A Supercharged Cancer Solstice! w/ Andrea Michelle Kennedy

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Alchemizing Relationships

Amanda Walsh and Andrea Michelle Kennedy talk about the upcoming Sun ingress into Cancer, and how to navigate it.

On Today’s Episode You’ll learn…

🌑 Why the Cancer Solstice this week is particularly powerful for healing old patterns in relationships.
🌒 How many different aspects of the feminine are present in the astrology this week through the asteroid goddesses.
🌓 Andrea Michelle’s tips for creating potent ceremonies for the most important days of the astrological year.

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Andrea: [00:00:00] we don’t know. We learn. This is also a Mercury, a Gemini thing.

It’s learning. It’s how much are we willing to risk, not knowing what love looks like or feels like until we actually venture into trying something and we get the response. This is the relationship. This is ultimate relating. We try something, we get the feedback. Are we learning from the feedback or are we automatically reacting and responding based on habit?

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Amanda: Well, hello everybody and welcome to your weekly astrological weather. I am so happy that you’ve decided to join us so that you can get insights into the cosmic energies this week. You can work with them the most effectively, the most productively, and that you can tune into that bigger picture perspective of what’s happening and use.

That information to really align your actions and your your steps throughout the week. I’m very excited to have Andrea, Michelle Kennedy, back here on the weekly weather to help be our, guide us as we go through the, the different days of the week and the different energies. Let’s talk about the big picture theme for this week. What would you say is the overarching theme? 

Andrea: It is alchemizing relationships. We have the. Cancer solstice in the middle of the week, which I’m gonna get to, but that’s huge. Now, I’m not saying summer solstice or winter solstice, obviously, [00:04:00] because we have folks in different hemispheres, but it’s the cancer solstice and it’s huge.

It’s big. I mean, it’s always big, but this year particularly, it feels really poignant. And because we have started off on Saturday with this New Moon on the 17th of We are entering this week, still in the very, very beginning of this new nation, and it’s starting in at 27 degrees of Gemini.

And with Mercury being the, well, it’s at 27 degrees of Gemini with the wisdom sentience I call her of Juno. Juno is a multivalent archetype, but one of the things that she primarily represents is relationships, contracts. She can also be projections, she can be the way that we make ourselves better or less than someone, especially where we give our authority away to people that we consider authorities over us.

So Mercury[00:05:00] being the ruler of this Lu Nation is very, very strong in its own sign, Gemini. So there’s this whole theme of alchemizing relationships in addition to what I will share. In relationship to the solstice coming up,

this is also starting off this flu nation with Mercury in a square de Pisces also in its own sign, so we can be challenged to pay close attention. To how our minds can trick us or seduce us into believing things or hearing things the way we we want them to be, not necessarily what’s real. So this is a good week to get really clear and clean in ourselves about how we’re approaching relationships so that we can get to a different layer and level of relating, and it starts always within and being honest with ourselves around where we are.

Not being true to what is actually arising in our experience when we’re in relationship with [00:06:00] someone and where we are just defaulting to, 

Amanda: to have it. When you say alchemizing relationships, is that essentially what you’re talking about? Is that Yeah. Level of awareness of maybe some habitual patterns that we fall into in our relationships, which.

I think most people could probably identify some patterns that they have in relationship, right? But being aware of what that is and then what, like how do we actually alchemize that and, and start to shift it? 

Andrea: The only place that alchemy really happens is in the, in the heart. It’s literally where everything is balanced, light and dark, good and bad.

Right and wrong becomes. It’s a whole new octave of. Experiencing ourselves when we can really make the focus. And there’s a lot of Leo energy in this week, which we’re gonna get to as well. Focusing on the heart, focusing on love as the agent of alchemy. The heart is [00:07:00] where it takes place. It is love and self honesty.

That is the catalyst for the alaa happen. 

Amanda: Can you give us some like, Prompts, you know, questions we could ask ourselves, self-inquiry ideas to. Sometimes I’ll just speak for myself. It can be challenging to know what is love versus what is. Accommodating or obligation or you know, because love doesn’t always look the same way.

And we definitely have a perception of love in our culture that it’s, it’s always sweet and nice and kind and, and feeling 

Andrea: good. Yeah. Right. Right on. 

Amanda: Right on. So how do we, how do we identify? So let, let’s say we identify a pattern in ourselves. Let’s say we’re always overgiving and overcommitting. And we think that that’s loving, right?

Because the person [00:08:00] needs us or, uh, you know, someone, someone or something needs our attention. How do we get clear on whether or not that place is coming that is coming from a place of love or, or 

Andrea: not, right? The, the short answer to that very, very potent question is we don’t know. We learn. This is also a Mercury, a Gemini thing.

