

Amanda Pua Walsh 41:04
right? So now she’s seen Virgo men every you know. So I hear what you’re saying too about it, it being a huge responsibility for the astrologer to be very careful about what they’re suggesting.

Rick Levine 41:17
But here’s the problem. And the problem is that everything that’s ever happened, and everything that ever will happen, is happening now. There are people who are gifted, who can simply go out and pick up on things that might not happen until three months or a year, but pick up on them. Because their probability now is very, very strong that they will happen. Now. I’ve seen people

Rick Levine 41:48
again, well, no, I’m not gonna mention names here. But I know someone who had a Tarot reading and, and the tarot reader said, you’re going to meet someone on an airplane, you know, who is this type of job. And, and you’re going to fall in love, and you’re going to marry him. And, and 30 years later, I know these people, they’re still married, they met on a plane going on going to a, a spiritual trip in a foreign country. And one of the people was one of the speakers on the trip, then the other person was the person who had her cards read, then they just sat next to each other on an airplane from, you know, New York to someplace in the ancient world. And boom, that was it. Now, I’ve seen this again, and again and again, where people actually do that. But I’ve also seen this with people who don’t even have or look at a chart. I know many people have had experiences with psychic readers or whatever. And I’ve had many, but I have had, I had one in particular. And I don’t want to tell the story completely other than I sat down in a room with a person I never met before, never met me, he was from another country. And he put on a tape recorder never asked me my name. And he closed his eyes. And for the next half hour. He said one thing after another that like he was reading my diary, which I never kept, by the way. But I mean, complete with people’s names and dates and times. And I mean crazy, crazy level of detail. Like he was like, like he’d been tracking me for the last couple of months, and for the next few months, and but he didn’t even use astrology. He just got it directly off the airwaves. And I think that when we look at a chart, often it does something that’s magical, regardless of how scientific we want it to be. It opens up a portal, it opens up a doorway. And I know some psychic mediums who do not practice astrology, but they know they know the signs and the planets. And they will always do a chart for a client that they’re doing a reading for, but they can’t really read the chart. They know that that’s the sun and the moon. They know that but somehow when they look at that chart, that’s what opens the door and everything just the floodgates open in a way they go. I believe that astrology is a really useful crutch. It allows us to have a mechanistic way of approaching this part of the universe, which is as of yet unformed. And that as of yet unformed is the critical word because the ancients believed that the universe was much more fated than we do. And, and I don’t want to fall too deeply into this. Other than many people know that I gave a lecture in Calcutta in Calcutta. Kolkata is the new way saying it India Several years ago at the Krishna Murty Institute, and I gave a lecture on fate versus free will from a quantum perspective, and it blew everyone away. Because these are people who have come from an astrology that is very fated. But there are ways that you can do things, to ameliorate the fates to to remedy them, whether it’s through gemstones or chanting or certain actions or puja, various things. But our modern view has leaned so far to the freewill aside, that we’ve lost touch with the fact that if someone pushes us out of a 20 story window, we’re going to hit the ground and die. You know that there is that there is fate. And there is freewill. And astrology works somewhere in between, where it actually can at times, take the indeterminate quantum wave function, which is light as waves, everything just flowing, what Deepak Chopra would call, you know, the indeterminate quantum field of possibilities. And yet an astrologer looks at a chart goes, pop, and takes out of that field, one particular thing and says, That’s fate, that two particle, not a wave. And so what we do as astrologers is we pop the quantum wave function. But when we do that, we’re doing it as if we’re close enough, chances are, it’s going to gap or spark over the gap, and fulfill what it is that we’ve said, whether or not it was going to happen, before we set it.

Amanda Pua Walsh 46:43
This is a unique challenge when you’re setting astrology yourself. And so you’re reading books, and you’re hearing about transits. And then you have all that information in your head. And then you look at your own chart. And, and you you don’t

Rick Levine 46:58
I’m sorry, I was too busy interrupting you to hear what you said.

Amanda Pua Walsh 47:03
Just finishing the same thought, which is when you’re actually studying astrology, and then you have all the book information in your head, and you look at an upcoming transit, and something about that transit is confirmed with what the book said. And then are you bringing that into reality for yourself?

