Your Astrological Initiation w/ Richard Tarnas & Becca Tarnas

Practical Guidance for Using Astrology to Best Serve Yourself, Others, and the World

In Your Astrological Initiation, powerhouse father/daughter duo Richard Tarnas & Becca Tarnas share the concrete wisdom they’ve gathered over decades of cumulative study and practice. Based on their extensive knowledge of astrology, philosophy and archetypal psychology, they’ll teach you everything you need to know to approach the practice of astrology respectfully and responsibly.

Whether you’re applying astrological guidance in your own life, researching historical patterns, or preparing to offer readings to your community, this workshop will give you what you need to start on the right foot from two legends in astrology!

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Your Astrological Initiation

INSTRUCTORS: Becca Tarnas, Richard Tarnas



• 4-Hour Workshop with Astrology Superstars Richard & Becca Tarnas – $97 value
• 2-Hour recorded Q&A with Rick & Becca answering student coursework questions – $47 value
• The complete Slide Deck in PDF format – $17 value
• Lifetime Access to the Workshop and Q&A in Video, Audio & Transcript formats – $47 value

• An eBook on Cultivating Your Archetypal Astrology Practice by Becca Tarnas, PhD – $27 value
• An Introduction to Archetypal Astrology, an essay by Richard Tarnas, PhD – $27 value

Total Value: $262
Retail Price: $195


Part I – Introduction: The Astrological Mystery

  • Astrology’s relationship to the soul
  • The marriage of astrology and psychology
  • The importance of archetypes for astrological understanding

Part II – Fundamentals of Astrology I

  • The rainbow spectrum of meanings for each planet
  • Three basic forms of correspondence
    • Natal charts, world transits, personal transits
  • Understanding the planetary aspects

Part III – Fundamentals of Astrology II

  • The structure of the zodiac and how to quickly recognize aspects
  • What are the most important factors to focus on in a chart?
  • The importance of keeping a journal, doing a life review
    • Working with an ephemeris
    • Developing your “archetypal eye”

Part IV – The Astrologer’s Best Practices

  • Ethics, compassion, and care in astrology
  • Bridging between astrology and mainstream society
  • The larger philosophical and spiritual implications of astrology



An eBook on Cultivating Your Archetypal Astrology Practice by Becca Tarnas, PhD 

In this 35-page eBook written exclusively for students of Your Astrological Initiation, Becca lays out the basic principles of astrology that enable you to explore the depths of your own natal chart, develop a personal practice, and enter into the rich world of archetypal research by investigating the charts of friends, family, prominent individuals, and world events.

An Introduction to Archetypal Astrology by Richard Tarnas, PhD

This very special 17-page essay was originally written in the 1980s when Richard was still giving individual readings because he wanted a concise summary of information to give to his clients to prepare for those readings. He has generously made this treasure available to students of this workshop!