A Healing New Moon in Gemini w/ Clarissa Dolphin

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Clarity & Growth

Amanda Walsh and Clarissa Dolphin talk about the upcoming Gemini New Moon, and how to navigate it.

On Today's Episode You'll learn…

๐ŸŒ‘ Why Clarissa thinks the Saturn retrograde is not as big of a deal as inner planet retrogrades.
๐ŸŒ’ How Neptune can sometimes bring clarity, not just confusion.
๐ŸŒ“ Which days this week will be restless and expansive, and which days can be more relaxing.

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[00:00:00] Clarissa: So the planets are frequencies, energies, we're dealing with things like basically the whole, the chart is a subatomic entity that emits waves that I'm picking up as the astrologer that we are picking up.

[00:00:16] Everything is energy.


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[00:00:35] Amanda: Well, hello everybody and welcome to your weekly astrological weather. I am so happy that you've decided to join us, and I'm so happy to be back with all of you. It's been a couple weeks since I've been the host of the Weekly weather. I've been doing some travel. I'm super grateful to Jamie McGee for stepping in in my place.

[00:00:53] And I'm just really, really happy to be here with you now, and I'm really excited to be here with Clarissa Dolphin. She had her weekly weather debut about a month ago, maybe a little bit longer, and I absolutely adored that episode. And just her energy and her enthusiasm and her. Authenticity and her unique expression.

[00:01:16] One of the things I love about astrology is it gives us permission to really embody that unique design that we are. And I love witnessing that in other people, and I just feel that's so strongly with Clarissa. And so I'm very excited to have Clarissa back here, toge today to be talking about the weekly weather of.

[00:01:37] Of June 12th to the 18th, and just a little bit about Clarissa, if you haven't met her yet. She is a certified astrologer shaman, Keeler Tarot Diner, Reiki master, and a writer based in Los Angeles. She has been cited as an astrological expert in the New York Times. She, her work has been featured in various publications like the Career Astrologer.

[00:02:00] Dirty laundry, white, hot, broccoli, city notion, faint, et cetera. And she is the current president of the International Society of Astrological Research, otherwise known as esr, and she's also one of the astrologers on our Astrologer Connect platform. I love seeing the reviews for, Clarissa.

[00:02:22] From her readings, people rave about her readings and what she's able to help them understand about themselves. So Clarissa, welcome back to the Weekly

[00:02:29] Clarissa: Weather. Thank you so much. I'm so excited to be here and I love everything about Astrology Hub and you and the audience, so thank you for having me again.

[00:02:42] It's

[00:02:42] Amanda: great to have you back. All right, so let's talk about the weather for the week. Let's start with that big picture perspective. What would you say is the overarching

[00:02:52] Clarissa: theme that we're working I think the overarching theme of the week is clarity, productivity, and growth. It's, which I love.

[00:03:05] Honestly, so it's not like a stuck week. It's not the type of week where, you know, we're overly reflective or, and it's not a week where it's, we're crazy 2, 4, 7, doing something and there's no time to think it's actually constructive. And I'm looking forward to kind of breaking down, you know, the, the individual days, cuz there's a lot more going on than that.

[00:03:30] But those are the general themes. Okay, so

[00:03:34] Amanda: clarity, productivity, and growth. That's kind of a unique combination of things. Like you said, I, I feel like normally when it's a growth oriented week, it's not as productive. Like it's more of an internal reflection, maybe like working through relationship things or, or whatever it is.

[00:03:51] So that's interesting. Tell us a little bit about the astrology

[00:03:54] Clarissa: and why you're saying that. Yes. Okay. So obviously I'm a harmonic astrologer, so I'm gonna be using terms that may not be kind of like normal, but let's do the normal stuff now, which is, there are only like, pretty much like a handful of, transit to transit aspects, energies that are affecting the whole world.

[00:04:17] So those are Venus Quinco, Saturn on Tuesday, June 13th. Then on Thursday, June 15th, we're gonna have Mercury square Saturn. And then, Saturday's actually the big day of the week with most of the cosmic energies. That's gonna be Saturday, June 17th. We've got Mercury Sextile, Venus, the New Moon and Gemini, and we have also got Saturn Stationing retrograde.

[00:04:45] Saturn will be retrograde until November 4th. So that's kind of like a chunk of time that we'll get to. And finally on Sunday we've got Sun Square, Neptune. So those are like the major things. And then once we get to the day by day, I'll break down the harmonics and the midpoints and everything else. So why

[00:05:04] Clarissa Weather Speaker: are

[00:05:04] Amanda: you choosing the words, clarity, product, productivity, and growth based

[00:05:08] Clarissa: on those transits? So, The many reasons. Let's, let's start with the Mercury stuff and like the Gemini stuff and actually the Neptune stuff as well. So Mercury Square, Neptune, mercury Square, Neptune as an energy like is analysis investigation.

[00:05:30] So we're unearthing information from that. Then we have the New Moon and Gemini and, the New Moon and Gemini is bringing different types of harmonic energies that also elucidate and generally that elucidates ge Like once we have, we have so much mutability in the sky, mutability opens up options, might drive some fixed signs.

[00:05:55] Crazy. I'm just kidding. But like, we've got like a lot of things like opening up. As a result of these energies, uh, finally the Sun Square, Neptunes, Neptune has a bad rap for doing the opposite of, you know, elucidating, right? Like Neptune has a, uh, a reputation for actually like fogging things up. But I feel like this sun, uh, square, Neptune.

