A Spectacular Solar Eclipse w/ Astrologer Clarissa Dolphin

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Major Transformation

In this Weekly Horoscope from the Astrology Hub Podcast, Astrologer Clarissa Dolphin and Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh explore the upcoming Solar Eclipse in Aries.

On Today’s Episode You’ll learn…

🌑 What is harmonic astrology and how it differs from traditional styles of interpretation.
🌒 Which days this week are powerful for business, and when romance becomes possible.
🌓 How long the cycle is in your life that is currently reaching its point of fruition.

Chapters 📺

0:00 Intro

3:27 Energy of the Week

4:59 Biggest Transit of the Week

6:55 What is Harmonic Astrology

8:54 Seeing Through a Harmonic Lens

12:14 Day by Day Breakdown

55:37 Recap

58:40 Outro

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[00:00:00] Clarissa Dolphin: I’m talking about waking up. Your, your routine is different. You are different. The B, you know, and I think with the luminaries, there’s something like profound banality because when I get up and walk my dogs every morning, I’m not thinking, wow, it’s so profound to be in a human body and I can blow. I’m just like doing my thing.

[00:00:21] So what these eclipses are ushering in is like the total transformation of doing your thing.


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[00:00:44] Amanda Walsh: Well, hello everybody and welcome to your weekly astrological weather. I am so happy that you’ve decided to join us this week and get the read on the astrological energies of the week ahead. I am also excited to let you know if you haven’t already heard that we are in the thick of our reading Bonanza month here at Astrology Hub.

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[00:01:28] Any readings booked in April can get the 20% off. And then you can have your reading whenever it works for your schedule. But you need to book your reading this month. And I’m very excited to have Clarissa Dolphin here. She is a harmonic astrologer and also an astrologer that works on our Astrologer Connect platform.

[00:01:50] She is the one astrologer we have right now who also can do readings in Spanish. So for any of you who would prefer to have your reading done in Spanish, Clarissa is your girl and Clarissa, thank you so much for being here. Just a little bit more about her, she’s a certified astrologer, Shaquila Tarot Diner.

[00:02:11] Reiki master and a writer based in Los Angeles. She is has been cited as an astrological expert in the New York Times. Her work has been featured in various publications, including the Career Astrologer, dirty Laundry, white Hot, broccoli City Notion, and Faint. And she is now the newly elected president of essar, the International Society of Astrological Research, which is a huge honor.

[00:02:41] And Clarissa, we’re just so happy that you’re a part of our community, that you’re working on our Astrology Connect platform and that you’re here for the weekly weather. So welcome to the

[00:02:50] Clarissa Dolphin: show. Thank you so much. Uh, the Honor really is all mine. I’ve been excited about this for weeks, and I hope my heart doesn’t explode during this episode.

[00:03:01] Awesome.

[00:03:01] Amanda Walsh: All right, well, so we’re covering the astrology of April 17th to April 23rd. Oh, before we dive in, if you’re interested in getting a reading or booking or reading during our Reading Bonanza month, you can go to

[00:03:15] Amanda Walsh: astrology hub.com/connect and check it out there. You’ll get the discount code right there on the page, so you can head on over there.

[00:03:23] Whenever you’re ready. Astrology hub.com/connect.

Energy of the Week

[00:03:27] Amanda Walsh: All right, so Clarissa, give us the lay of the land. What’s the theme for the week? What’s the major energy that we’re gonna be working with?

[00:03:35] Clarissa Dolphin: Well, this week is spectacular. So in terms of like major themes, we’re dealing with passion. Really ardent passion.

[00:03:45] I mean, like crazy kind of like dream come true level of entering reality. Like it’s, it’s actually crazy. Um, talk about like April reading Bonanza for Astrologer Connect. This is like life bonanza in terms of, things like transforming and manifesting that maybe you really, in the past only hoped would happen.

[00:04:08] Wow. So that’s one thing. Yeah.

[00:04:12] Amanda Walsh: I mean, that’s amazing. I don’t, it’s not every day that you hear astrologers say something like that so strongly. I know you’re gonna go into the astrology of why you’re saying that. Do you wanna give us another, like sub theme first and then we’ll go into the astrology?

[00:04:25] Clarissa Dolphin: I would love to give another sub theme.

[00:04:27] Another sub theme about this is relationships. So relationship dynamics are going to be extremely transformational. This is a week where it’s like soulmate week, like literally pe new people, old people, lucky breaks just from interacting, but also very, very deep poor transformation in interrelationships.

[00:04:53] How you interrelate, how people relate with you.

[00:04:56] So that’s like super Wow.

Biggest Transits of the Week

[00:04:59] Clarissa Dolphin: Okay. Tell us about the astrology

[00:05:00] Amanda Walsh: of

[00:05:01] Clarissa Dolphin: this. What is happening? All right, so there’s actually so much going on this week, so I’m gonna do like just a, a quick. Breakdown day by day of like the most major stuff. And then when we do the day by day, I’ll go into like the more nitty gritty, like nuance, the harmonics, et cetera.

[00:05:22] So on Wednesday we’ve got, Wednesday the 19th we’ve got UUs, sextile, Venus, and we also that same thing. We have a solar eclipse and Aries, the first of our Aries Libra eclipse cycle that lasts for about two years. So that’s obviously a big deal Just on, on that day alone. The following day, on Thursday, April 20th, we’ve got the sun, uh, in Ingressing entering into tourists.

[00:05:50] That’s another pivotal shift. Um, and that same day we have the Sun Square Pluto. And then on Friday, uh, the 21st Mercury Sta stations retrograde. Until May 14th. Um, and then we’ve got other like crazy midpoint things happening and all the harmonics, but those are the major things. So pretty much from like Wednesday through Friday, it’s like every day is like new vortex of reality or something.

[00:06:20] It’s a huge week. Clarissa,

[00:06:22] Amanda Walsh: you practice harmonic astrology, which a lot of our audience is familiar with. I know there’s a lot who are not familiar with it. Are you getting your read of Passion Dream come true? Uh, like entering this level where things that we’ve been really wanting to, to have happen, they’re actually gonna be happening or starting to happen this week?