It’s learning. It’s how much are we willing to risk, not knowing what love looks like or feels like until we actually venture into trying something and we get the response. This is the relationship. This is ultimate relating. We try something, we get the feedback. Are we learning from the feedback or are we automatically reacting and responding based on habit?

And the more we can practice in our own life, in our own inner practice, if we have one of where in my, where I am in relationship to what’s arising in my experience. That’s the beginning of [00:09:00] relating just this. It starts with awareness and then it, it opens the door to allowing, it opens the door to curiosity, but not just curiosity from the mind, but letting the body speak to us.

Letting the body also inform us. What love is and to, and to have this open-ended question and not need to know an answer is really inviting. Love to show up. Ah, I love that. 

Amanda: But that’s great. So, uh, so being with the question, what is love, what would love look like in this scenario with this person at this moment of time?

It could be different in any moment of time, right? Yes, exactly. But specific you, if we walk with that question, then we will get the answers in the moment, in the way that we need them. Yes, 

Andrea: and they won’t always look pretty, but that’s okay if we’re willing to learn, if we’re willing to be open, to make, to keep an open heart around it and not punish ourselves, not make ourselves wrong.

It’s just [00:10:00] that’s what we open to the vulnerability of I’m really learning. That’s what learning ultimately is for me as a being. willing to make mistakes. Yeah. Yes. Not loving ourselves. 

Amanda: Yes. Yes. And not berate ourselves and be hard on ourselves when we do make mistakes. Right. Knowing that it’s part of the process of learning, like you said.

Mm-hmm. Very good. Okay, so alchemizing relationships is the overarching theme. We have this cancer solstice that you said is a big one. Yes. Can you tell us 

Andrea: why? It’s a big one? Yes, I’m happy to. So,

Juno will still be with the son at the very beginning of her new cycle at zero degrees of cancer. She’s either at 29 degrees of Gemini or what or I, she’s very, very close. Sarah’s is going to be at zero Libra. This is gonna be the third time that she’s in relationship with the sun at a major solstice or Equinox point at zero or one degree Libra.

So the feminine is getting her solar initiation in [00:11:00] preparation for this Venus and Leo cycle that’s coming up. Now again, this is the feminine which exists in both male, female, all genders. The masculine feminine principles are part of the two principles of the evolutionary engine of life. It’s beyond gender, so the feminine is really getting a solar infusion and.

This. I looked at this in the chart and I couldn’t believe what I saw. Venus will be at 14 degrees of Leo in change, which is the midpoint of series and Juno in the sun. So Venus in Leo is literally the alchemical resolution of this tense aspect of the square, of the goddess of of heaven. Juno, the principle goddess of heaven.

And then the goddess of the Underworld series. And where are they re resolved in our hearts in love, Venus and [00:12:00] Leo, literally. So, Venus at the midpoint here is really teaching us the most important relationship of all is the one with our human body, our human heart, which is the center, which is what brings us into relationship with the above and the below.

I’ve also been bringing up the idea for a while of, I’m intrigued by the fact that even though for me the way I work with Venus, she is the emblem of the feminine principle itself in our charts, that all the asteroid goddesses are facets of the feminine that are different expressions of her. So it intrigues me that the asteroid goddesses, which are beyond Mars, they can have aspects to the sun that, that Venus can’t.

In other words, Venus can only get to 48 degrees, maximum elongation from the sun, maybe sometimes 49. Whereas these other asteroid goddesses can have squares, oppositions, whatnot. So for me, I don’t even [00:13:00] know, I can’t even begin to, to say or speak to what this whole configuration on the solstice means.

This is for all of us to, to really sink in with and have that open-ended question around. But I can say, That even though Venus can only technically get to 48 degrees, is that a limitation? We have. We are limited in our human life by form, by the body, but we are now bound by it. And to me, this is one of the, these, the real special treats of this ex, this whole configuration is where can we.

Receive in our hearts this, these codes, whatever they are around the blessings of working with limitation so that we can become identified with and I, and understand and experience ourselves is also not bound by them. [00:14:00] So the fact that Venus can only go so far, their aspects of her nature that can go beyond that highlighted in this case by Juno.

And series on either end. So this is also gonna be Venus close to her maximum elongation, almost at her maximum brightness. So this is Venus in all her glory when this is happening in Leo in the heart. Maximum brightness, maximum elongation around there. This is a really, really potent infusion of a whole new Octa of of feminine.

And an infusion of love and not knowing what love is. Being curious, again, this lunation is ruled by mercury being open-ended to being curious around what love looks like, what it feels like, what it actually is at its core, so we can also open our heart, body mind to the union on individual desire with social purpose, because this is a [00:15:00] solstice point, the sun.