Rick Levine 47:21
And the answer is, yes, maybe some and, and knowing it then becomes a question of what’s, you know, that that whole saying of go with the flow, and then the contrary to that is only dead fish go with the flow? You know, that part? Well, well, there are times when we want to swim against the current, right. And, and there are times when we want to say to the universe, no, you know, and those times can be very important when we resist, in fact, this is part of Saturn’s job. You know, if you think of a river flowing to the ocean, that’s what a river, his job is to find sea level. And then it’ll do that in the course of least resistance, and we’ll take the fastest way possible to get to the ocean level. Now, if we very cleverly create some mud around a place where a river is flowing, or even concrete, we can dam up that river. So that water is used to irrigate farms, it’ll still get to the ocean. But first it’s used here. And then we make another dam and we divert it to a reservoir for drinking, or for and, and so we actually can take the natural flow of energy, and using Saturn and Jupiter, Saturn restraint, Jupiter flow, using these regulators, we actually have the ability to control the, the, the flow, and this, in fact is what yoga is yoga, which comes from the word you, which is the yoke of an oxen, the yoke of an oxen basically takes that raw power energy of an oxen, and it basically gives us the ability to control it, so that we can plow a field. Now, this is basically, the higher use of looking at timing in a chart is rather than saying the course of least resistance says that the water here will be in the ocean next Thursday. That’s the course of least resistance. However, the astrologer could say, you know, the waters flowing here, and next Saturday, or the around there, you have the ability, you know, to actually spend some time holding that water back, because in doing that, you may actually be able to produce something concrete, that once that water flows onto the ocean, you’ll have something left from that little experience, rather than just experiencing it as a day of whitewater rafting or something. You know, what I’m saying is that is that there’s a difference between astrology as a tool of prediction, which many people want to use many people do use, many people use it not only in stock market work in commodities, in sports and gambling, but also in client work. I have astrologer friends that says if someone asks me whether this is a good idea or not, or whether you know what, you know whether they should go this way or that way, I’ll tell him, that’s what they want to know. That’s what they’re paying me for. That’s, that’s my job. My job is not that my job is to help you better understand the intersection that you’re at, is to help you better understand the flow of the cycles within which you live. So that you can make your decision rather than me telling you that you’re going to get divorced, because I just came off of a, you know, 10 year bad marriage, and the divorce was the greatest moment of my life. Because I finally got out from under this horrific. This isn’t me, by the way, I’m just making this up.

Rick Levine 51:01
But but for one person a divorce is like, is like a Nobel Prize, then for another person, it’s like, but I’m worse than being sent to the principal’s office, because you’ve obviously failed in life, then. So whatever my bias is, I have to be careful about encouraging that. It’s the same bias as you look at a chart, you know, and the person tells you, they’re in a struggle in a relationship, you know, and that their boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, partner, whatever, has a Capricorn moon, and you go, you know, the Capricorn moons man, I was, I was married to a woman for, you know, for 20 years, who had a Capricorn moon and man was she bad news, you know, I wasn’t, by the way. But we immediately identify with that person, or, you know, and jump on the bandwagon of beating up this person without remembering that in any interaction, there are always three different ways of perceiving that interaction. There’s a way of perceiving it, from my perspective, your perspective, and then a higher perspective, what actually happened three different ways. Anyhow, we got a little bit off track here. But this is all tied into this illusion that we can predict the type. This psychic told me that I was going to get a flat tire in my front right tire in about three months. And I did. What good did it know for me to know that? I had my tires checked? Yeah, it still got the damn flat. Does it know what purpose it can sue that our mind to think that we know, but then that takes away the responsibility that we have to change something that we if someone says this is what’s going to happen? I go, Well, why bother doing anything? It’s going to happen? You know, I’ll go fishing. Why work on that? If that’s gonna happen anyhow?

Amanda Pua Walsh 53:03
Do you draw any distinction between what you’re saying? For certain types of astrology versus like horary? Astrology, for example?

Rick Levine 53:15
Well, I don’t for a good reason. I don’t do horary astrology.