[00:06:45] Are you getting that more from the harmonics that you’re looking at or from the more traditional astrological interpretations?

[00:06:53] Clarissa Dolphin: The harmonics, Amanda.

What is Harmonic Astrology?

[00:06:55] Clarissa Dolphin: Okay, so tell

[00:06:56] Amanda Walsh: us what harmonic astrology is really quickly. I know we’ve had you come talk about this before, but tell us about what it is like as briefly as you can, and then tell us what

[00:07:05] Clarissa Dolphin: you’re seeing this week. Okay, I’d love to do that. So, in terms of what harmonic astrology is, it’s very futuristic, it’s incomplete alignment with quantum physics, tenets and tens in music theory period. so it’s like. How do you nutshell that? Just like, that’s like crazy just

[00:07:29] Amanda Walsh: nutshell that clarisa fun.

[00:07:34] Clarissa Dolphin: Alright, so I’m gonna, so like in an attempt to do that, I would actually, you know, invite us to actually engage in some questions that we will ask ourselves.

[00:07:44] Cause that, you know, and these are yes or no questions, and then you’ll totally get what harmonica astrology is. So the first question is, do you believe in other dimensions, period, other dimensional reality we’re in 3d? Is there a five D, 11 D? If you say yes to that, you’re already getting harmonica, astrology.

[00:08:06] And the second question is, do you believe that everything in the universe. Not just human beings, not just animals on earth, just everything in the universe is connected through one main source that we’re, there’s something that we’re just all connected to. You say yes to that, then you get harmonic astrology.

[00:08:29] And the third question that I’d like to ask, invite us to, to play with, to engage with the subject is do you believe in energy And, and more like focus, that energy creates reality. And if you say yes to that, then you get what harmonic astrology is. Ooh, I had a resounding

[00:08:49] Amanda Walsh: yes to all three questions. I don’t know about all of you, but it was like, yes, yes, yes.

Seeing Transits through a Harmonic Lense

[00:08:54] Amanda Walsh: Okay. So the, so, so now tell us a little bit more about the astrology itself. So we have the regular interpretations of like, what, what did you say? UUs sex Al Venus or a solar eclipse, Aries or the sun ingressing into TAUs. Is there a harmonic equivalent to all those kinds of

[00:09:12] Clarissa Dolphin: transits? Yes. And so, great question.

[00:09:17] So like, all right, so the natal chart that we all use, that harmonic astrologer, start with two. Like, we’re literally not reinventing the wheel. It’s the same chart. So we call the needle chart the first harmonic, and that’s 3D world. And so from the first harmonic, you can see the sky. So you’re, you’re interacting like it’s literally your needle chart is you’re on earth looking at the sky, period.

[00:09:46] And so harmonics are, are, instead of us looking out and observing up what, what these things are doing, like in 3d, we, the, the needle chart becomes a portal to infinity period. Like it is the eternal, it sucks you in, there’s like there, if there’re the dimensions of reality that create 3d, how we access that is through aspects end of story.

[00:10:17] Oh my

[00:10:18] Amanda Walsh: gosh, this is fascinating. So when people ask the question, and this has been a question that gets asked a lot, can I transcend my chart? Would the harmonic interpretation give you clues into the expression of your. In another dimensional reality, for example, like how you can aspect how, how you can pull in other aspects of yourself from other dimensions, but with your foundation of your natal chart as like how it’s expressed in this realm.

[00:10:51] Does that question make sense?

[00:10:53] Clarissa Dolphin: Oh, it does. And again, like with the, the whole heart thing of joy, like I love that question. Like I’m so excited about answering that question. So let’s talk about transcending the chart. Like just from, like for example, I have, um, a Sunshine Mars right? And that’s literally without harmonics.

[00:11:12] That’s literally all you’re seeing, sunshine Mars. Um, but in harmonic astrology in the, 11th harmonic, I’m actually Mars, Jupiter U. So, yeah, it’s like sunshine trying Mars, I’m active, but what level of activity am I, I’m like, insanely, I don’t even know how I sleep. Right?

[00:11:33] So it’s like, it just adds like even more like it direct detail to maybe something that you may be, you know, grappling with or inquiring about transcending. Wow. Does that make sense? Oh, yes.

[00:11:49] Amanda Walsh: Amazing. Okay. I could spend the rest of the time on this exploration, but I know we’re here for the weekly weather, so there’s probably some people going, Hey, wait, like, this is cool and all, but what’s happening this week?

[00:11:59] Okay. So very helpful. Like, uh, orientation though. So, because as you’re interpreting the transits, people may be coming with the more traditional interpretations and going, yeah, but I don’t get these, like where is, where is she landing with what she said in the beginning?

Day to Day Breakdown

[00:12:14] Amanda Walsh: Okay. So are you ready to go through the days now or do you wanna still

[00:12:18] Clarissa Dolphin: stay at the higher level for the week? We can go through the days.

[00:12:23] Hey, Joji here. I’m Astrology Hubs podcast producer and an astrologer over at Astrologer Connect, and we’ll be right back with the weather, but I just wanted to make sure that you knew about Astrologer Connect. Reading Bonanza month, we’re gonna have all sorts of special events, but the biggest thing is that any reading booked in April, so even if you’re having a reading all the way in December, as long as you book it this month, you are eligible for a 20% off by using the code April 20.

[00:12:49] And if you actually go right now, call for an instant reading, you actually get the. First 10 minutes for free. Again, this is happening all throughout the month, and to claim your discount, all you have to do is just go to astrology hub.com/connect and use the code April 20. All right, I’ll see you soon.

[00:13:08] Amanda Walsh: It’s funny when you said that the theme for the week is spectacular. I went, ooh, maybe we should have named this, uh, chart Reading Month. The, the reading spectacular. Like, it’s just as big as the word bonanza. It’s like spectacular bonanza. Um, okay, so let’s, let’s break, break down the days and, and see how it

[00:13:27] Clarissa Dolphin: all pans out.

[00:13:29] Okay, perfect. Um, and just so you know, I am like hyper nerd, so I have six pages of paper notes and, um, in front of the, I have two computers, one with my astrology software computer. So I’m actually gonna also be doing kind of a little bit of a live reading as we go through, through each of the days. Um, so when, I just wanna break the week down, just kind of like initially though, into chunks.