[00:06:23] Like with the harmonics and just as a general energy, like in my opinion, Neptune can be absolutely crystal clear. It's the vision, it's the thing that is like the, that comes out that's obvious at times. So I think we're gonna get kind of more, clarity on long-term things that we haven't had breakthroughs on.

[00:06:47] Thanks to to this week. Finally, I just wanna say one thing about the Quin Kongs as well, why it's growth. The nature of the Quins aspect, uh, is growth. It's a moving aspect that takes us to new places. Can you tell us a little bit more about that?

[00:07:08] Amanda: I mean, that, that's fascinating. I haven't heard the quins. Described particularly in that way. So I'd love to just hear you talk about that a little bit

[00:07:16] Clarissa: more. Cool. Thank you, Amanda? Yeah. Okay. Now my inner nerdly is like all out. I've been studying and researching the Quin Hunks for about three to four years now.

[00:07:27] So according to my research, the Quin Hunks. And this think in terms of energy, not archetypes as well. So let's just try to feel this in our bodies, according to my research, the quins is like perennial puberty. So think about when you were in puberty. And you were growing and it hurt. Like my joints hurt a lot, had no idea how tall you're gonna be, what type of adult you're gonna be, but you were growing anyway.

[00:07:56] Lots of awkwardness with it. Like, why am I feeling all these hormones? I'm going nuts, and you know, but I can't see, you can't see the end result, but you're still growing in that direction. That's what the Quin kus is. That's what it does. That's what its function is. That is fascinating.

[00:08:13] Amanda: I mean, especially, I have two, I have a 14 year old and an 11 year old, and one thing we did recently was we have these, uh, girls circles, like these moon circles that we've been doing for a few years.

[00:08:24] Some of us moms with our daughters and we had them anonymously write questions and put them in a little basket and, and then we've been putting all the questions together. And answering them, and we're putting together a little book for them. But my point is, so many of the questions are exactly what you just said.

[00:08:46] Like, what am I gonna be like when I grow up? What am I gonna look like if, how am I gonna feel, like, how am I gonna know how to feel? How am I, how's it gonna feel to be in love? How's it gonna feel like all these questions? And it's like, oh yeah, it's, it's really a time of like, I know things are changing, but I don't know where they're going yet.

[00:09:07] And so what I'm hearing from you say is that that's the kind of growth that's happening this, this week where we don't, we might not have the clear outcome, but we know things are shifting like fundamentally and that we will be different on the other side of it, but that we don't know what that looks like.

[00:09:30] Is that basically the, when you're talking about the growth of this week, that's kind of what you're saying?

[00:09:35] Clarissa: Yes. I think that that's definitely going to be the vibe on Tuesday when we've got the Venus Queen conk Saturn for sure. But fortunately, fortunately, with all that, like Mercury, sextile Venus stuff, let in the latter parts of the week, like Thursday, Friday, we're actually gonna get. Kind of critical details as well. I think that the, the gross situation that you're so beautifully tying into like your actual real daughter, you know, like literally going through puberty now is like, we're not going to snow early in the week. How all the puzzle pieces land in material reality, but we're gonna have so many like, So much insight as to how to, to generate, what we want and so much help and so many different kind of like, possibilities for how they land by the end of the week.

[00:10:32] For sure. Love it. Okay, so let's break it down.

[00:10:36] Amanda: Let's go go through the days and tell us what's happening each day.

[00:10:40] Clarissa: Please. Okay, cool. Oh yeah, like, let's please do it. Okay, so, so on Monday the 12th, we've got Mercury conjunct, the Venus, Neptune, midpoint in the sky. So the, when I'm talking about midpoints and stuff, why I love to use them is because there's a combination of three or more planets.

[00:11:02] So it's really quite a lot of energy. So with that, like Venus, Neptune is really poetic, idealistic, romantic. So that's a day that I think like on a societal level, just in general, there's gonna be, a lot of art, poetry, romance, romcoms. Romantic novels, fairy tales, book clubs, writing writers, that's the type of thing that's gonna be kind of highlighted on that day.

[00:11:33] And it is a day that's ki that, um, is dreamy. I mean, that's the vibe of it. so that's a great day, like on a personal level to get your dream on, bust out your journal, your notebook, and really kind of take the fantasy where you need to go with it. And that's really the only thing, that's the only aspect happening on June 12th.

[00:11:55] That's why this, this week is kind of a little more chill. The last time I was on, you know, uh, the weekly weather that week was insane. So like, it's not that type of week, like we can actually, um, you know, get stuff done. That's another reason why it's productive. So on, uh, Tuesday. And I'm speaking in terms of Pacific time.

[00:12:18] Uh, so some of this, like if you're in Australia, it'll be the next day. So we're Tuesday, June 13th. This is an in, this is the Venus Quin Hunk Saturn Day. And in terms of harmonics, we've got a few going on in the background. So we've got the 11th harmonic. And I'll explain to you what this is. The 13th harmonic, the eighth, and the seventh, all going on in the background.

[00:12:45] So this is, uh, even though there's a Venus, Quin, Saturn, this is actually still like an active day. So let me break down everything. So Mercury is, is conjunct Neptune in the 11th, harmonic on the 13th. 11th. Harmonic is insatiable, restless, insatiable hunger. So it's like, It is moving super fast and it's hungry.

[00:13:11] It wants to get to the future. 11th Harmonic is very futuristic, just in general. So when you're talking to 11th Harmonic people, Even though they're in the present time, typically they're saying things that are relevant for, for generations 200 years from now. I mean, it's su it's super, um, expansive in that regard.

