One good reading can change your life...

A great reading can empower you to make important life decisions in every life area…

from timings of new ventures, key insights about your most important relationships, current and upcoming health challenges and how to best support your body, and even your purpose for being on the planet at this time.

It’s also possible to get a reading that is off in some way, leaving your feeling disempowered and overwhelmed. This happens for so many thousands of people who then feel like astrology doesn’t work for them.

One of the reasons we began Astrology Hub is because we’ve experienced the power of one life-changing reading… and we wanted to pass this gift along.

It’s so important to us that each person in our growing global community gets access to the highest level astrologers and readings available. 


We Have Personal Experience With Each Recommended Astrologer


Of course, there are many options for wonderful astrologers

and the astrologers we have chosen to partner with for our “Reading Concierge” are not your ONLY options! 

However, the astrologers on this list are ones we have intimately worked with, either as guides for our Inner Circle membership community or teachers for our online courses. They have guided our students well and our community loves them - so we feel confident recommending them to you!

Our featured astrologers have been professionals for at least 5 years, up to 25 + years. And we know the quality of each reading is very high because a member of our team has experienced a reading with each one of them (it’s a requirement before we recommend them!)

Our astrologers have proven themselves to be accurate, integrous, and ethical with a rock-solid technical background, who also operate with intuition and heart. Because astrology is a science, but it’s also an art!

Whichever Astrologer You Choose, We’ll Make Sure You’re Prepared To Get The Most Out Of Your Reading

In addition to curating a phenomenal roster of astrologers,

our team has streamlined a process for you so you’ll be fully prepared to get the most out of your reading. Before you show up for your reading you’ll know what kind of questions your astrologer can answer for you and what to expect out of your reading. We provide tips for things you can do before, during, and after your reading to set both you and your astrologer up for success. You'll get your reading recording quickly (these can be invaluable months or even years down the line!), and you’ll also have the chance to give us feedback about your experience.

You can choose your astrologer from our curated list, or if you’re unsure who would be right for you, we’ll match you with the astrologer best suited for you, based on your specific challenges or desires, and what you’re wanting to get out of your reading.



We’re so confident you’ll have a great experience with your reading that we offer a full money-back guarantee. If you’re not 100% satisfied with your reading, you can request your money back within 3 days and we’ll issue you a full refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

In general, your astrologer can answer questions about any area of your life including your health, career, relationships, soul purpose, timing, best places to live, etc. Once you book your reading, we’ll send you a list of typical questions you can ask to get you started! 

And remember, at the end of the day, YOU are the ultimate guide for yourself! Skilled Astrologers can be super helpful at clarifying, guiding, and confirming, but always check everything against your own guidance system to make sure it resonates with you. Never give your power away.

The best astrologers will never TELL you what to do.

We know that getting an astrology reading is an intimate experience and we want to make sure you have the best, most honoring experience possible! To help you feel prepared and ready to meet your astrologer and get the most out of your reading, we’ll send you a detailed list of simple things you can do to be prepared after you’ve booked your reading.

We carefully select professional astrologers with at least 5 years experience reading professionally with excellent reviews, who have a sound technical background and are strongly intuitive, who are compassionate and empowering, and who we have direct experience working with as teachers and guides at Astrology Hub. Some of the astrologers we work with are well-known in the field and less publicly known but equally solid in their ability to interpret your chart. We have selected astrologers that we trust to provide you with a safe, honoring and supportive experience.

While most of the astrologers on our current roster are western astrologers, they have a diverse range of disciplinary focus including evolutionary, shamanic, holistic health, traditional, and transdisciplinary. We have several astrologers on staff who also work with a combination of astrology and tarot.

Currently we are limiting our reading concierge to a small group of hand-selected astrologers. In the future, we will open an application process for astrologers we may be less aware of currently, but who are wonderful nonetheless! We also plan to create a training and mentorship program for people who are interested in becoming astrologers and participating in Astrology Hub’s Chart Reading services.