[00:13:58] We’ve got Monday, Tuesday, which is a chunk, and then Wednesday through Friday is a whole nother chunk. And then when we get to, uh, Saturday, Sunday, like B weekend, that’s the final chunk. So there are three like main pieces here. So the first two days, Monday the 17th, and Tuesday, uh, April 18th, we’ve got Uranus conjunct, sun venous, midpoint, and, we also have Venus, Jupiter, Venus, Neptune, and Jupiter, Pluto, uh, highlighted in certain harmonics.

[00:14:33] These are money days. So the first two days of the week, I, that would be a great, those are great days for, um, very expansive business initiatives and really, you know, taking it all the way with commerce. And so like, Let’s, let’s, uh, highlight on Monday though. So Monday, this Uranus, sun, Venus Energy. It’s more like 18 nine harmonic octaves.

[00:15:02] Ninth harmonic is community and healing. And when, so Sun UUs Venus, like that energy is electrifying. So just alone without the harmonics, Venus, Uranus, uh, typically translates to sex, music, dance, and energy healing. The type of beauty that we relate to Venus, that moves Uranus instantly, like electricity.

[00:15:29] So it kind of gets you moving. And then with the sun involved, that’s like in your body. That’s like, so it’s exciting. So we’re, we’re coming in exciting, but with the ninth harmonic octas that are lit up by this direct midpoint structure. It speaks to, how we connect with people. That’s where the people are coming in, Amanda.

[00:15:51] You see people in all these harmonics in uh, in these different aspects. So this is actually a great day. I think Monday it’s a great day. I know it’s Monday and it’s not Friday turn up, but it would be a great day to, you know, do some type of sound therapy, energy healing, to connect with people, sexual healing, that kind of stuff.

[00:16:12] And so it’s almost, and I gotta say like Monday’s already kind of disassociating cuz it feels good. It, it feels so good. It’s like, is this even real? So we are already entering the week with that kind of energy. Then we, when we get to Tuesday, Um, Tuesday, like just on a mundane level, like the whole world, we might see things go like up and down or something really significantly shift, um, in financial markets.

[00:16:44] Um, because Ju Pluto, Jupiter, Pluto is forming a conjunction in the 13th Harmonic on, uh, Tuesday, April 18th. So this is interesting, right? Because Jupyter, Pluto as a signature is if you translate the energy, Jupyter is expansion and Pluto is compulsion. So compulsive expansion, what does that look like as energy?

[00:17:07] It just keeps growing. That’s why typically like people who are powerful in business, they have this signature in their charts cuz it’s like boom, like, hey, there’s no stop. Like, right? So, um, but in the 13th Harmonic, the 13th harmonic is, it’s a trip, right? Because they can, I call it the harmonic of GRS or gangsters.

[00:17:31] Um, and it is that, so it’s, it’s the, it’s seeking singularity and seeking some type of specialness, such that you don’t conform, you don’t conform to like the cookie cutter type of stuff. So when we have Jupiter, Pluto, like with markets like that, um, you know, o oftentimes like cults and stuff can come up in the 13th harmonic.

[00:17:56] So we kind of like cult thinking. Um, but also like gurus and gangsters, like straight up, they’re, if you look at, you know, the top research subjects for this harmonic, they do fit, like they’re straight up professional criminals and or leaders of some type of sex, um, ideology. So that’s something to kind of like think of.

[00:18:18] So another kind of not little nuance theme of this week is definitely. It’s definitely non-conformist, personally, and, um, you know, mundane also 13th Harmonic comes up and I don’t wanna be offensive at all. I don’t, I’m not engaged in that. But it oft often comes up, um, in, um, actually like rogue parties.

[00:18:47] So rogue, political parties, particularly in the United States context. And I’m not saying anybody out there is rogue, but rogue at all. But actually 13th Harmonic is aligned with the, the, uh, at this point in time, the Republican party, um, not following rules. And actually even just old school Republicans, it’s like, don’t put all those rules on us.

[00:19:10] That’s 13th harmonic doesn’t follow rules. So, Marisa,

[00:19:14] Amanda Walsh: can I, can I do a little like, um, well, I just wanna ask a clarifying question. Yes, we’re looking at, obviously you’re looking at the chart for the week in the chart of the day. Yep. And you’re seeing this 13th harmonic like, um, highlighted. Right. And it’s associated with these different things that you brought up, gurus, gangsters, non-conformity, rogue ness in general.

[00:19:38] So if somebody ha, can you look at someone’s chart and, and say you are strong in the 13th harmonic, and so you tend towards these things? Or is this more of like a global sort of mundane type of interpretation?

[00:19:54] Clarissa Dolphin: Well, what I’m doing right now is, is actually a little bit of both. I’m thinking of it in terms of like an, uh, a global mundane interpretation.

[00:20:03] Mm-hmm. But these tenants are also, uh, they could be applied to personal charts, but the energy acts different. Okay. Um, but yes. Yeah. But yes, you can say like, if you were to get a reading with me, I’d know exactly what your highest harmonics are. That’s what I’m trained to do. That’s what, like, I find ’em, you’re right, you can be a fifth harmonic, a 17, a 19.

[00:20:25] Um, I, I discover those for you. And do you normally have a dominant

[00:20:31] Amanda Walsh: harmonic and then like some other subdominant harmonics, or are some people really evenly distributed between several different harmonics or how does that work?

[00:20:43] Clarissa Dolphin: You’re giving me chills, all of the above, Amanda. So you can see typically how I would calculate is like there are top five harmonics.

[00:20:54] Or, or the top 10 harmonics. If you have, like, let’s say your top harmonic is 49th harmonic. It’s seven times seven, and then you also in that top 10, you’re also a 35, and then also you’re a 21. That means that you’re dominant seven Okta. Mm. You’re dominant seven person even with all the other stuff. Mm-hmm.

[00:21:15] Um, and then you have people who are like a panoply all different kinds of numbers. And then you have the other people like, you know, the first example where main numbers repeat, and that’s kind of like more, and you can see it in them too.