[00:13:35] But when we have Mercury Neptune there, the 11th harmonic is, is the, basically how we are likely to experience it, is just a flood of insight. Oh my God. Like, and it's like rapid. Cause the 11th harmonic, you can't control, it's rapid fire and it's intense. So this is a day where like the Monday, the day before, it was like, oh, you know, revere some beautiful poetic experience.

[00:14:02] Like on Tuesday we're getting rapid fire insights into the future and, you know, bordering on madness. So in the, in the greatest possible way. Okay. It's beautiful madness. Okay. We also have a lot of 13th harmonic going on. 13th harmonic is the energetic function of singularity, but it's also seeking specialness, like it's seeking something unique that stand out from the crowd that's non-conformance.

[00:14:31] It doesn't follow rules. What's fascinating about this is that, We've got Mars, Pluto, Mars, Jupiter, and Mars. Uranus in the 13th. Harmonic on the 13th. So what does that mean? Like when we've got Mars, Jupiter, Pluto, Mars, Pluto works really hard. So even though we've only got one major aspect, like the Venus Quinco Saturn Transit to Transit, this 11th harmonic and 13th Harmonic.

[00:15:01] energy in the background on Tuesday is making us work for something extremely unique and significant, really, really hard. So we're gonna put our heart and soul into it. , and, you know, break a sweat cuz Mars, Pluto is the type of thing, and Marc Ure, inus type of energy where you're not sleeping, you're, you're working 2, 4, 7

[00:15:27] also we've got Sun Venus. This is why I like this week because it's pleasurable, because this growth and this productivity and this energy, it, it's, it's, so let me give you an aspect and explain this in a different way. Also on, Tuesday, June 13th, we've got sun. Sun, semi square, Venus. So basically Sun and Venus are touching in the eighth.

[00:15:52] Harmonic and Sun. Venus in the eighth. Harmonic is just magnetic. It's just beautiful. It just sucks in opportunities to you. So you, it's not like all hard work. No, no play, no receipt, no. Like, you're not going anywhere with it. It's, it's like you're attracting this, these opportunities and this, this abundance to you and, the Venus Saturn energy, the Venus Twink Saturn, and the Sun, Mars, and the seventh Harmonic, that's gonna indicate that this is, this is gonna have long-term impact, uh, of growth for us.

[00:16:35] And another thing I wanna say about Venus Kouk Saturn before we move on to Wednesday. Is that, the 25th Harmonic is lit up for Venus, Quin Hunk Saturn. So 25th harmonic is creative genius. Period. So all of, so this pubescent like vibe of, let me, let's go to Venus, Quin Saturn, cuz I wanna give you guys a little bit more context before I analyze this.

[00:17:03] According to my research, the Quins. Means purposeful, relevant anomaly. So it is this anomaly that comes up out of the blue that leads to different paths that did not exist without the anomaly. So again, that's kind of part of the, the growth, uh, function of the Queen Kongs itself. But now let's add the Venus Saturn to it.

[00:17:33] Venus Saturn. Is nature and it's raw, unembellished nature. So it's like the bark of the tree. It's like grass. It's not like beautifully ornate things. It's organic. It, I mean, it's, it's beautiful. Um, but unembellished, right? Like for example, like today, like I'm turning up for weekly weather, like I'm about to put the choker on and put some makeup on, right?

[00:17:59] But typically Venus, Saturn, like no makeup. You know, I'm just with my dogs on the couch, like that's Venus, Saturn. So for this on a macro level, I expect, on this Tuesday date and the whole week, I expect, our society to, to, receive news events. About some weird anomaly in nature that we didn't spot before, but it's taking us to different way.

[00:18:31] Like, and another thing I wanna say is the 11th harmonic is active pretty much every day this week. So what does that mean? That that's, that means it's bringing us to the future. 11th harmonic. As intense as it gets, as you know, cuz it can, 11th harmonic can create meltdown and breakdown. But it's also so exciting.

[00:18:54] It's cutting edge. The 11th Harmonic brings innovation. It propels us into the future. So when we have like this funky anomaly thing going on, we still have the 11th harmonic boom, uh, instant inventions. The the fifth harmonic is like that too. So, 25. Five times five, creative genius, all this kind of stuff with the 11th.

[00:19:19] That's inventions. That's like, that's like, you know, we're talking Pluto is no longer an Aquarius. I'm mourning that. I'm like, come back please. But this week is almost kind of like a mini Pluto in Aquarius, in the innovation, in the, you know, bringing us forward. So there's that. And this brings us to Wednesday. Clarissa real quick. Yes. I know the

[00:19:46] Amanda: last time you were on the weekly weather, we talked quite a bit about what harmonic astrology is. Mm-hmm. And how it integrates with the more traditional approach to astrology.

Write in show notes the episode numbers of Clarissa covering the Harmonics

[00:19:58] Amanda: And you were also on the Astrology Hub Podcast a long time ago, like really defining it and making it, helping us understand what harmonic astrology is.

[00:20:09] So I just want to let everybody know that we will put. The episode numbers of those episodes in the show notes, so that if you wanna go back and understand, wait, she keeps saying this 11th harmonic and the 13th harmonic, and what does this mean and how does it integrate with what I understand about astrology already?

[00:20:30] You can go back and check out those episodes. So I just wanted to mention that quickly

[00:20:34] Clarissa: here before we move on. Thank you very much, Amanda. I appreciate that. Yeah. Cause the jargons, even the most advanced astrologers are like, what are you talking about? So I'm, I'm glad that, um, you know, you put that out there.