Everything is always in relationship with the sun. We don’t always, and in some part of its cycle, but whenever we, we really honor a planet, not just on its own merit, but in its relationship with the sun. We are honoring the dharmic purpose, which is basically what are gifts indicated by sign, house, and aspect of the planet in question are meant to do or be.

How we are meant to use them in service to the collective, the sun. Okay. I have so many questions. Okay. It’s 

Amanda: brilliant. And as you were speaking, I was actually drawing it because it was, it was, it felt really visual to me that we have he Juno, representing the Heavens series, representing the Underworld, and Venus and Leo right in the middle helping us to anchor this love and anchor this, Both the heavens and the underworld, or like you said, the [00:16:00] individual desire with social purpose.

You know, all these, these things that sometimes can feel polarized from each other. Yes. Having that visual of us and our heart in the middle. Being the place at which those things meet and can actually be brought into form, like here on the earth, which is pretty magical and amazing. You said that the feminine is getting a solar initiation or infusion.

What does that mean? 

Andrea: Mm-hmm. I wish I could tell you. I, I, it’s, it’s just, it’s like, it’s one of those things that we won’t know until. It happens. It’s sort of like one of the things about Leo that’s so beautiful is spontaneity. That’s the nature of the heart. That is the nature of how love and manifests Le Venus in in Leo is the manifestation in, in love in all sorts of ways that can [00:17:00] surprise us.

This is why we know how relationship works, how we identify love and what love is not what it is, what it’s not, the more we can let that go. And just be open and available in our bodies, situated in our bodies to receive. We are so unaccustomed to receiving. We are always doing and trying to figure things out, and there’s nothing inherently wrong with that, but unless we take the time, I think I spoke of this in the last podcast, to receive the information in non-linear ways as well, which is the feminine.

We’re only gonna get half the picture and we’re working. We’re not working with a full deck. Mm-hmm. We need our intuition. We need our availability to receive information non-linearly. Not have to work it out and know it right away, but learn to trust that part of ourself that is the feminine. So each of us in our own way is gonna [00:18:00] discover spontaneously, joyfully, surprisingly.

What it means that this of this new solar infusion for us individually uniquely, if we are attuning to our own feminine, however that looks like for us. Mm. And where of course this is happening in our own charts, will give us even more of an idea of how it can look for us and how it’ll manifest. Okay, brilliant.

Amanda: Do you do ceremony personally? Do you do ceremony at the solstice in Equinox? I do. Yeah. Okay. And, and if someone want, we will be doing that in the inner circle cuz we, we always do ceremony at the new moons and this one’s gonna be aligned basically with the solstice. So do you have any tips for people that might wanna do it on their own or maybe they facilitate a, uh, some sort of circle or, you know, maybe they’re in the women’s circle or something like that.

Do you have any tips for how to create a [00:19:00] ceremony for the 

Andrea: solstice? This is beautiful. It’s so funny because I, I lead a group of women who were, were work where we moved together in these pods and we work with the asteroid goddesses, and I gave them a, a final, um, creative project is just a good example.

And they’re all having, it’s the, it’s actually for the Venus and Capricorn cycle, and they’re having difficulty trying to put a form on the project are perfect because Saturns and PI right now, so. I would say this is a perfect time to use your intuitive, spontaneous, creative capacities to just put something together with sincerity.

Sincerity, for me is necessary to any ritual or container sincerity brings us into our hearts. Humility brings us into our hearts, not worrying about getting it right, but am I doing it? Me? Am I doing it the best I can [00:20:00] with my heart as vulnerable and tender to what I’m doing and all the places where I’m judging me or I don’t know what I’m doing?

Perfect. That is you strengthening the muscle of spontaneity. So I would say structure in terms of a time, give yourself a time to do it in the day to provide some structure, but in terms of whatever is, whatever you do for it. If you can’t figure out or having difficulty planning what you wanna do, that’s perfect.

Trust that. And then just like when things come to you and arise, oh, this is what I wanna put in my, in my mandala, or whatever I wanna create around it. Oh, now it’s this. Like, let yourself be surprised by what you wanna create in this ritual, in this ceremony. What 

Amanda: day is the solstice 

Andrea: actually. Wednesday the 20?

Well, it depends actually, but I think it’s Wednesday, the 21st. I’m not quite sure what time, but [00:21:00] it’s either the 21st for some of us in the 22nd for for others, depending on what time zone. Okay. And I 

Amanda: know like with the New Moon there’s, there’s a little bit of debate, but most people agree that it’s more potent to do the ceremony a little bit after the New Moon.