[00:21:30] Amanda Walsh: Amazing. I mean, this is where it’s like, it sometimes I feel like one of the, one of the things we’re doing is, is seeing the code of the universe, like seeing like the underlying math of how all this works, which is just such a trip really.

[00:21:45] Clarissa Dolphin: Yeah. Yeah, I have no words to respond to that because exactly. It’s divine mathematics and it’s, that’s why the quantum physics alignment, it’s crazy. Everything, whenever, whatever new discovery in quantum physics, I’m always like, what? Like, it’s mind blowing and it feels like what you just said. Yes,

[00:22:05] Amanda Walsh: yes.

[00:22:05] Okay. All right. I digress again. All right, so we’re, we’re on, we we’re, we’ve been doing the Monday, Tuesday little cohort of

[00:22:15] Clarissa Dolphin: Yes. Okay. So to wrap up or, or not wrap up or to add, I’m trying to be succinct here because obviously Wednesday through Friday is like, whoa. Right? So Tuesday, Monday, Tuesday is like, is just exquisite vibe, days, live it up type of days.

[00:22:35] Um, you know, really, like, it’s not. These energies are not Saturn, Pluto, which is kind of, or something like that, which is like res restrictive. Monday, Tuesday is splash it out, live it up. Um, another thing that you’re likely, that we’re likely to see today, particularly on Tuesday, cuz we have like a lot of lunar south node activity in the fifth harmonic on Tuesday.

[00:23:01] And let me read you what that is. So according to my research, just so we’re all on the same page, the. Fifth harmonic lunar south node is a funnel for communal invention and expression. Uh, or in other words, somebody else’s lucky charm, period. So this is another thing where, you know, uh, on Tuesday the whole like people thing, people are just lucky for you.

[00:23:27] You know, like it’s, it’s the type. So really Monday, Tuesday I’d be out and about and actually the whole week I’d be out and about like period and the, the, the soulmate thing that we were talking about. Um, let me read you some of my notes if it’s not too boring for me to read, but like literally when I was interpreting this harmonic, the start of romance, that’s another theme of this week as well.

[00:23:50] So the start of romance meeting lots of lucky people today, all caps. Um, on a macro level, it’s a great day for art, beauty, writing, literature. Um, so it’s, and like another way to refr, so the fifth harmonic is created free flow. Um, it’s where you’re in the zone, it’s where things like are, are flowing, um, et cetera.

[00:24:15] And when we think about creative free flow, I think you throw the word creative in and it’s automatically art or whatever Einstein. Had a huge fifth harmonic. And you can see his thought experiments in the fifth harmonic, cuz it was like mercury, moon, mercury, Jupiter, Neptune, like he created a lot of, you know, or got inspired through thinking about human interaction.

[00:24:43] That’s gonna be inhuman psychology and sociology, moon, mercury, Jupiter in his fifth harmonics. So the creative free flow is just invention in general. Another theme. So we’re inventing, you know, on Tuesday, that’s why I love Monday, Tuesday. Like, it, there’s so many things to love about it. Exciting. Um, and also reorienting con, so Tuesday’s gonna be a big day in terms of reorienting consciousness around who you thought people were for you, what you thought people were capable of.

[00:25:21] Et cetera, but in a refreshing way, most likely, cuz again, like these energies, we’re not dealing with Saturn muus Pluto every day. Like this week, that would be a harsh week. This is a like, this is like, I’m so happy to period. Woo. Okay, there’s

[00:25:43] Amanda Walsh: a Thursday. You just seem Viv person in general. It’s like, it seems like every week must be like that for you. Is that true? Am I, am I interpreting this

[00:25:52] Clarissa Dolphin: correctly, baby? Yeah. Cause I’m actually speak about harmonic astrology. I’m a Uranus, a Mars, Jupiter Uranus person, and Jupiter Uranus is enthusiasm.

[00:26:04] That’s like the most strong thing in my whole chart. So that’s probably, that’s that, yeah. That’s

[00:26:08] Amanda Walsh: coming through strong. Yes. I love it. Okay, great. All right, so let’s go to

[00:26:14] Clarissa Dolphin: Wednesday. Yes, please. Okay, so Wednesday. We’ve got the solar eclipse. Right? So let’s just talk about like astron or astrology in general.

[00:26:27] We all, I think every single astrologer, no matter what, uh, system or tradition that we’re coming from, we can all agree that, uh, eclipses are huge. Like in terms of what they do from like a harmonic astrologer’s perspective, it’s just like a crazy release of energy because we have three different things in play.

[00:26:51] We’ve got the luminaries, which are two things. The sun, the moon, those are the luminaries. And then we’ve got the lunar nodes on eclipses. So we have like lus every two. Full moon, which is gonna be sun moon opposition. And then, um, we’ve also got the new Moon when the sun and the moon are conjunct. The distinction with the is that the lunar nodes are always involved in eclipses.

[00:27:19] And so like, what does that even mean? So like the, the, uh, uh, excuse me, lunar notes are placed at basically the point where the path of the sun and the path of the moon meet. And so the lunar node are like, Funnels for energy that go directly to earth in terms of manifestation. So that’s why eclipses are so powerful.

[00:27:48] And I also think like in terms of Wednesday and you know, why is such a pivotal week and why this is eclipses are so important, et cetera. There’s a few things to consider. Normal illuminations, every single one, only last two weeks. Two weeks period, eclipses last six months each period, like six months of energy.

[00:28:10] And also thinking about, and this is something that I invite you guys, you know, everybody who’s listening into just like, let’s just like think a little bit on this, right? Like in terms of what the luminaries are and what these points are that we’re talking about, like with the solar eclipse, like would you, would anything exist without the sun and are.

[00:28:32] So it’s like, it’s not just like kind of metaphorical, like the sun as in like it’s the soul. Like it is that, but it’s also existence in manifest flesh, like being the ability to have a body, the ability to, you know, touch and things. How the moon like comes into this whole situation is like if we did not have like a moon, which is a satellite for the sun, right?

[00:29:01] Because the, the, it reflects the light of the moon onto us. If there was not a moon, basically, like the things in the flesh, you and I, squirrels, whatever, like we would have no personalities. Like we would not be substantive because the moon gives us all of our history, not just personal history, but even like genetic history, the history of my ancestors that make me everything, right?