[00:20:47] And also I just wanna just in 30 seconds. I'll tell you right now, like what's harmonic astrology like? Harmonic astrology is basically, frequency. So the planets are frequencies, energies, we're dealing with things like basically the whole, the chart is a subatomic entity that emits waves that I'm picking up as the astrologer that we are picking up.

[00:21:16] Everything is energy. That's what harmonic astrology is in, in terms of like approach. In a nutshell,

[00:21:24] Amanda: and you said something earlier in this episode about you, you, you made a distinction between an archetype and energy, and I think if I'm understanding correctly, that's some that goes to the core of, of vibrational astrology, that we're not talking about the archetypes.

[00:21:43] Of the planets, we're not talking about the historical or mythological or, um, you know, the, the ideas that these planets represent for us, it's more of the energetic frequency that they're emitting, which is, it's, it's different. It's, it, it's probably a lot of overlap, but there is a difference between an archetype and an energetic frequency.

[00:22:09] So is that

[00:22:10] Clarissa: correct? That's completely correct, and I'm just so happy, like, for some reason that we're talking about this, it's so exciting because yes, so like archetypes, they're social constructs in a lot of ways and they're, they're to me, like in terms, so archetypes are like, Step two after the energy.

[00:22:31] So let's think about it this way. Like if we're in a party and somebody comes up, or, or a few people, somebody is obviously sad, you feel them, they're sad, they're not the archetype of the hermit reversed. Hmm. And so like same thing like if, if, if somebody comes to a party, they're hilarious. And they make you laugh.

[00:22:55] You're, you know, it's just enthusiastic, it's fun. That's stupid. Or Uranus, it, it goes straight to the energy versus the decoding of the energy, which is what archetypes do. And they're still legit. And there is, I love astrology, you know, period. I don't care what kind. And if you're a person like me who's very energetically sensitive, who's like empathic and is like, You know, a person who feels things first and then thinks about it and then processes it, you know, there's a lot then that I think the purview might make more, a little more sense to you.

[00:23:35] Because it's not all, another way to put it is like, I think the human mind. Like, not everything goes through it. Not everything. I, I think that there are things and realities and energies greater than the human mind that the mind picks up on as a receptor and then we process it and et cetera. So harmonic astrology, we're going straight up to that stuff, to the stuff in 5k, a million D that, you know, we can only get a snippet of if we try to intellectualize it, but we can probably feel it.

[00:24:07] Does that make any sense at all?

[00:24:09] Amanda: Oh, complete. I like it. It, it makes complete sense to me, and I, I, it explains a lot, you know, when we have a, a gut instinct or we just have a feeling, or like, you're, you're, you're, you're sick, you know, the. You get goosebumps or this, the skin on your arms, you know, the hair on your arms goes up and you're sensing something.

[00:24:29] And then a lot of times we try to put a story to it and try to like, make it make sense. But really it's kinda like, I don't know, I just feel that, or I just, something feels off or something feels good, or you know, whatever it is, that's. That's a great explanation. And so as you're listening to Clarissa go through the rest of the week, just when she's talking about the Harmonic and giving a number to it, she's talking about an energetic frequency that a, that the planets are making as they're moving through their different positions in the sky.

[00:25:04] Clarissa: Yes. Yes, exactly. And you know, I often, uh, fantasize about, What they would sound like, you know, what does the 25th sound like? You know, like, or what, what frequency is it on? It's like the so FIO stuff, all that stuff, you know, the scales of music, that's what the, the planets are doing when they're moving around and then they're creating our material reality with all the waves and stuff, and probably more so.

[00:25:33] Yeah, exactly. It's so mind blowing. It's just

[00:25:36] Amanda: like, what? This is crazy. Okay. Uh, let's go to Wednesday.

[00:25:41] Clarissa: Yes, yes. Let's please go to Wednesday. So Wednesday's all harmonics too, right? Because we don't have like a major aspect, transit to transit aspect. So Wednesday we've got, all 11th harmonic stuff.

[00:25:55] So Mars, Jupiter is active in the 11th and this is why. Another reason why this week is so productive because when we have Mars, Jupiter as an energy Mars, Jupiter creates solutions. And when we have Mars, Jupiter in the 11th Harmonic, it's super beyond fast. So the solutions are coming, boom, boom, boom, nonstop, and We've also got Venus, Neptune.

[00:26:22] So Venus, Neptune in the 11th. Harmonic is, well, here's another undercurrent that's I'm just putting together right now, but there's a lot of like Venus, Neptune, and just kind of Venetian energy also in the background, like romance, art, creativity. We have like these, these really fantastic creative solutions.

[00:26:43] So if you've been feeling blocked in some area of life where it's like, okay, like I literally. Have been stuck on this for months, weeks, years. Like, I have no idea what, I have no good ideas about this. Well, boom, they come rapid fire, like today on, on this Wednesday. You've also got Sun Uranus. So Sun Uranus in the 11th Harmonic is kind of like twofold and that Sun Uranus in the 11th Harmonic can feel really anxious.

[00:27:11] So I think that's probably the downfall. Of this is like anxiety and the Venus, Neptune in the 11th Harmonic with that, it's gonna make, it's like, oh my God. Like, cause 11th Harmonic wants it now. Like it doesn't wanna wake, it can't wait. So the pressure to, you know, materialize this I think can be a little bit much for some people, but at the same time, Mars, Jupiter is still here.

