ECLIPSE Ultimate Reset

Happy Total Solar Aries Eclipse Day!

If you went to see the eclipse, I hope the experience was magical, awe-inspiring and peaceful… 

To commemorate this epic moment in time and the potent new beginning it’s heralding for us all, we had a beautiful online gathering before the actual eclipse today, with over 1,100 of our Eclipse Pathway to Purpose participants from all over the world… 

We anchored in ourselves, the qualities we’d like to experience and share with the world.

It was a powerful experience and an example of what it’s like to bring our conscious awareness, intentionality, creativity, vision and love to co-create the future. 

If you missed the ceremony or the eclipse moment today, you can still harness the potential of this moment in time! 

I encourage you to take even just a few minutes, in silence and solitude, to acknowledge the poignant opportunity this eclipse is offering you for powerful, destiny aligned new beginnings. 

One way we did this during our ceremony was through “I AM” statements. Things like:

I AM beautiful

I AM capable

I AM prosperous

I AM a wonderful mother

I AM a published author

I AM a successful entrepreneur…

Truly anything you desire! The key is to assert it in the PRESENT tense. Writing these I AM statements down and/or speaking them out loud, is a powerful way to harness the Aries opportunity of this moment.  

So what’s next? Now that the eclipse has passed? 

The energy BEFORE the eclipse was all about letting go of what you’re ready to be done with (we did this with our Composting Board ritual)…

And now, it’s time to CALL IN the next chapter of your life (we’ll do this with our annual Treasure Mapping ritual)! 

Treasure Mapping is an astrologically amplified way of vision boarding with a high success rate among our Inner Circle members…

There’s just something about combining intentional ritual with potent astrological portals that seems to amplify any manifestation efforts!

Astrologer Tracy Cook brought the Treasure Mapping idea to us a few years back, and because it’s been so successful, we’ve kept it around year after year…

I’ve experienced so many miracles via the Treasure Mapping practice (and our Inner Circle members have, too!) including delightful manifestations of:

  • An easy and elegant home office/podcast studio despite all odds, due to a labor and materials shortage on Maui 🏡
  • 25 lbs of weight loss and energy to train consistently for the first time EVER 💪
  • Baby goats on all sides of my house (I love being surrounded by them! Their sounds, playful hopping, joyful demeanor… I can’t get enough 🙂 🐐
  • A new tribe of “sisters” here on island after feeling isolated for years.  💖
  • A surprise litter of puppies (this was thanks to my daughter’s Treasure Map which had an abundance of puppies on it) 🐶

We’d love to be sharing YOUR success story this time next year! 

Tracy will be our guest at a live Treasure Mapping Workshop within the Inner Circle THIS THURSDAY! 

We’re in the final days of our Promotional Period for the Inner Circle so if you’ve been considering joining, now is definitely the time. 

By joining today, you’ll be settled in before Thursday’s Treasure Mapping Workshop and you’ll receive detailed instructions on what you’ll need to prepare between now and then (plus members get access to the workshop recording, so you can do your map this coming weekend if that’s better for your schedule!) 

Click here to join us in the Inner Circle during our 45% off, promotional period that ends this Thursday, April 11. 

But even if you decide that the Inner Circle isn’t for you, I still encourage you to make your Treasure Map this year…

You can dive into the mystical world of Treasure Mapping with esteemed astrologer Tracy Cook and hear the details of “Treasure Mapping Miracles” from me and Inner Circle member Dawn Pascale on the latest two Astrology Hub live podcast episodes:

🖥️ Watch on the Astrology Hub Website 

🎵 Listen on iTunes 

🎶 Listen on Spotify

In these two podcast episodes, you’ll learn: 

🌟 The basics of Treasure Mapping and its profound impact on achieving your goals.

🌙 How aligning your Treasure Map with astrological tides can supercharge your manifestations.

💫 Success stories that showcase the magic of astrologically aligned Treasure Mapping.

🌕 The special considerations for Treasure Mapping during eclipse seasons and how it can amplify your process.

🎉 An exclusive invitation to join us for a LIVE Treasure Mapping Experience in Astrology Hub’s Inner Circle, where you can apply these principles in real-time.

🌌 The best timing to create a Treasure Map and when in the future you can expect things to manifest 

If you love embodied astrology rituals that help you learn astrology and achieve your dreams in concrete ways, you will absolutely adore the Inner Circle. 

That’s a big part of the Inner Circle’s magic! 🌟✨🌟

As a member, you’ll receive guidance every Lunar Cycle to bring your awareness to the astrological currents and create your intentions in alignment with the most potent energies.

You’ll receive empowering rituals and practical tools to translate astrological influences into tangible results… and you’ll learn the astrological language while you do it. 

Whether you prefer bite-sized daily insights (Inner Circle: GROW) or in-depth explorations with expert teachers (Inner Circle: EXPAND), there’s a path waiting for you.

Ready to jump in and join us?  

It’s our great honor and pleasure to help facilitate your astrological journey and growth… 

I’m grateful you’re here and thrilled to see where this next supercharged adventure takes us! 

All my best,


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