[00:29:30] So it’s substantive. Now add the lunar node. And the lunar node is not just sun and moon, but it’s earth too. It’s so, so the lunar nodes like, it’s like three. That’s why eclipses are so strong. Three points of physical manifestation. So when we were talking about like whole world’s transforming this week, I’m talking about your daily world.

[00:29:54] I’m talking about waking up. Your, your routine is different. You are different. The B, you know, and I think with the luminaries, there’s something like profound banality because when I get up and walk my dogs every morning, I’m not thinking, wow, it’s so profound to be in a human body and I can blow. I’m just like doing my thing.

[00:30:16] So what these eclipses are ushering in is like the total transformation of doing your thing. But so, and here’s how to track it. The last Aries, uh, Libra eclipse cycle. Began 10 years ago. So the last one was literally, it started in 2013. And so when we get to Wednesday, we are at the start of a new 10 year decade and also the culmination of it.

[00:30:46] So let me give you, uh, you, before we, uh, get into the harmonics and kind of keep moving on with the, the day-to-day, let me give you something that happened in 2013 for me with these eclipse cycles. That was the year I met my husband. That was the year I started practicing for clients. But that I started reading for people that I started charging people.

[00:31:10] I also moved that year and I was als that was my first, the first year that I had I ever received any form of spiritual healing, but particularly shamonic healing. And I got called to the path now. So, and this is relevant for all of us at this point, and this is also in the astrology. At this point, all of us, um, are going to be very clear and present to our culmination cycle and our new beginning of things that started 10 years ago.

[00:31:47] And so, for example, like 10 years. So like, this is such a trip. I just started my practice in 2013. 10 years later, I’m president of isr. I’m talking to Amanda and you guys on Astrology Hub. That’s huge. We’re at Pinnacle. And now it’s a news cycle like on in top of that. And this goes for everybody. The thing about this, situation is that, um, a lot of us, thank God, uh, or goddess, thank goodness that. A lot of the general energy and the harmonics and in, you know, with the planets are hype this week. Hype as in delightful hype. As in exquisite hype as in we are able to delight in being alive versus in eclipse where it’s like, oh my God, it’s the culmination point and everything sucks. It’s not that type of eclipse.

[00:32:49] That’s why I’m So, lemme just pause. How is this, what’s, is this landing? Is this all good? What’s going on here?

[00:32:57] Amanda Walsh: Well, Clarissa, as you’re, as you’re having us reflect on 2013 and you’re telling us about your 2013. I’m, I was doing the same thing. So I also moved that year. The, the divorce that initiated my, my, the, the divorce and breakdown of my life that initiated my interest in astrology started that year.

[00:33:19] The man that I started astrology Hub with. Who was my partner for the first, like what, four years of Astrology Hub. I met him that year and we started working on some other projects. I mean, this is absolutely a culminating moment of a theme that was, or a storyline that was completely happening for me in 2013.

[00:33:43] But I would say that now the energy of it, especially with our, whoa, oh wow. Sorry. The reading platform, like having our reading bonanza for the platform that I dreamt about from the very beginning of like, this is the, this is the place where people have their first experience of astrology that blows them away.

[00:34:05] And then it’s like, how could you question astrology anymore after you’ve had a reading from an amazing astrologer? Right? So having that come to fruition right now with our reading Bonanza month, I mean all of it together, I’m like, wow, I, I love how. Amazing astrology is and how it blows our minds over and over and over.

[00:34:25] But yes, so I was, I’m resonating completely, but I like what you say about the energy of this particular eclipse being in that hype or delightful, exquisite sort of place. Because one of the questions that I noted earlier that I haven’t asked you yet is if, if an eclipse is a portal of where like energy can stream through why the usual orientation of fear around it.

[00:34:51] Like why is it just something that like eclipse fear eclipse, oh no. You know, there’s that, there’s a lot of that that happens. Why do you think that is? And is it, is it because, yeah. Anyways. Why do you think that is? I’ll just leave it at that.

[00:35:05] Clarissa Dolphin: Well, I think there, there, there’s obvious like cultural and historical precedent for that, but I also think, you know, because eclipses change things, they change the way that your life And that’s fearful in, in some ways, we fear

[00:35:22] Amanda Walsh: what we don’t

[00:35:23] Clarissa Dolphin: know, we fear and we don’t wanna change, right? Yeah. Mm-hmm. Exactly. Yeah. Okay.

[00:35:31] Amanda Walsh: So, but you’re saying do not fear this eclipse in particular has so much like yummy kind of energy around it. The changes that we’re gonna be, um, initiating or experiencing are going to be more on the positive spectrum than Well, but see, you could look at that thing that I was going through in 2013.

[00:35:53] At the time it did not feel positive, but it resulted in so many positive things that that’s also sort of hard to do, right? Make that judgment call of like, is the change positive or is the change

[00:36:04] Clarissa Dolphin: negative, right? Yeah. And, but, you know, this is such a trip, Amanda, because as I was, you know, delineating and doing, creating this forecast, literally I could.

[00:36:17] Verbatim, just take what you just said, like that’s what I was reflecting on. Um, it, it’s like at the time it could have seemed like it was like the worst thing ever, but with a little bit of hindsight it actually ended up being like the biggest gift. And it is that now this is a gift. This is the gift eclipse where you see the gifts of stuff like that.

[00:36:44] Um, so yeah. Hmm. I love

[00:36:47] Amanda Walsh: it. Okay, great. Anything else you wanna say about Wednesday?

[00:36:53] Clarissa Dolphin: Yes. Um, about Wednesday? I think that there I think willpower is like a big kind of theme of the EC clips. Also, let’s talk about things that are like, not really that good, um, about this. Cuz we’ve been talking about the high vibes, which we can just, we can carry and we can just hang onto the high vibes period because they are more dominant.

[00:37:19] But there are other things going on. And we can also segue into, cuz this is now like the chunk, like this is Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, right? So now let’s get a kind of more chunk of, of this portion of the week. So we have this high vibe, which I invite you to delight in and grab on and relish and just stay there.