Mm-hmm. Uh, what would you say about timing for the solstice? Would you do it like at the actual moment of the 

Andrea: solstice? Well, here’s the good thing is solstice basically translates to sun standing still, right? So technically the SOLs, the sun is at that degree, the zero degree mark for approximately three days.

So anytime within that window, you can do it, and you can do it multiple times. You can do it once each day, the day before the precise align or. The day. Well, yeah. I mean, as much as it is in your, in your desire to do so, it’s more the desire and the sincerity that speaks to whether or not it’s appropriate.

It’s how fully [00:22:00] we show up for what we’re doing. That speaks to how effective it is in my experience. So if you’re inclined to do it the day before in anticipation, great. And if you wanna do it again, the day of, perfect. You wanna do it the day after the exact. Zero to zero degree. Perfect. Like zero degrees, zero arc minutes.

I say just go for it. Just whatever you feel to carte blanche. I know there’s no 

Amanda: one way to do this. Right. And given the energies of this solstice astrological, like particular astrological 

Andrea: configuration. Yes. 

Amanda: If people are like, well, why would you even do a ceremony? What’s the point? Like, what are you doing with it?

Great. What could be some ideas of like the intention of the ceremony itself, given the current themes? I love it for energies

Andrea: ceremony in and of itself is to bring the sacred into the mundane. That is,[00:23:00] in essence, the purpose of any kind of ritual or ceremony is to honor. The sacred in the mundane and the mundane as an expression of the sacred, not separate from it. And so with Venus there at the center point, it’s honoring our bodies as the perfect container and vessel to hold all of our multi, all of our shadow scares us, that holds both our, the things that we don’t like about ourselves, but also our our gold.

And also are, are elevated higher aspects of our cell, our spirit, like all of that can be held within the human body, within the human heart, in right proportion to what I’m available for Now. That’s the self honesty piece. That’s the self accuracy piece. We’re speaking a lot in kind of around Virgo terms and the moon moves into Virgo a little bit later on in the week, but this is a very.

[00:24:00] Virgo is the fullness of our participation in How full am I in my, in that Leo energy to really, really bring it down to earth? So where can I make it? Make your body a central part somehow. Whether you wanna light a fire, put yourself, give yourself a warm bath, whatever it might be, something that honors your body as the perfection of the vessel that it is here on earth.

Hmm. Wow. 

Amanda: Okay. I think I have thoroughly exhausted all of the questions from your opening statement. Uh, can we go into the days now? I know we’ve started already diving into the days, but let’s walk through 

Andrea: Monday through Sunday. Perfect. Perfect. So Monday, Jupiter Sextiles, Saturn retrograde Saturn also turned retrograde the day of the New Moon.

Right, so Saturn is still [00:25:00] very, very slow and it a standstill. So Saturn is baiting, basically punctuating whatever degree in whatever house he here, you know it’s making for you. With Jupiter and Sextile, this is an aspect of forming relationship, the sextile aspect, and with the theme of this LU Nation being all around, highlighting the ways we relate.

This easeful Jupiter Saturn dynamic could be asking us to stop and take stock of our relationships, taking some time to receive the joys and blessings of the relationships that we have, especially the ones that are supportive and nurturing and that keep us grounded in reality. The long-term friendships especially, or the ones that, again, help to remind us of the blessing that we are, that we have in our life.

So then we have the 20th Tuesday, and this is where Juno begins her new cycle at 28 Gemini, queen, conks, Pluto, retrograde at 29 Capricorn and in [00:26:00] T-Square with series at 29 Virgo. Anyway, there’s and Neptune at 27 Pisces. So Juno can represent imbalance of relationships like student teacher or somebody that we consider in authority, right?

Juno is making these strong aspects. So this whole cycle is inviting us to ex explore how to come into right relationship with our sovereignty that is not at the expense of others and not just making ourselves as a center focus. It’s how do we continue to find that open-ended balance, that open-ended questioning that we’ve been talking about.

So where can we hold the truth? And self honesty of how we are in relationship with ourselves as how well we are doing in that regard, like being honest with how I show up in relationship. We can see that as being critical, which is never what my intention is. It’s more being accurate because accuracy for me is how we get to truth.

It’s the only way to access truth as a human being. We [00:27:00] cannot know the mystery. We cannot know all of truth. Self accuracy and honesty is the way that we get in, right measure and direct proportion. The truth in the moment, right? So we can also, we might be needing to let go of some attachments about relationships that keep us playing small and abate our true power.

The moon is also applying to an opposition with Pluto. So maintaining connection with our tenderness and our care necessary here. Okay? Cause this is the mooning answer. So then Wednesday, of course we have the solstice, which we already we went into. 