Amanda Pua Walsh 53:20
Okay, so that’s not something you’ve really studied in depth, and it’s not

Rick Levine 53:24
studied. I know enough rules. horary is a rules driven science, if you will. I just don’t do it. I just, I’ve seen people I’ve seen I’ve seen a woman at a conference who have lost her passport. And, and there was an astrologer, they’re a well known astrologer. But I’ll leave him nameless in this. Who said I can help you find it hang on a second. And he did a chart for the moment that that, you know, she was like, I’m gonna I got a plane tomorrow to a foreign country. I’m going home Do I remember where Argentina and I’ve looked everywhere. And there’s three or four other people who have done horror Aires and no one can find he goes, they don’t know how to do how to do her or you I can find it. Then he does a chart. And he says, he says it’s at the top of the bed. If you’re facing the wall, it’s on the far left side. And it’s falling down behind that. And it’s like between the mattress and the wall. And sure enough, it was there. And he explained how he got that from from from the chart. And I’ve seen so many astrologers over the years, who I think are amazing astrologers explain exactly where they get the magic that they got from a chart, but it’s not always reproducible, because I believe more often than that person would like to admit, or even knows that they get what it is and then they see it in the chart. They don’t see it in the chart and then get what it is. So I’m not saying what doesn’t work, please don’t misinterpret me that I’ve been to some brilliant presentations by some of the best horror astrologers in the world. And there are some really good horror, airy astrologers. I just, I just don’t do it. It’s, it’s not part of my practice. It’s not part of my practice.

Amanda Pua Walsh 55:23
But that’s a really interesting idea you just brought in, which is art do they already know. And then they’re able to see it in the chart versus the chart is the thing showing them? And I’m the maybe there’s really no, not much of a difference between those two things

Rick Levine 55:36
doesn’t matter, they get to there. It’s the same, it’s the same thing as the psychic saying, I don’t know astrology. But when I look at the chart, I know everything about the person’s life.

Amanda Pua Walsh 55:46
Right. Okay. So if I were to summarize some of the main points, basically, first of all, this is a very complicated question that I posed to you. And I can see why you had a two and a half hour panel on it, because and it probably could have lasted for days. Essentially, what you’re saying is that in terms of accuracy, and prediction, that it seems to be a little bit more of an interplay between psychic abilities. And this idea that everything already is happening and has happened all at the same time. And some people have a very amazing way of being able to read that or see that. And so it’s an interplay between psychic abilities and the tool of astrology and that the tool of Astrology can be a very useful crutch, or like you said, like almost like a magic geometry that opens up some of those psychic abilities, and increases the probability of being able to make an accurate prediction. Yeah, you You brought up a very important distinction as well that there is a difference between concrete prediction and astrology is ability to do that, versus more like energetic prediction that that opens up a realm of probabilities or possibilities.

Rick Levine 57:07
Ark, archetypal archetypal would be a good word working with the archetypes.

Amanda Pua Walsh 57:13
Yes, and that there’s a spectrum of possibilities within that archetypal energetic stamp.

Rick Levine 57:19
Because teams the words of Rick Tarnas archetypes are multi Vaillant, you know, Valence is where two things cross or something, hide something else, or in subatomic, or in the atomic theory, it’s electrons that are shared is the valence, because they they’re hidden, they go both ways. And multi valence simply means that well, m m by valence means that it’s not, it doesn’t mean I’m indecisive. That means that I’m decisive in two ways. I connected and by both ways ambivalent, and by valence, but multi valent is really how predictive astrology really works. And that is, for as many stories as I could make up about transiting Saturn conjunct in the person’s Moon, the person in front of me will tell a different story. That’s their experience of it. Because it’s multi valent. There’s all there’s an infinite number of ways for these energies to play out. And if I force my way that’s in my mind on you. My problem with answering a question or over predicting, is that I’m really good at it. We say if you’re really good at it, why don’t you do it? Well, I don’t do it, because I’m really good at it. Because if I give you an answer, it sounds plausible enough that you’re going to stop your search, you’re going to stop your questioning, and you’re going to take my answer is your answer. But my answer isn’t your answer. It’s my answer. And so I’m very careful when I’m with a client not to answer their questions, because they don’t want my answer. They would, that’s not always true. Often, we want a parental, you know, whether it’s real parent or energetically, often, we want someone to say, just do that. Forget about that. Just do it. Okay. And it takes, but it’s not necessarily from a psychological perspective or a perspective of spiritual growth. It’s not necessarily the wisest thing to go through life and have other people make important decisions for you.

Amanda Pua Walsh 59:24
You know, I feel like I hear this most from those of you more seasoned astrologers, because I think you’ve been around the block on this a lot of times and Judith Hill said something similar. Like she’s really good at it. So she doesn’t do it. Yeah. And yeah, that’s,

Rick Levine 59:39
I totally respect you. It’s work. i Yeah, yeah.