[00:37:39] Wow. This other seventh harmonic type of stuff. Seventh harmonic is focused discipline. It’s straight up serious, it’s internal as well. So it’s kind of like a little more personal. We’ve got, things going on in the harmonics that actually, really highlights selfishness and it can. It’s not, you know, it could be somebody else is selfish.

[00:38:04] You’ve been selfish, everybody’s been selfish, or whatever. But that’s a theme. There’s, there’s likely to be, you know, in this transitional state also some type of, resentment for those who harmed you or for those who ostracized you, or just a, a feeling a little sensitive, you know, perhaps a little butt hurt about, um, that, like there’s some, some way that you were ostracized and made to feel inferior.

[00:38:32] And this is likely to come up this week in a mundane level. Ostracized people who were harmed and probably aggressively harmed are likely to have more of a voice this as well. So we’re kind of like dealing with that internally. And this kind of speaks to, the, the Mercury retrograde on Thursday.

[00:38:53] The 21st. So Mercury’s gonna be retrograde in Taurus, from the 21st. I’m speaking in Pacific Time, the 21st of April through the 14th of May. So as this, so, and this is now we’re getting into a polarity of energy because the Mercury retrograde is not like the eclipse, it’s not like the other aspects we were talking about, which is like, heck yeah.

[00:39:16] Like we living out here, like the Mercury retrograde, uh, introduces, um, deep internal introspection, particularly on how you or have always been or have been for so long in a, uh, a significant relationship. So another way to put it, it’s like, so 10 years, and it could even be like a 10 year cycle like that, like so. You’ve been in a business partnership for 10 years, or you’ve been with somebody for 10 years and things just kinda settled in and that was just how they were gonna you know what I mean? Like, it became like habitual routine this week. Um, and, uh, you know, this, this Mercury retrograde has you transitioned that because your reality, like the solar eclipse changes reality period, and then the, the mercury retrograde has you thinking, dang, like, actually, I no longer can and or want to operate from that.

[00:40:33] And it’s kind, it’s almost like you, you catch up, you’re, you’re like catching up to your reality. That’s why it’s like on in this week, vibe high. Go in on the, the exquisite and delight. Because you are not, you’re unlikely to like really process all that internal stuff until Mercury goes direct in May anyway, so you might as well have some fun.

[00:41:01] Like

[00:41:02] Amanda Walsh: if, if you find yourself in a position where you are rethinking a way that you’ve been in a significant relationship for the past 10 years, um, can you trust that the changes that may result from this introspection will be more aligned in the end? You know, it would, whatever, like, uh, con conclusions you might come to where I’m no longer willing to be like this.

[00:41:32] I’m no no longer willing to play this role in this relationship. Whatever you’re coming up with. That, that that’s, that’s really the best. And, and everyone will benefit from it if you trust what you’re, what you’re sensing about the way you wanna move forward. That’s a question mark at the end of that.

[00:41:51] Clarissa Dolphin: Oh my God, Amanda.

[00:41:53] It’s just like the level of just like how in tune like your questions are with the analysis in our hearts, like, and probably everybody out there is just mind blowing to me because like the actual analysis, you know, if you were, so I’ve mentioned the seventh Harmonic earlier, and, um, in this mercury retrograde transit, particularly on Thursday, the whole, but this lasts for the whole transit cause it’s when the mercury in, you know, retrogrades the stations.

[00:42:23] So can you trust yourself? Absolutely. So, and sometimes you can’t, like there are periods where it’s like, nah, like don’t trust that. Yeah. You know, or that would be the advice. But this is so, and I’m gonna read from my notes again. What a fortunate week because even with all this breakthrough energy, there’s a through line.

[00:42:44] You are spiritually adept. You have a direct line to divinity. So part of the astrology around that, the sun is, making an aspect to urine. A Neptune in the seventh Harmonic, whenever I see sun, you’re in a Neptune or you’re in a Neptune in the seventh Harmonic, particularly for clients, it, their intuition is bang on every time they just know.

[00:43:07] Mm-hmm. So this is for the collective, like you just know and this other things are gonna be happening because we’ve also got Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune in the 11th harmonic in this chunk period that’s coming through. And so what that means is like, you know, right. And then you’re also like super carnal and we’re like, in my case, I’m probably gonna be eating like.

[00:43:29] A bucket of donuts every day, like, please, like get me away from the donuts. Um, not this week, like it’s gonna be reality, but like, so we have that like superal pleasure. Um, but we do have this ability to just know like Ure a Neptune in the seventh Harmonic. A lot of Shamonic people have that. I have that.

[00:43:49] I wouldn’t be surprised if you do as well. Uh, most of my clients actually do have that or some version of that. And that’s just knowing at all times. And even cause your, your mind can try to convince you otherwise, but you still know with Uranus, Neptune.

[00:44:08] Amanda Walsh: Fascinating. Okay, so we have changes in relationships.

[00:44:11] Trust those, trust your intuitive hits about how you wanna

[00:44:15] Clarissa Dolphin: proceed. Yeah. Yes.

[00:44:18] Amanda Walsh: I don’t know about all of you, but I am so excited to have a harmonic reading with Clarissa.

[00:44:23] I, I actually haven’t had a harmonic chart reading yet. I’ve learned so much about harmonic astrology through David Cochrane and Rick Levine and Clarissa, but I’ve never had a harmonic astrologer like sit down and read my chart. So I’m, this is gonna be what I will book during our bonanza month will be with you.

[00:44:49] Super fun. Okay, so let’s, let’s go to the next, um, the next thing.

[00:44:54] Clarissa Dolphin: Okay, so the next thing I think like, uh, so what I wanna caution us about, so this is like a cautionary kind of piece. Of this week of like what we’re gonna be dealing with is actually almost like the totality of the future. Like we’re just seeing everything.

[00:45:14] So when we were talking earlier, Amanda, about, you know, things that happened 10 years ago and it was like, at the time we didn’t really get why it was happening and it seemed like that, but it was actually, you know, the tragedy was the best gift that you can possibly have. This is a different type of week because we are actually, we don’t have to look in retrospect, we actually see how everything is coming together now.