Yeah. I just feel like this is a whole new octave that’s being transmitted of the potential of

how we can manifest. In the world through the power of our hearts, through the power of not knowing how love manifests, but being always curious and maybe odd [00:28:00] in the simple reverence of what I cannot know about myself, the reverence of the mystery. Remember in the beginning I talked about Mercury, beginning of the donation’s, glaring Pisces, Neptune, and Pisces, to believe that we have, we can know the mystery.

We can know truth through our linear minds is diluting ourselves. We can’t. So to be in awe and humbled drops us into our hearts, which is where our power lies. The power to be spontaneous, to be the creative embodiments of love that we actually are Dr. Are made to be. 

Amanda: This could be too much of a sidebar, but I, I’ve been, when Pluto went into, into Aquarius, the beginnings of the AI conversation was really happening for me. It was really present and real for the first time. It was like, oh, I, it’s no longer this thing that theoretically might happen. It was like present [00:29:00] and very, tangibly showing up in different areas of life, specifically in, in business, you know, in how we’re we’re doing business itself.

Uh, and I’ve, I just keep coming back to the heart as. The thing that AI or any robot, theoretically, I mean, maybe there’ll be a robot with a heart. I have no idea. But in the moment, what we continue to bring to the equation is that heart and the connection to a creative source that is unknowable, you know, is.

Exists in the mystery. So it’s just, it’s more of like a reflective 

Andrea: contemplation. 

Amanda: Yes. And, um, because it, because it comes back to the thing that came up in the, in the 2020 forecast event. I will never forget [00:30:00] the emphasis on the theme at the time of stay human. Like whatever’s coming, whatever’s happening.

Through all of it. Make sure you stay human, stay connected to your humanity. And remember that coming up and just going, huh? Like, what does that mean? You know, what, what, why do we even really need to be aware of that and, and what does it mean to be human versus. something else. And so it’s been a very active contemplation for me.

And then to have the AI thing layered on top is like, oh, interesting. This is going in interesting directions. And it’s becoming more and more relevant. And I don’t know if this is just a complete sidebar that has nothing to do with the energy of the week, but this was just coming up 

Andrea: for me as you were speaking.

No, this is, you’re tapping into, because Pluto is still squaring the notes, which are still, they’re, they’re now at the very end of, of TAUs. Well, the end being. The early degrees of Taurus and Scorpio. [00:31:00] So literally it’s like what you’re saying is so spot on. Where are we abating our own creativity as human beings, giving it over to something that’s cool and neat and you know, new, new but is not, but is really because we are somehow subliminally not connected or to believe, don’t believe that we are creators ourselves.

Right. It’s not vilifying ai, but where is it a substitute for our own creative power? And sometimes to get back to our own creative power, we have to go through the loss of discovering. Wow. I have been so, I have lost my way to my own creative power. No fault. This is another thing about the potency of series.

She’s the only one of the Olympian gods that became human for a time, so it’s perfect that you brought that in. She suffered as a human being. That’s how she could relate with [00:32:00] humanity. That’s why in her generosity of her loss, she went through in a messy way, her anger, her rage, her grief at the loss of her attachment.

To the way things should be. And when she finally came out the other end, you know what? It was sponsored in her, a deep generosity. She developed the Ellucian mysteries, the rights of how to die before you die, to die to our attachments so that we can be reborn in our truth, in the love and the light and our hearts that we are everything.

You’re totally Perry’s. How can we stay human? It’s perfect a minute. Absolutely, yes. 

Amanda: Does come back to that value question, what value do we have as humans? Like what is uniquely human about the value that we can contribute and. I mean, I think there’s so much, and each person can answer that [00:33:00] question for themselves, but that connection to the heart and that connection to the, the creative source, yes.

Seems like where it’s at. So cultivating that within ourselves, because I know that for some people, they actually feel disconnected from their heart. Maybe they’re, they have a lot of. You know, walls around their heart because they’ve been heard or, you know, whatever. They came into this like, tough time with that.

And so really finding ways into the heart and finding ways into our 

Andrea: creative capacities is, is it seems really potent 

Amanda: right now on the precipice of this massive change, which we know just from the astrology. When Pluto moves into Aquarius, like it’s gonna be game on with this technology, these, these huge, fast, quick sweeping shifts.

And like you said, not to vilify it, not to be afraid of it and 

Andrea: put it all in some category of like wrong or 

Amanda: bad, but also, you [00:34:00] know, Where do we not want to compromise, I think is is important to also 

Andrea: keep in mind. Yeah, totally. And I know that we’re, we’re lingering on this point, but it seems like it’s the crux of the whole matter.