Amanda Pua Walsh 59:42
She’s amazing, too. Okay. So the other thing you that I pulled out of this is, as an astrologer, it’s very important for you to do your inner work, whatever that means for you, so that you’re aware of your own biases. And when you have those acknowledging them. And sometimes when necessary, acknowledging them with your client is a really good idea. If you’re not an astrologer, and you’re going for a reading, really important to use discernment about who you choose to, to give me your reading, because what they say can actually influence your path in a very profound and powerful way. So being very, very discerning about the people that you decide to have readings with.

Rick Levine 1:00:29
Yeah, I’ve known astrologers, who would, who would actually would end a reading, if the person was in a extramarital affair, because their belief was so strong about it, they didn’t want to have anything to do with it. I mean, they were very upfront about it, you know, they would say, This is what I can’t help you here, because this is go, this goes against my grain, my belief, another friend, who actually was a very well known astrologer, again, I’m not gonna say names, but people might recognize this person, who was, you know, just very traditional, and let’s just leave it as very traditional and his ideas about relationships, and was not okay, you know, with any form of either homosexuality or gender fluidity on any level. And it was something that he chose not to go to in his life. And therefore, this was one of his things he would not he would not take clients with those, you know, with those proclivities or issues or, or ways of life. And I think it’s really important for astrologers, to know what their limits are, everyone has some place, that they’re not not going to go beyond that, you know, whatever that place is, you know. And it’s important to know, what pushes your buttons that gets you excited enough to respond in some way that almost becomes canned, that may have nothing to do with the person you’re sitting in front of.

Amanda Pua Walsh 1:02:04
Right? And that goes to the different traumas that you’ve had. Exactly. If you’re triggered in that moment, you’re right, you’re not going to be seeing the person with any sort of

Rick Levine 1:02:15
pain. And I’m gonna say it again, right? And I’ll say this, again, anyone who says, oh, yeah, well, I’ve done my inner work hasn’t, because it’s not a thing of the past ever, no matter how together, we might feel today, the thing is get retriggered rebirth, you know, it’s the onion that grows faster on the inside than we can peel it on the outside. And we have our stuff and, and, and what we, the closest we can get to enlightenment, is the ability to process stuff, either as it’s happening, or just before it happens. You know, and, but, you know, I like to think of myself as relatively conscious, but I can tell you, I’m not going to tell you some of the horrific things that I’ve done in my I’m not saying horrific from a, you know, legal or, you know, but I’ve done some things that were not necessarily what I would consider retrospectively to be okay. At the moment, I didn’t necessarily know it, does that make me? You know, absolve me of that? I don’t know, on some level, maybe. Yes. And on another level, maybe no, but but we all have that that’s part of being human. And part of being human is also understanding. The next client that I have that says, Well, yeah, this is my last lifetime. I want to strangle him. I mean, I’m not gonna do that. But this idea that we can just decide that we’re going to get off the you know, the, the the merry go round that we’re gonna get off the karmic wheel. I’m done. Yeah, no, no, done my work. I’ve done I did therapy for five years. I’m okay. And, you know, and I’m done. And in fact, I’m not coming back. I’ve This is my last life. There’s my biases.

Amanda Pua Walsh 1:04:07
Exactly. I’m maybe they know, maybe they’re, I don’t know.

Rick Levine 1:04:11
Yeah, maybe.

Amanda Pua Walsh 1:04:12
But what I what I thought of when we were talking about the biases and even when you brought in like a Capricorn moon, we have astrological biases, that being aware it’s almost like making a list, what are my biases, or even just asking, walking with that question, what are my biases and then being aware of them? And at some point, just bringing that awareness to them so that you know when you’re going into situations Oh, wow. But I do have a bias against Capricorn moons. So maybe

Rick Levine 1:04:42
almost every new client when I do the this, when we’ve done the live stuff, when I do my work with my patrons

Amanda Pua Walsh 1:04:53
with Capricorn moons, by the way, I knew that someone was gonna ask that question. Actually, someone on our team is a Capricorn then too, and I was like, Oh no, we’re using this too many times. That’s just a for example.