[00:45:41] So the caution is to not be overwhelmed by that and to, to our earlier conversation to actually trust it. Like that’s gonna be, the mind screw a little bit is like, oh, is this for real? That’s probably, if we’re talking about mantra of the week. Is this for real? Like what’s the answer? Is

[00:46:02] Amanda Walsh: it for real?

[00:46:03] Clarissa Dolphin: It is for real.

[00:46:05] Wow. Okay.

[00:46:06] Amanda Walsh: Because sometimes it’s like, no, it is too good to be true and, and don’t get, you know, don’t get carried away. But you’re saying not this week. It is actually, we are actually getting a glimpse into what is all coming together and we can, we can

[00:46:22] Clarissa Dolphin: believe it. Exactly, Amanda. Exactly. Wow.

[00:46:28] Amanda Walsh: This is really exciting.

[00:46:32] Clarissa Dolphin: Yeah. Uh, I’m excited for the world with that. And so we’re probably gonna have like breakthrough stuff. Think that we didn’t understand that, that we didn’t even think society would come to. On like a macro level. That’s a another thing that’s like exciting about this. We didn’t think sci Society would evolve or progress on that level.

[00:46:52] That boom just happens and then it changes the whole game for all of us. Wow. As well. Wow.

[00:46:57] Amanda Walsh: Okay. Wow. You’re not holding back at all. There’s, there’s time. So I, you know, I, I interview lots of astrologers and we’ve ridden lots of waves together and there are periods of time where the astrologers will be so strong about their interpretation where it’s just like, it is clear this is what’s happening.

[00:47:17] I would have to say this period of time we’re in is one of those times where the astrologers would look ahead at this period of time that we’re living in right now, and it was. There’s gonna be massive change, there’s gonna be massive shifts and, and lots of futuristic things and, you know, all kinds of things.

[00:47:36] And, and I know the eclipses were a big part of that. And this, this particular week was a big part of that, Reid. So it’s amazing to be here. It’s amazing to be here experiencing the energy.

[00:47:48] Clarissa Dolphin: Yeah, totally. And thank you for that too, because we’re now kind of like a few weeks away from that pivotal shift that a lot of astrologers have been talking about in March, where, you know, we had Saturn ingress into Pisces, but bigger news, Pluto go into Aquarius as like a generational shift, you know, for like 20 years of us as society.

[00:48:08] And then I don’t know about you. I’m a, uh, um, Gemini, rising Mars and Gemini. I was like on the threshold of, of like total lunacy at the point, like right before it went into cancer. I was like, oh my God, thank God. So like, so to your point, Amanda, that’s so now we’re at this week where all that stuff that has been building up forever is now real and it’s now like we are here and fortunately it’s exciting.

[00:48:42] So good. Okay. Okay, so now let’s wrap it up. So we’ve got Saturday and Sunday. And Saturday and Sunday are just like totally chill in comparison. Um, in, in terms of like, you know, major energies, um, the now like sat Saturday and Sunday on a personal level, I would, um, just. Kind of chill, get out in nature.

[00:49:08] We’ve got Jupiter, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, um, Venus, Jupiter is just like straight up nature like flowers, the wind, bark trees, et cetera. Um, and so really Saturday and Sunday, the weekend is like reorientation time where you’re, it’s actually things like come together naturally. So it’s actually like a huge gift from this like crazy, you know, three day of like, wow, it’s real.

[00:49:34] It’s from the weekend. We’re already settling into it. That’s why, another reason why this week is so awesome cuz it’s really not, um, that, but as we’re settling, that’s where the, the resentment could come in, you know? Uh, that’s where it’s like, okay, we’re sit, well then why did I allow. This person to treat me like that for so long.

[00:49:57] Like it there cuz there’s a vehement to that as well in the harmonics of these days. So as things are coming together, things are also rippling up and bubbling up as well. So it’s really kind of, they’re like integration days. But I wanna say like this whole theme about people and inner relationships, actually common ground is possible the whole week period.

[00:50:20] So, you know, it’s like, and also I gotta say, and this may go without saying to some people, you know, but there are likely to be, so we’re gonna have like this influx of amazing people come your way, soulmate status, et cetera. But we also may have a curtailing where some relationships are really over this week.

[00:50:43] So really, you know, uh, Saturday and Sunday we get to kind of like really process that and all the like residual emotions, um, having to do with that. And also another thing, it’s like this is a, a very much a week of kind of like reaping what you sow in a lot of ways. Um, so in the case of like, let’s talk about our 2013, me and Amanda, right?

[00:51:08] Like, you know, and a lot of stuff isn’t necessarily linear, like, you do this and it comes out like that, right? But like in the process of the past 10 years, I’m sure me and Amanda been working really hard, right? And so now we’re at this point where, uh, you know, Amanda’s case, the, the dream that she had that was, it probably wasn’t even maybe fleshed out.

[00:51:33] It’s like, I would love to, to host something like Astrologer Connect, not even having the word for it. Like, I’d love for this to exist. It’s now in existence. Like it’s now happening. It’s like reaping what you sow. And so let’s do like another case, like let’s say despite all best efforts, you have a relationship, like with any type of partner business, intimate, and all best efforts.

[00:51:57] Like even if you both really tried hard, literally the, the reaping or the you, like you guys been arguing the whole time, none of the best efforts have helped. So now we’re sowing that. It’s the conclusion now cuz you can’t really do anything there. So it’s kind of like you, you on, you know, the, the weekend we’re, we’re integrating all that and really kind of getting like, yeah, but thank God we have the freedom and the burden, if you will, of actually getting Now we, instead of having to ruminate as to why that happened, actually we have access to why this week.

[00:52:33] Like we already know. Yeah. Feel, and we’re like actually in a thank goodness that happened, situation. Yeah.

[00:52:40] Amanda Walsh: Well, and it seems important to just con, continually remember that when you’re saying goodbye to something or when you’re saying no to something, that you are really opening up space for something totally new to come in.

[00:52:55] And I, one thing that I have learned and continue to remind myself is that the other person doesn’t need to be wrong or bad in order for it to be time for it, for you both to move on. Like, I think we tend towards wanting to, you know, make the other person wrong and the situation or, or, or come up with a story of why, and, and sometimes it’s really just like, you know, the energy is done, it’s time to move on and we can bless what was and love the person still and move.