It’s beautiful because for me, one of the things that I’ve been contemplating and, and sharing with my groups and in this new podcast that I, that I started, it’s can we exercise our divine birthright to not know what we’re doing. So that we can find our humility and our heart along the way. Mm-hmm. What if we’re not supposed to know?

What if there is no rule book other than the one that we have, which is our, our unique blueprint, which our astrological blueprint shows us how am I uniquely wired to be the, the, the center of life of the of, of the son in my life so that I can become so generous. That I am offering my gifts to others and [00:35:00] receiving others’ gifts.

What if we’re not supposed to know? What if we discover? That’s the whole learning, the re the, and it takes humility to admit I don’t know everything. There’s a lot that I don’t know. That really resonates and it’s actually very liberating. Mm-hmm. You know, it’s, 

Amanda: it’s to think that we do need to know, or that we should know, or that it, that is, uh, heavy and it’s confining.

But that, that, like, I don’t know. And actually I’m here to discover, and that’s part of the whole journey. That’s, that’s liberating, that’s freedom and it’s creative. And it’s all those things that you’re saying. Yeah. Yes. Okay. I, we, we got stuck on, we not stuck. We, we had a, an interesting contemplation on Wednesday.

We did. Uh, moving 

Andrea: on to Thursday. Moving on to Thursday. Okay. So the moon meets up with Mars early Thursday morning before joining Palace, Athena and Black and Li who work together. So the moon has been sweeping through this [00:36:00] Leo energy and is bringing us close to home, the heart, helping us receive the blessings of the solstice time in our heart bodies.

So Palace Athena is interesting that she’s there. She’s the androgen. Part of her wisdom stream is the balance. She’s the mentor for the males. She’s the one that all the men in the, in the heroic journeys go to for advice. She’s the strategist. She doesn’t engage in battle, but she’s the strategist for battle.

And in a lot of myths that are not as well known. She’s also very much the patron goddess of women, especially married women, which Juno is often relegated to that, but she’s really the goddess of motherhood. That’s a whole other thing. Yeah. So pals is sort of the enema in men and the, and the, like the, the kind of the sister.

Of of women, right? She’s the mentor. So she’s there with black Manila, and this is an [00:37:00] opportunity to include more of the irrational in our creations to find unusual creative outlets. She’s the goddess of crafts too, palace Athena, so especially weaving. So this could be a fertile time. To have ideas come together that seemed disconnected or impossible before.

This is still the theme of relationships, but it’s relating in different, it’s not just human to human. It’s relating with ideas. We’re relating with creations, relating with creating with other people. You know, it’s not just the interpersonal, romantic, or friendships, it’s like relationships of all kinds are being infused with a new energy that we don’t yet know.

This is the thing. The important thing to remember is. It could take time for any of all this to manifest. So if we give ourselves the patience to have the time, to let our own timing, our own endogenous wisdom, tell us when it’s time to act on what we’re receiving during this whole week and not try to [00:38:00] force things.

Or if we force things, then we learn, oh, I was forcing. I can come back. I get to redo. New moment, try again. There’s no demaris. So. The moon will also try and airs later on that day. This is Thursday the 22nd. Triggering more collect creative disruption in service to letting seemingly random and disjointed pieces self-organize into more coherent forms and structures.

So Friday, June 23rd, the moon meets the moon in Virgo Squares. Vesta, goddess of devotion at Zero Gemini. Not to get, not to leave any of the goddesses out here. So this is another potent facet of the feminine, and at zero degrees of a sign, it’s not a cardinal sign, but it’s zero degrees. So again, these are firsts for the feminine in some way, shape, or form, which I am.

It’s beyond my pay grade to decipher all of it. when knowledge insights our devotion, we become humbled to the limitations of what we can know through [00:39:00] our minds focusing on. Knowing alone does more to obscure the sacred. Then to reveal it. So where can we find that balance between using our intellect, but letting our intellect be informed by the mystery and giving ourselves the, the break, like you said, the relief of not knowing for a time and letting it itself arise more spontaneously.

 There’s more, but we’re gonna move on Saturday the 24th. The moon’s been out of bounds this whole week since the 17th and through all through the 21st. So now Mercury is going out of bounds on Saturday the 24th and remains out of bounds through July 8th. Now, out of bounds, planets can, be unpredictable.

They’re outside the bounds of what we normally, how they normally operate. Pluto retrograde is squaring the nodes and remains the deep undercurrent to all of our astrology for some time. So Mercury outta bounds. Sex tiling another deep [00:40:00] outlier. Aris, no stranger to unpredictability can facilitate the release of any unconscious tension that Pluto retrograde is stirring up in the background.