[00:27:39] So you are finding solutions. So you are moving forward. Remember that like you are moving forward. It's, it's okay. So, um, other stuff that we've got going on today, we've got, mercury conjunct, the Mars Neptune midpoint, and Uranus conjunct the Mercury Jupiter midpoint. So this is gonna bring in a different angle, in that this is another context for the whole theme of the week too.

[00:28:08] The group angle, so like they're so part of these insights that you know, are, are rapidly coming together on a personal and societal level, like we're finally getting a. Clarity on how to proceed in groups with other people. So this isn't just kind of like, it's obviously, this isn't just personal insight when we've got Mercury, Jupiter, Uranus going on and, Mercury, uh, semis, sextile, Jupiter.

[00:28:41] Mercury. Jupiter is a bird's eye view. It's seeing things from, you know, uh, a higher perspective that impacts multiple people. So for this, like we're gonna be able to actually have people help us with these endeavors willingly. And a also, There's like a gift, a gap to this. You know, this is good for negotiations, this is good for, and one thing that came up as I was preparing this weekly weather and doing some analysis was like, I was thinking a lot about our experience in the pandemic, um, the pandemic itself with actual, like in the trade side of it, where it's like, okay, like. Everything is literally stuck at the ports. Like we don't, we cannot actually transport this so, That things like that are, are blowing, are going to, open up in terms of trade and business this week. But also this is also impacting environment, right? Like I I in terms of, okay, now we finally have this snail that eats plastic or something like that.

[00:29:57] And so, and finally on a social level with this, this type of energy, You know, our experience, I'm speaking from an American talk context as well. During the pandemic, we had so many cultural things happen. We had the Me Too movement, black Lives Matter. Unfortunately, A A P I Kate, we're still having like transgender and L G B T Q community, things like that.

[00:30:24] Well, this week, We're finally going to have like, oh, kind of more like insight and freedom to work together in, um, in the United States. And I hate this term, which drives me insane, but this, this happened, people say across the aisles as if there's only one aisle and only two things. Talking about our political, um, system and things like that.

[00:30:50] It's beyond across the aisle. It's all, it's 5 million aisles. We're figuring it out. So long-term, like problems even that you may have had like on a social level, like, wow. Now we finally get this insight, these ends. To, to actually liberating the problem and working through it. So that's cool. That's amazingly cool.

[00:31:16] Amanda: Just a follow up question, is this a permanent solution or is this like a moment in time where things feel a little bit easier to bridge that

[00:31:24] Clarissa: gap? Ooh, that's such a good question, Amanda, because I think this is actually a moment in time. This week is like more advantageous. Because the 11th harmonic doesn't last.

[00:31:38] It's almost like this big blast or what, how typically we conceptualize Uranus where it's just like, boom, you know, take advantage of it. Now we don't know how it's going to put, like, it's like gusta winds that boom, like it, it pushes the boat in a certain direction, but not long term. Yeah. Well, at least it gives

[00:32:01] Amanda: us a glimpse of what's possible.

[00:32:03] Yeah. I, I, I think sometimes progress works that way, you know, where we get

[00:32:07] Clarissa: that glimpse of what is possible,

[00:32:09] Amanda: and yes, it may feel like we revert back to something else, but it, but once that possibility is in our awareness, then it's easier to actually create it and, and, and taste it, touch it, feel it, know what we're working towards.

[00:32:24] So again, even if it, it's like, oh God, and now, now we're back where we were, where it's impossible for people to see eye to eye or whatever it is. At least we had that moment of like, but it could be like that. Or we could find things that help us in this way. So it, it's positive either way. You look at it short term or long term.

[00:32:41] I just had to ask that question because the divide at times feels so vast and so big that I was like, God, could it possibly be like, In a week we're, we're like, we're, you know, we're coming together again. Or maybe we never were as together as it seemed. But you know, you, you, you hear what

[00:33:00] Clarissa: I'm Yeah.

[00:33:02] Cause there's a lot of hopefulness in that. It's like, oh my, I, I feel the same. I feel very similar in that it's like, God, can we just get over it and work together and come together please. Like, um, But we will, like, I think this, you're, you're correct in that we do get a taste of that this week. We do see the possibility that we we're not gonna give up.

[00:33:24] There is hope, um, and very in real concrete ways. So that's cool. Okay. I like it. Yeah. All

[00:33:33] Amanda: right. So that's, so now we're onto,

[00:33:35] Clarissa: uh, Thursday. Yes. Yes, we're onto Thursday and this is like one of the days where we actually have a big transit to transit aspect, and that's gonna be Mercury square Saturn.

[00:33:45] So Mercury square Saturn. In terms of the harmonics and the background, and I think I mentioned this before, but I'll say it again. Mercury square Saturn is analysis. So it's investigation, it's research, it is cerebral. So it is the type of thing where like we're unearthing information and testing models and things like that.

[00:34:07] So in the background, the harmonics of this transit are 29th, harmonic 11, 22, 32, and 31. So I'll, I'll break down what these are. So 29th Harmonic is the energetic function. Of improving by adopting a perspective outside of what you grew up with. Outside of what, so once again, that egalitarian thing where it's like, Hey, I'm going to adopt your research, your analysis, this, this.

[00:34:39] So the, a lot of facts are coming up this week. This is a fact week and we're remixing and we're, we're developing and moving forward based on this information. And to your earlier point just now, Amanda, I think this is the type of week where it's like we're blasting forward, um, but we're actually dealing with things that we may have been sitting on for a lo for a long time.

[00:35:06] And finally, we have these in this information that pushes us in a a direction that we've been waiting to go in. That we didn't have the facts for the information for. So that's, that's coming up, today on Thursday, June 15th. Also we already went over the 11th harmonic and insatiable restlessness, et cetera.

