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About the Show:

Star Sign Horoscopes Weekly is our show that’s meant to help you understand the upcoming Astro-weather.

Each Friday Astrologer Jamie Magee will give an overview of the cosmic energy and then dive into how each unique Sun Sign may experience the week ahead. This show airs every Friday, giving you extra support through the weekend and into the workweek ahead.

Are you looking for tips on timing, love, or your career? 

Wondering when your next opportunity will arrive? 

Is this a time to take action, or reflect? 

Then this is definitely the show for you!

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Your Star Sign, Your Story

Explore It with Jamie Magee!

Your star sign is a key to understanding your personality, but there's so much more to discover.

With over a decade of experience and a unique blend of Traditional and Modern Astrology, Jamie can guide you on a journey of self-discovery that goes beyond your Star Sign. Whether you're seeking daily guidance or soul-deep insights, Jamie is here to illuminate your path.

Don't just read about your star sign, understand it on a personal level.

Book a Reading with Jamie Magee Today and unlock the ancient wisdom held in your stars!

Meet the Host

Jamie Magee is Astrology Hub's Broadcast & Community Coordinator and the host of the Star Sign Horoscope Podcast.

Jamie is an avid lover of anything magical and empowering. Astrology has been a constant guiding light and companion throughout her life. As a business executive, she often used Astrology for daily problem solving and inspiring teamwork. Jamie’s Young Adult novels (twenty-two of them) have Astrology deeply woven into the soul of the stories. With over a decade of focused study and practice in hand, she thrives on introducing the soul-deep-power of Astrology through her writings and practice.

Jamie is eager to help you fall in love with the ancient wisdom held in the stars!