Rick Levine 1:05:04
Sorry. Yeah, no, it’s a for example. Um, yeah, yeah, it’s a for example, and again, what makes a sign? What, what makes a Capricorn Moon difficult for one person and not for another? Let’s switch gears, let’s say a Sagittarian. Moon because God and Sagittarians are, are you know, they’re cool. You know, like more astrologers would rather be reincarnated as Sagittarius than any other sign. Because Sagittarians don’t cast shadows. I mean, you know, then they don’t have to do shadow work because they don’t have shadows, everything. Everything is joopa terian. Lee on the up and up and everything is great. And that itself is is the problem. But, but let’s say that in my chart, let’s say I have Mars, let’s say that I have Mars in Pisces square Saturn in Sagittarius, my natal chart, I this is not me. But let’s say I have Mars in Pisces square Saturn in Sagittarius. I meet someone with a Sagittarius mood, I hate them immediately. You know, because my Saturn is on their moon, then. So I feel like you know, I need to control them and my Mars is square that moon then therefore it whether or not there’s anything wrong, I feel like they’re always arguing with me. So the bias actually goes deeper than just what I think I think it’s also what’s in my chart what’s in your chart. And but I was gonna say a little bit earlier, I’m gonna say now, when I see a new client that I’m working with in teaching, I almost always asked what’s your favorite planet? What’s the least favorite thing in your chart? Because that tells me more about the person than saying then asking them what’s your Sun Moon and Rising Sign? You know, one person will say my favorite thing in my chart is my Saturn in the sixth house. The next person will say the thing I hate more in my chart than anything is my Saturn in the sixth house. Good and bad is what we do with it. It’s not what happens.

Amanda Pua Walsh 1:07:13
Right? Oh my gosh. Okay. We just love you, Rick. Thank you so much. Um, there’s so much here. Okay, so I’m gonna go No. No, yeah, almost.

Rick Levine 1:07:26
Nevermind. Alright. The only other

Amanda Pua Walsh 1:07:28
thing that you said. I mean, the answer the question? Are astrology predictions accurate? Or even possible? It’s like, yes, sometimes they’re accurate. And some people are uniquely gifted and whether or not it’s astrology is the question mark. Or even possible? You’re saying? Yes, but be really careful. Yeah. And there’s a lot of things to think about when you’re doing that. Yeah. And but but

Rick Levine 1:07:53
in the first part of that question is astrology or astrology predictions accurate? If we say yes, they can be accurate. We have to also know that someone can make predictions with a high degree of accuracy without being an astrologer.

Amanda Pua Walsh 1:08:08
True, exactly. is the only thing that can be accurate and making predictions.

Rick Levine 1:08:14
Yeah, astrology is a good map. It’s not the only map and it’s not reality. And part of what the problem is for many of us, either practicing or learning astrology is that we confuse the map with reality. I am not an Aries with cancer moon. I am me and my chart happens to possess an Aries sun and a cancer moon. But that’s a map. It’s not it’s not me.

Amanda Pua Walsh 1:08:43
Right? Okay, so Livia says Now we immediately need another class to regain our faith in astrology,

Rick Levine 1:08:50
okay. Because we can trust the archetypes and the consistency of movement and the relationships between the planets. The one I mean astrology is not built on faith any more than mathematics is you know astrology in the words of the now late great James Hillman. Astrology isn’t something to believe in. It’s something to know about. It’s something to use if it’s applicable. And so the the thing is, is that is that if your faith in astrology as giving you an ultimate answer has been shattered. Well, then, congratulations. You’ve been dis illusioned which always sounds like a horrible thing. Oh, that person so disillusioned. What it means is that they’re living in the real world, not in the world. They’re living in the world of Saturn, not of Neptune, because Neptune is the world of illusion, and it’s damn good to be dis illusioned on the other hand, is great to have the illusions. Because illusions like dreams are the scaffolding upon which Saturn builds reality. So it’s a dance. But if you’ve lost your faith in astrology because of what I’ve said, then you need to, on some level, open your mind as to what astrology is, because astrology is not a symbol. And I say is not, for me, is not a system of concrete prediction. Although, if you want to refine the faith in that astrology, there are astrologers out there who believe that Astrology can be concretely predictive, go find them, I mean, they are there. They are our contemporaries. They are on the on, they have been lunation guides and on the astrology hub. And they are some of them among some of my most treasured friends and brilliant astrologers. It’s just we all have to find our own relationship with astrology. And this is the relationship that I’ve found. It works for me, if it doesn’t work for you. Were something different.