[00:35:27] 22 is 11 times two in harmonic astrology. When you do times two, it literally means with others, it's literally the opposition aspect. So it's like you something, you see somebody else and they're involved. So we insatiable restlessness, uh, innovation with others. So I, again, like, I'm excited about the ex, the science of this week.

[00:35:53] I'm excited about the research and the investigations and the, the, the new. Information that's gonna push us as, uh, forward as a society, particularly today, uh, June 15th, this Thursday. We've also got Mercury, sun, mercury, conjunct, the Sun, Uranus, midpoint that day, and Mercury Sun. Uranus is like, is just rapid fight like a Mercury, Uranus type of person is.

[00:36:22] Uh, a literally like a super brain Android computer in a person. So we process all this information like boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. Doesn't know anything You can tell, uh, a Mercury Uranus per, like, so if a Mercury Uranus person like doesn't know anything about baking or, you know, like they can basically learn everything about baking in five seconds.

[00:36:49] And so you add any topic, so, This is amazing for, for, um, mental and knowledge innovation as a society. And I think, again, like we're seeing like a current, like in the energies of just all this rapid fire insight. Um, so the problem with this energy is that it's not very reflective and focused in, um, In that like it's not the type of thing where this isn't a journaling week except for on Monday.

[00:37:26] Like that's the only day that like, you might be conscious enough to like chill with the information. This is the type of information where it's like, wow, oh my God, I wanna do something about this like right now. And that and that and that and that. That's the, that's the problem, like on a molecular personal level.

[00:37:46] With all of this stuff cuz you literally can't possibly do it all this instant. Um, but. It's cool and it's fun and it's, it's bringing up, it's like it's opening up the world of the future. We've also got Mercury, Jupiter and, um, mercury Neptune in the Fifth Harmonic and the 11th Harmonic fifth Harmonic is creative free flow.

[00:38:09] And it is creative as in like basic art. Yes. But it's also where you get lost in what you're doing, what you wanna do, um, like. I'm getting lost talking to Amanda and you guys right now. Like, I love doing this. Like, uh, what, how much time has passed? I don't know. That's like fifth harmonic. Like in terms of like an energy and how it like actually feels.

[00:38:31] So when we've got Mercury, Neptune there, mercury Neptune, I think on a, so social level, mundane forecasting is different in the fifth Harmonic because I see it oftentimes, um, with conspiracy theories. So I think Thursday and Friday, we're gonna have kind of like a mixed bag where it's like, okay, there's all this exciting insight and now we're gonna see things kind of flip where some members of our society are doing, are going crazy with certain parts of information that ju you know, now we're gonna get into, you know, Thursday and Friday.

[00:39:13] Where it's like, okay, I was excited about that, but now this isn't making sense. You know? Like, now I feel like we're going into kind of like a, uh, stranger directions, but it's still, it's still, energizing and creativity inducing and all these, it's almost like, you know, I don't know, being introduced to totally alien worlds.

[00:39:39] Even if you thought you knew everything about the subject, it's really cool. So that's that. I think we should probably move on to Saturday. Cause that's the big day. That's the day, that's the biggest day of the week. So we've got a lot of things going on on Saturday. We've got the New Moon and Gemini.

[00:39:59] We've also got Saturn, Saturn, stationing, retrograde, and we've also got Mercury Sextile Venus. So let's do the big one first. So, Saturn stationing, retrograde, whenever there are outer, outer planets. Stationing, retrograde, I don't really, I don't really worry about that too much. They did. They have like less of an impact in my humble opinion than inner planets.

[00:40:25] That's station retrograde. So basically the harmonics behind the Saturn retrograde 27th Harmonic 18. 27th, obviously nine times three. 18 is nine times two ninth. Harmonic is community and healing. 27th Harmonic is universal healing. So it's the idea of the, this energy that loves us all, all beings that we can tap into.

[00:40:52] So that's 27th Harmonic. 18th Harmonic is gonna be community and healing with others. So it's kind of like. This is actually a really healing Saturn retrograde period. So it's about like ameliorating building bridges, like and literal health stuff too. The ninth harmonic is biological sciences. Often, um, I see nurses have it all the time, people who administer kind of medicine.

[00:41:21] So I think like, And this, and also for some odd reason that I can't prove yet, maybe never will, but the ninth Harmonic often comes up in natural events like storms, like weather occurrences, et cetera. So that's another thing that the Venus Saturn Quinco brought up on Tuesday. But this Saturn return cycle, or excuse me, Saturn.

[00:41:45] Retrograde until November 4th. By the way, like it's gonna bring us to and I, this is another reason why I love this week. I do think that we're actually going to make headway in healing the earth period. Healing the planet, healing ourselves. It's like a beautiful week, for that. And this is what the Saturn, stationing, retrograde is going to, support as well.

[00:42:14] Amanda: You mentioned that outer planet's, stationing, retrograde, in your opinion, are not

[00:42:20] Clarissa: as earth

[00:42:21] Amanda: shattering as inner planets. Stationing retrograde. Were you specifically referring to the station itself or the entire retrograde period?

[00:42:33] Clarissa: I think in the moment the station itself, but I met. The entire retrograde period. Yep. Okay. So you think that the,

[00:42:41] Amanda: the outer planets going retrograde just don't have as much impact on our like, day-to-day reality? Or is it that they're sort of like more behind the scenes and, and doing things subconsciously, or, or can you just e explain

[00:42:55] Clarissa: that a little bit more what you meant by that?