So with Moon moving through Virgo, this can display as a heightened tracking of what’s wrong. Or policing ourselves and others and not holding back and speaking out. But it can also allow us to see beyond the obvious and communicate or listen more openly, more deeply, more pointedly, and with a broader perspective than usual.

So then Sunday, the final day, June 25th, the Virgo Moon opposes Neptune. Tris Pluto and enters Libra where it meets up with series at one degree of Libra. So we’re spiraling back, which is the perfect example of the spiral as the the emblem of linear and non-linear, the marriage of both, right? The theme of this lu nation [00:41:00] at this first quarter, mark, is relating in its full compliment of pitfalls, projections, as well as potential.

So the moon’s movement through these aspects invites us to more accurately feel the truth in our bodies of our current, personal and collective reality. Specifically, where are we ready to sincerely meet and grieve our conditioned co-dependency on maintaining victim perpetrator, polarized consciousness to orient ourselves?

Where is I need to know myself energetically by fighting what I’m fighting against. That’s how I self-identify rather than as more substan self substantiated. It’s not about how I’m reacting or not reacting to somebody that how I identify, but, and where do I need to open to the fact of, oh, I, to some degree I have been doing this, [00:42:00] and if we need to grieve that, that’s part of the alchemy of opening us into this.

Liminal space of not having to know what a relief. I don’t know what I’m doing that humility. 

Amanda: I was in a conversation with someone yesterday where we were talking about the paying attention to what we gain by staying in that victim 

Andrea: or perpetrator role, so, 

Amanda: You know, I would, I gave the example of when I went through my divorce, there was a storyline that I could perpetuate that I did for a period of time, perpetuate, in which I received a lot of compassion from people.

I rece. I received a lot of, um, you know, warmth and sympathy because, It was kinda like, oh, well you shouldn’t have to go through that. And you and, and I, and at one point I became [00:43:00] aware of what I was gaining by staying in this role of being a victim through 

Andrea: this situation. 

Amanda: And that if I was to step beyond that victim role and take responsibility for my role in the unraveling of my marriage, that I would lose that.

I would lose that sympathy that I was getting. I would lose that, you know, feeling of self-righteousness that I would get from the sympathy. Like, yeah, I know I, you know, but what I, what I was able to realize at one point was that it was actually hurting me so much to stay there, that I, it was toxifying me, it was aging me, it was keeping me stuck.

It was keeping me small. It was keeping me in this victim role that wasn’t ultimately, In my best interest. 

Andrea: So 

Amanda: it was it, but it was that moment of like, oh my gosh, I’m getting a lot from playing this card. And am I ready to let that card go and step into a [00:44:00] very unknown place where I, where I no longer will be receiving what feels comforting?

Mm-hmm. And so at one point I did make that decision to be like, okay, I’m actually not gonna perpetuate that story anymore and I’m really gonna spend some time. Like seeing what I, where, where I contributed to this and that ultimately was the most empowering thing to do 

Andrea: by far. Absolutely. That is taking ownership of one’s own sovereignty.

Absolutely. I am not beholden to what you’re doing or not doing or giving me, or not giving me to validate myself. Right. Absolutely. That in it’s a hard pill to swallow sometimes. It’s not easy. But it’s so worth it. Like you say, it’s like it’s so worth it when we do that because it is so, it is self-empowering, right?

Andrea Michelle Weather Speaker: Yes, 

Amanda: exactly. And, and there’s a, there’s a lot of energy that’s, uh, released, like a lot of pent up energy that we’re, we’re not aware of how much effort [00:45:00] and energy it, it takes to actually stay stuck because the natural. Rhythm of life is 

Andrea: to evolve and grow. So if is flow. Yeah. Yes. Yeah. So if we’re, if we’re, 

Amanda: you know, subconsciously, usually, I don’t think people are doing this on purpose, but if we’re blocking that flow, then it actually takes a lot of energy to stay there.

And so when it’s like, okay, I’m moving beyond this, I’m gonna, I’m gonna start to tell a new story about this one that is more empowering, one that does enable me to take more responsibility for my life, et cetera. It’s like, oh, wow. Like, thank you for the, that again, that word liberation. That liberation of energy that now I get to have, I get to, to own that.

Yes. So, yeah. It sounds like Sunday, I, I started thinking of that because of what you were saying about Sunday. It sounds like that’s a day to take some, take a moment to evaluate, where am I playing 

Andrea: that card? Totally. It’s great. And then there’s this, [00:46:00] and then it’s what you’re, you’re leading me into the last point here.

