Your Chart Signature w/ Anne Ortelee

Have you ever wondered why your Sun Sign is NOT how others “see” you or why you “feel” more like another sign?

Your Sun Sign is important, but it’s only ONE  part of Your Chart Signature…

Are you cardinal, fixed or mutable?

Does fire, earth, air, or water dominate in your chart?

Where does this energy show up in your life?

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to work with your Chart Signature by understanding the dominant energy in your chart and how this affects your decisions, actions, and the way others experience you.


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DURATION: 90 Minutes


• Access to a 90-minute Workshop
• A Live 60-Minute Q&A session.
• Lifetime Access to the Recording of the live event in Video, Audio & Transcript formats.
• The complete Slide Deck in PDF format.
• A PDF Worksheet to help you dive in and understand your chart.



How to Discover Your Signature 

  • What the four elements are and how they each express.
  • The “action” of the modes and how this further layers on the elements.
  •  How to score your planetary placements.

Where Your Chart Signature Expresses In Your Life

  • Quadrants – what they are and how to see them in your chart.
  • What area of life each of the four quadrants highlight.
  • The significance of Angular, Succedent, and Cadent houses.

Chart and Worksheet Examples

  • Learn to “score” a chart.
  • Applying your interpretation to every day life.
  • Ways this knowledge can be used to understand how you approach and perceive the world around you.