[00:42:57] Sure. I think it's more the latter, Amanda, where it's kind of more behind the scenes or it's not. So for example, whenever Mercury retrogrades. It's like something is going wrong in my personal life. Like my computer is going down, I can't reach this person. Whatever. Whenever Venus is retrograde, there's something that is majorly blah in my personal life that's like, oh my god, you know, et cetera, et cetera, and, and so on and so on.

[00:43:24] But once we get to like Saturn and Neptune and Uranus and even Pluto retrogrades, it's actually, I think, Personally more fun of an experience cuz it's like, oh, Saturn's retrograde, well now I can, you know, finally complete this thing. Or, you know, Pluto's retrograde. Like, it's less of like a direct personal impact on your day-to-day and more of just kind of like, uh, a bit of, I wouldn't even say liberation.

[00:43:54] I actually really like discovering this myself. Now I really like. Outer planet retrogrades, like there, it's a different kind of sensibility. Okay. I,

[00:44:08] Amanda: I, and I love to think about 'em as like, kind of like a drumbeat in the background. Like it's, it's, it's a stage. It's setting the tone. There's like certain bigger picture themes we can explore when they're moving forward or backwards and, and sort of use that to guide an overarching direction in our life versus, Like you said, the day to day

[00:44:31] Clarissa: reality. Exactly, and that's why they're fun. Yeah. Okay. All right. Anything else about Saturday? Yes. So few things about Saturday. We've got the New Moon in Gemini, also Mercury Sextile Venus. So communication's gonna be off the charts in a good way. So like, this is like a really, and it's fascinating because both the, the Saturn retrograde station and the New Moon in Gemini have prominent 27th harmonics.

[00:45:00] Um, so that's prominent universal healing. That's pro. It's almost like these, these, uh, These aspects, these planet, the, this situation, it's pushing an influx of 27 into our world, into the earth. And what is that? That's like all this beautiful Gaia energy, this nirvana, this thing that, you know, really kind of like helps all of us. And, we've also got Mercury sex style, Venus, mercury. Venus is eloquent reading and writing, period. That's how it comes out. So for this, like, this is a great day, even though it's Saturday and Sunday in Australia, et cetera. Like the weekend's a great day to, to kind of like really, um, cement. Well, not even cement, but just reach out and talk to people, reach out, throw those comms out, like build those kind of, bridges, in terms of, of trying to come on the same page, et cetera.

[00:45:58] And, and once again, I think literary stuff, and speaking and all that kind of stuff is going to be prominent in the news cycle this week. So that's cool. This is like a very like, beautiful creative week. Um, also, and finally before we move on to Sunday, which is actually a chiller day of the week, so Monday and Sunday, those are the days that chill to chill this week and be reflective.

[00:46:24] Finally on, Saturday the 17th, we've also got that Mars Pluto Energy in the, the 11th Harmonic is coming back. So we've got Mars, Pluto, mercury, Pluto, mercury, Mars in the 11th Harmonic. So what that is, that's just like, That is a lot of learning. That's a lot of, so I think like on Saturday, it's kind of like a culmination pink, uh, peak point of this insightful week.

[00:46:59] Like you're going to get so much clarity, so much information on how to move forward in an incredible direction. On Saturday, you've also got Venus, Uranus in the Ninth Harmonic, and that's STR Venus. Uranus is straight up sound healing, energy healing, reiki, theta, anything like that, frequency, waves, music, dance, et cetera.

[00:47:24] So this is a feel good day, like it feels we're we're getting, um, healed. And then also we've got sun conjunct, mercury, uh, sun conjunct, Mars, Jupiter, midpoint. So again, like this whole day is like solution oriented. It's like we're doing something positive, like we're moving forward, and then we get to Sunday where we get to chill.

[00:47:48] Like Sunday, we've got seventh Harmonic, we've got Ninth Harmonic and the Sun Square Neptune. So Venus, Saturn seventh Harmonic. It's a little bit more of like a stoic day Sunday. It's a little bit more of like a day where I maybe straight up on a personal level, like with all the 11th harmonic. I don't know if you can tell, but I'm, I'm native 11th harmonic, so it's like, uh, you can feel it, right?

[00:48:13] Like that's, it feels like really intense and like even with even natives like myself. When we have 11th harmonic energies, it still burns us out. Like it, we, a lot of us can feel burnt out by Sunday. So like, it's a day to, I think, you know, uh, walk in Nature. Venus, Saturn 11th Harmonic. I think we're gonna be kind of like a little bit more like pensive thoughtful, thinking about, you know, how, how we our help.

[00:48:50] Our actual physical bodies, how we're relating to nature at large, its health. Um, and then the, let's, let's do the Suns Square, Neptune too, and the energy's behind that. Why I think it's more of a clarifying Neptune situation than it is a confusing one is because we've got the third harmonic, the 16th harmonic.

[00:49:16] Third and 16, they're moving, they're moving forward. So it's not a dense Neptune where it's like, oh my God, like I'm stuck in, I don't, this is like too much. It's a Neptune that is like, oh, I get why I'm having that vision. Oh, oh, it's moving in that direction. Like you can see where things are going and, um, anything else about this? Yeah, I think. Yeah, it's a good integration day and, it's ultimately like a, a clarifying week. You know, we're, we're kind of like, we. We're seeing the big picture and it's exciting, so that's cool. I think. I think I'm good though here.

[00:50:02] Amanda: Awesome. Clarissa, I would love to just summarize some of the things that like really popped out at me in terms of the overarching themes for the week.