Amanda Pua Walsh 1:11:10
Perfect, Rick, thank you so much. You are so good at holding so many different perspectives on one thing at the same time. And I think that’s why we we we do love you here and why you can bring in things, even around politics in a way that still makes everybody feel included, even though you like everybody have your own biases, but it’s because you’re able to hold a lot at the same time

Rick Levine 1:11:41
is to say I’ve to interrupt you real quickly, because I need to respond to Bethany Ryan, who is just put me back into my place of of flower envy. Bethany says Amanda’s lilies are gorgeous. And those pink ones I’ve never seen. stargazers Peony Bush blah, blah, blah. And so I’m now having you know, I have to do this again, just because, but what about my beautiful douleur? Okay,

Amanda Pua Walsh 1:12:08
there are people talking about your tulips that you missed earlier. So we’re back at the very beginning. The other thing I want to say is If Rick does resonate with you as a teacher, and that’s why we have the astrology hub, where you get to hear lots of different perspectives and find the approach to astrology that resonates with you. We do have a couple of opportunities coming up soon.

Rick Levine 1:12:28
We’re will interrupt you to tell you that to tell everyone this but now I don’t have to. Yeah,

Amanda Pua Walsh 1:12:32
exactly. Because we are going to have the chart reading extravaganza part two, which is going to be all about timing, which is going to be coming up soon in May, we only have the waitlist open right now. But if you are interested in that, if you want to know if you if you’d like rich, Rick is Rick’s approach to timing, and the place timing plays in astrology. Now in chart reading, then this will be for you. Because we will be using showing you timing techniques and reading charts live and showing you how he does speak about timing in a person’s chart.

Rick Levine 1:13:11
Because remember, this whole thing of being of not being concretely predictive is not an excuse for being a poor astrologer. It’s not, it’s not it’s not about sloppy thinking. And and what the four weeks of the Part Two extravaganza is going to be is each each week, I’ll have selected two charts that are for me, as I look at them examples of things I want to teach us how we can take a natal chart, which is when we do a chart interpretation. Normally we look at a chart, and your natal chart never changes. It’s the you that is today and will be in 20 years and was 20 or 30 years ago. And so we’ll be looking at how can we unfold that in time, so that we can make an interaction with a client more relevant in this moment. So that we can actually go to what’s important, rather than just telling a client where their Sun Moon is and Rising Sign and Mercury and Venus and each of the planets in the chart, which is can be an important thing for any of us to learn about our charts. But we’ll be focusing on on timing techniques and seeing them unfold because you’ll have the person that whose chart I’ll be doing live and we’ll be able to query that person. So what was going on at that point in time when this transit or with this perfection or whatever it is happened and so yeah, it’s gonna be fun.

Amanda Pua Walsh 1:14:46
That’s that astrology hub.com/timing So astrology hub.com/timing We’re not open yet for registration, but if you’re interested in that, make sure you get on the waitlist, and you will be the first to know when doors open for that. Rick it’s going to be so much fun. I love how you do this in your show. It’s just such a tangible experience of your astrology and how to actually do that in, in real life.

Rick Levine 1:15:12
Well, you know, until they were computers, we couldn’t do something like this. Because just the act of drawing up a chart would take hours, to be able to just pop someone’s chart up and to have all these tools at our fingertips, you know, and do it as a demonstration. I mean, I remember probably about 15 years ago, the first time I saw a public demonstration of an astrologer doing someone else’s chart, and I was flabbergasted. I mean, it was like, wow, you know, I mean, it’s such an interesting way to learn to actually see it in real time, rather than just reading about it in a book.

Amanda Pua Walsh 1:15:50
Yes. All right. The other announcement is that we will be here for the cosmic connection for the next, like five or six weeks, every week. So on Thursdays, there’s a few differences every week in terms of timing, so just know that we’ll be here on Thursdays and we’ll get a schedule up for you on astrology. hub.com. Then if you go to astrology.com, go to podcast, and then choose Cosmic Connection. And then you’ll be able to see the upcoming dates and times if you want to catch us live. All right, Rick, thank you. It’s so great to be back here with you. It’s so great to be here with all of you. Thank you for being here. Thank you for being a part of our community. Thank you as always for making astrology a part of your life. We’ll catch you on the next episode. Thanks, Reg. Take care you