Astrology is a powerful tool to tending to your mental health, but did you know you can use it to strengthen your physical body too?

In this 2-hour Mastery Class you'll learn how to create better health through working with:

  • The Astrological Elements
  • The Astrological Modes
  • The Inner Planets
  • The Outer Planets
  • And their Correlations to Plants, Minerals & Your Body!
Health Secrets of the Planets - Cameron Allen - Astrology Hub

What You Will Learn

A holistic approach to Astrology involves body, mind and soul.

Most have already mastered the mind focused side of Astrology, but a mind without a body isn't capable of going very far. If you want to go beyond studying personality traits to establish a more grounded Astrological practice, Astrologer and Herbalist, Cameron Allen will help you learn about how the planets are intrinsically connected to nature, including the human body. This class will profoundly move you as you are reminded of the fact that your body, the earth and the stars are one and the same. Cameron will show you how our organ systems, plants, and planets serve as a roadmap to optimal health.

It's easy to see how learning about the health secrets of the planets will be valuable, but you need an efficient and reliable source for the information. This is exactly why we designed this course with Cameron. In just 2 hours, you’ll have a wealth of information so you can start practicing astrology on a more holistic level.

This class also focuses on the three modes and their relation to alchemy, the doshas, digestion, and the seasons. Lastly, Cameron will review the outer planets from a holistic health perspective and their meaning as the “transpersonal planets” as well as the inner planets and their corresponding emotional, anatomical, lifestyle, and herbal associations. This course will open up your practice to a holistic approach, bringing better health and vitality to your life.

What You Get With This Class

A 2-hour Mastery Class on Health Secrets of the Planets (modalities & elements too)

Uncovering the Health Secrets of the planets is no easy task. Still, Cameron uses his years of experience to simplify a decade-long process in a digestible 2-hour class for you to get to the core of this fantastic technique.

A Recorded Q&A session 

If you have a question about the course, someone else likely had it too. In this Q&A, Cameron covers all common student questions so you can leave the class with a solid understanding of the material.

Bonus Cliff Notes, Transcript & Slide Deck

You'll receive your teacher's notes on the course material, so you can not only have a streamlined entry into the field of Medical Astrology, but you can also take a deep dive to understand Cameron's thought process behind his approach.

Class Audio Mp3

Take your class anywhere with you with the lecture's downloadable audio file. With this, you can bypass your busy schedule and listen to the class content on your commute or daily walk.

About Your Teacher


After attaining a degree in psychology and working in the mental health field, Cameron discovered Evolutionary astrology, which activated his interest in delving beneath the surface of earthly experience to understand life more deeply.

Cameron also has a degree in health and sports science and over 300 hours of hands-on physical therapy assistant work. This traditional work met a higher calling when Cameron began to learn natural law and to study Herbal medicine with the school of Evolutionary Herbalism and also became a Reiki practitioner.

Cameron combines his passions in fresh ways that complement the varied healing modalities - both earthly and spiritual - to assist others in a truly holistic manner. Cameron is a practicing Herbalist & Astrologer who considers himself a student of the plants and planets and accesses their natural wisdom to assist in helping others grow, change and evolve.

What Students Say About The Class...

“So very very grateful, I got what I hoped for and so much more! Awesome experience! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

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Student & Inner Circle Member

"Gems and pearls are coming out of his mouth. Every sentence leaves me in awe 😲"

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Student & Podcast Listener

"I loved Cameron's class. I'm watched it twice just to take in all of the great information. I so appreciate the layering of the health, body and stars! Now, I just need a book from Cameron. It would be an awesome addition to my library! 🙂 Much Gratitude!"

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Student & Inner Circle Member

“Cameron is amazing. I learned sooo, much & will start practicing these body techniques TODAY!”



Student & Inner Circle Member

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Recorded Q&A session clearing common student questions to help you integrate what you've learned  ($50 Value)

The complete slide deck, transcript & mp3 audio for the class so you can easily review the course's content ($25 Value)

Supplemental cliff notes for those who want to dive deeper into the material ($45 Value)