[00:50:10] And you mentioned the word again, clarity a lot. So clarity on how to move forward. Productivity growth. You said it's a constructive week. That it's not insane. So like in, just in terms of overall energetic like feeling, it's not an overly intense week. It's creative. There's, it's pleasurable. There will be moments of having insight and freedom into how we can work together more productively.

[00:50:42] Lots of ideas that there's this opportunity to get unstuck in places where we might have felt like we're stuck. And the feeling of actually moving forward. So there will be that, that sense of moving forward, there will be a lot of information unearthed and information. I, I also got sort of like information downloads, like insights, visions into the future, and clarity on how to proceed in groups.

[00:51:12] There will be facts that are illuminated that help us move forward and making headway in how we can heal the earth, which is another, just like bonus for this week. Building Bridges Rapid Fire insights, bringing us to the future innovations inventions. So a lot of this kind of Uranian Aquarium kind of vibe.

[00:51:37] Um, you know, those sudden breakthroughs, information. Things that, that feel maybe out of the box and out of the norm. And, but the, but it's relevant. That's what I liked about what you shared too, is they're not just like random insights. They're actually relevant for, for the way that you can move forward in a productive way.

[00:52:01] So just lots of amazing energy this week. You're the perfect. Messenger for the energy this week, and it's true that we do when we get to be in the presence of people who embody certain frequencies. It's like we get to get a transmission of what that is like. So it's been really helpful to hear a lot about the 11th Harmonic and then to hear that you are a very 11th harmonic type person.

[00:52:28] So it's like, oh, like something I get activated when I listen to Clarissa, or I get, you know, whatever it is that you feel from that, you can see how you actually engage with that 11th harmonic. And also maybe there's something in you that is 11th harmonic, so it's kind of like, It's hitting that chord or striking that chord for you.

[00:52:47] What I love about listening to you do the work weekly weather, every, whenever you come on, is that we actually get to learn another astrological language. And I'm sure many of you listen, go and go, wow, am I that? Like what harmonic am I, what is, you know, what, what is my makeup harmonic wise, or, uh, I'm not, I'm not saying that clearly, but you understand what I'm saying.

[00:53:10] So we are going to be doing something next week, not this week. It's going to be instant Insights week, and we're gonna be having astrologers available to you to just hop on with those quick questions. You could hop on with Clarissa and say, tell me about MyChart. Like what is the, what is the predominant harmonic in MyChart and what does that mean?

[00:53:34] Or you can hop on with someone and ask a question about, a quick question about your career or about a relationship issue that is up for you right now, or. Like literally the list goes on and on and on. You lost your wallet and you want an As stroller to help you find it. You are deciding whether or not it's time to move or what the year ahead is like for you.

[00:53:57] Any of these kinds of questions that come up throughout your life and you think, huh, I wonder what the astrology would say about that, or I wonder if an astrologer could help me with that. Any of those questions is gonna be the best week for you to try it out. So we're doing five minutes free during Instant Insights Week, which.

[00:54:18] Kind of can be enough time to actually get a question answered. You might need a little bit more time, but you really can get some of those, those pressing questions answered in five minutes. You get five minutes free, and then it goes to the astrologer's per minute price, but this is gonna be a really affordable way for you to just get those quick questions answered.

[00:54:37] And try the platform, try the Astrologer Connect platform and see if there's astrologers that you really love working with. The way that I think about it is we literally, and, and I actually do use astrology this way, but we could have our own team of astrological advi, like our own astrological advisory board, where there are different astrologers you go to when different things come up in your life to get insights.

[00:55:03] Because as you know from listening to us here at Astrology Hub, There's a lot of different types of astrology. There's a lot of different types of astrologers. It's really hard to choose and you don't have So again, next week we're gonna be doing that. We'll have more information for you on the weekly weather, but I just wanted to give you that heads up.

[00:55:20] Gather your questions this week as you're going throughout your weeks. Go, huh, I wonder what the astrologer would say about this. I wonder what they say about that. Just gather your questions and then you can come on in like rapid fire. Ask your questions during Insight in during Instant Insights All right, Clarissa, anything else you wanna say

[00:55:38] Clarissa: before we wrap up? I just wanna thank you once again Amanda, and thank you everybody for tuning in. Like yeah, bring, this is like a rapid insight download week, so it's actually super perfect to bring all the things that you need information onto the instance Insights Week next week, which is gonna be super fun.

[00:56:00] Like I can't wait, and I'm sure like the rest of the Astrologer Connect team is like super, super pumped too. So thanks for the opportunity. Yeah, we're gonna have

[00:56:10] Amanda: The platform, staffed so that the likelihood of you getting an astrologer to answer your question right when you need it is going to be very high.

[00:56:19] And, uh, we're gonna be looking for all of your feedback and we can't wait to share it with you. So, Clarissa, thank you for being here for the weekly weather. Thanks to all of you for tuning in. Thank you for making astrology a part of your life. Thank you for. Letting astrology be a guide for you as you navigate your life, and I'm so grateful.

[00:56:40] I'm assuming if you're here at the end of this episode, that it's helpful to you and that you do get those insights you need and the the astrological allies that you have. In the sky all the time. I mean, you already have an an advisory board. The planets are your advisory board. And yes, the astrologers are incredible interpreters of the language of light, the literal language of light.

[00:57:02] But thank you. Just thank you for making astrology, you're part of your life. We're so grateful to have you here in our community, we look forward to Take care everybody, and have a, a fabulous week. Thank you again,

[00:57:16] Clarissa: Thank you. Bye.