Well, there’s two. Where am I ready to release? Taking on responsibility for what is not mine? Yes. Which is can subtly be a compensation for authentic self-worth. Where am I taking on responsibility for something as a way to prove myself because I don’t really believe that I’m capable, so I have to overcompensate through doing for you, which perpetuates the whole victim martyr thing of Pisces and, and Virgo.

But it also this, this final day. Is, am I available to orient, to holding rather than healing the former supports fullness and sovereignty and the latter assumes deficiency. It’s a I love that. Yeah, because it’s like our shadow is our shadow for a reason. It’s just parts of ourselves. It’s not something outside of ourselves that we have to keep racing against.

It exists within us [00:47:00] personally, collectively, ancestrally, whatever. The more that we own that and the more that we lovingly, again, it’s holding, address it in our hearts, in our own right timing, trusting ourselves to not have to know how to do it, but maybe work with mentors or others who are doing it themselves they, they all show up.

When we start to be sincere in our heart around this, people will show up, communities show up. It’s just, that’s how it works, right? Synchronicity. But we then we are orienting to holding ourselves. It’s not that anything has to change or be fixed. We are just getting more of us back in that way that you just said, you got more of your life force back, not having to keep that tension alive.

Okay. Can you repeat the 

Amanda: line? Commit to holding ourself. W H O L I N G. Yeah. Versus healing 

Andrea: ourselves. Yes. 

Amanda: Yeah, because the healing. It insinuates a deficiency that it like it, it insinuates something we need to fix. [00:48:00] Yes. And wholeness is speaking to what we already are. It’s like bringing more aspects of ourselves online versus 

Andrea: Yes.

Fixing something that’s broken. Yes. You said it bringing more of us online that we already have that we don’t know that in our culture that’s all about seeking and getting and I’m not enough and I need more. That cuts that, that cuts that. It starts to really undermine that lack belief. Mm. It really, it’s like, and it starts with a thought and it’s more than just like an affirmation.

It has to be, in order for it to really transmute into our lived experience, we have to be willing to feel, to be vulnerable to where I have been keeping myself separate. And this is a whole other pro. This is not a a day long week, long month. This is, this is a whole how we wanna orient to our life, Mm [00:49:00] Wow. 

Amanda: Andre and Michelle, what an amazing, journey just took us on for the week ahead, so grateful for that. Some of the key themes, I mean, really just bringing us back to this idea of alchemizing relationships and, and taking it from just alchemizing relationship dynamics with other people. But also alchemizing the relationships within ourselves that, you know, the, the, so the heavenly aspect of ourselves and the underworld aspects of ourselves, integrating that into the heart and, releasing the life force that comes from that.

We have this opportunity to really experience a new octave of the feminine. Principle or essence. Mm-hmm. And we have the solstice and a, a beautiful opportunity to do some ceremony around the solstice, which will really set the stage for the next three months of our lives. Yes. [00:50:00] And, uh, just so many amazing things.

Wow. I love how you bring the goddesses into your astrology. It, it brings a whole nother dynamic to the interpretation that not. A lot. I mean, there are some astrologers who do it, but it is unique and it is somewhat rare still at this point in time to really consider them in the astrology of, of. Um, of the week, of the month, of the year, of, of anything.

So thank you for doing that. Andre, Michelle, if that’s something that particularly resonates with you, then she’s be an amazing person to, to help you understand the. Feminine archetype within your chart and how it’s expressing and what are the dynamics that you’re here to uniquely express.

So Andre Michelle is available through astrologer Connect, 

Amanda: astrology hub.com/connect. And that’s also the place where you can go to get some instant insights. So again, if you’re going throughout your week and you have some follow up [00:51:00] questions to what we just discussed, or you’ve recently had a reading and you want to ask a couple quick questions or.

You lost your keys and you wanna see if astrology can help you find 

Andrea: them. There’s so 

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So try ’em out, test about, see if they give you some helpful insights. And Andrea, Michelle, I can’t wait to do this with you again soon. We are kind of, uh, we have like a, a cast of astrologers who are the weekly. Astrological weather anchors for this season, and we’re gonna be probably doing some rotation every season, but we want you to be able to kind of go deep with the astrologers, but also have the variety and that was what we heard from you when we surveyed.

You said we like, we like the variety, but [00:52:00] we also like to form a connection or relationship with. Some regulars. And so that’s what we’re doing here at the weekly weather, and we’re trying that out as well. So give us your feedback, let us know if you like it. And thank you for being a part of our community.

Thank you for making astrology a part of your life. We’re so grateful that you’re here. And Andre and Michelle, thank you for all of your wisdom and guidance for this week, so, so grateful. 

Andrea: All right. Always fun. Thank you. Take care everybody. 

Amanda: Have a wonderful week, and we will look forward to connecting with you on the next episode.