[00:53:31] It’s like it can all happen simultaneously instead of needing to like blow it up and end with any sort of resentment and end with any of any of that, which I know sometimes it’s unavoidable, but it doesn’t have to be that way. And I think that it’s important to remember that endings can, they can be peaceful, they can be mutually beneficial.

[00:53:50] We can bless each other as we move on, and we can know that it’s going to be the best case scenario for both of us. You know, every, for everyone it’s, it’s a good change, you know? And I don’t even know. Absolutely. I’m speaking to right now, like I feel like there’s probably some people that need to hear that because it can be an easy thing to forget in the pain of letting

[00:54:11] Clarissa Dolphin: something go. Well I felt that Amanda. Oh goodness. Thank you.

[00:54:18] Amanda Walsh: Yeah, you’re welcome. Clarissa. Maybe it was you. Maybe I said that for you. Oh, okay. Anything else about the week that we need to keep in mind? Not that that wasn’t enough, because that was amazing and so much incredible information.

[00:54:31] Clarissa Dolphin: Well, I think, you know, the idea of, to kind of similar to what you were just sharing there is I would say, you know, like there is a sense of victorious, and this is poignant actually like, of really triumphing, right?

[00:54:49] And that thing that started 10 years ago and like really actually like embracing that and, and processing that I think is, is like, this is a demonstration, especially with the Sun Player Square, uh, Pluto this week. It’s an acknowledgement of personal strength. It’s an acknowledgement of, you know, actually having made it here period.

[00:55:15] And so I guess we can just like end with that.

[00:55:19] Amanda Walsh: Hmm. I love it. I love it. It’s, it’s like the victory, the triumph of just being alive and riding all these different waves and growing and getting stronger and getting clearer and getting more who you are through that whole process. It’s, it’s beautiful. Okay.

[00:55:35] I love it.


[00:55:37] Amanda Walsh: So, Clarissa, just real briefly to go back to the intro, this is a spectacular week. This is a time of passion, dreams coming true on a big level. Relationship dynamics that are trans transformational, new people, old people, uh, deep core transformation in relationships. This is a time of non-conformity, so, Not having to go along with everything the way that it’s always been, and being open-minded to new ways and new ways of going forward.

[00:56:14] I mean, I know if I’m reflecting back on the 10 year ago thing for me that even the thought of divorce was just so. Not okay. In my mind at the time, you know, I was supposed to get married and be married forever. My parents have been married for over 50 years. You know, I’m supposed that’s what I was supposed to do.

[00:56:29] So it was a very nonconformist time for me personally, like in my own lineage, in my own upbringing. It was like, oh wow. I’m like really breaking free and doing something very different than anyone in my family. And that feels scary. Um, but, but it also means I get to write my own script, like there’s something new about this, which, which can be very exciting.

[00:56:51] You also said that this is, could be a time for people to start romance. This is a time where there could be romance in the air. I know for some of you, that’s great news. What if you’re already in a relationship? What would you say about the energy of that?

[00:57:04] Clarissa Dolphin: I think that it would just be super exciting like you guys just met and it’s like hot stuff with that.

[00:57:12] Okay.

[00:57:12] Amanda Walsh: All right. So like a reinvigoration. Yes, that’s fun. Okay. And, um, so, and we have these different waves we’re riding throughout the week. The first couple days are just seem amazing and delightful and spectacular. We have those three days in, in the middle, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, where we have this e this intense eclipse energy, this culminating energy.

[00:57:35] Uh, just lots of different things happening then. And, uh, you said at that time people that have been ostracized will also feel like they have a voice that they’ll, you know, have a little bit of redemption maybe in that. And the cautionary piece for the energy Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, is to. Given to feeling overwhelmed that like there’s a lot of new things coming in, you can trust that you don’t need to allow yourself to get super overwhelmed by it.

[00:58:08] Just kind of open up it. The way I, I’m imagining that is like open up to more, like you can hold it. It wouldn’t be coming in if you can’t hold it. So there’s more coming your way and then Saturday and Sunday you’re set. It’s kind of chill. This is like, sounds like an integration weekend. We’ve had a huge week, so we’ll have some time.

[00:58:28] I love the way the cosmos does this. It’s like not intense all the time. It’s gonna, we have these like ups and downs, just like the tides in the ocean. High tide though Time. Yeah.


[00:58:40] Amanda Walsh: Clarissa, this has been so much fun. I am sure many people are inspired to book a reading with you. Keep in mind during. Reading Bonanza Month that you can book as many readings as you want at that 20% discount.

[00:58:56] So you could book like 4, 2, 3, 4 readings for the future, but book ’em now so you can take a advantage of that discount that we’re doing for the official grand opening of Astrologer Connect. So highly encourage you to go check that out at

[00:59:12] Amanda Walsh: astrologyhub.com/connect. You can go directly to Clarissa and book with Clarissa directly at

[00:59:19] Amanda Walsh: astrologyhub.com/clarissaconnect.

[00:59:24] And that’s C L A R I S S A Connect. and the discount code for those of you who just wanna know what it is, is April 20, so April in all caps, and then the number 20. Ha. This has been so much fun. Clarissa, I can’t wait to have you back on the Astrology Hub podcast. Thank you for being such an incredible astrologer for committing your life to this study, and especially the harmonic angle of it.

[00:59:54] Because like you said, there are certain things that are sort of the future of astrology and I feel more and more of those are coming in, and harmonic astrology is absolutely one of those things. So I love having the opportunity to explore it, to expose it to, to the people in our community who are ready for it and like wanting it.

[01:00:14] And I just, I’m grateful for you as a conduit of that because I know that you have dedicated so much of your time and energy to really mastering it. So it’s brilliant.

[01:00:25] Clarissa Dolphin: Thank. you, Amanda. It’s just totally my honor.

[01:00:31] Amanda Walsh: All right. And thanks to all of you for being a part of our community, for making astrology a part of your life.

[01:00:36] I cannot wait to connect with you on the next episode. Take care everybody.